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Jumpgate Evolution : PAX Hands-On Report

Posted Sep 05, 2008 by Jon Wood

At this year's Penny Arcade Expo, Carolyn Koh had the opportunity to get her first hands-on look at NetDevil's upcoming MMORPG, Jumpgate Evolution. In her report., she talks about controls, the feel of the game and how it managed to somehow avoid activating her motion sickness.

Netdevil showcased Jumpgate: Evolution at Penny Arcade Expo this year together with Dolby sound & voice technology and Plantronics’ new gamer head sets. I had been given a sneak peek at the game at the Ion Conference early this year but this time we were given the chance to actually fly a ship as Netdevil had set up 8 laptops to run off a local server, giving players the chance to play a few bits of an alpha build.

“Why and how,” I asked Herman, “did a graphics overlay for Jumpgate turn into a completely new game?”

“It took on a life of its own,” answered Herman. “We did one thing, and then another, then we wanted to put in all those things that we didn’t have in Jumpgate and before we knew it, we basically had Jumpgate II on our hands. We have a robust player economy system designed for Jumpgate: Evolution. Manufacturing (tradeskills) is in game as are Auction Houses, better AI, and just a slew of other features.”

Check it out here.

Star Trek Online : Ask Cryptic

Posted Sep 04, 2008 by Keith Cross

The Star Trek Online team returns with another edition of Ask Cryptic where they answer questions about psionics, the Captain's Log, and the vastness of space.

Ask Cryptic returns with answers on story, space, psionics, society, ships and logs. Thanks very much to our development team for taking time out of their busy schedules to answer these!

Given that the story and character of Star Trek are almost iconic, how will the story element be delivered? Will there be voiceovers or cut scenes?

Star Trek Online takes place about 30 years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis and Star Trek: Voyager, in the year 2409. Many of the characters have retired, passed on or otherwise evolved. Certainly, some characters have very long lifespans, and many will have had children. Expect to see the descendants of some of your favorite characters, old enemies return and friends evolve. And definitely expect to visit familiar locations like Starfleet Academy in San Francisco, Deep Space 9, Qo'noS, Vulcan and many others, as well as strange and entirely new worlds.

How will psi-capable characters be handled (Vulcans, Betazoids, etc.)?

Expect to see some of these abilities represented in Star Trek Online. Some psi abilities are easier to represent than others. For instance, Ocampan or other telekinetic species present obvious gameplay elements. Others are much more challenging and are often simply used as plot devices on the series. It's not unreasonable to expect a Vulcan to be more resistant to psi attacks and control, or a Betazoid to have a bonus with NPC interaction.

Read more here.

Granado Espada Online : Surviving Nocturnal Sonata

Posted Sep 04, 2008 by Jon Wood

Chris Illingworth, our Swrod of the New World Correspondent, writes this new article reviewing some of the new features and tweaks to old features that come along with the game`Ncoturnal Sonata update.

Sword of the New World’s Multi-Character Control (MCC) system sets it apart from other massively multiplayer online games in a number of ways: firstly, a player must learn how to use his or her characters as a single unit, forgoing solo levelling in order to develop each family member’s individual skill set. This reliance on multiple characters allows for a unique approach to level design resulting in a complex and rewarding gaming experience. The Nocturnal Sonata patch (currently in its third stage) sought to add a whole new dimension to the game with new maps, a handful of unique player characters, and a host of new monsters.

Read the aritcle here.

World of Warcraft : NA and Euro Finals This Weekend

Posted Sep 04, 2008 by Keith Cross

Blizzard has announced that the 2008 North American and European Warcraft Finals will happen this weekend from September 6th to 7th in Boston and Madrid.

The 2008 North American and European Warcraft Finals will be taking place this weekend, September 6-7, in Boston, Massachusetts, and Madrid, Spain. These events will feature the top eight qualifiers from the 2008 World of Warcraft Arena and Warcraft III tournaments for their respective regions. Attendees will also have the opportunity to try out demos of Wrath of the Lich King and StarCraft II on-site. Admission is free, so come by and check it out if you're in the area.

Read more here.

EverQuest II : Breaking Ground Update Notes

Posted Sep 04, 2008 by Keith Cross

SOE has published the release notes for Game Update #48: Breaking Ground for EverQuest II.


The Guild Hall building projects for Qeynos and Freeport have begun to run dangerously low on resources! Director Jasmine at the Antonica docks and Director Hezreal at the Commonlands docks are eagerly seeking workers willing to help alleviate the situation.

During “Breaking Ground” (GU48): The Prophet of Healing, Seeress Ealaynya Ithis, has been murdered and Antonica appears to have been affected! Theories abound as to who performed the deed and towards what end. You may start your own investigation at the Temple of Life in North Qeynos. Meanwhile Evdokia, one of the Plaguebringer’s fervent followers in Gorowyn, has tasks for those willing to help the Disciples of Disease. Won’t she be delighted by the news of the Seeress’ demise!


Once thought lost to the waters of the Lake of Ill Omen, the ancient iksar city of Veksar has once again been discovered by the adventurers of Norrath! What has happened in the ancient theater of this once thriving resort city since it disappeared after the Age of Turmoil, and what secrets and treasures does it hold now? Make your way to the outpost of Omen’s Call, and see if you can begin to unravel the mystery of this risen ancient monument to the pride and power of the Sathirian Empire.

Read more here.

World of Kung Fu : Summer Love Extended

Posted Sep 04, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at World of Kung Fu have announced that they have extended their Summer Love event until September 7th, with prizes being awarded to the winners on the 14th.

World of Kung Fu, the free-to-play 3D martial arts MMORPG from VestGame Entertainment, is extending its popular “Summer of Love” in-game event due to player demand. This event allows groups of players get married amid a plethora fantastic decorations, balloons, flower bouquets, fireworks, and other mall items given out for free by the generous GMs. Wedding pictures of the new couples will be posted on the World of Kung Fu Website, with winners to be chosen by the community of World of Kung Fu Players.

One Grand Prize will be awarded on each server to the couple with the best photo. In addition to having their picture up on the World of Kung Fu website, the winning couple will receive 2 Xian Wu mounts and 2 Wish Rings. All entrants will receive a prize for their participation, such as the legendary Sky Pearl, a rare item useful for refining equipment.

Marriages in World of Kung Fu are performed by the GMs after players get their marriage license from the Matchmaker NPC located in the cities of Liuhe, and Bizhou. In addition to a lifetime of marital bliss, married couples also get a 20% experience bonus (upgradable to 50%) on actions performed together. In future upgrades to the game, there will actually be a child rearing system that will allow children to inherit attributes from their parents! Stay tuned for more info on that when it becomes available. More information about this and other upcoming events can be found on the World of Kung Fu website.

Read more here.

Wonderland Online : New Mall Items

Posted Sep 04, 2008 by Keith Cross

IGG has announced the release of The Friendship Brooch a new item mall item for Wonderland Online.

The Wonderland Online( has released a new Mall item: The Friendship Brooch which can instantly double the power of human pets! As long as the pets’ amity level is at 100, their MATK and ATK will be doubled after equipping the Friendship Brooch. There is no level requirement for these pets. Even a level 1 pet can be equipped with it, permanently. Also, Friendship Brooches can be traded.

Like most Mall gear, the Friendship Brooch will also be enhanced in later game versions.

Friendship Brooch Attribute:

Normal: atk*2 matk*2

+1 atk*2 matk*2 maxhp+30
+2 atk*2 matk*2 maxhp+60
+3 atk*2 matk*2 maxhp+90


After a human pet with an amity level of 100 has equipped a Friendship Brooch, its attack will increase by 400% when fighting enemies from an opposite school. Should the pet also have equipped a +4 Mall weapon, then there will be a 34% chance of it increasing to 800% attack whilst fighting enemies from an opposite school. Imagine that!

Read more here.

Zu Online : Fighter Focus: Sun Warriors

Posted Sep 04, 2008 by Keith Cross

IGG has begun a series which examines the fighting characters of Zu Online. Today the focus is on the Sun Warriors.

The combats in Zu Online ( not only look splendid and grand, but they also give players an excellent sense of real time fighting and require great skill. Does this sound like something you would be interested in? Alright, now let me tell you some of the fighting tips for Zu Online.

Firstly let’s look at some tips for the Sun Warrior’s fights.

Sun Warrior is a melee based clan. They possess good health and defense. But the Sun Warrior can not defeat their enemy by good health and defense alone. To do this the Sun Warrior should also know the proper use of their spells. Additionally, how to spend talent points gained is very important for a Sun Warrior too. There are three talent branches for Sun Warriors: Fury, Agility and Defense. But most players would rather divide the Sun Warrior’s spells into melee, assistant and high damage dealing spells. Now let me talk about these spells in their three schools.

Usage and main features of Sun Warrior’s melee spells, assistant spells and high damage dealing spells:
Melee spells: Sun Warriors use pestles, staves and other weapons to cast “area of effect” spells and then use Heavenshot and other spells to stun their enemy in order to reduce damage taken.
Assistant spells: Sun Warriors can use spells of this type to cause harm to their enemy. For example, the “Demoralizing Roar” spell can reduce the target’s physical attack power by 12. Assistant spells are very effective in PVP combats.
High damage dealing spells: High damage dealing spells are an important way for Sun Warriors to deal damage and defeat an enemy quickly even though they can be monotonous to use compared the florid assistant spells. For example, when the enemy is hit by “Enslave and Slow” spells, the Sun Warrior can cast a “Thunderfire Strike” spell plus a”Reckless Strike” or other instant spell. As a result, it is likely that the enemy would be killed instantly. The Sun Warrior’s high damage dealing spells are mainly used when it is necessary to defeat the enemy instantly.

So, to be strong, the Sun Warrior should make good use of their talent points, master the fighting tips and use their spells properly.

Read more here.

Take a look at more Sun Warrior screens here.

Lord of the Rings Online : Lorebook Update

Posted Sep 04, 2008 by Keith Cross

The Lord of the Rings Online Lorebook has been updated with some of the fantastic creatures and locations in Middle Earth.

Nestled beneath the rocky walls that hide Esteldín, the hidden refuge of the Dúnedain of the North, is a small encampment of Earth-kin called Rusfold. These hunters of the Suuri-lehmä tribe came south from their village in Ram Dúath to procure meat that can feed their people through the vicious northern winter. However, their hunt would not go as planned. They were cut off from their village by armies of evil Hillmen, Orcs, and other servants of the Enemy.

Worse yet, many of their brethren were persuaded by the poisonous words of the Angmarim. Those deceived by the Angmarim, led by the Earth-kin’s First Hunter, Oskari, betrayed their brethren and formed a new tribe: the Rauta-lehmä, the tribe of the Iron Aurochs. Now the hunters of the Suuri-lehmä are beset on all sides, without any means of escape.

Read more about Rusfold here.

Read more the Rogmul Udúnion here.

Pi Story : New Content and Contest

Posted Sep 04, 2008 by Keith Cross

Aeria Games says they will be adding over 50 new quests and several new dungeons to Pi Story. In addition to the new content, they're holding a contest where players who level a character up to level 10 will be entered to win a prize package.

Santa Clara, Calif. (Sept. 2, 2008) – The newest update for Aeria’s premiere title, Pi Story, will contain more than 50 new quests and several new dungeons.


Now players can enjoy more from Pi Story with the new update listed below:


* New NPC’s to help players with their quests
* NPC houses for players to visit
* New dungeons such as Darkmoon’s Kidpool
* Exciting new monsters to battle


Along with the update, Aeria Games is holding a contest for players who reach level 10 to be entered into a contest for over $500 worth of prizes. Dubbed the “March to 10” contest, all players have to do is create a character and make their way to level 10 and they are automatically entered.

Read more here.

Aion : Classes Video

Posted Sep 04, 2008 by Jon Wood

Classes VideoNCsoft has provided us with this new video from the upcoming MMORPG, Aion. This one features the classes in the game.

Watch the interview here


Aion : Territories Video

Posted Sep 04, 2008 by Jon Wood

Territories VideoThis video features two of the game's main territories viewed through a flying avatar.

Watch the interview here


Age of Conan : Leipzig Interview with Erling Ellingsen,

Posted Sep 04, 2008 by Jon Wood

InterviewWhile at the Leipzig Games Convention Jon Wood had the opportunity to sit down under a tree and follow up on the conversation he had with Erling Ellingsen at ComicCon, where they discuss DirectX 10, forum censorship, and Age of Conan's issues after launch.

Watch the interview here


Dreamlords: Resurrection : Giveaway Sweepstakes!

Posted Sep 03, 2008 by Craig McGregor has teamed up with Lockpick Entertainment to bring an exciting contest to our community! From now until Oct 1, 2008 we will be taking entries into this random drawing sweepstakes where we will give away 10 prize bundles with great items like in game tribute points, a Dreamlords custom engraved USB drive, free premium account time and signed concept art! As with all of our contests, the more days you login to the better your odds of winning! (see official rules for details).

Ready to enter?  CLICK HERE NOW!

EverQuest II : Breaking Ground

Posted Sep 03, 2008 by Keith Cross

SOE has announced that Game Update 48: Breaking Ground for EverQuest II is now live and offers insights into the game's upcoming expansion, The Shadow Odyssey.

EverQuest® II’s most recent game update “Breaking Ground” provides players with access to the new group zone Veksar. This dungeon is a preview to the launch version that will be available in the upcoming expansion The Shadow Odyssey scheduled for release on November 18th. Players are also called upon to help construct the nearly completed massive Guild Hall project and the Murder Mystery live event is transpiring, as theories abound as to who performed the dastardly deed.

“Breaking Ground” features:

Veskar – The ancient underwater city of Veksar has once again been discovered by the adventurers of Norrath. Veksar offers both new quests and treasures to those who wish to enter its dangerous chambers. Players level 80 can make their way to the outpost of Omen’s Call, to see if they can begin to unravel the mysteries of this risen ancient monument. Half of the new dungeon is available to current players and the rest will be available in the upcoming expansion.

Guild Hall Construction Event: The Guild Halls building projects are starting to run low on resources requiring the help of Norrath’s finest adventurers. Director Jasmine at the Antonica docks and Director Hezreal at the Commonlands docks are eagerly seeking workers willing to help alleviate the situation.

Murder Mystery Live Event: The Prophet of Healing has been found murdered and the main suspect is found dead shortly thereafter! It’s up to players of all levels to study the clues and figure out who the real murderer is. The progressive live event is schedule to run throughout this update. This prelude event holds significant importance to The Shadow Odyssey journey that begins this November.

Everfrost Revamp: Everfrost gets a facelift! Adventurers levels 40-50 will find dozens of additional quests, four new hubs, and a population friendlier to various play styles, along with a new tunnel to make it easier to travel around the zone.

Read more here.

DC Universe Online : New Screenshots

Posted Sep 03, 2008 by Keith Cross

Today we present a series of new DC Universe Online screenshots to complement our interview form Leipzig with Shawn Lord, the lead designer for SOE's DCU.

The new screens are available here

You can also take a look at our DC Universe Online screenshot gallery here.

Or watch the video interview here.

Dungeon Runners : PAX Dungeon Runners Update

Posted Sep 03, 2008 by Jon Wood's Carolyn Koh was at the recent Penny Arcade Expo and dropped by to speak with Alan Dunkin of DUngeon Runners. In thsi report, she tells us about the game and the upcoming Chunk #4 Update.

Dungeon Runners is a Casual Free to Play game from NCSoft. An easy to get into, quick to play, hack and slash game with some of the funniest crude humor around in an MMOG. A light hearted spoof of the MMOG genre with snarky names, funny dialogue and information. Weapons for example have speeds that range from grandma and slothful to ludicrous and freakin' fast. Quests send you to rescue some guy in a dungeon but you find out that the quest giver is trying to kidnap the guy and hold him for ransom. NPCs thank you sarcastically for busting up their treasure chests or call after you when you buy something that you’ve helped send their kid to school. It’s closer to playing Diablo online than to WoW. It is 15 minutes of fun with a bunch of guild mates while waiting for the server to come up on patch day.

Check it out here.

Perfect World International : Open Beta Open to All

Posted Sep 03, 2008 by Keith Cross

Perfect World Entertainment has announced that the open Beta for Perfect World International is now open to all players.

September 2, 2008 – Redwood City, CA - Perfect World Entertainment Inc, a wholly owned US subsidiary of Perfect World Co., Ltd., today announced the beta for its highly anticipated online game “Perfect World International” is now open to all gamers. As the closed beta comes to an end, new and existing gamers will be provided open access to “Perfect World International” where they can fully immerse themselves in the expansive world and create permanent characters that will remain in the game through launch and beyond.

Additional game features include:


* 3 Unique Classes – Human, Winged Elf, and the Untamed, each with their own look, feel, and game mechanics. Each character class has different skill trees, which cater to the user’s visual tastes as well as their intrinsic needs as a gamer.
* Guild/Clan System – Guilds enable chat between members, creation of guild emblems, guild versus guild battles, and control of existing territories.
* Territory Wars – Guilds can own territories and battle for their control. Weekly battles support up to 80 vs. 80 and winners receive a virtual monetary reward determined by the amount of territory occupied.
* Mount System – Large selection of custom mounts, including flying mounts and the unique ability to mount and carry other players. Players have the unique ability to fight while on their mounts both in PvP (Player vs. Player) and PvE (Player vs. Environment).
* Costumes – Players have the ability to fully express themselves through their in-game characters by customizing clothing, and creating fully personalized avatars. These customization items can be bought from the item mall or traded with other players in the game.
* Free Roaming Map – Large variety of terrains and scenery and no “zoning” or front loading when entering a new area.
* Consequence – Character abilities change based on their decisions and their allegiance to good and evil as they align themselves with either side.
* Marriage System – Both players will have an online notice, and a wife/husband title. Marriage requires an item from the Cash Shop which is worth around 30$ in Perfect World item shop currency.
* Crafting System – Players can select and raise four different crafting skills. Blacksmithing (creates weapons), Tailoring (creates armor), Jewelry (creates various jewelry and arrows), and Pharmacist (creates potions and hierograms).
* World Events – Aside from day-to-day game play, players can also participate in World Events that regularly take place in the game and allow players to obtain unique items. These include treasure hunts, horse races, jungle ruins quests, etc.
* Exceptional Localization – Perfect World Entertainment has gone through great lengths to fully re-localize Perfect World into English, while at the same time ensure that the Chinese mythology and lore continue to enrich the end-user’s experience.

Read more here.

Flyff : Version 12 Coming this Fall

Posted Sep 03, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at Flyff have announced that Version 12 of the game is set for launch sometime this fall, and will add plenty of new content including the Lord System.

Sunnyvale, Califorinia - August 29th, 2008 - Gala-Net Inc. will release the next chapter to its most renowned MMORPG game, Flyff: Fly for Fun later this fall.

Flyff, Version 12 (V12) will be saturated with new content changes that Flyff users have been eagerly anticipating. Among the many updates in this new version is the Lord System, which allows users to vote for a “Lord” in each cluster. The honor of becoming a “Lord” comes with the ability to start EXP or item drop events, boost a player’s Attack or Defense Power by 10%, and much more. In addition to the Lord System, V12 will captivate users with the Forsaken Tower and its Secret Rooms. Located deep in the south of Flaris lies the Forsaken Tower where the most horrendous creatures dwell. This tower will entice users to explore the Secret Rooms, where they will face off against new monsters, and gain abundant experience points for leveling up one’s character. V12 also features Rangda, the soul of a cursed witch that lies in the deep forest of Darkon. The four incarnations of Rangdas: Rangda, Horrible Rangda, Uncanny Rangda, and Dreadful Rangda - each drop unique items. Rangda will drop up to three special items and appear in various places on the map. V12 brings a wide variety of exciting updates to this next chapter of Flyff. Users will notice the many changes and improvements to the gameplay of Flyff, designed to streamline customization and enhance the user’s experience altogether.

As Flyff continues to grow worldwide, Gala-Net strives to elevate the experience of its dedicated fans while also attracting new players to its virtual world. “Gala-Net Inc. and Aeonsoft have undoubtedly worked very hard to bring V12 to life,” says Senior Producer Keehwan Her. “Each update and change was made with the user in mind. We know that V12 will be welcomed by the Flyff community.”

Read more here.

Atlantica Online : Japanese Publishing Deal for Atlantica

Posted Sep 03, 2008 by Keith Cross

NDOORS has announced that they have signed a deal with Nexon Japan to bring Atlantica Online to Japanese gamers.

Sept. 3, 2008 —NDOORS, the company behind Atlantica Online, has signed a publishing agreement with Nexon Japan that will bring the strategic turn-based MMORPG to Japanese online gamers.

Nexon Japan is one of the leading game publishers in Japan. The company operates a game portal that provides online games to 3.9 million registered users in 60 countries throughout Asia, North America and Europe.

“We are fortunate and thrilled that Atlantica’s unique action and fun can be shared and enjoyed by many players throughout the world,” said Cho Sung Won, NDOORS, CEO. “NDOORS will make a great effort to attract Japanese players to the world of Atlantica through a close and cooperative relationship with Nexon Japan.”

In Atlantica, players must travel the world to find the clues that will lead them to the legendary lost civilization of Atlantis. They will stop in locales like Japan, Egypt, Romania and the United States to battle monsters taken from myth and folklore. It began in Korea, with Atlantica’s commercial launch in January 2008. Then in April, NDOORS’ plans to make the game global made its first step through an agreement with The9, the largest game publisher in China. Through NDOORS Interactive, NDOORS’ U.S.-based subsidiary, Atlantica was introduced to North and South American players, as well as Europeans, in July 2008. The deal with Nexon Japan now makes Atlantica accessible in most major markets.

Read more here.

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