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EVE Online : Busy Day at CCP

Posted Oct 31, 2006 by Dana Massey

Three pieces of news come flying in from Iceland: Tranquility will be offline tomorrow, their card game has been released and there is new lore.

First, EVE showed off a new story in their EVE Chronicles section.

EVE Chronicle update brings new tale of horror and intrigue

Just in time for Halloween, Abraxas offers up a devilishly delightful new story in the EVE Chronicles section of our website. "Postnatal" tells the story of what happens when an innocent little drone becomes a destructive loose cannon.

You can read this story here.

They then announced that their anticipated CCG Trading Card game has been launched and is available for fans to purchase.

EVE CCG now available

The highly anticipated EVE Online collectible card game (CCG), EVE: The Second Genesis, is now available in stores throughout North America and many parts of Europe. To join the fast-growing community, visit the EVE CCG website where you will also find information on the game, tournaments and more.

You can check out the CCG website here.

Lastly, the Tranquility server will see longer downtime than originally expected tomorrow.

Extended downtime on Nov. 1

The EVE Online Tranquility server will have an extended downtime, Wednesday 1 November, running for 24 hours from 10:00 to 10:00 GMT. Players are encouraged to set a long skill to train during this downtime that will add 10 new nodes, more RAMSAN capacity and connections to more internet backbone providers for increased stability and fault tolerance.

Later in November, we will have 2 new IBM Bladecenters coming with 28 new servers for Tranquility.

The entire news item is available here.

Dark Ages : Downtime Explained

Posted Oct 31, 2006 by Dana Massey

Four the last two days, Dark Ages has been offline. The developers let everyone know what was up on their official website. They have also extended their Halloween events.

We apologize for the unexpected down-time that occurred between 10/28 and 10/30. The problem has been resolved and Dark Ages is now up and running. The Halloween Events will be extended to November 6th. We will be adding 2 extra days to all accounts that were registered during that time. All auto-renewal accounts will receive an in-game bonus. If your account was on auto-renewal during the downtime, you will receive 5 million gold and a choice of one of the following pets. These pets will be exclusive to this auto-renewal compensation. Please submit a ticket to Dark Ages Support specifying which character will receive this compensation.

Auto-renewal pets:
Green Dragon (single-head)

If your account was registered during this down-time and you did not receive the extra 2 days, please submit a ticket to Dark Ages support.

Accounts on auto-renewal are receiving the in-game compensation because they do not benefit from the extra day bonus.

For more information on this game, check out their website.

Myth War : Halloween Event

Posted Oct 31, 2006 by Dana Massey

The good folks at Myth Wars have sent along details of their Halloween Event. You can read a bit more about it below and on their official website.

Myth War Hallowmas Celebration

Dear Players,

Hallowmas is approaching! And Myth War Hallowmas Celebration is also coming! This time an interesting mission—“MW World Ghosts Cleanup” is waiting for your participation!

MW World Ghosts Cleanup Activity


Recently, some vicious ghosts from the Darkness Space have secretly entered the MW World and hiding in the filthy corners. Their arrivals have caused the spread of terrible plagues and diseases which is now becoming a huge threat to the MW World!

In order to get rid of these unwelcome intruders, the elders in Woolingor are calling up all brave warriors to search and fight against them…

Activity Time:

October 28th – November 2nd
Everyday: 09:00-12:00 14:00-17:00 19:00-21:00


  1. Find the NPC at(265.344)in Desert City to buy a Magic Broom, players can search for the ghosts with the help of the broom;
  2. Players should team up, the team should consists of at least 3 level 30 members and the captain’s level difference between the highest level player and the lowest level player should be within 5 grades;
  3. Only captain can use the Magic Broom;
  4. During the actions, players may also find some kidnapped poor little capillas, if they can successfully help them, the rewards will be more!

For more, go here.

PlaneShift : 300,000 Accounts

Posted Oct 31, 2006 by Dana Massey

The not-for-profit Atomic Blue have announced that the free MMO they're developing has reached 300,000 user accounts. They also noted some recent updates.

PlaneShift MMORPG reaches 300.000 registered accounts. Created by the no-profit organization Atomic Blue, PlaneShift is a fantasy role playing game under development that is already providing hours of enjoyment to thousands of players. PlaneShift requires no software costs nor monthly fees and is available for Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. Latest release 0.3.16 adds natural armor, minigames, improved interaction window, new monsters and new quests.

You can read more about PlaneShift here.

Anarchy Online : Funcom Seeks Testers

Posted Oct 31, 2006 by Dana Massey

The European developers need 150 strong gamers to test a new feature set within Anarchy Online, their science-fiction MMORPG. Here are the details.

Funcom Seeks testers for New Player feature set:

Seeking 150 testers who have never played Anarchy Online or who have not played since the game first launched to test new player features and provide feedback. Those selected as testers who complete the response form within 5 days will receive a full upgrade from the free AO basic account to one that includes Shadowlands, Alien Invasion and the Alien Invasion preorder bonus (Pet leets) along with 90 days of free game time at no cost. Must be 18 or over to participate.

To apply: send an email to with the subject line: AO Testing Application. In body of email include your full name , MMO experience and any beta testing experience as well as country you reside in. Applicants accepted will be notified via email no later than 4 November and must complete objectives and feedback no later than 10 Nov, 2006.

System requirements:

Pentium II 300 MHz, 64 MB RAM, Windows 95/98/ME/2000, 8 MB DirectX-compatible video card, DirectX-compatible sound card, 2x CD-ROM drive, 700 MB hard-disk space, and 28.8 kbps modem

Pentium III 450 MHz, 128 MB RAM, 32 MB DirectX-compatible video card, 1 GB hard-disk space, and 56 kbps modem

You can read more about AO in our game section.

Rappelz : Launch Day: November 3rd

Posted Oct 31, 2006 by Dana Massey

Rappelz is going live on Friday. Gala-Net let us know that this Korean MMORPG is ready to go and should be available to fans this week. In addition, they are also holding a Halloween event through the weekend.

Rappelz Goes Live Nov 3rd!

Due to the success of Open Beta Rappelz, one of the most highly anticipated Free 2 Play MMORPGs will officially go live November 3rd, 2006. Rappelz was developed by nFlavor and published in the North American, South American, Australian, and European market by Gala-Net Inc. (the publishers of Flyff and Space Cowboy).

Rappelz will offer players a free online gaming experience with all of the bells and whistles of other Pay 2 Play MMOs. With a new innovative pet system you will be able to customize your pet’s appearance and skills to have them assist you in the battle which lies ahead. Rappelz also offers breathtaking graphics which sets the new standard for free MMORPG’s, and a new Dungeon Siege system where you can compete with other guilds to conquer and rule your own dungeons. Rappelz will set forth to prove that you don't always have to pay an arm and a leg to play an MMORPG.

For more information on Rappelz and all gPotato games, players should check out the Rappelz website at

You can learn more about Rappelz on their official website.

Shot Online : United Cup Finalists

Posted Oct 30, 2006 by Dana Massey

Shot Online released the names of their 2nd United Cup finalists in a press release late last week.

Shot-Online announces 2nd United Cup Finalists

San Jose, CA October 27h, 2006 – Shot-Online announced today the finalists who qualified for the 2nd United Cup Finals (10/27/06 thru 10/10/29/06). The list (10 members from each team and 5 alternatives) is below:

United States European Union
Team leader: nhat8121 Team leader - Tigerr
US #1 - nhat8121 EU #1 - Tigerr
US #2 - Jitter EU #2 - Fin_Flash
US #3 - 8ballxpress EU #3 - cutiefreak
US #4 - cadaviar EU #4 - BIGTRUFFLE
US #5 - the_gr8est1 EU #5 - Spikie
US #6 - ACman EU #6 - bigbudsmoker1
US #7 - REAP EU #7 - michelle_why
US #8 - Boosted EU #8 - Kouhia
US #9 - Ev0LuTi0n EU #9 - RudiTurbo
US #10 - JohhnyWalker EU #10 - Caistar
US Alt. #1 - 3Mins2Impact EU Alt. #1 - hanswurst
US Alt. #2 - Schmackdaddy3 EU Alt. #2 - Eljungo
US Alt. #3 - WizardHawk EU Alt. #3 - Snooks
US Alt. #4 - Gratheil EU Alt. #4 - U2OneBad
US Alt. #5 - ronniekarn EU Alt. #5 - furyo

The finalists who would like to participate in the 2nd United Cup Finals need to send a DQA with the following information:

  • Subject line should read: “2nd United Cup (either US or EU)
  • Country of residency
  • MSN Messenger email (for instant support during Finals)
Players who participate in the finals must be available to log in everyday of the event (10/27-10/29) at 2:30pm (ready to play at 3pm) Current Server Time. If a player is not available all three (3) days, he/she will not be able to participate.


  • All finalists will receive a 2nd United Cup Cap with +1 Stamina and +1 Skill
  • The winning team leader will receive $450 (USD)
  • The winning team leader will have his/her name engraved on a statue in the Square (in-game)
  • The winning team members will receive $150 (USD) each
  • The winning team will be listed on the SO Master of the Month page (Shot-Online homepage)
For more information about the 2nd United Cup, please visit the 2nd United Cup Information Page.

About Shot-Online

Shot-Online, developed by OnNet Co., Ltd., is a hybrid massively multiplayer online game. This golf simulation game incorporates elements of traditional role-playing and is enhanced by proprietary physics software. This software allows for real-world golf ball behavior based on environmental factors. Detailed 3-D graphics and realistic animation enhance the user-experience as players help their characters grow in skill and capability. Team and solo competitions allow players a chance to win game currency with which users can purchase skill-enhancing items.

About OnNet USA

OnNet USA Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of OnNet Co, Ltd., was founded in November 2005, and is the Shot-Online International Service Provider. For more information about OnNet USA Inc. please visit

Thank you to OnNet USA for this.

EVE Online : Interview with Magnus Bergsson

Posted Oct 30, 2006 by Dana Massey

Magnus Bergsson is the Chief Marketing Officer at Iceland's CCP Games. Today, Dan Fortier interviews him on a range of subjects including upcoming changes, Path to Kali and more. The interview is joined by two exclusive screenshots that show off the new ships. First off tell us more about the Voice Chat option you are adding in cooperation with Vivox. Have you decided what the additional monthly charge will be yet? Are you worried it may add to some lag issues when in use in the larger battles?

Magnus Bergsson: The new voice integration is more than simply a replacement for other third party voice clients like TeamSpeak or Ventrillo. It is directly integrated into the chat channels and more importantly the new gang features. It will offer functionality users simply don't have with other voice software and will offer gangs a strategic advantage in combat, and especially larger gangs. In addition the voice quality is leaps and bounds better than what users are used to.

The voice support will not create any lag for two reasons. First, the voice traffic will go out on different pipes than those used by the EVE cluster and will run on dedicated servers at Vivox headquarters. Second, lag that sometimes occurs in large fleet battles is caused by tremendous pressure on the server CPU running the system that battle is enganged on, and has nothing to do with internet bandwidth. So the net effect is that the voice support will not have any effect on EVE Online.

There are still discussions about how we will charge for the voice client. We are fully aware of the comments our users have made and are doing everything we can to bring this to them for as little as possible. The voice support is not a profit center in any form; we simply think it is a very cool feature but understandably there are operational costs that we need to cover.

The whole interview is available here.

City of Villains : Birthday Q&A

Posted Oct 30, 2006 by Dana Massey

It's been a year of evil at Cryptic Studios as City of Villains turns the big 1. Lead Designer Matt Miller submitted to an in-house Q&A to celebrate.

This Halloween Marks the City of Villains One-Year Anniversary

Tuesday, October 31st marks the one year anniversary of City of Villains. Launched on Halloween of 2005, City of Villains finally answered one of the players’ top requests - to be the bad guy. To commemorate this first annual milestone, we conducted our own Q&A with Cryptic Lead Designer Matt Miller (Positron).

Q: What are some of the most valuable things that you have learned over the first year of City of Villains?

A: I learned to listen more to the users. We have lot of very passionate players in the game, and their insight and feedback can be really valuable as the design progresses. There are a lot of good ideas out there that help us prioritize our feature lists and at times will lead us in new directions that we might not have thoroughly considered. There are a lot of different desires the players have for the game, and it’s great to be able to deliver for them.

Q: When comparing to City of Villains with City of Heroes, what are some of the aspects of each game that you prefer over the other and why?

A: This is like asking me to pick which one of my children is my favorite, isn’t it? City of Heroes has the unmatched aspect of playing a Hero. Doing good and right, and saving the day. It’s something that just can’t be offered on the Villain side. But City of Villains has a more “proactive” feeling to it. You have a sense that you are going out and causing trouble, instead of reacting to it like heroes do.

Q: How do you plan to further integrate City of Heroes with City of Villains (co-op play, social areas like Pocket D, etc.)?

A: We have plans for a co-operative zone where both sides band together under a common flag to combat a mutual threat. While Villains and Heroes obviously do not get along with each other, there are times when the enemy of my enemy becomes a friend, no matter who they are.

[ expand the interview ]

EVE Online : Path to Kali: Two Exclusive Screens

Posted Oct 30, 2006 by Dana Massey

Today, CCP Games shares with us two brand new screenshots from their game that show off upcoming graphical changes. EVE Online won Best Graphics in our Reader's Choice Awards last year and looks to retain the title with these changes.

His work done, a crafty saboteur makes his exit.
Two Naglfar-class dreadnoughts in slow burn through friendly skies.

Thank you to CCP for sharing these.

General : MMOWTF: OMG CSRs!!

Posted Oct 30, 2006 by Dana Massey

This week's column from Dan Fortier looks at the lost at of customer service in MMORPGs. MMOWTF is a weekly column/rant.

It looks like it's about that time for me to drag my sorry carcass to the keyboard and plug out another uninspired eyesore. What shall we talk about this week? Customer Service you say? Sounds good. I'll go first and tell you what I think, then you guys all chime in and tell me why I'm wrong.

It seems like designers are so focused on creating the game content, making it playable, and wowing us with their features that customer support not only takes a backseat, but was left at the last rest stop. They fill their staff with qualified artists, writers and coders and whoever can't do anything else gets stuck listening to us cry about how some guy is using speed hax. Like the lead singers in a band they are the ones the audience sees the most, but are usually the least skilled. The paying customers get the really short end when they have to wait days for a legitimate petition to get answered.

You can read more here.

Auto Assault : Update Three On Deck

Posted Oct 30, 2006 by Dana Massey

The third major update to the MadMax-like MMOG is about to get off and running. NCSoft sent over some details.

Update 3
With guns blazing and wheels smoking, the third of Auto Assault’s regular updates is about to hit the road. As always, each update is designed to enhance the game experience and give you tons of new content to explore.

Here’s a quick rundown on some of what’s in store...

  • New instance – The Tower
    In the no-man’s land of Ground Zero, a little-known Justice base has recently become a target for all three races. Dominated by a powerful overlord known as The Tower, only the most experienced road warriors should even attempt to take him on. Four players at level 80 might stand a chance…are you up to it?
  • New Instance – Scav Uprising
    This Human-only mission is designed for players at or around level 18. The Scavs are causing trouble again and it’s up to you and your convoy to take them down. This instance must be attempted by a convoy since puzzles are involved that require more than one player to complete
  • New Instance – La Leche Madre
    Again, for players around level 18, but this time for our green-skinned brothers and sisters – the Mutants. Travel back to the ruins of a long-abandoned temple and discover what lies in wait in this convoy-only instance
  • New Instance – Malachite Detention Center
    The Biomek race is known for dispensing instant and merciless justice and here, they need to bring rioting Pike prisoners under the weight of their iron fist. Designed for players at or around level 18, this convoy-only instance will prove to be a challenge – but you’re a Biomek and you know no fear…right?
  • 2 New Loot Sets
    Full sets of loot to modify your chassis – you’ll look good and kick some major buttock with the bonuses you’ll receive.
      Set 1: The Warmonger Set – Collect Outpost Tokens and buy set pieces from your friendly INC supplier
      Set 2: The Tower Set – Take on The Tower in his Ground Zero lair. Make the run multiple times to collect the full set!
  • Ground Zero Token System
    In this change to game play, Ground Zero tokens will no-longer be given out for capturing an Outpost. Instead, you’ll receive tokens for PvP kills. Furthermore, your chance to receive a token is based on population. For example, if Humans are heavily outnumbered, they have a greater chance than their Mutant and Biomek opponents to receive a token.
And there's more to come before the end of the year so stay tuned!

Stay tuned for more information.

D&D Online : Warforged Titan Defeated

Posted Oct 30, 2006 by Dana Massey

The Bones Combat Brigade beat the new Warforged Titan, becoming the only people to do it before the Demon Sands update hit.

Congratulations to the Bones Combat Brigade for being the first group ever to defeat the Warforged Titan! Not only are they the first, but they are also the only group to beat the Titan before the Demon Sands update! Check out their forum post and images to see the heroes after a job well done!

You can learn more here.

Guild Wars : One on One with Team Quitter

Posted Oct 30, 2006 by Dana Massey

ArenaNet features a Q&A with one of the top guilds in their game now that the fall season has drawn to a close. Team Quitter, the number one seeded guild, were upended in the finals, but nonetheless spoke to ArenaNet.

Q: How did you guys initially form and how many players are in your guild?

A: Team Quitter is composed of nine members from varied backgrounds: we have three members from I Guild I [iGi], three from We Pwn Char [Char], one from Clan Kgyu [KGYU], one from Fallen Angels [fA], and we have one member who is currently involved purely with Heroes Ascent. We all knew each other from constantly competing against one another in regular GvG ladder matches. When all of our guilds disbanded at relatively similar times (though some have since reformed) it was easy to join together as friends with identical goals. Thus, the guild One Hitter Quitters [QQ] was born. After finishing third place in the first of several "fun seasons" One Hitter Quitters changed our name to Team Quitter, knowing we had formed a solid, highly competitive GvG team.

You can read more here.

Pirates of the Burning Sea : Milestone 22 Spotted

Posted Oct 30, 2006 by Dana Massey

Flying Lab Software has updated their Game Status page with information on their latest milestone: #22.

The Pirates of the Burning Sea Game Status page has been changed with a super-mega update introducing Milestone 22!

For an in-depth look at what's going on behind the scenes here at PotBS central, give this link a click!

Let us know what you think, and as always...

Enjoy, won't you?
Community Envoy

The whole status page is here.

Dark Age of Camelot : Halloween Hot Fixes

Posted Oct 30, 2006 by Dana Massey

Missy brings news of some of the changes in Dark Age of Camelot over this unofficial holiday.

By popular demand, thanks to those of you who sent us feedback, players may now use the Halloween potions in all zones until November 1. Here's the note!

- The restrictive magic placed on the Halloween costume potions has weakened with the coming of Halloween. The potions can now be used anywhere until Halloween passes on November 1, sometime in the afternoon.

Just a side note - these potions are meant to provide a bit of fun, but I'm asked to warn you that some combat animations may not look quite right when you're in 'costume.'

You can read more DAoC news on the Herald.

Dark Age of Camelot : Grab Bag Returns

Posted Oct 30, 2006 by Dana Massey

Sanya Thomas went on vacation last week, mostly just to allow her to make a triumphant return this week.

Q: Why does the Market Explorer window have to close when I leave the area?

A: The fact that the window didn’t just close automatically was, technically, a bug. However, it was a bug we put at the absolute rock bottom of the priority list, because we thought it didn’t hurt anyone and a lot of players found it convenient.

In fact, it would still be a bug, or what I like to call a featurebug if it weren’t for the fact that there was a potentially dreadful exploit related to the way the window used to work. I’m very sorry, but it had to be fixed, and fixed fast.

You can read more here.

RF Online : Digital Download Option

Posted Oct 30, 2006 by Dana Massey partners with Codemasters to offer their sci-fi MMOG in a digitial download format.

If you wish to purchase RF Online directly from the Internet and have a key sent to you immediately, GameStop are now offering RF Online for digital download at the low, low price of $19.99!

So if you haven’t got into RF Online yet don't miss this amazing opportunity; head on over to GameStop here!

More info on RF Online is available on their website.

The Chronicle : New Media Available

Posted Oct 30, 2006 by Dana Massey has put out some new media for their forthcoming fantasy MMP The Chronicle. The Chronicle is one of several games in production at Atlanta, GA based developer Rapid Reality.

You can view some of this new media here.

Supreme Destiny : Servers Merging on Nov 7th

Posted Oct 30, 2006 by Dana Massey

Supreme Destiny has announced that their Vanadiel and Viscidus servers will be merging into one group starting on November 7th.

Server merging will commence on the 7th of November 2006 once all game servers are live again from the migration. Players will be able to transfer their characters from both Vanadiel and Viscidus to the new server group. Take note that players have a one month time limit for the transfer. Players are to follow the in-game instructions to proceed with the transfer. We thank you for your understanding and hope that your experience with Supreme Destiny grows better.

You can read more about this game here.

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