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World of Warcraft : Why I'm Looking Forward to WotLK

Posted Nov 12, 2008 by Jon Wood World of Warcraft player and writer joe Iuliani has been looking forward to Blizzard's Wrath of the Lich King expansion for quite some time and now, only 15 (or fewer) hours before the launch, he writes this article explaining why.

Wrath of the Lich King Screenshot

Loktar, Baladash, Malnore and howdy World of Warcraft fans. Hell, howdy to all the WoW haters too. Well at the time this article is being concocted it is now t-minus thirty one hours until the release of Wrath of the Lich King. After months of anticipation it’s almost go time. I know I’m not the only one out there that can’t wait for it.

As if the simple release of this expansion wasn’t enough to excite the WoW population, Blizzard has done a great job of chumming the water with their release of the achievement system. Not only did that give players a chance to fill in the blanks of their WoW experience, it gave players an insight into what may be expected in the upcoming expansion. Hopefully we’ll see all of those achievement points put to good use. I’d hate think I explored every single inch of the maps for just a title. Hercule the Explorer doesn’t have the best ring to it. I was not fortunate enough to get into the WOTLK beta, so I’m forced to base most of why I am excited for the expansion on previous press releases and the World of Warcraft home page, but I think that’s enough. So I know I will be stating much of the obvious, and with that being said…

Read Joe's Wrath of the Lich King article.

Age of Conan : Conan In Korea

Posted Nov 12, 2008 by Keith Cross

Funcom has announced that they have partnered with Korean publisher Neowiz Games to bring Age of Conan to to Korean Gamers.

Durham, USA – November 12th, 2008 – Funcom is proud to announce that 'Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures' will be launching in Korea. Online media publisher Neowiz Games will be responsible for publishing the highly acclaimed massively multiplayer online game, and will be working closely with Funcom in producing an adapted and fully localized Korean version. Neowiz Games will act as a full service provider, handling everything from distribution to customer service and community management.

"Bringing 'Age of Conan' to Korea is something we have wanted to do for a long time now," says Funcom CEO Trond Arne Aas. "This is a very exciting and highly dynamic market, and we know that Korean gamers are amongst the most active online gamers in the world. With their solid legacy in online gaming, Neowiz Games is one of the most successful and knowledgeable companies in the market and we are very pleased to be working with them."

"We are very excited to introduce the world class large scale MMORPG, 'Age of Conan' with it’s popularity and great reputation in the industry" says Neowiz Games CEO Choi, Gwan-ho. "This will be the first large scale MMORPG for Neowiz Games and both companies will also work tightly together to adapt and implement a fully localized game for Korean users"

Read more here.

Star Wars: The Old Republic : New Dev Blog

Posted Nov 12, 2008 by Keith Cross

Rob Chestney Senior Writer for Star Wars: The Old Republic describes how he got the job in the first TOR dev blog.

Working for BioWare and on Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ specifically, stands as one of the proudest achievements of my career and my life. I’m actually still pinching myself, wondering how I got here. I’ll try to tell you the story, but to be honest; I have to think it was some act of divine intervention, because it still seems too good to be true.

Like a lot of you probably, I played every video game I could get my hands on as a kid, everything from Pong to Pitfall, and of course all the good early RPGs like Zork, Akalabeth, Ultima, … the list goes on. Somehow, I wound up taking a break from video games during my college years (I had to get some work done… if you can call it that). Fortunately, though, my escape from gaming turned out to simply be an extended hiatus. One day, after graduating from school and starting my career at CNN, I picked up a collection of the old Dungeons and Dragons-based gold box games for PC (Pool of Radiance, Curse of the Azure Bonds, etc.). I thought I’d enjoy playing through these classics once again in my spare time; I thought it would just be a casual pastime for my evenings. On one of the discs in that collection, though, I discovered the demo version of Baldur’s Gate. I think I played the demo for about ten minutes before rushing out to buy the game. I then retreated to my basement during every free moment for about a month, until I had played through Baldur’s Gate about two or three times. My gaming started back up full throttle after that. Eventually, I had to learn a little restraint, and spend a little more time with my family, but I stayed committed to my rediscovered favorite form of entertainment. Since then, I’ve played through every single BioWare game from start to finish as soon as I could get my hands on it. I played a lot of other games too, on both console and PC, but as a fan, BioWare never disappointed. I joined the BioWare community, and when Neverwinter Nights came out, I, along with thousands of others, picked up the toolset and started tinkering around to see what I could create on my own. At one point, even then, I considered applying to be a writer at BioWare Edmonton, but when I suggested this brilliant idea to my wife, she fixed me with a stare that was colder than a January in Alberta. I decided not to push it.

Read more here.

Champions Online : Meet the Team: Bill Roper

Posted Nov 12, 2008 by Keith Cross

Cryptic Studios has posted a profile of Champions Online Executive Producer Bill Roper.

Q: What do you do on Champions Online?
A: I’m coming into the team to act as Executive Producer, which means I’ll be holding the vision for the project. The immense responsibilities of production remain in the hands of Chris Lena and his team, allowing me to throw some additional muscle into the design process. I’ve literally played Champions since before it was published, having been invited into the back room of a game store to help playtest a new superhero RPG many years ago. I whipped up a claws character (killing attack FTW) and basically got my first taste of a super-powered brawl. I was instantly hooked, so the chance to come in and help bring the Champions Universe to a new generation of gamers is incredibly exciting.

Q: How long have you worked in gaming, and what did you do before Champions Online?
A: I’ve been in the industry for just over 14 years. I started by doing voice-over and music on Blackthorne for Blizzard Entertainment and then moved onto Warcraft: Orcs & Humans to create the world fiction, write the missions, put together the manual and basically everything and anything else they asked of me. Over the next 9 years I worked on the Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo franchises and did everything from design to production to working with outside developers and leading internal strike teams to press, marketing and eventually becoming a vice president.

Read more here.

EVE Online : Walking in Stations with Torfi Olafsson

Posted Nov 12, 2008 by Jon Wood

Walking in Stations with Torfi OlafssonWhile Attending EVE Fanfest, Managing Editor Jon Wood had the opportunity to speak with CCP's Torfi Frans Olafsson about the Walking in Stations project and how it will be implemented in EVE Online.

Watch the Walking in Stations Interview


Phoenix Dynasty Online : Free Gift Code!

Posted Nov 12, 2008 by Craig McGregor and Phoenix Dynasty Online present you a Gift Code Giveaway activity to celebrate the release of the new expansion pack – the Mummy Returns. Now just use the code you got when you register, you can get an Expert Pickaxe which can increase your mining experience by 20%.

To get your free gift code click below:

Get Your Phoenix Destiny Online Gift Code Here

Tabula Rasa : Garriott Announces Departure from NCsoft

Posted Nov 11, 2008 by Jon Wood

Now that his feet are once again planted firmly back on Terra Firma, video game legend Richard Garriott used an address to the players of Tabula Rasa to announce that he is leaving NCsoft.

Garriott cited a desire to simply devote time and resources to other projects in a move that appears very sudden to those outside of the company. What this means, if anything,  for the future of RGTR (his name accounts for the RG in the acronym) remains unclear. will contiinute to follow this story as it develops.

Fellow Soldiers of the AFS,

I am happy to finally be able to write the players and community of Tabula Rasa. We've been on quite a journey together. First in creating a game unlike any other on the MMO market, then growing a loyal community and finally launching the game and its players into space with Operation Immortality. It has been quite an unforgettable journey, one that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

I am very grateful to you loyal players for sticking around through what I think we can all honestly say was a rough launch. I thank the development team for pushing hard to get polish, updates and new content out every month since launch...a feat that I think is unusual in MMO development. They have a lot to be proud of.

Many of you probably wonder what my plans are, now that I have achieved the lifelong dream of going to space. Well, that unforgettable experience has sparked some new interests that I would like to devote my time and resources to. As such, I am leaving NCsoft to pursue those interests.

This news is difficult for me to deliver. I am honored to have worked with the team I've had and I'm grateful to the community who makes this game so unique and fun.

Thank you and farewell.

Read Richard Garriott's Announcement

World of Warcraft : The Hunter in a Post-WotLK Raid

Posted Nov 11, 2008 by Jon Wood World of Warcraft Correspondent Robert Duckworth writes this article on the usefulness of the Hunter class in a raid after the launch of Wrath of the Lich King

Hunters in a raid setting are considered to be pure DPS with very minor utility. The only real utility a hunter brings to a raid is the Misdirection ability for pulling, as everything else can be made up from another class. Misdirection is more of a tool for assistance then a necessity, it's not like before it was introduced in TBC nobody could raid anything in WoW. Nothing is really changing in WotLK, hunters will still be brought to a raid in order to do one thing: DPS.

Read The Hunter in a Post-WotLK Raid 

EVE Online : Making a Successful Corporation, Part 2

Posted Nov 11, 2008 by Jon Wood EVE Online Correspondent Sam Guss writes this guide to starting a successful corporation in CCP's EVE Online.

EVE Online Screenshot

When we left off last time, we were putting together a Business Plan in order to plan for our success with a mega EVE Corporation. In this chapter we are going to take a closer look at how departments work, leadership structure, and start looking into the financial needs of your Corporation. I will be using a fictional corporation called Plasma Creations to give you an example to follow.

Read the EVE Guide.

Star Trek Online : 2381: This Year in History

Posted Nov 11, 2008 by Keith Cross

Cryptic Studios has published a new installment of the timeline of the Star Trek universe, looking at pivotal events in the year 2381.

Starfleet is monitoring the deteriorating state of the Romulan Star Empire, which appears to be moving toward open civil war. Federation ambassadors are consulting with representatives of the Klingon Empire and other Alpha and Beta quadrant powers about a proposed course of action to either bring peace to the Romulans or control any conflict that spills out of Romulan space.

The imperial forces led by Tomalak have skirmished repeatedly with Reman ships in the space between their two worlds. The Romulan blockade of Remus is holding for now, leading to concerns that the Remans are suffering from shortages of food and supplies. The United Federation of Planets has offered humanitarian aid to both Romulus and Remus.

While Ambassador Spock has returned to Federation space, the unification movement he founded continues to grow on Romulus. Xiomek of the Reman Kepeszuk Battalion has allied with the Unification movement, seeing the underground organization as another population that has been exploited by the Romulan government, although the two sides disagree on how best to reach their goals. Xiomek is promoting a military solution to force the Romulans to accede to the Remans’ demands, while the Unification movement is calling for a nonviolent, diplomatic alternative.

Read more here.

Darkfall : New Round of Beta Invites

Posted Nov 11, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at Darkfall have announced that they are sending out another round of beta invites.

We sent out the second batch of beta invites last night and we’re going to continue inviting people as needed by our testing process. There’s no ETA to the invites, we’re moving along based solely on our needs. We might invite more people in as early as tonight, and as frequently as every day. The testers are under strict NDA and it would be very unfortunate if we had to ban people and/or to modify our testing - so we would like to ask everyone to respect our process and procedures, even those of you not yet in the beta.

If you’re not in the beta yet, please don’t take this personally, it’s likely you don’t fit our immediate testing needs. There are a lot of criteria, but it can be as simple as hardware, location, time zone etc. We appreciate your understanding as we're trying to get Darkfall ready, we take this process very seriously.

Read more here.

Jumpgate Evolution : 150k Beta Sign-Up

Posted Nov 11, 2008 by Keith Cross

NetDevil has announced that 150k people have signed up to take part in the Jumpgate Evolution beta test.

(Warwickshire, UK) – 10th November, 2008, 2pm GMT – Codemasters Online & NetDevil today announced that BETA signups for the highly anticipated elite space combat MMO, Jumpgate Evolution have now exceeded 150,000 with numbers climbing rapidly! Gamers can continue signing up for the chance to participate in the upcoming BETA at

"We are pleased to announce this exciting landmark for Jumpgate Evolution," commented Edward Relf, Director, Marketing, Codemasters Online. "Since the commencement of the BETA signup program three months ago, we have seen overwhelming support for the game and look forward to inviting players into the BETA in the coming months. We encourage everyone looking to get into BETA to sign up as soon as possible to avoid disappointment."

Read more here.

Spellborn : Reticule Guide

Posted Nov 11, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at the Chronicles of Spellborn have posted a guide to the game's reticule and it's many forms.

The Chronicles of Spellborn features a manual aiming system. To support aiming in the heat of battle, we have a reticule which communicates all necessary information, so you never have to look away from your opponent.

In this article, you can find the different types of reticules as you will see them in-game.

Skills have different reticule attached to them, depending on the type of skills used (Magic, Melee, Ranged) and depending on the range required to successfully execute a skill.

Read more here.

Lord of the Rings Online : Hero's Guide to Durin's Way

Posted Nov 11, 2008 by Keith Cross

Turbine has posted a new dev journal which tells players everything they need to know about the area of Moria known as Durin's Way.

This proud level of Moria is named for the eldest of the Seven Fathers of the Dwarves—Durin of the Longbeard Clan—and the sixth king to bear his name, the second-last to rule in Khazad-dûm. It is the northernmost territory inside Moria; it lies above the Great Delving, Zelem-melek and the Twenty-first Hall, and Nud-melek and the Bridge of Khazad-dûm.

During the reign of Durin VI in the Third Age, the Dwarves delved too deep in search of mithril and awoke the Balrog. This led to their expulsion from Khazad-dûm and the subsequent infiltration of Orcs, Trolls, and other dark creatures

Along the southern region of Durin's Way stretches the path the Fellowship of the Ring took from the three-way junction to the Chamber of Mazarvul, and on to the Second Hall. Heroes in The Lord of the Rings Online™: Mines of Moria™ can explore Durin's Way by following in the hurried footsteps of the Fellowship as they fled east from the hordes of Orc-kind and the Balrog. Other chambers and passages are illuminated by huge, crystal lamps, along with an occasional window beaming sunlight from above.

Read more here.

Age of Conan : Composer Nominated for Award

Posted Nov 11, 2008 by Keith Cross

Knut Avenstroup Haugen, the composer of the Age of Conan soundtrack, has been nominated for a Hollywood Music Award in the category of Best Original Score in a video game.

Age of Conan Composer Knut Avenstroup Haugen nominated for Hollywood Music Awards.

The Hollywood Music Awards 2008' has nominated Age of Conan Composer Knut Avenstroup Haugen for Best Original Score in a video game. We are very proud to have Knut nominated among some of the top composers in the gaming industry and we wish Knut the best of luck on November 20th, 2008!

Read more here.

World of Warcraft : Midnight Launch Events

Posted Nov 11, 2008 by Keith Cross

Blizzard is gearing up for the launch of Wrath of the Lich King and they're asking players to submit their pictures from the numerous midnight launch events being held around the world.

Wrath of the Lich King comes out around the globe starting on November 13, and many stores are holding midnight launch events to celebrate. Will you be at one of them? Take your camera with you, and then send us your very finest pictures. We'll be collecting the best ones to be included in a gallery of Wrath launch photos from around the world.

For more information on Wrath of the Lich King launch events, including store locations, visit our Midnight Launch Event page.

Read more here.

EVE Online : Visual Computing: Technical Presentation

Posted Nov 11, 2008 by Jon Wood

Visual Computing: Technical PresentationLast week at EVE Fanfest, Halldor Fannar, CTO at CCP and Phil Scott from NVIDIA put on a presentation going into the nitty gritty details of the technical aspects of developing EVE Online.

Watch the EVE Online Technical Presentation


EVE Online : Walking in Stations Presentation

Posted Nov 11, 2008 by Jon Wood

Walking in Stations attended this year's EVE Online FanFest. While there, we reported on a presentation given to us by the game's Senior Producer, Torfi Frans Olafsson about the upcoming walking in Stations feature for EVE Online, due some time in 2009. Today, we present you with the full video.

Watch the presentation EVE Online Walking in Stations Presentation


Atlantica Online : Win an EVGA GeForce 280 GTX!

Posted Nov 10, 2008 by Craig McGregor and NDoors have teamed up to bring you a cool new contest in which we are giving away an EVGA GeForce GTX 280 video card as well as fifteen 2GB flash drives branded for Atlantica Online!

To enter this contest all you need is your free account.  As with all contests at, the more days you login to our site the better your odds of winning! (see official rules for details.

Click Here To Enter The Contest!

World of Warcraft : Inscriptions

Posted Nov 10, 2008 by Keith Cross WoW Correspondent Deborah Deitrich writes this article discussing Inscriptions in Blizzard's World of Warcraft.

With the Echoes of Doom content patch, a new profession has been added to World of Warcraft. Players can now choose to train a character in Inscription, a skill used to create Glyphs and other items. Glyphs are the big new thing in Azeroth. They can be added to a character to enhance a spell or ability to great advantage. Additionally, as the materials to make glyphs are relatively inexpensive (typically 5-10 herbs), it's not unthinkable that one would change glyphs, depending on the situation. One might equip one set of glyphs to raid and replace them with another set to PvP, much as one would use different potions for different occasions.

Glyphs are class specific and can be traded, mailed and sold on the Auction House. There is a new category on the Auction House, labelled Glyphs. If you click this link, you'll find a sub-menu of the various classes. Click on a class and you'll get a listing of the glyphs currently on sale that can be used by that class.

Scribes learn to inscribe glyphs from Trainers or through discoveries. Glyphs above level 350 and the certain inscription recipes can only be learned from the trainers in Northrend. Additionally, the ingredients for higher-level glyphs are only found in Northrend. As a result, glyphs above that level will be unavailable until Wrath of the Lich King is released and Northrend is added to the World of Warcraft geography. Certain glyphs are learned through the discovery. As a result, they will not be as universally available as the trainable glyphs. Their relative rarity will no doubt impact their price.

Read more about Inscriptions in World of Warcraft.

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