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Knight Online : Patch 1461

Posted Oct 05, 2006 by Jon Wood

Knight Online has announced that their previously announced patch, Patch 1461 was released on October the third.


Dear Knight Online Players,

Great news, The previously announced Patch 1461 has now been released!

In fact, there are some additional changes and additional features that we thought our loyal community would appreciate. The most exciting of which allows players level 60 and above to trade their purchased Power Up Store items with other players after a 48 hour holding period. While players who have not yet achieved the glory of level 60 will be able to purchase items from the Power Up Store or receive them from high level players, they will not be able to trade these items themselves.

We have worked hard to get Patch 1461 out the door and we hope that you will enjoy these changes. Thank you for bearing with us during this delay, we are confident it was worth the wait.

-Knight Online Team

For more on Knight Online click here.

Pirates of the Burning Sea : Aether Stops By MMORPG Forums

Posted Oct 04, 2006 by Jon Wood

Troy Hewitt, the Community Manager for Pirates of the Burning Sea, has been stopping by our forums in recent days to talk to our community and clear up some misconceptions about the game.

You can find Troy's posts, under the name of [FLS]Aether, here, here, here and here.

9Dragons : Dev Journal: Skills of Martial Artists

Posted Oct 04, 2006 by Dana Massey

Ken Johnston pens a new developer journal that examines the skills of martial artists in the upcoming MMO 9Dragons from Acclaim.

While you read this, I want you to use your imagination and create a picture in your mind. A vision of a distant land, many, many years ago. See in your mind's eye ancient China, some time during the Ming Dynasty. See yourself, a poor young peasant, struggling down the dusty street of a small village. You do not have even a single coin to call your own. Still, you may not have money, but you do have great dreams. You have dreams of glory and wealth. You have dreams of standing up for yourself against the village bullies who terrorise you. But how? An old friend told you that by learning the skills of Kung Fu you could grasp these dreams. But who will teach you? How will you learn?

This is the starting point of your journey in the game 9Dragons. You do not need to use your imagination any longer because your story will unfold in front of you. The skills of Kung Fu are there to be learned. You can change the course of your destiny in ancient China with the decisions you make.

The whole article is here.

9Dragons : Seven Exclusive Screens

Posted Oct 04, 2006 by Dana Massey

Acclaim is hard at work bringing 9Dragons, a martial-arts MMOG originally developed by Indy 21, to the North American market. Today we have seven exclusive screenshots.

Thank you to Acclaim for sending these on in.

City of Heroes : Second Phase: Veteran Rewards

Posted Oct 04, 2006 by Jon Wood

Having already announced to us the first stages of the Veterans Rewards program, City of Heroes / City of Villains has released the second chart of rewards for the 15 month, 18 month, 21 month and 24 month awards.


The official City of Heroes® Veteran Rewards program launches this fall with the release of Issue 8: To Protect and Serve.

Last week, we announced the first year’s worth of rewards. Now, NCsoft® and Cryptic Studios™ are thrilled to reveal the next set of milestones: 15 month (featuring wings!), 18 month, 21 month, and 24 month awards.

Milestone Set Two (15 through 24 months)

A whole new set of Veteran Rewards have been unveiled! Following is the list of Rewards all the way through milestone 8 (24 months). Only time will reveal the rewards that lie beyond these!

15 Months: Zealous
18 Months: Unwavering
21 Months: Steadfast
24 Months: Devoted

For more on CoH click here.

General : Editorial: Forums & Feedback

Posted Oct 04, 2006 by Dana Massey

Staff Writer Neil Thompson discussed message boards, their problems and how game developers could better gather feedback from their communities.

The real problem comes when people give their opinion as feedback. "Clerics are overpowered" (hahahahaha), “The game is too hard” and "We want PvP" are all cries I have seen from time to time in one form or another. The problem is, once one person starts shouting nerf, everyone starts.

The devs will nerf that cleric eventually, then all the other things that are being called on to be nerfed leaving the game slightly different from what it was originally, and sometimes totally changing it. They have to, they're looking at the whole picture, while most of the time, fans are only privy to their smaller picture.

The way I see it only a very small proportion of a games players actually sign up and use the official forums. From experience I would suggest that most of these players have played in a number of different MMORPGs and probably been active members of their forum communities too, as I have seen many of the same people posting on forums for different games.

The whole editorial is available here.

EverQuest II : Dev Chest

Posted Oct 04, 2006 by Jon Wood

EverQuest II has released a new Dev Chest. The Dev Chest points players toward helpful or interesting posts made by the game's developers.


Sometimes it's hard to find the buried treasures contained within the EverQuest II forums. The Dev Chest highlights useful, insightful, or entertaining posts from the developers that you may want to check out. Get your treasure maps and shovels ready--we're about to discover a Dev Chest!

For more on EQII click here.

Guild Wars : Heroes' Ascent

Posted Oct 04, 2006 by Jon Wood

Guild Wars will be postponing an announced event to make room for a new permanent feature. The "Green Drop Weekend" that has been scheduled for this weekend, willl be held instead the following weekend. In its place, Heroes' Ascent has been converted into a 6v6 map.


In lieu of the previously announced special weekend, we've decided to postpone the "Green Drop Weekend" until next week. This week's big news is the conversion of Heroes' Ascent into a 6v6 map. Yes, one of the most popular events will become a permanent element of the PvP game, along with a lot of exciting map changes, too. This will all go live sometime Friday, so stop on by and check it out. Check back next week for news about the "Green Drop Weekend" (which now promises to be even better)!

For more on Guild Wars click here.

World of Warcraft : Burning Crusade Collector's Edition

Posted Oct 04, 2006 by Jon Wood

Blizzard Entertainment has released pictures and details of the Collector's Edition of the new World of Warcraft expansion, The Burning Crusade.


Details are now available on the contents of the World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Collector’s Edition. Click here to see shots of both the standard and Collector’s Edition packaging and to learn more about what Collector’s Edition owners will receive with their purchase.

For more on WoW click here.

Second Life : Vivox Million Minutes

Posted Oct 04, 2006 by Jon Wood

Vivox has announced that they have started their Million Minutes Promotion in Second Life. Not only will this promotion give away one million free phone minutes, but it also marks the start of Second Life's population's telephone revolution, as they will now be able to call from in-game to outside phones.



FRAMINGHAM, MASS. – October 4, 2006 –Vivox, a leader in integrated online voice communications, announced today’s start of its promotion to give away one million free phone minutes and enable live voice communication to the 835,000 residents of Second Life, a 3D virtual world launched by Linden Lab in 2003.

“In an industry first, Vivox is enabling phone calls from within Second Life to real-world phones, dramatically enriching the online experience for residents,” says Rob Seaver, CEO of Vivox.

Promotion partners include Electric Sheep, Illusion Factory,, Millions of Us, Sarg’s Slides, and Uvvy. Using Vivox’s innovative technology, Second Life residents will be able to talk in real-time to other Second Life residents and make phone calls from any of the Vivox Phone Booths placed in sponsored areas throughout Second Life to any PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) or mobile phone in North America. In addition, residents will be able to participate in live group voice chat at select areas within Second Life on Vivox microphones. The Vivox microphones will enable up to five residents with Vivox accounts and the Vivox Second Phone client to have live group voice chat when they meet at that location in-world.

For additional information about the Vivox Million Minutes kickoff and its partner sponsors, visit

RF Online : Rotating Rate Weekends

Posted Oct 04, 2006 by Jon Wood

RF Online has announced that they will be holding rotating rate events every weekend. The first weekend (starting this Friday), will double the drop rates, next, mining rates will be doubled, the weekend after that, they'll double the drops again.


Starting this Friday (06/10/06) at 6pm (GMT), and then taking place every other weekend after that - we will be rotating different rates on the RF Online game servers.

The first weekend will start with double drop rates on Friday the 6th of October at 6pm (GMT) and will finish on Monday the 9th of October at 9am (GMT).

The following weekend will be double mining rates, the weekend after double drops etc.

Any questions please ask them in the following thread:


Kyle “Laeth” Rowley

For more on RF Online click here.

Gods and Heroes : Closed Beta

Posted Oct 04, 2006 by Jon Wood

Perpetual Entertainment announced on Tuesday that their Rome-inspired MMORPG, Gods & Heroes has now reached the Closed Beta Phase of its development. Initial reactions from players, according to the Perpetual press release, are positive:


Perpetual’s Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising Enters Closed Beta

First group of core testers provide valuable feedback; More mortals being selected to receive the power of the Gods

San Francisco, CA – October 3, 2006 - Perpetual Entertainment announced today that Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising, its premiere massively multiplayer RPG of mythic adventure in the ancient world, has entered the Closed Beta phase of development and the first round of Core Testers have submitted early feedback on the game.

“The Core Testers currently in the Beta are the very first outside people to play the game, and we are thrilled at what they’ve had to say,” said Richard Zinser, Vice President of Game Services for Perpetual Entertainment. “Their positive feedback on playability and balance has confirmed that we’re on the right path to making Gods & Heroes the best game possible at launch.”

Additional Core Testers will be added to this first stage of Closed Beta on October 6th, 2006. Members of the Gods & Heroes community can apply for the Core Tester program by emailing with one paragraph (250 words or less) explaining their qualifications as a Core Tester. Emails should include the applicant’s real name, account name, persona, and email address. Beta applications must be submitted by October 6th, 2006 at midnight PST to qualify for the first stage.

“After the years of development and months of internal testing, we are eagerly anticipating the expansion of the Closed Beta in coming months as we begin to open the game up to the community,” said Chris McKibbin, President of Perpetual Entertainment.

For more information on applying for the Closed Beta, please visit

For more on Gods and Heroes click here.

Vanguard : New Screenshots

Posted Oct 03, 2006 by Jon Wood

Our friends over at Vanguard: Saga of Heroes have released eight new screenshots from their game which is currently in the Beta phase of development.

You can view these shots, and all of our other Vanguard pics in our gallery.

For more on Vanguard click here.

Ryzom : Ryzom Ring Launches

Posted Oct 03, 2006 by Jon Wood

Ryzom Ring, the expansion for The Saga of Ryzom that promises to put the power int he hands of the players, has launched. This unique expansion gives players the ability to create their own content for the MMO.


Ryzom Ring is released Be the first to try it !

Paris, FRANCE – October 3rd 2006

Nevrax, announced today the released of the Ryzom Ring, its first ground breaking expansion for the massively-multiplayer online science fantasy role playing game (MMORPG) Ryzom. Be among the first in online role playing History to create, play and share your own adventures in a persistent online world!

"After two years of challenging development, we are very proud to be the first MMORPG studio in the world to launch integrated Adventure creation tools”, declared Daniel Miller, CTO and Executive Producer of the Ring. “Ryzom Ring offers a whole new dimension of massive online gaming, empowering players to add their own adventures for the first time within a persistent online world. We are now looking forward to seeing quite how ingenious our players will be and admiring the scenarios they dream up”.

The Ryzom Ring delivers unrivalled power to the players.
Now you can not only play challenging adventures created by others but you can also play GOD as the Adventure Master (AM). The only limit now to the player’s power is their own imagination!

The Ryzom Ring Editor is both powerful and extremely easy to use. Within a few minutes one can whip up a great looking scenario in one of many magnificent settings, filled out with the magical creatures and characters that make Ryzom's world unique. The editor offers complete systems for scripting dialogs, laying out routes and zones for NPCs and setting up events of all kinds, offering almost limitless power to create...

Ryzom Ring offers a wealth of possibilities… All Ryzom subscribers have access to the Ring. Players under free trial will also be able to discover the power of the Ryzom Ring with full access to the adventure creation tools and a basic set of creatures and scenery to play with. They will not however be able to participate in player-created scenarios, being restricted to the supplied examples.

To try out Ryzom Ring and Ryzom for free, with unlimited playing time, follow the free trial link on (no credit card is required).


For more on The Saga of Ryzom click here.

Pirates of the Burning Sea : New Dev Journal by John Scott Tynes

Posted Oct 03, 2006 by Dana Massey

The Producer of Pirates of the Burning Sea - John Scott Tynes - contributes this developer journal called 'Not Just Another Spawn Camp'. Inside, he shows how he believes the game being produced by FlyingLab Software truly sets itself apart from other MMOGs.

To some extent, if you've played one MMORPG you've played them all. You wander the countryside, or the office building, or the space sector, and you find small groups of enemies who are standing around waiting for you to attack them. Maybe they charge you as you run by or maybe they react to you depending on your faction standing. They have different classes or attacks or powers that make the combats somewhat different. But there's not a whole lot going on.

This is one of the things about MMORPGs that I find deadening. Your combat gameplay is entirely a function of your class and level vs. the class and level of your opponent. The only tactics is in how you use your skills, alone or in concert with your groupmates.

You can read more here.

ArchLord : Exclusive Screen, Week #3

Posted Oct 03, 2006 by Dana Massey

ArchLord, the new MMOG from Codemasters, launches this week and we put out four new screenshots to see what you can expect.

Thank you to Codemasters for sending these over.

General : Game List Updated

Posted Oct 03, 2006 by Dana Massey

The Game List has received some updates today. First, we have added Yulgang: Balance of Power, which is being brought to North America by MGame USA, to the game list.

The following games have been removed due to dead websites, redundancy, the removal of English language websites, official cancellation or inactivity: Battlecruiser Online, Biosfear, Blademistress, Cronous, Deloria, Dominus Online, Khan, Legendary Adventures, Ninth Domain, Outpost, RYL: Path of the Emperor, Seed, Skyblade and Storm Riders Online.

The following games were judged to be in commercial service and have been promoted to released: Diamonin, GoonZu Online, Trickster OnlineRAN Online, LastChaos, Eudemons Online, TS Online and Ogre Island.

Two games were also renamed on our list: World War II Online is now known as Battleground Europe: WWII Online and URU Live is now Myst Online: URU Live.

Other aspects of the list were updated, including updated official site URLs, launch dates, release dates, developer names and more. In the next few days, we will also be adding publisher, payment type and distribution type information to our list.

If you believe any of the changes have been in error, see games missing from the list or games on the list that are no longer in operation, please contact us at

Star Wars Galaxies : Launchpad to Collect Hardware Info

Posted Oct 03, 2006 by Jon Wood

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that they will be using Launchpad to gather information about the systems of players of Star Wars Galaxies. They assure players that there will be no intrusion into computers, and that the information will be anonymous and not associated with any one player.


Here at SOE, we are dedicated to providing our players with a world-class gaming experience. As our player base grows and changes, so do the many variations in system configuration, and we find it necessary to learn more about the systems being used to enjoy SOE products. While the system information already provided on a volunteer basis has been helpful, it presents an incomplete picture of the wide variety of system configurations used to play SOE games.

When Star Wars Galaxies players login beginning on Wednesday, October 4th, SOE will begin collecting data to assemble a more complete picture of the systems currently using the SOE family of products. We will gather some basic hardware information from those systems logging into SWG, which includes the following;

  • Operating system and version
  • Processor type and speed
  • Total RAM
  • Video card type and memory
  • Total Hard Drive Capacity.

Launchpad will be used to gather this data when it is initialized to start a gameplay session. There will be no intrusion into your computer nor will any software be installed to monitor your system. The information gathered will be anonymous and not associated with a specific user.

We appreciate your assistance in helping SOE to continue to offer our products to such a varied customer base. Thank you all for being a part of the SOE family.

Sony Online Entertainment

For more on SWG click here.

Lord of the Rings Online : Models in Classes Section

Posted Oct 03, 2006 by Jon Wood

Turbine's Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar has released some new models in their LOTRO classes section:


Take a look at the new models in our LOTRO classes section, and visit each class for a peek at one of their skills!

For more on LOTRO click here.

EverQuest II : Atlas

Posted Oct 03, 2006 by Jon Wood

EverQuest II fans may have just found it a little bit easier to get around their world as a new EQII Atlas comes on sale at the Station Store:


What better way to adventure through EverQuest II, than with your very own EverQuest II Atlas! This highly detailed Atlas covers some of the most sought after content in Norrath. There are full color maps, Points of Interest locations, All-new lore, and even Trivia Questions for all EverQuest II fans!

The EverQuest II Atlas just came in so stop by and purchase it at the Station Store today!

For more on EQII click here.

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