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All those 50s, no groups to be found...
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Dren_Utogi writes:

it happens in alot of games geared towards single player and guild content.

Wed Apr 18 2012 8:25AM Report
mmodanno writes:

I was SOOOO excited about this game.  Got my son and several friends to pick it up.  Really had fun at first.

After a couple months I realized out of the 9 of us, I was the only one still playing.  My server, like 95% of them, was a ghost town.  PvP was a joke, WZ hardly ever popped, and when they did it was always 8 Imps versus us 5 or less Republic players.

I was part of a guild from day one that had at it's peak 57 players.  After about 3 months, there were only 3 of us still playing regularly, so we scrapped the guild.

Last month I logged in to grind out my dailys... and I realized that I was not having FUN with the game.  It was tedious, boring, and empty.

I signed off, canceled my sub, and haven't looked back.  Honestly, I'm not really sure what they could do to save this.

Wed Apr 18 2012 8:36AM Report
jkfc writes:

I have to admit a lot of servers are empty at some times. So i rerolled on a heavy populated server and there now tons of people play with, you can do wz after wz and group when ever you want all day long. So the game is not dead or what ever every one else is saying. 

Wed Apr 18 2012 8:55AM Report
SuperXero89 writes: It depends on the server. I rolled on Canderous Ordo because I figured the name alone would keep it reasonably popular for quite a while. You can see that there were 216 people in the fleet on Republic side as of the time the screenshot was taken, and there were actually around 250 when I first logged in. It looks like I was right about the server having a decent population for awhile after launch. Even so, it's almost impossible to get a group to do anything. The guy above said it was easy queue for warzone after warzone,and that's totally true, but if PvP isn't your thing and you can't commit to a dedicated raid guild, what exactly do you do other than run dailies and sit in the fleet all day infecting other players with Rakghoul disease? No one is pugging any of the group content, and unless you have a solid guild and time to dedicate every day to progressing through the 5-man PvE content, you're kinda screwed. The game is in dire need of a cross server LFG system to satisfy players who play on a less population server and/or players who don't enjoy sitting around spamming LFG in fleet chat for hours. That's what I did last night and 30 minutes of no luck finding a group, I started my own. I had a tank with me but every DPS that showed interest in going was a fresh 50 who would get one-shotted, and we never had a single healer express interest in joining. After an hour of looking, I simply gave up and logged into F2P Aion and played for about 4 hours straight. Wed Apr 18 2012 3:47PM Report
Konfess writes: I remember the Pre-release swtor forum. They swore that more people would be available to heal with their three healing ACs per faction. I always say that the number of people willing to heal doesn’t increase, just because you make more classes capable of healing. The only thing that worked for finding a group for me was loitering outside group instances. I can’t remember what they call them in swtor, operations or flashpoints? They are just dungeons to me. Sat Apr 28 2012 8:51PM Report writes:
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