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Dark and Light : Beastiary #15 and 16

Posted Dec 30, 2005 by Jon Wood

The developers over at Dark and Light have given us not one, but two Beastiary entries. Beastiary #15 and #16 give us the scoop on a pair of monsters that you might not want to run into when adventuring in Ganareth.

BESTIARY #15 by Laellyra

"Are you sure we’re not in any danger ? Old Rynian is not very easy-going, if he learns that we came to spoil his ’temple’, he will be even more furious than a grouik on a full moon night !" The young man laughed while imagining the old man running after them with his cane.

"Nah, don’t worry, with what he swallowed at the inn, he’s out for the night ! And if you’re scared, I’ll go alone, but don’t come and claim your part of the reward afterwards ! Come on, twenty goths for painting a rock, that’s easy money ! These superstitious old timers will see that it doesn’t change anything to their fishing habits and will stop muttering about this sleeping underwater deity. Because of their fishing restrictions, half of the city is out of job, and I’m among them, so if I’m paid to make them shut up, then it’s cool !"

"If you say so... I just find it funny... Hey, are there quicksands around here ? Why are..." The young gnome stood there, like iced, with a gaping mouth. The sand around him was quivering and he fell stiff with his eyes still wide open.

"Be quieter!" the second gnome said and he turned round. He let go his pot and his big paintbrushes to race towards his friend, but he barely had the time to move before an enormous tongue at least 3 times his size hit him in the nape of the neck, knocking him down and stunning him at the same time. A big monster came out of the sand and flew above him. Then everything went blurry.

At dawn, the two young men were found unconscious on the sand, at the base of the imposing rock called Hydra’s Fist. A lozenge was drawn in the sand before them. They were judged the same day.

Type, Characteristics :
Amphibious creature linked to Hydra.
The body is human-sized.. but the tail is of the same size than the body.

Sentidras live in deep waters, but you can also find them near the shores. They have the ability to use wind streams like water streams.

History and Attitude:
These creatures are often considered by fishermen like messengers of Hydra and respect them for that. There are countless legends on how the Sentidra answered the prayers preceding the fishing itself and came to them to lead them to the most populated fishing areas.

Other legends are less joyful and tell that entire fishermen villages have been destroyed by armies of furious Sentidras that ran after them until they reached their lands.

Even if the people living near the shores are always fearing for the kind of message the Sentidras bring them, they always treat them with respect.

The Sentidra uses its ease while navigating air streams to rush towards an opponent to crush or stun him. It has a poisoned sting that’s hidden above its mouth. The sting itself is as hard as a beak. The Sentidra will try to paralyse its opponent in order to cut him to pieces in peace.

Sentidras are often hiding underneath the sand, and their color makes them indetectable. They can therefore observe their surroundings and suddenly appear at the last second.

They can survive out of water and use air streams to move. Nevertheless, they like their natural environment better and rarely move away from it.

Weaknesses :
The Sentidras avoid moving away from beaches, since this is where they are the strongest..

By-products :
Their flesh is wonderfully tasty and loved by cooks, which creates tensions since the fishermen consider them sacred animals. Their paralysing poison is very efficient.

Vulnerable to :
Since they are aquatic creatures, Sentidras are particularly sensitive to fire and electricity.

BESTIARY #16 by Laellyra

A young Elf entered the village, panting and looking really exhausted as if he had been running for a long time. He collapsed at the base of the well to catch his breath. Worried and puzzled, Erellor, burgomaster of Orulgas, came by.

"Greetings to you! I don’t think I know you. My name is Erellor, I’m the burgomaster of this village. What are you fleeing so quickly ? You look like you’ve been chased by a Dragon!"

The young elf, feeling better already, stood up and shook Erellor’s hand.

"No, let me reassure you ! My name is Viryon, I am an anthropologist at Al-Drifa’s University. I travel through the realm, looking for old cult places dedicated to Calder in order to understand his dogma better. Did you know that one of his temples was inside the old inactive volcano south of your village ? This is quite interesting ! I managed to solve the mystery of its opening, and I was amazed. I hadn’t seen one that well preserved for such a long time!"

Erellor frowned. "No, I didn’t know that, but for what I know about Calder’s cult, I am still a bit worried... and that doesn’t explain why you were running."

The elf seemed a bit embarassed. He carried on : "Well, I was visiting the temple and I stepped on what looked like a mecanism that opened a secret door. The temple was guarded by.. a guardian that made me leave.. faster than I wanted to. But don’t worry, I managed to lose him!"

But as soon as he finished his sentence, a terrifying roar came from the nearby forest. What seemed to be a very heavy foot stomped the earth, and the noise it made was louder and louder. An imposing beast appeared on top of the hill, half-human, half-bull. It came right on them.

"Well.. I was hoping so..."

Type, Characteristics :
Mythical creature mainly linked to Calder.
Viviparous, but females are virtually non-existent.
As tall as 2 or 3 men.

It is very rare to find them in a natural state, they are often captives and given their attitude, it can’t be bad.

History and Attitude:
According to ancient legends, these creatures are the result of an unfortunate experiment by a group of Dark Elves that were enemies of Calder.

A long time ago, before Gothar offered religious independence, the Dark Elvish folk were hiding in dark caves, forced to exile by the other races because of their practising destructive magic. Faithful to their father, Calder, they were patiently waiting for the moment when they could exert their revenge on their former Elvish brothers.

As years went by, the youngest and the most impetuous couldn’t just wait without acting. They decided to secretly create a cult devoted to Hel in order to ask the God for strength and destructive power in order to crush their enemies.

Calder was furious at his own people, they had betrayed him ! He cursed this devious cult and transformed the infidels in dark creatures that we now call Minortars. These young Dark Elves obtained, through their melting with bulls, the power and strength they wanted, but were condemned to serve their betrayed father’s cause until the end of times.

They possess the intelligence and the rage of the cursed young Dark Elves as well as the power of a wild bull. They are loyal guardians of Calder’s places of cult and they hunt down mercilessly anyone who would disrespect these places.

Minortars use their horns to fight, but you also need to be wary of their deadly kicks. Their powerful clogs can easily crush a man.

Their size and power make them formidable adversaries. They are determined, and will not abandon a prey until they have destroyed it.

Weaknesses :
Minortars think they are immortal and protected by Calder. Therefore, they will rush towards an opponent, whatever his power, without analysing the situation and noticing what surrounds them, with only in their mind the idea of killing their prey. This will give the prey’s companions a liberty to act.

By-products :
Their horns and clogs are in great demand in weaponcraft, since they are believed to possess a divine power.

Vulnerable to :
We know too little about these creatures to understand what their weaknesses are. So few fighters have survived an encounter that it is difficult to get an analysis of their fight and obtain a fighting strategy from it.

One rumour, that led to the death of numerous reckless people, says that Minortars are only vulnerable to their own horns... but don’t try to saw one Minortar’s horns to kill him, it doesn’t work !

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