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Guild Wars : Name the Boss Contest Results

Posted Jul 31, 2007 by Keith Cross

The winners of the Guild Wars "Name the Boss" contest have been announced, with such instant classics as Molotov Rocktail, Baglorag Grumblesnort, and Gallow Nooseknitter making the final cut out of 7500 entries.

This year's "Brand the Bosses" Contest drew a record number of entries. More than 7,500 players took part in the contest! Members of the Guild Wars Community Team spent many days reading, sorting, discussing, and reviewing the clever and creative names that came in from around the world. Following that, the entire Guild Wars Team had an opportunity to vote for their favorite names.

The finalists--including 10 winners and 20 honorable mentions--have been determined! Feast you eyes on the names of some of the mightiest of the mighty, the boss monsters that you will face in Guild Wars: Eye of the North!

See the full list of boss names and winners here.

General : Videogame Archive Fundraiser

Posted Jul 31, 2007 by Keith Cross

The Center for American History at the University of Texas will be holding a fundraiser, the day before the Austin GDC, at Richard Garriott's place for the UT Videogame Archive.

The Center for American History will kick off its new UT Videogame Archive with a fundraising event the night before the start of the Austin Game Developers Conference. The fundraiser will feature live music, a silent and live auction, unique participatory games (including Segway Polo), vintage videogames, and a catered buffet.

Sponsorships and individual tickets to the event are available for purchase at $5,000, $1,000, $500, and $75 levels. Auction items include a weightless flight on the Zero G anti-gravity 727, tickets to a party at Garriott's private residence, and more.

"The Center is poised to become a major repository of historically significant material and documentation related to the evolution of the videogame industry," said Dr. Don Carleton, executive director of the Center for American History. "Austin is home to hundreds of the most prominent names in game development. It just makes sense that The University of Texas at Austin house a research archive dedicated to the study of this industry, with a particular emphasis on the role Texas has played in it."

As an organized research unit of The University of Texas at Austin, the Center for American History facilitates, sponsors, and supports teaching, research, and public education in U.S. history. In support of its mission, the Center acquires, preserves, and makes available for research archival, artifact, and rare book collections and sponsors exhibitions, conferences, video documentaries, oral history projects, grant-funded research, and publications. The Center's resources and services support the University's curriculum and University faculty, student, and staff research, as well as research by the general public.

Read more here.

Age of Armor : Weapon Systems

Posted Jul 31, 2007 by Keith Cross

SnailGame has released new information detailing the weapon systems in Age of Armor.

There are various kinds of weapons in Age of Armor, with different functions and usages. The weapon is the most important way in a fight; it can be divided into three general categories, 10 kinds of types and 6 grades. There are 6 grades in each rank with each grade in a different color, including gray, white, green, blue, purple and orange. Deeper color means more advanced it is.

The three categories are melee weapons, firing weapons and missiles.

Melee weapon, the physical collision, brought by weapons for fighting and the targeted objects during fighting, proves to be a source of damage against armoring at the bottom by working its way through the cover of energy. This function, not something every armor comes with, makes fighting weapons outstanding a field. It is beyond doubt that this kind of way of attacking is more for Enhanced Human, including Laser Falchion and Laser Sword.

Firing weapons, it is a traditional but effective way to use firing weapons to shoot enemies form faraway. The attack from faraway proves to be a big advantage, with the damage brought by this way of attack compromised by the cover of energy. All of the races are able to use any kinds of shooting weapons very well. Even Enhanced Humans have shooting weapons as supplements. The weapons for firing include bullet weapons, laser weapons, shrapnel weapons, electromagnetism, particle weapon and so on.

Missiles, the succeeding rate of either melee weapons or firing weapons depends more on the driver's skill and armor's capacities in radar. This kind of weapon comes with the ability to automatically search for targets to make sure 100% of a succeeding rate. The best thing about this kind of weapon is its consistence in damaging the target.

Pick the greatest one of your weapon and go to the battle with your friends. The second closed beta will start on August 15th.

Read more about Age of Armor here.

Tabula Rasa : Logos Info

Posted Jul 31, 2007 by Jon Wood

NCsoft has released this new, non-exclusive information about LOGOS in their upcoming title, Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa.

In Tabula Rasa, you are a LOGOS-receptive soldier of the AFS, and are able to learn the language of LOGOS at shrines throughout the worlds you travel to. Not only can your knowledge of LOGOS be used to activate special abilities that can help the AFS win this war, but the ancient symbols you uncover can also unlock hidden locations where you can further your training and enhance your skills. Ancient secrets will be revealed to you as you collect more and more LOGOS to your tablet. - The Tabula Rasa development team.

Thousands of years ago, an Ancient Species known as the Eloh, made a great discovery. They uncovered a key to a powerful science unifying all known theories of physics. With this key, they were able to unlock answers to the fundamental questions of the Universe that explain the nature of all matter and energy. This knowledge allowed them to develop Logos, a way to manipulate matter, energy, and force in unique and powerful ways.

Check out the rest of the feature here.

Godswar : Factions and Screenshots

Posted Jul 31, 2007 by Keith Cross

IGG has released new information about the role of factions in Godswar Online and 5 new images that have been added to our screenshot gallery.

Faction war plays an important role in GodWars Online ( Every player of the two poleis - Sparta and Athens in GodsWar Online wants to be the master of Greece.

Faction system introduction:

Players of different poleis will belong to different factions. Players have to choose one of the two factions when creating the characters and join the faction battle (taking the city, PK). What's more, you will benefit a lot after joining a faction, regardless of which faction you are in, the goal of faction is the same:

Players in different factions can PK. GodsWar Online has a large number of Greek cities; players can participate in the battle between poleis for the city, or control the city through investment or war. Controlling a city will give the relevant player a lot of extra privileges.

Players will gain reputation by contributing to your poleis and with which you will obtain corresponding titles. Furthermore, player can gain additional awards from high title. In order to increase the fun of faction system, the game will give different quest for different factions. Players can upgrade their reputation in the way of killing opponents and completing quests.

In the faction of GodsWar, you may experience PK and the duel; or enjoy the battle among thousands of parties. GodsWar Online is coming soon, let's wait and see.

Read more about Godswar here.

To view the full size images, and to see the rest of the new screens, visit our gallery here.

General : Review: Razer eXactMat with eXactRest

Posted Jul 31, 2007 by Jon Wood

While a review of a mouse pad might not sound like something you need to read, hardware reviewer Jeremy Star was pleasantly surprised by his experience with the Razer eXactMat with eXactRest and thinks you might be too!

If you're like me, you've probably never considered spending money on a mouse pad. In the ancient days of PC gaming, I used a cloth mouse pad that came for free with a game for my archaic ball-mouse. With the advent of optical mice, I stopped using a pad at all with my wooden desk, and when I switched desks, I started using a cheap Star Wars mouse pad that my wife bought for me.

Enter Razer with their eXactMat gaming surface. I scoffed when I looked up the price, I laughed when I thought about someone paying more than five dollars for a mouse pad, and I cried when I realized I wished I had owned one all along.

The Hardware - Do I look like chopped liver to you?

The Razer eXactMat with eXactRest is a large - we're talking Goliath - mousing surface made from anodized aluminum. (Which sounds much cooler if you happen to have a British accent.) It has two surfaces: a rough one for control, and a smooth one for speed. Both are anti-reflective, non-slip, and abrasion resistant. The eXactRest is a gel wrist-rest that spans most of the bottom of the pad, which means it's probably three times as long as a normal wrist-rest.

Read the whole review here.

General : Smedly to Announce New Game at Fan Faire

Posted Jul 31, 2007 by Keith Cross

SOE has announced that SOE President John "Smed" Smedley will be addressing the fans at SOE Fan Faire, providing the open remarks for the event. Smedley will also be announcing a new online game from SOE, which attendees will be able to demo during the event.

To kickoff the 2007 SOE Fan Faire, SOE President John ("Smed") Smedley will provide opening remarks to the more than 1000 video game fans coming to the Rio All Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas for this year's Fan Faire video game convention. This first-ever "Community Address" combines a live presentation with a streaming video broadcast online, where Smed will give both Fan Faire attendees and other gamers the kind of look at SOE products usually reserved for industry events such as E3. Both audiences will see the latest from upcoming titles like Pirates of the Burning Sea™ and Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising™. Fan Faire guests and online viewers will also get their first looks at Secrets of Faydwer™, the next expansion for EverQuest®, and Rise of Kunark™, the upcoming expansion for EverQuest® II.

In another first for Fan Faire, Smed will also unveil an all-new, SOE online game, which is set to formally launch in late August. Fan Faire guests will have the first chance to demo this new title throughout Fan Faire weekend, August 3-5. The SOE Fan Faire is a unique social event in which players of SOE's most popular titles congregate to meet their online, game-playing peers. This year's event boasts a plethora of game-themed live events including tournaments, contests, live quests, a variety of panel discussions and tons of great gaming related contests.

For more on SOE Fan Faire, click here.

Lord of the Rings Online : Character Profile: Boromir

Posted Jul 31, 2007 by Keith Cross

The Lord of the Rings online official site has been updated with a character profile of with Boromir.

Boromir, Captain-General of Gondor, is the son of Denethor, the Steward of Gondor. A voice came to him in a dream, speaking of the return of Isildur's Bane, and he took upon himself a great journey from Minas Tirith, far to the south, to Imladris, the hidden valley of Rivendell, home to Elrond Half-elven, one of the chief of the Wise. None could deny his bravery, for his trek was a perilous one, riding on the wings of the storm of Mordor.

In Rivendell, Boromir learned that Isildur's Bane was actually the One Ring of Sauron, which Isildur had cut from the finger of the Dark Lord and which was presumed lost. His pride, his concern for his people, and the dark influence of the Ring itself sparked within him envy and a desire to claim the Ring. He was chosen, alongside Aragorn the Ranger, to represent Men among the Fellowship of the Ring. To what end the Ring will lead Boromir remains to be seen.

Read more about Boromir here.

General : New Game List Is Here!

Posted Jul 31, 2007 by Ben Krueger

That's right! The new game list has arrived. It's been a long time coming with other projects pushing it around but we've finally put the finishing touches on it. Here's a run down on the biggest changes and additions:

  • More data columns added including PvP, payment and distribution methods.
  • Build your own game list! Now you can create your own game list by filtering out what you don't want to see, only including what you do want to.
  • Save them! members can save up to 5 of their custom game lists.
  • Send created lists to your friends. That's right after you have created your custom list and have it saved you can email it to your friends to have them check it out too!
  • Better usability!

Once you create and save a custom game list you'll be able to post links to it from anywhere! For example here's a list of the free MMOs listed on

Star Wars Galaxies : Chapter 6.9

Posted Jul 31, 2007 by Keith Cross

The release notes for the Chapter 6.8 patch of Star Wars Galaxies have been posted on the SWG official site.

On Tuesday, July 31st at 4:00 AM PDT all U.S. and European galaxies will be taken down for server maintenance and a live update.

When the update is complete, all galaxies will be live but unavailable while we complete final testing. All galaxies will be made available after that time.

Treasure Maps:

  • Players must extract the treasure on the intended planet and planet location.


  • Bosses spawned by lairs should be the same level as the lair or higher.


  • Droid recharge ability should now consume batteries properly.

Cities and Maintenance:

  • Structures (house/factory) that run out of maintenance will now pull 1 weeks worth of funds from the owner's account.
  • An issue with the city terminal not showing citizen list has been resolved.
  • City terminals properly shows residents listing with militia flags.

Read the full release notes here.

City of Heroes : Dev Diary

Posted Jul 31, 2007 by Keith Cross

The City of Heroes official site has been updated with a developer diary written by CoH Lead Designer, Matt "Positron" Miller. But beware; the dev diary contains spoilers from earlier high end content and for the next expansion.

We're pleased to bring you the latest City of Heroes developer diary by lead designer, Matt "Positron" Miller. Matt discusses the inspirations for Issue 10: Invasion, and some of the processes behind the story.

From the diary:

"With the decision made to use the Rikti for Issue 10, and bring Vanguard into the limelight, we knew it was the perfect opportunity to bring Hero 1 back from the Rikti homeworld, albeit a little changed."

NOTE: The diary contains spoilers for both older City of Heroes high-end content and for the new issue.

Read the full article here.

General : Economics in Bounty Bay

Posted Jul 30, 2007 by Keith Cross

The folks over at Bounty Bay Online have released a brief look at the game's economic system.


Olives that go to London, then a charge of wood to Shanghai followed by iron ore to Portugal - and the invested capital might already have multiplied. In online RPG Bounty Bay Online, players can manage their money largely like in the real world. The historic microcosm of the 15th century enables all virtual economists to act as if they are in a real market. But one difference: They ship their goods not yet by plane, but in a ship. And meet other tradesmen in their guild instead of the business-club - and can collect debts with their sword, if necessary!

The economic system in Bounty Bay Online is based on real market mechanisms. If none of the players is producing or importing fabrics or frigates, a gap in supplies emerges and the prices rise - which is a first-class chance for clever merchants with a hunger for cash flow. If, on the other side, the demand from the buyers side is too low, then prices fall. The game's internal resource system only produces some essential items for very high prices - like food for ship travels -, which can easily be underbid by human tradesmen. So: Everyone who takes market laws seriously and has an eye for some other parameters like the capacity of his ship or local taxes, can become a virtual millionaire quite soon.

Read more about Bounty Bay Online here.

Myst Online : New Episode

Posted Jul 30, 2007 by Keith Cross

GameTap has announced the launch of the newest episode of Myst Online: URU Live, titled "Familiar Voices".

Today GameTap is launching "Familiar Voices," the newest episode in "Myst Online: Uru Live." Players can now continue the journey that has featured to date - all-new puzzles, content and Ages as seen in recent episodes "Scars" and "A New Light."

"Since launching in February, Myst Online continues to be one of our top titles at GameTap," said Ricardo Sanchez, vice president of content and creative director for GameTap. "One of the strengths of the game is the commitment of the community, whose interaction and feedback has a direct impact on the direction of these new episodic segments."

In "Familiar Voices," the newly-elected D'ni Restoration Council (DRC) releases its first Age - Jalak. Though Cate Alexander has been elected to lead the DRC, there still remains a power struggle within the Council which begins to spread throughout the cavern. Rumors of a war continue to grow, but a voice from the past returns to offer new hope.

During this latest episode, the never-before-seen Age of Jalak will be released. Jalak features an ancient arena that was once used for D'ni competitions and will allow players to compete and even create their own games.

Read more about Myst Online: URU Live here.

Force of Arms : Genoma Storm

Posted Jul 30, 2007 by Keith Cross

Wardog Studios has updated the Force of Arms official site with a look at the Genoma Corporation.

Wardog Studios provides you with a preview of the powerful Genoma Corporation. Genoma is considered to be the first true mega corporation to emerge on Earth. Due to advancements in cloning and in medicine, Genoma quickly accumulated enough wealth and power to surpass any national government.

Genoma has now claimed large portions of space and colonized many worlds. Over time, they have become known for their reliance upon organic building materials, advanced cloning techniques, biosculpting and rampant beliefs in shaping the path of evolution through genetics. The people of the Genoma Corporation are more than willing to meld their own genetic material with that of others to achieve amazing results.

The mechanized armor units of Genoma have evolved to resemble almost living beings. Their armors incorporate organic materials that have been fused to replicate or exceed more traditional machining materials. This has caused Genoma mechs to be highly recognizable and feared upon the battlefields.

Though the Genoma fleet near the planet K-9WD Gamma has found itself stranded along with other nearby fleets, they are confident in their ability to claim the planet as their own.

Read more here.

General : 38 Studios: Interview with Brett Close

Posted Jul 30, 2007 by Jon Wood

Recently, Managing Editor has the opportunity to sit down with Brett Close, the President and CEO of 38 Studios, formerly known as Green monster Games. In this interview, the pair discuss the studio, the stars and the game.

Recently, I had the opportunity to talk to Brett Close, President and CEO of 38 Studios, a company formerly known as Green Monster Games. If either of those names sounds familiar to you, it's probably because the news broke a while back that three entertainment all-stars would be teaming up to form a company that would produce an MMORPG. R.A. Salvatore, Todd McFarlane and Curt Schilling make up the "big names" that have been drawing a great deal of attention from sources both inside and outside of the industry.

Salvatore, McFarlane and Schilling, Oh My!

One of the first questions that I am always asked whenever the topic of 38 Studio comes up is exactly how involved Salvatore, McFarlane and Schilling are in the project. So, I posed just that question to Brett Close:

Read the whole interview here.

General : Blog Spotlight: Dungeon Masters, Anyone?

Posted Jul 30, 2007 by Jon Wood

Every Week, Community Manager Laura Genender takes a look at one or more of the entries being created in our blogs. This week, she looks at Jesad's blog entry about the Dungeon master's role in pen and paper gaming and how that relates to MMORPGs.

If you asked the average gamer to tell you what the root of the MMORPG genre is, you'd probably get varied answers. Some would claim EverQuest started it all - some Ultima Online, some Lineage I. Many would cite the MUDs that brought roleplayers to the virtual world. Heck, some of the new kids would proudly cite World of Warcraft.

To many though, the MMO genre began offline, without computers, in the pen and pencil world of Dungeons and Dragons. This week, user Jesad's blog, "In My Understanding" asks a question of the genre and its patrons: What ever happened to the Dungeon Master?

"The other day I was running through a cave with a friend of mine," the blog starts," and he said something to me that made me think. He said, 'Man! If I could only have imagined caves looking like this back when I played paper and pencil D&D... I probably would have been a lot better at those games."

"He was right, of course. The MMO has made leaps and bounds toward replacing the old-fashioned requirements of imagination, social interaction, and a basic understanding of the rules with beautiful landscapes, artificial intelligence, and easy to play characters. I wondered to myself then, 'Why do I not find these games nearly as fun to play as I used to find paper and pencil D&D to play?'...Why? You ask? 'Because the DM sucked!' that's why."

read the whole column here.

Age of Armor : Screenshots and Game Info

Posted Jul 30, 2007 by Keith Cross

SnailGame has posted some information describing the setting and guild orientation of Age of Armor on their official site. They have also released several new images that have been added to our screenshot gallery.

Age of Armor is a war history contains documentary, video and kinetic movie which is different from other MMORPG; it is a special game that the end is up to the players. Whole game is mainly about "Robot" and "High-technology War" and theme is showing by both of the two parts. The dominant theme is to experience the foreseeable future modern war; and the recessive theme is to find the meaning of people to survive under the conflict between civilized world and technology development.

Age of Armor creates the latest in-game conception that "World can be destroyed" which means the in-game world can be smashed by bloc war between players but not in charge of game company; after the world be destroyed, all the game data of players will be saved, and players will go to another new server to start their new life. Winners will get Medal of Honor while lose party players can revenge in the new world. AoA successfully quotes the theory of "Parallel World" to create specific shuttle between each server and provide a corps system to supply an efficient command place.

Read more here.

To view the full size images, and to see the rest of the new screens, visit our gallery here.

Star Wars Galaxies : UI Tips

Posted Jul 30, 2007 by Keith Cross

The Star Wars Galaxies official site has some tips and tricks posted in their Friday Feature to help players get the most out of the user interface.

Seasoned Star Wars Galaxies veterans know all of the best ways to get the most out of the game interface. The community again pitched in to share their proven methods for customizing the UI in Star Wars Galaxies with options, shortcuts, and more. Keep reading for more tips and tricks written by players for players!

Exercise Your Options

Did you know that you can use cut, copy, and paste in game? Kravis tells us how! Press "O" for the Options window, press Keymap, click the All tab, and find the Chat Edit Cut, Chat Edit Copy and Chat Edit Paste commands and assign them a key. You can now paste in text from out of game into spatial chat and macros.

Aerous Esea also recommends expanding your toolbar to a second row. In the Options window, click the Interface button. Check the box that reads "Expand Toolbar to a Second Row". Digital_Terror, who also recommends this, notes that the actions in the second row can be activated by pressing Shift+#.

For a starting player, missed communications can be a killer. To make certain you don't ever miss one, Zion Halcyon recommends setting your chat options. In your chat box, where the named tabs are listed (usually Chat, Combat, etc.), right click on Chat and click Modify Tab.

From here, make sure you move tells (instant messages), guild chat, and group chat over to the main spatial window. This will allow you to see if someone in your group is trying to talk in guild chat, and also adds guild chat if you are in a guild. Now go to group chat (or guild chat if in a guild), and again, right click the name and modify. This time, leave the spatial messages out, but add in group chat, guild chat, etc.

Read the full article here.

D&D Online : Monster Profile: Undead Rats

Posted Jul 30, 2007 by Keith Cross

The Dungeons and Dragons Online official site has been updated with profiles of a few of the monsters in the game. This time around it's the undead rat, and the Carcass eater.

Most of us adventurers have had at least a few experiences with rats before. A few find their way into your camp at night and rattle the pans. Or you pry off a grate in the sewer and a few dozen of the filthy rodents run out in all directions. Well, as you know by now, things are often a little different in Xen'drik.

The rats can get pretty big in a typical city, but they usually stay out of view and mind their own business, cleaning up refuse in the dumps or the sewers - or chasing the odd cat. Unfortunately, adventurers not too far from Stormreach recently sighted something altogether different, something they have taken to calling an undead giant rat. As this name implies, these rodents seem to be undead and have been described as larger than large dogs and twice as heavy.

In my experience, even most dire rats don't get to that size. These creatures could hardly fit through some of our sewer entrances! Looking a bit like rat wights or zombies, they attack quickly and viciously with claws and bite and often infect their victims with vile diseases.

As frightful as these animals sound, another recent addition to the area's fauna makes them look a bit like house pets. On my trips to Shavarath, gazing out over recent battlefields, I often glimpsed reddish fur moving among the corpses of the fallen.

These carcass eaters have apparently made their way to our humble corner of Xen'drik. Maybe they were brought here by someone, or perhaps Shavarath's coterminous period is starting early this time around, and they traveled through a manifest zone on their own. I believe they are animals rather than magical beasts, so where they came from before inhabiting the plane of battle is anyone's guess. Regardless of their natural history, one should be very wary around them.

Unlike the mysterious undead giant rats, the carcass eaters are not creatures from beyond the realm of life. With their jagged teeth and ferocious appearance, they inspire true fear without needing powers of the dead. Attacking just as rapidly as the giant rats do, they never back down once the fight is joined. Usually dining on carrion, they have a special ability which they put to good use against living opponents.

Read more here.

Guild Wars : Tournament Series

Posted Jul 30, 2007 by Keith Cross

The Guild Wars $100,000 tournament series continues this month, and ArenaNet has posted the tournament's eligibility rules and regulations to help you get a piece of the action.

The Guild Wars® $100,000 tournament series takes place online and culminates each month in Guild-versus-Guild and 1v1 Hero Battle championship tournaments that feature over $10,000 (retail value) in prizes for the top finishers.

Events Eligibility

All Guild Wars players and guilds who meet the eligibility requirements set forth herein are eligible to compete in this online tournament series. All Guild Wars guilds are eligible to compete in the $100,000 Tournament Series championships except those that include employees or contractors of NCsoft, ArenaNet, or each of their respective subsidiaries or affiliates or their advertising or promotion agencies, or those who are domiciled with any such person, or those who have been disqualified for other reasons (see below). This is a skill-based tournament based on each guild or individual's ability to defeat other guilds or individuals.

  • Individuals and guilds will be disqualified if they are banned from the game for any reason, including without limitation a violation of the Guild Wars User Agreement. If individual players are disqualified, the guild may also be disqualified.
  • ArenaNet reserves the right to reschedule and/or restart games and matches as needed. Such decisions will be announced and executed only by official ArenaNet personnel.
  • ArenaNet reserves the right to suspend or revoke a player's account without prior notice for any reason deemed necessary.


  • All Guild Wars Universal Tournament Rules are in effect for this event unless specifically overruled by information in these $100,000 Tournament Series Rules.

Get all the details here.

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