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World of Warcraft : 1.11.1 Patch Downloads

Posted Jun 29, 2006 by Jon Wood

Blue's News is reporting a new World of WarCraft patch that brings players up to Version 1.11.1.:


A new World of Warcraft patch is now available, updating the US/Australian edition of Blizzard's MMORPG to version 1.11.1. The update addresses a few issues and applies some balance tweaks. A patch is available as an alternative to auto-updating, the very small download can be found on 3D Downloads, 3D Gamers, FileFront, Gamer's Hell, Strategy Informer, and Worthplaying.

For more WoW, click here.

Knight Online : New ToS

Posted Jun 29, 2006 by Jon Wood

Knight Online has announced that they have ceated a new terms of service policy, and that it will take effect on July 1st (Saturday). They are offering players to read the new ToS by clicking the link below:


Dear Knight Online Users,

Please be advised that effective July 1, 2006 a new Terms of Service Policy will be enforced.
Click here to review this new policy.

Thank you,
The KOL Team

For more Knight Online, click here.

Martial Heroes : Game Entertainment Europe

Posted Jun 29, 2006 by Jon Wood

Martial Heroes will be starting up in Europe, and the name of the company that will handle things there is Game Entertainment Europe:


Game Entertainment Europe brings Massive Multiplayer Games to Europe

Amsterdam, 26th June 2006 - Game Entertainment Europe BV ( has added the game Martial Heroes ( to its game portfolio as the first massive multiplayer game. Martial Heroes is a ‘free to play’ game based on oriental martial arts. With the introduction of Martial Heroes, Game Entertainment Europe is offering a new game genre to gamers that like Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG).

Martial Heroes is a provocative game to play for both new and experienced gamers. A gamer chooses the role that fits him or her best. By playing quests and using items such as swords and horses, the gamer grows into his role. Of course real success comes from playing the game together. Martial Heroes offers the possibility to form a Guild. There is an unlimited number of levels that will keep the game provocative for every hardcore gamer. New items and extensions are launched daily and there will be events regularly.

Gamers can visit the European website for Martial Heroes, which will be launched in August. Through this site the Martial Heroes game client can be downloaded for free. The European website will be available in English, German, French and Dutch with additional languages being added in the near future.

European gamers will be able to buy interesting items, pay for these with their favourite (local) payment system and use the European helpdesk, forum and Game Masters (GM). Throughout 2006 the international game server for Martial Heroes will be extended with servers dedicated to the European users.

“There are many more great online community games besides those from well known publishers like NCSoft and Webzen. Many games that are successful in Asia are hardly available for gamers in Europe”, according to Richard van Barneveld, CEO of Game Entertainment Europe. We are the first company to offer a complete solution to the many problems that game developers face in offering their games in Europe”. Game Entertainment Europe can offer 28 different languages, 86 payment methods, local promotion, helpdesk and superior hosting facilities. Besides Martial Heroes, Game Entertainment Europe will offer several other online community games to European gamers. Van Barneveld: “In the short term we will launch an online First Person Shooter (FPS) and several online sports games.”

Martial Heroes has been developed by CR-Space Co. Ltd. (, a young and dynamic game developing company from Korea, established in 1999. Apart from Europe, Martial Heroes is available in Korea, China (Shanda) and Malaysia.

For more on Martial Heroes, click here.

Lord of the Rings Online : Riddle Contest

Posted Jun 29, 2006 by Jon Wood

The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar team is holding a riddle contest that could see player-submitted material make its way directly in-game. There's more to this contest, including some tips that you can read by clicking the link below:


Enter The Lord of the Rings: Shadows of Angmar Riddle Contest!

Think you're tricksy? Our Quest Designers are looking for a few good riddles to include in LOTRO! Winning entries may be used in LOTRO as the basis for quests, or found throughout the game! Send in your riddle today!

Some brief advice from Content Team member Corsair:

1. Quests: We're trying to implement some riddle quests. No guarantee here, because you can write a great riddle that just doesn't happen to work right in the quest, but it is quite possible we could use your riddle verbatim as the basis of a quest, if it fits.

2. Lore scraps for scholars: Riddles can be the basis of many kinds of hidden lore. Your riddle, even though it might seem to refer to some homely and everyday item, might be selected as a bit of lore suitable for scholarly use in game.

For more LOTRO, click here.

Dark Age of Camelot : Servers Coming Down

Posted Jun 29, 2006 by Jon Wood

Mythic's Dark Age of Camelot has announced that their servers will be coming down on Friday from 8 AM to 1 PM to fix a known issue with their melee combat:


Straight from the Moderately Evil Overlord: "We have a known issue with melee combat, where in some situations attacking while moving results in an increased miss rate. This is a bug, and we will take down the servers on Friday to fix it. I apologize very much for any annoyance this is causing."

I add my own apology to that, guys. The Friday downtime is scheduled for 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM, but as always... watch this space for more information. Warning: The whole community team will be coming home from the party in Ohio on Friday morning, so if the servers come back early, it may not be posted with our usual speed.

For more DAoC, click here.

Guild Wars : State of the Game

Posted Jun 29, 2006 by Jon Wood

Guild Wars has released a new State of the Game article. This new one focuses on The Ritualist, and explains that class:


This week's State of the Game article focuses on one of the new professions of Factions: The Ritualist. The feature includes detailed explanations of the Ritualist's various attributes and skills, as well as several tips for playing this interesting class.

For more Guild Wars, click here.

World of Warcraft : Troll Compendium, Paid Char. Transfers

Posted Jun 29, 2006 by Jon Wood

World of WarCraft has updated their site with details about the World Series of Video Games, an update tot he Troll Compendium, and this new information about Paid Character Transfers:


Seven more realms are eligible for the Paid Character Transfer. You can now transfer characters off of these realms:

  • Arthas
  • Zul'jin
  • Stormrage
  • Dalaran
  • Turalyon
  • Magtheridon
  • Spirestone

For a full list of eligible realms, please click here. We will continue to scale up the list of realms to accommodate more players as quickly as possible.

For more WoW, click here.

Dark and Light : Daily Events and Newsletter

Posted Jun 29, 2006 by Jon Wood

Farlan Entertainment, the company responsible for Dark and Light, has announced that they will be adding daily events to their game, as well as bringing back their daily newsletter, The Ganareth Gazette that gives players information about what has happnened each day in-game:


New Excitement Comes To MMORPG Dark and Light™ Via Daily Events, Return Of Ganareth Gazette

Farlan Entertainment, publisher of Dark and Light™, The Largest MMORPG You’ve Ever Seen!, today announced two additions to its popular online fantasy game that provide even more engagement for players on a daily basis. Alchemic Dream, Dark and Light’s community management provider, has initiated multiple daily events for players to participate in, while the return of Dark and Light’s newsletter, the Ganareth Gazette, once again keeps players up to date on the battles, villains, nobility, creatures, quests, and other developments in the land of Ganareth.

“Just as in the real world, Ganareth is a place where nothing stands still. Unexpected challenges and opportunities are a major part of the appeal of Dark and Light,” said Frédéric Caille, CEO of Farlan Entertainment. “We believe players will find the daily events introduced by Alchemic Dream to be both entertaining and useful. Ganareth is a living, breathing world full of inspiration, intrigue and adventure—a world people naturally want to be a part of.”

The events introduced into Dark and Light are sure to be varied and fresh. In a recent schedule, for example, players had the opportunity to escort a troupe of performers traveling by Alk’Em, take part in the Ganareth World Sport, take back a strategic Al-Drifa bridge, or stop a turf war between two spiteful clans. Events are staged in all five game languages and are posted on a weekly basis in the Community section of the site’s language forums.

The Ganareth Gazette is an indispensable daily news publication detailing all the latest that’s happening in the world of Dark and Light. Reports of various actions, schemes, stories and other developments are reported by a team of journalists. Feature articles also provide valuable information about the history, characters and strategies of Dark and Light. Players can find the Ganareth Gazette by logging onto .

In addition to these additions, Dark and Light has launched a new corporate home page at .

For more Dark and Light, click here.

Runescape : Update

Posted Jun 28, 2006 by Jon Wood

Runescape has released infomation about this week's game update. The update this tiem around will apparently focus on fixing some of the features that were recently added to the game. Often, new features come with new bugs, and they're trying to iron them out this week:


This week's update focuses entirely on fixing some of the new features we have added to the game recently. Obviously we try and keep our updates bug free, but just like those pesky shrimp, a few slip through the net, so we have been busy hunting down some of the more obscure issues and correcting them. After all, improving and fixing existing updates is just as important as releasing new ones.

We're also working hard on making July a really impressive month, packed with minigames, new spells and some rather interesting quests. We're sure you won't be disappointed.

Projects mentioned in June's Behind the Scenes article but not yet released (such as the brewing minigame and the non-members' security update) have been delayed for a little extra testing, but worry not, as we'll make them available next month instead. And that's in addition to all the stuff we already had planned for July...

For more on Runescape, click here.

Final Fantasy XI : New Assault Missions

Posted Jun 28, 2006 by Jon Wood

Final Fantasy XI has announced that their next version update will see the addition of some New Assault Missions. We don't have room to bring yout he whole article, but if you click on the link below, you can read it all!


In the next version update, we will be adding all new Assault missions that continue in the spirit of providing casual gameplay for busy players. We also plan to adjust the number of Assault Points received for existing missions.

New Assault Missions

In conjunction with the release of the two new mercenary ranks, we will be introducing additional Assault missions. Five new missions will be available at the rank of Lance Corporal, and another five missions at the rank of Corporal. A wider range of options and the necessity for unique strategies will accompany these new missions, so don't let your mercenary skills grow rusty!

Read it all, here.

Star Wars Galaxies : Battle for Restuss

Posted Jun 28, 2006 by Jon Wood

Star Wars: Galaxies has announced that the "Battle for Restuss" event has officially begun. You can read more about the restuss event by looking at our E3 Look Forward from Star Wars Galaxies:


For the first time ever your actions determine the fate of the galaxy! The Galactic Civil War is heating up in Restuss, and the increased activity points to a big battle on the horizon.

Choose your faction and be part of this epic event by helping the Empire gain advantage over the Rebellion, or by aiding the Rebels in their efforts to turn the tide of the Galactic Civil War. The conflict begins soon.

Beginning this week, Guards will be stationed in major cities throughout the galaxy to give players more information on the conflict brewing in Restuss. Head to the Starports in Theed, Mos Eisley, Bestine and Coronet to find these Guards and hear more about how you can participate.

Choose your side now!

For more info on SWG, click here.

EverQuest II : Dev Chest

Posted Jun 28, 2006 by Jon Wood

There's a enw Dev Chest over at the EverQuest II website. The Dev chest points readres to interesting and informative posts that the developers have recently made in the official game forums:


Sometimes it's hard to find the buried treasures contained within the EverQuest II forums. The Dev Chest highlights useful, insightful, or entertaining posts from the developers that you may want to check out. Get your treasure maps and shovels ready--we're about to discover a Dev Chest!

  • Have you ever wondered about the live events that have been going around. Higby offers up Sparks Aflame quest looks to have sparked a discussion or two. Our very own Owlchick attempts to answer some of the confusion.
  • If you happen to have some trouble with the "Cleansing of the Cove" be sure to check out what Morticus has to say about the situation.
  • The call is out...Do you have information on Fiddy of Rivergate? Vhalen does, so be sure what he has to say about the topic.

For more on EQII, click here.

D&D Online : New Forum Roundup

Posted Jun 28, 2006 by Jon Wood

Turbine's Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach has released a new Forum Roundup for our reading and learning pleasure:


Every Tuesday we will highlight certain threads from our forums. They will be helpful, positive threads started by our team or by our community that we feel the players would benefit from reading.

Read it here.

Guild Wars : Seasonal Playoffs Winding Up

Posted Jun 28, 2006 by Jon Wood

THe Guild Wars Factions Championship are winding up their seasonal playoffs with the final matches happening this weekend:


The final seasonal playoffs for the Guild Wars Factions Championship get started this weekend. Twelve matches will take place over Saturday and Sunday, with the first match beginning at 15:00 GMT on Saturday, July 1st. The semi-finals and finals will take place on the weekend of July 8th and 9th. The schedule page and playoff grid will be updated frequently over the course of the next two weekends so that you can keep up on match outcomes and rankings. And remember: You can catch all the matches on Observer Mode!

For more Guild Wars, click here.

World of Warcraft : Paid Character Transfers and More

Posted Jun 28, 2006 by Jon Wood

Blizzard has updated their World of WarCraft website with info on Blizzard's presence at Comic-Con, New Wallpaper, a community spotlight, Realm Transfers as well as a new feature that Blizzard is offering for players called the "Paid Character Transfer Service":


We are happy to announce the availability of the Paid Character Transfer service for World of Warcraft. You can find this feature in the account-management section of the official World of Warcraft website. This new functionality will allow you to transfer characters to other realms (within certain restrictions) in order to join friends and family or make new friends and allies. Learn more about this new feature in our Paid Character Transfer FAQ.

The initial launch of the Paid Character Transfer service will only allow transfers between a limited set of realms. You can now transfer characters off of these realms:

  • Altar of Storms
  • Argent Dawn
  • Demon Soul
  • Illidan
  • Warsong

We'll gradually scale up the list of realms to accommodate more players as quickly as possible. To start transferring your characters, just log in to the account-management section and click the Paid Character Transfer button. Good luck in your continued adventures in Azeroth, and have fun on your new realm!

Please note that because it is tied into the account-management section, the Paid Character Transfer service may be unavailable during the regularly scheduled weekly maintenance.

For more information, click here.

Huxley : In-Game Advertising

Posted Jun 28, 2006 by Jon Wood

Webzen has announced that it was be pairing with Massive Incorporated to provide in-game advertising for two of their games, Huxley and All Points Bulletin:



Highly Anticipated Online Games Huxley and All Points Bulletin to Enjoy New Revenue Streams from Blue-Chip Advertisers

NEW YORK and SEOUL – June 27, 2006 – Massive Incorporated, creator of the leading in-game advertising network, and WEBZEN Inc (NASDAQ: WZEN), a leading global online entertainment company, today announced plans to provide in-game advertising to two of the global publisher’s most anticipated massively multiplayer online games (MMOG’s). The agreement marks Massive’s entry in the Asian market and WEBZEN’s first services to provide in-game advertising.

Games included in the deal are the upcoming PC versions of the massively multiplayer online first-person shooter (MMOFPS) Huxley and the urban action MMOG All Points Bulletin. Both games are slated for worldwide release and will include in-game advertising in each territory.

“As a premier global online games company, WEBZEN is dedicated to providing a realistic experience for our gamers,” said Nam Ju Kim, CEO, Webzen Inc. “The combination of WEBZEN’s global marketing know-how and Massive’s unprecedented in-game advertising experience ensures we are delivering the highest level of quality to gamers.”

Slated for release in 2007, the award-winning Huxley utilizes the UNREAL3 engine and WEBZEN’s proprietary networking technology to create an un paralleled twitch action gaming experience with up to 5,000 players in the same world. All Points Bulletin, developed by Real Time Worlds, Ltd. and designed by the creator of the Grand Theft Auto® franchise, is the only massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) to combine nearly limitless customization with intense urban action in a city that never sleeps. APB is planned for a 2008 release.

“Massive’s network represents the best global content in the industry, ever more so with the inclusion of Webzen’s award-winning games,” said Nicholas Longano, President of New Media for Massive. “We’re thrilled to work with Webzen to bring dynamic in-game advertising to the Asian market for the first time.”

Recently acquired by Microsoft Corp., Massive pioneered dynamic in-game advertising with the launch of the Massive Network in October 2004 and has since partnered with more than 60 blue-chip advertisers to seamlessly deliver ads into more than 75 million game sessions. Massive enables publishers and developers to capture significant new revenues through the aggregation of the video game audience which can be more effectively marketed to advertisers. Developers are able to integrate real-world ad campaigns that are timely and enhance the game environment with more realism.

For more on Huxley, click here.

Auto Assault : Update #1: Live Team Q&A

Posted Jun 28, 2006 by Dana Massey

Garrett Fuller chatted with the team behind Auto Assault in advance of their recent Update #1. This went live last week, so it should be noted that the interview was conducted as it launched. How will the respecs work? Do you respec all your skills at once, or buy points back one at a time? How much does it cost?

Brian Booker: There are retraining terminals available in most major towns in the game, including Tocado, Upside, and Fort Logan. Accessing the retraining terminal will give the options of retraining attributes, skills and crafting research skills. You can opt to retrain any combination of these. When you do, INC charges a fee and your character will respec. Basically your points are given back and abilities reset to base. You can then respend your points in any way you wish. The system knows how many points you have from leveling up and through mission rewards, so you will not lose anything you gained - only the ability to respend them in whatever way you want.

The first retraining is free and mandatory, while all future retraining will cost an increasing amount of clink. The first five to ten retrainings are inexpensive, but it does become increasingly expensive. After twenty or more retrainings, the fee climbs to four hundred script and remains fixed there. You can retrain your character any number of times, but there is a forty-eight hour delay between retrainings.

You can read more here.

General : Editorial: More A, Less I

Posted Jun 28, 2006 by Dana Massey

Robert Fitzgerald debuts his writing on today with "AI: Less A, More I". This editorial looks at the state of artificial intelligence in MMORPGs and explains where he'd like to see it travel.

Call me silly, slap me with a wet noodle, but please tell me why there is always more artificial than intelligence when referring to AI. Have developers really hit the proverbial brick wall when it comes to improving AI ? Are we doomed to the current iteration of NPCs whose intelligence is on par with the "your door is ajar" voice in your car. Speaking of cars, my car can tell me where I am, where I am going, when it needs a tune up, and as an added bonus score tickets to the big game. The current generation of AI still has problems giving me accurate directions to the next quest. I realize I should be more impressed with the new and improved AI seen in some MMORPGs, apparently now instead of standing in one spot and giving you mundane quests the AI will move around the area giving them "life-like" behavior. Really, the only difference I see is that now finding the AI quest giver can become a mini-quest itself.

OK, so I seem to be complaining a lot. Well, I am. How is it that for $90 bucks my son can own a toy dog with realistic facial movements and understands more than 120 words and for the one time price of $50 and an ongoing $15 dollars a month I can't get a computer generated character to do more than spit unintelligible and boring dialog over and over again. Yes, I get it go kill the rats. Some developers have taken it a step further with their new and improved AI. Now, rather than offering up one or two lines of drivel, the new improved AI offers up two or three paragraphs of drivel with only one or two sentences of relevant information for the player. Am I complaining? Of course I am. I beginning to think I should spend $240 on one of those cool dancing robot sapiens instead of the current fare of games.

You can read more here.

Illutia : Upgraded Server Software Test

Posted Jun 27, 2006 by Jon Wood

Illutia has announced that they are beginning their live tests of their upgraded server software. They are warning players that there might be some especially buggy times ahead, and ask for their help in identifying them


We will be commencing our live test of our upgraded server software shortly. Please note that during this time there may be increased bugs, downtime and server may be rebooted frequently. While new features are close by, please remember that they will not all be added at once. They must be added slowly so that they will receive the full attention they need by testers and staff alike.

Please report all bugs to and I will pass them on to the developers :)

For more on Illutia, click here.

Hero Online : Open Beta, June 30th

Posted Jun 27, 2006 by Jon Wood

Hero Online has announced that their open beta will begin on June 30th. Those players who participated in the closed betas do  not need to create a new account to take part in the open beta. They are even offering an item reward to players who played in the closed betas and qualify under the rules below:


First of all, we thank our players for their participation in our Closed Betas.

We have received much feedback regarding Hero Online in the form of bug reports, suggestions, criticisms and praise.

We are always receptive to the input of our players, and look forward to hearing more from players during our Open Beta which will launch on June 30th, 2006 and will last for a month.

Players who have participated in Closed Betas will not need to make new accounts to participate since we will not wipe any account information, however characters that they have created will be erased.

Nonetheless, we value the efforts that Closed Beta participants have shown and would like to reward them with an item during our Open Beta.

The criteria for receiving our Special Closed Beta Item are as follows:

  • A player must have participated in either the First or Second or both of Closed Betas.
  • A player must have at least one character in their account that has reached past the 3rd Dan.
  • Only one item will be rewarded per account.

Detailed information regarding this event will be announced more in the near future.

Once again, we truly appreciate players' effort and interest, and hope to see all in our Open Beta!

For more on Hero Online, click here.

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