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Lord of the Rings Online : Book 14: Moving the Fellowship

Posted Jul 18, 2008 by Keith Cross

As the storyline in The Lord of the Rings Online goes ever on, the developers at Turbine have run into the problem of what to do with certain NPCs who move around a lot, specifically the Fellowship of the Ring. This latest Dev Journal from Turbine looks at how they solve these problems in Book 14.

Book 14 brings with it a number of great new additions and features, but for those of us heavily invested in the storyline, one of the most exciting developments is also one of the longest-awaited: the Fellowship will finally depart Rivendell on their errand of secrecy. In today's Dev Diary, I hope to shed some light on how we're accomplishing the big move, why we're handling it the way we are, and what it means for you!

Read more here.

Zu Online : 5X EXP Event, 777 Dollars Extended

Posted Jul 18, 2008 by Keith Cross

IGG has announced that they have extended their 777 Dollars event in Zu Online, and that Zu players will get 5x experience rewards until July 31.

Zu Online, a 3D MMORPG from IGG, has been warmly welcomed by all manner of players due to its unique theme and traditional oriental features.

IGG has extended the event “Draw Your 777 Dollars” until September 30 and released a 5X EXP event that increases experience gained from killing monsters by 400% from 4:30am July 16th till 4:30am July 31st EDT (GMT-4) in Zu Online. Don’t wait any longer for this special opportunity to “Draw Your 777 Dollars”, it’s not everyday that players have the chance to get free money.

Read more about the 5X EXP event here.

Read more about the 777 Dollars event here.

Voyage Century Online : New Reward System

Posted Jul 18, 2008 by Keith Cross

IGG has announced the addition of the Score Card System to Voyage Century Online, which provides another path to higher level gear.

Voyage Century, a 3D MMORPG from IGG, featuring real world geography, historical design, and eye-catching graphics, continues to impress its extraordinarily loyal players and fans from all over the world.

The Score Card system in Voyage Century Online has been officially launched. It is a special and important way to reward the players. Even players at low levels can get high level gear through this system to become much stronger in the game. There are many ways to get Score Cards, including completing the Around the World in 80 Days quest or taking part in the Lucky Egg event held by IGG company.

The system was originally developed and further improved based on some of the events IGG has held for players. Any player who wants to conquer Voyage Century Online with the Score Card system must be very lucky.

Read more here.

Myth War 2 : Promoter System Introduced

Posted Jul 18, 2008 by Keith Cross

IGG has announced the introduction of the Promoter System to Myth War II.

Myth War II, the new sequel to the classic MMORPG from IGG, continues the tradition of excellent play and an exciting community of players. Today the Myth War II team is going to introduce its celebrated Promoter System.

Register to become a member of the Promoter System and then invite your friends to play Myth War II Online or other IGG games.

Read more here.

Vendetta Online : Progress Report

Posted Jul 18, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at Vendetta Online have posted a progress report on their official site.

Hey everyone, a few words about recent progress and where we're headed. In my last post, I talked mostly about the addition of Voice Chat, and mentioned that we were getting back to work on more "game" oriented aspects of development. Beyond some new missions and other stuff, you haven't really seen much of this as of yet, so a few explanations are in order.

For one, the last major release (1.8.25, last Friday) put into production some of the final touches of Ray's redux of our object-handling system. This has been in the works for quite awhile, I've made mention before of "database changes" and whatnot, and this is basically what I was referring to. Prior to this, all the actual game-content definitions in our game, the ships and weapons and so on, were statically defined in a Lua file contained within the game client. Whenever we wanted to add a new ship, change the behaviour of a weapon, and so on.. we had to release a new version of the game. This wasn't really too bad, since we have a frequent release schedule, but it became rather time consuming and unwieldy to prototype and test new ship or addon definitions. Plus, it made more "dynamic" content definitions more problematic, like those that might be used under special mission circumstances, or perhaps for player Events.

Read more here.

General : Black Prophecy Teaser Trailer

Posted Jul 18, 2008 by Keith Cross

Reakktor Media has released the first teaser trailer for its upcoming next-generation Space Action MMO, Black Prophecy.

Video Interview Black Prophecy Teaser Trailer
Reakktor Media is proud to present the official debut teaser for its upcoming next-generation Space Action MMO "Black Prophecy". This teaser gives you a glimpse of Black Prophecy’s visually stunning, fast paced real-time combat action within the dark universe created by the award-winning Sci-Fi author Michael Marrak.

Watch the trailer here.

General : KoTOR MMO confirmed by Riccitiello

Posted Jul 17, 2008 by Jon Wood

Well, it seems as though the cat has finally been let out of the bag as John Riccitiello, the CEO of Electronic Arts, told that the upcoming MMORPG from Bioware was indeed Knights of the Old Republic. will continue to follow this story as it develops.

"We've got two of the most compelling MMOs in the industry in development," said Riccitiello. The first title, based on the Warhammer property, will launch soon. "And the one that people are dying for us to talk to them about -- in partnership with Lucas, coming out of BioWare, which is, I think, quite possibly the most anticipated game, full stop, for the industry at the point when we get closer to telling you about it."

Does Riccitiello mean the oft rumored Knights of the Old Republic Online?  "Yes," he said.

Read the interview here.

EverQuest : Dev Chat Transcript

Posted Jul 17, 2008 by Keith Cross

Last night we held a Dev Chat where members had the opportunity to talk with the good people from EverQuest. Today we present the transcript of last night's chat.

MMORPG_Kunou: Howdy and welcome to's Live Chat on! I'm your host,'s Community Manager Richard "Kunou" Cox. Joining us today are members of the Everquest dev team!

MMORPG_Kunou: Our guests will do their best to answer as many questions as possible, but due to limited time and a high volume of inquiries, they may not be able to answer every single one. Users are limited to two questions at a time,and you will be notified if your question is rejected or discarded.

[EQ]Ngreth: Hello! I am Adam "Ngreth" Bell, Game designer specializing in tradeskills and general content.

[EQ]Absor: Hello all. I'm Alan VanCouvering, known as Absor on the boards. I'm the assistant lead for content on EverQuest. I have been known to SMASH things and I have wielded both the Ban Hammer and the Nerf Stick.

[EQ]Merloc: Hello, I'm Keith Turkowski; I work with items, faction, and other game systems as well as content.

[EQ]Aristo: I'm Ed Hardin, content designer and patch wrangler.

[EQ]Prathun: Good afternoon, everyone! I'm Jonathan Caraker. My duties include content, spell design and distribution, and washing Absor's car.

[EQ]Zatozia: Greetings Everyone! I'm Lydia "Zatozia" Pope, Community Relations Manager. The torturing will commence shortly.

Read more here.

World of Warcraft : Achievement System Preview

Posted Jul 17, 2008 by Keith Cross

Blizzard has prepared a preview of the Player Achievement System, which will be introduced to World of Warcraft with the Wrath of the Lich King Expansion.

While Wrath of the Lich King will improve many of World of Warcraft’s existing features, it will also introduce plenty of brand-new ones to keep the game fresh and interesting. One of these new features is sure to suit a wide range of play styles: achievements. These self-contained goals will offer new challenges, satisfy goal-oriented players, allow others to see your accomplishments in World of Warcraft -- and are just plain fun.

World of Warcraft’s achievements system will launch with more than 500 individual achievements covering every aspect of gameplay, including world exploration, PvE, PvP, professions, and character development; from the purely whimsical to the truly epic, there will be something for everyone. Some achievements come with in-game rewards such as tabards, vanity pets, and titles. All of these rewards are purely cosmetic and just for fun, but you’ll certainly stand out when you proudly display them.

And don’t fret about running out of achievements anytime soon. The list is easily expandable, so you can expect additional achievements with each new World of Warcraft content update.

Read more here.

EverQuest II : Game Update 47: Storm Break Preview

Posted Jul 17, 2008 by Keith Cross

SOE has posted a preview of Game Update 47: Storm Break for EverQuest II, which includes in-game voice chat, and a level 1-59 item revamp.

EverQuest II In-Game Voice Chat

If you've ever wondered if that Ogre Wizard in your guild sounds more like a Halfling Fury it's now easier than ever to find out! All the functionality of third party voice chats, conveniently located in-game!

Just a few of the features:

  • Create your own password-protected custom channels
  • Automatic channels for Guilds, Raids and Groups
  • Group and Raid windows have speaking indicators
  • Leaders can invite any other players into Guild, Group and Raid channels
  • Moderator controls (kick, ban, mute, etc.)
  • Logitech G15 keyboard integration
  • Ability to individually mute and set volume per user that you can hear
  • Troubleshooting tools to get you chatting instantly!

Our development team has done a great job ironing out all the usual kinks associated with hopping into voice chat for the first time, you can read all about that within the Official EQII Forums here. Chat with your guild, your group, or friends across servers! Read here to see what folks on test have to say about this great new addition.

Read more here.

City of Heroes : Double Rewards Weekend Starts July 18th

Posted Jul 17, 2008 by Keith Cross

NCsoft has announced that they will be holding a Double Rewards Weekend in City of Heroes/Villains where players can earn double experience, prestige, influence, and infamy starting Friday July 18th.

That’s right folks, starting on Friday July 18th, 2008 City of Heroes and City of Villains will be giving away double the experience, prestige, influence, & infamy through Sunday July 20th. Check out our Official July Calendar for the listing and other important dates.


Rally together as super teams and discuss how you will be spending your Double XP Weekend in this forum topic.

Read more here.

Lord of the Rings Online : Book 14 Screenshots: Minstrels and More

Posted Jul 17, 2008 by Keith Cross

Turbine has released several new screenshots showing off new minstrel animations and shots from the continuation of the epic quest storyline in Book 14: The Ring-forges of Eregion, the next free content update for Lord of the Rings Online.

Read more here.

General : DC Universe Online Trailer

Posted Jul 17, 2008 by Keith Cross

Sony Online Entertainment has released the first trailer featuring early game-play footage of DC Universe Online, their upcoming superhero MMORPG based on the characters and worlds of DC Comics.

Video Interview DC Universe Online Trailer
The first trailer of DC Universe Online which features early game-play footage.

Watch the video here.

The Agency : Spying on The Agency at E3

Posted Jul 17, 2008 by Keith Cross

While in attendance at E3,'s Carolyn Koh had the opportunity to sit down and talk about The Agency with Lead Designer Hal Milton and Studio Manager Matt Wilson.

At this time, The Agency needs little introduction.  It is a Secret Agent / Spy action-based MMORPG.  Lead Designer Hal Milton and Studio Manager Matt Wilson were on hand to talk about the game, and the game's key concepts were reiterated.  “You are what you wear.”  and “A Head shot is still a head shot.”

As I had seen the demos before, I chatted with Hal to see what other information I could get out of him.  He was excited about the current progress of the game, “We'll be in Alpha in summer and that means locking down the future set.  Of course completing Alpha means that we've met exit criteria of Alpha and we're ready for Beta.”

He could, however, speak more on the roles that he had let slip at the Press day held in May.  “You are what you wear.”  is how the roles are defined.  What this phrase really means is that in this game, you create a character, and the role you take is dependent on the outfit you wear.  Careers aren't about classes and skill trees.  Instead, its about outfits and roles.  James Bond didn't wear a wet-suit to a pool party or a speedo to penetrate an armed fortress, neither will you.

Read more here.

Angels Online : Family Fund Released

Posted Jul 17, 2008 by Keith Cross

IGG has announced the release of the Family Fund System, where players can form families and advance together.

Angels Online, an IGG published game, prides itself on its cute characters, rich storylines and masses of fancy items. The AO team always strives to offer players a better, more comfortable game environment.

Today, the AO team has brought a brand-new system, the Family Funds, to players. This new system offers players a broader game environment and helps players easily acclimatize themselves to the game.

After the system is released, players can log into the Family Funds page and create a family. You can have 3-10 players in your family; and as the players in your group level-up, your family will be rewarded with some great rewards

Read more here.

Shadow of Legend : New Update

Posted Jul 17, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at have Shadow of Legend have published the notes v0.8.10.0 of the game, which includes an Arena System, the Sparkling Labyrinth event, new automation functions, new maps, new instances and more.

Shadow of Legend(SOL) is to be updated to v0.8.10.0 on July 16, 2008 during the routine server maintenance hours (7:00 am to 10:00am GMT). List bellowed is the update content:

New Features:

1.  Arena System:

It's an exclusive map area, where players, whether they are from the same camp or not, can compete with each other. The winner gets XP and Honor Points as rewards.

a) Arena entrances:

       Union: Phynas (530,740)NPC Contestant Namowen

            Chaos: Greyrock Castle (789,470) NPC Contestant Namowen

b) Open hours: 19:00-21:00PDT(2:00-4:00GMT), half hour per session).

Read more here.

Cronous : Aeria to Distribute Cronous in NA

Posted Jul 17, 2008 by Keith Cross

Aeria Games has announced that they have acquired the MMORPG Cronous for distribution in North America.

Santa Clara, Calif. (July 16, 2008) – Free-to-play PC game publisher, Aeria Games has acquired Cronous — the classic MMORPG game developed by Lizard Interactive for distribution in North America.

Aeria Games will add Cronous to its portfolio of free MMORPG games such as Shaiya and Last Chaos to offer a release that may have a different appeal to players. Cronous is a more traditional MMORPG game that has game play which is familiar to original Dungeons & Dragons and Diablo fans. Players can choose from classes such as Fighters, Valkryries (like Rogues), Magicians (like Wizards) and Savages (like Barbarians). Game characters gain special attacks and magic spells specific to their classes through leveling.

Around the world, Cronous attracted players for its massive amount of content including over 100 maps and dungeons as well as quests with variable storylines that are affected by the player’s actions. Aeria Games is confident that Cronous is a game that can occupy its players for a long, long time.

The exclusive North American release of Cronous through Aeria Games will be free-to-play with no upfront or monthly costs. Special in-game items and decorative equipment will be available for optional purchase using Aeria Points — the universal currency on the Aeria Games portal.

Cronous will be available for beta testing in July 2008 and release is expected for August 2008.

Read more here.

General : Chaos Online: Alpha Starts August 1st

Posted Jul 17, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at Chaos Online have announced that they will begin alpha testing Chaos Online on August 1st.

We are glad to announce that, the Alpha testing of Chaos Online will start on August 1st, 2008. During the Alpha testing period, if there are no big mistakes/bugs there will be No Server Wipe.

Chaos Online is a free to play Sci-Fi MMORPG where modern technology & weaponry melds with Ancient Myth and Martial Arts. Since our purpose is to let players participate in developing a MMORPG, and we have decided No Server Wipe when alpha testing ends, so there are several instructions in alpha testing period.

Read more here.

General : PlaySpan Acquires PayByCash

Posted Jul 17, 2008 by Keith Cross

PlaySpan has announced that they have finalized a deal to acquired online payment service provider PayByCash.

Silicon Valley based PlaySpan Inc. ( has acquired PayByCash ( the leading alternative payment system for online games, virtual worlds and social networks. Together PlaySpan and PayByCash create one of the fastest growing commerce and payment service companies supporting game publishers’ need for a complete commerce and payment platform in the rapidly growing market of online games and interactive entertainment.

PayByCash is one of the most trusted payment brands for top-tier game publishers and millions of gamers worldwide. As a payment gateway, PayByCash provides the broadest network of 70 different payment methods, supported in over 200 countries. The Ultimate Game Card™, PayByCash’s pre-paid card, can be used for all of its merchant clients and is fast becoming the most popular payment method among hard-to-reach gaming demographics.

“PayByCash’s 10 year reputation in the global game industry, operational experience of millions of transactions each year and the trust of millions of gamers make the service a great addition to our in-game marketplace platform,” said Karl Mehta, Founder and CEO of PlaySpan. “We are excited about the synergies of our businesses and will continue to promote PayByCash’s global payment platform to our publisher partners worldwide”.

Read more here.

General : Community Manager

Posted Jul 17, 2008 by Jon Wood is sorry to announce that our long-time Community Manager Laura Genender has moved on from her post here at the site and has taken over duties in the community department of a development studio.

While we here at the site are sad to see Laura go, we know that she will excel in her new post and we wish her well in all of her future endeavours.

In happier news, we can now also name our new Community Manager. Richard Cox, who worked most recently on the community team over at EA Mythic, is a former Staff Writer and Moderator here at MMORPG.

We know that Richard is a great addition to the team, and we look forward to working with him now and in the future.

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