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Stargate Worlds : 2008: The Year of Stargate Worlds

Posted Jan 03, 2008 by Keith Cross

The Stargate Worlds development team has announced their return from their holiday break, and proclaimed 2008 to be the year of Stargate Worlds.  With less than a year to go before launch, they've also posted a few words detailing what fans can expect from Cheyenne Mountain in 2008.

The team at Stargate Worlds has returned from a well-deserved holiday break and are already hard at work here at Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment. As you are most likely aware, our game is due to be released on store shelves in the last quarter of the year, so we have some work to do!

What should you expect from us? will continue to bring you the news and features you demand, plus a few exciting new developments along the way, including radio shows, more developer chats, a new web kit, and more varieties of podcasts to feast on.

What can we expect from you? Your thoughts, of course! This game is for you, and one way to ensure that we create a product our users demand is by taking the pulse of our forum -- reading what you, the upcoming player, have to say about what you see and hear on this site -- and mold some of those thoughts and hopes into the fabric of the game itself. So if you have not made a forum account yet, now is the time to sign up and get talking!

Read more here.

Spellborn : Contest Winners and 100,000 Milestone

Posted Jan 03, 2008 by Keith Cross

The Chronicles of Spellborn official site has been updated with a New Year's message where they announce the winners of the Spellbornian Winter Holiday Competition.  They also mention that TCoS rang in the new year by passing the 100,000 forum user milestone.

With a light of the fires, brilliance of the fireworks and a taste of champagne Spellborn team wishes Happy New Year to our dear community members!

New Year starts with happy events for Spellborn! On the New Year eve we got 100.000th member subscribed to our forum, round milestone to celebrate indeed!

Also, it is time to announce our Spellbornian Winter Holiday Competition winners! We thank everyone who submitted their entry to the competition - it was fun to see and read all of them!

Aaaand .... the winners are:
1. geckzilla with the awesome Spellbornian Xmas tree artwork.
2. Shared between 2 Xmas carols by siniewee (The Sad and Most Gruesome Ballad of Hoppy Frosty) and Tim Teckler (Sweeter the hoppies)
3. Freedo92 with a cosy Xmas implementation in Green District.

Read more here.

Pirates of the Burning Sea : Server List Update and FAQ

Posted Jan 03, 2008 by Keith Cross

Flying Lab Software has posted an FAQ answering questions about the process used to determine the server list for Pirates of the Burning Sea.  The FAQ also includes an updated version of the PotBS sever list, which was announced last week.

There have been a whole slew of questions about our servers both before and after the announcement of our server names. Im going to attempt to touch on some of these. With no further ado, here we go!

How do we decide how many servers we need?

I answered this on the forums in this post, but let me reproduce some of it here.


Step one is to take our expected subscriber counts. Let’s say that the multiplier for presales to subscribers is 2.00, and we are on track to get 50,000 presales units sold. This results in an expected subscriber count of 100,000.

Read more here.


EverQuest II : LON Promotional Weekend

Posted Jan 03, 2008 by Keith Cross

SOE will be holding a legends of Norrath promotional weekend, starting Friday January 4th.  During the weekend EverQuest and EverQuest II players can expect an increased drop rate for card packs, and will have the chance to find two new cards.

Calling all EverQuest® and EverQuest® II players! What's more fun than defeating opponents in your game and picking up Legends of Norrath booster packs, starter decks and combo packs? Well, how about the opportunity to get even more of them?

Introducing the next Legends of Norrath Promotion Weekend, set to begin at 2PM (PST) Friday, January 4, 2008 and conclude at 11:59PM (PST) on Sunday, January 6, 2008. During this special weekend, EQ and EQII players should not only enjoy an increased rate of card pack drops, but will have the opportunity to obtain two brand new cards: Chocolate Goblin (2P3) and Protection of the Dain (2P4).

For now, these two new cards will only be available during this three-day promotional weekend, so don't miss out on the chance to get them!

Read more here.

General : Community Spotlight - Online Friends

Posted Jan 03, 2008 by Jon Wood

Community Manager Laura Genender takes a look at the concept of online friends and looks at a forum post that brings to question the concept of friendships in MMOs, and what communities best foster these long-lasting relationships.

Our mothers never got it, did they? I can’t count how many times I had a parent or a sibling ask me, “Why don’t you get off the computer and spend some time with your friends?” Because, Mom, my friends are in my computer.

The gamer generation is experiencing a phenomenon of technology: the long distance community. Pen pals only took you so far, pre-internet, but now-a-days we have entire cliques at the tip of our fingertips, with instant communication and even virtual spaces where we can hang out. Forget Vegas – even marriages are formed and destroyed online!

But how easy is it to make friends in an MMO? This week on the forums, user natuxatu brings to question the concept of friendships in MMOs, and what communities best foster these long-lasting relationships.

Read the whole article here.

Angels Online : Getting to Know Angels Online

Posted Jan 03, 2008 by Jon Wood

In this interview,'s Joe Iuliani asks questions of the folks over at IGG about their new MMORPG, Angels Online.

Were you aiming for a particular target audience for Angels Online?

Angels Online:

Because of its cute cartoon style, we believe that younger players and of course girls will be instantly attracted to this game. But that is not to say that if you are not in one of these categories that you shouldn't try it, you may be pleasantly surprised!

What level of character personalization will there be?

Angels Online:

Firstly, let me say that AO has a unique double class and skill system. Meaning that classes and skills are not automatically connected i.e. Warrior class and Sword skills. Which; makes the characters far more personal to the player. Also the player is able to change or match their class once they have started playing. So it is possible for characters from different classes to have the same skills and visa versa

Read the whole article here.

General : IGG Receives $4.5 M Investment

Posted Jan 02, 2008 by Keith Cross

IGG has announced that they have received a 4.5 million dollars in funding from IDG Technology Venture Investment.

IGG Inc., ( a world-class MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) provider, announced today the completion of a $4.5 million round of Series A funding led by IDG Technology Venture Investment (IDGVC Partners).

Dedicated to serve worldwide players with the best interactive online games, IGG Inc. launched its first MMORPG in May 2006. Since then, IGG has successfully released and operated 6 MMORPGs through With over 3.5 million registered users as of Q3 2007, IGG has established its reputation as a world-class publisher meeting the demand of players of different ages and favors in both North America and Europe.

Besides publishing a portfolio of numerous licensed games running the gamut from action to fantasy, IGG also grows a talented development team to design and develop its own games to contribute to the interactive MMOG world. The new funds will be used to expand global sales and marketing, to implement strategic plans, and to further the development of more innovative and entertaining games. Furthermore, the funds will be used to market games in more regions and for player of different languages. IGG believes that, by growing together with the global business and technology partners as well as the royal users, it will become a key player in the online gaming world in the foreseeable future.

Read more about IGG here.

Tales of Pirates : Life Skills Overview

Posted Jan 02, 2008 by Keith Cross

IGG has released an overview of the uses of the various life skills including mining, fishing, woodcutting, and salvage, in Tales of Pirate.

In addition to the essential Class Skills that enhance the characters fighting abilities, players should also strive to learn different Life Skills to survive in Tales of Pirates. In order to learn these skills players need to have enough Life Skill Points; which can be gained by completing Story Quests. Once enough points have been collected the player can then go to the Grocer’s shops in the cities to purchase the Life Skill book.


After the player has mastered the Woodcutting Skill, they should pay the Blacksmith a visit to buy an Axe so that they can become truly qualified as a woodcutter. However, in the world of TOP players do not need to worry it is possible to lumber as much wood as you want without upsetting the environment. But they will find that trees from different levels will require different woodcutting levels, so if the player has not yet reached that level then the cutting will fail. After you have collected enough wood it is possible to take it to a Freight NPC, who can pack it into a Wood Bundle; which is important to enhance the endurance of a ship during travelling.


Over the years many merchant ships have sunk to the depths of the ocean; taking with them their precious cargos and secrets. They have slumbered down on the bottom untouched for years just waiting for a brave player to find them. After the player has learned Salvage Skill they can sail a ship that is equipped with mechanical arms to search the ocean floor for sunken vessels. By salvaging these wrecks the player can get some common goods that can be sold in the cities. But there is also the chance for the player to become richer beyond their wildest dreams. There are also some much unexpected treasures waiting for them.


The Wide Ocean that surrounds the various islands is teeming with myriads of fish. Before a player can sail out to collect them they must first learn the Fishing Skill. Different fish are also of different levels; which makes some harder than others to collect, but through this players can obtain Sashimi and Fish Meat. Sashimi is required in order to complete some of the quests, so it is a very popular item in the cities. Fish Meat can be used to restore supplies whilst sailing. Players who are leveling up at sea must learn the Fishing Skill and use a ship with fishing nets.

Read more here.

General : OGDC Rebranded as ION Game Conference

Posted Jan 02, 2008 by Keith Cross

Evergreen Events has announced that they have renamed the Online Game Developers Conference (OGDC), which will now be know as the ION Game Conference.

SEATTLE, Washington, January 2, 2008 – With the start of a fresh new year, Evergreen Events announces the new ION Game Conference identity for the game industry conference formerly known as “OGDC”. Empowered with a new name, logo and website, the identity and schedule for ION is not only on track but infused with an even stronger focus. The ION Game Conference will take place at the well-appointed Seattle Waterfront Marriott Hotel in the picturesque waterfront district, from May 13 to May 15, 2008. The ION Game Conference will feature a broad array of expert-level lectures and panels, networking events and an expo area exhibiting cutting-edge technology and games for 2008 and beyond.

The new ION Game Conference identity and logo reinforces the global reach of a game industry event that remains focused on top-quality networking and online game development. Last year, the conference drew nearly 20% of attendees outside the United States, such as from Korea, Germany, Japan and Australia.

“At Evergreen Events, we wanted a new identity that represented what we offer with our conference: unsurpassed networking opportunities and unique sessions and panels you cannot find anywhere else, among hundreds of like-minded online game industry veterans from around the world,” declared Peter Freese, Conference Director for the ION Game Conference. “’ION’ best symbolizes these qualities.”

Read more here.

Wonderland Online : Manufacture System Overview

Posted Jan 02, 2008 by Keith Cross

IGG has released an overview of the Manufacture System in Wonderland Online, which will allow players to create aircraft, sports cars, and UFOs.

Today Wonderland Online is going to give its players a little preview of the Manufacture System.

The Manufacture System of Wonderland Online will facilitate the players’ item-making. Players can make aircrafts, sporty cars or even UFOs with its “Tent System”. They have to get the tents from the Astrologer in Kelan Village first, and then prepare the necessary materials for item making. To make the highest-level items, players must start by first making low-level tools. Click on the Work Bench to see the tools available for compounding: Coconut Basin, Wooden Saw, Stone Knife and Coker nut. Players must first make these four basic tools before compounding more high-level items. For example; the Low-Temperature Kiln can be made out of the Coconut Basin, the Kitchen Range can be made out of the Low-Temperature Kiln and other tools can be made out of the Kitchen Range. In this way they can make many items, even a ladder to divide a one storey tent into a two storey one. So; the more basic tools that they have created, the more items that they will be able to craft from them. Because of this system the manufacturing system can be shown as a tree like diagram.

Before making items, players must choose what it is that they wish to make from the list on the Work Bench. The list will display the required materials for creating the items. Players can acquire these materials by fishing, collecting and fighting.

Pictures and text:

  1. Wonderland Online’s Manufacture System adopts a tree representation. That is, the more items that are made in the players’ former game play, the more items that can be compounded when the players continue their game.
  2. Players can obtain the materials through fishing, collecting and fighting. If they have enough materials, the red “Enough” can be seen on the left side of the manufacturing list. If not then, the red “Not Enough” can be seen there instead.
  3. Before making some special items, such as the ultra-modern Transportation Vehicle, blueprints must be acquired when the “Tents” are made use of. Blueprints can be acquired by completing plot quests.

Wonderland Online’s Manufacture System avoids using up the player’s gold in vain and has added many hi-tech facilities to the skill.

Read more about Wonderland Online here.

Elf Online : Pet Preview

Posted Jan 02, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at Happymmo have sent over a description of the pet system in Elf Online.

ELF Online, one of most special adventure online game has made its first debut recently. This game has embraced a lot of elements and essences from the current and ancient culture of Orient and Occident. It will soon compete against other online games with its unique style.

ELF Online has combined the popular internet culture elements and the raising prank trend well with its creative game system and exquisite graphics will lead the non-mainstream online game to the public spotlight.

As a game with pet as its selling point, ELF Online has played more and more importance to its large scale pet system. In the former time, the pet system was monotonous in category and playing. Now, everything will be changed. ELF Online will improve its pet system.

New pet

Large number of new pets will be introduced when open beta begins. And pet’s inborn attribute will be adjusted by and large. After been improved, the pet will become stronger and the playing will be verified, and players can enjoy a new experience in it.

Pet skill tree

As the most concerned improvement of this time, pet skill will exert more effect. Players can not only control the developing direction of the pet skill, but also raise your unique superior pet innovatively on the basis of pet categories and branches. The pet skill tree will work its magic attraction and, as the operation team of ELF Online said, “lead an unprecedented perfect revolution”.

Currently, the new functions of the game have been well prepared and they will be introduced during open beta. The updated news about them will be reported to players through media every now and then. New experience in fantastic adventure world----- About more information, please head to official website of ELF Online

Read more about Elf Online here.


General : Editor's News Year In Review

Posted Jan 02, 2008 by Jon Wood Managing Editor Jon Wood took some time in this editorial to talk about some of the most memorable news days of 2007.

2007 was an interesting news year for those of us who follow the MMORPG industry. With the calendar now showing 2008, it seemed like a good time to sit back and reflect on some of the biggest news stories of the last year:

January 16th, 2007

Blizzard released the first full expansion for their colossal MMORPG, World of Warcraft. The expansion, dubbed “The Burning Crusade”, added new areas, new content, new classes, new features, and even a pair of new races (Blood Elves for the Horde and Draenei for the Alliance).

The real story for the release of this expansion though was the retail frenzy that it created. Shortly after launch day (which began at midnight on the 16th, with people lined up for hours at their local game stores), Blizzard announced that they had “broken the day-one sales record to become the fastest-selling PC game ever in North America and Europe, with a worldwide total of nearly 2.4 million copies sold in the first 24 hours of availability.”

The outstanding success of the expansion and the continued growth of Warcraft’s player base in 2007 resulted in the announcement of a new expansion for the King of MMOs titled, Wrath of the Lich King”.

Read the whole thing here.

Phoenix Dynasty Online : 7125 Patch Released

Posted Jan 02, 2008 by Keith Cross

Ingle Games has announced the release of the 7125 patch for Phoenix Dynasty Online which includes a number of changesto the game's quests.

Phoenix Dynasty Online has just released its New Year 7125 Patch – Prolog: Phoenix Returns. In this patch, not only does PDO embrace much amelioration but also several unique quest campaigns are added in the game.

The patch contains the following changes and brand new functions:

Names Change:

Since Chinese pinyin names are very hard to remember and the names cause a lot of troubles to our players, we updated the names of NPCs, cites and some monsters. Hopefully this change will let you play this game more easily.

Quest Description:

A lot of players stated in our forum that the quest description is not friendly to them. We have taken your suggestions very seriously and have updated the quest description. Now the description of states' quests is more detailed. Coordinates of NPC, Boss Mobs are marked in each quest. Because of these modifications, the quests will be easier to handle and you can play with greater efficiency in the game world.

Quest Experience:

We also made a satisfying increase of the experience of every States' Quests. You will gain abundant experience after finishing your quest since this patch. You will get to another level or even several levels in the blink of an eye!


We also increased the reputation points gained by completing quests. With higher reputation, you can participate in more activities in Phoenix Dynasty Online.

Elemental Magic:

Elemental magic is a major change in the new patch. Players could only gain elemental magic by killing the monsters in the Elemental Fairy Realm in the previous version. Now, you will gain it and learn the new skills directly after you’ve completed the Skill Training Quest. It will save you a lot of time in Elemental Fairy Realm.

Read more here.

General : Merc Stealth and Reaper Edge Review

Posted Jan 02, 2008 by Jon Wood's own Hardware Junkie Jeremy Star takes a look at two of the newest gaming releases from Ideazon: the Merc Stealth Keyboard and the Reaper Edge Mouse. Star was a fan of both products, going so far as to call them the "best gaming keyboard/mouse combo of 2007".

The Merc Stealth looks like a keyboard that had the Insert – End keys chopped off and a big old gaming pad attached to the left side. The number pad doubles as the Insert key group with the press of a function button. I imagine that this was done to save a little desk real estate, as the Merc Stealth is already larger than a normal keyboard.

The gaming keys are arranged around a central movement keyset of AWSD. The movement keys are large, rubberized buttons, and the rest of the gaming keys are placed so that you can get to them without taking your fingers off of the movement keys. The whole gaming section is tilted slightly down and slightly to the left to position your hand more comfortably.

The whole keyboard is done up in shades of black and grey, and looks fairly sharp when you take it out of the package. When you plug it in, however, it really starts to look good, as all of the keys are backlit. Not only are they backlit, but you get to choose what color and level of lighting to use. The Stealth gives you a choice of red, blue, or purple backlighting, and there are also three different brightness choices. (Or, if you prefer, you can turn it off completely.)

Read the whole review here.

Eudemons : Castle Contests

Posted Dec 31, 2007 by Keith Cross

The folks a Eudemon's Online have announced that they will be holding several contests to promote the game's new castle system.

Valued players,

Please help us to improve our soon to be released "castle system" by imputing your ideas and thoughts on how to make this new system the best it possibly can be. As these new functions are released we ask for your patience and support in helping us to improve and tweak it so that it is both functional and fun!Coming in January we will be having a few special events including:

1. A contest highlighting the best looking castle from each server. For each winner from each server, a castle will be awarded. Players can post images containing castles and the images can be photos, paintings, screenshots, etc.

Read more here.

General : Child's Play Breaks 1 Million Mark

Posted Dec 31, 2007 by Keith Cross

Child's Play, the charity that provides toys and games to sick kids, has announced that they raised more that 1 million dollars in their most recent fundraising drive.

Not only did we break the million dollar mark, but we decimated it with our new total of $1,135,000! This significant achievement made this holiday season a happier, brighter one in our fifty partner hospitals. To everyone who has contributed to this amazing milestone, thank you!

The hospital wish lists are still online, and some have seen new items added. While we try to get lots of new games and more to the children in time for the holidays, the hospitals have a need for equipment year-round. Likewise, we will continue to accept donations through Amazon, PayPal and the mail until next year’s fundraiser kicks off.

Keep your eye out for one final update in January- best wishes from us for a Happy New Year!

Read more here.

Pirates of the Carribean Online : Aces Need Faces Blackjack Contest

Posted Dec 31, 2007 by Keith Cross

The folks at Pirates of the Caribbean Online have announced that they are holding a blackjack contest where the top prize is an iPod Touch.

What:The player who wins the most hands of Blackjack each day (from December 28 to January 6) will be the lucky winner of an 8GB iPod Touch.

When:December 28 - January 6

Where:Visit the Rowdy Rooster in Port Royal or King's Arm in Tortuga to play.

Don't forget to check the Blackjack Hands Won Leaderboard each day to see the previous day's winner. Please Note: A player can only win once during the contest. See contest rules below for more details.

Read more here.

Fury : Immortal for Life Extended

Posted Dec 31, 2007 by Keith Cross

Auran Games has announced that they have extended their Immortal for Life offer until 10th January 2008.

We are very pleased to announce that the current Immortal for Life offer is now extended until 10th January 2008 due to popular demand from players who may not have the spare money following the festive period.

All Immortal or Hero accounts created on or before this date will be flagged as Immortal for Life.

Happy New Year to all FURY players.

Read more here.

Pirates of the Burning Sea : New Year's Eve on the Burning Sea

Posted Dec 31, 2007 by Keith Cross

Flying Lab Software has posted their plans for New Year's Eve festivities in Pirates of the Burning Sea, where they will be holding countdowns for players in various time zones.

All beta testers are invited to join members of the Flying Lab Software team for some socializing and merrymaking to usher in the New Year, Pirates of the Burning Sea style! You find tomorrow’s schedule below, so be sure to stop by for some special New Year’s Eve loot, great conversations with Flying Lab Software staffers and of course, loads of fun!

Black Bart (EU)
For our friends celebrating on Greenwich Mean Time, Black Bart will be kicking off their New Year’s gathering in Tortuga at 4p PST, hosted by Flying Lab Software Content Director Jess Lebow!

Rackham (EST)
Players on the Rackham Server will party on Eastern Standard Time, or 9p PST, with your host Flying Lab Software CEO Russell Williams!

Blackbeard (PST)
Last but not least, the Blackbeard server will be running their New Year’s Eve countdown for our friends on Pacific Standard Time at 12a, hosted by our very own John Scott Tynes!

The countdown will begin about 10 minutes before the New Year, and will be hosted in the city of Tortuga. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Happy New Year everyone!

Read more here.

EverQuest : Progression Server Update

Posted Dec 31, 2007 by Jon Wood

Community Manager Laura Genender has been playing on the EverQuest Progression Servers and takes some time on this New Year's Eve to give us a full report of the good, the bad, and the ugly side of this interesting approach from the makers of EverQuest.

p>On March 16th, 1999, Sony Online Entertainment opened the virtual doors to the world of EverQuest – one of the most successful and popular games of its generation. While comparatively small next to the modern EverQuest world, consisting of over 400 zones and 14 expansions, the game at release contained a large amount of content for such a relatively new genre of gaming. Many gamers began their MMO careers in Norrath, and many still reside there today.


On June 28th, 2006, Sony introduced two new EverQuest servers. These newest additions – Combine and Sleeper – operated under a whole new rule set not seen in EverQuest or any other game. Known as the progression servers, Sleeper and Combine opened up with original EQ content exclusively. Ruins of Kunark, Shadows of Luclin – all expansion content had to be unlocked by the defeat of raid targets and the completion of quests.

While my article in April discussed the server (by then Combine and Sleeper had merged)’s first 9 months of existence, I’ve now had a year and a half to form opinions about the concept and the reality of progression.

Read the whole thing here.

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