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Possible GW2 Control scheme
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blackjakk writes:




Wed Feb 15 2012 2:23PM Report
Ichmen writes:

controller usage on pcs is a sign of a weak gamer... pro gamers are used to keyboard olympics of hand contorting across the board to hit 7-0 while strafing left (a key) and moving forward (w key)... and GW never needed a controller when i played it >>" why would gw2 need one??

Wed Feb 15 2012 2:41PM Report
RedKatana writes:

Because today someone found a link saying the game will come out for consoles too.

Wed Feb 15 2012 3:00PM Report
netsamurai writes:

Am I the only one who noticed that skill #6 seems to be missing from this diagram?


Wed Feb 15 2012 4:25PM Report
Zeroxin writes:

If you look closely you will see that skill 6 is "Up" on the directional pad but I think that might have to be move because you would have to take your hand off your movement to activate it which might not be convenient at strenious times.

Wed Feb 15 2012 4:32PM Report
nomss writes:

To Ichmen: What you're are saying means is that you're hard core noob because you cannot seem to adjust to new things.

Wed Feb 15 2012 5:08PM Report
ThaneSolus writes:

i cant wait to see a video with these console gamers, playing a mmo on a game pad, its gona be pure comedy!

Wed Feb 15 2012 5:12PM Report
Deivos writes:

Apparently no one here has played FFXI...


Also, those are terrible controller schemes. o_O

Wed Feb 15 2012 5:29PM Report
Zeroxin writes:

@ Deivos

And I ask what can be improved?

Wed Feb 15 2012 5:52PM Report
indrct writes:



You sound like the typical nerd rager

Wed Feb 15 2012 5:58PM Report
Deivos writes:

Well you could nest all the action buttons so all nine can be bound to just the four top buttons by making the LB swap between W and F skills.


The D pad can have chat shifted to the bottom and emotes on top, with left and right then being able to cycle through the skills bound to the four top buttons.


Move interact to the A button, weapon swap to X, jump to B, and self heal and back(for dialogue/menus).


Then the Back button can be a quick jump to character menu while the Start keeps the main menus access.


The joypads look fine as they are to me.


As awlays, open to improvement, there's things about my own suggestion I don't like, but I'd have to spend more time thinking about it.

Wed Feb 15 2012 6:02PM Report
Deivos writes:

Er, what I meant by that first part is that you can make it so, assuming nine skills for W and F each, the left and right on the D pad would cycle through a 'set' of three skills bound to the LT, RT, and RB buttons, while the LB would toggle between whether W skills or F skills were in play.

Wed Feb 15 2012 6:04PM Report
Deivos writes:

Alternatively, It can be set up so LB and RB could pop a radial menu that temporarily maps powers to the D pad, R Joypad, or the  LB, RB, LT, RT, X, and Y buttons, giving quick access to eight skills each or 16 in total.

Then under normal condition there can be two common skills bound to the LT and RT and the L and R on the D pad can then be used for something else.

Wed Feb 15 2012 6:11PM Report
Zeroxin writes:

The set up I have is built so that the player only needs to learn the buttons only once. What you suggest would take longer to master in my mind. I say this because I've tried playing dcuo with a pad and... it's just hilarious, at least for me anyway.

It's all opinion anyway but I've built what I think works for me without sacrificing too much convenience.

Wed Feb 15 2012 8:53PM Report
Deivos writes:

I just worry arraying the skill buttons across the controller would cause confusion over binds and an issue of space for managing any other functions.

Thu Feb 16 2012 1:55AM Report
Zeroxin writes:

Well since I've revised the control scheme and added jumping and weapon swapping, I can't think of anything else that would be needed during a fight. Everything else can be easily accessed by a smartly designed menu system.

Thu Feb 16 2012 4:46AM Report writes:
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