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Guild Wars Factions : Championships Open Event

Posted Jul 13, 2006 by Jon Wood

Guild Wars has announced that they will be holding a Guild Wars Factions Championship Open Event this coming weekend.


This coming weekend, you'll have a double-dose of Guild Wars goodness. First, you can participate in the Guild Wars Factions Championship Open Event. Secondly, as a special treat for all guild-versus-guild players, everyone playing during the Open Event—which runs from 08:00 GMT Friday July 14 until 08:00 GMT Monday July 17—will receive double Balthazar Faction! That's double faction for unique kills, for matches won, and for flawless victories. Join us this weekend for twice the fun!

For more on Guild Wars, click here.

World of Warcraft : New Realms

Posted Jul 13, 2006 by Jon Wood

Blizzard has announced the opening of two brand new realms for their popular MMORPG< World of WarCraft:


We are pleased to announce the opening of two new realms: The Venture Co, which is a RP-PvP realm, and Sentinels, which is a new RP realm. These new realms will provide a great place for new and old players alike to begin fresh adventures within the world of Azeroth. Enjoy!

For more WoW, click here.

World of Warcraft : Jewelcrafting

Posted Jul 13, 2006 by Jon Wood

Our friends over at World of WarCraft have released a new webpage that explains one of the new professions that will be appearing in their upcoming expansion, The Burning Crusade.


World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade will introduce a lot of new features to expand the game in many interesting and fun ways. One of these additions is the introduction of a new profession: jewelcrafting.

We have just released a brand-new page where you can get detailed information on the jewelcrafting profession and a first look at a related feature that will be introduced in The Burning Crusade: socketed items.

For more on WoW, click here.

Dreamlords: Resurrection : Monster Description Submission

Posted Jul 12, 2006 by Jon Wood

Dreamlords has come up with a unique way to populate their game world with mosters. They are asking interested players to submit a description of a monster to the website, – Seize the opportunity to battle against the monsters of your dreams.

Have you even imagined a creature or beast? How would the monster of your dreams look? Have you ever had a scary dream or imagined too much when the shadows lengthened around you?

Put your ideas and fears to the test, submit a description of your monster at and you might get a chance to fight it in the all new online experience Dreamlords.

Creating a new online experience demands new ways of development. Lockpick Entertainment has therefore created a unique way for gamers to participate in making the world of Elysion come to life. Never before have gamers and fans had such an opportunity to influence the creative process.

Visit and watch as Lockpick transforms your descriptions into the living and breathing beasts of Elysion, the world of Dreamlords.

Soon you will be able to do battle against your creations in the upcoming MMO, Dreamlords.

For more on Dreamlords, click here.

Dreamlords: Resurrection : Four New Screens

Posted Jul 12, 2006 by Jon Wood

Dreamlords has sent us four new screenshots! You can view all of the Dreamlords Screenshots in our gallery, here.

For more on Dreamlords, click here.

Pirates of the Burning Sea : Dev Journal: Summer!

Posted Jul 12, 2006 by Dana Massey

The monthly developer log from Pirates of the Burning Sea runs today. This month, their Producer gives a behind the scenes peek at the life of the team and what they're up to this summer.

June is apparently party month here at Flying Lab, because we’re having two of them in two weeks. Last Friday we rented out the Pacific Science Center, down in the shadow of the Space Needle, so our staff and friends could get exclusive use of the Game On! exhibit. This is a traveling exhibit about the history of videogames, and the best part about it is they have dozens of playable games on hand, most on the original hardware. They’ve got original arcade machines, vintage consoles, and lots more. We played all kinds of stuff -- Space Invaders, Pitfall, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy text adventure, Bubble Bobble, Rez, Monkey Island, and tons more. My favorite was the original Star Wars vector graphics arcade game, which the exhibit includes in its sit-down cockpit version. But the most popular was the six-player Sega Saturn version of Super Bomberman. Vintage systems available for play included the Vectrex, the TurboGrafx 16, and every Nintendo, Sega, and Sony machine from years gone by. We played tons of games, ate a lot, and drank heavily. My wife completely kicked my ass in Centipede – and by “kicked my ass” I mean, I scored about 8,000 and she scored more than 38,000. Damnit!

You can read more here.

General : Editorial: Evolution of Classes

Posted Jul 12, 2006 by Dana Massey

Thomas Mortensen debuts his editorial stylings with this new article entitled "Evolution of Classes". He looks at where this classic construct is headed.

The MMORPG genre has changed a lot since the early days of Meridian 59 and Ultima Online, but the games still relies on the basic classes introduced back then. Most MMORPG still use the Fighter, a heavily armoured close combat character that can take lots of damage. Having to rely on short-range weapons and relative low damage his fights may last long. Thus he will need the healer, whose job is to heal the party and make sure they stay alive. A second role of the healer is to buff the party by adding temporary enchantments, which make the party stronger, faster or more resilient. The mage is the most fragile character, but he can deliver large amounts of ranged damage through arcane magic. Though the games do not always use the same names for the character classes they are always build on one of these arch classes or a mix of two of them through hybrids like the Bard, Paladin or Battlemage.

You can read more here.

Ryzom : Website Update

Posted Jul 12, 2006 by Jon Wood

The folks over at The Saga of Ryzom have updated their official game website, check it out!


We have just updated with a few additional fixes, improved the comments presentation and added a draft portlet.


  • Official comments (from Nevrax or CS staff) are now displayed differently than the others, to let you find them more quickly;
  • The poster full name (configured in the personal preferences) is now displayed instead of the login name in the comments;
  • A new portlet now appears on the right column when you are logged, containing all the draft documents you have created on the website.


  • Added missing translations;
  • Fixed an issue with the news RSS feed - sometimes, it wasn't displaying the correct language;
  • The news email alerts were not sent, this should now be fixed;
  • Confirmation emails sent when registering to the newsletter or to the email alert are now sent in the right language - previously, they were all sent in English;
  • Fixed a security issue with unpublished news - if somebody happened to know the right URL, he was able to see the news before the publication time;
  • Fixed a few W3C validation errors in the XHTML code.

For more on The Saga of Ryzom, click here.

EverQuest II : Dev Chest

Posted Jul 12, 2006 by Jon Wood

Our friends over at Sony Online Entertainment's EverQuest II have released a new Dev Chest. The Dev Chest points readers to interesting forum conversations that the developers have taken part in:


Sometimes it's hard to find the buried treasures contained within the EverQuest II forums. The Dev Chest highlights useful, insightful, or entertaining posts from the developers that you may want to check out. Get your treasure maps and shovels ready--we're about to discover a Dev Chest

  • Do you have that feeling like your being overcharged for something? Virtual economies and markets are always an interesting subject and Moorgard shares some insight here.
  • So you have questions about the War of the Plagues. Who better to ask than Vhalen? The lore guru provides some great bits of information on the War of the Plagues so be sure to read up on this!
  • Questions about the Betrayal and what goes on when you betray your city have come up. None other than Aeralik chimes in on this topic to clear up some of the confusion.
  • So, do you remember the new Launch Pad that was mentioned at E3? We have new forums coming soon and the new Launch Pad seems to have come up as an interesting topic, Brenlo puts these ideas to rest for the time being.

For more on EQII, click here.

Dark Age of Camelot : Notes

Posted Jul 12, 2006 by Jon Wood

Yesterday, the servers for Dark Age of Camelot had to be taken down for "an emergency dupe bug fix". The results of which appear in note-form below:



  • Under the correct circumstances, picking up weapons, shields, and instruments from walls in player houses could cause a character to become bugged. This has been fixed.



  • - Added more consignment tasks for Spellcrafting to fix an issue where players in the 330-350 skill range were unable to receive a consignment task from their Spellcrafting trainer.
  • - NPC merchants will now buy back armor linings from the players at 100% of the item’s cost.


  • All material level recipes for svarkedja armor will now appear in the Armorcrafting recipe list.
  • Removed the duplicate listing for boned boots and boned arms.
  • The shar osnadurtha boots will now correctly require 10 leather squares instead of 34 leather squares.


  • Legendary double bladed Axes will now have the appropriate 4.0 speed.


  • All material level recipes for boned boots and boned arms will now appear in the Tailoring recipe list.

For more DAoC, click here.

D&D Online : Social Panel Enhancements

Posted Jul 12, 2006 by Jon Wood

Turbine's Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach, has announced that they have added some new enhancements tot heir Social Panel, the part of the UI that handles and organizes grouping. There's a detailed explanation with pictures, if you follow the link below:


Now its even easier to find a group in DUNGEONS & DRAGONS ONLINE™: Stormreach™. Check out the new enhancements to the Social Panel.

Looking for a group is now easier than ever. In April we asked how long it took you to find a group using the current grouping tool. You answered and made many great suggestions on how we can modify the design to make it even more effective. Since then, we have added a number of new features to make finding teammates easy and get you into the dungeons as quickly as possible.

The Social Panel has been redesigned with new options. The Grouping Windows now contains three tabs to help you find a group or add teammates to your existing group: LFG (Looking for Group), LFM (Looking for More) and Who.

Read it all, here.

Guild Wars : Gen Con Tournament

Posted Jul 12, 2006 by Jon Wood

Guild Wars has announced that they will be headed to Indianapolis to host a tournament for their game at the upcoming Gen Con in August:


If you're attending Gen Con in Indianapolis this August, plan on taking part in a Guild Wars live tournament. Gen Con will be the first event to host a new sealed-play, 4v4 player-versus-player match-up, and anyone can participate! To sweeten the pot, participants will vie for a $5,000 cash purse. For more details, check out the info page.

For more on Guild Wars, click here.

Spellborn : Seven New Screens

Posted Jul 12, 2006 by Jon Wood

The Chronicles of Spellborn have released seven new and exciting screenshots for our viewing pleasure. You can view all of our TCoS screenshots in our gallery, here.

For more TCoS, click here.

D&D Online : Module Two Released

Posted Jul 12, 2006 by Jon Wood

Today marks the release of the much-touted and anticipated second module for Turbine's Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach. The new module, titled "Twilight Forge", will bring in, among other things, a brand new playable race, The Drow:


The Twilight Forge Module Adds Drow Race And A New Raid To Hit MMOG

WESTWOOD, MA – July 12, 2006 – Turbine, Inc. announced today the release of a second content module for DUNGEONS & DRAGONS ONLINE™: Stormreach™ (DDO), the hit game that has quickly become one of the fastest-growing MMOGs (massively multiplayer online games) in North America. The Twilight Forge module, the second in a series of modules to be released by Turbine, features a new story module consisting of a series of adventures culminating in an epic encounter against a legendary foe – the Warforged Titan. The Twilight Forge also includes several new features designed to improve game play. Turbine will offer the Twilight Forge module free of charge for all current DDO subscribers as part of its commitment to continue to grow the game for its legions of fans. DDO is based on the world-renowned DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® brand franchise from Wizards of the Coast, Inc., a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE: HAS).

Following on the launch of solo game play in June, the Twilight Forge module offers a host of features, including the introduction of the drow as another playable race, content for players of all levels, enhanced grouping tools to improve the player experience, an in-game mail system, an adventurer’s compendium to track completed quests, a “favor” system to track a player’s standing in the world, additional inventory slots and bank slots, and a plethora of new items, benefits and monsters. DUNGEONS & DRAGONS is under license from the Hasbro Properties Group, the intellectual property development arm of Hasbro.

“The Twilight Forge module introduces a tremendous amount of new content to DDO – the drow, new dungeons and enhanced tools to improve the overall player experience,” said Jeffrey Anderson, president and CEO of Turbine, Inc. “With the launch of this module, we have increased the size of DDO by over 25 percent since launch and added many innovative features.”

In addition to the ability to create characters based on the drow, also known as the dark elf, players can expect to encounter new monsters from the D&D® universe, including the Mindflayer, Ogre Magi, and Warforged Titan. The player experience has been updated by including an improved user interface with tools that make grouping easier and the introduction of a new in-game mail system that allows the delivery of items and messages between other players regardless of their online status. Finally, the Twilight Forge module includes a new award system that gives players bonuses for completing dungeons on all difficulty levels.

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS ONLINE: Stormreach recreates the essence of the classic pen-and-paper roleplaying experience - with an emphasis on non-grinding, instanced quests that provide a unique, immersive experience for each party. Authentic features in the game include customizable characters; dungeons filled with devious traps; monsters and stories from the Eberron® campaign setting; an on-screen d20 (20-sided die) and a dungeon master. The unique online world of Stormreach™ is a bustling city with thousands of players from around the world. It represents a new paradigm for the MMO genre with unique features including party-based quests, integrated voice chat, real-time action combat, and award winning graphics.

Published by Atari, Inc. (NASDAQ: ATAR) in February, DUNGEONS & DRAGONS ONLINE™ has been enthusiastically received by many gaming critics, including The New York Times, PC Gamer, Game Informer and many more. DUNGEONS & DRAGONS ONLINE: Stormreach is currently available in retail stores for $49.99. Additional information can be found at

For more info, click here.

Lord of the Rings Online : Raid Content

Posted Jul 12, 2006 by Jon Wood

Yesterday, Orion, of the development team for Turbine's Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar made a post on their official forums that confirms that the new game based on the popular book series will contain raid content. The post goes on to say that players will not be required to raid, that there will be plenty of non-raid content, and more. You can read the whole post by following the link at the bottom:


‘Oh boy!’

It’s a catch phrase from one of my favorite TV shows of all time; Quantum Leap. Sam Beckett, the main character, would say this when he realized that he had leapt into a difficult situation. See, Sam was a time-traveler who fixed wrongs by helping people who needed the help. I kept hoping that Sam was going to leap into me and fix my little conundrum; alas.

A few months ago I penned my first Dev Diary stating that we were solo friendly (we still are), I also stated that there would be group instances (still there!) and I also said of raids, ‘At this time, the answer is no.’ (Oh boy!).

Development is mercurial; what is true one day may not necessarily be true the next. Over the past few months we have mentioned other major changes and now, I must tell you that we will have raids in Lord of the Rings: Shadows of Angmar.

What a difference four months can make.

Read it all, here.

Hero's Journey : Dev Journal: The Real World

Posted Jul 11, 2006 by Dana Massey

The good folks at Simutronics have delivered another spirited developer journal our way today. GM Erik "Sev" Roggeveen comes at us from every angle in this article. The main focus is on giving power to the players.

Again I must insist that the topic of the day be superseded, despite the Shadowbosses desire for me to speak about that fantastic upcoming MMORPG Hero's Journey, so that we can discuss the single most important issue that faces our world warming.

More specifically, the ability for players to "heat things up" themselves and organize and run their own fun events, gala affairs, or flaming jugglethons! Those familiar with Simutronics' level of attention to personalized customer experience in our previous games will be happy to know that we will continue to blow people away with everything from massive festivals to personalized wedding ceremonies for your characters. Seen that before? Not quite! But, sadly, as this is not an official area I'm free to babble publicly about yet, I'll have to bow to the knee-chaffingly wicked wills of my masters.

So I will talk about what we are working on right now instead, with little to no preamble. Alright, a light preamble. A gravy-smothered light preamble. (Don't drown your food, kids!)

You can read more here.

Warhammer Online : Two New Screens

Posted Jul 11, 2006 by Dana Massey

Today we have two new screenshots from the upcoming MMORPG from Mythic Entertainment. These images show off some of the same scenery released before, but do include interesting new details, such as the banner behind the dwarf.

Thanks to Mythic Entertainment for passing these on over.

Star Wars Galaxies : Smedley Rumors Denied

Posted Jul 11, 2006 by Dana Massey

Internet rumors are flying that Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley had either left the company or been fired (link). These are false, according to SOE Director of Corporate Communications Chris Kramer.

"John Smedley is still SOE president," Kramer told "[The] rumors are completely unfounded."

Vanguard : Sigil Employee Spotlight

Posted Jul 11, 2006 by Jon Wood

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, has started a new feature on their official website. This one's called, The Sigil Employee Spotlight, and their first feature turns the spotlight on Rob Metzker. As usual, we present only a snip of the feature here, you can read it all by following the link below:


Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Rob Matzker - web developer, build master and tools guy. I work with Sean Hamilton to create and maintain our web presence while also keeping the game’s build tools updated. When I am not spinning the web, I play keys in a San Diego rock-n-roll jam band called Moontucky Risin.

Read it all, here.

Lord of the Rings Online : Exploring Middle-Earth

Posted Jul 11, 2006 by Jon Wood

They've added another entry into their "Exploring Middle-Earth" features over at the Lord of the Rings Online website. This time around, it's a place called, Buckleberry Ferry:


In the Eastfarthing of the Shire, adventurers will discover the River Baranduin, commonly referred to as the "Brandywine" by Hobbit-folk, flowing out from the Hills of Evendim far to the north. One of the often-used crossings of this large and slow-moving river is The Bucklebury Ferry, located in the eastern lands of the Shire, connecting The Marish on the western banks to Buckland on the eastern side. The Bucklebury Ferry is a simple arrangement of wooden landings (one on either side) and a small boat running between the two. In these dark days, however, the boat has gone missing, perhaps pulled from the water to protect against intruders, or simply abandoned to drift down the Brandywine to places unknown. Travelers in this land may need to find a more suitable place to ford the broad waters or consider heading to the Brandywine Bridge (also known as the Bridge of Stonebows), not far upriver to the north.

Designing the Bucklebury Ferry and other familiar landmarks along Frodo's journey is one of the most exciting, and daunting, challenges for the Turbine design team. Following the path of the hobbits out of the Shire, and indeed the entire route of the Fellowship of the Ring, will no doubt be a fan-favorite in LOTRO, so special care has been taken to ensure accuracy at every step along the way. From the whitewashed stones lining the road leading to Ferry, to the twinkling lights of Brandy Hall on the far banks, this crossing, from the initial conceptual drawings, through to its final modeling in 3D for the game, has been designed to be as true as possible to the location as described in the source material. Players may want to follow the lead of Frodo and his companions and remember that this location provides an excellent opportunity to leave pursuing Black Riders behind.

Check out the enrty, here.

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