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Dark and Light : Exclusive Screens, Week #11

Posted Oct 31, 2005 by Dana Massey

It's Monday and that means more screenshots of Dark and Light. Despite the most spooky of holidays, we bring you one with a dark and one with a light theme.

Thank you to Alchemic Dream for setting this up!

Age of Conan : AGC Game Preview

Posted Oct 31, 2005 by Dana Massey

Jorgen Tharaldsen, the Product Manager for Age of Conan, made the long trek from Norway to attend the Austin Game Conference. There, we met him bright and early for breakfast where we discussed the progress of Age of Conan.

Funcom’s sophomore title Age of Conan is currently in Alpha testing. At the Austin Game Conference we met with Jorgen Tharaldsen for breakfast to discuss the upcoming MMORPG.

“We can play the game now,” said Tharaldsen of Conan. “It makes you want to play more.”

A staff of almost 70 people is hard at work in Norway on the product, compared to 17 full-time on Anarchy Online, which was first conceived in January of 2003 and officially entered production in September of that year.

“It is getting a lot more expensive to make these games if you want to compete,” observed Funcom’s Product Manager.

You may read the entire article here.

Irth Worlds : Seven Exclusive Screenshots

Posted Oct 30, 2005 by Dana Massey

Tuesday is the big test for Magic Hat Software and their debut title Irth Online. The game will launch after an extensive beta and several delays. In anticipation, Magic Hat passed along seven exclusive images of their game, heavily populated with assets from the defunct MMORPG Wish.

Thank you to Magic Hat for sending these in and best of luck on Tuesday!

General : Secret Lair Selects Bigworld Tech Suite

Posted Oct 30, 2005 by Jon Wood

Secret Lair Studios Selects BigWorld Technology Suite

(Austin, TEXAS) – Secret Lair Studios, an Issaquah, Washington-based game studio focused on developing next-generation online worlds today announced that they have selected the BigWorld Technology Suite as their development platform for future games. Boasting founders from such prestigious studios as NCsoft, Microsoft, Blizzard, SOE, Monolith, Origin and, Secret Lair is set to revolutionize the MMOG industry.

Jason Robar, Studio Manager at Secret Lair is very excited about the agreement. “BigWorld allows us to start working on our game right away and know that the technology is solid and will be extended in the ways that we want to innovate” Jason enthused. “I originally evaluated and was very impressed by the BigWorld Technology Suite while working with the US Government on selecting training and simulation technologies. I knew then that I wanted to exploit this technology in the game environment as well.”

The BigWorld Technology Suite is an integrated set of tools, software and systems that provides all of the underlying technology and content development tools required to produce an MMOG. BigWorld has licensed their technology for use in over 45 different upcoming games, making it the de facto standard MMOG development platform.

Robert Spencer, Strategic Business Manager for BigWorld, was similarly excited. “The team at Secret Lair are incredibly experienced in all facets of MMO development and it is incredible to work with such an all-star team. Ensuring that our technology exceeded their diverse expectations was certainly a challenge and their choice certifies BigWorld Technology Suite as the gold standard in MMOG development technology.”

BigWorld Technology Suite provides operators and studios with a lower total cost of ownership through several innovations. The BigWorld Server architecture allows operators to run several games on a single server cluster, dramatically reducing the cost of running the game, while the enhanced Content Creation Pipeline reduces the cost of building and filling out the complex worlds required in next-generation games.

The entire engineering team at Secret Lair Studios are excited by the possibilities Toby Gladwell, Lead Tools Engineer at Secret Lair commented that "BigWorld represents a top of the line solution for your MMP needs. The toolset covers every aspect of MMP creation and provides an easy and intuitive development path." While Peter Freese, Lead Client Engineer further explained the attraction "BigWorld is the only available turnkey solution for MMO development. Its complete suite of tools and technology has allowed us to hit the ground running on day 1 of our project."

[ expand press release ]

Pirates of the Burning Sea : AGC: Preview

Posted Oct 30, 2005 by Dana Massey

Laura Genender caught up to Executive Producer Russell Williams and Designer Kevin Maginn to discuss Pirates of the Burning Sea and specifically PvP combat in it. The interview comes from the floor of AGC.

At the Austin Gaming Conference (AGC) I met with Russell Williams, Flying Lab Software Executive Producer; and Kevin Maginn, Flying Lab Designer to take about their upcoming game, Pirates of the Burning Sea. A naval MMO, PoTBS is set in the Caribbean and largely concentrates on PvPing with other players. There are three types of PvP in the game, allowing for ample combat between the English, Spanish, French, and Pirates.

When Flying Lab set out to design PvP they wanted it to be meaningful, and thus the first type of PvP is a battle over territory. They also wanted PvP to be accessible but avoidable, so that those who want to participate know where to go while those who don’t can stay clear, and they wanted all of the boats to have an impact, even merchant ships.

You may read the full article here.

Dark Age of Camelot : AGC: Update

Posted Oct 30, 2005 by Dana Massey

Darkness Rising is out the door. Over lunch on Thursday, I caught up with Producer Walt Yarborough and Internet Relations Manager - and general class clown - Sanya Thomas to discuss how it went and the future direction of Dark Age of Camelot.

Mythic will give all its subscribers a free optional upgrade to the Trials of Atlantis engine on Monday as a Halloween present. Only good for those who have never upgraded that far, the move is both a show of goodwill to those players and an opportunity to free up the art pipeline at Mythic. Since they will need to support one less version of the game, the move makes the life of their artists a touch easier.

Apart from this revelation, Mythic Entertainment used the Austin Game Conference to show some muscle. They sponsored a large attendee’s lounge, complete with free beer to all attendees. Mythic personalities sat on a number of the panels and most of the company’s heavy hitters took part.

You can read more here.

Auto Assault : AGC: Preview

Posted Oct 30, 2005 by Dana Massey

NetDevil President Scott Brown and Community Manager Valerie Massey sat down with Staff Writer Laura Genender to discuss the upcoming post-apocolyptic MMORPG "Auto Assault", due out in a few months from NCSoft. Here is the article based on the interview:

Thursday of AGC I got to sit down and talk to Scott Brown, project lead of AutoAssault, and Valerie Massey, Online Community Coordinator. After this summer’s roadhouses I was excited to see where AutoAssault was, and where it was going.

First off, the beta has been extended. While this is disappointing news to eager fans, this is being done for a very important reason. AutoAssault (AA) was nearing its ship date, and NetDevil just was not happy with where they were.

You can read it all here.

D&D Online : Q&A #7 & Screen

Posted Oct 29, 2005 by Dana Massey

Victor Watcher is the Community Manager for Dungeons and Dragons Online. Today he resumes our bi-weekly Q&A series with more answers from News Editor Jon Wood and our community. What is more, we also have an exclusive screenshot. At the end of September, you announced some pretty stunning numbers concerning players signing up for your Alpha program. Was this the kind of response that you were expecting, or was Turbine as surprised by this as many players were?

Victor Watcher: We were very pleased by the response. We know that we have a great foundation to work with and the feedback has been that we are doing great things with it. We have worked hard for the past several months trying to spread the word and get feedback on the game. Given the popularity of D&D and the loyalty of Turbine’s fans, it’s not surprising that there has been such an overwhelming response. We have a revolutionary game that really pushes the boundaries so it appeals to a wide variety of gamers, whether they currently play another MMO, action game, RPG’s or pen and paper.

Click here to read the entire Q&A and see the screenshot.

Lord of the Rings Online : Developer Diary: Morale System

Posted Oct 28, 2005 by Jon Wood

Lord of the Rings Online has released a brand new developer diary. This time out, it is  Chris "Hakai" Clay's turn to talk as we learn all about the morale system in this much-anticipate MMORPG. 

Did Aragorn have hit points? How much damage did Boromir take before he fell on Amon Hen? Did Gimli have to wait around to heal up after the battle at Helm's Deep? How much mana did Gandalf have, how much did using his powers drain him, and how long did it take him to recover from his exertions?

Most RPGs use fairly traditional means to indicate a character's status – health, hit points, vitality; mana, energy, spell points. Despite the different names given to these stats, the bones of the system remains the same: a character has a certain quantity of hit points to represent physical damage and spell points to power spell casts, with the occasional stamina or other stat thrown in for good measure. The max stat quantities are increased as the character gains experience. It's a tried and true way to let the player know how they're doing and help them manage their character's physical resources on the fly.

During LOTRO's development, we've seen several potential vital systems come and go as we searched for the proper balance between adhering to the lore of Middle-earth and the need for fun, functional, recognizable gameplay. These systems have changed and evolved into the current incarnation: the Morale system, which we believe satisfies the needs of both gameplay and lore without unacceptable compromise.

This wonderful harmony came from a central theme that runs throughout The Lord of the Rings: Hope. Hope is a powerful force that can carry those who have it through the darkest of times, and it was this theme that led to the creation of the Morale system.

Pondering the nature of Hope in desperate times brought us to the idea of heroic perseverance, which is the ability to keep going where others might fail. It is the knack of a determined hero to defend against an incoming attack and, at the very last instant, turn it before it strikes true. This courage manifests itself repeatedly in the books, be it when Sam fights Shelob at Cirith Ungol or as the Fellowship continues its quest after Gandalf's fall at Durin's Bridge in Khazad-Dûm.

To read the rest of this diary entry, click here.

D&D Online : Alpha Journal #5: Playing the Sorcerer

Posted Oct 28, 2005 by Jon Wood

Last time out, Turbine's Alpha Journal entry told us all about life as a cleric in the Alpha test of their new game Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach. This time out, the Alpha player in question lets us in on the wild world of sorcery. The journal itself seems to provide a pretty good overview of life as a sorcerer in this game.

With so many choices of characters out there, I decided I wanted to play something a little bit different from the crowd - a sorcerer who concentrates on the undead. As a nod to one of my real-life D&D characters, I'm playing a halfling sorcerer who focuses almost exclusively on necromancy spells. This is giving me a solid opportunity to see just how well that school really works in the heat of DDO combat and gives me a chance to use a specific combination of spells other than things such as Mage Armor and Burning Hands.

Sorcerers have the advantage of having lots and lots of spell points and being able to use any of their known spells at will. The downside is you're limited in spell selection, and you earn higher level spells more slowly. That means that for the first few levels you're going to have only two or three first level spells to use. So since you can cast those spells many, many times a mission, you need to make the best use of them you can.

The level 1 necromancy spells, and my little guy's main arsenal, are Chill Touch, Ray of Enfeeblement and Cause Fear. Each spell is quite powerful in its own way, and combined can affect any creature out there.

Chill Touch is particularly nasty. In DDO, this spell does a single high damage attack on living creatures, and against undead causes no damage but makes them panic and retreat from the caster. One Chill Touch can take out many low level monsters in one hit, making short work of scores of kobolds, spiders and other baddies. Against undead the fear effect means you can pummel the horror at will without fear of retribution. The main limitation for the spell is that it doesn't work on constructs like iron guardians, and its short range makes it hard to land if your intended target is chasing someone else.

When Chill Touch isn't going to do the job, Cause Fear works great on low level living creatures. The panic effect forces them to slowly back away from you and stop attacking. This is especially good against enemy casters, who are so terrified they are unable to cast spells for the duration. Cause Fear's limitations are that it only works on living creatures, and only up to a certain level of creature. If you fight something particularly high level, undead or a construct, it's no good...

To read the rest of this journal entry, click here.

Guild Wars : Halloween Contest Winners

Posted Oct 28, 2005 by Jon Wood

With the big, spooky day nearly upon us, Guild Wars has announced the winners of their Halloween Art Contest. Interested parties should check out the wide variety of art and photography that this contest brought in. Have a look!

A wealth of wonderful Halloween-centered art poured into the ArenaNet offices over the last several weeks, as Guild Wars players responded to the call to show their Halloween spirit with a Guild Wars theme. The variety, and the exceptional level of creativity, really impressed our team, and everyone from artist to programmer greatly enjoyed serving as judges for the contest. We’re happy to present the winners today, 25 in all. Find them on this page. And look for more Halloween goodies coming… soon.

For more information on Guild Wars, click here.

World of Warcraft : New Expansion: The Burning Crusade

Posted Oct 28, 2005 by Jon Wood

Blizzard has announced that there will be a brand new World of Warcraft Expansion, seeming to end some speculation as to what game exactly would BlizzCon attendees be given the opportunity to beta test (the expansion has not been officially announced as the test in question). The expansion will be called World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, and will include two new races, one for the Horde, one for the Alliance.

As usual, we will bring you more information on this story as it develops.

Blizzard is proud to officially announce our upcoming World of Warcraft expansion set, World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade! Join the Horde as one of the power-driven Blood Elves, or aid the Alliance as a yet-unrevealed new race! Explore the scarred Orcish homeland of Draenor! Delve into mysterious new dungeons, engage your enemies on new battlegrounds, and acquire wondrous new items! Take up dangerous and rewarding new quests for your faction! Train in an all-new profession! Increase your might as an adventurer up to the new level cap of 70, with new spells, abilities, and talents, and meet head on the plethora of new challenges awaiting you!

We will be revealing new information about the expansion set, including the identity of the new Alliance race, as the release draws closer. Be sure to visit our new expansion site for the latest updates! Read the press release.

For more information on World of Warcraft, click here.

RF Online : New Movie and Wallpaper

Posted Oct 28, 2005 by Jon Wood

RF Online has posted a brand new wallpaper image. This beautifully and artistically rendered piece without to much clutter would make a fine desktop image.

RF Online has also announced the release of a brand new video. The 5 minute long piece provides fans with an introduction to the game's main factions.

Time to ‘Declare Your Allegiance’ as new RF Online movie, “Episode 1,” premieres

New York (Oct. 28, 2005) – Codemasters today unveiled the latest cinematic movie for the forthcoming sci-fi & fantasy epic MMORPG RF Online. This epic movie, titled “Episode 1,” is the first released fully cinematic introduction to RF Online and is now available from the official website at

“Episode 1” features almost five minutes of non-stop RF Online beautifully rendered action and provides a brief introduction to each of the games leading factions, the Holy Alliance Cora, the Bellato Union and the mighty robotic Accretia Empire. Another movie, “Episode 2,” will follow hot on its heels next month.

RF Online is an epic mix of traditional fantasy and explosive sci-fi bringing a completely unique experience to multiplayer online gaming. Published by Codemasters Online Gaming, RF Online is set for release in Spring 2006 across the U.S. and UK, with the BETA being announced soon on the official RF Online website

[ expand press release ]

Ragnarok Online : Gravity Pairs Up With CJ Internet Corp.

Posted Oct 28, 2005 by Jon Wood

Gravity, the developers and Distributors of Ragnarok Onlie, have formed a partnership with CJ Internet Corporation:

Gravity Forms Strategic Alliance with CJ Internet Corp.

SEOUL, South Korea- October 27, 2005- Gravity has entered into a strategic alliance with CJ Internet Corporation to co-market and co-publish online games in Korea. Gravity will utilize CJ Internet's, a leading online destination, to increase the distribution and marketing of its games. CJ will be able to provide Gravity's lineup of popular games as an additional service to its internet customers.

This agreement further solidifies CJ Internet's position as a premier online distributor of games. The ability to reach a larger audience of internet gamers signifies a potential boon for Gravity to add to its existing base of subscribers worldwide.

[ expand press release ]

Knight Online : Most Popular Download on

Posted Oct 28, 2005 by Jon Wood


With over 2 million registered accounts, the game is reaching 40,000 concurrent users making it a highly popular game in North America and with English speaking players worldwide

AUSTIN, TexasOctober 27, 2005 - K2Network, Inc. (, a global online entertainment and community management company, announced today at Austin Game Conference 2005 that its flagship game title, Knight Online (, has been listed as the most popular massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) on CNet’s

Since the official launch on December 2004, Knight Online has experienced a steady increase in user registration and successfully reached over two million registered accounts and is quickly reaching forty thousand concurrent users. In response to its rapid growth the company added three new worlds, tripled its operation and support staff and completely revamped the game with a major upgrade called “Return of King” (a.k.a Empire Patch), exceeding customers’ expectations.

Furthermore, the company will launch its sixth world named Olympia during the first half of November, 2005. In conjunction with the new server launch the company plans to run its first ever class-based tournament "Tower of Might" to determine the best in each class. Thus, a total of four tournaments will be run to determine the best player in each class in a full PvP (Player vs. Player) setting.

“We are thrilled about CNet’s recent recognition of Knight Online as the most popular MMORPG title on We believe this success has been achieved largely through our intense focus on PvP features and the ground-breaking Free2Play pricing strategy that no other major fantasy MMORPG in North America has tried on a large scale. It represents K2 Network’s commitment to offering what today’s gamers want and an approach to innovation and creativity.” said Joshua Hong, Chief Executive Officer of K2 Network.

He also added “We put our gamers first because we are grateful for the overwhelming success of Knight Online. We will continue to listen to our fans and strengthen close relationships with them by making Knight Online the destination for MMO gamers who want the world’s most exciting, heart-pumping PvP events”

Knight Online is the critically acclaimed medieval fantasy adventure game with perpetual war servers operating with local language-support in China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, and North America. Since its first introduction in Korea three years ago, Knight Online has been enjoyed by millions of players from over 80 countries.

With constant improvements to the game and aggressive marketing, K2 Network expects to grow its global English speaking player base to 3 million by early 2006 for its North American servers.

[ expand press release ]

Entropia : Man Pays $100,000 for Virtual Resort!

Posted Oct 28, 2005 by Jon Wood


Just Three Days after Launch, Project Entropia Announces Winner of First Virtual Space Resort Auction

(Gothenburg, SWEDEN) – Project Entropia, the fastest growing virtual world utilizing a real cash economy, today announces film-maker and director of the movie "Hey DJ!", Jon Jacobs, a.k.a. "NEVERDIE", as the winner of this historic auction for virtual real estate. The auction began taking bids on the 21st of October and just three days later its buyout price was met. The auction includes a virtual Space Resort. The final bid was the astonishing amount of $100,000 US, the largest amount ever spent in the massive multiplayer online gaming space, surpassing last years world record-breaking sale of the virtual Treasure Island almost four times!

The Space Resort as a true high point in the MMORPG virtual gaming community as it provides instant Real cash revenue to the new owner. The Resort, boasting such facilities as a 1000 Apartment complex, Commercial Space Ship Docking, Themed Shopping Mall, and a Mega Stadium for championship sporting events. It also contains a Nightclub with multiple Dance floors, Live Amphitheater, lounges, and 10 Hunting Biodomes with individual land management facilities which will enable the creative owner to create Rare, Unique and Exotic creatures, is at a never before seen scope of virtual real estate. Mining and PvP fighting areas are available. In addition the Resort will feature Owner Operated PA System for streaming music and video to biodomes and screens/billboards strategically placed throughout the space resort and, for a fee, even a planetside Video Billboard Network, located in all major towns and cities can be accessed for marketing.

“The sale of the Space Resort, which met final buyout bid in just three days time, shows that the awareness of investing in virtual universe really has exploded! The Project Entropia participants see this extension of the virtual universe as a natural next step in an online community,” Marco Behrmann, MindArk Director of Community Relations, says, “This is an enormous validation that Project Entropia leads the way in future online entertainment and business.”

Excited buyer Jon Jacobs says "The real estate market inside the Project Entropia universe is on fire, because there is so much money to be made, Gamers everywhere are realizing that our virtual worlds can compete with reality on an economic level. The Space Resort which I plan to name 'CLUB NEVERDIE' is the perfect vehicle to bridge both reality and Virtual Reality. I'm, already in talks with some of the worlds biggest DJ's about spinning Live sets inside the Nightclubs. Gamers want to be entertained while they play, hunt, socialize and craft and because of the real cash economy aspects of Project Entropia, they can afford to pay for their entertainment. Club Neverdie will enable the Entertainment industry to reach inside Virtual Reality and target the Gamer while he's in his element while also harnessing the economic power of the Gamers to raise the quality level of the content on offer traditionally a club, theater or a stadium were the only live venues, where you could have a social experience while enjoying your favorite artists. But now Virtual Reality can offer an alternative that anyone who has ever played a video game is already pre-conditioned to enjoy. I truly think that this will be the decade that Gaming and Virtual Reality changes the face of popular culture."

Project Entropia is part of the next generation of gaming known as MMORPG (massive multi-player online role playing gaming) which seem to resemble more of a virtual world and society rather than a typical online video game. This new wave of interactive entertainment allows players to interact in a world of three-dimensional virtual environments.

However unlike many other MMORPG’s, Project Entropia actively supports sales of virtual products with actual cash value within its real economy system. The economy offers the user a secure and safe way to make purchases, sales and exchange real life currency into PED (Project Entropia Dollars) and back again into real money, at a fixed exchange rate to the US Dollar. PED allows members to invest in personal development and growth through the acquisition of goods, buildings, and land in the Entropia universe.

The heart of Project Entropia lies in a distant planet named Calypso, which includes two continents with large expanding cities that offer a variety of entertainment and social interaction for the citizens. Members of Entropia can create their own persona (avatar), via a character generation system, allowing them to choose a suitable life and virtual existence. Characters enter the evolving world full of unexplored and uncultivated lands where they can join a community or even create a civilization of their own. Project Entropia offers a new way for individuals to pursue dreams and fantasies through an adventurous virtual experience.

Last year Project Entropia sold a virtual Treasure Island for 26,500 US Dollar to 22-year old Australian David Storey, a.k.a. "Deathifier". With the sale of the Space Resort, that world record (noted in Gunniess World Records), is broken, and a new one is set at 100,000 US Dollar.

[ expand press release ]

Istaria : AGC Coverage

Posted Oct 28, 2005 by Dana Massey

Staff Writer Laura Genender caught up to David Bowman - the CEO of Tulga Games - at this year's AGC in Austin to discuss Horizons. Here is the article, based on her interview with Bowman:

On the night before AGC I got the chance to talk to David Bowman, CEO and creative director of Horizons: Empire of Istaria. With many events and updates in the works, players will be kept on their toes with an influx of content and contests. David also hinted at a big announcement that he will reveal at GenCon.

Last year, for one weekend near Halloween, the land of Istaria celebrated the Fall Festival. This was a ‘trick or treat’ event where players could visit various NPCs, some of which would give them special candy, which in turn could be exchanged for masks. The Fall Festival is an annual event now; this is its second year of celebration, and it has become a much larger event. The Festival now lasts four weeks and has tons of side quests, unique items, special festival grounds, and a high-end boss in addition to the old traditions.

You can view the full article here.

General : AGC Coverage, Day One

Posted Oct 28, 2005 by Dana Massey

Myself and Staff Writer Laura Genender have been dispatched to Austin to cover the Austin Gaming Conference. Here is the general report of day one. To follow are specific articles based on interviews with many of the developers who have gathered for the show.

The Austin Game Conference (AGC) looks and feels like a high school reunion. Dominated by the MMORPG industry, it allows developers to get together and compare their ideological toys. Unlike E3, this is not a commercial event. For example, EA’s booth here is actually a booth, rather than some kind of football stadium. This allows for more of a community feel and serious discussion of issues facing the game industry without the need for marketing individual products to any great degree.

Each day there are a number of panels that range from discussion of in-game concepts, to industry roles and the business side of gaming. Today, sandwiched in around interviews, Staff Writer Laura Genender and I attended two panels: the Secondary Market and Community relations.

To read the full article click here.

Star Wars Galaxies : Interview with Julio Torres

Posted Oct 27, 2005 by Dana Massey

Julio Torres, the Producer for Star Wars Galaxies, answers fifteen of News Editor Jon Wood's questions about the game. Trials of Obi-wan, the latest expansion, officially releases in a few weeks. Our message boards seem to be full of players who left SWG early on after its release, citing any number of technical or rules issues as their reason for leaving. What, if anything would you say to these players to convince them to come back?

Julio Torres: Well, for starters the game has been vastly improved since its launch two years ago and players seem to agree as the game continues to sell really well (we recently surpassed the 1 million units sold mark), growing the size of the Galaxies player base. I guess when it comes down to it, I would remind some of the former players that Galaxies is the only game in existence that truly allows you to completely and totally immerse yourselves in the Star Wars universe, fiction, and experience. In addition to this, it is a great game that continually improves and that we are very proud of.

You can read the full article here.

Silkroad Online : New Game!

Posted Oct 27, 2005 by Jon Wood has added a new game to our ever-growing list of MMORPGs. This one is called Silkroad Online, and deals with  the ancient Chinese, Islam and European civilization. Here is the description of the game that can be found here, in the Silkroad Online section of the site.

The online game 'SilkRoad' targets the unceasingly active world other than the existing online games which the has built the entrenched world. On the specious Silk Road, the merchants constantly moves for trading and burglars who intend to strip them of goods. In addition, there are hunters who specialize in removing such burglars. On the Silk Road which seems to be static, the hostility and secret strife in which various groups continuously engage for the benefit of their own groups inform the Silk Road world with new life.

For more information on Silkroad Online, click here.

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