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Auto Assault : Update Three On Deck

Posted Oct 30, 2006 by Dana Massey

The third major update to the MadMax-like MMOG is about to get off and running. NCSoft sent over some details.

Update 3
With guns blazing and wheels smoking, the third of Auto Assault’s regular updates is about to hit the road. As always, each update is designed to enhance the game experience and give you tons of new content to explore.

Here’s a quick rundown on some of what’s in store...

  • New instance – The Tower
    In the no-man’s land of Ground Zero, a little-known Justice base has recently become a target for all three races. Dominated by a powerful overlord known as The Tower, only the most experienced road warriors should even attempt to take him on. Four players at level 80 might stand a chance…are you up to it?
  • New Instance – Scav Uprising
    This Human-only mission is designed for players at or around level 18. The Scavs are causing trouble again and it’s up to you and your convoy to take them down. This instance must be attempted by a convoy since puzzles are involved that require more than one player to complete
  • New Instance – La Leche Madre
    Again, for players around level 18, but this time for our green-skinned brothers and sisters – the Mutants. Travel back to the ruins of a long-abandoned temple and discover what lies in wait in this convoy-only instance
  • New Instance – Malachite Detention Center
    The Biomek race is known for dispensing instant and merciless justice and here, they need to bring rioting Pike prisoners under the weight of their iron fist. Designed for players at or around level 18, this convoy-only instance will prove to be a challenge – but you’re a Biomek and you know no fear…right?
  • 2 New Loot Sets
    Full sets of loot to modify your chassis – you’ll look good and kick some major buttock with the bonuses you’ll receive.
      Set 1: The Warmonger Set – Collect Outpost Tokens and buy set pieces from your friendly INC supplier
      Set 2: The Tower Set – Take on The Tower in his Ground Zero lair. Make the run multiple times to collect the full set!
  • Ground Zero Token System
    In this change to game play, Ground Zero tokens will no-longer be given out for capturing an Outpost. Instead, you’ll receive tokens for PvP kills. Furthermore, your chance to receive a token is based on population. For example, if Humans are heavily outnumbered, they have a greater chance than their Mutant and Biomek opponents to receive a token.
And there's more to come before the end of the year so stay tuned!

Stay tuned for more information.

D&D Online : Warforged Titan Defeated

Posted Oct 30, 2006 by Dana Massey

The Bones Combat Brigade beat the new Warforged Titan, becoming the only people to do it before the Demon Sands update hit.

Congratulations to the Bones Combat Brigade for being the first group ever to defeat the Warforged Titan! Not only are they the first, but they are also the only group to beat the Titan before the Demon Sands update! Check out their forum post and images to see the heroes after a job well done!

You can learn more here.

Guild Wars : One on One with Team Quitter

Posted Oct 30, 2006 by Dana Massey

ArenaNet features a Q&A with one of the top guilds in their game now that the fall season has drawn to a close. Team Quitter, the number one seeded guild, were upended in the finals, but nonetheless spoke to ArenaNet.

Q: How did you guys initially form and how many players are in your guild?

A: Team Quitter is composed of nine members from varied backgrounds: we have three members from I Guild I [iGi], three from We Pwn Char [Char], one from Clan Kgyu [KGYU], one from Fallen Angels [fA], and we have one member who is currently involved purely with Heroes Ascent. We all knew each other from constantly competing against one another in regular GvG ladder matches. When all of our guilds disbanded at relatively similar times (though some have since reformed) it was easy to join together as friends with identical goals. Thus, the guild One Hitter Quitters [QQ] was born. After finishing third place in the first of several "fun seasons" One Hitter Quitters changed our name to Team Quitter, knowing we had formed a solid, highly competitive GvG team.

You can read more here.

Pirates of the Burning Sea : Milestone 22 Spotted

Posted Oct 30, 2006 by Dana Massey

Flying Lab Software has updated their Game Status page with information on their latest milestone: #22.

The Pirates of the Burning Sea Game Status page has been changed with a super-mega update introducing Milestone 22!

For an in-depth look at what's going on behind the scenes here at PotBS central, give this link a click!

Let us know what you think, and as always...

Enjoy, won't you?
Community Envoy

The whole status page is here.

Dark Age of Camelot : Halloween Hot Fixes

Posted Oct 30, 2006 by Dana Massey

Missy brings news of some of the changes in Dark Age of Camelot over this unofficial holiday.

By popular demand, thanks to those of you who sent us feedback, players may now use the Halloween potions in all zones until November 1. Here's the note!

- The restrictive magic placed on the Halloween costume potions has weakened with the coming of Halloween. The potions can now be used anywhere until Halloween passes on November 1, sometime in the afternoon.

Just a side note - these potions are meant to provide a bit of fun, but I'm asked to warn you that some combat animations may not look quite right when you're in 'costume.'

You can read more DAoC news on the Herald.

Dark Age of Camelot : Grab Bag Returns

Posted Oct 30, 2006 by Dana Massey

Sanya Thomas went on vacation last week, mostly just to allow her to make a triumphant return this week.

Q: Why does the Market Explorer window have to close when I leave the area?

A: The fact that the window didn’t just close automatically was, technically, a bug. However, it was a bug we put at the absolute rock bottom of the priority list, because we thought it didn’t hurt anyone and a lot of players found it convenient.

In fact, it would still be a bug, or what I like to call a featurebug if it weren’t for the fact that there was a potentially dreadful exploit related to the way the window used to work. I’m very sorry, but it had to be fixed, and fixed fast.

You can read more here.

RF Online : Digital Download Option

Posted Oct 30, 2006 by Dana Massey partners with Codemasters to offer their sci-fi MMOG in a digitial download format.

If you wish to purchase RF Online directly from the Internet and have a key sent to you immediately, GameStop are now offering RF Online for digital download at the low, low price of $19.99!

So if you haven’t got into RF Online yet don't miss this amazing opportunity; head on over to GameStop here!

More info on RF Online is available on their website.

The Chronicle : New Media Available

Posted Oct 30, 2006 by Dana Massey has put out some new media for their forthcoming fantasy MMP The Chronicle. The Chronicle is one of several games in production at Atlanta, GA based developer Rapid Reality.

You can view some of this new media here.

Supreme Destiny : Servers Merging on Nov 7th

Posted Oct 30, 2006 by Dana Massey

Supreme Destiny has announced that their Vanadiel and Viscidus servers will be merging into one group starting on November 7th.

Server merging will commence on the 7th of November 2006 once all game servers are live again from the migration. Players will be able to transfer their characters from both Vanadiel and Viscidus to the new server group. Take note that players have a one month time limit for the transfer. Players are to follow the in-game instructions to proceed with the transfer. We thank you for your understanding and hope that your experience with Supreme Destiny grows better.

You can read more about this game here.

Oberin : New Guild Forum at Official Site

Posted Oct 30, 2006 by Dana Massey

Oberin, a Mac-based MMOG, has a unique new feature on their official website: a player administrated guild message board.

There is a new Oberin Guilds forum that I have set up with players as administrators. This is a place guilds can go and talk about guild related matters in private. There was an old guilds forum but instead of trying to fix that one I decided to make a brand new one. The administrators are Jonathan II, Andraia, and Starfire. I hand picked these people and I trust them to run a good and fair forums for Oberin guilds.

Read more about this game here.

Last Chaos : Dolarmarker Lucky Draw

Posted Oct 30, 2006 by Dana Massey

An envet from the world of LastChaos is currently going on. You can learn more about this game and its frequent events on their official website. Here are the details.

Team Cubetech would like to inform players of a Luck Draw competition that will be held by our payment partner, Dolarmaker, from the 20th October to 2nd November 2006. Last Chaos players are encouraged to get their Last Chaos Points at Dolarmaker to stand a chance to win attractive prizes, which includes 5 limited editions of the Guild Battle Pack that will be on sale on the 30th October 2006 at all payment partner sites.

Please go to to participate in this Lucky Draw!

You can learn more here.

Endless Online : New Quests Added

Posted Oct 30, 2006 by Dana Massey

Recently, Endless Online has added some new quests to their game, according to their official website. There were two updates on this topic in the last few days.

Things have gone terribly wrong in the factory, located at the dizzy desert, deep under ground.. As a result hordes of robots have began to kill everything in sight. Can you help the co-workers to get the main reactor stable again?

Deep inside the eastern swamps lives Serf, his brothers were cursed by the evil Apozen, can you safe them? Also a maze master has appeared in the imperial castle, if you can solve his maze he will reward you.

For more info, click here.

Darkfall : Official Site Q&A

Posted Oct 30, 2006 by Dana Massey

Darkfall Art Director Henning Ludvigsen did an interview on the official Darkfall site for fans of the game.

Q: Which area and characters were the most fun to create?

Henning: We have a huge amount of characters and monsters, but I think that working on the player characters has been the most challenging and at the same time most enjoyable, especially facial variations, hairdos and equipment. I feel they're special because all of the artists have contributed, and it makes us all “responsible” for them in a different way than other parts of the production.

Down to detail, coming up with a good look for female Orks and female Dwarves has been fun and challenging. We feel we've succeeded in making them look appropriately interesting and cool enough for players to want to play.

The whole interview is here.

Spellborn : Launch in Q1 2007

Posted Oct 30, 2006 by Dana Massey

Spellborn Int. and partners Mindscape and Frogster Interactive ahve announced the game will be released in Q1 2007, with beta starting in the new year.

In last month's Producer's Update we already hinted at a new release schedule for The Chronicles of Spellborn. Today the European publishers Frogster Interactive and Mindscape have announced that the game will be released in Q1 2007, with an Open Beta scheduled for early Q1 2007. We decided to not push the game out before the holiday season, but instead take the extra time to polish the game to ensure that we deliver on all the content and the features that were promised.

You can read more here.

ArchLord : Trick or Treat!

Posted Oct 30, 2006 by Dana Massey

Codemasters joins the long lines of people doing Halloween events in their MMORPGs with this news for fans of ArchLord.

ArchLord HQ is entering in to the spooky Halloween spirit and has created a special event called The Night of the Walking Dead.

On Halloween players will find an announcement on the event page. Something mysterious is happening and the wise- men of Chantra sense coming evil. A call will go out to all players to help fight the threat or Chantra will suffer hundreds of years under a plague.

Three magic brothers are going to terrorize the whole of Chantra. Look for the first sign, scattered pockets of the walking dead. Watch out as they unite to lead an army of the dead. Over the course of the event players will receive different clues about how to find the three brothers.

We call on all Chantrans to seek out the brothers and slay them before their evil plague can spread across all of Chantra. I look forward to seeing my fellow adventurers on the battlefields.

All those that take part shall be rewarded for their valiant efforts!


Read more about ArchLord here.

Ryzom : Patching on Monday

Posted Oct 30, 2006 by Dana Massey

The Ryzom servers are down for a few hours today while the Paris-based developers apply a new patch to their MMOG.

We will patch Ryzom on Monday the 30th of October (next week). As a result, the live shards will be closed from 9 am to 4 pm (GMT+1, Paris "winter" time). To be short: it is slaughter week. Be afraid, be very afraid...

Ring users will be happy to know that an "auto invite" option will be added with this patch. Moreover, with the many newcomers we've welcomed lately, we will also add two new hard disks to store your characters' saves.

Learn more about Ryzom here.

Priston Tale : Servers Merged

Posted Oct 30, 2006 by Dana Massey

The folks at PristonTale put five serves into one to form the newly merged Valento servers. To welcome players, an event is under way.

* Server Merge Information

Awell + Migal + Midranda + Galantia + Mardanos = Valento Server (New Merged Server)

* Event

  • Server Merge Event between Thursday 26th Oct 2006 (After maintenance) and Wednesday 8th Nov 2006 (Before maintenance)
  • EXP 100% boost event on Valento Server.
  • Add Event Girl on Valento Server.

For more information go here.

PlanetSide : Halloween Festivities

Posted Oct 30, 2006 by Dana Massey

SOE's MMOFPS lets their players know about a series of events surrounding this most evil of days called: Chainblade Massacre.

This isle is a barren wasteland in the middle of the salty sea. However, this Halloween, it's not going to be great tank country this season.

On Halloween and the days surrounding, they'll be no trick or treating in PlanetSide. The blood of the enemy will spill on the dunes that stretch across the island of Extinction, but it will not spill from ammunition of firearms nor from the explosion of rockets. No! The blood in this battle will spill only from combat knives. It will be bloody. It will be dangerous. It will be the Chainblade Massacre.

Read more here.

Asheron's Call : Free Trial Returns

Posted Oct 30, 2006 by Dana Massey

Turbine lets it slip that a 14 day free trial for their debut MMOG will soon be available again. Here is the word from Turbine.

The Asheron’s Call team has been hard at work with some great game improvements and exciting new content. In an effort to continue our commitment to the Asheron’s Call Franchise we are proud to announce the Asheron’s Call 14 Day Free Trial! To show our dedication to this program the upcoming holiday issue of PC Gamer Magazine, which will hit shelves in mid November, will feature a full page ad for the 14 Day Free Trial! Starting next week, we will be opening the free trial site to everyone interested in joining the exciting world of Dereth! This is a perfect opportunity to invite friends and family to check out Asheron’s Call.

More information on this exciting news will be available as we get closer to the launch of the trial program. Make sure to check back here often for more information.

You can read more here.

Ashen Empires : SoC Moves Cap to 110

Posted Oct 30, 2006 by Dana Massey

The developers behind Ashen Empires gave out the news that their Sands of Creation expansion allows players to advance to level 110.

The upcoming Sands of Creation expansion will allow players to advance to level 110. From level 106 through 110, players will be able to pick character specialization skills to further customize their characters. The following is the tentative list of skill choices.

Level 106
A) Health of the Ogre (Increases Max Base Hit Points)
B) Stamina of the Bull (Increases Max Base Stamina Pool)
C) Capacity of a Packmule (Increases Max Base Carrying Capacity)

Level 107
A) Speed of the Viper (Increases Base Attack Speed)
B) Wizard's Haste (Reduces Spell Cast Time)
C) Crafter's Precision (Lowers Crafting Failure Rate)

Level 108
A) Giant's Hammer (Increases Melee/Ranged Damage)
B) Mana of the Arch Wizard (Spell Stamina Cost Reduced)
C) Resistance of the Diseased Snake (Increases Resistance to Disease and Poison)

Level 109
A) Magic Shield (Increased Resistance to Spells)
B) ManaStorm (Increases Spell Damage)
C) Arch Crafter's Precision (Lowers Crafting Failure Rate, stacks with level 107C)

Level 110
A) Health of the Dragon (Increases Max Base Hit Points, stacks with level 106A)
B) Criminal's Folly (Increases Alignment Gain Recovery)
C) BackPack of the Packmule (Increases Backpack Size to 32 Slots)

Characters will not receive orb (stat) increases past level 105.

Learn more about Ashen Empires on their website.

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