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Crystal Atatrium : New Website

Posted Feb 04, 2005 by Craig McGregor

Atatrium Labs announced made the following press release today regarding a new site for Crystal Atatrium:

Nashville, TN - February 3, 2005 - The Massively Multiplayer Online Game, Crystal Atatrium, developed by Atatrium Labs; has been given a brand new website today at: The new site is to bring new light upon the world of Crystal Atatrium, as well to provide much wished for new material, such as, new screenshots and music files for current followers of the game.

Crystal Atatrium will use the kjapi engine, a brand new engine being used in such RPGs as the upcoming The Olden Tales and Lonewolf-Online. As well, Crystal Atatrium will feature eight playable races, and twenty different occupations to select for your character. This will all take place in a all new world of immense proportions, within a completely free to play environment.

Shot Online : Double Experience Points

Posted Feb 03, 2005 by Craig McGregor

OnNet has just announced the start of their "Double Experience Points" event.  Details are below:

(Sunnyvale, CA - February 3, 2005) - Hot on the heels of the successful "Grab The Lucky Level," OnNet Co. Ltd is bringing another scorching-hot event to Shot-Online's online virtual golf courses. Between February 3 at 12:00 AM and February 13 at 5:00 AM (CST), players have an opportunity to earn double their experience points they earn when playing rounds on the enjoyable fairways of the "Alfheim" course. Players have three two-hour chances per day to take advantage of the experience point doubling. Any and all Shot-Online players are welcome to participate in this event.

The "Double Experience Points" event starts up after the conclusion of the "Grab The Lucky Level" event. Please visit the official Shot-Online website to see who the lucky 70 winners, who won a special and rare item, were. After the "Double Experience Points" event, the first Shot-Online Global Championship, an international cyber golf tournament held in-game for all Shot-Online members, will start on February 14 and continue through February 18. Awesome prizes will be awarded to the 1st and 2nd placers in the tournament.

Shot-Online ( is currently in beta in North America, is an online golfing simulation, featuring fully 3D graphics, motion captured animation, skill enhancement, golfing item purchases and exchanges and quests. Please visit the Shot-Online website for more details about the "Grab The Lucky Level," "Double Experience Points," and the Shot-Online Global Championship events.

General : New SOE-Seattle Studio

Posted Feb 03, 2005 by Craig McGregor

Sony Online Entertainment announced today the formation of a new game studio - "SOE-Seattle."  It will be headed up by Matt Wilson, who some of you might remember from Microsoft's cancelled Mythica MMORPG.  The official press release is below:

SAN DIEGO, CA - February 3, 2005 - Sony Online Entertainment Inc. (SOE), a worldwide leader in massively multiplayer online (MMO) gaming, announced today that it has expanded operations with the formation of a development studio in Seattle, Washington. SOE-Seattle will further increase Sony Online Entertainment’s global market share and will strengthen the overall planning and production of premium games.

Matt Wilson will serve as Executive Producer of SOE-Seattle. Wilson had been with Microsoft for over 10 years, leaving to form FireAnt, Inc. with John Smith, Alex Pfaffe, Craig Link and Ed Fries in order to create cutting-edge massively multiplayer online games. All the members of FireAnt will be joining the new studio full-time, with the exception of Ed Fries, who will serve in an advisory role for SOE-Seattle game design and studio management. The SOE-Seattle team has a diverse history of game development, having worked on titles such as Dungeon Siege, Ultima Online, Wing Commander, Asheron’s Call, and many others.

"As our business grows, so does the need for more diverse titles," said Russell Shanks, chief operations officer, Sony Online Entertainment.  "With the core team’s expertise in the video game industry and their passion for making games, we are confident that this new studio will allow us to maintain and expand SOE’s position as one of the world-wide leaders in online gaming."

Risk Your Life 2 : Path of the Emperor Beta - Soon!

Posted Feb 03, 2005 by Craig McGregor

Chip Bumgardner, the "Game Lord" for Planetwide Games recently announced that the open beta for "RYL: Path of the Emperor" - the newest version of Risk Your Life will be starting very soon.  This new version should offer many new features for players.  The following was taken from their forums:

Here's my update, be patient with me, I haven't slept since like '02.

Very early this morning I approved what is going to be our official Client. There are currently 152 people that are approved for Closed Testing. Most of them are in the game as I type this.

Here is my PLAN (I say plan because things can change at the drop of a pin).

  1. Today / Tomorrow I get the Client out on the peer to peer networks. It will be called "ryl_v1220_install_usa". THE CLIENT WILL NOT WORK UNTIL REGISTRATION IS UP AND RUNNING
  2. You guys go crazy downloading it and what not over the next couple of days.
  3. We get an "official" location for download (something like
  4. Sometime between Friday and Sunday, I open up the registration page.
  5. Shortly after, Open Beta officially begins.
Remember, THIS IS MY PLAN and can change 678897 times before the end of the week.


Chip Bumgardner
Game Lord
Planetwide Games

Interested players should keep an eye on the official site.

Auto Assault : "Western Front" Revealed

Posted Feb 03, 2005 by Craig McGregor

NCSoft unveiled another area in their "recon" area this week.  This time they show us the Mutant Highway known as "Western Front."  A little on this below:

Once a major artery of the world before The Change, Highway 667 (known locally as Western Front) now acts as the main route north and south along the western border of the Territories of The Tribes. The sprawling area is easily distinguished by its towering needle rock spires and dizzying plateaus.

This stretch of Highway 667 sits almost exactly in the middle of several sites used for the Mutant Rites of Ascension, including Tocado, a fairly new Mutant settlement to the south, and Temple Mountain, a significant site in Mutant history. The Rites encompass a series of trials and tasks that aspiring Mutants must overcome to be recognized as a true Warrior of the Tribes.

To read more at the official site, click here.

Star Wars Galaxies : New Rewards For Vets

Posted Feb 03, 2005 by Craig McGregor

LucasArts announced that they will soon be giving in-game rewards to their dedicated players of Star Wars Galaxies.  Items will be given at 3, 6 and 12 month intervals.  The full announcement is below:

Rewards Come to Star Wars Galaxies Players!

The development team of Star Wars Galaxies announced the launch of the Veteran Player Reward Program! Players of the game will be rewarded on their three month, six month and 12 month anniversaries with their choice of various very cool and impossible to get any other way in-game items. Starting next week, when a three month veteran player next logs in, they will have the opportunity to choose from a number of items, including a useful reward like a self-powered harvester or a fun item like a R2 droid miniature replica collectible.

Six month rewards include rare YT-1300 lounge furniture, X-Wing and TIE fighter mini replica collectibles or a deed to 30k units of certain resources.

For the distinguished one year veteran player, the valuables include a permanent anti-decay kit for any one player item… yes, that includes the beautiful lightsaber you’ve worked so hard to craft! Or a mini Stormtrooper or Jabba the Hutt replica collectible.

For a full list of Veteran Player Rewards, check out the official game site at!

Login and claim your reward today!

Guild Wars : Ascalon Premiere

Posted Feb 02, 2005 by Craig McGregor

ArenaNet has just unveiled screen shots of their newest area "Ascalon" which players will get to checkout in the February 18, 2005 Beta Weekend Event.  The Ascalon in today's shots is the kingdom before The Searing, the cataclysm that marked the end of The Guild Wars and left Ascalon in ruins.

We have added these 7 new screens to our gallery:

City of Heroes : Issue #4 Colosseum Preview

Posted Feb 02, 2005 by Frank Frisina

There's no question that Paragon City is a dangerous place, a battleground where heroes unselfishly man the thin, embattled line between good and evil. It's a never-ending fight full of danger and sacrifice, one that requires all heroes to seek new ways to improve their skills. In the Arena, heroes will be able to test themselves against other defenders of Paragon City and gain the recognition of their peers as the best of the best. Do you have the heart, the skill, and the determination it takes to achieve the status of ultimate hero?

For a preview of the upcoming Expansion Issue 4 "Colosseum," please visit our Features Update page.

Earthrise : New Updates

Posted Feb 02, 2005 by Craig McGregor

The team at Lyra Studios has just sent us the following press release regarding their MMORPG Underlight:

Los Angeles, CA, February, 2, 2005 - Underlight, the massively multiplayer role-playing game, billed as the only TRUE role-playing experience, has announced a new set of storylines that are currently taking place within the gameworld. The updates will appear as new stories occur and others mature in order to show gamers what takes place in this unique MMORPG.

Today, the city of Underlight is under siege by the hoardes of Dark Mares, led by their General, Tzayak. Dark Mares are human controlled adversaries for the players of Underlight. Controlled by the game masters, these unique creatures offer players an interactive experience in role-playing and combat, much more than AI controlled monsters which offer little challenge and little interactivity. The Dark Mares have their own language which they speak and can be learned if a player wishes. This offers the chance to speak with or even ally with these major points in the story. They'll talk back! The current Dark Army has invaded the city and taken over, by force, one of the 8 Great Houses of the city. Dreamers from all other Houses are now forced to unite and face the greatest threat to their existence to date. The petty bickering between houses has been put aside to fight in this great war of ideals. Meanwhile, many of the dreamers within the invaded house have knelt and sworn allegiance to their new Lords and Masters, their own safety and existence dependent upon Chaotic creatures whom they believe they can trust, or possibly use for power.

The city of Underlight trembles now before this hoarde, will you answer the call and aid the dreamers in destroying the Maren threat? Or will you kneel before the Mares, intent on glory and power, fighting for the forces of Chaos? The choice is yours.

Guild Wars : Our Contest Enters Phase II

Posted Feb 02, 2005 by Craig McGregor

We are happy to announce that we have concluded the first phase of our Guild Wars contest!  At 9PM EST yesterday we picked 30 winners and we are still waiting for them to all confirm.  Anyone who fails to confirm in the required 24 hour period will be disqualified and we will redraw new winners.  You can check the status of this contest at this link.

Meanwhile, we have begun the second phase of our contest which will end on February 15, 2005 at 9PM.  For this last phase we will draw 12 winners that will get a pre-order box shipped to them.  Those that entered the first phase are AUTOMATICALLY entered in this second phase.  For those that have not entered, you can do so at this link.

Good luck to you all!

EverQuest II : More Solo Content & Zones

Posted Feb 01, 2005 by Craig McGregor

Big changes for soloists and small groups in EverQuest II and 8 new instanced zones for everyone!  This just in from SOE:

Sony Online Entertainment continues to add additional content to the EverQuest II live game at no additional charge to its subscribers. Some of the new additions make it more fun for our solo players and small groups to play the game with changes to the experience gain. Yes, that's right: solo and small group experience gain has been boosted across the board. Loot drops are being increased for these soloers and small groups as well.

Sony Online has also added 8 new instanced areas for players to explore. These new areas also add the chances for additional minor boss encounters as well as access to new loot.

  • For soloists and small groups, dozens of new quests and hundreds of new NPCs have been added all over the game world since launch. Expect the steady stream of additions like this to continue over the coming weeks and months.
  • Players should see a significant boost in small group and solo experience across the board, allowing for advancement that is much more visible and feels much more satisfying.
  • Brand new item rewards will be added for soloists and small-groupers. Additionally, some of the rewards that have been reserved solely for groups will also make their way, though more rarely, to the solo and small group encounters in the world.
  • Group rewards have improved as well. The chances for some of the group-only ultra-rare drops have been increased.
  • In the coming weeks, expect new dungeon instances to be made available for those who solo, duo, and trio.

Soloing and small grouping should be a way to advance at a satisfying rate. You should be able to earn good rewards that are exciting in their own right. Soloing and small grouping should also provide a chance at the great rewards that people might not expect in anything except the traditional six-person group.

Grouping will still provide the fastest overall experience gain, but the advantage won't be as drastic as it is today. Grouping will also provide better chances at the spectacular ultra-rare rewards.

We have also added some screens of the upcoming dungeons:

Irth Worlds : Register For Beta

Posted Jan 31, 2005 by Craig McGregor

Magic Hat Software has just announced that they will now begin accepting beta applications for their upcoming fantasy MMORPG Irth Online.   They have issued the following press release:

DEDHAM, MA - JANUARY 31, 2005 - Magic Hat Software ( has announced its new MMORPG Irth Online ( is scheduled for commercial release in the second quarter of 2005, and that Beta test applications are now being accepted on the Irth Online web site.

"We waited until now to make our first public announcement about Irth Online because we wanted to deliver early content to players rather than just plans and promises," said Dennis Robinson, Lead Developer. "Players are encouraged to apply for our Beta test and help improve not only the future of Irth Online civilizations, but the quality of the game itself, which is our highest priority."

About Irth Online
Irth Online is a virtual world in which players role play characters in a free form, fantasy-based storyline. Players join Irth’s history at a period when a fragile truce exists among the far flung civilizations of the snowy Arcadians in the north, the southeastern swamps and marshes of Morbus, and the southwestern tropical region of Mezoteks - and determine the course of history for each civilization.

The persistent world environment of Irth Online features an open ended skill system. Players may learn any skill offered in the game without facing limitations of race or class. Irth Online's advancement system has a unique skill-over-time feature, allowing all characters to enjoy adventures together, regardless of experience level.

Player battle and fighting include PvE (Player vs. Environment) and PvP (Player vs. Player). Also included either at launch (or shortly thereafter) will be instance-based thievery, looting, and justice, as well as the ability to fully explore, travel, or wage war on the ground, on the sea, and in the air. Opportunities for non-warfare gameplay are also offered, along with safe areas for peaceable players.

Magic Hat Software's in-house created engine uses the very latest technology in terms of DirectX9 effect files and vertex and pixel shaders (which include per-pixel lighting and bump/specular environment maps); allows creation of highly detailed characters with animation blending; extended visibility for the player (up to 10 miles in every direction); and unlimited, changeable terrain size with seamless background resource loading.

Beta Testers Welcomed
Gamers can apply for the Beta test at Testers under the age of 18 are welcomed, but must provide parental permission.

DarkSpace : 1.483 Beta In Testing

Posted Jan 30, 2005 by Craig McGregor

DarkSpace 1.483 Beta: Now in testing

DarkSpace is a Massively Multiplayer Online Game which has been running since 2001 and combines tactical ship to ship combat with strategy in a team orientated game. Players gain rank and prestige, which expands the ships they can command and the strategic decisions they make.

This latest build is a major overhaul of the ship design and components for DarkSpace Beta. We are looking for feedback from those new to the game as well as experienced players to help gain a fresh perspective on the changes. The previous 1.481 and 1.482 patches were mainly for the server backend and to enable the roll out of a single universe server instead of seperate zones which were accessed by Jumpgates. Now it is possible to navigate the entire gameworld seamlessly.

You can visit the beta website site here and download the Beta client using this link.
There is no limitation on the number of beta testers. Everyone is invited.

Shot Online : Grab the Lucky Level Event

Posted Jan 29, 2005 by Craig McGregor

OnNet is holding a new special event for their golfing MMORPG Shot Online titled "Grab the Lucky Level."  The event is already underway and will go from Jan. 24 - Jan 31, 2005.  Other events are also scheduled.  You can read the full press release below:

(Sunnyvale, CA - January 28, 2005) - Players of Shot-Online, a persistent online golfing simulation/RPG, have had several competitive and fun events to enjoy over the last several months. Now, Shot-Online’s newest players can be prize-winners through the latest in-game event, "Grab The Lucky Level", which is currently underway. Grab The Lucky Level is being held between 12:00 AM January 24 and 5:00 AM January 31 (CST). The event will allow 70 fortunate players who are between level 1 and 5 to receive a very special and rare item they cannot acquire even in the game's store, when they pass level 5.

Shot-Online will have two more major in-game events immediately following "Grab The Lucky Level". The next event permits online golfers playing rounds on the Alfheim course to receive double experience points, for select hours from February 3 to 13. The last event, the Shot-Online Global Championship, will start on February 14 and continue through February 18. Awesome prizes will be awarded to the 1st and 2nd placers in the tournament.

Shot-Online ( is currently in beta in North America, is an online golfing simulation, featuring fully 3D graphics, motion captured animation, skill enhancement, golfing item purchases and exchanges and quests. Please visit the website for more details about these events.

Face of Mankind : Open Beta Starts Monday

Posted Jan 29, 2005 by Frank Frisina

This just in from the Face of Mankind website;

The time has finally arrived! The first download mirrors for the open beta client have been put up. The servers themselves will be open for open beta testers on Monday.

Duplex Systems welcomes each and every one of you into the universe of the Global Dominion. We hope you will enjoy exploring Face of Mankind as much as we have enjoyed creating it, and that, together, we can make a great game during the coming weeks.

Download the client here.

Istaria : Tulga Games Completes Buyout

Posted Jan 28, 2005 by Craig McGregor

Tulga Games LLC announced today that it has received approval from the US bankruptcy court and that it has completed the purchase of Horizons from Artifact Entertainment - the original developer of the game.  Their official press release is below:


TEMPE, AZ –– 25 January, 2005 –– Tulga Games, LLC announced today that it has completed the purchase of the assets of Artifact Entertainment.

"We received approval by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in mid –December to move ahead with the purchase, then proceeded to formally close the purchase," said Mr. Chris Tulumello, founding manager of Tulga Games. "I've been saying for months now that I'm both a fan of the game and a strong advocate of the underlying technology. This purchase dramatically increases the value of Tulga Games and send a message of stability and longevity to current and future Horizons customers," continued Mr. Tulumello.

Members of Artifact Entertainment's development, technology and creative teams have been asked to join the new Tulga Games team and "the response to these offers has been overwhelmingly positive," says Mr. Tulumello.

"We are commencing a five-year strategic planning process, part of which is reviewing other titles and other intellectual properties that do not have a massive multiplayer version. We do this while progressing toward our main goal of increasing the stability of the Horizons: Empire of Istaria customer base and augmenting the content and storyline of the game. We also want to enhance the viability of our current research and development teams. I know that our technology has very unique features, and we encourage others to license it.", said Mr. Tulumello.

Tulga Games also announced that it has received additional funding from C.P. Baker & Company, Ltd. C.P. Baker is a Boston-based investment company. Its principal, Mr. Chris Baker, has long history investing with Internet based technology companies. The funding will be used to fuel continued marketing efforts, ongoing technology, and game development. "Obviously, everyone at Tulga is very pleased that others consider our company and product line viable and worthy of investment, "said Mr. Tulumello, "Mr. Baker's history and understanding of this market is also testament to his interest in what we have to offer."

"Tulga Games, through their acquisition of the valuable assets of Artifact Entertainment, is poised for future growth, our investment recognizes the value of the company as a whole and what it offers to the market," said Christopher P. Baker, chairman of the Board, C.P. Baker & Company.

Auto Assault : New Mutant Profile Added

Posted Jan 28, 2005 by Craig McGregor

The official site for Auto Assault has added a new area to their "Recon" section.  This one introduces the Mutants.  Here is a preview:

"The Change came upon us quietly. Even those that would become the first of The Changed did not yet realize their destiny, the destiny brought to them when the sky rained stars upon the world. The first of us were very much like Man, only the color of our flesh separated us. It was enough. To Man our differences were plagues, The Change was an unfortunate affliction to be cured with their science. To them we were helpless victims. They did not understand The Change, or what it meant for us all. They soon learned the truth, and their folly brought the time of troubles to us all in a Night of Righteous Fire..."

Want more? Get it here!

Guild Wars : Emblem Contest Extended

Posted Jan 28, 2005 by Frank Frisina

In regards to the Emblem design contest, the following was posted via the official website;

In order to allow extra time for international mailing, we have extended the deadline of the Guild Wars Guild Emblem Contest. The new deadline is February 17th. So artists -- confer with your muses and enter! Find details of the contest here.


The Matrix Online : Coder Discipline Revealed

Posted Jan 28, 2005 by Frank Frisina

Directly from the official website;

The Matrix Online community site, Data Node One, just published details on the Coder discipline tree.

In the Matrix, Coders have taken the first steps to understanding the actual code of the Matrix itself. They can use this knowledge to create useful items and obedient followers. While not as offensively powerful as the Operative or as versatile as the Hacker, the Coder's ability to create items and summon simulacra lets him hold his own in any group.

Read the full article here.

General : Star Trek Online FAQ Posted

Posted Jan 27, 2005 by Craig McGregor

The official website for Paramount has posted up a nice FAQ covering tons of information about the upcoming MMOPRG based on the Star Trek universe. Below is a snippet from the article:

What is Star Trek Online?
STO is a persistent world where thousands of players immerse themselves in the life and times of the Federation. You will explore the galaxy, defend against incursions, and pursue the needs of the Federation in space and on planets' surfaces.

Who is making this Game?
Perpetual Entertainment is three year old company created by MMO and networked game veterans with the express purpose of developing ground breaking persistent world games. They've spent the last three years working on genre defining server and graphics technologies for another unique MMO offering still in the works. They're excited to begin expanding their team and begin work on this famous property.

When is the Beta date?

To read it all, click here.

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