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Travia Online : Game Added to List

Posted Oct 20, 2006 by Dana Massey

Game&Game's latest Korean MMO launched a global (English language) website lately and as such, Travia Online joins the game list.

Travia is a continent who’s history is forged by war. Truce, alliance, peace, unification? These are terms used only to divert one’s enemies while vast armies are rebuilt and offensive tactics are carefully calculated. In all of Travia, there remains one shinning bastion of serenity. One safe and prosperous realm known as Andaria whose people have never had to make ready for conflict. And you are no longer welcome there. Train hard and fight well, newcomer. You’re about to enter a war zone.

Travia Online is a third-person fantasy MMORPG with emphasis on hardcore PvP and action gameplay. A user-friendly interface and a subjective game control system act to make gamplay easier. Players can choose to be a brawny warrior, a conjuring wizard, a nimble bowyer or a healing clerger and will then begin their adventure in one of two hotly contested zones, Britra or Deva. The player’s character can be outfitted with various standard gear, but rare items must be hunted for in a dangerous dungeon.

At its heart, Travia Online is a MMO large-scale combat game which supports "National Dispute Areas", "National War Maps" and guild PvP fighting with up to a hundred players on either side. Guilds are central to Travia Online Guild masters can make unique designs for their guild to distinguish it from the competition and guild members can take active roles in the growth of their guilds This MMOG features high-end visuals while still supporting low-end computers. Content.

Remember to cast your vote on the hype meter.

Eudemons : Player vs. Gm Event

Posted Oct 20, 2006 by Jon Wood

The folks behind the MMO Eudemons Online will be hosting a Player Vs. GM event on Saturday, October 20th where players will be given the chance to hunt down and fight the GMs in-game.


Once upon a time, there were some pigs raised by the Demons. During the war between human and the Demons, some of the pigs were killed, while some of them are still alive. Since they came along with the Demons for quite a long time, the pigs also inherited the evil from the Demons.

Now, the Pigs return. They want to reoccupy the main cities of the mankind. The pigs are highly intelligent devils, unlike the other boss in Eudemons Online. They have longer life, higher attack, higher defense, very high intelligence...They also carried a lot of good stuff on them too.

If you think you can hunt these pigs and win the battle, don't forget to come online at 14:00, Saturday, Oct. [20th] 2006 (GMT+8)(11:00, 10-20, 2006,USA Time ).

Gaming rules:

  1. Players cannot use FlyingChop, ChainChop skills during hunting pigs. Once used, the pigs will fly away. It will make you harder to find and kill these pigs.
  2. If you do the last hit to the pigs, don't forget to give some dropped items to the one who helped you. You can also collect all these stuff, but we will name all the pig killers in a list, players can comment on your behavior.
  3. This activity will last in each server for 45 minutes. LasVegas-NewYork-LosAngeles-Toronto. Pigs will appear in the market first, then they separate in different cities.

For more on Eudemons click here.

Guild Wars Nightfall : PlaySmart

Posted Oct 20, 2006 by Jon Wood

Some time ago, MMORPG publisher NCsoft announced that they would be creating a PlaySmart program to give safety tips to their customers. When the newest Guild Wars game, Guild Wars Nightfall, launches later this month, it will come with the PlaySmart reference card inside.


NCsoft’s Guild Wars Nightfall to deliver ‘PlaySmart’ safety tips directly to consumers

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 19, 2006 -- NCsoft®, the world’s leading developer and publisher of online games, is packaging PlaySmart customer information on reference cards in all of the Guild Wars® Nightfalltm retail boxes that are expected to be in stores later this month.

PlaySmart is a proactive public service program promoting common-sense guidelines delivered directly to customers to help enhance personal safety and data security. Drawing from industry standards, NCsoft has developed a set of simple guidelines for its customers that focus on two areas: personal safety and data security. The guidelines will be on simple reference cards in all of NCsoft’s retail game packs, starting with Guild Wars Nightfalltm.

The PlaySmart reference cards will include the following safety and security reminders:

Personal safety:

  • Parents should review games ratings to ensure they are age appropriate for children.
  • Parents should monitor or even play computer games with their children.
  • Parents should be aware of the social interaction their children have in games, including all chat features and email exchanges.
  • Parents should create the game accounts and limit their child’s access to credit card numbers or other critical account data.
  • Be prepared to report players for harassing or offensive behavior or those who ask personal questions or are asking for account information.

Data security:

  • Never give out your credit card information to anyone after registering your game.
  • Never give out personal information such as your full name or address to anyone.
  • Do not give out passwords or account information to friends so they may play on your account.
  • Change your password regularly and use strong passwords to help protect your personal information such as using passwords that have at least eight characters and include numerals and symbols.
  • Report suspicious behavior including strangers who unexpectedly ask for account or personal information.

“The easy-to-use smart-tips reference card in the Guild Wars Nightfall retail boxes will reach a huge audience and be a good reminder for players and their families on how to reduce risk factors that come with online interaction,” said Dorothy Ferguson, NCsoft North America’s vice president of sales and marketing.

NCsoft will soon unveil a PlaySmart web page with the safety and security tips as well as organize a panel of experts, including security and behavioral authorities to create, review and update the PlaySmart guidelines each year.

Developed by ArenaNet®, Guild Wars was an instant bestseller in North America and Europe upon its release in April 2005, and Guild Wars Factionstm, the number one game in both North America and Europe earlier this year, are global online roleplaying games. In Guild Wars Nightfall players will explore opulent cities, brave savage coasts, delve deep into ancient monuments, and find their way across poisonous deserts as they determine the fate of the new realm of Elona.

The Guild Wars Nightfall Standard Edition and Guild Wars Nightfall Collector's Edition will be released worldwide on October 27, 2006. For more information on Guild Wars Nightfall, go to:

For more on Guild Wars click here.

World of Warcraft : Editorial: The Burning Crusade

Posted Oct 20, 2006 by Dana Massey

In this new editorial as part of a new weekly World of WarCraft opinion series, Garrett Fuller looks at The Burning Crusade expansion and wonders whether fans can expect anything new or more of the same.

As we draw closer to the release of the Burning Crusade there are several concerns that remain for players who have been sitting in the end game for over a year and a half. The WoW expansion that everyone has been waiting for has promised one very simple thing, more of the game you enjoyed from the beginning. My question is what does this do for the game? Will it force all of us sixties to almost start over again and struggle our way through to seventy repeating the same game play all over? What will characters gain in this ordeal, the same things we gained from leveling all the way to sixty? The point is will the Burning Crusade bring something more to the table than say, just more Warcraft as we know it.

With Outland to explore and more leveling quests and raids it seems like there may be some good content added. I have often said that WoW is the dumb down version of a game that everyone can play. Point is it's easy. That is why Blizzard created it that way. The new lands and quests will add flavor to the game. Now that we're all at the end, will that same system for leveling be there to add ten more levels. I think so. It seems from what we have been reading that aside from lots of new stories and graphics, very little will change in the way that Warcraft is presented to the world. It will be easy.

The whole editorial is here.

Pirates of the Burning Sea : Exclusive Screens, Week #26

Posted Oct 20, 2006 by Dana Massey

Today, we get one distance shot of a boat navigating near a tropical island and one up close and personal with some unsavory characters on the decks of a ship.

Thank you to Troy for sending these over.

Warhammer Online : The Empire

Posted Oct 20, 2006 by Jon Wood

Warhammer Online has released some new information about The Empire, including concept images for the new classes as well as a fortress. For more on Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning click here.

Warhammer® Online: Age of Reckoning™

The Empire and the Forming of the Alliance of Order

When the Age of Reckoning begins, the Empire is caught in the grip of a deadly Chaos Plague that transforms its victims into mindless, savage killers. Emperor Karl Franz struggles to maintain order as the plague spreads rapidly across the whole of the Empire. Looting and robbery become commonplace as roaming gangs of brigands and ruffians overwhelm the embattled provincial sheriffs who struggle to maintain law and order in the Empire’s more remote settlements. The appearance of a strange omen – an eclipse that turns the sky as red as blood – seems to confirm the worst fears of the Empire’s citizens. Have the end times finally come?

It is on the day of the red eclipse that a great Chaos warhost led by a formidable Champion of Tzeentch begins its march southward toward the Empire. When the Emperor learns of this new menace, he is greatly troubled. In such desperate times, he might call upon the nearby Dwarfs for aid. The Dwarfs, however, have troubles of their own. A great Waaagh! has stormed into the World’s Edge Mountains and captured Karak Eight Peaks. The horde is led by an Orc Warboss of incredible strength and a Shaman with powers never before seen.

Deprived of his nearest ally, the Emperor sends word to Phoenix King of Ulthuan, asking for any aid the Lord of the High Elves can give. Knowing that the security of the Empire is ultimately linked to the survival of Ulthuan, the wise Phoenix King sends a battalion of warriors sailing eastward for the shores of the Old World.

Upon arriving in the Empire, the High Elves learn that their own island home is under assault by the Dark Elves. Knowing that the only way the Dwarfs, High Elves and people of the Empire can hope to survive is through a strong Alliance, the Emperor holds a great Council of Wisdom in the Imperial capital of Altdorf, and the Alliance of Order is born.

EverQuest II : Treasure Chest

Posted Oct 20, 2006 by Jon Wood

The people behind the MMOG EverQuest II have released their newest Treasure Chest. The Treasure Chest points players to interesting or entertaining posts that have been made in the last week on the EQII forums.


Sometimes it's hard to find the buried treasures contained within the EverQuest II forums. The Treasure Chest highlights useful, insightful, or entertaining posts that you may want to check out. Get your treasure maps and shovels ready--we're about to discover a Treasure Chest!

  • Ner'Zhul shares artistic talents with the community and shows off a great hand-drawing for Halloween!
  • The Norrathian Homeshow stops by Seidhkona's house this week to see more new ideas. Seidhkona shares with us a bunch of great innovative ideas on "The Gods and Places of Worship".
  • Sit back, relax, and listen to IrishWonder's story! The story titled Retributions is a great tale that will surly entertain all adventurers.

For more on EQII click here.

D&D Online : Risia Test Server Active

Posted Oct 20, 2006 by Jon Wood

The folks over at Turbine's Dungeons and Dragons Online: Stormreach have put the Risia Test Server back in action so that players can take one last chance to preview the features and content from their third module, The Demon Sands.


We've brought the Risia Server back online so you can have another chance to preview our upcoming module, The Demon Sands. Our third module is going to be released soon, so don't miss your last chance to preview all the new features and content on Risia. The Demon Sands is our biggest module yet, and we're very excited to be giving you the chance to preview everything we have to offer in it. We'd like to encourage as many people as possible to log in this weekend, and so we will be giving away Dungeons & Dragons Core Rulebook Gift Sets to five random players who compete in PvP tournaments!

For more on DDO click here.

Guild Wars : The Scribe

Posted Oct 20, 2006 by Jon Wood

Guild Wars has released a new edition of The Scribe. This issue talks about Halloween, last year's events, what's coming this year, and more.


The Scribe has gotten into the holiday spirit this time, with two of three articles involving a Halloween theme. The Scribe begins with a review of last year's Halloween Event, then moves on to speculate about this year's affair, after which he reminds all would-be entrants about the Halloween Art Contest. He also gives a call out to a notable guild and several remarkable players. Find Issue #20 here.

For more on Guild Wars click here.

Dreamlords: Resurrection : Monster Design Blog - Update 1

Posted Oct 19, 2006 by Craig McGregor

After a few days of gathering dozens of ideas from our community - the concept artist Björn has posted his first update of the monster!  Check to see how it is coming along and help shape the design even further!

It looks to be turning out to be quite the nasty beast!

To check out the Dreamlords Monster Design Blog just click here!




Spellborn : Screenshots

Posted Oct 19, 2006 by Jon Wood

We have added nine new screenshots from The Chronicles of Spellborn. You can view all nine of the pics by heading over to our TCoS Gallery, here.

Dreamlords: Resurrection : Closed Beta

Posted Oct 19, 2006 by Jon Wood

The MMO, Dreamlords has announced that they have reached the Beta Phase of their game's development. AS with most MMOs, the first Beta Phase is closed, with the Open Beta still some time away, but they are still looking for more applicants to be added in throughout the beta.


Dreamlords reaches Beta!

One of the truly unique titles of 2006 has now reached the Beta- testing stage. After two years in development by the Swedish studio Lockpick Entertainment, Dreamlords is finally ready to take on the masses.

Dreamlords is now in closed Beta and the features planned for release are in place. The open Beta is still some time away to accommodate for balancing and further content implementation. We are still accepting applications as more testers will be admitted throughout the Beta phase.

As a completely independent production, Dreamlords is not going to be like any other game. It combines the fast-paced action of the RTS-genre, the long term tactics of the strategy games and the vast depth of the MMORPGs. We encourage all gamers who are tired of sequels and WWII games to try something different, Dreamlords is a must-try for any gamer looking for a new online experience.

Featuring the most sophisticated web interface yet seen in a game along with a competitive RTS 3D game client Dreamlords provide incentive and opportunity to play from anywhere at anytime. Being a massively multiplayer online game Dreamlords takes the next big leap in strategic multiplaying.

In the weeks to come more information about Dreamlords and its features will be made public. Stay tuned for further development as the Beta progresses.

For more on Dreamlords, click here.

2Moons : Interview with David Perry

Posted Oct 19, 2006 by Dana Massey

David Perry, the industry veteran who has also worked on Earthworm Jim, talks about his upcoming ultra violent MMORPG 2Moons. Give us a little background on 2Moons. How did the idea begin? What was Acclaim's motivation for an MMO?

David Perry: I'm just one of these people that want to fire up a game and have fun. If I'm required to know the back history of 5 clans, or watch 20 minutes of cinematics, or read a website before I can have fun, it just bugs me. So I've been toying with the idea of making an MMO that's easy to get into, easy to understand, possibly funny at points, but that makes you feel bad-ass. Not wanting to wait 3 years to find out how it went, I looked for games/engines that could be a match. The closest I could find was a game called Dekaron made by GameHi in Korea. So now I had to convince the creator of that game to let me make any changes (not small ones, big ones, like "Erm... Would you mind if we changed the entire story?") They agreed! So being on a roll I made a list of "difficult requests" and flew to Korea again to explain those in person. Again, they seem receptive and are working on those. The great news is that we are just a few months away from launch.

So I've teamed up with a publisher with no Baggage, in the form of Acclaim. Howard Marks (the CEO) was one of the guys that brought Activision back from Bankruptcy, and as you know it's massive today. He's now doing the same thing with the Acclaim brand. He's backing this concept 150% and so I say he's either crazy or a pioneer. Only time will tell, but you can be certain he'll have a lot of consumer fans that got to play his games for free.

You can read more here.

Auto Assault : Halloween Event

Posted Oct 19, 2006 by Jon Wood

The MMOG Halloween events just keep piling up as NCsoft adds Auto Assault to its list of games getting into the ghoulish holiday spirit. Between October 27th and November 1st Auto Assault will be home to a Haloween event that will see players gain more loot from baddies. Their clever explanation says that it's tick or treating... You trick them into dying, and they give you lots of treats.


Auto Assault Halloween Event

Dates: October 27 - November 1



It’s Trick or Treat Time in the Central Wastelands

Be sure to clear up some room in your storage lockers and cargo compartments because All Hallow’s Eve is coming to the Central Wastelands. You know what that means – loot galore! That’s right, all those nasty Xenos, Pike zealots, Justice whackos and even your friendly neighborhood docile Osterrakes will be more than happy to dole out all kinds of extra goodies to you. It works like this: you trick them into dying, and they give you treats in return. See how easy that is?

Starting Noon (CDT) Friday, October 27 and ending the morning of November 1, we will be ghoulishly enlarging all the loot drops and the blood will run non-stop. They should make it a holiday!

For more on AA click here.

Dark Age of Camelot : Dev Profile: Lori Hyrup

Posted Oct 19, 2006 by Dana Massey

Lori Hyrup, an Associate Producer on Dark Age of Camelot and inventor of the Team Lead Program, answers our questions about her life and path to the game's industry. Tell us a little bit about your life growing up. Where did you live, what did you do, did you go to school?

Lori Hyrup: I am originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. In 1979, my grandparents, followed by my mother and the rest of my family, moved to rural Lake County of Northern California. There they settled in a small town called Clearlake Oaks. I was five years old at the time. Though many people (even Californians) are unfamiliar with this region, Clearlake is the largest natural freshwater lake completely within California. It is also believed to be the oldest lake in North America, formed around a series of dormant volcanoes, the largest being Konocti, a name given to it by the legends of local Pomo Indians.

As the only child of a single parent in a place where my nearest friends were often miles away, I frequently had to find or invent the means to keep myself entertained. Being surrounded by wilderness, I spent a lot of time in the great outdoors hiking, exploring, observing wildlife (which sometimes included mammals such as mountain lions, bobcats, bears, mink, bald eagles, osprey, blue herons, various species of snakes, lizards, newts, and salamanders, and hundreds of other types of birds), fishing, camping, swimming, water skiing, etc.

I went to high school at Lower Lake High School, some twenty miles away from my home. After graduating, I went to San Diego State University where I got my B.S. in Biology with an emphasis in Zoology (no surprise there, eh?) and a minor in Physical Education.

You can read more here.

Gods and Heroes : Design-an-Emote Winners

Posted Oct 19, 2006 by Jon Wood

A while back, Gods and Heroes announced a design-an-emote contest. Today, they have presented the 10 best entires from this contest.


In the gaming universe, MMOs are unmatched in their ability to let gamers create their own virtual selves. Which is why emotes are so cool: They let in-game avatars express exactly how someone is feeling in real life. So we here at Perpetual Entertainment decided to find out what emotes the loyal denizens of the Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising Community would like to see in the game. To that end, we created a contest to find the 10 best emotes our community could come up with. And, just as we knew they would, our community responded with some spectacular ideas. The response to the contest was overwhelming. But we eventually managed to whittle the list down to just 10 emotes that our readers wanted to see included in the game.

Check out the 10 winning entries in the Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising Design an Emote Contest!

For more on Gods and Heroes click here.

Lord of the Rings Online : Developer Journal

Posted Oct 19, 2006 by Jon Wood

Lord of the Rigns Online has releaseda  new Developer Journal. This one comes from Matt Elliott, a Worldbuilder for Turbine's upcoming MMOG. The journal focuses on World Content Systems.


Below, you will find a sample of the journal. To get the whole story, follow the link below.


Most MMOs are rife with numerous content and game systems that help bring their particular world together, making it feel more immersive and alive. Some of these systems may not be noticeable on the surface at first, but after a bit of digging and exploring, a player can discover a fortune in gameplay. The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™ is no different. Our goal is to not only provide an epic story spanning across the lands of Eriador, but also support that story – and our world as a whole – with fun and interesting World Content Systems.

Welcome to World Content Systems 101
World Content Systems encompass all the little bits and pieces of gameplay and non-quest content available in the game. These systems include Ambient Creatures, Treasure Chests, Rare Monsters, and Crafting Resource Nodes. Each system is designed to help make Eriador feel more complete and alive. After all, what fun is running from one place to another without something to see and do on the way there?

Look at the cute little squirrel!
The Ambient Creatures system has a large impact on immersion in the world, despite being the smallest of these systems and the easiest to design and implement. What would a forest be without random deer, fox and (grey...) squirrels meandering through it? While other beasts may also be present, the inclusion of passive creatures helps make an aggressive world appear less so and provides for better immersion in a seemingly living world.

Ambient Creatures are not limited solely to the fields, marshes, and forests. Farms are crowded with chicken roosts, pig pens, and cow pastures. You might even spy the local tabby cat sunning itself upon the cobblestones of Bree!

Enough about squirrels – where's my loot?
Across Eriador, brigands have established camps, marauding packs of wolves have claimed gullies for their own, and the Dead stalk their barrows. Each defends their home fiercely, but that is not all they're defending! The vast majority of our creature camps will have some form of "treasure chest" ready and waiting for a fellowship to discover (or for a sly burglar to burgle while its guards look the other way). These treasure chests come in many shapes and forms (wooden supply crates, lost packs, and rusting metal coffers are but a few examples), and yield money and items to varying degrees (depending on the challenge level of the camp). Some have the potential to yield rare items and equipment, as well.

Read the whole thing here.

Star Wars Galaxies : Free Trial

Posted Oct 19, 2006 by Jon Wood

Sony Online Entertainment's Star Wars Galaxies has released a new 14 day free trial of their game. "Starting now", you can download the ull version of the game along with its first expansion, Jump to Lightspeed.


Invite your friends and fellow adventurers to experience the excitement of Star Wars Galaxies!

Starting now, you can download the full versions of Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided™, and its first expansion, Jump to Lightspeed™, then jump in and play completely free for up to 14 days!

Adventure across 12 planets, 10 space sectors, and dozens of adventure zones - there is a whole galaxy of fun to be had in this massive multiplayer online Star Wars game.

  • Create a custom version of your style of Bounty Hunters, Jedi, Officer or Smugglers using the new Expertise system.
  • Check out new player-versus-player combat at the Ruins of Restuss.
  • Get into new Galactic Civil War combat by fighting for control over the new planetary GCW bases and earn new faction ranks and rewards!
  • Take up the smuggling profession and explore all new smuggling missions.
  • Fight for or against your favorite icon heroes and villains like Han Solo, Darth Vader and Jabba the Hutt!

This is only a taste of what's in store for new players – so help spread the word today! And, bring your friends in to the live the saga with you!

Click here to download the trial and get in on all the fun!

For more on SWG click here.

Dark Age of Camelot : Test Version 1.86g

Posted Oct 19, 2006 by Jon Wood

Dark Age of Camelot has announced that Test Version 1.86g is now live on Pendragon. Below, you will find the release notes.



  • New Hasteners have come to town. They are working hard near the crafting areas of the capital cities.
  • The three main Hastener spells have had their duration increased to ten minutes.
  • All three main Hastener spells have had their speed increased.
  • Friendly pulsing spells should no longer be canceled by secondary cast spells.
  • Secondary cast spells are now cleared when you die. This should prevent situations where a player would die mid cast, and finish casting after releasing or being resurrected.


  • The mini-map for Darkness Falls has been overhauled.
  • It should now be easier for players to zone in to Deliah’s Den.


  • The Hasteners have returned to their stations within the three main capital cities.

For more on Dark Age of Camelot click here.

Guild Wars : Autmn Season Playoffs

Posted Oct 19, 2006 by Jon Wood

Guild Wars has released the playoff schedule for their Autmn Season, which begins on October 21st.


The playoff schedule for the Autumn Season is now available, and you can head over there to check out the first round matches. The action begins at 11:00 a.m. PDT (18:00 GMT) on Saturday, October 21, and successive matches begin over the next three hours. The semi-finals and finals will take place on Sunday, October 22. We'll update the brackets frequently over the course of the weekend. Check the Autumn Season Page for more details.

For more on Guild Wars click here.

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