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General : Exclusive E3 Booth Babe Gallery!

Posted Jun 09, 2005 by Craig McGregor

In an effort to see if we can max out our bandwidth budget, is unveiling one of the hottest E3 2005 "booth babe" galleries you will find anywhere!  This gallery features nearly 70 high-quality photographs taken by the talented Glenn Francis at the recently held Electronic Entertainment Expo 2005.

Without further ado, enter the gallery at this link!

Istaria : Revisited

Posted Jun 09, 2005 by Dana Massey

It has been eighteen months of Drama for Tulga Games (formerly Artifact Entertainment). The makers of Horizons have been through a lot, but now they claim their game is finally where it should have been when it launched. We give them a second look in this article based on an interview with David Bowman. Keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks as we also embark on a full length "re-review" of the game.

Eighteen months ago, Artifact Entertainment launched a highly anticipated MMORPG named Horizons. The team and their one-time publishers Atari anticipated hundreds of thousands of players. At its peek, a number it is no longer even remotely close to, the game hit 37,800. Fast-forward and the original company has since filed for bankruptcy and then re-emerged as Tulga Games. There are only three active servers – one for role-playing, one for regular play and one independently operated European server. The company consists of a mere twenty-seven employees, down from nearly one-hundred at peek. Yet, despite everything, they continue to plow forward and finish the game they started all those years ago. With this in mind, we decided to go back and take a fresh look at Horizons: Empire of Istaria to see where it has come from and, more importantly, where it is going.

Like many good stories, the tale of Horizons began with disaster. First, there was the highly popular, but overly ambitious design they so famously shoved aside in favor of a more plausible, but ultimately less popular vision. Despite these early pre-release hiccups, Horizons under the direction of David Bowman seemed like it still had a chance. They signed with heavyweight publishers Atari and plowed through beta and into release. Then the second disaster struck… launch.

You may read the full article here.

EverQuest II : Splitpaw Saga Pre-Orders

Posted Jun 09, 2005 by Dana Massey

SOE announced that pre-orders are now open for the Splitpaw Saga, the second Adventure Pack for EverQuest II. Here is the release:

-Pre-Order Sony Online Entertainment’s Second Exciting Adventure Pack for EverQuest II -

SAN DIEGO, CA – June 9, 2005 – Sony Online Entertainment Inc. (SOE), a worldwide leader in massively multiplayer online (MMO) gaming, today announced that The Splitpaw Saga is now available for pre-order at The Splitpaw Saga is the second Adventure Pack for EverQuest II, the follow-up to Sony Online Entertainment’s original EverQuest, the longest-running 3D MMO role-playing game in North America. The Splitpaw Saga is scheduled for launch on June 28, 2005 for $7.99, with in-game pre-order events starting today.

“We enjoy making sure that EverQuest II is chock-full of new content all the time,” said Sr. Producer Scott Hartsman. “In addition to our regular live updates and expansion packs, adventure packs like The Splitpaw Saga let us bring story-rich content to lots of players for a really low price. We also have a lot of fun creating the in-game events, in connection with adventure packs, that lead up to the release of the full content.”

[ expand press release ]

Ryzom : First Weekly Producer Letter

Posted Jun 09, 2005 by Dana Massey

Newly hired industry heavy-weight Jussica Mulligan offers up her first Producer Letter since joining Nevrax from Turbine before E3. Here is what she has to say:

Last week, we presented the reorganization plan of the Live Content team to the company as a whole. Prior to this, I spent a hectic three weeks just walking around and talking to people, looking at the tools they have to work with, seeing what was in the bug fix queue, asking them what they felt should be our development priorities, creating a list of priorities and reading the forums to get an idea of what the players want worked on. Basically, I wanted to know what was keeping us from putting more content into the game faster and get opinions on how to reprioritize in-house to make that happen. Once I had that input, I created a plan, talked about it with as many individuals and groups here as I could, finalized it and voila!

Without boring you with obvious details, it became obvious that we needed to do some work on our tools, continue to work on content and redesign or upgrade some existing game systems. What we’ve done with this reorganization is to combine all the various “pools” such as coders, level designers, et al, into one large Live Content team, and then create ‘strike teams’ within that organization to deal with specific issues. The purpose of the strike teams is to give motivated and knowledgeable folks ownership of an area and let them work on it to completion.

You can read her full community letter here.

Ryzom : Currently In-Development

Posted Jun 09, 2005 by Dana Massey

Nevrax has released a lengthy list of planned changes to their resurgent sci-fi MMORPG "The Saga of Ryzom". The changes are lengthy and extensive, but quite interesting to fans or possible future fans of the game.

This section contains items that we have decided to put on the schedule, plus bug fixes and other items we might be working on and that you need to know about. There is no time estimations for completion for any item in this list, either; development items and bug fixes can slip, after all.

You can read the full list here.

Guild Wars : Waves the Ban Stick

Posted Jun 09, 2005 by Dana Massey

ArenaNet gets tough with a slew of bans to crack down on bots within their game. Here is the news from the official website.

As part of our continuing promise to keep Guild Wars free of hacks, cheats, and other exploits, we closed the accounts of more than 100 users of in-game "bots" today. Bots are against the EULA and the Rules of Conduct, and we will continue to remove players from the game if they engage in the use of such programs.

Guild Wars : Game Update Notes

Posted Jun 09, 2005 by Dana Massey

ArenaNet has released lengthy update notes on the changes brought into the game with yesterday's update to the free to play online RPG.

Update – Wednesday, June 8

This week, as part of our in continuing promise to keep Guild Wars free of hacks, cheats, and other exploits, we closed the accounts of more than 100 users of bots. With today's update we are taking further steps to address the bot problem. New changes will improve our ability to identify and ban users of bots, rebalance mission areas that were highly exploited by bots, and reduce the overall effectiveness of bots, exploits, and other highly repetitive forms of gold and item farming. We are taking these steps to improve the game for all players, so that people using bots to farm gold cannot generate a huge influx of new gold into the economy, which increases prices for everyone and encourages other players to engage in repetitive farming just to keep up.

We know that some players currently engage in repetitive farming activities for the primary purpose of unlocking skills and items for PvP. Rather than preserving the effectiveness of farming for this purpose, it is our intention to address the larger issue of the need for farming by assessing how players acquire and unlock items, runes, and skills, and then by taking steps to ensure that players can acquire and unlock these things through normal gameplay. We believe that the most effective way to play the game should also be the most fun way to play the game. You can expect to see the first meaningful changes towards this goal next week.

You can read the full update notes here.

Shadowbane : New Team Member

Posted Jun 09, 2005 by Dana Massey

WolfPack has announced that "Sachant" has joined the development team to assist in community relations. This longtime community member has previously worked on the IGN Vault, and helped author the strategy guide.

Hey Everyone!

I'd like to take a moment to introduce the latest member to the Shadowbane Community Team: Sachant. Sachant will be assisting us by keeping in consistent contact with the community, primarily on the Chronicle of Strife Forums. Her main goal is to answer day-to-day questions as well as give constant feedback to the Shadowbane Development Team on the pulse and desires of the community. She will also be interfacing heavily with the Forum Moderators as well as the Advocate Group.

We are lucky to have Sachant. Not only is she a hard core gamer with great online community experience, she has an amazingly in-depth knowledge of Shadowbane. For those of you who have been around for a while, you may recognize her as the former Site Manager of the Shadowbane Vault, the Herald of Diplomacy, a member of the Feature Character Team, and the co-author of the Shadowbane Strategy Guide. Sachant is no stranger to the Shadowbane Community to say the least.

Please help us roll out the red carpet to our newest member of the Play 2 Crush family! Be gentle, though, Sachant will need a few days to acclimate before we throw her into the shark infested waters!

By: Ashen Temper

It is good to see an old face land in a neat new job. Congrats Sachant!

World of Pirates : Prices Sunk

Posted Jun 09, 2005 by Dana Massey

It is now cheaper to sail the seas in World of Pirates. The company has announced that the price has been cut by seven euro to only 12.90.

Summer Special: World of Pirates for only 12,90 Euro!

The summer is coming and the sea is calling - more favourable than ever: From now you can get an account for only 12,90 instead of 19,90 Euro. This means: pay once, play as long as you want. This offer is limited until 26. Jun. 2005.

Much fun with capturing and boarding!

You can find out more at their official website.

The Matrix Online : Data Node One Update

Posted Jun 09, 2005 by Dana Massey

The periodic developer feature - Data Node One - has an a new issue. This report updates fans of the Matrix Online about various issues that impact the community.

Dev Interaction

I realize that most folks would like to see more posts from the actual programmers on the forums. (I'm not a dev nor do I play one on TV.) While I empathize with that desire, you also need to look at it from the overall community perspective: Rumors start easily within the community without devs possibly adding to the fodder.

Our team is proud of the work they do and are more than happy to talk about it. They also like to talk about the possibilities of the game--all MMOs start out as a simple possibility, after all. That's also where the danger lies.

The current perfect example is the Zen Master Discipline. This made it out onto QA Test and it has been a recurring topic ever since. Several times now, I've stated that Zen Master is nowhere near entering the live game. However, I've seen posts as recent as today talking about it arriving in the next patch.

You can read the full update here.

Imperator : What Does a Designer Play?

Posted Jun 09, 2005 by Dana Massey

Mike Lescault, a member of the Imperator design team, dropped by our new Imperator Forums to discuss his gaming history. It is an interesting look behind the curtain at someone who makes these games.

History-wise, I spent a lot of time playing UO and EQ when those two games came out. Those were the games that started many of us onto our MMO addictions. After that, AO gave us our first real taste of a Sci-Fi MMO and I got my Omni-Tek Doctor up to level 112 or so before he retired. In E&B I played a Jenqui Defender and Scout up to the 140s. In SWG I managed to get Master Squad Leader and Master Carbineer in service of the Empire before retiring. I spent a lot of time with COH, and despite making a zillion new characters, I didn't manage to get any past 30.

Currently, my friends and I seem to be spliiting our time playing DAOC, EQ2, WoW, and Guild Wars. We're also eagerly looking forward to a lot of the interesting and innovative games in development.

You can respond to this topic here.

A Tale in the Desert : Progress Report

Posted Jun 08, 2005 by Dana Massey

A Tale in the Desert and now A Tale in the Desert II have been on the MMORPG landscape for quite some time. A few weeks ago, I had a chance to have a lengthy discussion with the Pharaoh himself, Andrew Tepper and play the game for the first time since beta. In so doing, I discovered a much deeper game than I thought I would. Here are my impressions:

Periodically, there is a test of the demi-pharaoh. This test takes all applicants and puts them into juries of seven. The seven people in each jury are given a set amount of time to converse, argue, discuss and pick the most worthy among themselves to advance to the next stage. If all seven cannot agree on one of their own to advance, no one advances. This whittling process continues until only one jury remains, and then if those people can agree on one of their own to advance – that person becomes the demi-pharaoh. The entire process does not make use of “character skill” or any other game play mechanics. It is totally up to the people at the keyboards. If even one player dissents on the eventual decision, no demi-pharaoh is proclaimed. Only one player has ever been exiled by a demi-pharaoh and that was an important player who had gotten very angry with others and set out to destroy much of the communal work they had spent so much time on. The selection process ensures that demi-pharaohs use their power for the good of society, rather than ill.

Still, I was curious what would happen if the previously reputable demi-pharaoh decided he wanted to exile the seven most important players in the game. Andrew Tepper acknowledged this would be a tragedy to the game’s society, but there would be no intervention. These are the perils players face to build their perfect society.

You can read the full article if you click here.

Guild Wars :'s Review

Posted Jun 07, 2005 by Dana Massey

Our own David Souza has penned a review of Guild Wars, the recently released no monthly fee online RPG from ArenaNet and NCSoft. The article takes an in-depth look at the game as a whole and awards the title a score of 8.1 out of 10.

I’m usually not a big fan of a game with few classes and, admittedly, Guild Wars worried me with its limited amount of six. Once again, however, ArenaNet managed to do “more with less” and still deliver a quality set up in a smaller package.

Players may choose to start as any one of the classes. The available choices include Elementalist, Mesmer, Monk, Warrior, Ranger and Necromancer. Nothing overly innovative or groundbreaking in the selection but the list still manages to cover the core of fantasy adventure. Primary class selection is made at the time of character creation, but a secondary class can later be added. The player garners all the advantages of the second class save for a single primary attribute that only characters who start with a class receive. There are no penalties of any sort for taking a second class and while it’s not required to do so most players do pick up a second class.

Character customization is very limited, and this is one of my few gripes with the game. Character creation leaves players with a handful of simple choices, including face, skin color, hair style and hair color. A sliding bar allows a player to change the scale of their character, which simply affects the character’s height. There doesn’t seem to be a great deal of variety in clothing looks either, especially at lower levels. And while the graphics of the game go far the limited appearances of characters often leave a feel of redundancy when mingling with large groups of characters.

You can read the full article at this link

World of Warcraft : Battlegrounds Live!

Posted Jun 07, 2005 by Dana Massey

Blizzard Entertainment has announced the launch of "Battlegrounds" for World of WarCraft. This large addition is the first major update to the ground-breaking MMORPG from these gaming giants.


A new era of player-vs.-player warfare has arrived in Blizzard’s critically
acclaimed massively multiplayer online game

PARIS, France – June 07, 2005 - Blizzard Entertainment® today announced the release of the first two player-vs.-player (PvP) Battlegrounds for World of Warcraft®, its record-setting subscription-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Featuring distinctly different map designs and game objectives, these highly anticipated PvP battlefields provide an entirely new dimension of competitive gameplay for both expert and new World of Warcraft players.

“While World of Warcraft has been expanding with new content regularly since launch, the PvP Battlegrounds represent the single biggest update to the game yet,” stated Mike Morhaime, president and co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment. “We’re excited that players can now experience Horde-vs.-Alliance combat as it was meant to be, and we’re looking forward to adding even more Battlegrounds to the game with future updates.”

World of Warcraft’s Battlegrounds are PvP-enabled zones where players compete against each other to achieve victory, Honor points, and valuable in-game rewards. Each Battleground has different goals and gameplay styles, providing an addictively engaging experience for participants. The two initial Battlegrounds now available to the public are Alterac Valley, a high-end zone designed for large groups of experienced players, and Warsong Gulch, a more casual zone designed for all players level 21 and up.

[ expand press release ]

Hero's Journey : Exclusive Screens, Week #7

Posted Jun 07, 2005 by Dana Massey

For those who were not at E3 and did not see the video, these two screenshots show off the grand finale! One shows the catapault players use to take out the enemy bridge, which can be seen as it begins to crumble in the other image.

As usual, we hope you join the discussion on our Hero's Journey boards and cast your vote on their hype meter.

General : New Forums: Imperator & Conan

Posted Jun 07, 2005 by Dana Massey is proud to announce the addition of two more pre-release message boards to our discussion forums. Today we have added boards for "Age of Conan", the upcoming MMORPG from Funcom, and "Imperator", Mythic's entry into the sci-fi field.

  • Imperator Message Boards: Imperator is set in a sci-fi world where Rome never fell. This futuristic world pits the players as recent graduates of the Roman academy in a bitter inter-planetary conflict with the dreaded Mayans. With five planets and the promise of true character development, Imperator is a game to watch. To find our more, read our pre-E3 Preview and our Combat Preview.
  • Age of Conan Message Boards: While Mythic goes from fantasy to sci-fi, Funcom does the opposite. Conan is a mythical figure in the fantasy genre, and part of a rich world that this beautiful MMORPG sets out to capture. With an interesting twist of a single player game that leads into an MMORPG world, Age of Conan looks quite appealing. Take a peek at our E3 impressions from the Funcom booth for more information.

We look forward to your discussions on these two boards and the addition of more boards for the games you anticipate and enjoy the most in the future.

Trials of Ascension : New Developer Journal

Posted Jun 06, 2005 by Dana Massey

A new developer journal graces the Trials of Ascension website. Today Time Rhoades, a texture artist, discusses the challenges he faces in his day-to-day work.

My name is Tim Rhoades, and I am a Texture Artist for Shadowpool Studios. Being one of the newer members of the team, I have been here for nearly 5 months, and have been steadily cranking out textures to help color the world of TerVarus.

In this months dev journal I would like to take a few minutes to talk about, (you guessed it), textures! I will also see if I can catch Brax napping and sneak into the vault to grab a little more to look at besides the all ready posted screen shots.

You can read the whole article on their website.

World of Warcraft : Debuts in China

Posted Jun 06, 2005 by Dana Massey

World of WarCraft continues to grow like an unchecked weed. Here is the latest release, which announces its launch in China.


Popular MMORPG Continues to Grow as Blizzard Entertainment® Welcomes Host of New Players

PARIS, France – 6 June, 2005 – Blizzard Entertainment® today announced that World of Warcraft®, its massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), has officially launched in China. Players in China can now download the game, create accounts and experience the epic adventure of the Warcraft® series in an immersive and continually evolving online environment. The commercial launch of World of Warcraft follows a highly successful open beta period in China during which the game reached a peak concurrency – the total number of subscribers playing simultaneously – of more than 500,000 players.

"It has always been a goal at Blizzard to become a major developer and publisher for the Chinese gaming market," said Mike Morhaime, president and co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment. "We feel that China offers a huge and eager audience and it is poised to become the next great region in gaming. We are simply thrilled to be bringing World of Warcraft to this great country. With fully localized content, a regional network infrastructure, and local, around-the-clock customer support, we believe that World of Warcraft will provide Chinese gamers with an unparalleled game experience."

[ expand press release ]

Irth Worlds : Open Beta Begins

Posted Jun 06, 2005 by Dana Massey

Magic Hat Software, the developers of Irth Online, have announced that their open beta test for the soon to be launched MMORPG begins today!


DEDHAM, MA – JUNE 6, 2005 – Magic Hat Software ( announced today that the Open Beta for its MMORPG Irth Online ( begins today and runs through July 5, 2005. Gamers are encouraged to apply for the Open Beta on the Irth Online website.

“We scheduled our Open Beta relatively late in the development cycle because we wanted our gamers to have the deepest and most complete experience we could provide,” says Alan Chipura, Lead Game Designer. “We’ve paid close attention to the input provided by earlier testers and our changes and improvements are up to date, so we expect the Open Beta test to go smoothly.”

[ expand press release ]

Ryzom : Expansion Announced

Posted Jun 06, 2005 by Dana Massey

Nevrax, the developers of The Saga of Ryzom, have announced that the game's first expansion pack. Our own Reed Hubbard saw it at E3, and left his thoughts. Here is the official press release:

Nevrax Announces New Expansion for The Saga of Ryzom

PARIS, FRANCE – June 6, 2005 – Nevrax, developer of The Saga of Ryzom, the ground breaking massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), announced a new expansion to The Saga of Ryzom entitled The Ryzom Ring, first presented at the recent E3 Expo in Los Angeles, California.

The Ryzom Ring is a set of tools for editing and sharing player-made “maps” that are customizable with terrain, monsters and NPCs all run by individual players. Maps can be integrated directly into The Saga of Ryzom world of Atys, where thousands of other players can experience one person’s handiwork, or kept as a private sanctuary only accessible to a select few. Maps can be made exclusive to player guilds or select friends while running their own invasions or events.

[ expand press release ]

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