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EVE Online : What`s Coming in EVE

Posted Oct 07, 2008 by Jon Wood EVE Online Correspondent Anthony Thurston writes this article giving us an overview of what we can expect to see coming to CCP`s EVE Online in the near future.

EVE Online has recently seen its newest expansion, Empyrean Age, updated with the 1.1 patch. CCP, developers of EVE Online, have labeled it the "Power to the people" patch. This is due to the fact that almost all of the fixes and tweaks that were added in the 1.1 patch were based on player suggestions. The 1.1 patch notes are practically a novel, with hundreds of user interface tweaks, bug fixes and little things that players suggested CCP take a look at. Not surprisingly, there was little content added in the 1.1 patch, though the content that was added is way over due. Over seventy new rookie missions, as well as a hundred normal missions were added to the game. To anyone who plays EVE, this is a big deal; for example, while playing a few nights back I did the "Save the Damsel" mission eight times... in a three hour period. Needless to say, more missions for EVE is a welcome change in my book.

Speaking of new missions, the next update players in New Eden can expect is Empyrean Age 1.2. The 1.2 patch is all about content, according to Arend Stuhrmann, the associate producer of EVE. In 1.2 we can expect even more missions, even more than were added in 1.1, meaning mission runners might actually have something to do!

Read the article here.

Star Wars Galaxies : Trading Card Game Overview

Posted Oct 07, 2008 by Jon Wood Star Wars Galaxies Correspondent Jef Reahard writes this overview of the recently added Trading Card Game in Star Wars Galaxies.

While many a disgruntled Galaxies vet will no doubt see a conspiracy to further tea-bag the player base, the reality is actually much less sinister. Sony is doing what companies do, namely trying to maximize profit and squeeze every last drop of revenue from a product that has performed well below expectations. While the entire enterprise carries the distinct odor of Real Money Trade (RMT), particularly the redeeming of rare loot cards for in-game exclusives, you can't fault SOE for trying to make a fast buck, and the title has already garnered a sizable forum community that seems to be enjoying the experience.

Read the article here.

Age of Conan : Getting to Know the New Game Director

Posted Oct 07, 2008 by Jon Wood Managing Editor Jon Wood had the opportunity to ask new Age of Conan Game Director Craig Morrison a little bit about himself and his philosophies on gaming.

How does your vision for the game differ from your predecessor's?

Craig Morrison:

I’m not sure there are all that many core differences there in terms of the game-world and what Age of Conan represents. I think the game has a fantastically realized game-world and an experience that is genuinely different and sets us apart from other MMO titles. We really have already captured that brutal energy of the Conan universe and it is reflected in the very action orientated combat system and the lush vibrant game-world. I think it would be foolish to not be proud of that and to strive to extend it even further.

The areas that I will be focusing on in order to achieve the ambition of take the game to the next level are two fold really. Firstly, as I have discussed with the community in my first letters to them, there are some fundamentals to the progression systems (in particular in relation to itemization and statistics) that have to be addressed and we are doing that. Then beyond that I really want to focus on the community aspects of what makes an MMO community shine, improving the PVP systems, improving the guild functionality and support systems and introducing ways that players can feel even more involvement in the world we have build up already.

Read the interview here.

Dream of Mirror Online : Free Gift Key

Posted Oct 06, 2008 by Craig McGregor has partnered with Aeria Games to bring free in game gifts to DOMO players!  Each key will give you the following in game goodies:

  • Big Buddy Bonus Badge : When equipped in a team, the whole team will received double experience for 30 days.
  • Vault Vortex : Used in the inventory window to open the vault window. Items can be put into and taken out of the vault over the next 30 days.
  • Pumpkin Hat : A hat that is simply a pumpkin worn on the head.
  • Crimson Mecha Armor : Costume, can be worn by both sexes for 30 days.
  • Crimson Mecha Helmet : Costume, can be worn by both sexes for 30 days.
  • Crimson Mecha Jetpack : Costume, can be worn by both sexes for 30 days.

Get your free key AT THIS LINK!


Jumpgate Evolution : Promo Video

Posted Oct 06, 2008 by Keith Cross

Promo VideoNetDevil has released a new promotional video for Jumpgate Evolution which takes a look at the game's back story.

Watch the video here


Tabula Rasa : PVP Control Points

Posted Oct 06, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at NCsoft fill us in on PvP control points that are in the works for Deployment 15 for Tabula Rasa.

In this Feedback Friday, Tabula Rasa Designer Brian Hudson gives us an inside look on his main objective for D15 - PVP Control Points!
What are PvP Control Points?
Player vs. Player Control Points are special, PvP-centric maps designed to deliver a streamlined experience where level 50 players can jump into the action immediately and begin fighting one another. These new maps will be reminiscent of the Wargame map that was temporarily on the Public Test Server, where players can simply choose a team and begin fighting.

What happened to Clan Owned Control Points?
We're still actively exploring many ways to add Clan benefits and functionality to all aspects of the game, including PvP. However, after assessing the existing design and technology for the CoCPs, we recognized a number of persistent obstacles and exploits that made it impossible to deliver the original design in the time frame we hoped.

We also discovered that there were a lot of aspects to the original design that just didn't fit with the fast-paced action of Tabula Rasa. For example, we originally intended for Clans to compete for CoCPs on a timed schedule, but waiting all week for PvP to happen just didn't feel like the fun, fast paced game we all love.

Despite the removal of Clan ownership from the PvP CPs, it is our core directive to create a fun, streamlined player vs. player experience that encourages teamwork and strategy while being accessible to everyone.

Read more here.

Angels Online : Technician's Guide

Posted Oct 06, 2008 by Keith Cross

IGG has published a guide for Technicians in Angels Online.

In Angels Online ( the production system includes four important professions. The Angels Online team has introduced guides for the Weapon Smith and the Chef. Today, the AO team is very happy to introduce the Technician guide for players.

Technicians are known as Artists in game. Technician players can obtain materials with the help of some production skills such as collecting and lumbering. They can then create a series of super decorations and wands. Being a Technician is a good choice if you would like to be a millionaire in game.

Different from other fighting professions, the level of a Technician’s skills can be 10 higher than its character level. Technician players can make items according to orders and then exchange items for a lot of exp or rewards from NPCs.

Technician players should collect and manufacture materials in the Angel Lyceum after they create a character. When their level is high enough, they can go to collect high-level materials in high-level maps such as Cherry Village in Aurora City, the Quite Vale in Breeze Woods, the Megalith Plains in the Iron Castle and the Memory Cave in Dark City.

Read more here.

Wurm Online : New Hires and Site Redesign

Posted Oct 06, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at Wurm Online have announced several new hires as well as a redesign of their official site.

Rolf Jansson, the owner of Wurm Online has recruited new members to the client development team and given them their heads to get on and make the client faster, leaner, prettier - anything they see as benefiting the game and the players. They have already been chasing down a list of bugs and have made a quite impressive list of proposed improvements. All of the team are regular players of Wurm Online and have a very wide range of experience that Rolf was looking for.

Wurm Online has gotten itself a fresh new website. But it goes farther than just a new template. We have now included specific sections for the three peoples of Wurm; Jenn Kellon, Mol Rehan and the Horde of the Summoned. We hope that players will contribute stories and news to these sections, not just for their own pleasure but so new players and visitors can get a real feel for what this unique game is all about.

Read more here.

EVE Online : Chronicle: All Tomorrow's Bodies

Posted Oct 06, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at EVE Online have posted another EVE Chronicle, a series of short stories about the EVE universe.

All Tomorrow's Bodies

Day Seven

In the cold, hyperlit metal corridor, the two women faced one another at firing distance. Jeanelle, who'd brought them here, slowly lowered her hands to her hips, resting them on the handles of her guns. Skids, who'd kept them alive, kept her hands crossed behind her head, as if she planned to take a nap. She looked entirely unconcerned.

In one swift and silent motion, Jeanelle drew her guns, aimed at Skids and fired.

The deafening noise echoed through the corridor. In the aftermath of the muzzle flash, Skids stood with hands on her hips, an astonished expression on her face. She looked down at her body, in search of the vermillion stain, but before she could find one her eyes rolled back in her head, and she dropped to the floor.

Read more here.

Hello Kitty : Founders' Beta Available for Download

Posted Oct 06, 2008 by Keith Cross

Sanrio Digital has announced that the Hello Kitty Online Founders' Beta client is now available for download.

The Hello Kitty Online client is now up for download on the official HKO Download Center! Just follow the instructions there, and you will be one step closer to joining the fun in the HKO Founders’ Beta! The doors of Sanrio Land will open on October 8, 2008 at exactly 22:00 US Eastern Standard Time (Oct 9 - 10:00 in Hong Kong Time), so start downloading now!

For those who should have any trouble downloading through torrent, don’t fret. There will be a comprehensive HKO client installer up for direct download on October 8!

Read more here.

General : Otherland Game Overivew Part Two

Posted Oct 06, 2008 by Jon Wood News Manager Keith Cross files this report on what he learned about some of the game features in the upcoming MMORPG Otherlands developed in Singapore by RealU.

Today, we begin part two of our look at the Otherland MMO based on the novels by Tad Williams. Before I get started talking about the game’s features I do have to present a few words of caution. As stated in part one, the game is just finishing pre-production, the developers estimate that it is 15 percent complete, and still at least two years from launch. This means that despite their enthusiasm, the guys at RealU weren’t able to give us a whole lot in the way of specific details for several reasons. The big reason is that they’ve seen the folly of the many MMO developers that have come before them and announced details too early, only to disappoint players when the game changed or evolved or didn’t meet players’ expectations at the end. Another big reason they wouldn’t tell us much is fear of being ripped off. At this stage they feel that they have a handful of ideas that are unique or revolutionary in the MMO market. If they start talking about those ideas while they’re still two years out, there is the very real possibility that someone else will like the idea and put it into another game. For example, you won’t see me writing about Otherland’s economic system in this article, because all I have in my notes is that they couldn’t talk about it, and that they think the game’s economic system could be one of their most revolutionary features. Other than that, they weren’t ready to talk about it.

Read the article here.

Priston Tale : New Server Launches

Posted Oct 06, 2008 by Keith Cross

Wicked Interactive has announced that Priston Tale has officially been moved to

Toronto, CANADA-October 6, 2008-Wicked Interactive (, a North American MMO publisher, announced today that the server for Yedang Online's popular MMORPG, Priston Tale, has officially moved and is now being hosted at The new website for Priston Tale is now available at:

The server move applies only to the English version of Prison Tale. Players who already have a Priston Tale account will automatically be added to and can resume play as usual. Japanese players are unaffected by the move.

Priston Tale has a long, storied history and a passionate and enduring fan base. The new Prison Tale website will support the loyal community that has continually surrounded the game since its original launch in 2001. For many gamers, Prison Tale is known for being one of the first MMORPGs to be presented in three dimensions. In this respect, Priston Tale broke new ground in the MMORPG genre in terms of graphics and gameplay upon its initial release. Priston Tale's tight-knit community and entertaining social features have kept the game going strong ever since!

"Since we will soon be bringing Priston Tale 2 - the Second Enigma to Suba Games, it was very logical for us to also host Priston Tale I," said Stanley Yu, CEO of Wicked Interactive Ltd. "It is a great opportunity to bring the well-established Priston Tale gaming community together in one place to enjoy the Suba Games experience and to take advantage of our superb customer service."

In celebration of the launch of the new Prison Tale server, Wicked Interactive will be hosting exclusive events to welcome new and old players to the improved Priston Tale experience.

Read more here.

Age of Conan : Ranger Class Overview

Posted Oct 06, 2008 by Jon Wood Age of Conan Correspondent Mike DeHart writes this introductory overview of the Ranger class in Funcom's Age of Conan.

The Ranger class in AoC is a pure archer akin to the scout or ranger classes in Dark Age of Camelot. That means no pets and very few nature themed spells. Rangers rely on stealth and distance to deal damage with bows and crossbows. They are also adept with a sword and shield, for close combat fights. The ranger is a ranged DPS class with medium armor, stealth, and considerable crowd control; these abilities can make the ranger formidable in both PvP and PvE.

Age of Conan Screenshot

Read it all here.

City of Heroes : Leading By Example

Posted Oct 06, 2008 by Jon Wood City of Heroes Correspondent Michael Mcnutt writes this article giving players tips on leading a group in NCsoft's superhero game.

City of Heroes Screenshot

One of the greatest aspects of playing an MMO is the fact that you are never alone in your endeavors. The basic foundations of MMOs is the fact that more can be accomplished traveling with companions. Regardless of your agenda.

This brings us to the core of teaming: The leader.

In my 3 years of a life invested in City of Heroes/Villains, I have teamed with and led some of the greatest players in the world, despite their personal agendas, to glory, enthrallment and epic victories. The teaming part was easy. Just follow the leader and do your job. You just sit back, let the boss multi-task and set up the plot for destruction or arrest.

Read the article here.

APB: Reloaded : September Update

Posted Oct 06, 2008 by Jon Wood

The Community Manager over at Realtime Worlds' upcoming MMORPG All; Points BUlletin (APB) has sent over a brand new update on the game's progress throughout the month of September, including implemented and not implemented fan suggestions.

Greetings All,

Firstly let me thank everyone who has so far registered their interest in Realtime Worlds and APB: All Points Bulletin. It’s great to see so much interest at this stage and hope we can grow that interest over the coming months. Anyone who still hasn’t registered and would like to receive news direct to their email can sign up at:

September Update:

September has seen the APB project moving forward, with progress made on various parts of the project, so this month’s update will cover this progress, along with what to expect from the team in October.

In the middle of September we moved into the final phase of internal alpha testing with regular play tests involving 100+ employees enjoying the various elements of APB currently available. The aims of this phase are to tidy up the current experiences whilst we prepare to move out of alpha, in the future phases we will begin the tentative process of allowing others into the game. Initially this will be a very core, select number of trusted friends of employees, but does mark the start of what can be considered the ‘Closed’ Beta stage of APB. Whilst any dates for future phases depend on the progress made, we will keep you updated in our future monthly updates.

Read the progress report here.

Runes of Magic : 95k Sign Up for Beta

Posted Oct 03, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at Runes of Magic have announced that more than 95,000 players have signed up for closed beta, and that their closed beta part II will begin on October 9th.

Berlin, Oct. 3rd 2008: The success of Fantasy Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games is unbroken. Now Frogster is proud to present the first success message regarding the highly anticipated Runes of Magic. Within the first three month since release of the website and the start of the game's closed beta registration, more than 95,000 players have registered for Runes of Magic. The Berlin publisher takes this event as an opportunity to announce the start of the closed beta test II (CBT II) for Oct. 9th and the start of the open beta for Dec. 9th. For the CBT II stage, there will only be a small number of new invitations. In the upcoming beta phases an additional 30,000 players will be invited to take a look at the world of Taborea and its inhabitants.

Furthermore, by reaching the 100,000 player mark at such an early date, all expectations of the publisher were exceeded. The combination of high quality and Free2play without monthly subscription is received very well by the players and is considered a key factor of the title's success.

Until the launch of the game in December 2008 Frogster aims for 250,000 registrations as the next milestone. For this reason, Runes of Magic has evolved into one of the most promising titles on the MMOG market in such a short time.

Read more here.

Runes of Magic : Faction Details Released

Posted Oct 03, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at Runes of Magic have posted information about the game's NPC factions, which can be joined by players.

The Eye of Wisdom is a group dedicated to gathering wisdom about magic and artifacts from the Old Times.

On the old continent “Kolydia” they were on good terms with the emperor’s domicile and other political factions, which brought them significant influence.

When the Time of Discoveries about 100 years ago began, the Grandmaster decided to move the whole organization to the continent of Candara and focus their exploration on the relics of ancient times.

Read more here.

Warhammer Online : Compare and Contrast - Use of IP

Posted Oct 03, 2008 by Jon Wood Warhammer Online Correspondent Asaf Yonsian writes this interesting piece about Mythic's use of the Warhammer IP in an MMO compared to both Turbine and Funcom's handling of their IPs.

In 2006, Turbine launched Lord of the Rings Online – The MMORPG that was destined to topple WoW using Tolkein's Intellectual Property (IP). The world was beautiful, the settings were as grand as Tolkein's books, but not all was well in Middle Earth.

Lord of the Rings launched with 7 classes, none of them wielding real magic due to lore restrictions (a mistake Turbine will fix in their next expansion release – Mines of Moria). Turbine was also bound by various laws and prohibitions to keep the original lore of the game, thus hampering the ability a player had to feel really epic and like a unique character in the world.

Read the article here.

Tabula Rasa : Server Vs Server War

Posted Oct 03, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at Tabula Rasa have announced that they will be holding a server vs server war on Saturday October 11th.

On Saturday, October 11th there will be another server vs server war! It's looking to be bigger, more exciting, more intense than any war we have ever seen!

Get with your server representative to find out how your clan can join in on the war!
Cassiopeia - Jarvis
Centaurus - Wepdesign
Orion - Cavallari
Pegasus - Andriss

1) Clan leader has final say; listen to the clan leader or be kicked.
2) No hospital camping or setting up any means to kill those in the hospital.
3) Be respectful and have fun.

Your class and gear are your choice, but it is highly suggested to level up to 50!

Read more here.

ArchLord : New PvP Server

Posted Oct 03, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at Archlord have announced that they will be opening a new server with the PvP rule set.

This fall we are opening the 4th ArchLord server with its unique Player versus Player (PvP) rule set.

The rule set introduces the chance to loot the items of your enemies when you defeat them in combat, with various different criteria affecting the chance including character status as shown below.

Normal Character – Low
First Attacker – Low
Rogue Level 1 – Medium
Rogue Level 2 – Medium
Rogue Level 3 – High

Champions of Cyripus, with the launch of the new server we will also be holding a special event where all players who create a character on the new server will be automatically entered into the event and given a chance to win various in-game items from the thousands on offer.

Read more here.

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