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Age of Conan : Bar Story Trailer

Posted Dec 06, 2007 by Ben Krueger

Check out this new trailer for AoC.  It's based around a bar story... enjoy!

Video Interview Bar Story Trailer
"Now I bare many scars, but I will walk no other path..."

Watch more here.

EVE Online : CCP Press Release Re: Boot.ini Bug

Posted Dec 06, 2007 by Jon Wood

CCP has issued a press release about the boot.ini bug that cropped up last night.

Reykjavik, Iceland - December 6, 2007 -EVE Online: Trinity was released for download at 22:00 GMT on Tuesday, December 5. Shortly after the deployment of the update, CCP became aware of an issue involving the Premium graphics content download whereby a small percentage of our users may have been affected and now need to make repairs to system files. We immediately set to work to identify the cause and resolve it. A new build is now available and is safe for all users to download and install. Users who are running Microsoft Windows versions other than Vista, with multiple hard drives (or multiple partitions on any hard drive) and began downloading the Premium graphics content before 04:00 GMT on Wednesday, December 6, should visit this link and follow the instructions given to correct any potential system issues.

Read more on EVE here.

Aion : Internal Q&A

Posted Dec 06, 2007 by Jon Wood

NCsoft has released this new, 19 question internal Q&A with Kyoung Won Choi, the Senior Game Designer on the upcoming MMO, Aion.


How extensive will Aion character customization be?

Kyoung Won Choi:

In the game client, which was being showed at the Games Convention Leipzig '07, the player had the ability to choose between several different hairstyles, colours, shapes of their face, skin colours, character height and voice. It is also possible to alter eye colours and to add tattoos to the character face. A character build feature is currently being planned, which will affect the size of the character, ranging from skinny to big.

Read the whole thing here.

Aion : New Screenshots

Posted Dec 06, 2007 by Jon Wood

We have updated out Aion gallery with twelve new images from the upcoming NCsoft title.



Check out the gallery here.

D&D Online : Referral Program

Posted Dec 06, 2007 by Jon Wood

Turbine has announced a new referral program for Dungeons and Dragons Online that will see players who recruit family and friends receive free game time.

We're proud to announce the Turbine Referral Program, a great way to earn free game time by introducing your family and friends to DUNGEONS & DRAGONS ONLINE ™: Stormreach ™! It's so easy a kobold can do it!

The Turbine Referral Program lets paying subscribers of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS ONLINE ™: Stormreach ™ refer friends to play the game and receive free game time for successful referrals. Each of your referred friends will be sent a Guest Key to try the game for free for ten (10) consecutive days!

For every friend that buys and subscribes to the game, you'll get a referral credit that can be redeemed for 30 days of FREE game time that can be added to your subscription to that game!

Get the details here.

EverQuest II : Scammers Beware

Posted Dec 06, 2007 by Jon Wood

SOE has released an article that advises players on how to protect their game accounts from scammers.

Account theft isn't isolated only to those who choose to trade or share their station accounts. (which is ignoring the EULA!) As the internet and online gaming population grows, so does the cesspool of scammers. There are a variety of ways in which people will attempt to gain access to your account, and the list grows everyday. Fear not, there are simple tips to ensure that your account is protected. Keep in mind these worn-out (but useful!) words of wisdom:

Read the whole article here.

EVE Online : Trinity Warning!

Posted Dec 06, 2007 by Jon Wood

CCP has issued a warning to all players who upgraded to Trinity Premium: Do not reboot your computer!

*Update: Players using Windowns Vista, Linux, or OSX are not affected by this issue. Likewise, YOu are not affected if you have EVE installed on a drive other than C:/.

If you have Windows AND upgraded EVE Online: Trinity Classic before 4 A.M. GMT to Premium using the content upgrade path then you MUST read this before doing anything else.

  2. Check the root directory of your hard drive and see if you have a boot.ini file. Boot.ini file is normally hidden so you need to click Tools : Folder Options : View and select "Show hidden files and folders" and uncheck "Hide protected operating system files" to be able to see it. You can also check for the presence of this file by clicking Start : Control Panel : System : Advanced : Startup and Recovery : Settings (third button down). Windows will alert you if the boot.ini file is missing.
  3. If boot.ini is still there then you are not affected and do not have to take any further steps.
  4. If boot.ini is NOT there then please click here: FORUM LINK
We have removed the faulty updater so anyone installing the Trinity Expansion now will not be effected.

A new updater will be available shortly.

We apologize profusely for this error and are working on offering more extensive help those that have a non-working Windows PC, so please stay tuned.

Visit the EVE Online site here.

World of Warcraft : Free Server Moves

Posted Dec 06, 2007 by Jon Wood

Blizzard has announced that starting today, server moves from some high population servers to low population servers will be available and free of charge.

We will be offering free character moves from select high population realms to low population realms beginning December 6, at 12:01 PM PST.

For more information on what realms will be eligible for these free moves and exact dates please visit the announcement post made here.

In the event that a realm meets our transfer goals before the scheduled end date, the transfers to that realm will be disabled. We highly recommend that if you are planning to transfer that you do so at your earliest convenience.

Read more on WoW here.

Tales of Pirates : Christmas Event

Posted Dec 06, 2007 by Jon Wood

IGG has released information on their Christmas Event for Tales of Pirates, which runs from December 6th until December 14th.

Event Contents

Did you join in every Promoter Activities? Don you wanna plan an activity on your own? As Christmas Day is approaching, IGG Player Promotion System provides you a chance to design a Christmas activity of your originality. If your plan is creative and of Christmas theme, it may be adopted as an official one and you will be offered a big reward. What are you waiting for?

Get the full details here.

Angels Online : Robot and Pet System Revealed

Posted Dec 06, 2007 by Jon Wood

Angels Online has updated its site with new information on the game's Robot System and the Pet System.

Robot System

Robots can be equipped with weapons and collection tools, and are also a good transportation tool.

These special cute robots can not only benefit players' collection, but also can help them to fight against loathsome monsters. They can help those characters who have low attack power and defense fight against powerful monsters.

Red Cat Drive Robot, Pink Dog Drive Robot: These two robots are for those who are new to this game. Simple construction and functionality make these two easy for players to control.

Black Cat Battle Robot, Purple Dog Battle Robot: These two robots are for those who are adept at controlling robots. Although the controls are a little bit more complicated, these two will definitely help you with your collection and fights.

Penguin Robot, Youmans Robot: These two are exceptional among all the available robots. These two robots are specifically designed for mysterious people, and no one knows what special functions they are sure to possess...

Read the whole article here.

Myth War : Christmas Events

Posted Dec 06, 2007 by Jon Wood

The people at Myth War have announced their in-game Christmas activities.

In order to celebrate Christmas and the Holiday Season, the Myth War ( team will be holding a 27 day carnival, including Everyday Events, Everyday rewards and Puzzle Treasure.                                                                             

Everyday Event: 

Event Duration: 0:00(server time) on Dec 5th to 11:59 pm (server time) on Dec 31st

Event Content: Santa will appear at a random spot every 3 minutes during the event, and players can accept the quest by talking to Santa, they then need to pass the quest among certain NPCs. The last NPC players meet will offer them the rewards for completing the mission.


Everyday Rewards:

Event Duration: 0:00 (server time) on Dec 5th to 11:59 pm(server time) on Dec 31st

Event Content: Players can find the appointed NPCs to redeem rewards every 24 hours in each server. Each ID is only allowed to redeem rewards once every day.

Puzzle Treasure:

Players should collect all letters including “M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S”

Event Duration: 0:00(server time) Dec 5th to 11:59pm (server time) Dec 31st

Event Content: Players should find the map trader to buy an ordinary treasure map in Woodlingor, and then reach the place where the treasure is hidden. Also, there is an Advanced Treasure Map and its fragments are composed of the 10 letters, M, E, R, Y, C, H, I, S, T, and A. The way to find the advanced treasure is the same way to find ordinary treasure. But the rewards are more attractive; players will have the chance to obtain Dream Equipment and Christmas Pets.


1. Ordinary Treasure: Supplements; Copper Box, Iron Box, Silver Box, Fragments of Treasure Map. (Collect all fragments to obtain advanced treasure map, Gold, Experience and so on.

2. Advanced Treasure: Gold, ,Experience, Advanced necklace or Dream Equipment, Silver Box, Gold Box, Supplements, Christmas Pets and so on.

More on Myth War here.

Fury : Age of the Chosen Q&A

Posted Dec 06, 2007 by Jon Wood

Alex Weeks, the Community Manager of Auran's Fury answers questions from Managing Editor Jon Wood about the recently announced Age of the Chosen update to the PvP-centric MMO. Among other things, Age of the Chosen will be adding a new game type, called Carnage, to the game.

It’s been a while since we’ve spoken. How do you feel things have gone since launch? Are you happy with the way that Fury is progressing?

Alex Weeks:

The launch was pretty smooth from a technical standpoint. We had some early database lag issues which were quickly addressed, and we've made a number of improvements to client performance in the last few patches. In terms of numbers, however, it's fair to say that they've been rather underwhelming. Reviews have, frankly, sucked. There is no doubt that the learning curve and lower than expected populations meant new players would be thrust into battle against veterans and get “pwned”. That’s no fun for anyone.

With Age of the Chosen, our first free content update due to release on 14th December, we expect to see many previous players return and some new players join the fun. Age of the Chosen will address many of the big concerns noted in reviews and community feedback, so it will definitely be a big step forward.


Read the whole interview here.

Star Trek Online (Perpetual) : DevLog 5.0

Posted Dec 05, 2007 by Jon Wood

The official site for Perpetual Entertainment's Star Trek Online has published a new DevLog titled "Interactions in Action". Along with the log is a new in-game screen.

Hola, STO fans, and welcome back to the DevLog! There's something darned cool lurking in this entry, so let's skip the endearingly goofy banter and get right to it...

Over the past few DevLogs we've primarily focused on a sampling of the low-level processes of STO development, taking a peek at terrain generation, object design, and version testing, among other things.

Today we'd like to seriously shift gears, and start revealing a little bit about the actual game systems themselves. We'll start with a deceptively simple game mechanic that's deucedly difficult to nail down: the Interaction System.

What's the Interaction System you ask? In a nutshell, the Interaction System controls every non-combat, player-to-NPC interaction in the game. If you want to talk to a Ferengi shopkeeper, it goes through the Interaction System. Need to get some additional phaser training at the local Starfleet Academy? That's the Interaction System. Want to beam down to a planet? Interaction System. Responding to a distress call from a crippled starship? That's the Interaction System, too. In fact, when one is done tallying up the mission givers, trainers, vendors, Transwarp Terminal operators, Dahar Masters, helpful cadets and informative colonists, you'll find that there are just about as many peaceful interactions in Star Trek Online as the phasers-and-bat'leths variety. Put plainly, the Interaction System is the glue that holds all the other systems of STO together, transforming a bunch of disconnected (though spectacularly well designed and balanced) phaser fights into an actual game, so it's vitally important that we get it "just right."

Read it all here.

Pirates of the Burning Sea : European Pre-Order Date

Posted Dec 05, 2007 by Jon Wood

Flying Lad Software has announced their European Pre-Order date. Europeans will be able to order the game on December 12th.

he retail pre-order for European players is scheduled to start on December 12th. We are working with our friends at SOE to gather a list of retail locations and will publish that information just as soon as we receive it. Customers who pre-order will receive the same benefits as the North American pre-order:

-An invitation to the “Pre-Boarding Party” allowing them access to the live game up to 15 days prior to launch, and the ability to keep their characters, skills and equipment after launch with purchase of game and paid subscription (characters will have a level cap of 20 during this time)

-Captain’s Best Friend ? a blue and yellow parrot

-Mighty Blades: Swedish Rapier, Old World Steel or Musketeer?s Matching Blades (depending upon which fighting style is selected)

-Original Game Soundtrack CD ? 60 minutes of pirate themed music (comes in pre-order box)

Read the whole article here.

EverQuest II : Tunaria Zone Review

Posted Dec 05, 2007 by Jon Wood

SOE, the people behind the hit MMORPG, EverQuest II, have released a new Tunaria Zone Review for our reading pleasure.

New Tunaria is what is left of the Everquest city of Felwithe. It's a stunning beauty among the areas of Everquest 2.

The levels I'd recommend going there are the higher 50's. But, it's also recommended to bring a group since unlike in EQ no one is really welcome anymore in New Tunaria. Yes, that's right, is not a city anymore, but more of a hunting area. There are various spots though where shinies spawn for those that can't find a group quickly, so even while waiting for one there's something to do.

Once you gathered a group you can head straight in, there are two quests I'd recommend picking up as they will lead you all around that beautiful zone. Those two quests start in two towers which you'll easily find at the top from an examinable book. Once you picked up Devotion and Purification as they are called, head towards the Temple of Growth for a prayer.

Read more here.

EVE Online : Why Are EVErs Looking Forward to Trinity

Posted Dec 05, 2007 by Jon Wood

The hosted EVE: Downtime Sucks chat has been a huge success. While we had so many players gathered in our chat room, we decided to ask them why they were looking forward to the Trinity expansion.

Starting on Tuesday night and running straight through until Wednesday night, has been hosting a chat in our IRC channel on Coldfront. The reason for this unusual chat is the 24 hours of downtime that CCP needs in order to update their server with the highly-anticipated Trinity expansion.

Trinity, which hits the game when the servers return on Wednesday evening, is a free expansion that many of EVE’s players have been looking forward to for quite some time. The crowning glory of this expansion is a full and quite honestly astounding graphical upgrade if the screenshots and videos that we have seen are any indication.

A new look isn’t all that Trinity brings to the table for fans of the space-based sandbox game. The expansion will also include new ships, new content and a slew of other odds and ends that promise to expand the already popular universe’s player base.

During the 24 hour chat, asked some of the attendees what exactly they were looking forward to about this expansion:

Read the whole thing here.

Spellborn : Live Dev Chat!

Posted Dec 05, 2007 by Laura Genender

Please join us on Sunday, December 16th at 1pm EST, for another dev chat!

On Sunday, December 16th, join and the minds behind The Chronicles of Spellborn - upcoming MMO - for discussion about the game's upcoming combat system!  Starting at 1pm EST in the Live Chatroom, Spellborn community management team and the combat game designer will answer your questions and share information about the TCoS combat system.  Bring a question, bring a friend! After the chat, be sure to stick around for TCoS and other MMORPG discussion.

Users can also connect via any IRC client, to server The chat will take place in #mmorpg.

Learn more about the Chronicles of Spellborn here!

Spellborn : Dev Journal - Mob Behavior

Posted Dec 05, 2007 by Jon Wood

The guys over at The Chronicles of Spellborn have released a nw Dev Journal. This time around, thye're talking about Mob Behavior.

ll though the title might suggest that this is purely an AI related journal, I’m going to stick to the gamedesign side of the subject. Or at least, try to.
I’m also going to try and not just give the situation of Spellborn, but rather talk about possibilities and why I think some choice are good or bad.

First some goals must be set, what do we want to achieve when a player fights a non-player (mob). Should the mob fight back or maybe run away in fear? If there is a fight, what should the player experience?
A challenge? Okay, but easier said then done, challenge because? Mob hits hard or mob is hard to hit, mob heals itself or does the mob have a couple friends waiting around the corner? Besides, making something a challenge doesn’t necessarily make it fun. So, the goals will have to be thought through and might evolve a bit during the early stages of the project to achieve the desired ‘vision’ which they all contribute to.
Combining all these goals will actually decide a large portion of the core gameplay so getting them down on (digital) paper is of the essence. Goals should be clear and simple, so everybody can easily understand them, yet they should cover every aspect and leave no questions unanswered.
As an example I will handle a (well known) goal set for Spellborn.
Never should a player be just as effective with his hands in the air as on his mouse, keyboard.

Check out the whole thing here.

Warhammer Online : New Community Relations Director

Posted Dec 05, 2007 by Jon Wood

Robert Mull, the new Community Relations Director for EA Mythic has posted a letter of introduction over on the WAR Herald.


Greetings All,

I’m Robert Mull, the new Community Relations Director for EA Mythic.  I oversee the work our team of Community Coordinators do for Warhammer Online (James Nichols), Dark Age of Camelot (Missy Hatch and Joanne Laroche) and Ultima Online (Jeremy Dalberg).  They are a great team and I am lucky to have inherited them.

As a gamer who got his start in MMOs with the Ultima Online beta, being allowed to support the same community that made that game so enjoyable to me is a real pleasure and I feel like I have come full circle.  Since then a decade has passed and I have played countless MMOs.  A few of these became part of my daily routine for years as I worked to found guilds, build cities, run player-events, engage in pvp conflicts, roleplay, and be an active member of the gaming community.  While the games have changed over the years, the real draw for me has always been the people.  A strong well-supported community makes good games great.

Prior to coming to EA Mythic, I worked at Wizards of the Coast supporting brands such as Avalon Hill, Axis & Allies, Dreamblade, Duel Masters and other products.  I learned many lessons there that I have brought with me to EA Mythic, but first and foremost is that you have to be honest and open with your community.

In the coming months you will be hearing much more from me.  I want to continue and extend the reputation EA Mythic has built for integrity, honesty and quality in community and customer support. Our job here is to be the voice of the community inside EA Mythic and the voice of the people working hard at EA Mythic to the community.  The Community Relations team is a feedback loop and our goal is making the community better, day by day.  I, for one, take that job very seriously and enjoy it immensely.

I look forward to talking to you all on the boards and at Road Trips, conventions and other public events.

- Bob

Closing Read more here.

Wonderland Online : Pet System

Posted Dec 05, 2007 by Jon Wood

IGG has released information on the pet system for their upcoming MMORPG, Wonderland Online.

Wonderland Online (, the new MMORPG from IGG, will officially launch its closed beta in 2008 March. Today players have a chance to see what the pet system for Wonderland Online is like.

The pet system for Wonderland Online is quite different from other online games’ pet systems. So far, the pet system of Wonderland Online has offered more than one hundred different pets for players to choose from. Various pets can not only bring a lot of fun to players, but also can do different things in terms of their types. For instance, a dog can deliver your mail, the pterosaur can enable you to fly freely in the sky, and some offensive pets can help you when fighting against enemies. In addition, different pets have different qualities, according to the four elements, with each pet having only one element that allows them to restrain corresponding pets, which makes the game more interesting.

Players can obtain pets through capture or trade, but sometimes you need to do certain quests to obtain certain pets. Want to obtain a special and practical pet? You can’t miss their quests in game. Taking your beloved pets to level up can benefit you a lot, because they will be very helpful when they are at correspondingly high levels, and the Intimacy Degree will be increased as well. In a word, players must devote a lot to their pets if they want them to be the super stars in game!

  1. How to capture pets: Players can click the “little hand” icon and then click the pets they want to capture. It’s very easy, but don’t forget that players can only capture a pet whose level is equal to or below yours.
  2. Capturing pets won’t consume your mana. Some pets in the game cannot be captured. However, if you do capture a pet, its level will descend to 1 automatically when you obtain it, which also means their experience will return to 0, with 50 Loyalty Degree.
  3. All the pets that you are allowed to capture can be ridden, which can make you look really cool and allow you to travel swiftly, even more , these pets will become players’ real companions. If you select “Combat Mode” , you can’t ride pets, but they will follow players around.

Apart from the pets that have been mentioned above and traditional animal pets, there are also human pets! Magellan, Columbus, and even ET can be your close friends!

More on Wonderland Online here.