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Dragon Raja Online : Election Results

Posted May 29, 2008 by Keith Cross

G4Box has annnounced the results of the recent King and Queen elections in their 2D MMORPG, Dragon Raja.

Toronto, CANADA-May 28, 2008-- G4Box Inc, a North American publisher
and distributor of interactive entertainment media has announced the
results from its popular 2D MMORPG, Dragon Raja's recent king and
queen elections.  Current players as well as new players joined in the
voting process last month to crown their new regime.  The kingdoms of
Vyseus, Zypern, and Yilse elected their new regimes including a queen
and two kings.   

Congratulations to Vyseus' new Queen (LadyPhoenix) and the new Kings of
Yilse (CSing) and Zypern (Redim)! Elected by the people, they will be
a shining light in the darkness and will raise, strengthen and unite
their nations of Vyseus, Yilse and Zypern.

To the departing queen and kings who served their people well the
people say Godspeed.  All hail mighty "LadyPhoenix" forever known as
the first Queen of Vyseus,  All hail mighty "CSing" King of Yilse and
All hail mighty "Redim" King of Zypern Their people shall stand
alongside them and their presence shall grant them vast power and
inspiration. The booming voices fade away into silence and a beam of
light pierces the sky, illuminating the Crowns atop ladyPhoenix's
CSing's and Redim's forehead.

Read more here.

Dark Age of Camelot : Bonuses Extended

Posted May 29, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at Dark Age of Camelot have extended their weekend bonuses until next Monday, June 2nd.

The following Zone Bonuses are live:

On Classic and Normal Ruleset servers, the following bonuses have been added:

      200% bonus to XP in all classic zones and dungeons.
      200% bonus to BP in all NF zones.

On the PVP ruleset server the following bonuses have been added:

      200% bonus to BP in all classic zones and dungeons.
      200% bonus to BP in all NF zones.

On the PVE ruleset server the following bonuses have been added:

      200% bonus to XP in all classic zones and dungeons.
      200% bonus to BP in the capital cities.

Read more here.

Voyage Century Online : IGG 2nd Anniversary Events

Posted May 29, 2008 by Keith Cross

IGG will soon be celebrating their second anniversary and have announced a series of events in Voyage Century Online to mark the occasion.

We are preparing a series of events to celebrate IGG 2nd anniversary and express our appreciation to players for their constant support of IGG and Voyage Century. We hope every player will have fun playing our games and support us as always in the future.

Event 1: Double Experience
Event 1 Duration: From June 4th to June 8th
Players will get double experience while playing game from June 4th to June 8th.

Event 2: Monsters Party
Event 2 Duration: From 4:00am - 5:00am EST (GMT-5) on June 6th
                     From 10:00pm -11:00pm EST (GMT-5) on June 6th
Event 2 Description:
A large number of monsters will be found in the two cities. Player can team up with other players to kill monsters or kill them by themselves. The event will be divided into two time sections. Each section will last one hour. Monsters will be generated every half hour. The event comes to an end when all the monsters are killed.

We welcome low level players to participate in this event. So the city of Madeira is where low level monster BOSSes are generated and is specially open to players of low levels, while the city of Revkjavik where high level monsters BOSSes are generated is the paradise of high level players. You can decide which city you want to go to.

Read more here.

Myth War : New Edition Features Preview

Posted May 29, 2008 by Keith Cross

IGG has provided a peek at the features of the newest version of Myth War Online.

Myth War is an ATB turn-based MMORPG brought to you by IGG. The release of the new edition of Myth War 2.0 is fast approaching. Today, the MW team was kind enough to introduce some of the features about the new edition.

Feature One: Characters change

Characters in the new edition will be not so gentle any longer. The Male Borg and the Male Mage are even more outstanding now with their handsome new equipment. Even the Female Centaur has the feeling of being combat ready. The delicate characters, exquisite lighting and shadow effects, vivid character veins and exact actions are some of the more important improvements in the new edition. It is no wonder that some players consider it to be almost a whole new game.

Feature Two: Maps change

The maps are absolutely amazing in the new edition. They are created using 3D models and 2D paintings. One big change is that players will be born in peaceful Woodlingor, not the familiar Sky Passage. The familiar Blython, Revive Arena and other maps have great changes as well. Meanwhile, Sunset Plains and Outcast City have been redrawn. Only powerful players can experience all the wonderful scenery.

Read more here.

Vanguard : Telon Rides On: Game Update 5 Goes Live

Posted May 29, 2008 by Keith Cross

SOE has announced that Game Update 5, know as Telon Rides On, for Vanguard: Saga of Heroes is now live, bringing new mounts, Citizen Favor, new particle effects, and more.

Great news Vanguard gamers – Game Update 5 has made its way to the Live servers! Now more than ever Telon is an exciting place to be for heroes ready to make their mark in the world. With the addition of the Citizen Favor system, adventurers will be able to align themselves with a city, carrying their banner and slaying foes in their honor in order to earn special tokens and favor which can be used to buy special items. The most notable being the new racial mounts!

Each race within Vanguard has a unique mount that can only be obtained by earning favor with the proper city. You can see a complete listing of the various mounts here. Not sure where to start? Here you'll find the various NPCs who will help you begin earning favor for their respective cities.

A few classes received a revamp this update, with spell additions for Psionicists and Blood Mages. Not only will new abilities be learned, but they will look a whole lot better when casting! The art team made some great improvements to a variety of particle effects which give many spells an amazing new aura.

Read more here.

EverQuest II : Kunark Best Selling of EQ2 Expansions

Posted May 29, 2008 by Keith Cross

SOE has announced that Rise of Kunark has become the best selling expansion pack to EverQuest II.

Rise of Kunark, the fourth and largest expansion pack for the critically acclaimed online role playing game EverQuest® II, officially becomes the best selling expansion pack to date, surpassing all previous expansions in number of units sold.

Key facts about Rise of Kunark:

  • RoK was the largest expansion released for EverQuest II to date, and featured a new playable race and new stating area.
  • RoK is the first all-in-one-pack to contain all previously released expansion packs and adventure packs.
  • RoK received the highest amount of participation for an EverQuest II expansion pre-order program.
  • Multiple game updates have provided new and interesting content consisting of various live events, the introduction to new raid zones and the addition of new Epic weapons.

Read more here.

WYD Global : First Anniversary Celebrations

Posted May 29, 2008 by Keith Cross

With Your Destiny Global is celebrating its 1st anniversary and the floks at WYD have announced a series of events starting in June.

With Your Destiny Global was launched a year ago and we want you to help us celebrate our 1st Anniversary!

That's why we're giving you a lot of free stuff for all newly created accounts that will help you start good. A lot of FREE STUFF to be given away this coming 1st Ever Grand Anniversary of WYD Global!

After leveling up, spending some time trying to follow your destiny, we would still be giving out free stuff whenever you reach a certain level. Play your new and old characters, check out the WYD Global Anniversary celebration events, and enjoy all of our new system updates and changes for our Episode III: The Aftermath!

Follow your destiny on June 03, 2008 and celebrate with us our First Ever Grand Anniversary!

Read more here.


World of Warcraft : Blizzard Disables Forum Hyperlinks

Posted May 29, 2008 by Keith Cross

Blizzard has announced that they have had to temporarily disable hyperlinks on the World of Warcraft official forums as a result of a recently identified security vulnerability in Adobe Flash.

A recent vulnerability has been discovered in popular web-content delivery program Adobe Flash, and it could potentially be used to target World of Warcraft players and accounts. The newest available version of Adobe Flash, version, does not contain this vulnerability, and we recommend that everyone upgrade their Flash player as soon as possible by visiting the download page at the link below.

In addition, to avoid exploitation of this vulnerability, we have temporarily disabled the ability to post hyperlinks in our forums. Any links will need to be copied and pasted into a browser. We’ll continue to evaluate any potential security threats and take any steps necessary to ensure a safe and fun environment.

Read more here.

Entropia : What is it about Entropia Universe?

Posted May 28, 2008 by Jon Wood's Carolyn Koh submits this Entropia Universe interview from the ION conference, talking to developer and player alike, Koh tried to get to the bottom of the question: "What is it about Entropia Universe anyway?"

One of the topics of a panel discussion as well as keynote and lecture at the 2008 ION Game Conference was that of the blurring of lines between Virtual Worlds, Online Spaces and traditional MMOGs; how they were integrated and how to integrate them. John Bates of MindArk who develops and publishes Entropia Universe brought up the topic in our interview.

“Entropia is not about quests and missions,” he said, “but an ongoing storyline and events that take place during this storyline.”

Entropia has a single world and it’s not just a virtual world, but also an exploring, tradeskill and adventure game as well. Parts of it are akin to Second Life, but players can also explore and adventure in this world, then come back to the cities and enjoy the social aspect of the game. Like Second Life, Entropia has a monetary system which has its in-game currency pegged at 10 PEDs (Project Entropia Dollars) to 1 US dollar.

Read the whole article here.

D&D Online : The Way of the Monk

Posted May 28, 2008 by Keith Cross

Turbine has published a dev diary detailing the way of the monk, the new class for Dungeons and Dragons Online that will be added when Module 7 launches on June 3rd.

Welcome students! It is good that you wish to follow the path of enlightenment, and I, being The Master, shall show you The Way of the Monk!

There are many intricate and complicated philosophies to learn, so let’s embark on your journey and soon you will learn The Way.

Monks are a distinct new character class that you will be able to choose when Module 7: The Way of the Monk goes live. A Monk’s role is that of high speed, control, and discipline. Your senses and wisdom of the elements will be challenged. Becoming a Monk will be very different than anything you’ve experienced in Eberron, and you’ll need to learn to accommodate any situation. An old Monk proverb tells of a young student, who asks his Master; “Teacher, why are teacups made so thin and fragile that they break so easily?” The teacher smiled and replied: “It is not that they are too delicate, but that you do not yet know how to handle them. You must learn to adjust yourself to the environment, and not vice versa.” As it will be, to learn The Way of The Monk.

Read more here.

D&D Online : New Module 7 Screenshots

Posted May 28, 2008 by Jon Wood

The folks from Turbine's Dungeons and Dragons Online have sent us six new screenshots from the upcoming Module 7. These shots give a particular focus to the newly re-designed "Three Barrell Cove" area of the game.

Check out all eight here.

Pirates of the Burning Sea : 1.4 Delayed Until Thursday

Posted May 28, 2008 by Keith Cross

Flying Lab Software has announced that the implementation of the of the 1.4 patch for Pirates of the Burning Sea has been postponed until Thursday Morning.

The deployment of patch 1.4 has been postponed until tomorrow morning (Thursday, May 29th). The downtime will take place between 1:30am and 3:30am Pacific Time. During this window, Pirates of the Burning Sea game servers will be unavailable while we upgrade to 1.4.

You can find information on the changes in 1.4, including some in-depth discussion of skill changes, by reading our Developer Logs.

You’ll want to keep an eye on the Important Announcements Forum for regular updates on our progress throughout Wednesday morning’s downtime.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this delay.

Read more here.

Champions Online : Team Profile: Dennis Adams

Posted May 28, 2008 by Keith Cross

Cryptic Studios has updated the official site for Champions Online with a profile of associate producer Dennis Adams.

Q: What do you do on Champions Online?
A: I'm an associate producer, which means I have the pleasure of managing the art team and designers on Champions Online – the concept artists, character modelers, animators, FX artists, powers and combat designers all fall under my jurisdiction. When you're entrusted with managing a talented group of folks like the ones we have here at Cryptic, it starts to feel less like work, and a lot more like a golden opportunity.

Q: How long have you worked in gaming, and what did you do before working on Champions Online?
A: I'm relatively new to the gaming industry. I spent five years working as an animation production supervisor at Walt Disney Studios, followed by a gig on The Simpsons Movie; all the while dreaming of "making videogames." I eventually got my break a little over a year ago after landing a job at a small game studio in San Francisco working on Star Trek Online. I then moved to Cryptic in February, and I love every minute of it.

Read more here.

Kaos War : New Funding for SRI

Posted May 28, 2008 by Keith Cross

Shattered Reality Interactive, the company that is currently developing Kaos War, has announced that have recieved a new round of funding form a group of European investors.

May 2008 – After over a year of game development with minimal funding, Shattered Reality Interactive (“SRI”) announced that they have secured an undisclosed amount of Series A funding from European investors led by Netherlands based investment management firm Orange Dogs BV.

SRI is independently developing their flagship MMO title, Kaos War. The company and its CEO Damon Grow received immense industry attention from the original documentary series, "Creating Kaos." Since the documentary series ended a year ago, SRI has shown progressive growth by adding key team members including programmers, designers, artists, and administrative personnel. In January 2008, SRI successfully completed its gameplay demo to follow up its technology demo released in early 2007.

"This is a great sign for all independent game developers," says Damon Grow, CEO of Shattered Reality Interactive, Inc. "This funding shows that with good vision and determination, you can achieve success.”

Orange Dogs BV, with interests in Amsterdam and California, focuses in making investments in the online industry. The firm has previously invested in social networks, lifestyle services, mass technology adoption, and now online gaming.

Read more here.

Champions Online : Villain Profile: Ankylosaur

Posted May 28, 2008 by Keith Cross

Cryptic Studios has posted a profile of Ankylosaur, a power armor wearing super criminal.

Paul Bressler got all the bad breaks.

He was born into a poor family, and no one really understood him. He got kicked out of school because of a simple misunderstanding about what he and the principal's daughter were doing in the broom closet. He was tossed into juvie for a couple of burglaries and some joyriding – a luckier kid would have gotten a slap on the wrist.

Nothing ever turned out right. But Paul was convinced that he was due for a big score to make up for all his rotten luck.

He got his chance when the local VIPER nest hired Paul and his friends to help out with a job. Paul knew this was his shot at the big time – if he got in good with VIPER, he'd be on the road to Easy Street.

Read more here.

Wonderland Online : Vehicle Details

Posted May 28, 2008 by Keith Cross

IGG has released details about some of the vehicles that are available in Wonderland Online.

Wonderland is a world full of technology and adventure. Do you want to make various vehicles to help you explore the world? We' d like to introduce some ways to obtain vehicle designs.

Boat Design
Activation Location: Civilian's House of Welling Village
Reward: Boat Design
Activation Item: Chest
Quest process: Enter the civilian' s house and click the chest, the NPC will ask players to answer questions, if players answer correctly, they will obtain the boat design.

Raft Design
Activation Location: Civilian's House of Welling Village
Reward: Raft Design
Activation NPC: Tark
Quest process: Use 3 Lauans to exchange for the Raft Design with Tark.

Read more here.

Helbreath : Version 4.0, Bonus Experience

Posted May 28, 2008 by Keith Cross

Version 4.0 of the Helbreath USA client is now available, along with several events that give bonus experience points.

The NEW client is ready to go and is available to download from the Helbreath USA auto updater!!! There have been a few other bug fixes and changes that we’re excited to share with everyone. Check out the 4.0 Update page on the web site for more details.

If you’ve not been around in a while, be sure to read all the changes to get caught up!

As a way of saying thankyou and welcome back to everyone we’re giving away over 25 million experience points. In order to make the experience points available to all characters including your 180’s we’ve split the points up in to 3.2 million lots. Be sure to read the details on the experience points!

Read more here.

City of Heroes : Issue 12 Demo and Test This Thursday!

Posted May 27, 2008 by Ben Krueger Presents: Help NCsoft and Dyyno test its new streaming technology
This Thursday evening at 5pm PST / 8pm EST, City of Heroes / Villains lead designer Matt Miller and the NCsoft community team will be testing Dyyno’s streaming technology with a live demonstration of some of the new content from Issue 12: Midnight Hour.
Matt will give viewers a brief tour of the new Villain Epic Archetypes, including creating new characters in the costume creator and demonstrating their powers in game. As part of this, he will take viewers on a tour of the new Roman and Greek inspired zone, Cimerora, and he’ll try to answer your questions along the way.
This is a test and there is the possibility that technical issues could arise but we hope that you will join us to experience this exciting new technology and City of Heroes game content.

Join us this Thursday in our Dyyno Room!

Stargate Worlds : Mini-Game Design in Stargate Worlds

Posted May 27, 2008 by Jon Wood

Steve Williams of Firesky, the company creating the MMORPG Stargate Worlds, writes this dev log on the game's official page which highlights mini-games in the upcoming MMO.

My name is Steve Williams, and I am a MMO gamer and also a casual gamer. Give me an MMO, and I’ll play it. Give me a simple Flash game and I’ll play it. Wouldn’t it be fun if someone could mix the two flavors together and make a peanut butter cup of gameplay that would satisfy both MMO fun and casual fun?

So let’s talk about what mini-games are doing in a self-respecting MMO like Stargate Worlds - let’s talk about putting the peanut butter into the chocolate and making something tasty.

Since time immemorial, or at least the past few years, MMOs have focused upon two things: Killing stuff (and getting their loot) and making stuff for people to go kill stuff (and get their loot). As building games goes, that’s a pretty good spread of features, and it’s not too hard to make that work.

Read it all here.

Tabula Rasa : Talking to New Lead Designer Tom Potter

Posted May 27, 2008 by Jon Wood

Tom Potter, the new Lead Designer for NCsoft's Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa, sits down with Managing Editor Jon Wood to talk about his thoughts on the game and where it's heading.

Can you give us an idea of your own personal game design experience?

Tom Potter

If you had told me when I was eight years old, "hey kid, you're gonna be making games someday", I think my head would have exploded.

Whether it was making my own rules for Axis and Allies, or actually sending Nintendo proposals in the mail (which were all kindly rejected), I always knew I wanted to be a game designer. But back then it really didn't seem like a viable career path. So I took a long detour through some other fields before realizing that is was in fact possible to make games and make it a career. I was a chemist for a while, but it just wasn't really fulfilling personally. So I made the decision to switch careers, and through a lot of blood, sweat and tears I finally got a chance to join the industry. Prior to joining NCsoft I worked at Iron Lore Entertainment as Lead Content Designer. While there I worked on Titan Quest, Titan Quest: Immortal Throne, and a little bit of Dawn of War: Soulstorm. I joined NCsoft initially as a Senior World Designer and was responsible for making maps and instances. I just recently transitioned to the Lead Designer role which is really a whole new set of challenges. But the team is really fantastic and we're making strides towards making TR better and better with every update.

Read the whole interview here.

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