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Mir 2 : 500 More Gift Keys

Posted May 05, 2009 by Craig McGregor has been given 500 more gift keys for Mir2 after the first 500 went so quickly!  These seem to be popular, so get yours while supplies last!


General : Closed Beta Keys For Freesky Online

Posted May 04, 2009 by Craig McGregor and IGG are pleased to bring the community a new beta testing opportunity. While supplies last you can get a beta key for this new browser based MMO title that features sky battles with massive airships! Get your key and get into battle while the keys are still available!


General : 10 Reasons to Attend Fan Faire

Posted May 04, 2009 by Keith Cross

The folks at SOE have posted their top 10 reasons for attending this year's SOE Fan Faire to entice players to join the festivities.

If you need a little convincing that Fan Faire is the place to be this June, or if you're already planning to go and you just want to add a little jolt to your excitement, then we've got some fuel to add to the fire! Here are our Top 10 Fun Things To Do at Fan Faire 2009!

10. Enjoy the summer sun! (Or at least look at it from your hotel room window.) If you need a break from the glow of the monitor, Vegas is the perfect place to see daylight, and lots of it. Or if you're working hard on your gamer tan, you can stay safely in the air conditioning and enjoy Sin City's fine interior offerings.

9. Freebies, giveaways, shwag...whatever you call 'em. We all like to get fun little gadgets and gizmos. Who knows what will be in the bag this year? You'll have to come to find out!

8. Compete for awesome prizes by showing off your best in-game emote, impersonating your favorite NPC, or squeezing into teeeeeny pink t-shirts!

7. Live Quests! It's just like living in your favorite game! Only without the armor, or the weapons, or the terrain, or the... But they're still fun!

Read more here.

Champions Online : Meet the Team: Tara Jennings

Posted May 04, 2009 by Keith Cross

Cryptic has posted a new internal interview with Tara "IronAngel" Jennings from the Online Community Relations department of Champions Online.

Pay no attention to the woman behind the forums – no, wait – come meet her! She’s the power behind the forums, the organizer of the contests – meet Tara “IronAngel” Jennings.

Q: What do you do on Champions Online?
A: I work in the Online Community Relations department, where I get to interact with the Champions Online public and beta communities. I get to hang out in the forums, on IRC, and help get as much feedback as I can to the devs from the Beta Community.

Read more here.

Shot Online : ALS Charity Event

Posted May 04, 2009 by Keith Cross

GamesCampus has announced that they are holding a charity event in Shot Online to support of ALS research. For every player who completes the 18-hole Sasori course, GamesCampus will donate one dollar to the Driving 4 Life organization.

San Jose, Calif. (May 4, 2009) - San Jose-based online game publisher, (, run by OnNet USA), today announced the second annual online ALS Charity Tournament for its popular MMO golf simulation game, Shot-Online. The memorial event has been held annually since 2006 to remember a Shot-Online player who passed away from ALS (commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease).

The GamesCampus ALS Charity Tournament is underway and will run through May 14th on the Shot-Online Sasori golf course. Players of any skill level are welcome to join the charity event. GamesCampus will donate $1 for every player who completes the entire 18-hole Sasori course in the Shot-Online game. GamesCampus will also waive the green fees for all participants. All proceeds from the tournament will be donated to the Driving 4 Life organization to benefit its ALS Therapy Development Institute and ALS research efforts.

"We are pleased to announce our annual event for this great cause and proud to provide all proceeds from the tournament to the Driving 4 Life organization to help raise awareness and cure ALS," said Tony Liu, Producer of Shot Online. "We encourage all Shot-Online players as well as their friends and family members to take part in this special event which is for such a great cause."

Read more here.

Eudemons : Divine Path Coming May 8th

Posted May 04, 2009 by Keith Cross

TQ Digital has announced that the Divine Path expansion will arrive in Eudemons Online on May 8th.

TQ Digital is proud to announce that the Eudemons expansion, The Divine Path, will be unveiled to players on May 8th. In the expansion, the Twelve Olympians are planning to reorder the mortal world. Great adventurers will start the new journey in the once forbidden Divine Realm to then pursue god-like power.

Main New Features

Divine Realm
Adventurers will be able to enter the Divine Realm, in which they will observe magnificent statues of the Twelve Olympians, receive a series of new quests and have a glimpse of stories behind these omniscient deities.

Read more here.

World of Warcraft : Children's Week

Posted May 04, 2009 by Keith Cross

Blizzard has announced the beginning of Children's Week in World of Warcraft, an odd event that sees adventurers teamed with orphans for fun and profit.

Children's Week is celebrated once a year in Orgrimmar, Stormwind, and Shattrath City. The week-long celebration is a time to give back to the innocents of war: the orphans! This year's occurrence of the holiday is accompanied by new achievements, which can be found in the World Events tab of the Achievements menu.

Read more here.

Warhammer Online : War Grab Bag

Posted May 04, 2009 by Keith Cross

The folks at Mythic have posted a new grab bag, where they answer Warhammer Online community questions on a variety of topics.

Q. The iron spikes Mohawk for slayers—I want one bad. Is there going to be another way for us to get one?

A. We’ll be giving out the iron spikes Mohawk (Snorri’s Spikes) at all of the Games Day events we’ll be attending (Baltimore, Toronto, and Chicago). We’ll be handing out exclusive in-game items at all of the tradeshows we attend this year, so keep an eye on the Herald and Newsletter for where we’ll be next!

Q. Are there any plans on reworking skills (group heals come to mind) that cause frame-rate slowdown on slower computers to make it more possible to function in high-latency combat situations without lowering the settings?

A. Our number one priority currently is server performance. As such, we are looking at the entire combat system (not just individual abilities) very closely in order to improve and optimize server performance.

Read more here.

General : Richard Aihoshi: F2P Isn't A Dirty Word

Posted May 04, 2009 by Dana Massey

To many people "free to play" is a dirty word. To Richard Aihoshi, that isn't fair and in his second column looks at this debate and general perception in the community.

Check back each Monday for more from Richard Aihoshi in his weekly look at the free to play genre.

That's one of the reactions I'm used to seeing when I talk about the free to play MMOG category in a manner that isn't derogatory. So it came as no surprise that some of the posts in the discussion following my column last week were like that. You may know the kind from seeing them there or elsewhere. They basically say F2Ps suck while providing no real basis to support simultaneously tarring hundreds of diverse titles with the same proverbial brush. Some say they've tried a couple, but others...

These people are, of course, entitled to have and to express opinions that diverge from my own. Indeed, I've taken part in many sessions that were highly enjoyable because they involved looking into and even vigorously debating differing points of view. But I've never truly understood the kind of knee-jerk reactions that often happen in the F2P area, and that do nothing to promote constructive, thoughtful, interesting exchanges. So, I'd like to set a couple of things straight about some of the ways people react.

The full column is here.

Champions Online : Exclusive Screenshots

Posted May 04, 2009 by Jon Wood

The team over at Cryptic Studios has provided us with these three new and exclusive images from their upcoming MMORPG Champions Online.

Champions Online Screenshot

Check out the screens

Wizard101 : The Ups & Downs of Shopping, UI and Loot

Posted May 04, 2009 by Jon Wood Wizard 101 Correspondent Matt Plourde writes this article focusing on the UI, Shopping and Loot aspects of the game looking at how each system hits and how they miss.

Okay, the gloves are off for this one. I'm a big Wizard 101 fan, and I continue to play & enjoy my time in the Spiral. However, there are some glaring holes in the Interface, Shopping & Loot systems. Some of these pitfalls can be navigated, and some are just part of the experience. Hopefully, you'll find some useful tips below!


Wizard 101 does several things right: your view is not cluttered with windows, bars, or a massive radar. Aside from a few unobtrusive icons around the corners of your screen, the main view is dominated by the 3D world and your character - bravo! This is no small feat for a modern MMORPG.

Read The Ups & Downs of Shopping, UI and Loot

City of Heroes : Mission Architect Guide

Posted May 04, 2009 by Jon Wood City of Heroes Correspondent Pamela Blalock writes this guide to the recently added Mission Architect system in NCsoft's City of Heroes


With the latest update to City of Heroes/Villains, the much talked about Mission Architect feature was added, allowing players to create custom missions. Those missions are published for the community, giving all players access to play, rate, and comment on them.

This is a quick guide on how to make a mission using CoH's Mission Architect. With the right amount of time invested in mission making, you can really make something great. It's important to know that this feature does not allow you to make a custom map, but rather lets you choose from several pre-made maps.

Read the Mission Architect Guide

Aion : Not Just a New Lineage

Posted May 04, 2009 by Jon Wood contributor Tricia "Seridove" Bennon writes this look at NCsoft's upcoming PvPvE MMO Aion from the perspective of a Lineage II fan.

After pulling the plug on their sci-fi title Tabula Rasa, NCSoft is refocusing and getting back into the game. We already know that NCSoft can deliver a triple A fantasy based MMO title. The question on everyone's mind is: Will AION be fresh and new or will it merely be a Lineage II clone?

If all it took was stunning graphics, a continuous and in-depth quest based story line, and involved large scale player versus combat then AION just might fill the role of being heralded as Lineage III. However, AION delivers so much more. It takes those elements we love in games and makes them better. No, it does more than that. AION spreads its wings and soars to new heights.

Read Not Just a New Lineage

Mir 2 : Get Your Gift Key!

Posted May 02, 2009 by Craig McGregor has been given gift keys for Mir2 to give to our community members. This game is currently in open beta testing. Get your key while supplies last!

Each key will give a random item to players creating a new account.


General : Sanya Weathers's MMO Underbelly Debuts

Posted May 01, 2009 by Dana Massey

A look under the hood from this pioneer in the field of Community Management. Weathers was once the Director of Community Relations for Mythic Entertainment, where she helped launch Dark Age of Camelot.

Check back each Friday for more from Sanya.

Now, her debut column, "The Server Stability Blues:"

A short time ago, I was playing my favorite MMO, and there were… issues. My server is somewhat overcrowded compared to some of the other servers in the list, and it shows. We periodically froze in place. In the north part of the zone, melee simply didn’t land and the monsters got the icon for “hey, I can’t hit you.” At least, until you got out of range and got hit with the critter’s ranged attacks, which meant that anyone of the melee classes simply couldn’t play. All was fine in the southern end of the zone, until the entire server wobbled and dumped a third of the players.

OOC was, predictably and understandably, filled with frustration.

Then came one particular outburst. “(Insert game developer) doesn’t *care* about server stability!”

Read it all here.

CitiesXL : New Screenshots

Posted May 01, 2009 by Keith Cross

To complement today's overview of CitiesXL we present four new screenshots from this city building MMO.

MMORPG Screenshot

See more CitiesXL screenshots.

Darkfall : Latest Patch Notes

Posted May 01, 2009 by Keith Cross

Aventurine has posted the patch notes to today's patch for Darkfall, which aims to improve play for solo or small groups of players.

In today’s patch we introduce the first step of our ongoing commitment to improving the Darkfall PvE and solo/small group experience. We’ve added new low level spawns and updated many existing spawns to be more suited for solo players or small groups. These spawns are primarily located on the sub-continents and on the various small islands surrounding the mainland of Agon. This placement should make it easier to find secluded spots to hunt at.

This will enhance the following dynamics in Darkfall:

- More secluded spawns you can handle alone or with a friend
- More opportunities for solo players or small groups to make gold
- More readily available reagents for spell-casting
- As smaller groups become more viable, small scale PvP frequency will increase significantly.
- More purchasing power for individual players means a significant boost for the crafted items market

While we continue improving the solo to small group experience, our next PvE balancing priority is to improve things for larger groups.

Read more here.

Star Trek Online : New Ship Revealed

Posted May 01, 2009 by Keith Cross

Cryptic Studios has released new information about the types of ships that will be available in Star trek Online, this time looking at the Type VII science vessel.

It is believed that this class of ship was originally designed by a private Cardassian corporation. The Cardassians frequently contract with the Ferengi to handle sales and distribution of their raw materials and technology, an arrangement that allows the Cardassians to realize a profit on their efforts quickly. However, Ferengi salesmen are more than willing to covertly provide technical specifications or design schematics to anyone, for the right price.

Because this class of space vessel has been copied and modified by so many different races, it is impossible for Starfleet to provide specifics about the capabilities of any particular Type VII vessel.

The Type VII is most often used for scientific purposes, rather than transport or defense. It is equipped with limited weaponry, and upgrading the offensive capabilities of a Type VII ship come at the cost of limiting power for sensors and laboratories. However, that has not stopped some captains from adding additional weapons. Captains are warned not to assume that a Type VII will be ill-equipped for battle.

Read more here.

Pirates of the Burning Sea : Point Battle System Overview

Posted May 01, 2009 by Keith Cross

FLS has posted an overview of the Point Battle system in Pirates of the burning Sea, which is a variant rule set of a typical skirmish battle.

Point Battles

Skirmish was created to give you a way to try out battles and experiment in ways that can’t happen elsewhere in the game. In a normal skirmish, you can set restrictions on what is allowed in a match. This leads to everyone building to the limit of those restrictions. Why take a player in a sloop if the same slot can be filled by a high end frigate? That’s where point battles enter the picture.
What is a point battle?

Every battle in Pirates of the Burning Sea is restricted by the number of players. With the point battle option checked in skirmish, the limit switches from player count to player strength. The battle creator can set a point value for each side in a skirmish, and then players can fill up each side until they hit the point cap. This allows organized groups to arrange battles and find good configurations for a point cap. Sure, you can field a full group of SOLs with a high point cap, but then you might find yourself heavily outnumbered by a mixed fleet of cutters, frigates and maybe a flagship. Ever want to try an all-sloop versus all-SOL battle? Now you can.

Read more here.

Star Trek Online : Ask Cryptic, Volume 10

Posted May 01, 2009 by Keith Cross

In the latest edition of Ask Cryptic, the folks behind Star Trek Online answer community questions on a diverse array of topics, including interstellar travel, away missions, collisions, balancing races, and more.

It was explained that interstellar flight will basically be a type of "over world" view. Can we get a further clarification on this? Would this mean that gallivanting around the galaxy will be similar to Pirates of the Burning Sea in that when not engaged in combat or other special case scenarios we will be in an over world view that basically is a sped up version of travel time? Will solar systems and planetary orbits be personalized instances or will everyone be able to enter it without an invitation? Will combat with other ships be instanced that others can join in from the "over world" map?

Yes, in some ways it will be similar. We actually have three levels of maps. There’s the sector space map, which you’ll be in when you’re going across the galaxy and traveling from one system to another. It’s not entirely flat, but also not completely 3D. There are dimensions to it. You’ll see sector grids, planets, solar systems, space stations, nebulas, anomalies and all sorts of different points of interest. You’ll see and interact with other players in sector space. You’ll also be doing a lot of your exploration in sector space. For example, you may be traveling across the galaxy when your com officer suddenly says, “Captain, there’s a distress call!” At that point, you get to follow up on that distress call, enter that system and engage in that mission.

That’s the second level of map. When you go into points of interest the game opens up a 3D space map (or system map) where you can engage in combat. Many of these will be instanced just for you. Some of them will be persistent so that you can go in and other people can join you. For example, there will be a persistent Klingon battlefront where the Klingons are fighting the Romulans. Something will always be going on there and anyone can join in. In instances you can go in alone or your team members can join you.

Read more here.

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