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Spellborn : Attributes

Posted Jun 22, 2007 by Jon Wood

In this most recent article about The Chronicles of Spellborn, Managing Editor Jon Wood takes a look at the player attribute system.

Last time around, we talked a little bit about the classes that will be available in the upcoming MMORPG, The Chronicles of Spellborn. This time, I wanted to devote some time to the idea of player attributes.

With the help of the Spellborn team, I was able to get to the bottom of their system. You see, the player attributes are made up of three main attributes: Body, Mind and Focus. Each of those attributes, in turn, is tied to one of the three character class archetypes that were discussed in the last article: Warrior (Body), Spell Caster (Mind), and Rogue (Focus).

Again, referring back to the previous article, The Chronicles of Spellborn allows players to eventually select "specialized classes" within their archetype. Each of these specialized classes (there are three specialized classes for each of the class archetypes) is tied to a second attribute:

Read the whole article here.

Final Fantasy XI : Celestial Event

Posted Jun 22, 2007 by Keith Cross

A new in-game event has been announced for Final Fantasy XI titled Celestial nights. Currently there are few details available about this event as more information will be released when the event draws nearer.

A new special event called "Celestial Nights" will commence at 1:00 (PDT), on June 29.

During the festival of Celestial Nights, people write poems to their faraway loved ones on strips of brightly colored paper, which are then tied to bamboo stalks. These arcing stalks of bamboo represent a bridge that spans the great river in the night sky.

What will this event hold in store for Vana'diel's adventurers? Gather your closest companions and find out together!

Further details regarding Celestial Nights will be released on the day of the event.

Read more about the event here.

Eudemons : Hatch System Update

Posted Jun 22, 2007 by Keith Cross

Eudemons Online has announced that they have made updates to their hatch system, making more hatchers available after some routine maintenance today.

Good news! We are happy to announce that two more hatchers will be available after Friday`s routine maintenance. Institute of Eudemons casually found out the way of activating the fifth and sixth hatchers. You can visit Cheney at Cronus City (279,546) for some related information. However, you need to pay 1 million gold for the fifth and sixth hatcher letter each, which contains the information of how to activating the hacthers. Then go on to visit some other NPCs and collect required items. Enjoy yourself in Eudemons Online!

Read more here.

General : Zu Online Preview Site

Posted Jun 22, 2007 by Keith Cross

IGG has announced the launch of a preview site for Zu Online with images, videos and forums. Zu Online is scheduled for release in August 2007.

First Look of Preview of Zu Online

June 20th 2007, preview site of the fourth MMORPG of IGG - Zu Online ( comes in front of the global audience. With the first look of its preview site, Zu Online, a fantasy online MMORPG adapted form the classical Chinese fantasy novel Tales of the Zu, has unveiled its mask.

With a strong oriental legendary style, the preview site of Zu Online boasts a mystic and romance flavor. Latest news about Zu Online will be released on the preview site, providing an excellent platform for the players who are in love with classical Chinese immortal and knight-errant culture to exchange ideas and thoughts. The forum will also be the place where information from the official, thoughts from the players merges.

Set on the oriental immortals and knight-errant, ZU Online bring the soul of the original work into the game world, which highlight justice and self-perfection. All these features endow Zu online with a rich culture connotation, creating an astonishing myth world in the cyber sphere.

Zu online will come at the end of this August. Please pay close attention to the preview site for the latest news

Visit the teaser site here.

General : MMOWTF: From Sandbox to Linear and back

Posted Jun 22, 2007 by Jon Wood

Weekly columnist Dan Fortier talks about getting a balanced diet of both freeform sandbox-style games and linear progression games.

This week's topic was inspired by a gamer associate of mine and his trek between games with two vastly different play styles: Eve Online and World of Warcraft. It brought to mind all the times I was completely fixated on a game, yet still found myself wanting to play something completely different from time to time to break out of the mould and experience something completely different. Just like having something sweet after you've just eaten a bunch of pretzels makes it taste even better, playing a game with a polar opposite play style, can give you a better appreciation for a game which you've become bored with.

Even the most hardcore among us need a release valve of sorts to avoid getting burnt out. In this case, my friend (We'll call him Harold), was a major player in a rather large Alliance in Eve for over two years. His experience with other MMOs was limited since he was not interested in playing a game with grind and tedious time-sinks. Several others in the circle of people we all know play WoW across a wide variety of servers and we all share our different stories in all the different games we play. Harold decided that he should branch out and try something different while keeping his account on cruise control. He is enjoying his MMO vacation in Azaroth as we speak for a few key reasons:

Read the whole article here.

Star Wars Galaxies : House Pack Up on for June 22

Posted Jun 21, 2007 by Keith Cross

SOE has announced that the recently postponed abandoned structure demolition event has been scheduled for Friday June 22.

The House Pack Up begins on Friday, June 22, 2007! The Galactic Vacant Building Demolitions Crew will be ready to begin demolition this Friday after a brief maintenance period at 12:00 PM PDT.

Any house, factory, or player association hall that has been abandoned by its owner (since April 16, 2006) has been targeted for pack up. The building sign is marked in red as "Abandoned" to indicate the structure can be demolished.

Once you see the sign with the red "Abandoned" text, open the radial menu and choose "Structure Management > Pack Up This Building" to initiate the bombing. You can pack up a maximum of five buildings every 24 hours.

If your building has been packed up, you will find it in your datapad when you return to the galaxy. Simply unpack your house in a new location and the structure will be restored with your possessions inside.

Civilians who mark ten buildings for destruction receive the Junior Wrecking Crew Worker Badge. Hard-working citizens who clear out 50 abandoned structures are recognized for their destructive talents with the Wrecking Crew Manager Extraordinaire badge.

Read more here.

Darkfall : The Orks of Morak

Posted Jun 21, 2007 by Keith Cross

Dark fall has updated their races page with a look at the Orks of Morak.

Marching under the banner of the Fire Dragon, the armies of the orks are constantly on the march, forever seeking new cities to raze, new nations to conquer, and new people to sacrifice or enslave.

To the orkish warrior's mind, excessive planning is a coward's resort, while fancy tactical chicanery is a sure sign of effeminacy. Instead, orks rely on a combination of unrelenting aggressiveness, death-defying bravery, and the natural-born bully's instinctive eye for weakness.

While their behavior might seem erratic and irrational to outsiders, the orks themselves see every battle, every sacrifice, and every torched village as steps on the road to the Big Burning, an ork-administered apocalypse in which Agon is scorched clean and made ready for the reign of the Fire Dragon.

Read more about the Orks of Morak here.

Lord of the Rings Online : Exploring Middle Earth: Woodhall

Posted Jun 21, 2007 by Keith Cross

The most recent Exploring Middle Earth on the Lord of the Rings official site examines the sleepy hobbit village of Woodhall and the Elves of the nearby wooded hills.

The sleepy little hobbit-village of Woodhall lies within the forested arms of Woody End in the Eastfarthing of the Shire. Tucked away well off the Stock Road as it is, Woodhall sees little traffic. Gossip tends to be a favorite pastime for the hobbits who dwell here, and travelers may want to avoid the occasional nosey hobbit if they find themselves passing through.

While the village of Woodhall is relatively small and unimportant, the wooded hills it rests beneath are another matter. Overlooking the village is a wide, green clearing within the forest where the trees form a sort of hall, complete with pillars and canopy. It is rumored that sometimes Elves can be seen traveling through Woody End and that their lights can be seen hanging in the boughs of the clearing some evenings.

The clearing above Woodhall is where The Elf-company of Gildor Inglorion took Frodo Baggins and his companions after startling away the Black Rider who was hunting them in The Fellowship of the Ring. Who can say what players of The Lord of the Rings: Shadows of Angmar will find in the encampment above Woodhall?

Read about Woodhall here.

Ultima Online : Test Centers 1 and 4 Published

Posted Jun 21, 2007 by Keith Cross

EA Mythic has announced that Test Centers 1 and 4 have been published with numerous changes and fixes.

TCs 1 and 4 have been published with the following:

(note - all changes are specific to KR unless otherwise noted. Some changes may require a forthcoming client update to be visible)

  • Fixed bugs with elf skin color in character creation
  • Newly-created ninjas should now have the correct skills
  • Tillermen should be able to correctly respond to commands
  • The object name "Ossian Grimoire" should display correctly
  • Players should be able to change their custom house foundation styles
  • Players can now add to their friends list via unique ID even when the friend is offline
  • Fixed bug where spectral spellbinders would continue to attack dead or invisible players
  • Tutorial will not break if you right-click loot instead of drag-and-drop loot
  • Books should look better when equipped
  • Right-clicking on the titlebar of any windown with a blue "x" will close the window
  • Fixed bug with chivalry spells repeating on the first and second pages
  • Fixed bug with community collection reward button

Read more here.

General : More SOE Fan Faire Details

Posted Jun 21, 2007 by Keith Cross

A recent article on the Pirates of the Burning Sea official describes the cinematic Swashbuckling Combat System and the nitty gritty details of how this system really works. SOE has announced new details about the goings on at this years Fan Faire in Las Vegas, including sneak previews of new MMOs in development, and the debut of a new SOE product.

Headed to Fan Faire? The Fan Faire website has been updated with new information about some of the exciting things you can experience while you are with us in Vegas! Here is a quick run down of the new information:
  • Anticipated world debut of a brand new SOE product
  • Sneak Previews of new MMOs in development
  • Fan Faire exclusives- Demo of Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising
  • Live entertainment (to be announced) and dancing poolside at the Rio
  • Costume contest- dress up as your favorite character!
  • Beta invitation to selected upcoming SOE titles*
  • Specially created in-game items for Fan Faire attendees**
  • Gaming industry forums and keynote speakers
  • Tournaments involving SOE Denver's newest line-up of casual and strategy games

Learn more about Fan Faire here.

Dungeon Runners : New Video

Posted Jun 21, 2007 by Jon Wood

If you haven't checked out NCsoft's Dungeon Runners, their free-to-play MMORPG, the this is your chance. The folks responsible for the game have provided us with this great new video which not only shows off the game's graphics and gameplay, but also the light-hearted side of the game.

Dungeon Runners: New Video Dungeon Runners: New Video is pleased to present this video from Dungeon Runners, NCsoft's free-to-play MMORPG.

Read our Developer Journal: What's So Great About Dungeon Runners here.

Pirates of the Burning Sea : Swashbuckling Combat System

Posted Jun 21, 2007 by Keith Cross

A recent article on the Pirates of the Burning Sea official describes the cinematic Swashbuckling Combat System and the nitty gritty details of how this system really works.

Since we added the Swashbuckling Combat System we've talked a fair bit about the high concept for the system: a cinematic, fast paced, sword fighting system. Today I'm going to talk about the details of our implementation of that system.

The Swashbuckling System is built around Defenses, Combat Pools, and Skills. There are three defenses: Block, Dodge, and Parry; three Combat Pools: Health, Initiative, and Balance, and a huge number of Skills (more than 200 at this point). All three of these systems working together produce our Swashbuckling System. Today I'm going to talk about the Defenses and Combat Pools, and I'll talk more about skills in part two.

When we designed the Swashbuckling System, we decided to make the basic defenses automatic. We feel there is too much uncertainty with regard to player connection speeds and reaction times to try and create a system where players are responsible for blocking every incoming blow. As a result, we give all characters a chance to first Parry, then Block, and finally to Dodge each incoming attack. Each of these defense types is equally effective in that they reduce the damage of an incoming attack to 0; however, they have secondary effects which make them significantly different.

Parry is the first line of defense, and the best result for the defender. If the defender Parries an attack he gains 5 Balance and 5 Initiative, and the attacker loses 10 Balance. The disadvantage of parry is that there are many types of attacks that bypass it, most notably attacks that target the Balance pool.

Read the full article here.

Dungeon Runners : Dev Journal

Posted Jun 21, 2007 by Jon Wood

When talking about the subject of this developer journal, asked the Dungeon Runners Development Team one simple question: What's so great about Dungeon Runners? As you can see, the development team has a very enthusiastic take on the answer.

When you compare Dungeon Runners with many of the other online games currently available in the market today, you instantly see its accessibility, easy-to-play design and brand of humor that sets it apart as a unique, fun gaming experience. Developed internally at NCsoft, Dungeon Runners' was intended to let anyone have an enjoyable fast-paced massively multiplayer experience, with no extra cost to the player.

This free aspect of Dungeon Runners is just part of its overall charm. Unlike most other massively multiplayer online games, Dungeon Runners does not require an online fee to play, nor does it cost anything to acquire initially. All a potential player has to do is download the game, create a free account, and start playing. It's that easy. On top of that, you can create as many game accounts as you want, so in essence you can have as many characters as you want. System requirements are low and the game runs on most modern machines easily.

Read the whole developer journal here.

Dungeon Runners : New Screens

Posted Jun 21, 2007 by Jon Wood

For everyone that's heard of NCsoft's new free-to-play game, Dungeon Runners, and hasn't given it a look yet, we present this set of screens from the game.

Check out the rest of the pics here.

World of Warcraft : Free Character Transfers

Posted Jun 21, 2007 by Keith Cross

Blizzard has announced that they will be allowing free character transfers from certain oceanic realms to other less populated realms starting June 21st and running until the 28th.

We will be offering free character transfers from the following Oceanic realms to other, lower populated realms to assist in alleviating population growth. These transfers will become available on Thursday, June 21 at 12:01 PM PDT, and run until Thursday, June 28 at 12:01 PM PDT. In the event that a realm meets our transfer goals before the scheduled end date, the transfers to that realm will be disabled. We highly recommend that if you are planning to transfer that you do so at your earliest convenience

Once the transfers open you can begin your transfer by visiting the Character Move page located here:

Read more here.

Star Wars Galaxies : Creature Balance Dev Diary

Posted Jun 20, 2007 by Keith Cross

The Star Wars Galaxies official sit has been updated with a dev diary by game designer Thomas "Hanse" Eidson. The dev diary focuses on a behind the scenes look at how monsters are balanced.

Howdy, folks! I'm Thomas "Hanse" Eidson, a game designer on the Star Wars Galaxies team. In this second designer diary, I will outline the process behind creature balance, the first design feature I worked on as a system designer.

When I was first brought onto the team a little over a year ago, I was tasked with looking over Non-Player Character (NPC) balance. Normal creatures were too easy to fight at some levels and too hard at others.

At the time, Helios explained that very few stats were used in combat for NPC's. The feature had to be published soon and I was to review and revise them quickly. I chose a simple stat to modify - their hit points (HP).

When approaching a systemic issue such as creature balance, you would not normally modify only one statistic. Modifying one statistic for creature balance makes your creatures bland and boring during combat. Our current game does not rely on a single statistic for combat. We use a master data table that is level based, which means the statistics rise as the level increases.

Read the dev diary here.

EverQuest II : In-Game Web Browser

Posted Jun 20, 2007 by Keith Cross

EverQuest II players can now do many things more conveniently and quickly in-game with the edition of the new in-game web browser. In that spirit, the EQ2 official site offers up instructions on how to file a petition without leaving the game.

How to Check or Update an Active Petition

With the introduction of an in-game web browser to EQII, filing '/petitions' from within the game client not only became possible, it became convenient. Accessing the petition system no longer required a person to go outside of the game to take care of their petitions.

While the petition system will email updates about the state of a petition to the submitter, sometimes a person would like to check the status of their petition without waiting for the email. Fortunately, there is a way within the game client to not only check the status of your active petition, but also to update it and review prior petitions.

Just as the in-game web browser removed some of the tedious work related to filing petitions; the in-game browser provides a solution to checking on the status of your petitions - without having to leave the game!

Read the full article here.

Pirates of the Burning Sea : IRC Channel

Posted Jun 20, 2007 by Keith Cross

The folks over at Flying Lab Software and Pirates of the Burning Sea have announced that they have an official IRC channel that allows fans to talk to each other.

As some of you know, we have an official IRC (chat) channel for Pirates of the Burning Sea. For those of you that don't, I'm here to tell you about it!

The IRC channel has been around since 2005, and has been steadily growing since then. It was originally fan created, however that fan (me!) became a lot more involved with the game, and so we made it official.

For those of you who are IRC savvy, the details are:

Server: port 6667 (7778 for SSL)

Channel: #burningsea

For those who arent familiar with it, Cyxult (one of our newer channel regulars) has written a very good guide on how to set yourself up to enjoy this chatting phenomenon, which I include below.

See you there!

Read the instructions here.

Age of Armor : New Beta Version

Posted Jun 20, 2007 by Keith Cross

The people over at Snail Games have sent out a press release for the most recent beta version of their game, Age of Armor. In the press release, they list three reasons for the beta, including asking players to help out with any poor translations they may find.

The current version of AoA is not the final version for commercialization. You can download the game now on our official web: We have the following three purposes to release the current version:

  • Firstly, we want to introduce our product--AoA to the entire world, hoping of letting the players get the idea of AoA and of experiencing what AoA provides.
  • Secondly, we hope to receive the suggestions about AoA from players who have experienced the current beta. We want to know what the players expect for the game, and we also want to find out what the players' taste and interest are. That will give us a huge help in both bettering our product and keeping a right direction of further development.
  • Thirdly, as Snail Game is a Chinese online game developer, we may have some problems in the translation. We hope all the players can give us a hand by providing the poor translations you will find out to GM.

We are looking forward to your reactions and we sincerely appreciate your patience and help.

As for the account, you can join our forum at to register for your account.

For more info on Age of Armor click here.

EVE Online : Revelations II Launched

Posted Jun 20, 2007 by Keith Cross

On June 15th, we reported the Revelations II, the most recent expansion for EVE Online would release on June 19th. True to their word, yesterday saw the expansion make its way smoothly onto the live server.

Though the premise for Revelations II is described as "the calm before the storm that unleashes the wrath of empires," there's definitely nothing serene about this latest free expansion for EVE Online. In addition to the great list of changes and fixes noted in the patch notes, there's also a breathtaking new video and a slick new Features page, complete with video clips of dev team members explaining some of the most exciting new additions to the game such as Anti-Fleet Warfare and Heat. The deployment went smoothly and more quickly than anticipated, allowing players to log in long before the estimated downtime had expired. With the enhanced New Player Experience, there's never been a better time to explore the world of EVE.

Read more on EVE Online here.

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