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Warhammer Online : Correspondent - About Those Cuts...

Posted Aug 01, 2008 by Jon Wood Warhammer Online Correspondent Tom Giblin pens his debut article on the recent Mythic Entertainment announcement that four classes and four capital cities had been cut from the game.

Over the multi-year development cycle of a game, many things change.

Features are scaled back or cut, others are added, designs change; it's a reality of game development. No developer can say with absolute certainty that a specific feature will be in game at launch with months or years left in the development cycle. Due to that, it should come as no surprise that information is released slowly rather than all at once. Despite slowly releasing game features and designs, things are still bound to change particularly with MMOs, which have dozens and dozens of interconnected systems.

As you're undoubtedly aware that Mark Jacobs, Vice President and General Manager of Mythic Entertainment, revealed to's Jon Wood earlier this month that four capital cities and four classes would be removed from Warhammer Online. The news quickly caused a stir among those following the game. Some stated the game's release should be pushed back to allow for the cities and classes to be included at launch. Others defended the move to release the information rather than springing it on customers after they had already purchased the game, as other companies have done in the past. Still others simply said they cancelled their pre-order or claim that they will not purchase the game.

Read the whole thing here.

Age of Conan : Ellingson Interview

Posted Aug 01, 2008 by Jon Wood

At Comic Con San Diego, Managing Editor Jon Wood caught up with Funcom's Erling Ellingson to talk about the game since launch and the direction for the future.

Comic Con Funcom Interview

At Comic Con, caught up with Erling Ellingson, the Product Manager for Funcom's Age of Conan.

Funcom Interview


D&D Online : The Stormreach Chronicle

Posted Jul 31, 2008 by Keith Cross

Turbine has published the Stormreach Chronicle, which takes a weekly look at community activities in Dungeons and Dragons Online.

Welcome to the Chronicle - a weekly look at what's happening around the forums! Read on for tips, community spotlights, Turbine info, and more!

Letter from the Editors

"We're very happy to bring you this regular weekly feature, filled with spotlights on the great player activities around the DDO forums and in game! You'll also be able to find summaries of recent Turbine discussions and news, and links to helpful resources. Be on the lookout for rotating features in the Chronicle, and more segments. If you're interested in sending a submission in for the Chronicle you're more than welcome to contact any member of our Community Team. Please keep in mind that due to the volume of requests, we might not always be able to feature all submissions we receive. We appreciate your readership, and hope you enjoy the Chronicle!

Read more here.

Aion : Aion Going to PAX

Posted Jul 31, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at NCsoft have announced that they will be in attendance at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle to give players some hands on game time in Aion: The Tower of Eternity.

How would you rather spend the last holiday weekend of summer, 2008? Will you do the same thing that you've been doing in years past or would you rather take a sneak peek at NCsoft's highly anticipated Aion: The Tower of Eternity?

NCsoft will be showcasing Aion: The Tower of Eternity at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle, Wa., from August 29th through the 31st. Not only will you have a chance to get some cool swag, meet fellow Aion players and members of NCsoft's North American Aion team, you will also have an opportunity to play Aion: The Tower of Eternity.

If that's not enough, there's more! Stop by the NCsoft booth and play Aion. Talk to one of the team, trade your e-mail for one of the bracelets we will be handing out and you just picked up an opportunity to participate in a very special event to be held in the future. How cool is that?

Read more here.

General : Station Voice Available in EQ2 and SWG

Posted Jul 31, 2008 by Keith Cross

SOE has announced that Station Voice, SOE and Vivox's in-game voice chat feature, is now available in EverQuest II and Star Wars Galaxies.

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – July 31, 2008 – Station Voice™, a service powered by Vivox® that allows players to talk to each other in online games, is now available in the role-playing games EverQuest® II and Star Wars Galaxies™, Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE), announced today. Station Voice, which is scheduled to be available next month in EverQuest, is available for players at no additional cost with their current subscription plan.

“In-game voice chat is an enhanced new feature gamers of all levels can enjoy. Now, SOE’s players can easily talk to one another and better enjoy the online gaming experience,” said John Smedley, president of Sony Online Entertainment. “The integration of Station Voice into these initial games was seamless, and we look forward to incorporating this added gaming experience into other SOE titles, as well as implementing the next phase of features to come soon.”

The initial launch of Station Voice will allow players to:

  • Talk person-to-person in game with any microphone and headset combo
  • Chat with their party, guild or any other group in game
  • Play and communicate without worry of a significant increase in game lag
  • Manage group/user participation with moderator controls
  • Individually mute and set volume per user
  • Set up easily without the need for separate software, accounts or registration

Read more here.

Age of Conan : Russian Version Coming

Posted Jul 31, 2008 by Keith Cross

Funcom has announced that they have signed an agreement with 1C Company to work on the Russian language version Age of Conan.

Durham, USA – July 31, 2008 – Funcom and 1C Company announces the signing of a Service Partnership Agreement for a Russian version of Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures. According to the agreement 1C will fully localize voice and text and operate local customer service, communities, websites and in-game support for Age of Conan in Russian, while Funcom takes care of back-end technology, server infrastructure and continuous development of the game. A dedicated Russian realm is to be created, giving the Russian community an opportunity to stay together and communicate with each other in their native language.

The agreement shows Funcom and 1C Company’s full dedication to the growing Eastern European market, and is another important step in ensuring long-term success for Age of Conan through-out numerous languages and regions.

“1C Company is a clear leader in the Russian speaking regions, and we are confident we have found the perfect partner,” said Trond Arne Aas, CEO of Funcom. “We have already shipped a substantial amount of English boxes into Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, but we know that the real key to success is achieved through localized servers and services. Together with 1C Company we will do our uttermost to make Age of Conan a success for many years to come.”

Read more here.

Myth War 2 : New Events

Posted Jul 31, 2008 by Keith Cross

IGG has announced two new events in Myth War II.

Myth War II, the new sequel to the classic MMORPG from IGG, continues the tradition of excellent play and an exciting community of players. With the month of August right around the corner, the Myth War team will be holding 2 captivating events featuring BIG rewards.

Event I: Wheel of Fortune

Players will have a 100% probability of winning a prize. The top prize is an ultra rare Saint Pet! Below images give you a preview of Saint Pets:

Event 2: Level up to win a gift

In order to help newbie players to level up quickly, the Myth War team will be offering them a present, Growth Paradise.

During the event, players need to finish some quests in order. They will start their adventures at scene 1, after reaching level 50, they can advance to scene 5, and then after reaching level 80, they will advance to scene 6, and win an advanced gift bag.

Note: Only players who have not played the game before until 1:00am, August 1st are eligible for this event.

Read more here.

Zu Online : Intro to the Submarine World

Posted Jul 31, 2008 by Keith Cross

IGG has posted a lengthy introduction to the world beneath the seas and the creatures that inhabit it in their Chinese martial arts MMORPG, Zu Online.

In Zu Online, Zu Mountain is not simply the name of a world but the general term for the human world, ghostdom and paradise. Thus, Zu Mountain is a space as vast as the universe. In Zu Online, there exists a gorgeous submarine world, where there is beautiful scenery everywhere. In the submarine world, there is a luxurious palace called Ziin Palace. Ziin Palace's main shrine is Yellow Crystal Palace which is built and decorated using the most precious materials available and is especially luxurious and splendid. That's why Ziin Palace is called a submarine paradise. However, this beautiful submarine world is not as quiet and peaceful as it looks, it's also filled with danger.

Read more here.

EVE Online : Chronicle: Masks of Authority

Posted Jul 31, 2008 by Jon Wood

The folks at CCP's EVE Online have released a new fiction story. This one is about the para-military arms of the eight Caldari mega-corps.

Since the early days of the Caldari State, the eight corporate police forces of the Chief Executive Panel have played an important role in Caldari society. Figures of great public attention, reviled and worshiped in equal measure (often by the same person), these eight private militaries collectively match the official Caldari Army in numbers and far exceed it in training.

What are these forces, how do they operate, and how did they come to be?

Read it all here.

Pirates of the Burning Sea : Test New Ships, Win Prizes

Posted Jul 31, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at Pirates of the Burning Sea have announced that players who log on to the test server on Saturday and test some of the new ships from the 1.6 patch will be entered to win PotBS t-shirts and time codes.

As you may have read in Taelorn’s recent devlog, we are introducing several new level 50 ships with the 1.6 patch.

This weekend, we’re giving all players who have a level 45 or higher character on the live servers a chance to preview those ships!

All characters on Testbed will be automatically given the deeds when they log in on Saturday, however we will also be handing out outfittings and boosting levels to help you test the ships to their full potential. Additionally, all players who turn up for a boost will be entered into a raffle to win Pirates of the Burning Sea t-shirts and 30-day time codes. There are 5 of each up for grabs!

Read more here.

Lord of the Rings Online : Warner Bros. to Distribute Moria

Posted Jul 31, 2008 by Keith Cross

Turbine has announced an agreement with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to distribute both the Collector's and Complete Editions of The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria.

WESTWOOD, MA - July 31, 2008 - Turbine, Inc. announced today its partnership with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to distribute The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria at retail in North America. As part of the announcement, Turbine unveiled its fall product lineup which includes two titles that will be available at retail, The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria Complete Edition and The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria Collector's Edition, as well as a digital only title for existing subscribers, The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria Digital Expansion.

The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria - Fall 2008 Product Lineup:

The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria Complete Edition will include the original The Lord of the Rings OnlineTM: Shadows of AngmarTM game (Volume I), all content updates released since launch, and The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria (Volume II). The Complete Edition will be available at retail stores nationwide and offers new players who wish to journey through the most complete and authentic recreation of Middle-earth the full, award-winning experience.

The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria Collector's Edition will feature the content of the Complete Edition as well as compelling digital and physical items for collectors. Limited quantities of the Collector's Edition will be available at retail outlets in a unique leather-bound book packaging and will include:

  • 3 exclusive tokens that can be exchanged for the player's choice of 8 different in-game items
  • 22" x 22" premium quality cloth map of the Mines of Moria
  • Special gold-plated ring complete with chain and pouch
  • Mines of Moria poster
  • The Lord of the Rings Online Art and Music Collection with the official Mines of Moria Soundtrack
  • A full color Collector's Edition Starter Guide

Read more here.

ROSE Online : Correspondent Going F2P

Posted Jul 31, 2008 by Jon Wood ROSE correspondent Brian Rodgers pens this article about ROSE Online and the recent switch over to a free to play format.

I started ROSE Online a few days ago as it interested me quite a long while back; the trailer is what caught my eye then. Now, with it going Free-to-play, it really attracted my attention, as I knew it was Pay-to-play before hand. So, I decided to try it out. I jumped right in and, after reading on the classes a bit, decided to make a Soldier Build, more on the offensive side.

Now, for those of you whom haven't heard of or played this game, it functions like Ragnarok, Maple Story and a few other games for its class selection; you pick your class in game at X level; for this game, 10. The other part also familiar in it is the fact that you pick your stats rather than having them added to this and that automatically. I found that you pick up a Ton of extra items for crafting in this game, and they can (Most of the time) Be sold for lots of extra cash; glue, for instance, a lowbie level drop, which can be found off of even the most low level bad guys, sells for up to around 50,000 Zulie (In-game currency). Now, why is this you may ask? Well, I went into a long interview with a player (AbsentVoid) and got quite a bit of Information.

Read it all here.

Age of Conan : Correspondent - The PvP System

Posted Jul 31, 2008 by Jon Wood Age of Conan Correspondent Chris Carlis files this report on the upcoming PvP system for Age of Conan.

When we all saw the videos for Age of Conan, we were all motivated by the decapitations and fatalities that we saw. Then we saw all of the different siege warfare scenes that really got our blood flowing. And I know I’m not alone when I say that I was hell of excited about it. Age of Conan promised us lots of blood, gore and an active, fun playing system. Well it delivered most of all of it. Currently there are still some problems with the siege system, and there are some small imbalances in the classes. But in the coming weeks and months we expect to see huge game improvements including the PvP levels being enabled and the murder system. In this article I will briefly go over these new enhancements and what I think that they mean to players.

First, we will be covering the new PvP system. This is a system that was active in beta, but was not turned on when the game was released. Since then, the players have been begging and pleading with the developers to turn it on to give us some sort of content besides raiding at the end game and now, it seems like these changes are finally coming.

Read the whole article here.

Mabinogi : Spirit Weapons and New Pets

Posted Jul 30, 2008 by Keith Cross

Nexon has announced the addition of the Spirit Weapon System and several new pets to Mabinogi.

Los Angeles, CA – July 25, 2008 – Nexon America Inc. is adding some spirit to Mabinogi, the sensational free-to-play MMORPG, with the new Spirit Weapon system, as well as a variety of new and helpful pets. These new options enhance the already exceptionally deep game play found within Mabinogi.

The Spirit Weapon system offers players a more powerful weapon, but also requires some TLC. These weapons host a spirit, which requires conversation, food and guidance. As players chat, feed and guide the spirit, it grows stronger. Increasing the spirit’s in-game stats, helps players attack with this weapon and do more damage to foes.

Mabinogi welcomes seven new pets to its world – a cow, white sheep, white flame spider, herb pig and three new dogs, Border Collies, Miniature Pinschers and Samoyeds. The new pets can collect and offer items to assist owners. Cows can acquire milk and sheep can gather wool to assist the owner. With a little work, spiders can assist with the collection of cobwebs and herb pigs can offer herbs. The new dog breeds possess an auto item pick-up function, which means these pups fetch dropped items.

There are other additions to Mabinogi this month. The new Peaca Dungeon is the most challenging yet and will require players to find monsters’ weaknesses to survive. There are also new books to read and skills to learn. Players will have new arrow tips and bolt tips available for battle. And with five more hair colors and three more eye colors available through the purchase of a premium character card, players enjoy enhanced customization features for avatars.

Read more here.

Warhammer Online : Min System Requirments Announced

Posted Jul 30, 2008 by Keith Cross

Mythic Entertainment has announced the minimum requirements to run Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning when it launches.

The wait is over!

We're pleased to announce the current minimum system requirements to run WAR at launch.

We will continue to optimize WAR as we move closer to launch and even beyond but these will provide you with a very accurate idea of what is needed in order to play the game.

So without further adieu the minimum specs for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning:


For Windows XP

·  2.5 GHz P4 processor or equivalent
·  1 Gigabyte RAM
·  A 128 MB Video Card, with support for Pixel Shader 2.0
·  At least 15 GB of hard drive space

For Windows VISTA

·  2.5 GHz P4 processor or equivalent
·  2 Gigabyte RAM
·  A 128 MB Video Card, with support for Pixel Shader 2.0
·  At least 15 GB of hard drive space

Read more here.

World of Warcraft : BlizzCon 2008 Ticket Sales Announced

Posted Jul 30, 2008 by Keith Cross

Blizzard has announced that tickets for BlizzCon 2008 will go on sale on August 11th.

IRVINE, Calif. – July 29, 2008 – Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. today announced that tickets for its third BlizzCon™ gaming convention will go on sale August 11 and that live coverage of the event will be available as an exclusive DIRECTV pay per view event. BlizzCon is a celebration of the global player communities surrounding Blizzard Entertainment®'s Warcraft®, Diablo®, and StarCraft® game universes. The event will take place at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California on October 10 and 11.

"Meeting and interacting with our players at BlizzCon is always a great experience for us," stated Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. "We're also pleased to be working with DIRECTV this year to bring the show, for the first time, to those players who are unable to attend."

Read more here.

EverQuest II : 2008 Highlights

Posted Jul 30, 2008 by Keith Cross

SOE looks back and takes a look at all of the additions and improvements to EverQuest II in the first half of 2008.

As is well known by all SOE employees, MMOs consist of worlds that are living, breathing and ever changing. EQII is no exception! Take a look at this highlight list of fantastic additions and alterations that have come to the game since the beginning of 2008.

Read more here.

Shot Online : French and Spanish Versions Coming

Posted Jul 30, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at Shot Online have announced the upcoming launch of the Spanish and French versions of the golfing MMO.

Hamburg, July 30th 2008 - Leading European MMOG publisher gamigo AG is proud to announce the forthcoming launch of the Spanish and French versions of the internationally successful MMO sports title “Shot Online”. Both new versions will be available for beta testers in mid August, and will be released commercially later this year. The respective websites can already be reached at

The only realistic MMO golfing simulation

Shot Online is a comprehensive and realistic golfing experience, offering players over 250 different holes to play. Players can gain experience points for every well-played course, in order to level up and become the ultimate golfing professional. Beyond that, they have the chance to buy hundreds of optional items to improve their abilities even further. Although there is the possibility to buy certain items for real money, Shot Online remains completely free because every object can also be bought with the in-game currency, either from an NPC or in the auction house.

While up to four players can compete in a direct match at any time, there will be special events and tournaments for everyone on a regular basis, with great prizes to be won. Of course there are lots of useful community features, which give players the chance to chat with their friends, meet new people and form guilds to play as a team.

Read more here.

Navy Field : New Server and Subs

Posted Jul 30, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at Navy Field Europe have announced that they have launched a new server and added Submarine warfare to the game.

NavyField Europe (Company: eFusion MMOG GmbH) announced the details of submarines. A new sailor tree and new submarine tree will be created and 16 submarines have been preparing for now. Submarines are a bit slower than other normal ships and the torpedo of submarine has a shorter range and more damage. Small ships like destroyers and light cruisers can detect submarines. They will have a new role in battle and of course submarines can detect other submarines. eFusion expect that big battleships need to corporate more with small ships and team-work will be even more important. Submarines can use guns and torpedoes on the sea but it can only use torpedoes while being submerged. The Submarine patch date is planned in September and eFusion expect many players will enjoy this addition.

New “Hood” Server launching date will be 24th of July and many events are prepared. 3 months Ranking Event, 50 Level Challenging Event, Nomination Event and Bonus Item for First buying Users Event will be started on launching day. Event participants have a chance to win Model-ship, NF Crystals, NF T-Shirts, NF Posters and Premium Items.

July patch has been implemented as planned on 17th of this month and host wakeup function, macro-blocking, CV EXP boost and gun power boost added. New Billing Method "PaySafeCard" will be added in this month, so gamers will have diversity of methods. GNGWC European Preliminary League applying is finished and the battle will be started from 26th of July.

Read more here.

Tabula Rasa : Operation Immortality

Posted Jul 30, 2008 by Keith Cross

NCsoft has announced Operation Immortality, where gamers and fans of space exploration can have the chance to get their DNA digitized and launched into space with Richard Garriott when he visits the International Space Station in October. 

AUSTIN, July 30, 2008—Could you be the savior of humankind? NCsoft®, the world’s leading publisher and developer of online computer games, has announced it will launch the “Immortality Drive” – a time capsule with the digitized DNA of select video game players and space aficionados – into orbit when famed game designer Richard Garriott travels to the International Space Station in October 2008.

As part of NCsoft’s “Operation Immortality,” Richard Garriott – the man who created Tabula Rasa, a massively multiplayer online (MMO) PC game that explores the destruction of Earth – is now venturing into space to save humanity.

During the campaign, Tabula Rasa players have a chance to have their DNA sequenced, digitized and sent into space on the Immortality Drive. In addition, all players with active accounts on September 2, 2008 will have their Tabula Rasa characters uploaded to the device, giving them the opportunity to go to space virtually. In order to make this unique opportunity accessible to as many people as possible, free trials of the game are available at Garriott will place the Immortality Drive on the International Space Station when he travels there this fall.

“I’ve been able to do some very exciting things in the games business, but nothing of this magnitude,” said Garriott, executive producer for Tabula Rasa at NCsoft. “I’m thrilled we can offer the once in a lifetime chance to millions of gamers to virtually go to space with me. A select few will have their DNA digitized and sent. And, theoretically, if anything happens to the human race, it could be their DNA that is used to resurrect humanity.”

Starting today and lasting through August 31, 2008, anyone with a PC and an Internet connection can go to and participate in weekly polls on humanity’s greatest achievements which will be included on the Immortality Drive, such as “What is the greatest song of all time?” and “What is the greatest technological breakthrough of all time?” Current Tabula Rasa players, or those who download and play the free trial, will also be able to enter a personal message for inclusion on the Drive.

Read more here.

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