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Guild Wars : Eye of the North Launches

Posted Aug 31, 2007 by Keith Cross

The folks at NCsoft and ArenaNet have officially announced the launch of Eye of the North. EotN is the first expansion in the Guild Wars franchise, following three compatible stand-alone titles.

Bellevue, WA. Aug. 31, 2007--NCsoft® and ArenaNet® have launched Guild Wars: Eye of the North™, the first expansion to the Guild Wars® franchise of subscription-free, online roleplaying games. Guild Wars players who purchase the expansion can access Eye of the North content through any of the multi-million-selling Guild Wars campaigns-Guild Wars, Guild Wars Factions™, or Guild Wars Nightfall™. The expansion also includes an innovative feature that allows players to take achievements they have earned over the years with them into the forthcoming Guild Wars 2™.

Guild Wars: Eye of the North, continues the subscription-free business model pioneered by ArenaNet. The expansion is now available at the Official Guild Wars In-game Store and at, as well as from retailers in North America and Europe, for an expected suggested retail price of $39.99.

Eye of the North advances the story told in the original Guild Wars campaign, and is set in unexplored areas of the continent of Tyria. One of the highlights of the expansion is the Hall of Monuments, which allows players to preserve armor sets, pets, Heroes, and titles earned while playing Guild Wars, Factions, Nightfall, and Eye of the North, and take those accomplishments with them into Guild Wars 2.

The expansion also contains a host of new features that will appeal directly to veteran Guild Wars players, including 18 multi-level dungeons, 150 new skills across all 10 Guild Wars professions, 10 new Heroes to aid them in their adventures, 40 new armor sets, and more items, weapons, and titles.

"We think fans will find a lot to love in Guild Wars: Eye of the North," said Mike O'Brien, co-founder of ArenaNet. "Not only do we go back to the original Guild Wars lands and stories to wrap up plots and themes fans have clamored to learn more about, but we've also built a bridge to the future through the Hall of Monuments. This will give loyal players a way to preserve what they've accomplished in Guild Wars over the past two years, and reclaim the legacy of their favorite characters in Guild Wars 2."

The Guild Wars franchise recently surpassed four million units sold and is one of the most popular and critically acclaimed online roleplaying game series of all time. Guild Wars 2 is expected to go into public beta in the second half of 2008.

For more information, visit the Guild Wars website at The award-winning Guild Wars series of games, including Guild Wars: Eye of the North, can be purchased from retailers or downloaded from the PlayNC store at

For more on Guild Wars click here.

World of Warcraft : Blizzard Recruiting at AGDC

Posted Aug 31, 2007 by Keith Cross

Blizzard has announced that they will have recruiters at the Austin Game Developers Conference, and they're looking to fill a variety of positions.

Do you have the passion to create great games? We're always looking for skilled individuals willing to challenge themselves to achieve excellence. This year at the Austin Game Developers Conference, members of Blizzard's global recruiting team will be on hand to answer all of your job-related questions. Bring your resume, demo reel, or business card -- our recruiting team will be happy to receive all your materials and talk to you about opportunities at Blizzard.

We look forward to meeting you in Austin, Texas!

Read more here.

Warhammer Online : Black Library to Publish WAR Novel

Posted Aug 31, 2007 by Keith Cross

EA Mythic and Black Library Publishing have announced that they will be publishing the first novel set in the Age of Reckoning, the era in which Warhammer Online is set. Empire in Chaos is set to be released early in 2008.

Fairfax, VA, - August 30, 2007 - Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS) and BL Publishing, a division of Games Workshop, announced today that BL Publishing will release an original novel based on the highly anticipated MMORPG, Warhammer(R) Online: Age of Reckoning(TM) (WAR). The first book in the new series of novels set in the Age of Reckoning, EMPIRE IN CHAOS will be available in all major bookstores and on the BL Publishing website in early 2008.

In EMPIRE IN CHAOS, by noted Games Workshop author Anthony Reynolds, the lands of the Empire are being ravaged by a terrible plague. When Annaliese Jaeger's village is overrun and destroyed by mutants, she and an injured Elf captive are the only survivors. As the two unlikely companions fight their way towards Black Fire Pass, Annaliese discovers within herself powers of courage and faith that inspire all around her. With a grizzled Witch Hunter and a Dwarf Ironbreaker, the heroes battle alongside the armies of the Empire and the Dwarfs, above and below the earth, against greenskin tribes and the hordes of Chaos. Together, they must find their courage and help turn back the tides of darkness, lest all of the Empire be lost.

Mark Jacobs, VP and General Manager at EA Mythic commented, "We're excited to be working with BL Publishing and Anthony Reynolds to bring our game to life and explore the rich depth of WAR's epic story. BL Publishing has released many great novels set in Games Workshop's Warhammer world and we are proud to have a book based on our game join the ranks of such notable works."

Anthony Reynolds, the author of the novel remarked, "The Warhammer world is a grim place, full of horror, violence and dark humor, and the EA Mythic team have really brought that to life - faithfully creating a living, breathing, bellicose world being torn apart by constant warfare. It's the perfect backdrop for a novel. I'd been following the progress of the game for some time and it was easy to see that Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning was going to be something special."

Read more about Empire in Chaos here.

Tabula Rasa : Video Presentation

Posted Aug 31, 2007 by Ben Krueger

Our second video for today is taken from a presentation Jon and Evan attended during the show.

Video Presentation Video Presentation
In Leipzig, attended a presentation on NCsoft's Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa. Our cameras were rolling and we bring you the presentation in full in our continued coverage of the Games Convention.

Check out all of our GCG coverage here.

Pirates of the Burning Sea : Russel Williams Video Interview

Posted Aug 31, 2007 by Ben Krueger

Today we bring you two more videos from the Games Convention in Leipzig. Here is the first! An interview with Flying Lab Software CEO Russel Williams. Enjoy!

Russel Williams Interview Russel Williams Interview
In Leipzig, Jon Wood had a chance to sit down with Russel Williams CEO of Flying Lab Software to discuss their upcoming MMO Pirates of the Burning Sea as it moves closer and closer to launch.

Check out all of our GCG coverage here.

Dungeon Runners : Chunk #1 Released

Posted Aug 30, 2007 by Keith Cross

NCsoft has announced the launch of the first content update for Dungeon Runners, which will include a new high level dungeon, PvP worlds, new skills and quests, and more.

Austin, Texas, August 29, 2007 - NCsoft® announced today the release of Dungeon Runners'™ first feature expansion, Chunk #1, an ambitious content update that includes player-versus-player (PvP) worlds, support for multiple characters, item linking over its chat system, a new high level dungeon, and a variety of new skills and quests. Most of the features in Chunk #1 are available to all active Dungeon Runners players except for a new set of exclusive member-only servers that will come online with the new expansion release.

Dungeon Runners is a free to download and play online multiplayer role playing game in a fast-paced sword-and-shield setting, where defeating monsters and evil enemies results in piles of loot and treasure.

Topping the features of Chunk #1 is PvP action. The Dungeon Runners PvP worlds eliminate all player-versus-environment tasks, focusing solely on player-versus-player combat in a variety of maps and settings. Chunk #1 provides two PvP session types including group practice PvP, which focuses on small PvP free-for-all maps where players can hone their battle skills without a time limit; and group-versus-group death match PvP, which automatically pits similarly powered groups in seven-minute matches.

"The introduction of PvP combat to Dungeon Runners rounds out the features that MMO players expect to see in their RPG games," said Stephen Nichols, NCsoft's producer and lead programmer for Dungeon Runners. "Even though we provide most of our game for free, we are still able to regularly deliver large blocks of feature content and this is just the first of many additions to the game our players will see. Chunk #1, which includes PvP, will add a whole bunch of new content that will give every one of our players new challenges and new opportunities to have fun."

Read more here.

EVE Online : Alliance Player vs. Player Championship

Posted Aug 30, 2007 by Keith Cross

CCP has announced the start of the Fourth Annual Alliance Player vs. Player Championship, with this year's action being broadcast on EVE TV.

Reykjavík, Iceland and London, England - August 30, 2007 - CCP Games, one of the world's leading independent game developers, and creator of leading sci-fi massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) EVE Online, and MMM Publishing, producer of E-ON magazine and EVE TV, today announced the start of EVE's Fourth Alliance Player vs. Player (PVP) Championship. The event will take place over two consecutive weekends, beginning August 31, 2007, and will host alliances from all over the EVE Online universe. The championship will be fully covered by EVE TV, which will broadcast the whole event on the Internet free of charge.

The Alliance PVP Championship will take place in a colossal in-game arena where more than 40 teams are expected to compete and demonstrate their elite fighting skills and tactical expertise. As with real-world sporting events, fans can watch the action online and support players.

Sixteen matches per day will be streamed from a studio near CCP's offices in Reykjavik, Iceland with commentary provided by experienced EVE Online players. In the studio, veteran EVE combat pilots will be joined by the game's developers, sharing observations and expert knowledge about the ships that are fielded, how they've been equipped and the tactics employed by the commanders of each team.

This is a multi-stage championship with eight brackets, similar to the Soccer World Cup. The 40 teams are divided into eight round-robin groups, with the top two in each progressing to the knockout phase, which involves four single-elimination rounds including the final. The final four alliances earn loyalty points, and the top three alliances receive medals, loyalty points and pilot bonuses.

"The Alliance PVP Championship is a highly anticipated event for the EVE Online community as it is their Olympics in combat and gives new and smaller alliances a chance to earn respect, a very valuable commodity in EVE Online," said Lína Ingvarsdóttir, a producer at CCP Games. "The championship demonstrates everything that makes EVE what it is: extensive teamwork in preparation and execution, high-level strategy and planning and gut-wrenching PVP. With a new format and revised rules, the championship promises to be even more diverse and exciting than ever before."

Previous tournaments have attracted close to 20,000 simultaneous viewers from across the world and have led to the creation of a weekly pay-per-view EVE Online show that features news, views, events and discussion from the massive EVE Online universe. The Alliance PVP Championship will be broadcast on EVE TV free of charge from 3:00pm to 9:00pm GMT. Both the weekly show and the Tournament can be enjoyed by logging on to

Read more here.

Zu Online : Armor of the Summoner

Posted Aug 30, 2007 by Keith Cross

IGG has released a new look at some of the armour that will be available in Zu Online. This time around the focus is on the armour of the summoner.

The Official IGG site for Zu Online has announced a preview of the armor designed for the Summoners.

Summoners are the mysterious inhabitants of Desert City. Few people know their real features in all Secondary World. They are only keen on studying the spells of banishing souls and ghost-avoidance. They are alone and appear infused with black flames.

Summoners can not only change into monsters and use their power, they can also summon powerful gods to protect themselves or attack their opponents. It is said that high-level Summoners can summon the Ti-tsang Lord.

Summoners are the most industrious in the Second World. They study various spells all day long, everyday. They scorn both the noble clans and the demons. So they never admit that they fight for the forces of good.

There are sets of armor for summoners ranging from level 1 to level 6. Every set has two kinds; one bought and one found. Players can buy one of them in the armor shops in the game and the other can be obtained from mobs.

See the Summoners Armor here.

Age of Conan : AoC at Dragoncon

Posted Aug 30, 2007 by Keith Cross

Funcom has announced that Age of Conan will once again have a major showing at this year's Dragoncon.

We are pleased to confirm that we will once again have a big presence at the mega Dragoncon event ( This is North America's largest sci fi/fantasy convention and the event grows bigger each year. It takes place in Atlanta, Georgia from August 31st thru September 3.


We have a large number of Funcom attendees, volunteers from ARK and fansites/guilds/alliances attending the event this year. Just to give a short list of known faces in relation to Age of Conan :

  • Athelan - Game Designer for Age of Conan
  • Jorgen - Product Director for Funcom
  • Silirrion - Game Director for Anarchy-Online
  • Pharamond - Community Manager for Funcom
  • Terri - Product Manager for Funcom
  • Many many more!

Contest, Costumes and Stuff!

Yes there will be Stuff! There will be many opportunities for prizes this year! We are giving anything from Conan swords to a customized laptop from IbuyPower!

Please remember that costumes at Dragoncon are not only allowed, they're ENCOURAGED!

Read more here.

Warhammer Online : WAR August Newsletter

Posted Aug 30, 2007 by Keith Cross

The August edition of the Warhammer Online newsletter is now available, with piles of information about the final racial paring of the Dark Elves and the High Elves, as well as news about their new lighting system, a WAR novel, zone overviews, beta journals, and much more.

Of all the innumerable conflicts that have defined the history of the Warhammer world, there may be none as lengthy or as bitterly fought as the ongoing war between the noble High Elves and their evil kin, the malicious Dark Elves.

This ancient struggle is very much at the heart of the Age of Reckoning. Malekith, Witch King of the Dark Elves, is obsessed with reclaiming the Phoenix Throne, a birthright denied him by the High Elves millennia ago. When he learns that a new Champion of the Dark Gods is marching to war with the Empire, the diabolical ruler of the Dark Elves hatches a sweeping plan to conquer the isle of Ulthuan and install himself as the true King of all Elfkind.

Knowing that the plague-ravaged Empire will call for aid when the Chaos warhost reaches its northern borders, the Witch King conspires to prevent the Dwarfs from answering that call. Through vile sorcery, the Witch King crafts amulets of power and gives these to the leaders of the Bloody Sun Boyz, a powerful greenskin tribe. The Orcs quickly amass a great army and attack the Dwarfs, and war spreads across the Worlds Edge Mountains.

Sign up for the WAR Newsletter here.

Godswar : Suggestion Collecting Event

Posted Aug 30, 2007 by Keith Cross

Ever had dreams of being a game designer? IGG has announced that they want your ideas, suggestions and criticism for their greek mythology based game, Godswar Online.

Right now, IGG / JoyConnect Studio is busy working on the final stages of GodsWar development. In order to create GW as a real players' game, the officials are holding this wonderful activity. Players who have dreamed of being a programmer or designer of an MMO game can now take this unique opportunity to make their dreams come true. Every suggestion will be viewed and evaluated prudently and any constructive suggestions will have the chance to be included in GodsWar design work.

Besides that, each player who gives us suggestions will be rewarded with the honor of making a special contribution to GWO and will have priority in experiencing the game as well.

Please head over to the Suggestion Zone to get more information and to submit your ideas. We wish everyone good luck!

Make your suggestions here.

General : Get Paid to Play

Posted Aug 30, 2007 by Keith Cross

IGG has announced the release of their new Promoter System, which will allow players to gain credits by recommending IGG games to others.

Recently, IGG has released a brand-new Promoter System, which allows Players to earn money while playing.

IGG has developed rapidly this year with the support of Players. Its products keep improving more and more; to keep pace with the increasing demands of the ever growing community of loyal gamers. And it becomes a spotlight of the media with the number of online users increasing continuously.

After one month's testing and modifications, IGG has released the system. When you apply to be a promoter successfully, you are able to gain credits by recommending friends to play IGG games and join its credit activities in different periods.

IGG promoter system is in the trial phase of operation at present. During this period, IGG will be improving the system carefully and planning out more promotions so as to offer a fairer environment for Players.

Visit the IGG Promoter site here.

Age of Armor : 2nd Closed Beta

Posted Aug 30, 2007 by Keith Cross

Snailgame has announced that Age of Armor will begin its second closed beta on August 31st.

Dear players, the 2nd close beta test of Age of Armor is going to start on August 31 9:00P.M. GMT-5.

You can download the client by the following link now:

Besides the link above, you can also download it from File Front:;8436461;;/fileinfo.html

Now you still can get an account of AoA by the following link:

There will be lots of activities for the 2nd CB opening celebration in Age of Armor, and you can't miss it!

Activity 1: Time: 9:00P.M.--11:30 (GMT-5) August 31st 2007

Instructions: We sincerely welcome you to join our 2nd Closed Beta of Age of Armor; the Beta will start on August 15th 2007. During the 1st Closed Beta, we found that a lot of players did not know the use of the crystals and just threw them to the shop. In fact, crystals are very useful to the players and this time we'd like to give each player 100 original crystals. If you follow the task of the recruit city, you will find them useful, and there is another mysterious NPC in the city, who is in charge of the Black Market in the bar......


  1. The activity will start at 9:00P.M. (GMT-5) August 31, 2007.
  2. Each player can get 100 original crystals from the recruit guide. Each player can have the crystals once only.

Activity 2: Golden Weekend: The experience will be doubled for the whole weekend. Enable the players promote their characters' level in a short time.

Read more here.

Lord of the Rings Online : Silver Deep

Posted Aug 30, 2007 by Keith Cross

The Lord of the Rings Online official site has been updated with another look at one of the interesting locations of Middle Earth. This time around its the mine of Silver Deep in Ered Luin.

In the days after Thráin II left his home in the Blue Mountains for the Wilderlands, his son, the great Thorin Oakenshield, began to improve upon the halls he had built. As Thorin continued to expand his halls, perhaps in an effort to recreate one of the great dwarf-kingdoms once found beneath Ered Luin, he ordered a new hall to be delved beneath the place where the Elf-refuge of Edhelion had once stood.

The Silver Deep was never completed, however, for the dangers of the ancient relics of Edhelion were brought to Thorin's attention by Gandalf the Grey as they prepared to begin their journey to the Shire, and thence to the Lonely Mountain. Thorin ordered the Silver Deep closed and sealed forever. A guard was set upon the mine, and they remained shut even after Thorin was slain in the Battle of Five Armies, and Durin's Folk returned to their home in the Lonely Mountain far to the east.

Read more about Silver Deep here.

Fury : FPS vs MMO

Posted Aug 30, 2007 by Keith Cross

Gamecock Media Group and Auran have announced that Pandemic, World of Warcraft victors at the World Series of Video Games, will take on Flow Gaming, a top ranked FPS clan, at this weekend's CPL event in Dallas, TX.

Cockpit, Austin, TX - August 30, 2007 - Gamecock and Auran today announced the ultimate battle for genre supremacy as two of the elite competitive gaming clans square off in the upcoming Player versus Player MMO, FURY, at this weekend's CPL event in Dallas, TX. Pandemic, fresh off their World of Warcraft Arena win last weekend at the World Series of Video Games, is set to battle Flow Gaming, one of the top FPS clans in the world, in a match for supremacy this Friday at 7pm. There will be interviews, online chats, live coverage from the show floor, and a complete game match video available at

"This is the beginning of something monumental," said Tony Hilliam, CEO of Auran. "FURY bridges the gap between MMOs and FPS's and we're confident it will make the perfect addition to the competitive gaming environment. This is will be our first showcase of the game in the competitive space and we are honored to have two top e-sports teams on board to fight it out. This will be the perfect lead-up event to our $1 Million Fury Challenge Open Beta event that starts September 15."

FURY takes the best elements from MMOs and combines them with the fast action of FPSs. The game will support thousands of players, character growth and customization, a complete ranking and match-making system, and game modes ranging from Bloodbath to Vortex.

FURY, scheduled for release October 9, will be at the CPL Dallas event starting today, August 30 and running through September 1, for gamers to get hands-on demos and talk with members from the Auran and Gamecock team. The highlight will be the monumental clan showdown on Friday night at 7pm on the main stage where Pandemic will square off against Flow Gaming. At stake in this 4 vs 4 single elimination winner-take-all game will be $4,000 in cash.

eSportsTV will be on hand for coverage throughout the day Friday. Fans will be able to track the game, watch on-demand video, webcam feeds, and the battle at World renowned video game sportscaster, Bruce Bisland, will be calling play-by-play and provide analysis of the FURY exhibition match. They will also be conducting a live IRC chat at 2:30pm central on Friday with Auran, so visit the FURY eSportsTV page to take part in that.

Read more here.

Lord of the Rings Online : Enter Our Sweepstakes!

Posted Aug 30, 2007 by Craig McGregor is proud to announce that we have teamed up with Turbine to bring an exciting new sweepstakes to our members, with over $1500 in prizes! Enter to win one of (3) lifetime accounts to The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™, (15) retail game boxes for The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar and (15) 60 day pre-paid subscriptions for The Lord of the Rings: Shadows of Angmar

All that you need to enter this contest is a free account and to be a resident of North America (US or Canada).

What are you waiting for? CLICK HERE TO ENTER NOW!

In addition to the sweepstakes, Turbine announced some great news that there is now a 7 day free trial that you can get at this link!

Vanguard : Darrin McPherson Video Interview

Posted Aug 30, 2007 by Ben Krueger

And here is the second video interview! Jon sits down with Darrin McPherson Senior Game Designer for Vanguard. The discussion includes talk about Update 2 and the upcoming Update 3 and more.

Interview with Darrin McPherson Interview with Darrin McPherson
In Leipzig, Jon Wood had the opportunity to talk to Darrin McPherson Senior Game Designer about Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. The two talked about Update 2, the upcoming Update 3 and the present and future of the game.

Check out all of our GCG coverage here.

EverQuest II : Chad Haley Video Interview

Posted Aug 30, 2007 by Ben Krueger

Today we're bringing you two more video interviews conducted by MMORPG staffers Jon Wood and Evan Wilkinson during the Leipzig conference last week. Here is the first one featuring Chad Haley Lead Art Lead for EQ2. Jon and Chad talk about EQ2's 4th expansion The Rise of Kunark and a new race!

Chad Haley Interview Chad Haley Interview
Jon Wood sat down with Chad Haley Character Art Lead for EQ2 to talk about what's coming up in EverQuest 2's fourth expansion The Rise of Kunark, including a look at a new race known as the Sanark.

Check out all of our GCG coverage here.

General : SOE Won't Show at E for All

Posted Aug 29, 2007 by Keith Cross

Slashdot has posted a short list of the major players in the gaming industry who will or will not be showing at E for all, the consumer games show marketed as a successor to E3. Notable no-shows include SOE and Microsoft.

Though Electronic Arts and Nintendo are planning to attend the first consumer-oriented 'E for All' Expo this October, neither Sony or Microsoft have plans to show games at the event. Other smaller publishers like Capcom, Sega, Midway, and Sony Online Entertainment have also stated they won't be attending.

"While not making any official statements, at least one publisher indicated to that it questioned the return on investment based on the number of attendees and the cost. There were also some concerns with the proximity of the event to the TGS. IDG [E For All's Parent] could not be reached for comment. "

Read more here.

The Agency : Matt Wilson Video Interview

Posted Aug 29, 2007 by Ben Krueger

In Leipzig, Managing Editor Jon Wood had a chance to sit down with Matt Wilson Studio Manager for SOE to talk about the upcoming MMORPG, The Agency. The pair discussed what's coming up for the spy / mercenary based MMORPG.

Interview with Matt Wilson Interview with Matt Wilson
In Leipzig, Managing Editor Jon Wood had a chance to sit down with Matt Wilson Studio Manager for SOE to talk about the upcoming MMORPG, The Agency. The pair discussed what's coming up for the spy / mercenary based MMORPG.

Check out all of our GCG coverage here.

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