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Eudemons : Double Experience Days Ahead

Posted Mar 29, 2007 by

Eudemons Online offers double experience weekend for three days. Grab some pizza, a two liter soda, and prepare to level up!

To reward our valuable players, we have decided to hold three days` double experience event this weekend.

During the event period, you will be in double experience status whenever you are online. That is, nothing is required for enjoying double experience. The only requirement is to kill the monsters as many as you can. Thus both your characters and eudemons will be leveled up very quickly.

Here is a tip for you to bring this effect into full play. Use double experience potions or GodBlessing to effect 400% experience. If you are a team leader, all your team members can share the same effect as you.

So amazing? Bring your family and friends to Eudemons Online! Let all of us enjoy three days` double experience.

Read more here.

EverQuest II : Game Update 33

Posted Mar 29, 2007 by

EverQuest II announces Game Update 33. Seems like players have a dungeon makeover, April Fool's Day, and Chapter 2 of the Swords of Destiny to look forward too.

Dungeon Revamp, Deathfist Citadel

Designed for level 38-42 adventurers, this base of operations for the evil Deathfist Orcs gets a springtime facelift, with new quests, completely new population (including named and boss NPC's), improved quest rewards and recipes for the new and much-coveted Blood Iron armor.

April Fool's Day (aka Bristlebane Day)

There's a special gag in store for players on April 1st.... Can't tell you what it is and spoil the joke...

Swords of Destiny -Knights in the Round

The Acadechism is the starting point for chapter 2 of this new quest line (level range 64-69). Players will brave the mysteries and dangers of the Acadechism, the Tower of Vhalen and the Ruins of Valmarr to unearth the secret of the enchanted blade Soulfire,.

New Butcherblock Quests and A New Profession Hat

For the level 25-35 crowd, several new quests have been added to Butcherblock Mountains, complete with new rewards and loot.

A new profession hat has also been added for the Conjuror.

Read more here.

Lineage 2 : Interlude Preview

Posted Mar 29, 2007 by

Lineage II gives us a look at some of the lands coming in Interlude. There seems to be a lot of places for players to explore.

Interlude is the next huge, free update for Lineage II offering the chance to take part in a game that has captured the imagination and reached over 14 million gamers worldwide. Forming a bridge between the Chaotic Chronicles and the future Chaotic Throne (scheduled for later in 2007) Interlude hints at what is to come in the challenging times ahead.

Interlude is scheduled to launch in April.

New Territories - Interlude

Primeval Isle - South of Rune Castle lies the mysterious territory of Primeval Isle. This ancient and primitive land was lost to the rest of Aden for years. This allowed many species of creatures, once thought extinct, to grow and strive untouched by the will of man. As time passed, explorers from the mainland found the island. Hungry for the riches they hoped to find, waves of humans settled on the island. What lies ahead for new adventurers?

Primeval Wharf

Located on the northwest corner of the island is the Wharf. Unless you possess superior swimming abilities, your best bet on reaching Primeval Isle is to take a ferry from Rune Harbor. Once you reach the wharf, you will be greeted by a host of humans, each pursuing the goal of claiming fame and riches. Here you can purchase supplies, find out more about the history of the Island, accept quests from locals who are in need of help, or for the eager to return to the mainland, acquire a ticket for a trip back home. For a price you can even summon fallen companions to you at the wharf.

Primeval Plains

Located south of the Wharf are the Primeval Plains. This vast open area is inhabited by Ornithomimus, Deinonychus, Pachykepalosaurus, and Wild Striders. Adventurers looking for a challenge can seek and try to defeat the raid boss "Uruka". Uruka is known to roam the southern half of the plains. Far to the south, you can speak to Orachochin. He can assist you with arranging a face to face meeting with the leaders of the reptilian Elroki.

Elroki Isle

Located south of the main island is the Elroki Isle. This place is home to the leaders of the rational and sentient reptilian Elroki. A proud and noble race, the Elrokians have mastered the habitat by learning how to hunt the ever present dinosaurs. Here you may gain favor with the islands' natural inhabitants by completing the tasks that they may have for you.

Lost Nest

Located east of the Primeval Plains is the Lost Nest. Here the sky is obscured by the seemingly ever-present cover of tree branches. The Lost Nest is home to Velociraptor, Arachnoid, and Pterosaur. Those looking for a challenge can also see out the fearsome Tyrannosaurus. As the natural predator of the island, the Tyrannosaurus should be approached with caution.

Sailren's Lair

Located in the southeast of the Lost Nest is the Sailren's Lair. The Sailren is a raid boss level monster that has survived on the island for many years. During this time he's collected quite a treasure trove. Do you have what it takes to defeat the Sailren, and claim some of the treasure as your own?

Read more here.

General : New Live Chat!

Posted Mar 29, 2007 by Laura Genender is proud to open our new Live Chat on irc server ForTheGamers.Org!

Chat with your friends, meet the team, and discuss your favorite games here. Keep your eye out for future Dev Chats and other events!

IRC users can connect to our chat via server irc.ForTheGamers.Org, channel #MMORPG. See you there!

The Matrix Online : Second Anniversary

Posted Mar 29, 2007 by

The Matrix Online celebrates its second anniversary. Read more about whats happening in the Matrix. Also, take a look at Update 50, a recent new upgrade to the game.

MxO Second Anniversary In-Game Event

From March 29th through April 10th, The Matrix Online is celebrating its second anniversary! This year's event features the new "luggable" object type, which is scheduled for release to the regular game later this year. Take this chance to visit the Oracle in a special anniversary-only mission! Come join the redpills as they face the unknown dangers unleashed when pieces of Agent Smith's viral code are found inside the Matrix. He's not so bad, once you get to know him...

Update 50: Chapter 7.1 Content and A Whole New Look for You

With the beginning of Chapter 7 a new cinematic trailer is released, you will be able to participate in the new 7.1 critical missions and, through archival missions, relive all the missions from the previous chapters, including Chapter 6.

Also, for the first time ever, players have the opportunity to change the look of their characters' Residual Self Images. Update 50 introduced "RSI Pills", which can be used to change everything from hair color to tattoos! Head to your nearest Exile hideout to acquire some of these consumables today!

You can see all this and more in Update 50, which released on March 8, 2007.

Jack in now! We'll see you in The Matrix Online!

Read more here.

General : Casual Play: What GTA Can Teach

Posted Mar 29, 2007 by Jon Wood

Steve Wilson returns this week with his Casual Play column. Today, he tackles the successes of Grand Theft Auto, and looks at what the MMO industry could have learned from that hit game.

In the years that I've been playing MMOs, I've gone through many phases of love and hate. It seems that most of the early games really catered only to hardcore players. The demands on time and skill were so incredibly high that only players willing to devote a second life had any possibility of advancing enough to see any more than a fraction of the world. And one play style, killing things, was the only way to explore those worlds. MMOs catered to and consisted of hardcore players who were good at one play style. In that same time however, there were single player games that were able to create a perfect mix of hardcore and casual elements expanding the single player market immensely by drawing players into genres they weren't particularly attached to. Grand Theft Auto 3 was one of those single player games that drew in an audience beyond what was considered normal for the driving genre. If an MMO had copied some of those design elements the once mythical million subscriber barrier would have been broken much sooner.

Read the whole column here.

Age of Conan : Interview with Mats Remman

Posted Mar 29, 2007 by Jon Wood

Mats Remman from Funcom answers questions from our own Garrett Fuller about his job, his game, and life in the industry.

Tell us a little about your childhood. How did school and where you live influence your choice to join the video game community?

Mats Remman:

I guess I was fortunate in the way that I got my first C64 at age 6, and used to spend quite a bit of time in front of it. From there it just expanded and I've either owned or had access to a bunch of different gaming hardware. But there was never any community here that had a more genuine interest in game development, so it wasn't until adulthood that I started to get more involved in the video game community. Also, growing up in a little town in northern Norway, having just about no decent game retailers didn't actually help on getting enough games!

Read the whole article Here.

Vanguard : In The Works Web Page Launched

Posted Mar 28, 2007 by

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes announces In the Works page. This is a spot for players to check out all the updates being made by the developers.

Ever wondered what kinds of things the developers of Vanguard have in store for the game? Wonder no more! With the new In the Works webpage, we will be giving a quick glimpse of the projects we're currently working on. The page will show both short term and long term goals, as well as provide a top 10 bug list.

Read more here.

Guild Wars : Wiki Web Site Opens

Posted Mar 28, 2007 by

Guild Wars officially opens Guild Wars Wiki. Now you have a source for loads of information about the game.

After a few weeks of early preparation, we're now eager to throw open the doors of the official Guild Wars Wiki. We invite you to join the GWW community and help us create a wonderful resource for Guild Wars players--now and into the future. Set up a user page. Edit an article. Create a new skin or upload images to flesh out one of the articles. Whatever your level of expertise, you have a contribution to make on the GWW! And if you'd rather simply use the GWW as a resource, you're very welcome, too. Dive into the Guild Wars Wiki through the main page, found here.

Read more here.

World of Warcraft : Arena Tournament Page Now Live

Posted Mar 28, 2007 by

World of Warcraft's Arena Tournament Web page is now live. The site gives you updates on all the small group PvP arena fighting in the game. Let's get ready to.....slaughter!

The World of Warcraft Arena Tournament webpage is now live. Our most current information is on this page, including news announcements, frequently asked questions, and the newly released tournament rules. We will add more content to this webpage as the tournament progresses, so check back periodically for the latest information.

Read more here.

MU Online : Cry Wolf Expansion Announced

Posted Mar 28, 2007 by

Global MU Online announces Cry Wolf Expansion. Loads of new content will be launched for players as the 30 day countdown begins.

MUtizens Prepare! K2 Network, Inc. (, an online game publisher, today announced that Cry Wolf, a downloadable expansion pack for the popular MMORPG Global MU Online, will be available starting next week to gamers in Europe, North America, and South America. This expansion, loaded with new content and premium gameplay, marks the first anniversary of Global MU Online's commercial launch and kicks off a 30 day countdown to the Cry Wolf Event on April 27th, 2007.

In Cry Wolf, premium players will explore Aida and the Fortress of Cry Wolf, two new maps for the game. In the land of Aida, which will be the first map to release, players can adventure and quest their way to level 380 and prepare for the Fortress of Cry Wolf. In the Cry Wolf map, allied armies of humans and elves will defend the Fortress against the evil forces of Kundun and their tyrannical leader Balgass.

In addition to new maps and the Fortress of Cry Wolf Event, the expansion offers many other thrilling features: the ability to build and ride the powerful wolf: Fenrir, unique weapons and armor sets for each class; and never before seen monsters and NPC's including Werewolves, Witch Queens, Death Trees and Dark Elves. All of the above will add hundreds of hours of gameplay for MUtizens, the players of Global MU Online.

"The release of new content is a fantastic way to celebrate the first anniversary of Global MU Online," said producer Ricardo Mendoza. "Through the introduction of new exploration areas, quests and characters, players will begin an epic new adventure in the already massive universe of Global MU Online. We look forward to feedback from our dedicated community about the game's exciting expansion."

Read more here.

Roma Victor : Preview Of The Escalation

Posted Mar 28, 2007 by

Roma Victor announces The Escalation update. Read the details below on the state of the game and some of the upcoming features in store for players.

Independent UK developer RedBedlam Ltd recently published another "State of the World" insight into its development activities and is now pleased to announce a major planned update: "The Escalation".

"The Escalation" update for Roma Victor is scheduled to be released in May 2007. As well as featuring significant updates for the guild and encounter systems, this free expansion includes a sophisticated mechanism for player elections, founding new settlements and even introduces the possibility of conquering, pillaging and looting these player-run settlements.

The key towns and forts along Hadrian's Wall will continue to operate under Roman Provincial Law with all of its associated political intrigue, mercantile opportunities, state protection and harsh penalties. However, new settlements are expected to spring up both north and south of 'The Wall', and tensions are sure to rise as various player Tribes, Houses and Cults vie for power and territory in this new, dynamic landscape. Doubtless the other guild classes - such as Warbands, Auxilia and Legions, will play a pivotal combat role in the inevitable power struggles.

Many of these advanced features make use of one of RedBedlam's latest additions to Roma Victor - the highly anticipated particle effects system, which adds vivid and sometimes gritty realism to the world with features such as blood, sweat, dust, sparks, flames, smoke and much, much more.

Kerry Fraser-Robinson, RedBedlam's Managing Director commented: "Our historic virtual world is being shaped by its own community. We've provided the land, resources and political system but it's the players that hone their skills, master their crafts and fight for their land."

RedBedlam is planning to introduce further improvements and changes, not least of which is the re-introduction of an active in-game story arc driving events and intrigue forward in exciting new ways.

Read more here.

Dark Age of Camelot : A Dragon's Revenge Website Launched

Posted Mar 28, 2007 by

Dark Age of Camelot launches A Dragon's Revenge Website with latest patch.

EA Mythic today announced the launch of the website for the new Camelot Campaign, A Dragon's Revenge, as well as the release of the latest Dark Age of Camelot patch, version 1.88. The website contains stunning in-game screenshots, storyline background and insight on each realm's new breathtaking dragon. Patch version 1.88 features a complete revamp of the archery system, a sharp increase in the amount of bounty point rewards and more.

A Dragon's Revenge offers players a unique, action-packed six-month story arc with new content released every two weeks. Dormant for centuries, Camelot's dragons have grown restless and have descended upon peaceful villages throughout the Realms. Patch 1.88 marks the next stage in this exciting story -- and tales of horror await those in the path of the dragons' wrath.

Influenced directly by players' actions, the Dragon's Revenge story arc offers high-level players many new opportunities to wield their high-caliber skills, while opening new mysteries that players of all levels can explore. To see screenshots of the fearsome dragons and learn more about the exciting new campaign, visit:

Read more here.

Lord of the Rings Online : A Visit To Turbine

Posted Mar 28, 2007 by Jon Wood

Last week, Managing Editor Jon Wood attended a small press event at the Turbine offices in Westwood, MA to look at the upcoming MMORPG, Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar.

Last week, I attended a small press event at the Turbine offices in Westwood, MA. With Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar gearing up for their "World Tour", which I will talk a little bit more about shortly, it seemed like a pretty good time to get a clear look at what exactly Turbine is up to in this adaptation of a classic story.

To start, I should probably clear up a little bit of lore surrounding the game. When you look at the title of this game, the Lord of the Rings part is fairly self-explanatory, it's the Shadows of Angmar part that, if you're like me and enjoyed the books and the films, but have a shoddy memory, you're probably not quite sure about.

Angmar, as it turns out was one of the kingdoms of Men, led by one of the kings who took possession of the original rings. As even casual fans of this franchise are aware, the original rings corrupted their wearers, and eventually, the King of Angmar became the Witch King (the leaders of the Nasgul, or Ring Wraiths). Angmar, once a goodly kingdom is now a place of evil.

You can read the whole article here.

City of Heroes : Planetwide Media Comic Creator Contest

Posted Mar 27, 2007 by

Planetwide Media and City of Heroes announce Comic Creator Contest. Read the details below on how you can get your hero or villain into the pages of history.

NCsoft® and Planetwide Media announced today the launch of City of Heroes® and City of Villains® Comic Book Creator Contest. The contest based upon user-generated content will officially run from March 27, 2007 through 11:59 CDT April 27, 2007. Participants will be able to enter by submitting a four to eight-page comic book entry, utilizing featured super-powered hero and villain characters from their online game play, along with a collection of City of Heroes and City of Villains images, icons, symbols and artwork, created by the Planetwide Media's Comic Book Creator™ software.

Read more here.

Lord of the Rings Online : World Tour of Middle-earth

Posted Mar 27, 2007 by

Lord of the Rings Online presents the World Tour of Middle-earth. Up to 1 million players will be invited to take part in this event that begins on April 6th.

Turbine, Inc. and Midway Games Inc. (NYSE: MWY) announced a massive, free "World Tour of Middle-earth" available to players throughout North America. Over one million players are planned to be invited into The Lord of the Rings Online (TM): Shadows of Angmar (TM), the most complete and authentic massively multiplayer online (MMO) world based upon the famous Books of J.R.R. Tolkien. The World Tour of Middle-earth is scheduled to begin on April 6th and continue until the anticipated launch of the game on April 24th.

"We decided to launch the World Tour of Middle-earth because of the overwhelming demand from players to get into the closed beta," said Jeffrey Anderson, President and CEO of Turbine, Inc. "We expect the World Tour of Middle-earth to be a spectacular event like nothing that you've ever seen before."

Free access to this hotly anticipated game combined with the staggering size and scale of the World Tour of Middle-earth make this an unprecedented event in the MMO industry. Players can pre-order the game at select retail stores nationwide or at and start their adventures in Middle-earth beginning on March 30th.

Advancement in the game will be capped at level 15 which will give players a great opportunity to experience the most authentic online persistent recreation of Middle-earth ever created. Players should visit to get more information on how to obtain a World Tour key.

The Lord of the Rings Online is the first and only massively multiplayer online role-playing game based upon the Books of J.R.R. Tolkien. The game recreates the vast world of Middle-earth with incredible dedication to the lore with an unprecedented level of detail. The game delivers an experience that takes players beyond the Books to where they can create their own story within the most famous fantasy world of all time.

Read more here.

Lord of the Rings Online : Monster Preview Looks At Trolls

Posted Mar 27, 2007 by

Lord of the Rings Online gives us a look at Trolls. There are many creatures in Middle Earth, this week check out the nasty trolls and their powerful skills.

Trolls have existed in Middle-earth for as long as even the most ancient and powerful Elf-lords can remember. Creatures of the most corrupted evil, trolls are as dim-witted as they are strong. While there are many types of trolls in Middle-earth, Stone-trolls are particularly vicious and are extremely difficult to defeat in battle. These trolls are capable of dealing a punishing blow with even the simplest of weapons - from sticks to boulders to crude spiked clubs - while their rock-like skin provides an excellent natural defense that can turn aside the blade of even the most skilled warrior.

Read more here.

Guild Wars : Eye Of The North, Guild Wars 2 Update

Posted Mar 27, 2007 by

Guild Wars: Eye of the North and Guild Wars 2 officially announced. We have heard mention of this news over the past few days, but here is the official press release.

NCsoft® and ArenaNet® today revealed their exciting plans for the future of the hugely successful Guild Wars® franchise. The companies announced that development already is underway on a full sequel to the original Guild Wars games. Guild Wars 2TM will draw from the game mechanics that made the original Guild Wars one of the most popular online games ever and will add a fully persistent world. It was also revealed that, like its predecessors, Guild Wars 2 will not have a subscription fee. No launch date was announced, but the ArenaNet team anticipates that Guild Wars 2 will go into beta sometime in the second half of 2008.

In addition, ArenaNet developers are working on the first true expansion for the Guild Wars franchise, Guild Wars: Eye of the NorthTM. Due to hit store shelves during the 2007 holiday season, Guild Wars: Eye of the NorthTM will require at least one of the previous Guild Wars campaigns (PropheciesTM, FactionsTM, or NightfallTM) in order to play. It's a game that will benefit long-time players of the Guild Wars games, with all of the content targeting existing Guild Wars characters.

"We felt it was extremely important to reward those people who have been playing Guild Wars since the game first launched in 2005," said Jeff Strain, co-founder of ArenaNet. "Those players have seen three very large campaigns created in a little under two years and so we think it's time to begin filling in the details of the existing world and to provide more content for current characters. We are thrilled to focus our time on something that our players have been asking for."

Set largely in the dungeons and caverns of the lands of Tyria that players first explored in Guild Wars Prophecies, Guild Wars: Eye of the North will have 18 large, multi-level dungeons, 150 new skills across all 10 Guild Wars professions, 10 new Heroes, 40 new armor sets, and even more items, weapons and titles.

And for those looking even further down the road at Guild Wars 2, Guild Wars: Eye of the North will provide a Hall of Monuments where players' accomplishments are memorialized and eventually inherited by their Guild Wars 2 characters, unlocking exclusive items and bonuses in Guild Wars 2.

"It's the payoff we hope players will appreciate as we continue to build on the Guild Wars franchise," said Strain. "We're excited to announce these two new products and we want players to know that Guild Wars has an extremely exciting future in the months and years ahead."

Read more here.

Lineage 2 : Chaotic Throne Weapon Information

Posted Mar 27, 2007 by

Lineage II releases weapon information for The Chaotic Throne. Read up on some of the weapons available to players with this latest update.

Today NCsoft release Lineage II the Chaotic Throne: Interlude weaponry information written by Kelly Knox, Lineage II North America Community Manager.

New and Improved Weaponry

Newly fashioned weapons, a "try before you buy" system for existing weapons, and a new method to enhance a weapon are all coming this April in the next major Lineage II game update, Interlude.

Read more here.

Age of Conan : Outside the Box: Combat in Age of Conan

Posted Mar 27, 2007 by Jon Wood

News Editor Garrett Fuller returns with his weekly "Outside the Box" column. This week, Garrett looks at combat in MMORPGs, specifically the comabt in the upcoming Age of Conan.

One of the biggest complaints in MMOs for me is the combat. Up until now we have seen very basic combat systems in place for players. If you are playing a caster you run away, stop, throw a spell, and run some more until your opponent drops. If you are a tank you run up to the target, get a lock, start swinging and hit as many hot keys as you can to hit with your combos. Targeting is always easy, instead of actually missing, the game misses for you. The actually fight sometimes tends to get a bit boring. So how do we spice thing up? What type of interface can we give players to really make them feel like they are in combat? Well, steps are being taking in that direction with several games, but I wanted to draw attention to Age of Conan as a great example of creating a more realistic fighting experience.

Read the whole column here.

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