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EverQuest : 9th Anniversary Video Contest

Posted Mar 04, 2008 by Keith Cross

In celebration of EverQuest's 9th year, the EverQuest team is holding a video contest where participants can win prizes like a camcorder, a digital camera, in-game titles, and more.

From Monday, March 3, 2008, (12:01 am, US Pacific Time) through Wednesday, April 3, 2008 at (11:59 pm, US Pacific Time), the EverQuest Team will be hosting "You're in Our World Now" video contest.

Using in game imagery, sounds and their special skills, EverQuest community movie-makers have this opportunity to show us why they enjoying playing EverQuest by participating in this official EverQuest contest. Create a video that highlights the best of EverQuest! When filming the video, please keep the following in mind:
  1. Include a wide variety of zones, NPCs, and gameplay features.

  2. The video should display adventuring as well as highlight the community aspect of the game. (i.e. groups, guilds, raids)

  3. This video is to highlight the game, not individual achievement.

  4. Make sure you have PC names off. NPC name off is optional.

  5. If you add text to the video, be sure to check the spell and grammar.

Get all the details here.

Tabula Rasa : The Wrap-Up

Posted Mar 04, 2008 by Keith Cross

NCsoft has posted the Weekend Wrap-up, which looks at the events in Tabula Rasa over the past weekend.

AFS Soldiers Social Network Created

Sniper HauntShade created a new social network site just for AFS Solders at Create your own blog, groups or even upload pictures, it's a great place to connect with other troops.

General British Sighting!

General British was spotted on the Centaurus server this weekend. This PlanetTR thread has all the details. GB has been known to appear on all of the servers so keep your noses clean and your boots shined in case he stops by!

Live Fire Sports League

Looking for some PvP action? Live Fire Sports League has what you are looking for with PvP Ladders, Tournaments and event reports on matches such as Friday Night Fights so you never miss a bit of the action.

From the site: Live Fire Sports is active to promote hearty competition between AFS Soldiers and to keep combat skills sharp for those battles with the Bane. Live Fire Sports will maintain combat statistics for Clan, Squad, Duel, and any other forms of AFS Wargame Exercises. Get it on!

Read more here.

Angels Online : Two Events For Beginners

Posted Mar 04, 2008 by Keith Cross

IGG has announced two events to help get new players into Angels Online. One involves GMs showing new players the ropes, the other involves giving new players a discount on items.

Since more and more players are joining Angels Online everyday, the Angels Online team from IGG will be holding two special events to help beginning players.

Event 1: Angel Tutoring in the Lyceum

Beginning players can often feel overwhelmed by all the terminology, systems, customs, items and quests they need to know to be successful in game. The Angels Online team wants all their players to feel comfortable about playing, so the AO GMs are going to tutor these beginning players.

Event Duration:

9:00pm~10:00pm EST (GMT-5) Mar 6th Haniel(1)

9:00pm~10:00pm EST (GMT-5) Mar 6th Nisroc

Event Location: All servers

Read more about Angel Tutoring in the Lyceum here.

Read more about Cheap, Cheap, Cheap! here.

Star Wars Galaxies : Buff Interface gets Buffed

Posted Mar 04, 2008 by Keith Cross

Lee "Torsion" Nagar, a programmer for Star Wars Galaxies talks about changes to the the game's buff interface in a new dev journal.

Dev Diary - Buff Interface

Hi everyone, this is Lee "Torsion" Nagar, a programmer on Star Wars Galaxies. For my first dev diary, I am going to discuss my work on the player buffs interface.

One of the first things I noticed in SWG was a somewhat limited buff interface. So when the lead designer brought me into his office to discuss a buff UI revamp, I was very eager to participate.

The very first task was to allow for more than two rows of displayed buffs. What is the purpose of showing the player what buffs are on them if they aren't visible?

Read more here.

Infinity : Item Mall Opens March 6th

Posted Mar 04, 2008 by Keith Cross

Game Tribe has announced that the item shop in Infinity Online will open on March 6th.

Have you enjoyed the fight against your enemies? Soon you’ll have new ways to beat them all…

As of March 6th Infinity Online will launch its new item shop! Get your favorite Aterion warrior, choose between pure strength and agility, destructive axes and swords or ranged spears!

GameTribe has prepared wide offer of skills, characters, weapons for you and the list will be always updated with new releases to provide you the best entertainment!

It’s time for action!!! Infinity is waiting for you…

Read more about Infinity here.

CABAL Online : Podcast GDC Interview

Posted Mar 04, 2008 by Jon Wood

While at the Game Developer's Conference, Jon Wood, Keith Cross and Laura Genender had the opportunity to record this new episode of the podcast featuring Cabal Online.

In a special episode of's podcast, regular co-hosts Jon Wood and Keith Cross are joined by Community Manager Laura Genender as they interview David Hoffman, the Executive Producer at OGPlanet about their release of the North American version of Cabal Online. This interview took place at this year's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

Check out the show here.

General : Javien: A Payment Company

Posted Mar 04, 2008 by Jon Wood

At the Game Developer's Conference, we talk to all kinds of companies, form game developers to AI engineering companies. Today, Larua Genender files her editoial report on Javien, a payment company.

During the Game Developer’s Conference I had the pleasure of meeting with Leslie Poole (Chief Executive Officer) and Linda Hagopian (Vice President of Marketing and Communications) from Javien, specialists in digital payment solutions. While the Javien team is well versed in subscription style games, our focus today was their industry expertise in the MMO payment plan of the future: micropayments.

I came to our meeting with some uncertainty; I’m not a big supporter of the micropayment model, and I’m more willing to spend 15$ a month on subscriptions than 5$ a month on random items. The reason behind my prejudice? I like an even playing field, where everyone has the same tools and skills to start with. If another user is able to level or make money faster than me, fine, but if they’re able to buy their way up the ladder I start feeling uncomfortable. Hell, I feel uncomfortable “buying my way up the ladder” myself; I feel guilty at the thought of buying a sword, even if that’s the only way to obtain it.

Check it out here.

Fury : Catching Up With Fury

Posted Mar 04, 2008 by Jon Wood

Recently, News Manager Keith Cross had the opportunity to sit down and talk to Tony Hilliam, the CEO of Auran and Lead Designer on their game, Fury. As you may or may not recall, after Fury's launch, Auran announced that they would be pulling back significantly on staff and resources for the PvP game. Today, Keith talks to Tony about the progress that has been made since then.

While at the 2008 Game Developer’s Conference I had the opportunity to talk to Auran CEO and Fury Lead Designer, Tony Hilliam. During the interview we discussed what happened at Fury’s launch, their subsequent business model change and the Age of the Chosen expansion in the months after launch, as well as the future course for the game.

When Fury launched back in October it was billed as the MMO for PvP fanatics. The PvP fans came out to play, but to Australian developer Auran’s disappointment, not enough of them stuck around. Early users ran into a number of problems which helped drive players away from the game. Many players complained they had a hard time getting the game to run with the high level of graphical quality of which the game was capable, even on high-end machines. Because the game was PvP focused, any choppiness could be a death sentence, thus some players who could run the game on its higher settings would be forced to opt for lower quality visuals as well. Tony informed me of one particular bug that caused a lot of headaches in the first few weeks after launch. Apparently there was a sound bug that could cut the game’s frame rate in half. After a few weeks they solved the problem, but the damage had already been done. In the business of MMOs, the first few weeks are critical, and can direct opinions about the game for years to come.

Read the whole article here.

Age of Conan : Meet the King in London

Posted Mar 04, 2008 by Keith Cross

Funcom is offering Conan fans in the UK the chance to attend a press event in London later in March.  The winning fans will be the ones who best finish the sentence “I want to meet King Conan because…”

Eidos and Funcom have organized an exclusive Age of Conan GM tour for the press in a cinema in central London next week (Thursday, 13 March 2008).

Product Manager Erling ‘Lord Orion’ Ellingsen and Community Manager Oliver ‘Tarib’ Kunz will be there to show the game and it turns out we have room for a few crazy Brits at this event.

To win one of the 9 spots, all you have to do is email with the subject “The King is coming to the UK!” In the email, you should finish the sentence:

“I want to meet King Conan because…”

The 9 best entries will get themselves one seat each for this exclusive presentation of the game.

Read more here.

EVE Online : EVE Newsletter vol. 18

Posted Mar 03, 2008 by Keith Cross

CCP has publishe Vol.18 of the EVE Online Newsletter, which contains information about the Trinity 1.1 patch, the 5th Alliance Tournament, and more.

Patch 1.1: Better Stronger Faster

The EVE Universe quaked with the release of EVE Online: Trinity. Now, behold the might of Trinity Patch 1.1. The Amarr Empire has long boasted about its powerful ships and a fervent willingness to destroy all that opposes them. Finally, the Omen, Zealot and Apocalypse class ships are getting a boost to reflect that devastating potential. However, the ship improvements don't end here. In order to satisfy your lust for carnage, modifications have also come for the Eagle, Moa, Raptor and Ferox class vessels. Head to our download page and get the client of your choice.

EVE Voice gets a few vital improvements including Channel Prioritization, which allows fleet commanders priority when speaking to their fleet. The days of muffled voices drowning out each other while vital disseminated information is missed are over. When your commander speaks, all other voices are muted as to not miss anything important.

Read more here.

Dark Age of Camelot : Grab Bag

Posted Mar 03, 2008 by Keith Cross

The Grab Bag returns this week to once again answer a myriad of miscellaneous questions from the Dark Age of Camelot community.

Q. With the increasing amount of no sell/trade items since Labyrinth was introduced, are there plans to increase Vault Keeper/House Vault space?

A. The Bearded Wonder was ready for this one: That is a very common feedback that we get. We're investigating the possibility, but no firm time frame yet.

Q. Maybe I missed something but a few patches ago the Warlock was going to be given the ability to chamber on the move. What is the current status of this ability?

A. I skipped over to the Balancinator who had this to say: Yes, we introduced the change and it was on Pendragon for a few weeks. It was amazing and fun, but not without some problems. For Example: You could move and load chambers as stated. The problem is that a person could not stop casting the spell once it started. You were stuck casting this long duration spell until it completed or another player interrupted the cast. We tried to find a quick fix for the issue, but our attempts were unsuccessful. We made a decision to, revert the changes and to look for a permanent fix to the issue. We are still working on a solution for this bug.

Read more here.

D&D Online : Devils of Shavarath to Attack Stormreach

Posted Mar 03, 2008 by Keith Cross

Turbine has indicated that there will be an event involving the Devils of Shavarath taking place next Saturday.

Hello Citizens. I am Veheer F'nord, Augur of the Twelve. I bring ill tidings to you this day.

This is definitely no time to party now that Sir Lawrence has gone missing. According to my research, it seems the devils of Shavarath have made up their mind to perform a counter-strike in retaliation of our thwarting their General. I will be making an appearance tonight around the same time that the graffiti first appeared, to try and get a better grasp of what clues may be derived from their markings. For devils are lawful, not chaotic like foul demons. Their regimented nature may prove to be their undoing. My initial findings seem to indicate that whatever it is the devils are planning, it will be revealed to us for days to come, and it seems to favor the time range of fifteen minutes prior to the 22nd hour (9:45 PM EST, -5 GMT). Perhaps they thought going off the hour would fool us and catch us unawares. However, while their mischief has already begun, I fear that the ultimate culmination of their evil, based on the infernal writings, is next Sar (Saturday), and more than likely at that same time. This will be when they try to twist the knife in our weak spot. Anyone who spots anything amiss throughout this week should continue to give us reports from the field, so we can work together to try and stop them!

Read more here.

World of Warcraft : Arena Tournament Item Page & Test Realm

Posted Mar 03, 2008 by Keith Cross

Blizzard has announced that the Arena Tournament realm for World of Warcraft is now up on the Public Test Realm.  They have also posted the Arena Tournament item list page, a complete list of all the items that will be available to players participating in the 2008 Arena Tournament.

Tournament Realm

The new Arena Tournament realm for World of Warcraft is available for testing on the Public Test Realm. Join your fellow players to be first to experience this exciting new form of PvP. Please also provide us any feedback at the Arena Tournament Forums. More information can be found at the Arena Tournament information page, item list, and FAQ.

Item List Page

We're glad to unveil the Arena Tournament item list page detailing the items that will be available to players participating in the 2008 Arena Tournament. Please keep in mind that the item list is not finalized and will most likely be changed based on feedback and testing. We wanted to give those interested a sneak preview of the items prior to the public testing phase. Visit our Arena Tournament information page for the latest information regarding the Arena Tournament.

Visit the item list page here.

Stargate Worlds : Collector's Box: What Do You Want?

Posted Mar 03, 2008 by Keith Cross

The Stargate Worlds team over at Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment is looking for your opinions and suggestions as to what should be in the SGW Collector's Edition box.

CME is interested in your thoughts for what you would like to see both on the surface of (and inside) the Stargate Worlds Collector's Edition boxed set! The discussion is already underway in out forums! If you haven't, be sure to register and contribute your thoughts to the discussion. We're gathering ideas at this stage, and feel it's important that the community should get to contribute!

Collector's Edition - What would you like to see?

Read more here.

Pirates of the Burning Sea : Devlog: The State of PvP

Posted Mar 03, 2008 by Keith Cross

Flying Lab has posted a new devlog which takes a look at the state of PvP in Pirates of the Burning Sea.

Player versus Player conflict is one of the cornerstones of Pirates of the Burning Sea, and the primary avenue for that is our Conquest system. We’re in the process of making some fairly major changes to the Conquest system. We wanted to take a moment and explain those changes, and the reasoning behind them. There are a handful of major areas I want to address: port defense, increased PvP zones, and PvP rewards.

The first issue I want to talk about is port defense. Port defense is not supposed to be easy. While it is not supposed to be impossible (thus all the issues with economic ‘bombing’), defense is supposed to be harder than offense. The natural progression of the game world should not be towards stasis, but towards conflict. You’re supposed to be able to defend ports that are important to you, but a ‘perfect defense’ where none of your ports enter contention, should be nigh on impossible. Defending your ports should, most of the time, mean showing up for the port battle and kicking some ass, not stopping the battle from ever happening.

Read more here.

Zu Online : Secrets of Zu Revealed

Posted Mar 03, 2008 by Keith Cross

IGG reveals the secrets behind Zu Online and has released three screenshots in their latest releases.

No matter what special features a game delivers to its players, the one thing that will always stand out in the minds of those playing and those seeing it for the first time will be the graphics. The graphic quality is the strongest link between the virtual and the real worlds.

When it comes to the world of Zu, all players have been amazed at not only the quality of the graphics but also the way they translate something so foreign into something so familiar. Not only is the game based on Chinese mythology, as well as featuring many aspects of Chinese culture, but the landscape itself immerses all players into and unmistakably Chinese world.

From the dark, washed out watercolors in the background that remind one of a classic painting, to the distinctly Chinese mountains that constantly loom over the landscape, you are constantly reminded that this is not your traditional western RPG and you’re definitely not in the Middle Ages anymore.

Read the Secrets of Zu Part 1 here.

Read the Secrets of Zu Part 2 here.

Age of Conan : Area: Tortage Island Travel Guide

Posted Mar 03, 2008 by Jon Wood

The folks from Funcom's Age of Conan have been kind enough to provide us with this interesting and entertaining non-exclusive Tortage Island Travel Guide.

When you first start your journey through the lands of Hyboria in Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, you start off as a slave onboard a Stygian galley. The ship is somewhere in the treacherous waters of the Barachan seas, off the coast of Zingara. This is where you create your character’s visual appearance and make the decisions that will help shape your destiny in the years to come. But then, suddenly, the ship sinks.

You wake up on the beaches of Tortage Island. They call it the jewel of the Barachan Isles, but this is certainly a jewel with so many sharp edges that you can hurt yourself easily on it if you are not careful. It sure helps to know your surroundings better, and this guide was created so you know where to go – and what to stay far, far away from!


Check out the whole feature here.

Dream of Mirror Online : New Pets

Posted Mar 03, 2008 by Jon Wood

Gametribe has announced that on March 5th, players will have access to new pets in the game Dream of Mirror Online, better known as DOMO.

Hi Dreamers,    

Have you enjoyed your adventures with your best friends the Pets? Would you like to have a new fellow in your battles? Now you have the chance to get it!

Next March 5th you’ll be able to discover new pet eggs in the vending machines around the world of Dream of Mirror! If you’re lucky enough, you will be able to get from them a “special edition” egg that will give birth to one of the new pets available with a different colour skin.
Remember that these eggs will be on sale only for one week! So hurry up and give birth to a new friendship!

More on DOMO here.

Elf Online : Happy Carnival

Posted Mar 03, 2008 by Jon Wood

The folks over at Elf Online have announced a new event that will take place this Tuesday night.

New week is coming, Elf Online have prepared something new for you this week. On Tuesday night from EST 7:00 pm to EST 10:00 pm Elf Online Happy Carnival for this week is waiting for you.
Happy Carnival: Happy Carnival is consisted of a series of such events as the carnival, treasure box fall and hatch the golden egg. Players could take part in the game in a relaxed way with lots of rewards and experience for prize.

1. Carnival
When the carnival begins, players could go to the guide in each city- Carefree Village, Wulong Village and Dragon City to apply for joining the carnival. You will get some quests from the guide when you apply for participation. Every 10 quests is a round, for each quest you finished, Exp and coins will be granted. When you finish up to 6 quests in a round, you will be granted quest credits, with the credits, you may exchange for golden eggs.
Requirement: Solo or team, each participant should above level 20.
Rewards: For each round, players will be rewarded 1 happy fruit, after using it you will get 1000 SP. Furthermore, there is some possibility to gain extra rewards such as common eggs for teleport and treasure boxes.
2. Treasure box fall
 System will recode the number of player who participate the carnival in each city. The quantity of quests player finished and the number of players participated will affect the heat of the carnival of that city. When the heat reach 2000, or the multiple of 2000, some treasure boxes will fall from the sky. After the quest is finished, 80 treasure boxes will drop from the sky in the city with the highest heat.
Requirement: The treasure box fallen in one city could only be collected by player who participates the carnival in that city.
Reward: Happy fruit, Treasure, Exp.
3. Hatch Golden Egg
You may go to the guide in each city to exchange golden egg with every 15 credits could exchange for 1 golden egg. When you get 30 credits and 4 eggs, you could hatch the golden egg. When the egg is hatched, you have some possibility to get rare pets, Exp or gold powder.

More on Elf Online here.

Fallen Earth : What's New in Fallen Earth Since AGDC?

Posted Mar 03, 2008 by Jon Wood News Manager Keith Cross caught up with Lee Hammock, the Lead Designer from the upcoming post-apocalyptic MMORPG, Fallen Earth and asked one simple question: What's new in Fallen Earth since the Austin Game Developer's Conference?

While at the Game Developers Conference I had the opportunity to chat with Lee Hammock, Lead Designer for Fallen Earth. My first look at Fallen Earth was at the Austin Game Developers Conference, where Lee gave me the beginner’s tour. Before that, all I knew of Fallen Earth was that it was a post apocalyptic MMO built on the topography of the Grand Canyon. I said in a blog last week that it was great talking to Lee because he’ll answer your questions before you ask them. At the GDC in San Francisco my first, and pretty much only question was, “What’s new since AGDC?”

Lee told me that 75% of the game’s content is in, though much of it still needs polish. So far they have between three and four thousand missions ready to go. These missions will take players beyond the desert terrains that we’ve already seen in Fallen Earth, and move them on to greener pastures, and I literally mean greener pastures. At the Fallen Earth booth they had a demo of the game running, and a trailer running on a loop on another screen. In the demo, Lee took me to a grassy field that stretched far off into the distance.

Read it all here.

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