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Pirates of the Burning Sea : Flying Lab Inks Deal With SOE

Posted Jun 26, 2007 by Keith Cross

Flying Lab Software has announced that they have signed a deal to publish Pirates of the Burning Sea in partnership with Sony Online Entertainment's Platform Publishing.

First of all, the Contract is signed. A joint press release will be going out tomorrow morning, but it's important to all of us here that our community hear it first and here it straight from us. So without further ado:

Pirates of the Burning Sea will be published in partnership with Sony Online Entertainment's Platform Publishing. This is an important deal for Flying Lab Software and we know how passionate our community is about this issue. So before you start posting your thoughts on our forums, let me share how this particular arrangement differs from publishing deals you may have read about in the past.

So what is "Platform Publishing"? It's a partnership program in which SOE and an independent developer work together to release a game. It's very different from SOE's main publishing efforts, where they develop the games internally (i.e. Everquest 2, Star Wars: Galaxies). Instead the developer makes the game, SOE publishes it, and together we divvy up the various responsibilities.

Here is the breakdown:

Flying Lab Software

  • Game Development
  • Community
  • Customer Support
  • Server Operations

Sony Online Entertainment

  • Billing
  • Launcher
  • Retail Distribution
  • Localization
  • Marketing

Read the full announcement here.

Red Stone : Class Details

Posted Jun 25, 2007 by Keith Cross

K2 Networks has released infromation on the character class system in their mmorpg Red Stone.

June25, 2007---Red Stone is a Free2Play episodic MMORPG that offers players a unique fantasy experience with a deep storyline. Red Stone takes players deep into dangerous lands with 8 different character classes and compelling strategic missions, and players will quest to recover the lost shards of a powerful jewel in order to restore peace to the destroyed world.

Below are the first details released on four of the eight unique transforming character classes in the game. The Squire/Warrior, the Magic Archer/Magic Lancer, the Magician/Werewolf and the Priest/Fallen Angel.


The tradition of swordsmanship is long-standing and honorable. Ever since men could forge metal they have been making swords, and those who mastered their art were regarded as warriors.

Brunenstig is known as a place of chivalry due to the existence of their knights, honorable men who swear fealty to their lord and will lay down their life for king and country. Swordsmanship varies between those who favor the larger, two-handed blades and those who prefer a one-handed sword and shield combination. The knights of old Brunenstig have historically preferred the sword and shield method, while knights from the Augusta peninsula have traditionally used two-handed swords.

The best warriors, however, are adept at both styles of combat and can fluidly switch between them as the situation requires. Such warriors make formidable opponents, able to adapt to any combat conditions, whether they call for offense or defense as a priority.

Warriors are historically opposed to monsters and demons, and stand in defense of the cities of Prandel against such horrors. Some suspect that warriors have an uncanny interest in red demons in particular, possibly due to a tie with the Red Stone, but none can deny that warriors serve the cause of good by combating these fierce foes.

Read the rest of the article here.

Pirates of the Burning Sea : "We did it!"

Posted Jun 25, 2007 by Keith Cross

The Pirates of the Burning Sea official site has been updated with a state of the game style article detailing the various milestones the development team has reached as the games launch date draws nearer.

You did . . . What?

So, here we are, looking at a future in which very soon we will be shipping Pirates of the Burning Sea. I've been super busy trying to get the game ready for that day, but I thought I'd take a moment to share with you a few of the things we in ConCo have accomplished and are continuing to work on as we march toward the glorious new piratical future.

Finished first pass at 1000 missions:

That's right. Against all odds, ConCo has in fact put over 1000 missions in the game - FOR EACH NATION. There is still some polishing to do, but the content is in the game and you can play from level 1 to level 50 (which many companies would call "content complete").

Damn it feels good to say that. In fact, right now, I'm going to stand up and give the writers and mission designers of ConCo fame a big round of applause. Excuse me for a moment.

Revamped all of the level 1 to 15 content:

The first content we made in the game was necessarily the low-level missions. We needed something to use to test the rest of the game against. But as we got better at making missions and other content, it became apparent that the missions we made several years ago paled in comparison to those we make today. We're just simply better at using our own tools.

As a result, we recently revisited our new-player content and did a complete revamp. This is a good strategy, and I'm glad we did it this way. But I have to admit that we made a mistake.

Not being one who likes to see work go to waste, I directed the mission designers to try to reuse as much of the previous content as possible. My thinking was that we could spruce up the missions we had in the game and supplement them with some sparkling new encounters. Sounded like a good plan at the time, but in truth, it was like putting a big square peg in a small round hole. It just didn't fit well.

Read the full article here.

Dark Age of Camelot : Grab Bag

Posted Jun 25, 2007 by Keith Cross

The most recent edition of the Dark Age of Camelot Grab Bag is back to answer an assortment of community questions, with mention of Team Lead positions available on the DAoC team.

Q) You should clarify the recent archer patch that added a timer for Crit shot with reduced damage. My understanding was that this was on a single person, that if targeting another person that this timer would not be enforced. Many times - post patch - I have targeted and hit another person who is targeted for the FIRST time by me, and it gives me the message that this person takes reduced damage... So, do the notes really mean that if ANYONE hits that person with a Crit Shot, they will take reduced damage from ANYONE else hitting them? Some clarification would be helpful. Is this working as intended?

A) Your initial assumption is correct, it should only affect the person who is hit with a crit shot. What you're describing is an odd bug that we're trying to nail down.

Q) Does the defensive bonus on styles give you a bonus in RvR or only PvE and does this bonus work on your black/evade/parry chance or does it just effect the rate at which your target misses you?

A) The bonus works in both RVR and PVE, for block parry and evade.

Q) In regards to a recent grab bag, it was stated that weapon skill doesn't do anything for damage. If this is the case what does Enervating Poison for stabbers do, seeing that it's a weapon skill / con debuff?

A) The weaponskill portion of the debuff reduces the value of the skill value of your weapon. IE: If you debuff a warrior with 50 hammers with a 10% WS debuff poison, it will reduce their effective hammer by 5 points down to 45. This does not remove the use of styles, it simply makes them hit for less damage and not penetrate defense as easily.

Open the Grab Bag here.

Vanguard : New Player Guide

Posted Jun 25, 2007 by Keith Cross

The folks over at Vanguard have posted a step by step guide for new players to make it easier for new players get into the game more quickly and smoothly.

As SOE has officially adopted Vanguard Saga of Heroes into its family, many questions emerge relating to the content of the game. This piece of writing is designed to help new players gain a better perspective of the newly acquired game and resolve issues that arise while playing. From the view of a new player this passage should help clear up confusion beginners might encounter.

As the game begins, a character must be created. A race must be chosen from the regions of Thestra, Kojan or Qalia. A class must also be selected pertaining to a player's personality and occupation choice. The classes are Protective fighter, offensive fighter, healer and caster. The protective fighter is a set of fighting classes that focus on defense, while offensive fighters center on attacking. The healer set has special abilities to increase their health or that of their friends. The caster set is able to administer spells, much like a wizard from fantasy.

Read more here.

D&D Online : Stone Giant Profile

Posted Jun 25, 2007 by Keith Cross

The official site for Dungeons and Dragons Online has updated with a monster profile examining Stone Giants.

Stone giants are difficult to generalize about. When in battle, a stone giant can hurl great boulders with devastating effect. When back in the friendly confines of their mountain abodes and feeling playful, they throw rocks directly at each other for fun, and a wonderful time is had by all. They have an interesting culture, and almost all stone giants have a great fondness for stone and stonework, and use the material in art and architecture, as well as in combat.

Stone giants do not have any real weak points. Luckily they also lack any powerful resistances. Like all giants, they have great strength, but each stone giant pursues his own path, whether that be the life of a humble artisan or a vicious evil warrior. One time, while on a journey, my party and I were helped by an extremely friendly stone giant. Alas, this is not the place for me to regale you with the details of that humorous episode. I will say, however, that only because of him did we succeed in our mission.

Now I don't have to tell you all stone giants are not this helpful. Many live in extremely insular communities that shun all outsiders. Some war-like stone giants constantly raid weaker settlements around them. Some are powerful clerics who wield dark magic. I feel certain that many of these evil stone giants hold sway in Xen'drik, trying to claim a share of the fallen giant empire for their own. These stone giants would much rather launch lethal rocks than engage with you as a helpful travel guide. I wish you good luck against these tough, stony foes.

Read more about stone giants here.

EVE Online : EVE TV

Posted Jun 25, 2007 by Keith Cross

MMM Publishing and CCP have announced the launch of EVE TV, a weekly broadcast covering news and events in the world of EVE Online.

London, England and Reykjavik, Iceland - June 25th, 2007 - MMM Publishing Ltd, the producers of E-ON the official magazine for EVE Online, and CCP, one of the world's largest independent game developers and creators of EVE Online, have launched EVE TV. EVE TV is a weekly on-demand Internet TV broadcast dedicated to the virtual universe of EVE Online (

EVE TV is dedicated to reporting on EVE Online's ever-growing virtual society, the very latest in-depth news, in-game skirmishes, market trends, human interest stories, exclusive interviews and game-related features in a professional and entertaining weekly production. SpiralJunkie, EVE TV's lead anchor, is a veteran of the EVE Online scene and is ably assisted by the infectious enthusiasm of StevieSG. The dynamic duo are backed up by a first-rate reporting team, FortunaFive, Fangtooth Kasumi and Beefy Fiddler, not to mention a widespread crew of in-game correspondents, all providing the latest in EVE Online news - both in and out of the game - in real time. More information on EVE TV's presenters can be found at

EVE TV was originally formed to broadcast from the EVE Online Alliance PVP Tournament in 2006, during which more than 10,000 EVE fans tuned in to the live, double-weekend broadcasts. EVE TV has been transformed into a weekly news-style broadcast of life in EVE Online's ever-changing virtual world. The service is hosted through Jalipo, the first online marketplace for TV and video.

Read more about EVE TV here.

Warhammer Online : Games Day Impressions

Posted Jun 25, 2007 by Jon Wood

This past weekend.'s Joe Iuliani and Anthony Love attended the Games Workshop Games Day in Baltimore, MD. In this column, Joe gives his impressions of the game.

The power of the WAAAGH radiated through the Baltimore Convention Center Lobby, at Games Day 2007, hosted by Games Workshop. The cheers and screams of Masses of Games Workshop fans heralded the start of the event. Fortunately for me, I was on the inside of the doors. Despite being separated from the crowd, you could sense the enthusiasm waiting to come on through.

The day's events consisted of painting contests, scenery construction, and of course, tons of table top gaming (both individual games, and "BIG" games) The Big Games consisted of dozens of players forming two separate teams and cooperating with each other to crush their competitors. Sound Familiar? Table top gaming is one of the oldest forms of competitive and cooperative massive multiplayer games. At the heart of modern table top gaming lies Games Workshop. Games Workshop's miniatures, board and role playing games have spanned the globe for nearly thirty years now. Fans of Games Workshop games don't just play these games, they love these games. No really, they LOVE these games. The level of detail and commitment dedicated to amassing, assembling, and displaying their forces is overwhelming. For anybody who has never seen any Golden Daemon, do yourself a favor and search out some images on the net. You won't be disappointed, well unless you completely aren't into that, in which case you may be disappointed.

Read all of Joe's column here.

Warhammer Online : Games Day Hands-On

Posted Jun 25, 2007 by Jon Wood

This past weekend.'s Joe Iuliani and Anthony Love attended the Games Workshop Games Day in Baltimore, MD. In this article, Anthony gives us his account of a hands-on preview of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.

Very few things give me cause to get up at 5:00am, but this year's Games Day put on by Games Workshop in Baltimore, MD was just such a day. Games Day is an annual event where players of Games Workshop's various miniatures based table top games compete for fun and prizes. This year, Electronic Arts was present with a booth devoted to the EA Mythic developed game; Warhammer Online, Age of Reckoning, and boy am I glad I was there!

Earlier in the day, contributor Joseph Iuliani and I were lucky enough to have a chance to speak privately with Senior Producer Jeff Hickman and Design Manager, Paul Barnett. The details of that interview will be covered by Joseph. However, coming away from that interview, I can say that these two guys are both excited about and devoted to this game. Shortly afterwards they were both busy hosting an hour (plus) long conference about the game, attended by several hundred fans. I can tell they both love Warhammer and are striving to translate the table top game as best they can into a unique and fun MMO. To sum up their feelings on the game quickly Jeff says, "War is everywhere" and Paul says, "If you don't like war and killing, this game won't be for you". I really enjoyed meeting this comical pair who were more than willing to discuss their aspirations for the game.

Read the whole article here.

Fury : Win 1 of 75 Beta Keys!

Posted Jun 25, 2007 by Craig McGregor is proud to announce that we have teamed up with Auran to bring you an opporunity to win a beta key for Fury, the upcoming PvP centric fantasy MMORPG!

This contest will only run 5 days from June 25 through June 29 - and as with all of our contests, the more days you login the better your odds of winning so register now!

Are you ready to enter? CLICK HERE!

General : Game/On

Posted Jun 24, 2007 by Keith Cross

The latest edition of Game/On,'s weekly podcast is now available for your listening pleasure. This week on Game/On co-hosts Jon Wood and Keith Cross discuss the various perspectives on non-disclosure agreements, EULAs and the beta phase of development.

You can listen to the podcast here.

Gods and Heroes : Video Interview and Combat Animations

Posted Jun 22, 2007 by Ben Krueger

We've added two new videos for Gods and Heroes. One is a video interview with Stieg Hedlund, design director about minions in the game and the second video shows off some of the upcoming games combat animations.

Minions Video Interview Minions Video Interview
Take a peek at this video interview with design director Stieg Hedlund about minions in Gods and Heroes.
Combat Animations Movie Combat Animations Movie
Perpetual Entertainment and Platform Publishing have released this short video showing off some of the combat animations in Gods and Heroes.

Watch more videos here.

Dreamlords: Resurrection : PvP System and new Combat GUI

Posted Jun 22, 2007 by Keith Cross

Lockpick Entertainment has announced the launch of their new PvP system for Dreamlords along with their new combat gui.

New PvP-system and combat gui released today!

As you all know we devs have been working hard implementing a new PvP-system and combat gui, and today we will finally release it to the community. This is actually the biggest update/addition to the game since Dreamlords was released!

The new PvP-system is the first step in making PvP more interesting and fun. We already have some great plans to extend PvP, making it a more integrated part of the Dreamlords experience.

The new combat gui is packed with lots of new features and as with PvP, this is only the first step. Tomorrow we will begin working on some features for the combat gui that didn't make it into this release.

We have released not one, but two dev journals about these new features. One on the basics of the new PvP-system and one in-depth look on the new combat gui. So visit the dev journal area here on and check them out!

Read more here.

EverQuest II : Treasure Chest

Posted Jun 22, 2007 by Keith Cross

The latest edition of the Treasure Chest is up on the EverQuest official site bringing to light some of the hidden gems burried throughout their forums.

With so many posts happening in the EQII Official Forums at all times, it can be very hard to keep up with them all, and very easy to miss some real gems and opportunities to share. Have no fear though; the Treasure Chest is here to highlight interesting, unusual, and humorous posts, as well as opportunities to help your fellow player with a question or two.

Do you have any feedback for touching up the Commonlands? Gallenite is looking for specific feedback on quest related content in this thread.

Think PvP players are just hooligans who can't help but trash talk and go berserk? You may want to check out this thread where a rumored change to PvP is discussed, and the different theories about PvP are debated (skill vs. level for instance).

Do the characters people play in games say anything about who they are in life? Netcaitiff asks this question in an interesting thread about how personalities and game choices may match up. Do you match the stereotypes?

Open the Treasure Chest here.

World of Warcraft : Midsummer Fire Festival

Posted Jun 22, 2007 by Keith Cross

Blizzard has announced the Midsummer Fire Festival event in World of Warcraft which will be held at locations across Azeroth.

Tending the Flames

Across Azeroth, brilliant bonfires have been lit to signify the hottest months of the year. The chosen Flamekeepers are eager to ensure they continue burning long into the days and nights of the celebration - and they seek the aid of able explorers in doing so. Traverse the land and delve into dangerous dungeons at their behest. You may return hot, sweaty, and a little sooty...but these spiritual guides understand well the need to reward their adventurers beyond the promise of "enlightenment."

Dancing Around the Ribbon Pole

At every festival camp, one of these traditional decorations stands tall beside the bonfire. Take up one of the multi-colored ribbons and dance around the pole with your friends and fellow celebrants! The activity may appear a bit frivolous for your average ferocious fighter, but even the most seasoned veteran can appreciate the resulting resistance to heat!

By Fire Be Blessed!

The massive bonfires are more than mere lights across the land. Touching any one of these firepits will cleanse an individual of nearly all ailments for the price of a few singed fingers. And if you've been lucky enough to find some burning blossoms, toss them into the fire! The resulting flare will bless you - and perhaps the entire area - with greater prowess on the field!

Read more about the Midsummer Fire Festival here.

Age of Conan : Dangerous Dungeons

Posted Jun 22, 2007 by Keith Cross

The official site for Age of Conan has been updated with a first look at some of the dungeons that are scattered across the lands Hyboria.

We haven't really been too generous when it comes to screenshots of dungeons, have we? Well, this week we want to remedy that.

Anyone following the Age of Conan development can probably agree to the fact that it boasts some beautiful landscapes. Snow-covered mountains, far-stretching woodlands and burning deserts are all well and good - but what about those nasty, dark dungeons? It's time we lifted the veil just a little bit and introduced you to that part of Age of Conan as well. There are, after all, some really incredible dungeons in virtual Hyboria.

Let's start off with The Black Ring Citadel, one of the very high-level dungeons you'll get to visit in the game. Nested somewhere in the vastness of the Stygian deserts, this place of raw evil and corruption is home to some of the greatest challenges Hyboria will throw at you. Moving through the pitch-black shadows of the citadel is an experience unlike any other, and only the bravest of adventures will be able to claim the treasure this place holds deep inside its halls of death.

Read more about Hyboria's dungeons here.

Spellborn : Attributes

Posted Jun 22, 2007 by Jon Wood

In this most recent article about The Chronicles of Spellborn, Managing Editor Jon Wood takes a look at the player attribute system.

Last time around, we talked a little bit about the classes that will be available in the upcoming MMORPG, The Chronicles of Spellborn. This time, I wanted to devote some time to the idea of player attributes.

With the help of the Spellborn team, I was able to get to the bottom of their system. You see, the player attributes are made up of three main attributes: Body, Mind and Focus. Each of those attributes, in turn, is tied to one of the three character class archetypes that were discussed in the last article: Warrior (Body), Spell Caster (Mind), and Rogue (Focus).

Again, referring back to the previous article, The Chronicles of Spellborn allows players to eventually select "specialized classes" within their archetype. Each of these specialized classes (there are three specialized classes for each of the class archetypes) is tied to a second attribute:

Read the whole article here.

Final Fantasy XI : Celestial Event

Posted Jun 22, 2007 by Keith Cross

A new in-game event has been announced for Final Fantasy XI titled Celestial nights. Currently there are few details available about this event as more information will be released when the event draws nearer.

A new special event called "Celestial Nights" will commence at 1:00 (PDT), on June 29.

During the festival of Celestial Nights, people write poems to their faraway loved ones on strips of brightly colored paper, which are then tied to bamboo stalks. These arcing stalks of bamboo represent a bridge that spans the great river in the night sky.

What will this event hold in store for Vana'diel's adventurers? Gather your closest companions and find out together!

Further details regarding Celestial Nights will be released on the day of the event.

Read more about the event here.

Eudemons : Hatch System Update

Posted Jun 22, 2007 by Keith Cross

Eudemons Online has announced that they have made updates to their hatch system, making more hatchers available after some routine maintenance today.

Good news! We are happy to announce that two more hatchers will be available after Friday`s routine maintenance. Institute of Eudemons casually found out the way of activating the fifth and sixth hatchers. You can visit Cheney at Cronus City (279,546) for some related information. However, you need to pay 1 million gold for the fifth and sixth hatcher letter each, which contains the information of how to activating the hacthers. Then go on to visit some other NPCs and collect required items. Enjoy yourself in Eudemons Online!

Read more here.

General : Zu Online Preview Site

Posted Jun 22, 2007 by Keith Cross

IGG has announced the launch of a preview site for Zu Online with images, videos and forums. Zu Online is scheduled for release in August 2007.

First Look of Preview of Zu Online

June 20th 2007, preview site of the fourth MMORPG of IGG - Zu Online ( comes in front of the global audience. With the first look of its preview site, Zu Online, a fantasy online MMORPG adapted form the classical Chinese fantasy novel Tales of the Zu, has unveiled its mask.

With a strong oriental legendary style, the preview site of Zu Online boasts a mystic and romance flavor. Latest news about Zu Online will be released on the preview site, providing an excellent platform for the players who are in love with classical Chinese immortal and knight-errant culture to exchange ideas and thoughts. The forum will also be the place where information from the official, thoughts from the players merges.

Set on the oriental immortals and knight-errant, ZU Online bring the soul of the original work into the game world, which highlight justice and self-perfection. All these features endow Zu online with a rich culture connotation, creating an astonishing myth world in the cyber sphere.

Zu online will come at the end of this August. Please pay close attention to the preview site for the latest news

Visit the teaser site here.

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