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Graphics: The Best Part of AoC
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Rebn77 writes:

Too bad the gameplay isn't on par with the graphics. But you do have to give it to the Funcom art team. Maybe they will wisen up and move to a better company :P.

Sun Aug 31 2008 10:57PM Report
twayne writes:

AoC has all the perks you could ask for.

Mon Sep 01 2008 4:38AM Report
PapaLazarou writes:

They rnt even good I mean look at Crysis and you have better graphics and look at WOW and you have better art. AOC just looks like a 2004 single player game too me and a bland one at that.

Mon Sep 01 2008 8:13AM Report
Rebn77 writes:

You're just being crazy now.

You can't put Crysis Graphics into an MMO right now, the vast majority of players PCs wouldn't handle it.

WoW has nice artistic direction, and stylization ... but it's as much ART as the saturday morning cartoons my kids watch.

Mon Sep 01 2008 10:00AM Report
leftguard writes:

I'm with you :) awesome graphics - and a great game!

Mon Sep 01 2008 1:12PM Report
Aralith writes:

No one can deny the excellent graphics for an MMO. I think the game will be a lot more friendly once they add in a few zone/quest updates so you have more than one place to go at any given level range.

Mon Sep 01 2008 7:28PM Report
Rebn77 writes:

Sad to see so many people Buring this based on it being AoC. I'm as irritated at Funcom as the next guy, But come on ... at least they did get one thing right.

Mon Sep 01 2008 7:56PM Report
Odonthe1st writes:

Saturday morning cartoons are art. Half the difficulity in art is simplifying, cartoons are highly designed (well, most are, then there are some like King of the Hill which are called "non-craft" art, meaning it's drawn crappy on purpose).

Mon Sep 01 2008 10:20PM Report
Odonthe1st writes:

I think AoC looks bland also. High resolution but not interesting to look at. Everyone likes nipples but AoC has poor art direction and horrible animation. I could hardly stand to watch my character move. I think they confused realistic for interesting.

And if you're talking about the 'one thing right' being the females and the boobs--well they need way more polys on the boobs to look good imo. It doesn't show in this picture but they looks like 20 sided dice in good light.

Not a terrible game overall, but not worth a monthly fee at present.

Mon Sep 01 2008 10:21PM Report
Rebn77 writes:

No, I wasn't specifically pointing out the "Females and Boobs", I just meant the graphics all around. Like the sand, blocks in buildings, grain in wood, small imperfections on the skin ... speaking of that .. If you can turn AoC to max look at the skins of your different toons ... no two toons have the same moles and imperfections.


Mon Sep 01 2008 11:32PM Report
Jorendo writes:

AoC is like a ferrari with no engine and steering wheel. From the outside the game looks great. It has a great body. But its still not complete. The engine to run it is still missing and with the few zones there isn't much to steer either.


The game has pottentionale, but FC has to stop fooling around with taking away exp from grey quests, than a week later insert exp from grye quests and stuff like that, and start fixing the damn bugs they promise every week to be fixed. And the game need more zones for every given lvl range cause its kinda boring that once you pass lvl 40 there is only 1 area to quest. And seeing that FC finds it normal to have huge respawn times on important killing mobs its kinda anoying.


But the game still looks promissing, if FC really starts implanting what has been promised and gets to fix the most anoying bugs.

Tue Sep 02 2008 12:44AM Report
Teiman writes:

Good graphics, but there are very few maps, and are too simple. Once you know Tesso, and.. the the town of valley of conal, and maybe kessate. Theres not much else.

This game needs to be much bigger to be fun forf more than 60 days. I am with Aralith.

Tue Sep 02 2008 2:45AM Report
TalRasha writes:

Funcom tried to make a point with AoC.

They were upset with people who only want graphics in a game. So as a statement, they made a game that has only the graphics going for it. To prove to the players that games needs a lot more.

Not many people understand and think that it failed, but actually Funcom succeeded in making this point.

Tue Sep 02 2008 8:50AM Report writes:
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