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Dx10 comparison - water
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AmazingAvery writes:

More realistic water on the shore line, better looking, more detailed beaches, improved shadows.

Wed Jan 07 2009 9:26PM Report
Darwa writes:

I usually go looking for water when I play a new game, so I consider myself somewhat of an 'aquapixelologist' (don't bother trying to Google it) and this get the thumbs up from me.

Wed Jan 07 2009 11:07PM Report
Eury.Thorn writes:

i thing dx 10 is looks 100% better on textures of rocks and lighting and what not but in my opinion

on these pictures dx9 looks better in the water dx10 make the water look od and unreal and more polygon like dx9 gives it more shadow and makes it look moe real


Wed Jan 07 2009 11:28PM Report
dreamsfade writes:

i <3 DX10

Wed Jan 07 2009 11:36PM Report
Ekibiogami writes:

I agree with Eury2. the dx9 here looks beter.

Thu Jan 08 2009 2:06AM Report
Lydon writes:

The DX10 looks far better and fitting to the environment. The light shining through the water and the improved shoreline are the two main reasons why. Beaches simply aren't as dark as the DX9 screenshot's beach. It looks like the weather is overcast.

Thu Jan 08 2009 3:13AM Report
popinjay writes:

I vote DX10, but then again I always like a shiny, better looking product so I'm biased.

Thu Jan 08 2009 11:31AM Report
hidden1 writes:

though you can tell the difference, it's not a quantum leap from dx9... nothing to write home about psh....

Thu Jan 08 2009 5:52PM Report
Kalmarth writes:

The lighting is diffrent on each pic, DX0 looks like someone screwed with the gamma to make it look darker

Sun Jan 11 2009 11:32AM Report
Ichmen writes:

umm this might be a stupid question so forgive me for it... but who cares about lighting and shadows and nice sparkling water??? will seeing/knowing your water sparkles or has just the right amount of lighting shining on it to look plasy realistic. save your ass in PVP? will the trees blowing in the wind having fancy high end leaf movement and shadows... help you to make that last decapitating critical hit on that monster/player??? personally if you ask me. DX9 is just as good as DX10 high end grapics are only good for promo videos and screen shots. 

pvp it doesnt matter at all if your system is making the rocks look all granitied and nice looking.. cause you shouldnt be looking at the ambiant ground cover instead of that guy with the big bloody axe....


but still nice pictures... i refuse to use vista so im DX9 only until win7 comes out hahah

Fri Mar 06 2009 4:02PM Report
Sarr writes:

Nope :). D&D Online in DX10 looks much better than in DX9, and it's in beta phase right now.

But screens just can't do justice to DX10 graphics. That's the whole point of DX10 --> it animates lighting, water, shadow and transaprency effects, as well as deforming of objects and textures in real time.

DX9 would reguire lots of predefined animations, which would use vast amounts of resources and would need to be repeated once animation ends. DX10 however is able to do such tasks based on what is going on at the moment. So if you want to judge DX10, I'm afraid you need to play in DX10 yourself at least a few minutes.

D&D Online in DX10 isn't much slower than DX9 version, but the effect of moving shadows and other real-time effects brings the whole game world into more realistic life. For me, that matters a lot. And I'm a roleplayer, who likes to play old games like "Betrayal at Krondor" with very archaic graphics.

Sat Mar 14 2009 6:04PM Report
Thorgrimm writes:

Again, Nice Comparison...

Sat Dec 12 2009 11:41AM Report writes:
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