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RF Online : Exclusive Official Lore

Posted Dec 08, 2005 by Dana Massey

Codemasters has provided us with an exclusive piece of lore from RF Online, due to be released on their website tomorrow. You can read "Chapter 5" here on

Doctor Dohyun and his companions escaped the Lablum sector before its annihilation, beginning their voyage to nowhere. The search was for any inhabited galaxy containing human life. Messages were transmitted into the ether, only to be met with the silence of empty planets and the cold of space. Their journey, it would seem, would be a long and arduous one and with that prospect, the team continued on with their research into the Holy Mental.

Slowly over time, members of the research team and survivors of the disaster, began to die through natural causes. Time had slipped by for these last members of the Arcane Club, but Dohyun’s hope and belief of finding traces of humans kept him alive. Even after 30 years, his heart drove his passion for survival. With all but three members of the team now remaining, it was with huge excitement and relief when they discovered a planet, thriving with sentient life and human activity within the Novus sector.

To read the entire story click here.

Dark and Light : Registration Closed.

Posted Dec 08, 2005 by Jon Wood

It seems that it went as quickly and as suddenly as it came. As of now, the Settlers of Ganareth registration has been closed, as the developers have reached their maximum. Whether you like this game, or you don't, one thing is certain, the anticipation for it is through the roof.

If you click on the subscription link on the site, this is what you will currently find:

Welcome to the Settlers of Ganareth subscription page

We are sorry, but there are no more spaces left for the first wave of Settlers. A new wave of subscriptions will soon be announced on the Dark and Light website. We hope to see you soon, Izirgandar won't forget you!

To visit the site for yourself, click here.

Dark and Light : Website Minimized for Registrations

Posted Dec 08, 2005 by Jon Wood

The regular content of the official website of Dark and Light has been temporarily removed. In its place, fans and readers will find only two pieces of information. 1> Hot News, informing players that SoG subscriptions are not open. 2> An explanation for the change.

The website has been minimized in order to keep the registration process running smoothly.

The world of Ganareth is yours!

Subscriptions to Settlers of Ganareth are now open! Subscribe now for a chance to participate. There are 10,000 Settlers accounts available today for the launch of SoG.

You must already be a member of the Dark and Light community to subscribe to Settlers of Ganareth.

If you are ready to become a Settler, click here!

Servers will be up on Dec 13th.

Please note the "Servers will be up on December 13th." This should clear up some confusion on the part of some players as to when the servers will be up and running.

Registrations for the first free opus of the heroic adventure Dark and Light, Settlers of Ganareth, open today.

In order to prevent the Dark and Light website from overload and to give everyone a fair chance for Settlers of Ganareth, the Dark and Light website, forums, access to gallery or any information about the game are closed today, Dec 8th, 2005.

Want to know more about Settlers of Ganareth, click here.

See you soon!

The Dark and Light Team

To visit the Dark and Light page personally, click here.

Necron : Neocron Arcade: The N.M.E. Project

Posted Dec 08, 2005 by Jon Wood

Recently, we told you that the developers of Neocron 2 had given their newbies a separate assignment. That assignment? To create a Neocron arcade-style game. Well, the project, it would appear, was a success and the new arcade-style game, Neocron Arcade: The N.M.E. Project is now available.  

Today Reakktor releases the free game Neocron Arcade: The N.M.E. Project. Neocron Arcade is a classic arcade shooter based on the world of the cyberpunk MMORPG Neocron 2 - violence, mutants, sex 'n' crime... and big guns! Blast your way through several chapters with different locations, collect power-ups and weapons and use the slow-motion feature to cut your way through waves of enemies. Test your arcade skills now, it's completely free!

Reakktor also recently released Neocron Evolution 2.1, a massive free add-on for Neocron 2, with many improvements like brand new and highly detailed weapon models, completely redesigned vegetation in the Wastelands, engine performance improvements and new dungeons, quests and monsters. Visit to download Neocron Arcade, more information and a 10-day-free-trial of Neocron Evolution 2.1!

For more info on Neocron 2, click here.

Lineage 2 : Game Time Card Retail Package

Posted Dec 08, 2005 by Jon Wood


NCsoft releases New Lineage II

Game Time Card Retail Package

AUSTIN, Texas, Dec. 7, 2005—NCsoft® North America has released a new feature-packed game time card package for Lineage® II: The Chaotic Chronicle™, the market’s premier player-versus-player (PvP) massively multiplayer online PC game. The new Lineage II game time card package is available at retail outlets in the U.S. and Canada.

The package includes a 60-day pre-paid Lineage II game time card and a game pack with the full version of Lineage II, including the latest content expansions: Chronicle 1: Harbingers of War™; Chronicle 2: Age of Splendor™ and Chronicle 3: Rise of Darkness™.

Additionally, players will find a 14-day free trial game code for purchasers to share with a friend.

“This new Lineage II game time package is an outstanding value for the more than 70,000 North American Lineage II subscribers,” said Adam Davidson, Lineage II’s North American producer. “Lineage II has created a very strong and extremely loyal following among PvP fans and this game time package will allow them to share their adventures with friends.”

Lineage II provides players a deep, rich environment where the elite PvP gamers gather to take on the challenges that the world of Lineage II delivers. Since the launch of the game in 2004, NCsoft has added more than 1.5 gigabytes of new content with massive updates delivered regularly for free to its active subscribers. The next expansion, Chronicle 4: Scions of Destiny is expected to be released in early 2006.

The new Lineage II sixty-day game time card packages are available at many North American retailers and at the NCsoft online store for a suggested retail price of US$29.99. To purchase the game or other Lineage II merchandise, go to the NCsoft store at: .

For more information about Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle, go to:

The game is rated Teen by the Entertainment Software Rating Board.

[ expand article ]

Dark Age of Camelot : Release Notes: 1.81e

Posted Dec 08, 2005 by Jon Wood

A week just wouldn't be a proper week without a set of release notes from Mythic's Dark Age of Camelot. This game is constantly keeping players informed about changes, fixes and more. This week, Sanya Thomas tells us that, "Darkness Falls access change is the big news this edition. There's also a cool new recall stone system for those who own the Darkness Rising expansion. We may reevaluate that limit in the months to come, but for now it's like the advanced horses - a great reason to get Darkness Rising. Come for the recall stones and horses, stay for the quests and cake." Read on to find out more about update 1.81e:


Darkness Falls Changes

We have made changes to the way the shifting of Darkness Falls occurs between realms. Here is a breakdown of how this will now work:

- When Darkness Falls changes hands, there is now a 15 minute timer activated. Until this timer expires, the realm that loses DF access can still enter the dungeon. - Each realm has its own potential timer. If DF changes hands multiple times, all three realms could have access simultaneously. - If this timer is active, it will display as such along with time remaining to all in the /realm window. - When a realm takes control of DF, if they have a 15 minute re-entry timer, it's zeroed out.

New Things

- When a Hero goes into Stag form or a Berserker goes into Vendo form, the player's tunic will now display. This change will only occur for those using the Catacombs or higher clients.

- The zombie form (when resurrected by a Heretic) has been given an overhaul. The resurrected player will now appear as a skeleton that will display most of the resurrected player's armor. This change will only occur for those using the Catacombs or higher clients.

Bug Fixes

- (Pendragon Only) Spell delves no longer randomly omit casting time and duration information. - House friends of guild rank 0 should now properly display on the house friends list. - All effect icons in the mini-pet window will now properly appear.

To get all of the release notes for 1.81e, click here.

RF Online : New Tool from Fansite

Posted Dec 08, 2005 by Jon Wood

The developers of RF Online are applauding the work of one of their fan sites. Today, the developers are pointing players toward a new tool that will help players to choose the proper weapon for the game.:

Thanks to the guys over at the ever popular RFO community site //RFO.Asterix// comes a great little tool to help you in your weapon selection. By clicking on a particular weapon, you can see what potential that weapon has with additional talics. There may be a slight problem for IE users which I believe is being looked at.

Big thanks to SpongeX and Xanavi for their work on this and the rest of the database.

You can find the Talic Calculator here

For more on RF Online, click here.

Dark and Light : SoG Subscriptions

Posted Dec 08, 2005 by Jon Wood

Well, today, it would seem, is the day for Dark and Light. Today is the day that Settlers of Ganareth opens the doors it its registration. To clear up any confusion, the developers have released the following statement:


Opening of the registration for Settlers of Ganareth is imminent and we are sure everyone is counting the days until the Dark and Light website’s resilience will be once again tested.

In order to give everyone a fair chance, the Dark and Light forum will be closed during the subscription period. During this time the IRC channel on : #darkandlight will remain open.

On December 8th 2005 you will find the link to the subscription page on the Dark and Light homepage. Registration will begin at 6PM (18h) UTC the same day. Please make sure the registration page is working by clicking here.


You must be a fully registered member of the Dark and Light community in order to subscribe to Settlers of Ganareth: As you will not be able to become a member once the forum closes at 2pm GMT/UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) on the day of subscription, please be sure your account is fully set up before that time. In order to validate your subscription to Settlers of Ganareth, we will need a valid e-mail address, so please check and re-check that the address in your profile is up to date and functional : click here to check.

If you are not a member of the Dark and Light community yet, register now here: Become a Member.

See you soon in Ganareth!

For more Dark and Light, click here.

Guild Wars : Guild of the Week #28

Posted Dec 08, 2005 by Jon Wood

Guild Wars has announced the 28th in their long series of Guild of the Week winners. This time around, it is the amusingly named "Angry Businessmens". What better venue for an angry businessman to get his/her frustrations out than Guild Wars:

Formed in the summer haze when temperatures were rising and stocks were falling, the Angry Businessmens is a guild that values having fun over winning. Disagreeing with the stance that guilds must only play to win, where some may not even play at all unless fielding their eight best players, aB instead chooses to allow anyone who so wishes to try playing competitively with them at least once. Players who are looking to learn or improve their competitive skills in Guild Wars and enjoy themselves in the process may find a good match in aB. The guild's motto, "Enable the community" reveals their desire to help foster a community where all players can perform well, even by the standards of the best of teams.

One thing that people may notice about aB is the questionable spelling of their name. It was originally intended to be the "Angry Businessmans" guild, but the guild leader, Xerin, mistakenly typed an "e" instead of an "a." The guild members all agree that the spelling of the name has since grown on them, although some would argue that they should be the Angry Businesspeoples, since they also have female members. The guild's cape is representative of the stock market; it continues to decline until it reaches the bottom, and the red is indicative of their losses!

aB's membership currently totals around 40 members, and they predominantly spend their time in the Tomb of the Primeval Kings or in guild-versus-guild battles. Their entire membership may not be strictly within the guild all at the same time, as their players often guest in other guilds in order to help fill in a missing spot for a guild battle. The vast majority of their core members never leave the Angry Businessmens, however, not even for a day—as someone needs to remain behind to keep an eye on the market conditions.

To read more about the Angry Businessmens, click here.

Dark and Light : Class and Race Combos and the Gods

Posted Dec 07, 2005 by Jon Wood

With the opening of The Settlers of Ganareth getting VERY close, the developers over at Dark and Light have released some new information. This time, it involved the Gods of Ganareth, and how the restrictions that are imposed on players (and characters) actually works:


This articles explains how the restrictions concerning gods that are imposed upon a character in fact work.

The god(s)available for each class/race combination is/are calculated upon the two following tables :

- One indicates the possible gods for each race - The other indicates the possible gods for each class A single character will only be able to pray the god(s) that is/are in both their class and race tables.

Lets take the Sorcerers class, for example : the god(s) who will accept worship from Sorcerers are Ysatis, Agnar, Hydra, Neutra, Malecta and Hel. Say we then choose to be a Fairy. A Fairy can pray to Malecta, Hel, Calder and Aesir. Therefore, a Fairy Sorcerer will be able to choose her god between Malecta and Hel.

To get the charts, click here.

World of Warcraft : Editorial: Factions

Posted Dec 07, 2005 by Dana Massey

Garrett Fuller is back with a brand new World of WarCraft editorial. Today he examines the issue of Faction in World of WarCraft. Fuller will frequently be contributing World of WarCraft and other articles to the site over the coming weeks.

With the upcoming Patch 1.9 for World of Warcraft, Blizzard is offering new faction rewards for the Timbermaw Hold. Reading this update made me think about how much time I’ve spent in the last several weeks grinding through Faction points to get the better rewards. Factions in Warcraft are defined as: Hated, Hostile, Unfriendly, Neutral, Friendly, Honored, Revered, and Exalted. The system has point values for each level of faction. So getting from Friendly to Honored may cost you six thousand faction points. These points are gained through completing quests, killing mobs, or handing in items. Several runs in Zul’Gurub and I find myself into the early stages of Friendly. Over one-hundred runs in Arathi Basin and I am a little less than half way through Honored. Did I get a few blue items, yes, is it worth the work with all the limitations Blizzard puts onto the instanced battlegrounds and dungeons, well that is the question I am trying to answer in this editorial. 

You can read the entire editorial here.

Final Fantasy XI : Music Available from iTunes

Posted Dec 07, 2005 by Jon Wood

The developers at Final Fantasy XI have announced that a selection of music from the Starlight Celebration in December of 2004 is now available for download at the iTunes Music Store:

Recall fond memories of yesteryear with the song "Jeuno -Starlight Celebration-", now available at the iTunes Music Store! This upbeat piece was played in Jeuno during the Starlight Celebration in December 2004. Be sure to download the song at the iTunes Music store, because you won't find this exclusive tune anywhere else!

For more on FFXI, click here.

RF Online : New Look for Forums

Posted Dec 07, 2005 by Jon Wood

Codemasters has announced that, in recognition of the "harsh blues and whites of the traditional Codemasters forum style", they have unveiled a new look for the RF Online boards.

Yes... to save you from the harsh blues and whites of the traditional Codemasters forum style, we have come to your rescue and given the RF Online boards a less harsher look and feel. We want the forum to feel more inviting and unique when you read about RF Online and take part in the community and treat it like a home away from home.

We hope you like the new look, which we made in MS paint (just kidding), so come and take a look at the new style and more importantly the new posts.

For more on RF Online, click here.

World of Warcraft : New Books Available: PnP and Strategy

Posted Dec 07, 2005 by Jon Wood

There is a new way to play World of Warcraft that doesn't involve an internet connection, or even a computer. Pen and Paper. Blizzard has announced that the Pen and Paper version of WoW is now available from Blizzard's online store. Also available is the official strategy guide:

Bring your epic adventures in Azeroth from the computer screen to life on pen and paper with World of Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game and its accompanying sourcebook, World of Warcraft: More Magic & Mayhem, which are now both available in the Blizzard Online Store. Gamers interested in the sourcebooks for Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game can also pick up Warcraft: Lands of Conflict and Warcraft: Shadows & Light in the Blizzard Online Store.

The World of Warcraft Official Strategy Guide from BradyGames, an excellent resource for new and veteran World of Warcraft players alike is also now available in the Blizzard Online Store.

For more on WoW, click here.

Conquer Online : New Servers!

Posted Dec 07, 2005 by Jon Wood

Conquer Online has announced the launch of two new servers, creating a brand new server group. Venus and Mercury will be in "Galaxy Group":

We are happy to announce the opening of two brand new servers - Venus and Mercury in Galaxy Group. They will be available to newcomers beginning their journey in Conquer for the first time, and players who wish to start anew on a fresh new server. All are welcome! Here is an opportunity for players to pioneer their way into untrodden territory, to make their mark in Conquer. We hope you enjoy, and see you in the game!

For more on Conquer Online, click here.

Khan the Absolute Power : iEntertainment North American Launch

Posted Dec 07, 2005 by Jon Wood


Khan: The Absolute Power Launched in North America by iEntertainment Network

Unique MMORPG has one of the Best Game Party Systems in the MMORPG World!

(CARY, N.C. – December 6, 2005) - iEntertainment Network, (, a publisher of award-winning online titles and the developer of the World Famous WarBirds TotalSims series of simulations, has announced that Khan: The Absolute Power was launched in North America today on the iEntertainment Network Game Portal ( Khan: The Absolute Power is a uniquely social game with a proprietary MMORPG Party System that is one of the best MMORPGs in the RPG game world.

One of the most popular features of Khan: The Absolute Power is its unique party system. Unlike other MMORPGs where people can level up by themselves, Khan contains an elaborate partying system, which encourages people to make friends and form alliances within the game universe.

"The whole concept of KHAN is that it is a social game," explains KHAN Game Master John Ewan. "It is possible to play the game by yourself but no character is completely self-sufficient. Each character is balanced with its own strengths and weaknesses. To maximize the enjoyment gamers can get from the game, they should make friends, and join parties and guilds. Eventually their guilds will form alliances with other guilds during the Siege Wars. This is the way to Absolute Power. This is the way of KHAN."

Khan: The Absolute Power is played by more than 600,000 people globally and is extremely popular in Asia including in Korea, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Khan: The Absolute Power is being launched with a month long series of events allowing players to challenge their friends to win special prizes, experience points and other in-game awards. Khan can be downloaded today at

Khan: The Absolute Power takes players back to the era of Genghis Khan and his retreat to Asia from his conquests in Europe. The popular MMORPG contains unique features that have been well developed far above most online role playing games including Guilds, Guild Wars, Hunting Parties, Siege Wars, and many special event opportunities to win valuable awards and items for the player's continued quests.

Khan: The Absolute Power contains many exciting game play elements including:

  • TPG (Training Point Growth System) Each character collects practice points, which are necessary in developing character growth. Agility, Wisdom, Mental power, Physical Strength, and character Charm can be grown and developed to trade in social and economic systems.
  • Fame System When battling in higher levels, the player will need to posses higher strengths and better game items in order to survive and win. These attributes can be achieved from the Fame System. Fame system points will be also be awarded to those who lead their parties to victory in Quests and Battles. With each Quest accomplishment, the player's reputation will be recorded in the reputation system as fame points. Fame points can be traded for better items and abilities.
  • RTR (Real Time Ranking System) Characters are ranked in real time during game play. The player's character rank will help in determining his place and objective within the mission and quests in progress.
  • Emotion Icon Chatting System (Instant Messenger) Khan's IM Chat system uses emotion icon with built in special icon emotion symbols including Hi, Salute, Hurray, ^^, -, -, and many others. The game also supports sentiment icons using expression keys.
  • Free Flowing and unstructured PVP (Player vs. Player) System In PVP, players are able to build their levels and to gain experience. Khan's PVP system offers players with freedom to seek their own objectives without limiting players to any specific track.
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Shadowbane : Battlefield Alliances Video

Posted Dec 07, 2005 by Jon Wood

The good people over at Shadowbane want to help players to understand a new feature that is due to come out in the December patch. In an attempt to make sure that there is a better player understanding, The Battlefield Alliances feature has been presented to us in the form of a short video:

The Battlefield Alliances system will be implemented with the December Content patch. To help players get a better understanding of the upcoming feature, the Shadowbane Team put together a short video detailing the system. 

To get the video, visit the official Shadowbane website.

Roma Victor : Interview and Eight Screens

Posted Dec 06, 2005 by Dana Massey

Today we bring you two treats: an interview with Nick Witcher of RedBedlam and eight screenshots of the game. Roma Victor is a historical MMORPG set in Ancient Rome. It features a unique combat system and an alternative revenue model. Graphically, Roma Victor does not have the flash of some other games. What do you say to those who seem to like your game concepts, but are critical of your visuals?

Nick Witcher: A critical response is understandable but I think a little unfair. We have only ever released candid live screenshots of real players and NPC's within the test. We don't release screenshots that are more concept art over a true in-game experience. The graphics settings are set low for testing reasons, but as the test progresses, we'll be turning those up, but not before we're ready. Tech issues first; eye candy second.

Some of the main in-game graphics features have yet to be fully implemented, such as the dynamic lighting and shadows, which by release will only get better.

Of course, we realise that we still have some work to do and we will be putting in a major effort, in time for the final release when we'll move to a different publishing process, especially for promotional materials.

We are also constrained somewhat by our ambitions and the ambitions of our community. Having hundreds of players involved in large-scale first-person battles simultaneously and advanced features such as real-time combat, soil fertility and realistic weather patterns, to name but a few, means that we may never be able to reach the level of eye candy that some of our competitors enjoy but then we believe that they'll never have such an immersive game experience as Roma Victor. 

You can read the full interview here.

And then take a peek at the screenshots here.

Seed : New Story!

Posted Dec 06, 2005 by Jon Wood

Seed has released a new addition to the story section of their official website. The new story is titled, "Nature in a Jar" and addresses everyday life in the colony tower. Specifically, they talk about, "how the floatbeds take care of the colonists' need for sleep, food, drink and personal hygiene - and how the social networks (rings) resemble families for many colonists".

How to sustain human life under inhabitable conditions.

While the colony is still underway, nature has been suspended in many ways. The colony can choose to restore some or all of this, presumably when there is room and opportunity for it. However, that day seems farther and farther away, and some have begun arguing for reversals sooner.

The suspensions mean that colonists neither drink, nor eat, nor sleep as modern day people do. When toxic levels in the body attain annoying or problematic levels or when nutrition is needed, a colonist will return to their floatbed for a physical and mental recharge. There is no coordinated sleep cycles, giving the tower a feel of restless activity at all times of the day.

The colony has no children and no families as we know them. The ability to procreate has been put to sleep, along with the digestive systems. New colonists are speed-grown and speed-taught in floatbeds, which comes sliding out to deposit a young adult with impressive skills and knowledge in the world after just 2 years. As for family life most colonists feel the need of a basic social unit and join a ring. Rings are good for support, sharing mindsets and feeling less disconnected in a huge, milling society.

There are no old people either. Most colonists appear stuck somewhere between 18 and 45. This is due to the floatbed treatments, which keep aging damages in check. Humans have only been alive and awake on Da Vinci for 120 years, and virulent diseases or accidents are still the main cause of death.

The population is still split into men and women and cover many different shapes, sizes and skin colours. While more extreme physical changes or adaptations were discussed, the designers back on Earth strongly wanted to keep human diversity and appearance. A minority of colonists challenge this decision and want to investigate more fundamental changes to the human genome, in order to better fit Da Vinci.

For more on Seed, click here.

RF Online : Ch. 4: The Advent of the Arcane Virus

Posted Dec 06, 2005 by Jon Wood

RF Online has released a new chapter in an ongoing Lore series. This time around, it is Chapter 4: The Advent of the Arcane Virus. What is the Arcane Virus, you might ask? Well, it is the name of the virus that we learned early on in the series, destroyed Earth's Solar System. Why is it back in Chapter 4? Read on to find out!

Mankind had grown as a race, its progression seen in the developments made within the galaxy. The expansion to the furthest reaches of the galaxy paid testament to their success. The tragic events to follow came with the advent of the new and deadly virus, designed to systematically wipe out mankind. The galaxy’s best known scientists and scholars examined the new strain, in a bid to find a cure and to wipe this deadly virus from existence. But time was against them, their only discovery showed that the symptoms were very similar to those of the Arcane Virus, the same virus that had destroyed the Earth’s Solar system all those centuries ago.

Infected people showed signs of aggression and extreme excitation with a strong desire for destruction. It was inevitable that the killing would start, as cases of infection grew out of control. People killed each other and then themselves. Mankind as a whole was on a losing battle with itself.

This new strain of the virus differed from the Arcane Virus. The life expectancy of a human infected by the virus was a mere 8 hours, unlike the Arcane Virus, which took 7 days to kill its host. The scariest thing about this new virus wasn’t the rate of fatality, but the speed of infection between carriers and victims. The resilience of the virus to variations in temperatures, sterile conditions and known medical anti-virals, meant that it spread to the general population with ease via transport links, communication channels and even individual spacecraft. 90% of humans were infected and killed within a day.

To survive this horrific destruction, the rest of mankind had no choice but to segregate themselves from the outside world. Planets were put into a self-regulated quarantine. All landing platforms and communications were destroyed to prevent any outside intervention. For a lucky few, a number of planets in the Lablum Sector escaped infection. This was one of only a handful of sectors that escaped the damage the virus had brought to the galaxy. The Lablum sector played home to Doctor DoHyun and he deduced that the current virus was somehow related to the Arcane Virus. Working closely with the scholars and members of the Arcane Club, they dubbed the new strain the “Mutant Strain Arcane Virus”. With the latest information gathered from the other colonies before the galaxy wide cut-off, the researchers resumed their investigations into this MSAV.

Read the whole story, click here.

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