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Mourning : IGN Peek #38

Posted Aug 18, 2004 by Craig McGregor

IGN has posted their latest "Peek of the Week" on Mourning.  This week they take an in-depth look at player-vs-player combat - which is a full featured system in Mourning.  Here is a snippet from the article:

The greatest asset and resource of massively multiplayer online games is the players' interactions with each other, and we all know that one of the oldest forms of human interactions is war. There are great similarities between MMORPG games and single-player games' multiplayer aspects, so considering the history of the latter can teach us a lot about players' desires in this area. Looking at the evolution of multiplayer in standalone games, we'll see that deathmatch (PvP) is the form most preferred, to such a degree that only a few single-player games nowadays offer any cooperative options.

To read the full preview, just click here.

The Matrix Online : Interview @ OGaming

Posted Aug 18, 2004 by Craig McGregor

Matrix Online OGaming has interviewed William Westwater from Monolith and has some brand new answers to some brand new questions regarding the game. Here's a snippet from the interview:

How will trading work and how do you plan to offset the lag created by player made trade districts? There are usually 1 or 2 areas in a game where players will go to trade all their items and these places can get very crowded at times.

Ww: Trade in the Matrix takes advantage of the virtual world by embedding an online marketplace into the Loading Area of the new Zion hoverbarges and hovercraft. You can buy and sell at a whim.

To catch the full interview, just follow this link.

Knight Online : US Version In Beta!

Posted Aug 18, 2004 by Craig McGregor

It has just been announced that K2Networks will be offering a North American version of Knight Online that is currently in "Pre-Open Beta."  Their new website is online and their forums are ready as well.  At the moment the game is open for everyone to register and play. 

For more information please visit the official site at this link.

World of Warcraft : Latest Patch goes live!

Posted Aug 18, 2004 by Andrew Collins

Yes folks, the next big patch for World of Warcraft's Beta Testers went live this morning.

Details were released by Nebu, one of the Offical Blizzard posters on the WoW Forums to the patch notes located here.

Part of those notes also go into detail concerning the ever popular Class "Hunter", which is now available for testing!

The Hunter Class is now available to test! Hunters track, tame, and slay all manner of animals and beasts found in the wild. Whether they rely on bows or firearms, Hunters consider their weapons and pets to be their only true friends. Races allowed to become Hunters are the Night Elf, Dwarf, Orc, Tauren, and Troll races.

If you wish to learn more about Blizzard's World of Warcraft, stop by their website here.

Ryzom : Our Giveaway Extravaganza!

Posted Aug 17, 2004 by Craig McGregor is proud to announce our latest contest exclusively for members our great community.  From now until September 15 we will be running our "Ryzom Giveaway Extravaganza!" where we will give away 20 copies of the retail game, 10 mousepads, 5 caps and 5 t-shirts! 

On Sept. 15 2004 @ 9PM EST we will draw 80 winning tickets.  The first 20 to claim will win the grand prize - a retail copy of Ryzom!  The next 10 people will win the mousepad, the next 5 will win a cap and the next 5 will win a t-shirt.  The remaining 40 people will not win a prize - so be alert on the day of the drawing!

To enter this contest, just follow this link!

Reclamation : New Reclamation Tuesday

Posted Aug 17, 2004 by Craig McGregor

This just in from Lyra Studios on their recent updates:

Los Angeles, CA, August 17, 2004 - We've come to another Reclamation Tuesday. For those who don't know we have dubbed Tuesday "Reclamation Tuesday" and took it over as the day when we release new website content and do many other things related to the upcoming MMORPG title Reclamation. This week we talk more about the Guild System, describing the Great Houses. The Power Struggle continues as the second part of this story comes out, continuing from last week.

Don't miss our ongoing discussions on the Reclamation Stratics forums . That will about wrap it up for this week, keep watching for next week's Tuesday when we talk about the mechanics of war among Houses and between Houses and Proto-guilds.

Asheron's Call : Official Throne of Destiny Announcement

Posted Aug 17, 2004 by Reed Hubbard

It's official!  Turbine has placed an announcement on their website announcing the new expansion for their long running game, Asheron's Call.  The expansion, entitled Throne of Destiny, includes many new features, including a graphics update and a new playable race.

Asheron's Call: Throne of Destiny Primary Features

· Graphics Upgrade: Asheron's Call: Throne of Destiny will feature a substantial upgrade of Turbine's first generation graphics engine, the Turbine Engine®. The game will upgrade to DX9 and add 5,000 repainted textures. As a result, AC:TD will have dramatically enhanced texture sizes, resulting in more detailed characters, creatures and landscapes. The improvements won't significantly impact performance, allowing robust play even on lower-end machines.

· New Playable Race: Players can now choose to play Asheron's Call as a warlike Viamontian, which have long been the scourge of the nations of Ispar. The Viamontians' bids for continental domination have finally resulted in a rapidly expanding kingdom under the leadership of King Varicci. Along with the new race, players will discover and explore a unique archipelago in the North of Dereth, which is held by the Viamontians.

· Raised Level Cap: AC:TD will challenge elder players in Dereth with a new high level cap of 261. With the new level cap comes skill credits that players can spend to activate precious gems that augment their characters, such as extra carrying pack storage slots and lesser death penalties.

· Rare Items: Adventurers in Dereth will occasionally come across advantageous rare items that are scattered across the land. Some of the items are transitory and may be used only once, while others are eternal and may be used over and over again. However, players will lose the precious rare items should their characters meet their demise.

The expansion was announced at Turbine Nation 2004 and is scheduled for a spring 2005 release.  Read the official press release at this link.

Click here for the official Asheron's Call website.

Ryzom : Pre-Order Offer

Posted Aug 16, 2004 by Craig McGregor

Nevrax is now offering a special promotion that will give players who pre-order a special in game item - the "Armlet of Atys" the sacred symbol of the living planet.  There are more details in this official release:

Paris, France - August 10th, 2004 -  Paris-based online game and software development company Nevrax announced today a special pre-order promotion  for The Saga of Ryzom, its graphically stunning massively multiplayer RPG.

Players who pre-order The Saga of Ryzom from selected online retailers will receive an in-game item, the Armlet of Atys. The Armlet of Atys is the sacred symbol of the Living Planet, awarded only to the most devoted disciples of the Goddess Jena. The Armlet of Atys will be the only item of its kind in-game at launch, and is exclusively available via this offer.

"We want to thank all of the fans that are supporting The Saga of Ryzom through a pre-order," said David Cohen Corval, CEO of Nevrax. "We've designed this special armlet just for them as a sign of recognition"

The Armlet of Atys is currently available via pre-orders on Amazon, EB Games, and GameStop.  Upon pre-ordering their copy of The Saga of Ryzom, players will receive an activation code for the Armlet of Atys by email. For more information, and to see a short animation of the Armlet of Atys in game, visit the official Ryzom website.

Featuring an immersive player-driven storyline, a dynamic ecosystem, groundbreaking mass combat mechanics, and lush graphics, The Saga of Ryzom is the answer to the prayers of massively multiplayer gamers seeking a fresh, compelling experience in a true virtual world.

The Saga of Ryzom is currently in closed focus beta, and will re-open for a final beta shortly before launch. It is scheduled to launch worldwide in September 2004.

If you would like to take advantage of this special offer, just follow this link.

Vendetta Online : Our Exclusive Interview!

Posted Aug 15, 2004 by Craig McGregor

Richard Duffek (aka Kunou) recently sat down with John Bergman at Guild Software to have a brief Q&A about their upcoming space MMORPG "Vendetta Online."  The interview addresses many interesting elements in the game.  Here is a snippet:

MMORPG.COM: What kind of Attribute system are we looking forward to? The typical Str/Con/Int etc? Or will Vendetta Online alter from the norm in this case?
John Bergman:

We don't really have anything like that, per se. We moved away from the more standard D&D advancement concept, towards more of a hybridized system that should lend itself better to the fact that our game uses an entirely twitch-based combat model. There is no "dice rolling" in combat; it's all based on player skill, which makes the standard RPG progression model a little problematic to apply.

A character is a character is a character, in our universe, without classes or other standard concepts. There are some starting benefits, such as the faction you chose to align yourself with (character's starting nation). Each nation has different pros and cons related to the culture and history of that particular group, and how they fit into the political landscape of the galaxy. These benefits are not fixed; however, a player's can faction alignments can change. The progression of the character is up to the gameplay style of the user, and the choices they make. Your role in the universe is intended to be what you make of it, not pre-set when you choose a class at character creation.

To read the full interview, just follow this link.

A Tale in the Desert : Beta 2 Is Open To All!

Posted Aug 15, 2004 by Craig McGregor

eGenesis has just started the open beta phase for "A Tale In The Desert II" - you can sign up for the beta at Fileplanet by going to this page:  - When the client file is released and the beta started, users that download the client from FilePlanet will receive a special "crop" to use in the beta. Only FilePlanet downloads will have this special seed available to grow a unique crop.

The first game will be coming to a close soon and the new part 2 will take off where the original left off. 

Freeworld : FreeWorld in French

Posted Aug 15, 2004 by Richard Cox

As posted on the official FreeWorld site today, FreeWorld will be available in French, you can read the full details here:
Net Charger and MindSurge Entertainment would like to announce today that there up coming Persistent world game FreeWorld will be offered in French. We have brought on staff to start translating the game from the ground up. The task will take our translation team a long time but the end result will be worth it. They have already started this task but will not be adding most of the work tell the next phase of alpha. Our French translation staff has already translated the help files for the game and they should be added before we open the doors for our new test phase. All of our French speaking fans will need to get all the latest information on our French fan portal because even though FreeWorld will be offered in French we will not be translating the official web page at this time.
You can also click here to visit the official FreeWorld website.

EverQuest II : Fan Site VIP Event (Part V)

Posted Aug 15, 2004 by Craig McGregor

Today we have unveiled the fifth and final installment in our coverage of SOE's "Fan Site VIP Event 2004."  In this last feature we will cover graphics, artwork and quests.  In addition we have an entire gallery full of photos from the event for your viewing pleasure!  Here is a snipped from today's piece:

The one thing right now that the fanbase can see is the character creation disk that recently shipped. There has been a lot of very passionate and vocal criticism in that the characters look very doll-like and plastic, and also the hair looks like it is made of playdoh.

This game has been in development for 4, almost 5 years, ever since right after Kunark. It's been in development for a long time, there's a lot of legacy things we've had to do. I think of the original team, out of the 100 or so people on the EQ2 team only 16 or 17 have been here for the duration. We've seen a lot of turnover in not only the members of the team but also the approach to how certain things are done and even the idea of what we were going to do with the product. Because of a lot of that as we've gotten closer to wanting to produce the game we've had to prioritize what is important and what is not. So for example the skin, we've done a lot of work on that at the expense of the hair because people are going to see more skin than hair.

To read the full feature, just follow this link.

EverQuest II : Fan Site VIP Event (Part IV)

Posted Aug 14, 2004 by Craig McGregor

We are pleased to bring you our fourth installment in our exclusive coverage of the EQII Fan Site Event 2004 that was held last weekend in San Diego, CA.  This new feature will cover game content, guilds and audio in the game.  It is a GREAT read and covers some hot topics:

What if someone likes to fly solo basically? Will he be able to get enough Status himself to access that Prestige merchant?

Well there is some content that you can only attain via the aforementioned status methods. You can get a mount, and a mount is prestigious, but it would be far more difficult and expensive because it wouldn't just be status, it'd be status and coin as well. And you would have fewer options, for example the really cool titles and really cool mounts and the best house layouts are only going to be available through the guilds and will be awarded as social structures. It's very similar to the other side of the house in the Adventuring path, the really cool loot isn't generally something you can solo; it's going to be on that Raid encounter dragon or something along those lines. The other thing to note though is you might want those solo type players in your guild, if they really crank on the Writs and do the status because realize they can go out and do that on their own and make a valuable contribution to the guild without raiding and doing other guild activities.

What about servers? There have been a lot of rumors going around concerning various special server types: Broadband Only servers, Roleplay Servers, PvP servers etc, can you clear any of this up?

We haven't announced server types yet, we're keeping our options open there, but nothing has been announced as of yet. We're not even announcing server names until right at launch, even through beta they will just be beta1, beta2, beta3 etc. There will be no special rule set servers at launch. But change always happens.

What we've found is that the PvP players really care a lot about their PvP and they're really vocal. We don't want to disappoint so whatever plans we have we'll announce when they're finalized but as of right now at launch we are not doing any PvP. PvE only at launch. The problem with allowing even the consensual PvP; dueling and such, you set expectations for what you're going to do later with PvP. We actually have some very clear ideas about where we want to go with PvP and it's not like anything you've seen before, so when you hear about it you'll understand why.

To read the entire 2 page feature, just follow this link!

EverQuest II : 6 New Exclusive Screens

Posted Aug 13, 2004 by Craig McGregor

SOE has provided us with a bonus series of 6 exclusive letterboxed screen shots...making a total of 19 new shots this week!  We hope you enjoy them ;-)

Registered members can view the high-rez shots by clicking the links under the images below:

MMORPG.COM Exclusive (05.28.04)
MMORPG.COM Exclusive (05.28.04)
MMORPG.COM Exclusive (05.28.04)

View 1600x1200

View 1600x1200

View 1600x1200

MMORPG.COM Exclusive (05.28.04)
MMORPG.COM Exclusive (05.28.04)
MMORPG.COM Exclusive (05.28.04)

View 1600x1200

View 1600x1200

View 1600x1200

PlanetSide : Big Changes to PlanetSide Coming?

Posted Aug 13, 2004 by Craig McGregor

This just in:

Over the past several hours, unidentified objects have been spotted streaking across the Auraxis sky. The origin of these objects is unknown, but they appear to be organic.

The surface of the planet Auraxis has also experienced very abnormal seismic activity. A possible explanation could be the magnetic fields between the heavenly objects and the core of Auraxis, but we can't be sure yet.

With the frequency and velocity of the objects increasing, scientists are now predicting a level 4 impact over the next several hours, with possible greater impacts over the next three days. One theory suggests that if enough of the objects make impact with the planet, the magnetic fields of the core could reverse causing drastic changes to Auraxis as we know it.

Empire Representatives will maintain a stream of communication over the course of these phenomena through the PlanetSide Empire Forums.

For more information, please visit this page.

Wish : 2 New Screens

Posted Aug 13, 2004 by Craig McGregor

Mutable Realms released 2 new screen shots today.  They both are shots of ships - one of them is docked at Harborview, and the other shows a boat arriving from the sea.  We have added these new shots to our gallery which you can view below:

Asheron's Call : Jessica Mulligan Interview

Posted Aug 13, 2004 by Reed Hubbard

This past weekend at Turbine Nation 2004, Throne of Destiny was announced as an expansion to the original Asheron's Call.  Jessica Mulligan, Executive Producer of the Asheron's Call series of games, was recently interviewed by ACVault.

Your presentation stated that 6,000 textures were being updated in the expansion. What about models?
Jessica: Some models will be updated as part of the expansion pack. Not to say anything bad about the artists who worked on the game - they were excellent with the technology and abilities we had at the time - but our expansion pack artists looked at some of the existing models and felt that they could do a better job. The team has much better resources now than were available back when Asheron's Call was originally created.

Many players are excited that a new landmass - the Viamontian archipelago - is being included in the expansion pack. Can we expect the various creatures to have their own areas on the island, or will it be more of a mix? For example, the Olthoi primarily inhabit the plateau on Marae Lassel.
Jessica: The creatures will have some sort of habitat on the island. Initially, the creatures will exclusively inhabit the new landmass, but this may change as time goes on.

The full interview may be accessed at ACVaultClick here for the official Asheron's Call website.

EverQuest II : Artisan Info at EQ2 Trader's Corner

Posted Aug 13, 2004 by James Snietka

   EQ2 Trader's Corner interviewed Ben Skelly (EQ2 mechanic's designer) about the artisan archetype advancement path. The interview answers several questions about artisan, it covers mostly how their advancement and their career options as their characters in Everquest 2 progress.

To view the interview click here:

EverQuest II : Fan Site VIP Event (Part III)

Posted Aug 13, 2004 by Craig McGregor

For those of you that have been closely following our exclusive coverage of the "EverQuest II Fan Site VIP Event" that was held last will be pleased to know that we have released the third of five installments in the series.  This one is all about tradeskills!  Here is a snippet:

You commented on how Boss mobs will be dropping recipes, are these recipes going to be Boss specific? And furthermore is there the chance of the Boss dropping materials like for example a Dragon dropping a block of Mithril specific only to that Dragon and you can use that Mithril block to craft certain different things that will have certain different properties? Such as a Mithril Tunic that is strong in this property versus a pair of Mithril Leggings that are strong in another property.

Yes, for item balancing we have spread it out so that certain pieces have certain properties associated to them. For example Breastplates might give Strength and Stamina more than Intelligence or Wisdom. The rarer the item you get the more times it will break that mold. It will still be primarily Strength and Stamina, but you might also see one Intelligence or Wisdom off of it. The higher that you go the more limiting we will be. The really high armor with the really good stats and stuff like that will be on the rarer bosses in the high end zones. But other NPCs of a high enough level in that same zone will also have a chance to drop that same item. We want to stay away from forcing people to camp a specific mob or Boss to get the one thing that they need. By spreading the chance of it dropping out to more things in the zone it tends to alleviate that Boss camping.

To read the full preview, just follow this link!

Dark Age of Camelot : Kobold City Concept Art

Posted Aug 13, 2004 by Craig McGregor

We recently received a press release from Mythic Entertainment containing concept art for their upcoming expansion "Catacombs" for Dark Age of Camelot.  We have put this information together in a small featurette which displays all 10 images as well as descriptive text about the Kobold City.

To check out the entire feature - just follow this link.

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