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EverQuest II : 6 New Exclusive Screens

Posted Sep 09, 2004 by Craig McGregor

We have just posted our next round of 6 exclusive screens from EverQuest II.  We hope you enjoy them!

NOTE: Registered members that are logged in can download the high-rez 1600x1200 versions using the links under each shot.

MMORPG.COM Exclusive (05.28.04)
MMORPG.COM Exclusive (05.28.04)
MMORPG.COM Exclusive (05.28.04)

View 1600x1200

View 1600x1200

View 1600x1200

MMORPG.COM Exclusive (05.28.04)
MMORPG.COM Exclusive (05.28.04)
MMORPG.COM Exclusive (05.28.04)

View 1600x1200

View 1600x1200

View 1600x1200


Fallen Earth : Preview @ GameMethod

Posted Sep 09, 2004 by Craig McGregor

The crew over at recently got a chance to take "Fallen Earth" for a spin.  Here is a snippet from the preview:

NPCs are another marvel. Despite being incomplete, the game featured both voice acting and full animations for NPCs. Essentially, NPCs provide you with missions, but are also scattered throughout the world to provide a sense of life. When receiving a mission from an NPC, that character will speak to you and have animations that match the speech, for example the waving of arms to extenuate important notes. NPCs boast impressive little features such as their eyes and head following you. The voice acting is enhanced through Dolby Surround 5.1 audio for which sounds are positioned in three-dimensional space; with such a setup, you would be able to locate a NPC based on sound alone. The extent to which NPCs interact in the world is yet to be determined. Fallen Earth hopes to push the standards for the role of NPCs in the genre, but incorporating their behavior into gameplay. One of the first things you'll notice is the strong influence of six different NPC factions. You can complete missions for these factions to gain favor. When starting the game, depending on several conditions, members of various factions may approach you with missions from the get-go. Examples like this demonstrate the merge of player interactivity and NPCs that should bring Fallen Earth to the top of the coming wave of massively multiplayer titles.

To read the full preview, just hit this link.

Endless Ages : New Dungeon Screen

Posted Sep 09, 2004 by Craig McGregor

The fine people over at Avaria wanted to let everyone know that despite the harsh weather that Florida has recently suffered - they are still going strong!  They have released a brand new screen shot showing one of the dungeons in the upcoming expansion:

Shot From New Expansion (09.09.04)

Star Wars Galaxies : JTLS Pre-Order Available

Posted Sep 09, 2004 by Craig McGregor

"Jump to LightSpeed", the highly anticipated first expansion for Star Wars Galaxies is now available for pre-order at selected online and retail outlets everywhere.

Those that pre-order from GameStop or Electronics Boutique will receive guaranteed access to the beta test for JTLS that will begin in October as well as an exclusive in game ground vehicle - the Naboo Flash Speeder! (while supplies last).


A Tale in the Desert : ATITD2 Review and Meetups

Posted Sep 08, 2004 by Reed Hubbard

With all seven monuments complete, Tale 1 closed out on a positive note.  Now Tale 2 is live and the team at LinuxGames has given it a quick review.  You can check it out here.

Also, this Saturday there will be ATITD fan events in both London and Chicago.  For more information, click on the city names.

Visit the official A Tale In The Desert website for more information or to download a free trial.

Anarchy Online : Alien Invasion Preview at GameSpy

Posted Sep 08, 2004 by Reed Hubbard

There is a preview of Alien Invasion, the next Anarchy Online expansion, over at GameSpy.  The expansion became available the first of this month.  Here's an excerpt of the piece:

Funcom is straightforward when it states that players have to be a part of an organization to enjoy most of what Alien Invasion has to offer. With organizations -- the Anarchy Online version of a player guild -- groups of players can ally under a shared banner to partake in the two major additions that Alien Invasion has to offer: player-created cities, and the alien attacks.

But there are other, more subtle changes introduced in the Alien Invasion expansion. For one, there's some new GUI functionality, which includes the ability to sort inventories, a new chat interface, and on-screen windows that can be docked wherever you like. Nano programmers, engineers, pharmacists, and other trade-skill gurus can make use of a new trade-skill interface that displays the ingredients and resulting end product before a combine is made, taking a lot of the guesswork out of experimenting with the game's incredible array of seemingly useless knickknacks and doodads.

Read the whole thing here.

Click here for the Anarchy Online website.

World of Warcraft : Stress Test Extended!

Posted Sep 08, 2004 by Craig McGregor

Blizzard has decided to extend their stress test beta phase until this Sunday (Sept. 12).  In addition they have begun sending out invites to many people on the closed beta waiting list to come enter the stress test beta.  Here is the official word:

We are extending the stress test beta to this Sunday and adding thousands of additional testers from the group of gamers that are currently on the closed-beta waiting list. Invitation emails have started going out to the new testers already. The stress test beta contest will continue on until the end of the stress test beta, at which time all stress test accounts will expire.

Please do not contact Blizzard to inquire about being added to the stress test beta; all the information needed, such as how to access the stress test beta, will be provided in the email going out to new testers.

Thanks to the stress testers, the development team has gained a great deal of information that is proving to be extremely valuable in the development of World of Warcraft. By extending the stress test beta, we will be able to gather even more useful data, which will help us ensure a smooth launch for World of Warcraft later this year. Thanks again, and we'll see you online!


Wish : New Creature & Lore

Posted Sep 08, 2004 by Craig McGregor

We have a couple updates on the Wish site today.  First, we have the addition of the "Wyvern" to the bestiary:

"The wyvern is a much smaller cousin of the true dragon, but it is quite formidable. Its scales are steely-hard and its jaws powerful enough to snap clean through the trunk of a sapling. They lack the forelimbs of a typical dragon species, preferring to attack with their taloned feet and a swift bite. Wyverns are at the top of their food chain and usually hunt herd animals in small groups. Wise farmers will keep their livestock locked up at night."

Then we have a new piece of lore called "The Great Divide".  Here is a snippet of that:

In the latter part of the of the Age of Strife, the Three Rivers War between the dwarves of Cladash and the cyclopes of Markadon slowly petered out after many decades of conflict. The war had weakened both sides, although the dwarves, with its resources divided between Cladash and the Karthad colony, suffered more.

In AS 776, King Irrock rode all the way north across the tundra to Krushok Meir and presented a peace treaty to the Grand Chieftain of the time, Lordessa the Bold. Impressed with the honor, bravery and tenacity of the dwarves, she accepted the treaty and even conceded the strip of disputed territory that had started the war in the first place. Irrock, whose main concern had been to end hostilities, went home with a modest area of reclaimed territory. While there is no doubt that dwarven battle prowess is spoken of with high regard in Markadon, it is suspected that growing conflict between North Larocia and Markadon in the west played a part in Lordessa's decision. Once the dwarven issue was settled, she could freely concentrate her forces on a single front.

To read this full story, just follow this link.

Vanguard : Community Summit

Posted Sep 08, 2004 by Reed Hubbard

On October 8, Sigil Games will be hosting a community summit where they will invite 20 people to the Sigil offices to view Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, discuss the game with the devs, and then be whisked off to a public event at Dave & Buster's.  Ten of the invitees will be chosen by Sigil and 10 will be chosen by the community at large.  On top of that, ten beta invites will be given at the D&B party.

Know someone who you think would be a good candidate?  E-mail Sigil and state your case.

More details on this event (which is not a "who got the most e-mails" contest, BTW) may be found at this link.  An audio clip of Vanguard Community Manager Cindy Bowens announcing the event may be heard at Online Gaming RadioClick here for the clip.

Ragnarok Online : Winning Skin Announced

Posted Sep 08, 2004 by Reed Hubbard

Recently, Gravity held a contest for the best in-game skin.  The results are in and the winning skin, entitled Skyy, is available at this link.  Runner-up skins will be available for download after September 16th.

Congratulation to Omichi, the contest winner.

Visit the official Ragnarok Online website here.

PlanetSide : Producer's Letter and Dev Chat

Posted Sep 08, 2004 by Reed Hubbard

SamhaynePS, the new PlanetSide producer, has posted a letter on the official website that discusses some of the upcoming changes to the game.

The PlanetSide Development Team is currently focused on improving the Core Combat play experience with an update in September, and then making the BattleFrame Robotics rock as hard as they can. I'm really excited about the BFRs, but concerned with overall game balance. I will be working with the team and you the players, to make them as fun as possible, but not to the point where they are overpowered or detracting from the game's overall balance. We aim to have BFRs up on Public Test for as much play testing as possible before making prime time. This should be starting sometime after the September update is done on Public Test (which could be as early as this week, depending on internal testing). Beyond that, we have the groundwork laid for more ways to advance your characters in the Merit Commendations system and more, more storyline to advance, prospects for more varied and exciting gaming locations and whole host of great ideas and possibilities to keep PlanetSide as the best Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Action Game ever!

On top of that, a Stratics Chat was held with SamhaynePS and the Community Relations Manager for PlanetSide, SporkfirePS, on September 7.  The chat covers a number of topics about the future of the game.

<Elm> <CodeZeroX>Question for Devs: Will there ever be a graphics upgrade like what happened in EQ? Or a Physics engine upgrade?
<SamhaynePS>Well, given that we are still only a year old, we don't have short term systems engine upgrades in the queue. For some of our players we already push their machines hard enough and have been working to make PlanetSide easier on them.
<SamhaynePS>But, of course as we age, we will need to be keeping up with the Jones'.


<Elm> <Dragoneye> About the BFRs- Can you give us some examples of the types of weapons that they will carry? If not, can you tell us when we'll be getting information like that?
<SporkfirePS> That sort of information will be released on the web site in its series of articles over the next couple of weeks.
<SporkfirePS> But on a very general level...
<SporkfirePS> BFR's will be equipped with a pretty wide array of weapons that can be swapped out so that they take on different roles. So, you can configure a AA BFR or a AI BFR as the situation warrants.

Both items may be accessed from the official PlanetSide website, which you may visit by clicking here.

General : Star Trek MMO - Interview

Posted Sep 08, 2004 by Reed Hubbard

An interview with Joe Keene and Chris McKibben of Perpetual Entertainment, the team behind the recently announced Star Trek MMO, has been posted at IGN.  Don't expect any concrete details this early in the development cycle, but the interview sheds a good bit of light on the goals of the team at Perpetual.

IGNPC: Is there going to be an overarching story for the MMO as a whole or are you just going to stick them players in the universe and let them go crazy?

Chris McKibbin: I guess the answer is kinda both. We think the license lends itself to a lot of story lines, both as overarching ones and shorter durations, but we also think it's critically important that people get to establish their own characters and effectively experience what it would truly be like to live and adventure in the Star Trek world.

So we're going to do a combination of both with official missions and some dynamically created content. There will be overarching stories and missions to pursue, but players certainly won't be confined to those things.

We will keep you up to date as developments occur.  Click here to read the interview in full.

Roma Victor : 15 New Screenshots

Posted Sep 08, 2004 by Richard Cox

The fine folks over at RedBedlam have added 15 new screenshots to the gallery over at the official site:



You can see the rest of the new screenshots and the rest of the gallery by clicking HERE, and visit the official Roma Victor site by clicking HERE.

Earth & Beyond : The Final Two Weeks

Posted Sep 07, 2004 by Reed Hubbard

Starting Wednesday, Earth & Beyond enters its final two weeks of service.  Sunset is scheduled for 12:01AM GMT September 22, or 8:01PM EDT September 21.  Diehards who remain in the E&B universe have 14 more days of playing time.

The sunset FAQ is available at the Earth & Beyond website.  It ends with this inauspicious entry:

Q: What happened to the devs?
A: The E&B team is being moved onto several other projects, most notably Ultima X: Odyssey.

Perhaps that question needs to be readdressed.

E&Bers, enjoy your final fortnight as your persistent world sails into the sunset.

Final Fantasy XI : Chains of Promathia Version Update

Posted Sep 07, 2004 by Reed Hubbard

In preparation for the release of the Chains of Promathia expansion later this month, Square Enix is pushing out a patch to all players, even those not purchasing Chains.  A 5 hour server maintenance will precede the patch, from 1:00 - 6:00PM Eastern on Wednesday, September 8.  Square Enix has stated that play will continue during the maintenance, but players may have difficulty logging on.

Read more about it here.

Reclamation : New Tuesday Update

Posted Sep 07, 2004 by Craig McGregor

Lyra Studios has prepared another Tuesday update full of new items.  Here is a summary of what is going on with their project:

Necron : Open Beta Begins!

Posted Sep 07, 2004 by Craig McGregor

The eagerly awaited open beta test for Neocron 2: Beyond Dome of York has begun! Neocron 2 is the sequel to the world's only cyberpunk MMORPG and features a realtime, FPS-like combat system. Explore this postapocalytpic world together with other testers from all over the world. Beta Client download locations.

You can get the beta client at FilePlanet here:

Ryzom : Gone Gold!

Posted Sep 07, 2004 by Craig McGregor

Nevrax has just announced that The Saga of Ryzom has gone gold!  The game will begin shipping to retail stores the week of September 20, 2004.  Here is the official press release:

Paris, France - September 7th, 2004 -TriSynergy and Nevrax confirmed today that Nevrax's graphically stunning MMORPG The Saga of Ryzom has entered manufacturing and will begin shipping to retail stores throughout North America the week of September 20.

"The Saga of Ryzom has gone gold," said David Cohen Corval, CEO of Nevrax. "In a few weeks, gamers worldwide will be able to join the saga and become heroes of Atys."

Featuring an immersive player-driven storyline, a dynamic ecosystem, groundbreaking mass combat mechanics, and lush graphics, The Saga of Ryzom is the answer to the prayers of massively multiplayer gamers seeking a fresh, compelling experience in a true virtual world.

The Saga of Ryzom is currently in Open Beta. More than 155,000 beta accounts have been registered so far. For those interested in participating in the Open Beta:
  • The Open Beta officially started at 5:00am (ET)/9:00 am GMT on Monday August 30th. It will end Tuesday, September 14th.
  • You will need a valid account to participate. If you need an account, register here!
  • Client downloads are available via BitTorrent, direct download, and on Fileplanet GameDAILY, and DLX Gamespot.
  • All civilizations and territories are available.
Gamers who pre-order The Saga of Ryzom before launch receive exclusive benefits, including access to the advanced testing server, where new content is introduced first, and a special in-game item, the Armlet of Atys. Ryzom is available by pre-order from EB, Gamestop, and Amazon.

General : Star Trek MMORPG

Posted Sep 07, 2004 by Reed Hubbard

Perpetual Entertainment, a San Francisco-based software developer, has just announced that it is working on a MMORPG based on the Star Trek universe.  The press release on their website reads as follows:

Perpetual Entertainment, Inc. announced today that it has secured the exclusive worldwide rights from Viacom Consumer Products to develop and publish a massively multiplayer online game based on Paramount Pictures' Star Trek franchise.

Star Trek is one of the world's most popular, longest-running, and beloved sci-fi properties, with millions of passionately devoted fans throughout the world. As Star Trek celebrates its 38th anniversary, Star Trek gaming begins its next evolution.

The license encompasses all live-action motion pictures and television series including, Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: Enterprise. "The scope of the content license is extraordinary for a game of this kind, giving us the opportunity to immerse fans and players in the incredibly rich, diverse and exciting universe of Star Trek,"said Joe Keene, CEO of Perpetual Entertainment.

The game will deliver action, adventure and combat mechanics unique to persistent world games. Its design includes a rich array of solo and multiplayer missions set in space, on planets and in starbases throughout the universe. At launch, it will take place during the 24th century timeline in the series with other aspects of the Star Trek universe to be interwoven and added through expansions.

"Players will encounter characters, places, and situations from their favorite Star Trek movies and television series; will explore incredible new worlds; and will cooperate with or battle friendly and hostile races throughout the game," said Chris McKibbin, President of Perpetual Entertainment.

"Fans of Star Trek have been longing for a game that lets them participate in and explore the Star Trek universe," said Terri Helton, Executive Vice President of Viacom Consumer Products. "We have been searching for the right partnership for our time-honored Star Trek to create a game that not only appeals to fans but a broader audience as well. Perpetual's experience, technology and vision for this game make them the clear choice."

The game is expected to enter public beta testing in 2006 and to launch by early 2007. For more information, see for "Frequently Asked Questions" about the game.

OK, all you Trekkies (excuse me...Trekkers) out there, this is your dream come true.  It looks like a Star Trek MMO will see the light of day and that a solid developer is behind it.  As of this writing, the link in the press release has no information about the game, but you can check out the official press release by clicking here.

UPDATE:  The official FAQ may be found at this link.

Dragon Empires : Player Petition Going

Posted Sep 06, 2004 by Craig McGregor

It is that time again...another cancelled game and another petition by heartbroken players asking for their game back.  But, what can we say - we feel for them.  Here is a link to the petition:

Good luck guys!

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