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Guild Wars : World Preview Event Begins

Posted Sep 23, 2006 by Jon Wood

Yesterday, Guild Wars began their Nightfall World Preview Event! Check out the link below for more information:


The Nightfall World Preview Event has started. You can create new characters to explore Elona, or jump right into PvP. New skills, professions, items, armor, arenas, features, and a whole new region await you. For more info, visit the event page. And join the event now!

For more on Guild Wars click here.

General : Game/On: ToonTown Online Interview

Posted Sep 23, 2006 by Jon Wood is pleased to release a new episode of hteir weekly podcast, Game/On.

This week on's weekly podcast, Game/On, Jon Wood sits down with Mike Goselin, the VP of VR Studios the company responsible for Disney's Toontown Online.

You can listen to the podcast here.

General : Editorial Debate: Combat Styles

Posted Sep 23, 2006 by Jon Wood

Our Saturday Editorial Debates make a return this week as Dan Fortier and Garrett Fuller return to duke it out over combat styles. Dan won initiative, and will make the first move:


Dan Fortier: When it comes to combat in MMOs there seems to be an ongoing struggle between those that want more involved combat that uses the skill or reflexes of a player over instead of the standard automatic 'hit a button and wait' method that seems to be the standard.

While I don't count myself firmly in either group, I have to say that I prefer to have a lot of strategic options in my combat, but that doesn't necessary involve strafing around like the old Robotron game dodging attacks. The reason I play video games instead of going out the local Renaissance Fair and swinging real weapons is because I prefer to not have to work up a sweat killing things. games like Asheron's Call, while offering more of a twitch style of combat, seem to put too much emphasis on free movement while not providing a more realistic combat than the automatic systems.

Read the article, here.

Dark and Light : Engine Preview

Posted Sep 23, 2006 by Jon Wood

Farlan Entertainment, the makers of the MMORPG, Dark and Light, have announced the release of a free demo of their game's engine:


Farlan Entertainment Releases A Free Offline Engine Demo : The Ganareth Tour

PORT LOUIS, MAURITIUS, Sept 22nd 2006 - Farlan Entertainment, publisher of Dark and Light™, today announced the availability of a free, interactive discovery of its engine. The Ganareth Tour, which gives newcomers to the world of Ganareth a taste of many of the world’s most addictive elements, can be downloaded at no cost from

Farlan’s interactive engine trial Ganareth Tour, is a small, standalone application that accurately portrays many of the experiences players can encounter as Ganareth engine discoverers. Users can roam various Ganareth landscapes including a desert, jungle, mountainous region and rolling countryside; try out Ganareth world sports such as snowboarding, gliding and free diving; sample means of transportation; and discover creatures and characters from these wild grounds.

“Very few MMORPGs take the initiative to create an interactive demonstration of their engine. Because Dark and Light is so unique and appealing, we felt strongly that we needed to give newcomers a taste of what they can experience while playing with the Dark and Light engine,” said Farlan Entertainment. “This free offline application is true to the look, the spirit, and the appeal of the engine and as such, is a great opportunity for anyone interested in becoming a part of our adventure.”

As of now, Dark and Light can be played for USD39,99 (39,99€ VAT Included), without subscription.

Find below the technical requirements to play the Ganareth Tour:

Minimum System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows 2000, XP, XP 64
Processor: Pentium IV 2.4 GHz or equivalent
Ram: 512 MB RAM
Graphics Card: GeForce 4 or equivalent
Video Memory : 64 MB
Sound Card: 16 bit
Available Hard Disk Space : 2 GB
Internet Connection : ADSL
Peripherals: mouse, keyboard

Recommended System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows 2000, XP, XP 64
Processor: Pentium IV 3.2 GHz or equivalent
Ram: 1 Go RAM
Graphics Card: GeForce 6 or ATI X series, OpenGL 2.0 or equivalent
Video Memory: 256 MB
Sound Card: 16 bit, Sound Blaster® X-Fi™ series EAX 4.0
Available Hard Disk Space: 2 GB
Internet Connection: ADSL
Peripherals: mouse, keyboard

For more on Dark and Light click here.

Lord of the Rings Online : Japanese Distribution

Posted Sep 22, 2006 by Jon Wood

As the hype builds for the release of Turbine's Lord of the Ring Online: Shadows on Angmar, more and more news comes in to let us know just how worldwide this game will be. Today, the company announced a deal with SAKURA Internet to distribute the game in Japan:



SAKURA Internet Chosen To Distribute Highly Anticipated MMO in Japan

WESTWOOD, MA – SEPTEMBER 22, 2006 -- Turbine, Inc. and SAKURA Internet today announced a distribution agreement for The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™, Turbine’s highly-anticipated massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). Turbine, a leading publisher of online games and entertainment, will work with SAKURA to localize The Lord of the Rings Online for the Japanese market. Under the agreement, SAKURA, a leading distributor in the Japanese market, will also market, distribute, and operate the game in Japan. Previously, the two companies successfully launched DUNGEONS & DRAGONS ONLINE ™ in Japan.

“The Lord of the Rings is one of the most popular franchises in the world and we are pleased to work with SAKURA to bring our game to the Japanese market,” said Jeffrey Anderson, president and CEO of Turbine, Inc. “With nearly 200,000 players already signed up for our upcoming Beta Program, we believe that The Lord of the Rings Online will have massive appeal.”

“We are very excited to be working with Turbine to bring The Lord of the Rings Online to the rapidly growing online gaming community in Japan,” said Ryo Sasada, president and CEO of SAKURA. “We are thrilled to bring this legendary franchise to the MMO players in Japan.”

The Lord of the Rings Online is the first and only massively multiplayer online role-playing game based on the literary works of J.R.R. Tolkien. Players will fight the evil minions of the Dark Lord Sauron, and advance their heroes by adventuring through the vast reaches of Middle-earth™, the most famous fantasy world of all time.

For more on LOTRO click here.

D&D Online : Stormreach Under Siege: Released

Posted Sep 22, 2006 by Jon Wood

Turbine has announced the release of the newest content module for their gmae, Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach. The new module is called "Stormreach Under Siege" and will be presented free of charge to current DDO subscribers:



Turbine, Inc. announced today the release of the fourth content module for DUNGEONS & DRAGONS ONLINE™: Stormreach™ (DDO), the first and only massively multiplayer online (MMO) roleplaying game based on the world-renowned DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® brand franchise from Wizards of the Coast, Inc., a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE: HAS). The Stormreach Under Siege module calls on players to return to the familiar grounds of Stormreach Harbor to save the city. Turbine will offer the Stormreach Under Siege module free of charge for all current DDO subscribers. DUNGEONS & DRAGONS is under license from the Hasbro Properties Group, the intellectual property development arm of Hasbro.

The Stormreach Under Siege module features five compelling new dungeons that unveil new threats to the city from dark forces including the Cult of Madness, the Dwarves of Ironroot and a tribe of troglodytes. Turbine will continue to release additional modules over time that add new content, features, and other improvements that will challenge the most jaded adventurer.

For more on Dungeons and Dragons Online, click here.

Pirate King Online : Open Beta Set to Begin

Posted Sep 22, 2006 by Jon Wood

Pirate King Online has sent out the following press release to announce the launch of their game's Open Beta:


Sing-Gium International Launching Pirate King Online Open Beta

Pirate theme and cute Anime style graphics to bring new excitement to MMOG Genre

SINGAPORE—September 22nd, following a successful closed beta phase, Sing-Gium International, an online gaming company from Singapore, is launching the open beta phase of its new massive multiplayer online game (MMOG), titled Pirate King Online. The closed beta phase has attracted more than 20,000 players in the region and is expected to grow rapidly with the launch of the open beta phase of the game.

“Pirate King Online” was designed and developed to provide a new dimension of gameplay for both serious and casual players,” said Jeffery Tan, Executive Manager, Sing-Gium International. “Unlike most of other MMO Games, which only allow players to play as their individual game characters in mainly one type of map environment (dry land), Pirate King Online players are able to explore huge ocean maps in their custom build ships when they reach level 15 in the games. This is on top of massive continent maps with various different terrains, jungles, cities, underground mining caves the players are able to explore right at the beginning of the game.”

Beautifully rendered in full 3D graphics, Pirate King Players are immersed in a colorful and richly detailed world, where the Pirate King storyline takes place. Taking advantage of the 3D graphic environment, Players have full control on how they want to view their game character. They are able to rotate, zoom-in and zoom-out on their game characters.

The tale of unending battles between the powerful Navy forces and resourceful Pirates is weaved into the game. Aggressive and competitive players have an option to join up with the Navy or form up their own rag-tag band of Pirates. Casual players who prefer to have their own adventure will want to take the roles of Traders, Merchants and Fisherman. The non-linear and various different styles of game play, make Pirate King Online highly appealing to both casual and serious MMOG players.

Players can choose and customize their own characters based on 4 main lead characters, which also ultimately affects their abilities and class advancement. With 4 main classes to choose from, players can either live their virtual life as an Explorer, Hunter, Herbalist or a Swordsman. Using special skills and equipment, players are also given the opportunity via class advancement to sub-class their characters to become stronger more specialized sub-classes. Not only that, once their game characters reach level 15 and above, with their acquired in game gold, the players will be able to build their own ship and start exploring the sea. Even the ships are also highly customizable with dozens of different components such as ship’s hulls, engine propulsion systems and a wide array of weapons. Players also have wide range of choices to customize their ships depending on their needs. They could build themselves a fast attack ship, a sluggish but heavily armored battle ship, fishing ships, salvage ships, merchant & transport ships and more! Players are also given the opportunity to set up their own shops and stalls in the city streets to make money and sell away valuable items, which they have acquired throughout their journey. Alternatively, they can go shopping in the streets to look for highly sought after equipment, which will aid them throughout the game.

The excitement doesn’t end here, Pirate King Online, is one of few MMOG games with a huge variety of in game virtual items. More than 400 in game virtual items are currently available and are still increasing. With so many in game virtual items for players to acquire and trade, this will definitely create a vibrant in-game economy. Added Mr Jeffery Tan: “We recognize that many players are attracted to play MMO Game with strong & vibrant in-game economy, therefore we have incorporated Pirate King virtual items market place in our long term development plan for the game. This virtual items market place will provide an official and secure online site for Pirate King players to trade their in-game items with other players.”

A special in-game communication tool, which functions a lot like commonly, used instant messengers coupled with multi-players chat windows will also add greater interactivity to Pirate King, allowing gamers to check if their friends are online or strategize with other gamers.

For more on Pirate King Online click here.

Myth War : Glorious Guide System

Posted Sep 22, 2006 by Jon Wood

The follow is a letter from the team over at Myth War that is posted on their official website. It's about their new "Glorious Guide System" and the new Saint Beasts:


Glorious Guide System Coming!

Hello everyone,

Have you seen the Saint Beasts’ distinguished appearances yet? Have they aroused your interest and imagination? Yes, the MWO designers and planners have made their utmost efforts to consummate the game and striving to bring you more enjoyment.

But above all, your support is the headspring of our motivation! As we see, so many players really enjoy this game and constantly recommend it to their friends…isn’t this a great contribution to the Myth War World, to our great community?

Since so many players have devoted their hearts to popularize this game. To express our gratitude and to reward their contribution, we now bring in a complete new and fair system—Glorious Guide System—and the top prize are the Saint Beasts! In another word, everyone, no matter what level his/her character is, no matter how much he/she has purchased in our item mall, no matter how much time he/she has spent in game everyday, will have the equal opportunity to gain the Saint Beasts!

Ok, please click here for the details of the fun system and reward rule.

Yes, it is a long term activity, you always have the opportunity to win :) therefore, please take your time! And just as we have mentioned before, you seed, you harvest!

If you have any idea or suggestion, the forum is always open to you!

Myth War Online Team, IGG

For more on Myth War click here.

Pirates of the Burning Sea : Eight Exclusive Screens

Posted Sep 22, 2006 by Jon Wood is pleased to present eight brand new exclusive screenshots from Pirates of the Burning Sea:

You can view all eight new screenshots here.

EverQuest II : New Exclusive Q&A

Posted Sep 22, 2006 by Jon Wood is pleased to present a new Q&A from our friends over at Sony Online Entertainment's EverQuest II: What kind of racial traits can we look forward to with the Fae race?

Jared Sweatt: Slow-fall, movement speed increase, power increase, and Fae Fire are the most likely candidates. Since there is no new level cap for adventuring or tradeskilling, willwe see upgrades in Armor and weapons from Xegonite?

Ben Skelly: We’re probably not going to be seeing any major changes to what we currently have for Xegonite weapons/armor. What we will be seeing in the future is increasing their potential through the adornment system.

The adornment system will allow for further enhancements to these items.

You can read the whole article here.

ArchLord : Fileplanet Number One

Posted Sep 22, 2006 by Jon Wood

A bit of good, pre-weekend news from our friends over at ArchLord. It seems that for the last two weeks, the ArchLord client has been the number one ranked download on Fileplanet:


ArchLord Number 1

ArchLord has remained Number 1 on Fileplanet downloads for over 2 weeks now!

With 160.000+ downloads of the client ArchLord has remained in the number one position on fileplanet for the last two+ weeks. So to check out what all the fuss is about visit to get your key before heading on to fileplanet to get the client and enter into the ArchLord BETA!

However it doesn't end there, be sure to check out the ArchLord create a movie competition with $1500 available in prize money. We also proud to announce that we have teamed up with Fraps to offer two runners up the chance to win 2 retail keys of FRAPS. So visit to download the latest trial client and create your movie.

For more on ArchLord click here.

Lord of the Rings Online : The Prancing Pony

Posted Sep 21, 2006 by Jon Wood

Turbine has released another of their Exploring Middle-Earth features for their game, Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar. THis one focuses of the much-beloved tavern, The Prancing Pony:


Upon arrival in Bree, weary travelers will want to make for the Prancing Pony, one of the town's oldest and most popular inns. The distinctive sign of a rearing, fat white pony marks the large building with its inviting arched entrance and pleasant courtyard, although it is likely that the sign will not be entirely necessary –as most seasoned travelers can direct those new to town to "The Pony," as is it commonly known. The Prancing Pony is owned and operated by Barliman Butterbur, the latest in the generations of Butterburs who have looked after the old inn with great care. Mr. Butterbur is assisted by two hobbits, Nob and Bob, who help with all matters from greeting guests, to preparing rooms and food, to looking after patrons' horses in the inn's stables. Although traffic along the major roads that intersect at Bree has diminished greatly over the years, The Prancing Pony remains the center of news and tales from far-distant lands, as it has for as long as anyone can remember.

The Prancing Pony provides many essentials for adventurers in The Lord of the Rings: Shadows of Angmar, from food, to lodging, to news, as well as trading and general socializing. Those familiar with The Lord of the Rings will remember the common room in The Pony as the scene of the well-known first meeting of Frodo (then known as Mr. Underhill) and Aragorn (then known as Strider). The Prancing Pony is also frequented by the powerful yet secretive Gandalf the Grey, as it is well known throughout Bree that the mysterious wizard is on friendly terms with Mr. Butterbur, the inn's proprietor. However, travelers through Bree must even be wary when within the walls of the Prancing Pony, since not all the residents of the town are friendly to those who stand in opposition of the growing darkness in the east. Agents of shadow have been seen throughout the darkening streets of late, so even when resting comfortably at The Pony, adventurers in the land should be wary of speaking openly to strangers, and certainly should be aware not to take more ale than is good for them!

For more on LOTRO click here.

EverQuest II : New SOE Podcast

Posted Sep 21, 2006 by Jon Wood

SOE has released a new edition, the fourth so far, of their official podcast as Brenlo and Blackgraud, two of SOE's colorful personalities, provide a shoe for SOE game communities:


We are proud to offer the fourth official SOE podcast to our communities, and hope you all enjoy the latest installment of our podcast series. As always the two fun loving hosts for the show are Brenlo and Blackguard. This podcast covers everything from EQII to EQOA to Planetside, so be sure to tune in for Blackguard’s final Podcast. Make sure to let us know how you like it! You can send us an email at or post your comments right here! Tune in to Find out more!

Guild Wars : Nightfall In-Game Movie and More!

Posted Sep 21, 2006 by Jon Wood

Lots of activity over at the Guild Wars website. Not only have they released a new edition of The Scribe, info on the Heroes System and updated their Skills Page, but they are also offering a new in-game movie for Nightfall:


As we head into the final hours preceding the start of the Nightfall World Preview Event, take a few minutes to view the new Guild Wars Nightfall in-game movie. With a score by Jeremy Soule and key action courtesy of two rising stars in the Guild Wars universe – the Dervish and the Paragon – this movie might just tide you over until 12:01 a.m. PDT tomorrow morning.

For more on Guild Wars click here.

Pirate King Online : Closed Beta to End, Open Beta to Begin

Posted Sep 21, 2006 by Jon Wood

The good people over at Pirate King Online are ending their Closed Beta phase, and will soon be starting up on the Open Beta stage of development. As such, they've provided the following letter:


Dear Players,

The Closed Beta phase of Pirate King Online is about to come to an end. There will be a scheduled character wipe once the server is shut down on 22nd September, Friday @ 10am GMT + 8 to prepare for the Open Beta which will begin on the 22nd of September, Friday @ 7pm GMT + 8.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our gamers who participated in the Closed Beta and for all the valuable feedback and suggestions that they have given us. We would also like to welcome everyone back to re-live the fun and adventure in our Open Beta phase with many more interesting quests, events and contests planned for everyone!

With the Open Beta launch, this also means that the game will be openly available to all players around the globe to register online and play. There will no longer be anymore character wipes and will remain free to play forever.

So what are ye looking at ye sea urchin? Sign up for an account right away!

To sign up for a free account, visit:

To download the client, visit:

By the way, don’t forget the big party that’s going on in Singapore this Friday to celebrate the launch!

For more on Pirate King Online, click here.

General : Perfect World to Hit North America

Posted Sep 21, 2006 by Jon Wood

A Beijing Perfect World Co and Levelup Communications partnership will see the Beujubg company's flagship game, Perfect world, make its way into the North American marketplace:


Developer Beijing Perfect World Co., Ltd. Team Up With Levelup Communications to Spotlight New MMO Game

Beijing Perfect World Co., Ltd.’s Perfect World Eyeing North American Shores

(Sunnyvale, CA – September 21, 2006) – Beijing Perfect World Co., Ltd. is proud to announce the business development partnership with Levelup Communication for their flagship massively multiplayer online game, Perfect World. Perfect World has won an armload of awards in the past year, including the Golden Feather Award, Best 3D Online Game 2005, Golden Feather Award and Most Original Online Game, 2005 Golden Feather Award Three Most Important Online Game Awards in China, the Golden Palace Award for 2005 from NetEase, and also listed among the Top Ten Most Anticipated Online Games 2005, among many other awards.

Perfect World is a cutting edge fantasy massively multiplayer gaming experience, offering gamers deep levels of avatar customization, player-created content, in an environment featuring stunning 16:9 aspect ratio graphics.

Mr. Chi Yufeng, President of Golden Human Software Co., Ltd. and Beijing Perfect World Co., Ltd. states, "This business development agreement with Levelup Communications is an excellent opportunity for us to introduce our successful and acclaimed MMO game Perfect World to the American audience. We know online gamers expect a game of quality, polish and most of all, fun, and we are ready to deliver the best possible experience."

“I’m personally excited to being able to introduce Perfect World to the gaming business community,” Jodie McIntyre, with Levelup Communications proclaimed. “This online game stands out on its own merits, in China, Europe or North America.”

For more info on Perfect World click here.

Roma Victor : 5,000 Keys Sold

Posted Sep 21, 2006 by Jon Wood

Roma Victor has sent us a press release to announce that they have sold 5,000 account keys. Roma Victor is not a subscription based game. Instead, players who don't want to have to earn the in-game currnecy the hard way will have to pay for it:


Roma Victor ® - 5,000 Account Keys Sold

UK virtual world developer announces public launch of Roma Victor, the world’s first historically authentic MMORPG (massive online game) based on the Roman Empire. Innovative new virtual economics system means no monthly subscription fees.

20th September 2006, Brighton - Independent UK developer RedBedlam Ltd is pleased to announce the public launch of its highly anticipated massively multiplayer online role playing game, Roma Victor ® ( Based in Roman Europe around the Year 180, the game gives players an opportunity to immerse themselves in an historically authentic virtual world with thousands of other players.

Last week download sales of Roma Victor reached 5,000, after a successful commercial test period, during which Roma Victor achieved cult status amongst a growing band of committed regular players, and the Limited Edition public launch on July 16th 2006.

RedBedlam Managing Director, Kerry Fraser-Robinson said, “We didn’t announce the July launch to the public as we’ve always held with the idea that the best way to grow an online community is slowly but surely. We already had a great deal of interest from our community: a limit of 500 downloads per day was set and for the first few days this limit was reached within a couple of hours.”

Roma Victor also brings a new no-subscription pricing model to the MMORPG field. After purchasing an Account Key, it’s free to play the game as much as you like for as long as you like, but if players want to obtain some in-game currency (Sesterces) without having to earn it the hard way, they can simply buy it online using real money. Sesterces can be used by players to trade goods and services in the game, and there are plenty of opportunities to earn currency without having to buy it.

“With no monthly subscription fee to worry about, it's the players that decide how much they pay and when they pay. It's a much fairer model overall and is much better value for the customer.”

Players enter the world as either barbarian or Roman slave. While barbarians enjoy total freedom but are forced to live outside the law, slaves can earn the right to become a free Roman citizen by working hard, fighting their way to the top in the army or even as a gladiator competing in the arena. Roman slaves and citizens live under the yoke of Emperor Commodus, but enjoy a relatively safe existence under the protection of the Imperial legions. Outside the safety of Roman settlements there is no such codified law or order, and barbarians are free to live as they choose - unless their lands happen to catch the eye of the ever-expanding Empire…

The content of the game world itself is full scale, based on accurate real-world terrain data and as faithful to the archaeological record as possible. The Roma Victor community, which includes a broad range of specialists including academics and professional historians, has gone to great lengths to ensure unprecedented levels of historical authenticity.

Fraser-Robinson added, “there are plenty of fantasy and science fiction MMORPGs out there already; we wanted to give players the chance to transport themselves back in time to a classic period in real human history that rivals any fictional setting for excitement, intensity and truly epic action.”

For more on Roma Victor, click here.

Dark Age of Camelot : Dev Profile: Matt Kidder

Posted Sep 21, 2006 by Jon Wood is pleased to present a new Dev Profile as we shine the spotlight on EA Mythic Server Programmer, Matt Kidder: Various influences can have a major part in games. What influences outside of game-play bring life to your work? Any ideas that you get from Books, Movies, Comics, Real-Life Stories, Art would be great here.

Matt Kidder: My third grade teacher read us The Hobbit and encouraged us to read The Lord of the Rings, which I did and loved them all. I also remember reading many stories and books by Isaac Asimov and other Science Fiction writers. I still love to read Fantasy and Science Fiction books as well as History.

Read the article here.

Guild Wars Factions : Review

Posted Sep 21, 2006 by Jon Wood

Today, is pleased to bring you a review of the first sequel to the very popular MMORPG Guild Wars, Guild Wars Factions. writer Cari Davidson took the time to look at the game and brings you her opinions.


If you’re not already familiar with Guild Wars, go read up on it. It’s a fantastic game well worth its price, if only for the art, music, and single-player experience. Of course, you’ll get so much more – cooperative and competitive missions, a story that is easy to get into, and maybe you’ll even make some new online friends.

Guild Wars Factions, the first of presumably many sequels, takes that same recipe for success and expands on it by adding new classes and an entirely new storyline. This time, the story takes place on Cantha, a far away continent with an Asian theme, and instead of a completely linear story, you will have to choose a side in an endless war between the Kurzicks and the Luxons, battling it out for control of land, power, and fame.

You canr ead the whole article here.

RF Online : Our Exclusive 7 Day Trial Offer!

Posted Sep 20, 2006 by Craig McGregor is proud to announce that we have partnered with Codemasters to bring you the first free trial for RF Online!  For the next week will be the exclusive place to get this 7 day trial offer.

Ready to get in the action?  Click here to start your free 7 day trial!

NOTE: This free trial will require a credit card or PayPal account.  Unless you decide to cancel your account you will be automatically billed after the 7 day trial period.

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