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The Chronicle : Job Openings

Posted Jan 06, 2006 by Dana Massey

Rapid Reality is hiring again and they specifically asked that our readers be told about it. Below you can find a wide range of jobs they're seeking to fill and information on how to apply - should you meet the requirements. Rapid Reality is based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Position: Gameplay Programmer

Rapid Reality is currently seeking additional programming staff to assist with our ongoing projects. The individual must meet all of the below requirements and have a strong desire to work in the game industry. The individual will report to a lead programmer and be responsible for adding features to an existing engine with a given deadline.

Required Skills:

  • Strong C++ Programming Skills
  • At least three years programming experience
  • Experience with Game Programming
  • Strong knowledge of Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Server 2000, and Windows Server 2003 Operating Systems
  • Ability to work independently and in a team environment
    Exceptional Math Skills

Preferred Skills:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or equivalent industry experience
  • Familiar with animation concepts and overall game development
  • Knowledgeable with MS-SQL Integration
  • Knowledge of Shader Programming
  • Experience with Linux development
  • Knowledge of C#
  • Visual Studio
  • T-SQL Syntax

Personal and Interpersonal Skills:

  • Willing to work and assist other team members with deadlines
  • Enthusiasm to learn new concepts and technologies as required
  • Ability to work on several projects at once
  • Able to take direction
  • Strong communication skills
  • Willing to interact with the company's community
  • Desire to work in a fast paced environment
  • Desire to work in the game industry and contribute to the company's future titles

Position: FX ARTIST

      The Rapid Reality team is now seeking to fill open positions for Effects artists for a variety of games. The applicant would also be comfortable with 3DS Max, Maya, and/or 3D programs, illustration, modeling, rigging, and or textures. Creative thinking is a must, as well as a solid work ethic.  An eager desire to learn engine capabilities is also needed. Experience in the industry is always a plus.


      The Rapid Reality team is now seeking to fill open positions for texture artists to help with their current game load. Tiling textures and trim textures for interiors and even character texture work will be part of the job. Understanding the workings of UVs a must. A working knowledge of Max or Maya is needed, and other skills pertaining to the field are always welcome.

Experience in the industry is desired, as well.

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General : Reader's Awards: Voting Closed

Posted Jan 06, 2006 by Dana Massey

With over 27,000 votes cast, we have reached the end of voting in our 2005 Reader's Choice Awards. Now comes time for the promised write-in support inspired run-offs in the Story and PvP categories. Voting in these two run-offs will begin tomorrow and run until next Friday, January 13th.

In the PvP category, EVE Online will enter the running against the top two vote getters: Dark Age of Camelot and Guild Wars.

In the Best Story category, things get a lot more murky. The vote was basically split evenly between four games, each finishing within a single percentage point of each other. As such, Asheron's Call will replace Horizons and enter a five-way run-off against The Saga of Ryzom, Star Wars Galaxies, City of Heroes / Villains and Anarchy Online.

Full results will be revealed on Monday, January 16th, 2006.

Conquer Online : Server Split

Posted Jan 05, 2006 by Jon Wood

In an effort to ease the population on a popular server, Conquer Online is offering players the option to move directly onto a brand new server for their playing wants and needs.


To ease the population of the Kylin server, we give the option for our players on Kylin server to move their characters to the new server named Saturn in Galaxy Group.

If you wish to participate, visit to learn the details and start the process!

After you submit your move decision, please remember to check your move status by selecting "I wish to check My Current Move Decision. Here is my Conquer account ID and password" at

Please make your decision before Jan 17, 2006 9:59pm PST. After that, we will NOT be able to undo your moving.

For more Conquer Online, click here.

Dark Age of Camelot : Version 1.81f Release Notes

Posted Jan 05, 2006 by Jon Wood

Mythic's Dark Age of Camelot has given us yet another set of Version Release Notes. This one, 1.81f, as always, comes complete with New Things and Bug Fixes (which you can read below), as well as PvP Notes and various World Notes (which you can visit their site to read):



  • Fixed a bug preventing the pickpocket ML ability from working.
  • Damage Over Time (DoT) spells will now only register new attacks on targets for purposes such as breaking stealth if the player who cast the dot is still alive.
  • Players will now be rewarded credit for healing necromancers which have recently been in RvR combat.
  • There was a bug which prevented some player classes (such as the Armsman) from displaying all of their abilities on the player sheet. This has been fixed.
  • Players will now be able to perform all of their normally available combat styles, even when under the effect of a weaponskill debuff poison.
  • Releasing in a battleground for which a player has too high of a realm level will now send the player out to the last saved bind point.
  • All recall stones are now usable in Necromancer Shadeform.

To read the rest of the notes, click here.

Auto Assault : Armor

Posted Jan 05, 2006 by Jon Wood

The developers at Auto Assault return from the holidays in a giving mood. Today, they are giving us a look at the use of Armor in Auto Assault.


Throughout the history of warfare the technological development of better forms of protection and ways of survival always follows the development of new weapon systems and methods of destruction. For instance, one side develops a new weapon and after an initial period of adjustment, the opponent fields a way of protecting against it. The new weapon proliferates to all sides and eventually the protection does as well, so the cycle begins anew. In the Central Wastelands, little of this process has changed.

In the wild and very deadly battles in the wastelands, a chassis’ armor protection is one of the most vital elements of survival. Aside from the varied set of skills the driver may possess, the armor is the strongest, most dependable line of defense for a chassis. Properly maintained, chassis armor doesn’t lose its protective qualities after a short period of time, nor does it wear out. In fact, one can generally improve their armor generally by the use of gadgets or other enhancements, far beyond their original manufactured capability. Certain kinds of armor can even protect against particular forms of attack better than other armor types.

Armor comes in many forms and shapes; some types are common across all factions and races, but represent the most basic kinds of protection: steel welded plating, battle plastics, and so forth. Given their diversity, however, the three races have developed their own unique forms of protection. Human defensive systems usually consist of high-energy shielding concepts, a specialty amongst Humans. Biomeks derive their armor from nanotechnology and possess some of the most hardened yet amazingly light materials on the planet. Mutants use a variety of classic armor types infused with Blood to form a unique armor system, utilizing the capacities of Contamination to the fullest.

Fore more on Auto Assault, click here.

D&D Online : Beta Journal # 7

Posted Jan 05, 2006 by Jon Wood

After what we can only hope was a relaxing and enjoyable Holidays for the Turbine staff, the Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach crew have released another in their series of Beta Journals. This one, the seventh in the series, is called, "Tactics, Tactics, & More Tactics Part 1". Obviously, the first part in a multiple part series. As always, stay tuned to for more: 


I have been playing the Dungeons and Dungeons & Dragons™ Online: Stormreach™ (DDO) Beta for about seven weeks now, and in this journal I’d like to share some party tactics that could make one’s enjoyment of the game’s action-based combat system that much better.

Initially I, like most veteran MMORPG players, did not give much thought about melee tactics (position, range, targeting, prioritize targets, and especially party combat tactics). Yet nor was I one of those players who would simply charge into the mob of monsters and swing away recklessly. As a long-time pen and paper (PnP) player and former Marine, there were some basic combat tactics that I automatically fell into using.


Where are you in relation to your enemy; melee range, missile range, detection range? Consider line of sight, and not just for the path of an arrow. Can you see the enemy, and can she see you? Are there nearby crates to duck behind or other aspects of your surroundings that could be of use? In DDO, it matters! All these come into play when employing the game’s inherent combat tactics.

Flanking (+2 attack bonus)

When a monster is targeting a specific player for his melee attack, anyone else attacking that monster gains a +2 attack bonus. Be warned, though, that turnabout is fair play; monsters also get the same bonus against you! This is a subtle break from the norm that makes for a whole different game dynamic. If you wade into combat the way many MMORPGs let you, you’re going to take a beating! The key in DDO is to react to such a situation - move when you get surrounded - jump and tumble - don’t just stand there and get butchered like a sheep.

For more on Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach, click here.

RF Online : Distribution Extended to Mainland Europe

Posted Jan 05, 2006 by Jon Wood


RF Online for Mainland Europe.

  • The most anticipated MMORPG of 2006* to be released Europe wide.
  • Magical fantasy meets futuristic science-fiction action. 
  • Engage in the most epic battles ever seen in any MMO role-playing game.

Codemasters Online Gaming today announces that it has secured a license agreement from CCR, Inc. of South Korea to extend the distribution of RF Online to mainland Europe. The title, already one of the most successful massively multiplayer online games in the Far East, will be published simultaneously in the U.S. and Europe in Q1 2006 for PC.

RF Online (Rising Force Online) delivers a supremely rich gaming experience that has already attracted over 1 million players in the Far East since its launch last year and was recently identified as the "most anticipated MMORPG" at*

Seok-Ho Youn, CEO, at CCR, Inc, commented:

"We have witnessed Codemasters' commitment to MMO games and we are pleased to award the license for the remaining European territories to the organisation. We are confident that Codemasters Online Gaming will be a leading MMO publisher in the West and we're looking forward to being a part of its success."

David Solari, Director of Codemasters Online Gaming, said:

"The response we've received from the RF Online community has been amazing and it has already attracted a surprisingly large following throughout Europe. Given that, until now, the title was not promoted across mainland Europe indicates there is a huge market for RF Online. This extension to our distribution agreement ensures that the game will be a major event in the Western MMO calendar when it launches in 2006."

With stunning in-game visuals and jaw-dropping character and environment detail, RF Online is an incredible next generation MMO game. It features a unique blend of magical fantasy mixed with futuristic science-fiction action and sees players engaging in the most epic battles ever seen in a MMO role-playing game.

RF Online is set to launch in Q1 2006 and will be published and operated in the US and Europe by Codemasters Online Gaming. For all the latest on the game, including the latest images, movies and to sign up for the Beta Test, visit

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Dark and Light : Q&A #8

Posted Jan 05, 2006 by Dana Massey

In our latest Dark & Light Q&A, Jon Wood gets to ask the team about a range of issues that cropped up just before the Settlers of Ganareth beta. Next time, check back for a beta-related themed Q&A. We also have eight questions, as opposed to the usual five, this week.

MMORPG.comLess than 1 day after Settlers of Ganareth registration opened and closed, someone sold a key for $100 on Ebay. First, what is your stance on this kind of practice, and second, how do you respond to someone linking that kind of value to a free SoG key?

The Dark & Light Team: Sale on third-party websites of objects, accounts and all other data regarding Dark and Light and Settlers of Ganareth is not authorized by Farlan Entertainment.

People who use these services take the risk of their accounts being banned without any financial compensation. We will not tolerate advertising of these methods on our official communication systems for the game (forums, irc, ingame chat)... 

You can read their answers here.

Seed : Runestone Pairs With Alchemic Dream

Posted Jan 04, 2006 by Jon Wood


Runestone Announces Contract with Alchemic Dream

Aarhus, DenmarkJanuary 4, 2006 – Runestone Game Development today announced a contract with Alchemic Dream Inc., leader in customer services for MMGs, to provide customer support, localization and game mastering services for Runestone’s upcoming MMG Seed.

“Seed brings a new vision of the MMG gameplay experience to the market,” explains Aurélien Merville, CEO of Alchemic Dream Inc. “AI technology and stories systems involve the player in the universe to a new extent. We are happy to provide our dedicated services to Runestone in order to help this company getting and keeping a satisfied audience in a lively virtual world!”

“In Seed we focus on personal, interactive stories,” Lars Kroll Kristensen, CEO of Runestone Game Development says. “We want our players to immerse themselves into the world and to be active members of a greater community. Therefore it is important for us that they are in the best of hands both in-game and in our forums, and we feel confident that they will be so with Alchemic Dream in charge.”

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Twilight War : Game Shut Down

Posted Jan 04, 2006 by Jon Wood

It is always sad when an MMORPG is forced to close. Unfortunately for Smiling Gator Productions, that is exactly what the New Year has brought with it. Yesterday, the developers announced that SGP would be closing, and that their game, Twilight War would close with it.


Patch Installation for 1.4.2 - 2006-01-04

It's not a Happy New Year here at Smiling Gator Productions.

Unfortunately, the end of 2005 is also the end of SGP. Our committed funds have run dry and we were not successful in the hunt for additional investment. The websites and email will be disabled in the coming days, so this is our last announcement before we shut down for good. Thanks again to our fantastic forums community for all the support and contributions! We hope you find another project and give them the devotion and incisive comments we've enjoyed reading for the past 17 months.

For those who are interested, the Twilight War community will continue on Twilight War HQ.

For more on Twilight War, click here.

Spellborn : Sound Article

Posted Jan 04, 2006 by Jon Wood

The developers at The Chronicles of Spellborn have released a new developer article. This time around, it comes from the Sound Designer, Matthew Florianz. Florianz tells us about himself and the process of sound for The Chronicles of Spellborn. In the article, he makes reference to Jesper Kyd, the award-winning composer who has signed on to work on the game. Kyd premiered one of the tracks for Spellborn on our December Podcast here at


Patch Installation for 1.4.2 - 2006-01-04

Hi, my name is Matthew Florianz. Before I tell you about what I wanted to achieve with the sound for TCoS, I first want to tell you a bit about my background. In the mid 90’s, my first paid job was as a graphic designer for a video game distributor. I made and adapted advertisements for magazines, created short commercial movies and websites. For these movies, music and sound were needed, and I picked up an interest then. At the beginning of 2000, I joined Khaeon Games. As part of the team I helped make two fps games and a sci-fi arcade shoot-em-up. Mostly doing level design, doubling as a game and sound designer during the so-called after hours. That, combined with my private interest in ambient music ( is probably why I had all the needed experience in order to do the sound for The Chronicles of Spellborn.

An important element in my music, and thus my personal interest, is travel; how you experience the transition from one mood or environment to another. Both level and sound design have many commonalities, and something learned in one field can definitely be applied to the other. With level design there is the constant danger of achieving form through the collection of details. This results in very technical levels where the overall shape is as non-descript as all the little details. For music the same applies: if you forget the structure of the overall piece, all the individual elements don’t seem to work. So to me level design is not so much how a corridor looks, but how it connects the areas before and after it, much like music for me is mostly about bridging sound-areas.

For TCoS, on the most basic level, I want to achieve two things. First, to give players a sense of travel and exploration even if they go through the world with their eyes closed. This requires detailed and varying soundscapes for individual areas. At the same time (and almost at conflict with the previous) the soundscapes have to be subtle enough to allow external (player selected) music to be played over them. The question that is frequently asked (if sound can be turned off), taught me that sooner or later you will have heard all there is to hear, and will prefer to play your own music.

In this three part article I would like to tell you about the different aspects of sound, and how we implemented the dual approach mentioned before. In this first part you will read about the process of selecting the right composer, and finding the perfect music to fit the moods of The Chronicles of Spellborn.

Get the rest of the article, here.

Pirates of the Burning Sea : Dev Journal #6 & Screens

Posted Jan 04, 2006 by Dana Massey

The Navigation Zone is an important part of any sailing game. This form of dramatic compression zooms out and lets players travel across the open sea in a little faster. Troy Hewitt and Taylor Daynes penned this month's Pirates of the Burning Sea developer journal that explains this system. They also gave us five screenshots of it.

Welcome to the Caribbean – this is how you’ll be sailing from island to island in Pirates of the Burning Sea, the upcoming Pirate-themed Massively Multiplayer game from Flying Lab Software.

As you can imagine, the biggest challenge with any sailing game is the sailing, itself. How do you make sailing fun when your world encompasses all the Caribbean islands, and the continental coastlines from South Carolina to French Guiana? Sailing is fantastically interesting when there’s something exciting going on – a fight or a storm – but it’s terribly boring to sail around the Caribbean in real-time when nothing is happening.

You can read the article and see the images here.

Myth War : Patch Notes

Posted Jan 04, 2006 by Jon Wood

Myth War has released their newest patch today. The developers have been kind enought o provide us, not only with some notes about the patch, but also some detailed instructions for its installation:


Patch Installation for 1.4.2 - 2006-01-04

1.0.42 Patch

To install MythWar from Patch 1.0.41 to 1.0.42, players are required to download 1.0.42 patch file and install it in the MythWar folder.After installation,Run Update.exe found in the MythWar game folder and it will autopatch the remaining files to the latest version.

Links to the 1.0.42 patch are as below.

Instructions on how to patch :

  1. Download and Save the 1.0.42 patch file in your Myth War game folder.
  2. Upon completion of download, run the file and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Extract the files to your mythwar folder. Overwrite the files if needed.
  4. After installation,run Update.exe located in the MythWar game folder to continue autoupdate the remaining of the files and login to game

Patch Notes

[Double Experience Quest]

1. Players will get a quest record after using the double experience to remind them of when they claimed the double exp.

2. Players will not lose their double exp in the event that they log off.

[Bug Fixes]

Fixed a bug where the map merchant was accepting items of higher value
Fixed a bug where you lost your guild title after reborn
Fixed a bug where there was jibberish language when talking to the deity in Guild War

For more on Myth War, click here.

World of Warcraft : Patch Notes: Patch 1.9

Posted Jan 04, 2006 by Jon Wood

The developers over at Blizzard's hugely successful MMORPG, World of Warcraft, have given us some patch notes from Patch 1.9. This isn't just any set of patch notes, these are fairly detailed in a number of areas that are linked below:


The World of Warcraft team is happy to announce the release of "The Gates of Ahn'Qiraj", the new 1.9 content patch!

Highlights of The Gates of Ahn'Qiraj - Patch 1.9:

You can read the entire patch notes here.

Be sure read about the Ahn'Qiraj War Effort. As the strange silithid stir behind the Scarab Wall and all races of Azeroth prepare for battle, there is much to be done in preparation. Adventurers of many skills and experiences can contribute to the war effort in their own way. Read on here.

For more on WoW, click here.

EverQuest II : Kingdom of Sky Expansion Announced

Posted Jan 04, 2006 by Jon Wood



Evil Dragons and Player Versus Player Combat Unveiled For EverQuest II

SAN DIEGO, CAJanuary 4, 2006 – Sony Online Entertainment Inc. (SOE), a global leader in the online games industry, today announced that the second expansion for EverQuest® II, entitled Kingdom of Sky™, is schedule to be available at retail and for download on Feb. 21. The retail SKU of Kingdom of Sky a recommended price of $29.99 and will contain the full version of the base EverQuest II game, the new expansion and a special in-game item. The digital version will contain the new expansion for $26.99.

“Kingdom of Sky offers something for all of our EverQuest II players,” said Laura Naviaux, senior brand marketing manager, Sony Online Entertainment. “For the seasoned EQII player, Kingdom of Sky increases the amount of high level content in a world filled with intrigue and the potential destruction of Norrath by the evil dragon lords. The second expansion pack brings the excitement of dragon battles and is timed to coincide with the newly-added Player vs. Player (PvP) action.”

Kingdom of Sky pushes the boundaries of character development and adventure to new heights. An entirely new form of advancement introduces a structured Achievement system of skills and abilities to further specialize and individualize your character, while level caps for characters, artisans and guilds are all increased. Kingdom of Sky expands the arena challenges with four deadly new arena champions and two new arena zones. Ten new adventure zones, from lush jungles to temples of unimaginable splendor, 25 new enemies and troves full of new treasures all open up fresh game play and visual experiences within the online world of EverQuest II.

Player versus Player combat will “go live” in EverQuest II near the time of the launch of Kingdom of Sky, a highly anticipated addition to the game that will allow players to fight each other. PvP will be a part of the regular updates that take place within the game world, and will be available to all EQII players for no additional cost. PvP will feature good versus evil combat, pitting citizens of the two rival cities of Qeynos and Freeport against each other. Players will earn items, titles, fame and experience while engaged in combat with other online gamers around the globe. Combat will happen in the wild or within the gates of your opponent’s city. PvP will be activated on new servers so all players will be able to compete from the ground up.

[ expand article ]

EverQuest : Expansion Announced!

Posted Jan 04, 2006 by Jon Wood



- Transform the Online World of Norrath Like Never Before -

SAN DIEGO, CAJanuary 3, 2006 – Sony Online Entertainment Inc. (SOE), a worldwide leader in massively multiplayer online gaming, today announced EverQuest® Prophecy of Ro™, a new expansion for the incredibly popular PC Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG), EverQuest®. EverQuest Prophecy of Ro is scheduled to be available at retail and for digital download from Sony Online Entertainment in February for the suggested price of U.S. $29.99.

“EverQuest Prophecy of Ro will give players the opportunity to interact with and transform the online world of Norrath like never before,” said Chris Sturr, Sr. Brand Manager, Sony Online Entertainment. “In addition to a variety of new features, EverQuest Prophecy of Ro continues the fascinating storyline as new and old players alike explore, battle and adventure through EverQuest on more than 30 new missions encountering new creatures and environments throughout the journey.”

Players will be able to interact with the world thanks to three new features. The first, spheres of influence, can be used to thwart your enemies or aid allies. The second feature is a trap system that will let players deceive opponents with player-set traps. And for the first time in EverQuest, players will be able to destroy objects in the world; doors can be bashed in, walls can be toppled and towers can be destroyed, leading to a new level of interactivity within the game and opening up a new realm of design.

[ expand article ]

Hero's Journey : Q&A #13 & Screens #32

Posted Jan 03, 2006 by Dana Massey

Melissa Meyer returns from a holiday-break from our bi-weekly Q&A and weekly screenshot features to provide us with five more questions and answers - this week focusing on future gameplay experience - and two new screenshots - one of which shows their new use of bloom. What do you envision players doing on the first day of play?

Melissa Meyer: If players are anything like me, they’ll spend their first day of play in the character creator. I can spend hours and hours trying out different appearance combinations and trying to build a theme or a specific look. There are so many options that it’s not uncommon to be inspired for a specific look by outside resources (books, games, movies, etc.) and then recreate that look in the Hero’s Journey character creator.

Once done creating their character, they’ll have the opportunity to participate in a tutorial. With the tutorial complete, the world is their oyster! They may choose to take on a job around town, go on their first quest, investigate the living world machines of the area, or go hunting. 

You can read the full article and view the images here.

Pirates of the Burning Sea : New Dev Log

Posted Jan 03, 2006 by Jon Wood

A brand new Dev Log has appeared over at the Pirates of the Burning Sea website. This one, written by RickSaada, takes a look at PBSEdit, the program that the developers use to create the game:


Hi again, folks! I know I’ve been silent for a loooooong time, but I’ve been quietly plugging away on tools for the rest of the team. Changes in focus made the old terrain system I’d been working on obsolete, replaced with the custom 3D geometry you’ve seen the gorgeous screen shots of, so we started over with the tool set as well. A major focus of any MMP is content. People want it, and lots of it, so the ever growing content team under Rev is working on cranking it out. The primary tool they’ve been using for creating it is PBSEdit, which has been my main focus for the last year and a half, and now it’s time to take the wraps off. This dev log is the first in a series where I will be showing you a bit of what’s under the hood of PBS, and how the content team is putting together the game you’ll be playing.

PBSEdit has a few major interconnected parts that ConCo uses to build the game. These are the Persona Editor, the Mission Editor, and the Encounter Editor. There are also several minor parts for creating UI, viewing and tweaking rooms, and other handy utilities, but these are the big three. Most of the editing work takes place in a normal Windows application, with a secondary viewer window used to display in engine versions of the data being edited. This dual screen approach makes it easy to see how things will appear in the game, while being able to use the quick UI writing tools available under normal Windows.

To get the whole article, click here.

EVE Online : 22K PCU Broken

Posted Jan 03, 2006 by Jon Wood

The New Year is already looking up for the people at EVE Online. The game has now, not only broken the 20,000 PCU mark, but has broken it with authority as 22,020 were clocked online at the same time on 1/2/06


At 20:44 this evening a new PCU milestone was reached when 22.020 EVE Players were logged in at the same time. CCP's hardware partners are working around the clock to deliver more power to the Tranquility cluster so that the regiment of one unsharded virtual world with no instancing can hold.

For more EVE online, click here.

General : Game / On: December 2005

Posted Jan 02, 2006 by Dana Massey

It is a few days late, but in this month's podcast Jon Wood interviews Walt Yarborough and Sanya Thomas of Mythic Entertainment about Dark Age of Camelot and debuts the first music by composer Jesper Kyd - of Hitman fame - for The Chronicles of Spellborn.

You can hear these features and the news here.

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