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Star Wars: The Old Republic : New Screenshots

Posted Jan 23, 2009 by Keith Cross

Bioware has published five new screenshots from their highly anticipated MMORPG, Star Wars: The Old Republic.

SW:TOR Screenshot

Follow the link to see the rest of the Star Wars: The Old Republic Screens.

Lord of the Rings Online : Mines of Moria Screens

Posted Jan 23, 2009 by Keith Cross

To complement today's review of the Mines of Moria expansion for Lord of the Rings Online, we present eight new screenshots of the ruined realm of the dwarves.

Earthrise Screenshot

Take a look at the Mines of Moria Screens.

Lord of the Rings Online : Mines of Moria Review

Posted Jan 23, 2009 by Jon Wood reviewer Donna Desborough takes a look at Turbine's addition to Lord of the Rings Online with this official Mines of Moria review.

Mines of Moria Screenshot

November is always a hectic month for gaming as everyone tries to get their game out in time for for Christmas. This year we added Lord of the Rings Online's first expansion, Mines of Moria, into the mix. So many games and so little time. Well, for this expansion I made time. There was no way I was going to miss what promised to be an epic addition to the game.

I've always liked Turbine's interpretation of the Dwarven interior areas. One of the main reasons my kinship hall is in the dwarf region is because I liked the look of it best. So when Mines of Moria was announced as the next expansion I got excited just to see what it would look like. Turbine do not disappoint.

Read the Mines of Moria Review

World of Warcraft : Druid Talent Tree, Tier 0

Posted Jan 23, 2009 by Jon Wood WoW Guide Correspondent James Wood has submitted this Tier 0 Druid Talent Tree for our reading pleasure.

As a Druid, you’re diverse, but you’re also going to need to gather gear with different stats to support your specialization. This is a nightmare when it’s time for epic gear, as you’ll often be fighting with other classes to get 3 pieces of gear that are equipped in the same slot.

Needing all that gear is the price you pay for your diversity, but because Druids can fill a lot of roles within groups, they can enter most raiding groups in need of the basic classes (Tank, DPS, Healer).Balance turns the Druid to Ranged DPS, Feral Combat to Melee DPS or a Tank, and Restoration makes them a Healer.

Read the Druid Talent Tree, Tier 0

Age of Conan : Letter from the Game Director

Posted Jan 23, 2009 by Keith Cross

Craig Morrison, Game Director for Age of Conan, has written a new letter to the community where he discusses upcoming additions to the game including the next major update and the Xibaluku dungeon, and PvP tweaks.

Now that the server merges are complete and the new communities start to come together, in some cases alongside new allies, in others against new foes, I wanted to take some time out and talk a little about what’s coming up in the immediate future.

This starts with the next major game update, and with it some great new game-play and a host of new game-play updates and new features. The update is currently available on the test servers and we’ve been making good progress on getting it polished up and ready for the live environment.

I have enjoyed playing through the new Xibaluku dungeon with the dev team over the last few weeks and I wanted to share a little more in terms of what you can expect to see coming your way when this dungeon hits the live servers. Xibaluku is a six person instance for level 80 players found in Thunder River. That much we have already said in previous information, so more importantly – what does it play like?

Read more here.

Spellborn : Road to Patch 1.0.2

Posted Jan 23, 2009 by Keith Cross

The folks at The Chronicles of Spellborn have posted a before and after look at some of the changes that Patch 1.0.2 will make to the game.

First, let’s talk about the floating names displayed on top of the characters. In some occurrences the names of the characters were unreadable because the shadow of the text was broken. Now the names are outlined and this “white” shadow isn’t shown anymore.

As a consequence, these new outlined texts also enable the names to be properly read and displayed when there is a high contrast between floating name and the background (from dark to bright).

These two modifications also dramatically impact the display of the text in GUI elements -like Skill Book, but also in the Chat. You will also notice that when a Skill description has a bullet list, the text now wraps properly and the next line starts at the same offset like the line above.

Read more here.

Pirates of the Burning Sea : One Year Anniversary

Posted Jan 23, 2009 by Keith Cross

Pirates of the Burning Sea is celebrating its one year anniversary since the game launched. To mark the occasion, players will receive a special anniversary coat and can take part in the Black Sails event.

Flying Lab Software are proud to be celebrating the one-year anniversary of Pirates of the Burning Sea!

The game originally launched on January 22nd 2008, and since then we’ve had 11 feature and content updates, which have included a major overhaul to our Avatar Combat system, new epic group missions for high level players, new Pirate careers, numerous art and UI updates and much, much, more. We are committed to continue bringing you regular updates throughout 2009!

To celebrate our anniversary, we will be giving all of our players access to a new Anniversary Coat, which will be available in the tailor shop. Each nation’s coat is different!

Read more here.

Champions Online : Ask Cryptic

Posted Jan 23, 2009 by Keith Cross

In the most recent edition of Ask Cryptic, the devs behind Champions Online answer questions about power emanation points, player housing, nemeses, and more.

Will we be able to use weapons to use our powers or will we be stuck with shooting fire from our hands? (timtheory)

There are a couple different ways that we address that: one is emanation points. You can choose where your power comes from. Say you’re using a force beam and you want it to come from your eyes, or your hands, or other different areas. That’s if you want to be doing it without weapons and want it built into your character concept. There’s also a system that we call power replaces that allows you to do it with weapons. You can create items that still use your powers, but replace where they come from. Sometimes they can also give you new powers. If I have a sword melee power and normally use a broadsword, a fiery katana can suddenly drop in the world and I could now use that to replace my normal sword. It doesn’t change the powers – or attacks – I use, but it may provide a different look, or it may have inherent abilities with it.

Read more here.

Warhammer Online : Grab a Bag of WAR

Posted Jan 23, 2009 by Keith Cross

The WAR Grab Bag returns to answer a diverse array of questions on a variety of topics from the Warhammer Online Community.

Q. Have the 3 Greenskin Tome Tactics (Outmaneuver the Dim, Outmaneuver the Cunning and Outmaneuver the Clever) been removed the game? I can no longer use them on my White Lion, and I cannot see them at the Tome Tactic Librarian in Altdorf.

A. No, these have not been removed, so they should be in and functional. It’s possible that you already trained them and haven’t re-slotted them since the ‘respec’ from 1.1. If so, they are still listed in their ability tabs and you just need to be put the one you want back in the Tome Tactic slot. One way for you to check this is to look at your ability window in the Tactic tab and sort by Tome. Another way would be to look at the rewards section of the Tome and check the Tactics tab.

Q. I’ve noticed that sometimes root effects don’t seem to be breaking when the rooted target is damaged, and sometimes the root does indeed break, but it's inconsistent. Are roots supposed to break 100% of the time when damage is done to a rooted player, or is it just a chance to break when damaged?

A. Root effects have a 50% chance to break each time that the victim is damaged, so what you’re experiencing is perfectly normal!

Read more here.

Warrior Epic : Classes Overview

Posted Jan 23, 2009 by Jon Wood

The folks from True Games Interactive have provided us with this overview of the classes in their MMORPG Warrior Epic.

Warrior Epic Screenshot


Pit fighters are the most powerful melee warriors. Hailing from two different regions, each specializes in different areas of combat. While the two vary in practice, both are adept in the base tactics taught by their masters. Targets that stray from the herd are dominated by the sheer power of the Pit Fighter's melee swings. They are experts in hand-to-hand combat which allows for skills in AOE melee strikes. Their instincts are to defeat enemies swiftly, while escaping danger when overwhelmed. Pits have the ability to "Master" equipped weapons and items. This skill allows Pit Fighters to have altered weapons unique to any other weapon in the Kingdom of Providence.

Read the Warrior Epic Classes Overview

World of Kung Fu : New Upgrade for the New Year

Posted Jan 23, 2009 by Keith Cross

VestGame Entertainment has released the latest upgrade for World of Kung Fu which adds custom martial arts styles, a rebirth system, new gear, new quests and more.

VestGame Entertainment released the latest version of its popular 3D martial arts game “World of Kung Fu” this week to delight its many players and fans during this Chinese holiday season. World of Kung Fu (WoKF) is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) based on the traditional arts and mythology of ancient China.

One key new feature is the ability for players to create and upgrade their own style of Kung Fu with the new Meridian system. The Meridian system allows players using their own Kung Fu style to become even more powerful by making available new skills and strengthening character attributes. Players can now become Kung Fu legends using styles they have created themselves. The Rebirth system is also new. This allows players to get beyond the existing level cap and explore new realms with enhanced powers.

The new version also features brand new sets of armor for all classes. Each set can be crafted and refined. Many new and exciting additions have been made to the item mall for players to customize their characters. A new mount is available – the Giant Elephant. And all of the looting pets have been made more helpful and will now enhance player attributes.

In addition to the new systems, armor classes, and item mall items, there are also new quests and significant improvements to gameplay that will enhance the overall player experience. Reward ratios from Fortune Boxes and Chao Treasure Boxes have been readjusted to allow superior items. A new Shelter Charm will soon be added to prevent white name players from being killed by other players. Divine items can now be refined, and several old bugs have been fixed.

All in all, the newest version of World of Kung Fu represents a major upgrade from previous versions, and everyone is encouraged to try for themselves. More detailed information about the many new features and enhancements can be found on the World of Kung Fu website.

Read more here.

Mortal Online : Beta Talk and a Countdown Clock

Posted Jan 23, 2009 by Keith Cross

The Mortal Online official site has been updated with a few brief notes about beta testing and a community event, as well as a countdown clock which is currently at 53 days and some change.

Beta development
We have a very hectic and interesting half year in front of us, as we now have entered into the beta development phase of Mortal Online. Due to heavy workload we unfortunately have very little time for releasing new information this month - the game must always be our top priority.

Ending notes
That´s all we have to offer this time. Don’t forget to check the forums for upcoming releases and other fun stuff. We developers try to be active on the forums whenever possible, to read or answer your questions and comments.

Read more here.

Bounty Bay Online : New Website

Posted Jan 23, 2009 by Keith Cross

Frogster has announced that they have given the official site for Bounty Bay Online a complete makeover.

New year, new add-on, new website – Bounty Bay Online has started into the new year with a lot fresh drive. Following the launch of the colony add-on last week, publisher Frogster has bid farewell to the winter dreariness and just launched a new website for the sailor game. The fully reconditioned internet harbour now sports a pretty and user friendly re-design and an optimized navigation. Particularly the screenshot gallery and the wallpaper section have been cleared out and rearranged. A flash box in the header features small revolving videos from the explorer world. Last but not least, the item shop for Bounty Bay Online has been completely overhauled and restructured.

Check out the new site here.

Voyage Century Online : Old Game vs New Game

Posted Jan 23, 2009 by Keith Cross

The folks at Voyage Century have posted a comparison between the older version of the game and the game current version.

Many players have experienced the new version of Voyage Century since it’s release on January 16th. Today we have invited the folks at Voyage Century to talk to you about the differences between the new version and the old one.

Difference 1: New Professions VS Non Profession Directions

Compared to the old version, which doesn’t have the distinct directions of the profession development, the new version offers 5 specific professions for players to choose from, based on the most special skills of the old version. In doing so, not only is the powerful skill system maintained, but players also have a distinct direction in which to develop.

Difference 2: More mall items available in the game

In the past, we tried hard to but didn’t totally solve the contradiction between mall items and in-game items until the release of the new version. Players now have a much better chance to obtain those items which previously could only be purchased in the Item Mall. In doing so, the “Free to Play” promise is really being kept.

Difference 3: Merchant Alliance System VS Simply Guild System

The Merchant Alliance system is the highlight of the new version. Players will not only represent their guilds in fights, but also their Merchant Alliances. So wars are no longer just limited to guilds or individuals. You will be able to join in wars on a far larger scale. Fiercer, more cruel, and more involving.

Read more here.

General : 2029 Online: New Details

Posted Jan 23, 2009 by Keith Cross

IGG has released more details about 2029 Online, their new Science fiction MMO which is currently in development.

2029 Online ( is a massive online sci-fi based multiplayer experience set in a world ravaged by hatred throughout the Helen Continent, and never-ending conflicts between races and rebel forces. Players from across the globe come together online, and combat to uphold their faith and glory. As the game heats up, they will soon break away from killing mobs to level them and play the game with a PvP element.

What can expect from 2029

Players’ exploits in the Helen Continent will give them access to a huge variety of class-specific skills. This game brings visualized flamboyance back to MMO fans’ game experience, featuring stunning 3D graphics and variable game modes. Sometimes, the game will go full screen, blending intense game play and fantasy appeal together into one work of art. It allows players to create their own rooms on the purpose of forging lasting bonds of friendship with heroes who share a dream and fight to turn sword and sorcery tales into a reality. The moment-to-moment interaction with the game and players will help increase the role playing fun during periods of increased tension. Its quest system offers assorted quests with a story element. Some of them are branched out and composed of many addictive branching quests. The interaction between NPCs and players has been intensified. The game based on a solid idea for its design guarantees a smooth control while players are slashing enemies.

Background Music

Its background music is adaptive, which means it changes between different scenes or parts of game play. People will combat against evil with their hearts set afire by its vivid inspirational sound effects. Not all tracks in the game are fast paced. There are also some soul soothing melodies. Listening to them will lift spirits and give minds a relaxed sensation.

Multiple Cultures

2029 Online puts players right in the middle of a clash of civilizations. The planet Earth was destroyed by nuclear weapons and homeless human beings piloted a huge spaceship through space in search for a new planet to thrive and survive. They settled on Helen Continent and found a world shattered and plagued by fights between the races living here. These alien races were intelligent and had highly developed forms of culture. But their hatred toward each other was such that they wanted nothing but to hack each other into pieces and see their enemies’ blood spill everywhere. The planet was under the constant threat of war. Humans quickly grabbed a keen advantage in the struggles, striving to become the dominant species and forging new alliances of cultures. After many years passed, only a few outstanding and resilient species have remained: Humans, Dryads, Electronic Elves, Ice Energy and Mechanicals. Since then, Helen Continent has gradually built a world of peace and co existence.

Read more here.

Darkfall : First Wave of Invites

Posted Jan 22, 2009 by Keith Cross

Aventurine has announced that they have sent out the first round of invites to test Darkfall, as they promised would happen when they announced last week that the game would be delayed by one month. They also explained today's forum and website outages as "denial of service attacks."

This is an update about what is happening today:

We have sent out the first wave of invites to clans and individual testers. We will send more waves of invites within a few hours. Invited players will be able to download the Darkfall installer.

We are applying the latest patch, and players will be able to start patching soon, and entering the game.

We are spacing out the invites in order to facilitate the download of the client and patching. We will continue sending out more invites every day until we reach our capacity.

Since this first phase has to do with stress testing the servers, and doing final testing on features, we are not lifting the NDA until this testing is concluded.

We apologize for the problems with the forums and the website today, we have been experiencing denial of service attacks, and we are working to resolve them.

Read more here.

Warrior Epic : Six Classes of Warrior Epic

Posted Jan 22, 2009 by Keith Cross

 	Six Classes of Warrior Epic The folks at True Games have created a new video to coincide with the release of new detailed information about the game's six classes.

Watch the Six Classes of Warrior Epic Video


DC Universe Online : Metropolis Screens

Posted Jan 22, 2009 by Keith Cross

Yesterday we posted some concpt art of various locations around the city of Metropolis. Today we're pleased to present eight new screenshots of this iconic city in DC Universe.

Earthrise Screenshot

See the rest of the Metropolis screenshots.

See more images in our DC Universe Screenshot Gallery.

General : Editorial: Where is The Secret World

Posted Jan 22, 2009 by Jon Wood Managing Editor Jon Wood writes this editorial focusing on Funcom's little talked-about upcoming MMORPG The Secret World.

Back in May of 2007, we learned about a new project coming from Funcom. This new project would be called 'The Secret World' and would be "inspired by history and mythology, modern conspiracy theories and ancient mysteries." The game Is supposed to be releasing for both the PC and the Xbox.

Funcom has two major MMO releases on the market, Anarchy Online, and Age of Conan. AO is an MMO based on a sci-fi future, while Age of Conan reckons back to the past. The Secret World, one must assume in the interest of cosmic and genre balance, is based in today's world. There is, of course, a catch. Here's how the original press release described it:

The Secret World

Read Where is The Secret World

Jumpgate Evolution : Octavius Space Screens

Posted Jan 22, 2009 by Keith Cross

The folks at NetDevil have released a series of Jumpgate Evolution screenshots which depict Octavius space and the foes within.

Earthrise Screenshot

See the rest of the Octavius Space screenshots

See more screenshots in our Jumpgate Evolution Screenshot Gallery

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