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General : Internships Available at SOE

Posted Feb 18, 2008 by Keith Cross

SOE has announced that they are looking to fill several internship positions on a number of different projects.  The internships are paid and part time, and have a duration of roughly six weeks.

SOE is currently looking to fill several intern positions on various teams. An internship at SOE is a prearranged learning experience designed to place students on a project that is relevant to their academic and professional goals. Interns will work as part of a team with people from many professional backgrounds while testing their skills working on a project. A mentor will be assigned to each intern, who will provide continual guidance and feedback until completion of the internship.

These are paid part-time positions (approximately 9 weeks in length) that provide invaluable real-work experience and offer students an opportunity to grow both professionally and personally as well as make tremendous networks for future career opportunities.

Read more here.

Dark Age of Camelot : Grab Bag

Posted Feb 18, 2008 by Keith Cross

The Grab Bag returns this week to once again answer a myriad of miscellaneous questions from the Dark Age of Camelot community.

Q. When you first introduced Siegecrafting, we didn't gain woodworking. Later you gave woodworking as a sub skill to Siegecrafting. My question is, I was a Legendary Siegecrafter before that, will I have to skill up woodworking on my own afterwards?

A. The Bearded Wonder checked into this one: Yes. If you have already skilled up Siegecrafting, then you would need to skill up woodcrafting on its own. A good tip on how to do this is to work on a different tradeskill that uses woodworking, such as Weaponcrafting. If you try to focus just on woodworking, it won't go as quickly.

Q. What is the difference between the champion abilities Acidic Mist and Melt Spirit? Mist is on a 5s tick, Spirit is 8, they don't stack so why is Spirit higher up the proverbial food chain that Mist? This seems to be a common theme across all realms, is this bugged?

A. I went to the Balancinator who attempted to duplicate the issue: The spells are designed to stack with each other. That is why the champion ability spells are setup in this fashion. I decided to test the spells to ensure that a bug is not preventing the spells from stacking. I could not duplicate this issue. I am not sure of the circumstances in which you witnessed the spells not stacking. It is possible your target already had a DoT spell on it when your DoT was applied. If the issue persists, please feel free to submit a bug report so our QA people can track it down.

Read more here.

Tabula Rasa : Feedback Friday

Posted Feb 15, 2008 by Keith Cross

NCsoft has posted their regular Feedback Friday feature, keeping Tabula Rasa players up to date on the weekly goings on behind the scenes.

What are you guys working on at the moment?

As of now we’re working hard to get 1.5 out the door and on to the Public Test Server and ready for public consumption. Along with fixing any issues found by our QA Team in 1.5, the Developers are on their second week of working on the 1.6 build. Go devs go!

When will real info be released about PAUs? While drawings or computer models would be nice, I have more practical questions, such as if skill points will be necessary.

We’re glad to hear all of the excitement from players about implementing PAUs into the game. As of now, we can provide the basic outline of the PAU system that our Lead Designer has shared and then our lips are sealed! Once PAU’s are closer to being implemented into the game, we will start disclosing both images and design features.

Read more here.

Stargate Worlds : Developer Q&A

Posted Feb 15, 2008 by Keith Cross

The sixth installment of the Stargate Worlds Developer Q&A is now available, where Stargate Worlds community members pose the questions, and the Cheyenne Mountain devs answer in audio form.  They have also put the call out for more questions, for the seventh installment.

The next opportunity has arrived to get your Stargate Worlds questions answered in audio form by the developers themselves. Send them your queries here! Developer Q&As allow fans to ask anything to any developer pertaining to any aspect of Stargate Worlds. You have to be a member of Stargate Worlds Forums to submit your question, so if you haven't registered already then please do so here. It's free!

It is hard to believe that six episodes of the popular Developer Q&A series have launched. So many questions have asked by some of the most insightful fans, and out of that group a handful have been selected for each edition. Remember, thought-provoking queries and a desire to think outside of the box are keys to getting yourself in the next edition!

Read more here.

Age of Conan : What's Up With the Beta?

Posted Feb 15, 2008 by Keith Cross

Funcom has posted a brief update on the current goings on in the Age of Conan beta, including playable women, and PvP.

Since the last one of these we did was overwhelmingly popular, we’re back with another little hint of what’s going on in the General Beta at the moment.

The last few patches have continued integrating bug fixes and everything else we’ve been working on.

For example, one thing people have been asking us is, “Where all da Hyborian women at?

Well, now they’re in General Beta. And while there are some bugs to work out—people always seem surprised to find out a beta is actually used for finding and squashing bugs!—they are playable, and it’s possible to make “someone you definitely wouldn’t want to date,” (as our esteemed Game Director put it) as well as someone you definitely would want to date.

Read more here.

Lord of the Rings Online : Book 12 Launches

Posted Feb 15, 2008 by Keith Cross

Book 12: the Ashen Wastes for Lord of the Rings Online has officially launched, bringing new features like enhanced customization, and new areas of adventure such as the Delving of Frór.

Welcome to the latest free content update for The Lord of the Rings Online™! Book 12: The Ashen Wastes introduces even more ways to customize your character with cosmetic clothing, travelling clothes, and barbershops. The Guardian and Burglar classes have had major updates, and Champions will find many improvements to their class as well. Battle for control of a new PvMP dungeon: the Delving of Frór, or return to Angmar and check out its nearly complete overhaul for playability and fun. Join us as we unveil the next book in this epic adventure, Book 12: The Ashen Wastes!

Read more about Book 12 here.

read the release notes here.

Pirates of the Burning Sea : Con Artist Dev Log

Posted Feb 15, 2008 by Keith Cross

The Pirates of the Burning Sea official site has been updated with a devlog about being a con artists, and by that they mean a member Flying Lab art team who mans the booth conventions.

I’m not really a con artist… character animator, actually. My only knowledge of scamming people is piratical in nature… a sure fire get-rich-quick scheme is to ask people for their gold, and stab them repeatedly if they say no.

My professional life consists mainly of animating special Florentine attacks and bringing those adorable shoulder parrots to life. Every so often, however, they let us artists out of the dark cave of Artco to interact with the public. I was lucky enough to be channeled into the world of gaming conventions to help man our demo stations and meet a lot of really cool people and talk about how bad-ass pirates are.

I first volunteered to help exhibit the game at PAX 2006. The fun started while fans waited in line to come to the FLS meet-n-greet on the night before the show…we searched our brains for sea-faring trivia to quiz the crowd, invented various piratical games (including a “jig-off”), and gave t-shirts to the winning fans.

Arriving at the convention hall bright and early the next day to help set up, I felt mighty special as I was handed a badge and allowed to make my way past the long line of waiting gamers. It was a scene out of a (nerdy) movie as I stepped into the huge gaming hall, my eyes widening with amazement at all the brightly colored banners and flashing video displays opening up before me. I had attended the Seattle ComiCon before but this was special, this was my first gaming convention and I was here to show a game I’d been a part creating and am very proud of.

Read more here.

Vanguard : Lord Tsang's Tomb

Posted Feb 15, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at Vanguard: Saga of Heroes have posted an overview of Lord Tsang's Tomb, in the north eastern hills of Kojan.

The Kojan continent is ripe with things for young adventurers to do. From your first steps on the sands of the Tanvu shores, you're already learning the ways of the Lao'Jin Knight, harnessing the power of Jin in both battle and life.

The Tomb of Lord Tsang is hidden within the north eastern hills of Kojan. Its stone walls were erected ages ago around a dense forest, and are still guarded by an army of defenders who keep an eye out and a blade ready for trespassers. If you're in the 18-22 level range, and have an eerie urge to go tomb raiding for legendary treasure, then Tsang's is a place you need to explore!

Read more here.

EVE Online : 5th EVE Online Alliance Tournament

Posted Feb 15, 2008 by Keith Cross

IntroductionCCP has announced that the 5th EVE Online Alliance Tournament will be taking place in early march.

Get your ships waxed and charge those blasters because the fight of your lives is about to get underway. All the facts can be found here. Last year’s tournament was a massive success. This year’s event has been “tweaked” here and there to improve the experience for all. To find out more we suggest you join the discussion thread here. Pilots to your ships!

Read more here.

General : PlayXpert: An Interview with the CEO

Posted Feb 15, 2008 by Jon Wood

Yesterday we learned that PlayXpert, a company that specializes in community management tools, has temed up with SOE to provide a chat service that will allow users to text chat with player in SOE games. Today, PlayXpert CEO Charles Manning answers a few questions from's Joe Iuliani.

Along the lines of the Sony Station Gateway, are there plans to incorporate friend lists from other games?

Charles Manning:

You bet. Increasingly, publishers and studios are appreciating the value of allowing game play to extend outside of the game. "Federated Identity" is an issue in the gaming space because the same person could represent various different identities in various games and communities. To the extent that players can have a unified roster that inter-meshes these identities together so that the "identity of the friend" is decoupled from the "community that the friend is from," players will have an optimized experience allowing them to be on top of their game.

Read it all here.

Lord of the Rings Online : Updates, Launch and the Business

Posted Feb 15, 2008 by Jon Wood

Recently, Managing Editor Jon Wood had the opportunity to sit down with Lord of the Rings Online Executive Producer Jeffrey Steefel to talk about what goes into the game`s updates, launch and the business of MMOs.

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down for a conversation with Jeffrey Steefel, the Executive Producer of Turbine’s Lord of The Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar. As those of you reading this article are probably already aware, Turbine recently launched Book 12: The Ashen Waste, the latest in their line of free content updates. What you might not know is what goes into creating one of these new books. Struck with a sudden curiosity myself, that`s exactly what our conversation was about as we discussed updates, launch and even the business of MMOs.

Read the whole thing here.

City of Heroes : City of Love: Flings and Weddings

Posted Feb 14, 2008 by Keith Cross

NCsoft has announced their plans for several Valentine's themed events including the wedding of Manticore and Sister Psyche, and the Spring Fling.

Valentine’s Day also kicks off this year’s annual Spring Fling event, including DJ Zero’s Pocket D Jubilee. Just head over to Pocket D, the space between Paragon and the Rogue Isles™, where DJ Zero will be playing host again. Ganymede, Emissary of the God Eros, will be back, hoping to harness the primordial force of love, allowing Hero and Villain alike to lay down arms and join together to complete a host of missions.

Outside of the Pocket D, and in conjunction with the live Wedding event, players will find new Hero and Villain contacts in Atlas Park™ and Mercy Island. Sela Vermont, wedding coordinator of Manticore and Sister Psyche, sends Heroes on a special wedding gift reconnaissance mission while Zev Scalamore, under direction of Arachnos, enlists Villains to do his dirty work.

Read more here.

General : PlayXpert Announces New Chat Gateway

Posted Feb 14, 2008 by Keith Cross

PlayXpert has announced that they have developed a Chat Gateway which is integrated with SOE's Station Friends chat network, and allows players to chat across multiple games.

SANDPOINT, ID – FEBRUARY 14, 2008 -- PlayXpert, the provider of next-generation in-game community management tools, announced today it has developed a unique Chat Gateway integrated with Sony Online Entertainment’s (SOE) Station Friends chat network that allows any PlayXpert user to text-chat with the native chat systems on SOE’s PC games. Using this gateway, PlayXpert users can connect with friends just like they can when they’re playing the game using their characters’ Friends lists. This innovation allows users who play non-SOE games to stay connected with their friends playing SOE games and vice versa.

“Today’s announcement is another example of our pursuit to enable gamers to remain connected and stay in game,” said Charles Manning, CEO of PlayXpert. “Just like our chat support for Google Talk, Yahoo Instant Messenger, and Xfire, our support for Station Friends allows PlayXpert users to stay connected to their friends no matter what game they play.”

John Smedley, President of Sony Online Entertainment, said, “Gamers today typically play several games and as a result maintain what are traditionally separate and distinct communities across those games. We feel strongly about empowering our players using our Station Friends chat network to remain connected to their other gaming communities and friends even when they are outside of those games. PlayXpert has shown its ability to integrate its chat gateway with the Station Friends chat network to enable text chat between SOE games and other games.”

Using PlayXpert, players will be able to add friends across numerous games or game worlds including EverQuest®, EverQuest® II, and PlanetSide®, and can auto-discover their game-specific friends list and have it appear in the PlayXpert Chat Messenger roster.

Read more here.

Spellborn : Spellbornian Concept Art

Posted Feb 14, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at The Chronicles of Spellborn have posted a number of pieces of concept art as their most recent dev journal focusing on the art and style of TCoS.



See all the concept art here.

Lineage 2 : Server Transfers Available

Posted Feb 14, 2008 by Keith Cross

NCsoft has announced that server transfers are now available for all 10 Lineage II servers.

Server Transfers for all 10 servers are now available to all players who have an active Lineage II game account. Check out the full announcement made by Lineage II Producer Tim "Ornery" Tan here. Please see the Server Transfer info page for detailed info and step-by-step directions through the server transfer process.

Read more here.

Tabula Rasa : 15 Worst AFS Pick Up Lines

Posted Feb 14, 2008 by Keith Cross

To mark the passage of Valentine's day, the folks at Tabula Rasa have posted their top 15 list of Worst AFS Pick Up Lines, which run the gamut from funny, to lame, to scary.

Happy Valentine's Day Soldiers!

We know that some of you have blessed to find a loved one in your life, but others may still be searching for that special Sniper, or charming Grenadier. To help you in your search for true love, we've compiled a list of things NOT to say when trying to approach that special someone. Please avoid these pick up lines at all cost!

Top 15 Worst AFS Pick Up Lines

1. Wanna splice some DNA and make a Hybrid?
2. Darling, you’ve grown on me like a patch of barb ticks.
3. My boxers are Motor Assist!
4. You must be low on adrenaline, because you’ve been Sprinting through my mind all day.
5. Nice asteroid.
6. I know of a nice private instance with just enough room for the two of us.
7. Interested in ‘Going Commando’?
8. When we get together, magnesium flashes fly.
9. Let’s say we clone ourselves and have twice the fun.
10. Your Dad must be a Demolitionist, because you’re the bomb!
11. Let me share this mission, it puts a marker on the mini-map of love to my heart.
12. Is that a Tabula in your pocket?
13. It doesn’t take a linker to put you and me together.
14. Were you born in Ashen Desert? Cause you are smokin'!
15. Let’s go back to the barracks. I’ll wear my General British mask!”

Read more here.

General : NCsoft 2007 Fiscal Results

Posted Feb 14, 2008 by Keith Cross

NCsoft has posted an extensive breakdown of their 2007 fiscal results.

Company reports consolidated sales of KRW 330 billion in 2007, operating profit of KRW 49.5 billion Operating profit, pre-tax profit and net profit show increase year over year

Note: 1USD = 929.20 Korean Won (KRW)

Seoul, South Korea, February 13, 2008 – NCsoft® Corporation (KSE: 036570.KS) today reported earning results for 2007. On a consolidated basis, sales came to KRW 330 billion (US$355.1 million), operating profit KRW 49.5 billion (US$53.3 million), pre-tax profit KRW 62.1 billion (US$66.8 million), and net profit KRW 45 billion (US$48.4 million). Although the company saw its sales drop 3% year over year, operating profit, pre-tax profit, and net profit increased 14%, 24% and 18%, respectively.

For the fourth quarter 2007, consolidated net sales recorded KRW 89.1 billion (US$95.9 million), operating profit KRW 12.1 billion (US$13.0 million), pre-tax profit KRW 14.1 billion (US$15.2 million), and net profit KRW 10.3 billion (US$11.1 million). The previous quarter sales were KRW 80.1 billion, operating profit KRW 9.7 billion, pre-tax profit KRW 13.7 billion, and net profit KRW 10.1 billion. The sales and operating profit increased 11% and 24% respectively quarter over quarter and pre-tax profit and net profit increased 3% and 2% respectively. Sustained sales from the Lineage® series and the release of Richard Garriott’s Tabula Rasa® in November 2007 were the primary reasons for the quarter over quarter sales growth.

Read more here.

Pirates of the Burning Sea : User Content Changes

Posted Feb 14, 2008 by Keith Cross

Flying Lab has announced several changes to the way they handle user content in Pirates of the Burning Sea, which they hope will help streamline the process of getting user made content into the game.

2D User Content has been phenomenally successful over the last several years—in some ways, too successful! While we still want to review flags and sails personally give focused feedback where needed, within the next month or so we’ll be introducing some changes to help streamline and even out the process. Here’s what you can look forward to in User Content 2.0:

• “Kitten Wars” style voting—instead of giving each flag a 1-5 rating, you’ll compare two flags or two sails and pick the one you think is the best. You’ll then be shown instantly another pair to rate. Once a submission gets a certain number of “hot” votes, it’s sent to the Devs for final approval. On the other hand, if it gets passed up for other submissions too many times, it will be sent back to you for more work.
• Even distribution of votes—the User Content system will randomise what flags or sails you see and rate, so everything should benefit from equal community scrutiny.
• Rewards for participation—the more flags and sails you rate, the more you’re entitled to have in review at any given time, up to a suitably comfortable limit. It will “cost” votes to submit a design, so for every flag or sail you want to submit, you’ll need to rate other submissions.
• Less waiting—you should know within a few days whether your flag or sail is ready for the game, and if not, receive useful feedback to help it get there.
• Email response when your flag or sail has been reviewed or approved.

Read more here.

Stargate Worlds : Happy Mustache Day

Posted Feb 14, 2008 by Keith Cross

With all the hearts, cherubs, and sappiness of this time of year, it's nice to know there are still those brave souls who are willing to forge a new path around the greeting card holiday of the month, and create their own reason to have fun.  So in that spirit, happy mustache day Cheyenne Mountain.

Several developers participated in yesterday's "Mustache Day" event, bringing a little levity into the complicated goings-on here at Stargate Worlds!

The idea came from Lead Animator Carl Coss, who was getting tired of his beard. "I wanted to shave it soon," said Coss, "and I thought it would be funny to go to a mustache for a day ... and see who else I could get to do it! I thought it would be funny and awesome."

It was both.

Read more here.

Zu Online : Exclusive Screenshots

Posted Feb 14, 2008 by Jon Wood

The folks over at IGG have been kind enough to send us three exclusive screenshots for their upcoming MMORPG, ZU Online.


Check out all three here.

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