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General : Dark World Online Preview

Posted May 17, 2006 by Dana Massey

At E3, we met with David Bowman to talk about his recently announced MMORPG "Dark World Online". The game features vampires, werewolves and humans in a mortal struggle for territory and food (humans). The projected M rated game has just entered development.

Dark World Online is a PvP focused game that pits three factions against each other in a territorial battle for control of areas and resources. The main resource they fight over? Humans.

“Free form PvP where you can kill anyone anywhere leads to neurosis,” quipped Bowman.

Instead, players will find themselves in a world where the three factions have a base safe zone, but can then span out and fight for control over areas. Thus, frontiers and safe areas can change over time. The core of the game is definitely PvP, but not completely without restriction.

To read more, click here.

Lineage 2 : Chronicle 4: Items and Equipment

Posted May 17, 2006 by Jon Wood

Lineage II has announced that they have updated the items section of their official website to reflect new items and equipment for Chronicle 4:


The official Lineage II web site has been updated with items and equipment for Chronicle 4. The Items section also includes a new preview feature where you can select the race and class to see weapons or armor on the character, as well as new information about available weapon enhancements.

Cisit the page, here.

Lord of the Rings Online : Michel Delving

Posted May 17, 2006 by Jon Wood

Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar, have released another look at a point of interest from their game world. This time out, it's Michel Delving, the urban center of the Shire:


While on the surface, Michel Delving seems little different than any other village in the Westfarthing, it is in truth the urban center of the Shire. Farming and agriculture give way to skilled trades, politics, and the latest gossip from the furthest corners of the Four Farthings. Whether a hobbit is looking for a new ploughshare or the rumor of the day, Michel Delving is the center of activity.

Michel Delving is home to Town Hole, the mayoral seat of Will "Flourdumpling" Whitfoot, the topic of most of the political talk, local gossip, and jeers and jibes of the village. The chief Shirriff-house and offices of the Bounders are also located here, as well as the central offices of the Shire's postal service. One of the most popular attractions in Michel Delving is the Mathom-house, where relics of Shire-history, including the legendary club of Bandobras "Bullroarer" Took, hero of the Battle of Greenfields, reside.

While Michel Delving is only briefly seen in Professor Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, specifically the old storage tunnels converted to the Lockholes by Sharkey's Men, it is a familiar location from the book. Town Hole plays a prominent role in the tale of how Will Whitfoot gained his nickname, and the Mathom-house is mentioned as the place where Bilbo Baggins' old Elf-knife Sting and his mithril shirt had long been on display. In The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar, players will be able to interact with characters from the book, like Mayor Whitfoot, and visit many prominent landmarks, such as the Mathom-house.

Get the whole story, here.

Dark Age of Camelot : Guild Leader Changes

Posted May 17, 2006 by Jon Wood

Sonya Thomas of Mythic Entertainment returns today with some news about Guild Leaders to insure that all guilds have proper leaders:


I'm back from what I lovingly refer to as "summer camp." Hey, I get to see a lot of friends from the community and play with toys for a week, what would you call it? Work? I think not.

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that we activated the autopromoter last week as promised, and today 404 guilds with no leader and at least one active character have gotten new heads of state. The next round will go in four days. Next week, the system will look for guilds that have a leader, but one that has not logged in for some time, and demote the inactive guy/promote a more active member. As always, let me know if something goes kerflooey.

For more on DAoC, click here.

RF Online : Treasure Hunt

Posted May 17, 2006 by Jon Wood

RF Online has announced a new upcoming event. This one takes the form of a good old fashioned treasure hunt:


A treasure hunt is about to take place on the world of Novus, and everyone's invited. Will you have the necessary wisdom and mental dexterity to figure out what the riddles being given to you mean ? Will you be the first of your race to reach the treasure and earn all its contents?

For details and times, visit the following topic.

For more on RF Online, click here.

City of Villains : Issue 7 Costumes

Posted May 17, 2006 by Jon Wood

City of Villains have released new information about the costume updates coming in Issue 7:

Villains Only

Robotic Compound Legs - large
Robotic Compound Legs - small
InsectCompoundLegs - large
InsectCompoundLegs - small
InsectLegs - normal
Robotic Gloves - large
Robotic Gloves - small
Elf EarOptions
Large Exposed Brain

Heroes and Villains

Tuxedo Jacket
Bow Tie
Fancy Shirt
Viking Helm
Saxon helm
Gear ShoulderPads 1
Gear ShoulderPads 2
Pain Shoulder Pads
Cowboy Boots
Motorcycle Boots
Motorcycle Pants
Plant Costume Set
Military Epaulets (only available as a reward for the Task Force Commander Badge)


Aion : New Game from NCSoft

Posted May 16, 2006 by Jon Wood

Today, we added a new title to our Games List. It's the newest venture from NCSoft, titled Aion.

More information about Aion can be found, here.

See some screenshots from the game, here.

Pirates of the Burning Sea : E3 2006 Preview

Posted May 16, 2006 by Dana Massey

Michael Hampden previews Pirates of the Burning Sea based on the conversations he had with the team at the Electronic Entertainment Expo last week.

On day two of E3 we caught up with Flying Lab team, developers of the upcoming naval-themed MMO: Pirates of the Burning Sea.

Much of our conversation focused on combat – this is one area where PotBS is unique amongst MMOs. In PotBS, combat takes place in instanced zones. Players enter these zones after encountering an enemy on a larger world map. The instance in which I played involved me squaring off against a number of small ships, while I piloted a large gunship, complete with cannons mounted on three sides. My ship had loads of firepower, but it was a challenge for me to hit the smaller, faster ships as they darted about. Successful attacking is dependant on your direction and position in PotBS. It’s not as simple as targeting an enemy, and letting auto-attack do your work. Instead, I had to maneuver my ship, in order to bring the enemy into the range of my guns. Once in range, I had to maneuver my ship so that my guns pointed towards the enemy. The range and direction of your guns is denoted by a display in the combat U/I, which conveniently also displays the position of enemy ships. When an enemy ship is within you guns arc of fire in the U/I, you know its time to fire. This is done with a simple left-click.

To read the article click here.

Tabula Rasa : E3 2006 Preview

Posted May 16, 2006 by Dana Massey

We interviewed Destination Games Producer Starr Long about the progress of Tabula Rasa, their planned PvP system and much more. Find out how the game has come along since last E3.

One of our writers jokingly suggested that we award Tabula Rasa the “most times at E3” award. It is no secret that this NCSoft product has gone through a series of trials, redesigns, staffs and visual overhauls during it’s development cycle. Now, with a hardcore action RPG design, it finally seems as if Tabula Rasa is a reality.

Starr Long, the longtime right-hand man of Richard Garriott and Producer of Tabula Rasa, met with us to talk about player vs. player combat, the development of the game and more.

Tabula Rasa is a futuristic action MMORPG where players fight NPC enemies for control of planets. The game combines FPS and RPG mechanics seamlessly. At this stage, the team is all but done with the first planet Foreas. They’ve also begun on their second planet, a more hellish environment named Arieki.

You can read the full article here.

General : Dreamlords: E3 Preview

Posted May 16, 2006 by Dana Massey

Garrett Fuller spoke to the folks behind Dreamlords, an MMORPG-RTS that has a different take on what you can expect from an online game.

Dreamlords takes a different approach to the MMO genre with a real-time strategy style. According to developers the game is much more than just an online RTS. Players will have depth to their avatars and a close relationship with the islands they command. The player begins the game as a deity of the island and controls the population, resources, and armies. Once you have built up the island it is time to go to war against other factions and opponents. The games will take place over a three month era in which each island and Dreamlord grow in strength and abilities. Once the era has ended the Dreamlord continues and a new era begins.

Each Dreamlord has three races at his or her disposal, the Thul, Mihilim and Covenant.Players populate their island with one of the groups and begin setting up resources for their towns, cities and armies. The race chosen by the player can be changed after each era ends. Up to fifteen players can form a group to pool resources. One Dreamlord can focus on gathering while another works on making weapons and so on. These players have the chance to do battle across the game world against all foes.

To read on, click here.

General : K2 E3 Article Correction

Posted May 16, 2006 by Dana Massey

A correction. Last week, we promoted our K2 Network E3 Look Forward. However, we failed to actually enable the article. You can read about what K2 Network has planned here.

Our apologies to K2 and their fans for the mishap.

Fury : Added to List

Posted May 16, 2006 by Dana Massey

We've added the latest game from Auran, an Australian development studio, to our game list. This MMORPG puts players in close combat, with stunning graphics. The game should appeal to fans of Guild Wars is remarkable as a fully PvP, but fully character skill based game.

Recently, Carolyn Koh spoke to them at E3.

Warhammer Online : Seven New Screens

Posted May 16, 2006 by Jon Wood

We have added seven brand new screenshots to our Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning gallery. You can find the whole gallery, here.


City of Heroes : Five new Screens

Posted May 16, 2006 by Jon Wood

We have added five new screenshots to our City of Heroes gallery, click here for more!

Auto Assault : Screenshot Gallery Update

Posted May 16, 2006 by Jon Wood

We have added a total of 10 new screenshots to our Auto Assault gallery, which can be viewed, here.


RF Online : Professor Saldash's Thunderdome

Posted May 16, 2006 by Jon Wood

There's a new event in town over at RF Online. This one's called "Professor Saldash's Thunderdome", and promises to be a good time. Check it out for more information!


Professor Saldash's Thunderdome is a 1 on 1 PvP Event that will be taking place on the weekend of May 20th-21st.

Sharpen your weapons and polish your armor, as your greatest personal challenge is about to unfold!

For further information, and application details, see the following thread.

For more on RF Online, click here.

D&D Online : Forum Roundup

Posted May 16, 2006 by Jon Wood

Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach, has released a brand new Forum Roundup in an attempt to meet our knowledge needs:


Every Monday we will highlight certain threads from our forums. These threads will be helpful or generally positive threads started by our team or by the members of our community from the previous week. They will be fun items we wish to highlight, or good discussions that we feel the players would benefit from reading.

To read the roundup, click here.

Guild Wars Factions : Season Over

Posted May 16, 2006 by Jon Wood

Guild Wars has announced that the second season of the Guild Wars Factions Championship ended:


The second season of the Guild Wars Factions Championship ended at 1:01 a.m. this morning. Exciting new details are provided in our GWFC Section where we are pleased to announced the prize for this season and to provide details on the playoff schedule, as well.

For more on Guild Wars, click here.

Dragon Raja Online : ID Codes Gone

Posted May 15, 2006 by Jon Wood

Redcently, gave away a number of ID Codes for Dragon Raja. Today, the company announced that they had run out. They have also sent us some new screenshots, which can be seen in our gallery, here.


Dragon Raja Identification Codes are all gone!

Dragon Raja codes quickly snatched up by eager players.

The Dragon Raja Identification Codes are now gone. During the weekend, a few thousand codes have been made available. In almost no time at all, the codes have all been taken by players wanting to make a Dragon Raja account. These Identification Codes are used to create a Dragon Raja beta test account. The Dragon Raja beta test will start on May 15th , 9:00PM EST (GMT-5). For those who couldn't get an Identification Code, please keep your eyes out for more surprises.

For more on Dragon Raja, click here.

Shadowbane : Not Dead Yet

Posted May 15, 2006 by Dana Massey

Sean "Ashen Temper" Dahlberg, the Community Manager for Shadowbane, who recently guest wrote for us at E3, has provided an update on the future of Shadowbane over on their official website. Wolfpack Studios ceased to exist today, but it seems there is hope in store for players of the game.

I am not at liberty to say much at this moment. There is currently an official announcement in the works that will explain things at greater length and detail. At the same time, we know the community has many questions and we do not wish to just ignore the situation. What I can say at this point is that come tomorrow, Shadowbane will still be running and you'll still have Sachant and myself here to do what we do best. You will also see Jinx, who is new to the Shadowbane Team but an old member of the community itself.

Let me dispel any rumors before they begin. Today Wolfpack Studios has been dissolved and is no more. With that said, members of Wolfpack are reforming under a new group. This group will be working with Ubisoft to help usher in the next era of Shadowbane.

In other words, do not go anywhere! The Saga that is Shadowbane has many more chapters to be written and read!

Ashen Temper
Designer, Community Manager

Keep checking back as we follow this story.

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