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Dark Age of Camelot : Fan Fiction Writers Wanted

Posted Oct 25, 2007 by Keith Cross

EA Mythic has announced that they are looking for fan fiction submissions for the Dark Age of Camelot newsletter.

We're looking for Fan Fiction stories to be featured in the newsletter. If you or a friend has written something you'd like to share based on the world of Dark Age of Camelot, we'd love to consider it!

Here are our guidelines for the fan fiction. This round's theme is: Wintertime. Please send your entry in using this form, and select Tales by the Hearth from the drop-down menu.

  • All works should be specifically associated with Dark Age of Camelot its Lore, and its characters.
  • Submissions can be in the form of a story or a poem, and should be set in a winter theme for our winter newsletter.
  • Submissions will not exceed 1,250 words.
  • Any submitted writing will become the property of EA/Mythic.
  • The author agrees to work with the Herald team to edit their work if needed. If your story is chosen, we'll contact you and work with you to make any necessary edits.
  • Those who have submitted in the past may re-submit work that a) is their own original work b) not previously published on any site not associated with Dark Age of Camelot.

Read more here.

Dungeon Runners : In-Game Advertising by Double Fusion

Posted Oct 25, 2007 by Keith Cross

NCsoft and Double Fusion have announced that they have concluded a deal that will see Double fusion supply technology and sales assistance for providing in-game and out of game advertising for Exteel and Dungeon Runners.

SAN FRANCISCO — Oct. 25, 2007 – Leading independent game advertising provider Double Fusion has made another stride in support of the proliferation of the free-to-play business model for the games industry by entering into a partnership in North America with premier MMO game publisher NCsoft®. The game advertising company will provide the technology and sales force to place in- and around-game advertising into the upcoming giant robot action game, Exteel™, and currently-running action RPG Dungeon Runners™, giving the publisher alternate monetization avenues for these online multiplayer titles, while continuing to make them available to gamers for free.

Dungeon Runners is an online multiplayer role playing game that allows gamers to play as a fighter, mage or ranger as they explore dangerous dungeons, battle ferocious monsters and discover incredible weapons, artifacts and loot. Gamers can play as lone warriors or team up with online friends to carve their paths of destruction. Exteel is a giant robot action game that puts players in control of heavily armored, completely customizable Mechanaughts. As a mercenary pilot, each gamer charges into combat, destroying opponents and competing for total domination. Deathmatch and team battles take place on a variety of terrains, from futuristic cityscapes to bleak deserts.

The deal with Double Fusion enables NCsoft to gain revenue from both free-to-download titles whose primary revenue source is currently through players who purchase special items or participate in the game membership program.

Read more here.

General : Community Spotlight: What's in the News?

Posted Oct 25, 2007 by Jon Wood

Managing Editor Jon Wood fills in for the Community Spotlight today, taking a look at two of the hottest topics on our boards, the indefinite hold of Gods & Heroes and the rumored confirmation that BioWare's new MMO will be based on the Knights of the Old Republic franchise.

For this week’s forum spotlight, I thought that where I was filling in for our Community Manager, Laura Genender, that I would take some time to address a number of things that are being discussed on our forums. It’s been a pretty exciting couple of weeks in the MMO world, I’m going to focus on two: the indefinite hold put on Gods & Heroes and the recent slew of “confirmations” that Bioware will be making their MMO based on the Knights of the Old Republic license.

Let’s start back at the beginning. All the way back, in fact, to Ancient Rome for a discussion about Gods & Heroes. I know that at this point, it’s almost like beating a dead horse, but I wanted to give my own impressions of the hold announcement. user Arawon recently started a thread titled, “Why are people still talking about this game?” The title is pretty self-explanatory as far as the contents of the post go, so I’m not going to repeat it. I am, however, going to try my hand at answering the question.

Read the whole column here.

World of Warcraft : Online Atlas

Posted Oct 25, 2007 by Keith Cross

Blizzard has announced the new World of Warcraft Online Atlas, where players can find all sorts of useful geographic information.

The World of Warcraft Online Atlas is here! The new Online Atlas is an informative resource to help you navigate the many locations and regions of Azeroth and Outland using an intuitive Flash interface. The Atlas has two display modes:

Detailed Region Info: See all the regions of Azeroth and Outland by clicking the minimap on the upper left. Each region is marked with cities, towns, dungeons, and other points of interest. Clicking on each marker displays additional information -- for example, clicking on a town shows you what resources are available there, such as trainers, flightmasters, and repair merchants. Detailed capital city maps are also available from each continent's drop-down menu.

Customized Region Info: Clicking on the Customized Region Info tabs displays an overlay on the world map highlighting only the particular type of information you select. For example, clicking on the Transportation tab brings up all the flight paths and boat/zeppelin stops in the world, and the Region Levels filter displays the appropriate level range for all regions in the world.

We hope you'll find the new Online Atlas handy in your World of Warcraft adventures!

Check out The World of Warcraft Online Atlas here.

Lord of the Rings Online : Brandywine Realty Housing Guide

Posted Oct 25, 2007 by Keith Cross

Turbine has posted a guide to buying homes in Lord of the Rings Online in the guise of Brandywine Realty, a real estate company servicing all of Eriador. Also, don't forget to read the small print, or you won't know what to do about that rash.

Welcome to Brandywine Realty! Buying your first home can be a challenging process. We here at Brandywine Realty welcome the opportunity to assist first-time homebuyers every step of the way! Whether you are searching for that quiet country hobbit-hole outside Michel Delving or prefer the bustling city life of Thorin's Halls, Brandywine Realty can bring you a plethora of listings throughout Eriador.*

We look forward to working with you!


All the basics you need to know about home ownership, including how to find the right house for you, and what to do once you own your first home!


Once you have determined what you want in a home, and how much home you can afford, you are ready to begin your search. That's where the friendly folks at Brandywine Realty come in!


Purchasing a home is a large and ongoing financial commitment, and this can make the prospect of financing it a little daunting. Fear not, we're here to walk you through it!

Read more here.

Bounty Bay Online : Storm Island Add-On Announced

Posted Oct 25, 2007 by Keith Cross

The folks over at Bounty Bay Online have announced Storm Island, their first add on for the game. Storm Island, which is still in development, will increase the level cap from 100 to 120, and add 21 new special abilities.

In the first months since the launch of Bounty Bay Online in Germany and the UK, players have been able to explore the lands and high seas from Malacca to Barcelona and from Venice to Constantinople. But for explorers, merchants and warriors alike, there are also lots of adventures taking place outside of this region. Maybe you have already travelled through some dangerous regions and lived to tell the tale, but you have not yet seen anything like the mysteries that await you on "Storm Island"!

Shrouded in mysterious fog, "Storm Island" can be found in North American waters and only the bravest of explorers will discover the many new and unusual things, some of which mankind has never seen before. Unknown flora and fauna, relicts from the past, magic treasures and maybe even the knowledge of a long lost civilization. Are you brave enough to test your luck on "Storm Island"?

Read more about Storm Island here.

EverQuest II : Rise of Kunark Guided Tour

Posted Oct 25, 2007 by Jon Wood

As a follow-up to her hands-on time with EverQuest II's new Rise of Kunark expansion, Community Manager Laura Genender took part in a recent guided tour of the expansion's new zone. Today, she shares her experience.

After viewing the world of EverQuest II: Rise of Kunark over Akil “Lyndro” Hooper’s shoulder at the SOE Step into Fall event, I was excited for this past Wednesday’s beta tour. As the name suggests, this expansion is set on the continent of Kunark, previously explored as the first expansion of EverQuest I. And EQ veterans won’t be disappointed – Rise of Kunark is home to many familiar areas, dungeons, and even creatures.

There are differences from the original Kunark, though, and this was first exhibited to me in the character selection screen. This expansion allows EQII players access to yet another new player race, the Sarnak; these draconian beings are tall and lanky (and rather evil), with vibrant colors and various shapes of horn. As a male Sarnak I had many options, from scale color and pattern to horn type. I was also able to play with individual horns along my Sarnak’s brow, cheek, chin and jaw – very cool. The ladies (who are, might I add, taller) have fewer options. There are no facial horns, only the large ones on the back of the head.

Read it all here.

RF Online : New Server

Posted Oct 25, 2007 by Keith Cross

The folks over at RF Online have announced that they have added a new server, and named it Lumen.

Thursday, 25th October (2pm BST) - Codemasters Online are excited to announce that they have opened an all-new server for the popular 100% FREE MMORPG RF Online. The new world "Lumen" opens as demand for the now free game hits an all time high with thousands of new players joining the service every day since the switch to free-to-play last week.

"The opening of a new game world marks a key milestone in the ongoing development of RF Online. Since the switch to free-to-play last week we have already experienced hundreds of thousands of downloads and an increase of active players of over 300% playing the game each day! The demand for RF Online has never been so strong and we are preparing yet more servers for the service to come online in the coming days to cope with the volume of new players," commented Ed Relf, Director of Marketing, Codemasters Online."

RF Online, the completely free MMORPG is an epic mix of traditional fantasy and futuristic Sci-Fi set in the deep space galaxy of Novus where three races compete in an ultimate struggle for power and resource. Celebrating the game's re-launch, new players can now also experience the all-new free expansion, Episode II: Pioneers of Novus available for free to all players of the game.

Read more here.

Zu Online : Get An Alpha Test Account

Posted Oct 24, 2007 by Craig McGregor and IGG are proud to announce that we will be giving away 700 alpha testing accounts for Zu Online.  The only requirement to get your testing account is to have an activated account and to be logged into our site.

Ready to get your account?  CLICK HERE!

City of Heroes : Issue 11: "A Stitch in Time" New Powers

Posted Oct 24, 2007 by Ben Krueger

 NCsoft has released this narrated video spotlighting the new power sets introduced in the Issue 11 update.

Video Interview Issue 11: "A Stitch in Time" New Powers Video
Floyd "Castle" Grubb, the City of Heroes Development Team powers designer, narrates this trailer spotlighting the all-new power sets introduced in Issue 11: "A Stitch in Time." The video also briefly touches on Issue 11's popular new Weapon Customization feature.

Check out more videos here.

Zu Online : Alpha Test

Posted Oct 24, 2007 by Keith Cross

IGG has announced that they will begin alpha testing Zu Online at 12:00 EST on October 25th.

The sparkling diamond of the East is coming and will soon present itself to us for the first time. Zu Online, the new MMORPG game from IGG will officially begin its alpha test on October 25th.

Beginning at 12:00 EST on October 25th, alpha test participants will be able to begin playing the game for the first time. We are ready to provide the test client for download now. Currently we have 4 download addresses for players to download from and we will be offering more official download places and other media download places in the future.

Read more here.

Lord of the Rings Online : Book 11: Defenders of Eriador Launches

Posted Oct 24, 2007 by Keith Cross

Turbine has sent out a press release announcing the launch of Book 11: Defenders of Eriador, the much anticipated free content updated for Lord of the Rings Online: The Shadows of Angmar.


Biggest Content Update Yet for the Hottest Online Game of the Year

WESTWOOD, MA - October 24, 2007 - Turbine, Inc. and Codemasters Online Gaming announced that Book 11: Defenders of Eriador, the third free content update for subscribers to The Lord of the Rings OnlineTM: Shadows of AngmarTM, went live today in North America.  Book 11 continues the epic story of The Lord of the Rings Online by adding over 100 new quests, a new 12-player raid, two new areas in Middle-earth and introducing the player housing system. 

The Lord of the Rings Online delivers an interactive experience brimming with life and filled with the familiar people, places and monsters from the most beloved fantasy adventure of all time. From the quaint surroundings of the Shire to Angmar, the vile kingdom of the Witch-king, players will experience the world of Middle-earth as never before.  The Lord of the Rings Online is available for purchase at major retailers across North America and Europe. For more information, or to download a free trial, visit or

Read the full release here.

Read the Book 11 release notes here.

Guild Wars : The Return of the (Mad) King

Posted Oct 24, 2007 by Keith Cross

The folks at Guild Wars have released word of their Halloween activities, which includes a visit from The Mad King, who will bring mini-games, special gifts, and many laughs.

The Mad King is coming! The Mad King is coming! That's right--he's baaack! Joined by his entourage of ghoulish cohorts, Mad King Thorn will entertain visitors with his cornucopia of mini-games and new jokes, and will reward participants with a variety of special Halloween items!

Mark your calendars for the event, which begins on Friday, October 26th, and runs until 11:59 p.m. Pacific time on October 31st. During the event, adventurers will notice that the Tyrian port of Lion's Arch and the Elonian port of Kamadan shine with an otherworldly glory befitting a king, especially a mad one! Once again, the maniacal monarch has decided to grace both cities with his ghastly presence and will reward his loyal subjects (and party participants) with prizes and a special Halloween gift. Or is that gifts?

So come along and spend a little time with Thorn--his sense of humor is guaranteed to slay you! But while his wicked jokes may lead to your untimely demise, your inventory will be all the richer with small mementos and a unique prize that he generously provides you.

Read more here.

Stargate Worlds : Goa'uld Interview

Posted Oct 24, 2007 by Jon Wood

Recently, News Manager Keith Cross had the opportunity to sit down with Kevin Ballentine from Cheyenne Mountain's upcoming MMORPG Stargate Worlds to talk about the Goa'uld.

I recently had the chance to sit down and talk with Kevin Balentine, Public Relations Manager for Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, where we talked about all things Goa’uld in the upcoming MMORPG, Stargate Worlds. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ve watched and enjoyed enough Stargate to know full well who and what the Goa’uld are. Still, for those who aren’t familiar with Stargate or for those who need a refresher, the Goa’uld are snake-like parasites that squirm into a human’s brain stem and take over. They are selfish, evil, and megalomaniacal, with little regard for the lives and rights of others. They were the main villains in the galaxy when Earth rediscovered her stargate and first stepped out into the universe.

At that time, the bulk of our galaxy was controlled by the empires of these flamboyantly dressed parasites who ruled by posing as gods and enslaving the populations of entire worlds. The first eight seasons of SG-1 pretty much charts the downfall of the Goa’uld Empire and their status as supreme gods of the Milky Way.

Read it all here.

General : Wildfires Continue to Affect Service

Posted Oct 24, 2007 by Keith Cross

Sony Online Entertainment, which is located in San Diego, CA has announced that their services continue to be disrupted due to wildfires burning in the area.

In-Game support is in limited operation due to wildfires in the San Diego area, but response time may be delayed. Account and Technical Support is unavailable. We will keep you updated with any changes in the situation and appreciate your understanding.

For your convenience our Self-help knowledgebase is also available at with answers to your questions. E-mail support is also available any time at

Read the announcement here.

Final Fantasy XI : 7,900 Banned or Suspended

Posted Oct 24, 2007 by Keith Cross

SquareEnix, the company behind Final Fantsay XI, has announced that they have recently banned or suspended 7,900 accounts for various infractions against the user agreement. They have also released a report from their Special Task Force on the issue.

We would like to report the termination today of multiple accounts held by players involved in the usage of third-party tools or cheats, or engaged in RMT (Real Money Trading) activities.

Based on the results of our investigation, around 6,750 PlayOnline accounts were terminated while around 1,150 accounts were temporarily suspended.
Additionally, we have increased the number of mass bannings against certain PlayOnline violations in order to prevent illegal acts.

More on the story here.

Read the report here.

Fury : Euro Launch Friday

Posted Oct 24, 2007 by Keith Cross

The battle gets thicker for players of the PvP game, Fury, as the game launches in Europe on Friday the 26th.

The European launch of FURY is this Friday, 26th October. We are currently preparing a small patch in preparation for this launch. It will be applied later this week.

More on Fury here.

Lord of the Rings Online : Gwindethrond

Posted Oct 24, 2007 by Keith Cross

The Lord of the Rings Online official site has been updated with a look at Gwindethrond, another of the Tolkien inspired locations created by Turbine for LotRO. 

Deep within the folded lands along the shores of Nenuial, known to most as Lake Evendim, lies a grotto, its entrance hidden behind a waterfall – but this is no ordinary cave, for it is home to Gwindeth, the Blue Lady of Evendim. Who or what she is remains a mystery, but she has dwelt at Gwindethrond for many an age, and was a friend to the Kings of Arnor, from Elendil to Amlaith of Fornost, the first King of Arthedain. Some believe she is kin to the River-maidens – though her temperament is much stronger than theirs – or perhaps even one of the messengers of the Valar who chose long ago to remain in Middle-earth.

At the behest of Amlaith, Gwindeth placed under her protection the last of the Silithair, gems of surpassing beauty and power crafted by the Elves. Aragorn, son of Arathorn, came to Gwindethrond to seek the Silithar, but Gwindeth turned him aside. Aragorn still hopes that the Silithar can be recovered, for its power will be needed to help drive back the Shadow in the East.

Read more here.

EVE Online : Fanfest Auction Supports Charity

Posted Oct 24, 2007 by Keith Cross

CPP has announced that they will be holding a silent auction at this year's Fanfest to raise money for Child's Play, a charity that provides toys, games and cash for sick kids in children's hospitals.  Among the items available to be bid on is a tour of CCP's office in Reykjavik.

At Fanfest this year we’ll be holding a silent auction with all proceeds going to support Child’s Play, a charity founded by Penny Arcade. The goal of Child’s Play is to improve the lives of hospitalized children and their families worldwide with toys, books, craft materials and games. 100% of everything donated goes directly to the program; there are no administrative fees or charges.

To place your bid, head over to the Fanfest Silent Auction page! Among the prizes is a tour of the CCP Office in Reykjavik but of course we will have other great prizes as well.

Read more here.

World of Warcraft : Guild Relations Program Announced

Posted Oct 24, 2007 by Keith Cross

Blizzard has announced the launch of the World of Warcraft Guild Relations program, a program designed to strengthen relations between guild communities and WoW developers, while providing other benefits to participating guilds.

We're pleased to announce the official launch of the Guild Relations Program. The primary goal of this program is to strengthen our interaction with World of Warcraft guilds and also strengthen the interaction of guilds among each other.

The inaugural members of the Guild Relations Program are:

  • Sleeper Cartel
  • Resurrection
  • Your Quest Log is Full
  • Blackrock Legends
  • Exanimus
Additional details concerning this new program, including what your guild can do to become a member, can be found on the Guild Relations Program main page. If you haven't done so already, you can check out the Guild Relations forum, which is a great place to discuss the game and interact with members of the program.

Read more here.

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