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Max level in 2 weeks.
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popkornn writes:

I find that if you get to max level in two weeks in any MMO either the game is fail (Which Rift kinda is) or you did not take any time to enjoy the content...

Sun May 08 2011 11:46AM Report
Dren_Utogi writes:

I played Vanguard for 30 days plus + and never reached end level.

Sun May 08 2011 11:50AM Report
Tukieu13 writes:

MMO's are only fun if you can get max level. It doesn't matter the time spam to reach it. Granted, the story and other things make the time to max more enjoyable, and Rift did a really good job in making it enjoyable, but anyone says MMO's aren't about end game content, they've never got max level, and therefore don't know anything about it.

Sun May 08 2011 12:01PM Report
Drakkhen writes:

"anyone says MMO's aren't about end game content, they've never got max level, and therefore don't know anything about it."

Yeah, I take it you never played UO or AC.

Anyway, it's sad you find Rifts "Endgame" enjoyable. Frankly I find it to be dull, lackluster, boring, unchallenging, and the same rehashed crap from every other MMO released since EQ err WoW .. whatever.

Sun May 08 2011 12:11PM Report
Dren_Utogi writes:

I agree with Drakken, I basically own ever part of Rift in different games..

Sun May 08 2011 1:44PM Report
Dren_Utogi writes:

I did burry my own image lol

Sun May 08 2011 1:45PM Report
Pigozz writes:

actually that blob 'bout endgame aint that true to all..

I for example much more enjoy lvling, exploration of places I know from stories (as I am kinda lore fanatic, once game hit me I tend to swallow the whole wiki about it), casual pvp (if theres any).

I always look forward to endgame tho, but then I play it and I get  very bored with it very fast (doing dumb PvP skirmishes, flaming guys in instances and getting flamed and crafting till your eyes bleed is no fun for me...I guess I hate grind) no..there are people who enjoy other aspects of game then endgame (and I think Im not alone here)

Sun May 08 2011 3:55PM Report
McGamer writes:

Gamers who worry more about endgame than the journey, will always get burned out and keep looking for the next mmo to play without being satisfied. They are also the ones who whine on the forums about not enough endgame content because they have no patience. 

It's always a nice sense of calm in chat after gamers like that quit and move onto another game because they're 'bored.'

Sun May 08 2011 6:04PM Report
Jammaslam writes:

I was not able to find much enjoyment leveling in Rift doing the quests or following the storyline and could not make it past level 31. 

Mon May 09 2011 6:09AM Report
Faust666 writes:

Saw a lvl 50 Cleric on day 2 of game launch and by day 4 there were at least half a dozen players that level already on my server. I made it to the mid 40's in about 3 weeks of casual play before I lost all interest in the game.

Mon May 09 2011 9:05AM Report
nickster29 writes:

Yes, you may have hit max level in two weeks, but how much time did you invest per day?


Also, what did you do with your time while you were leveling?  Did you stop to level crafting, gather those collectibles at the side of the road?  Did you take the time to chat with other players, considering it is an online game?


If you did all that, and made it to 50 in two weeks, then we might have a valid complaint....


More than likely hit 50 in two weeks doing nothing but solid point to point grinding and questing without much pause to even read the quest log.

Mon May 09 2011 11:33AM Report
DAS1337 writes: You couldn't reach max in two days.  It took about two weeks for the first person to hit max on my server.  It just simply wasn't possible to do what you are suggesting Faust666. Mon Sep 02 2013 5:38PM Report
Stone_Fountain writes: Rift has its good points but its a game designed for the Endgame sorta like SWG. You move through quickly then do the same stuff over and over for the good gear. In other words brain numbing boring as hell. I'm not a HUGE PVPer but engaging in it was ok...the first 10 times. Alot of people play similiar builds that do well in PVP. I just play what I want in any game. I don't have that need to dominate. All in all though, games are far to easy now. If you just play it you will succeed, which is very discouraging and boring for me.  Thu Sep 05 2013 6:16AM Report
Dren_Utogi writes: this image is from 2 years ago, just so you know. Game has changed a lot since then. Thu Sep 12 2013 9:25AM Report writes:
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