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EVE Online : Making a Successful Corporation, Part 3

Posted Dec 03, 2008 by Jon Wood EVE Online Correspondent Sam Guss writes this guide to starting a successful corporation in CCP's EVE Online.

To pick up where we left off, we saw how our fictional Eve Corporation, Plasma Creations uses taxes to bring in the ISK to pay for its overhead costs through the use of taxes. Like any corporation though, you will want to bring in a steady stream of profit in order to expand and develop into an even more prestigious corporation.

The first thing we need to do after we determine our standard overhead costs is to find out our operating costs. Operating costs differ from overhead costs because they are more pliable and fluctuate more often, usually based off of the current market in EVE. In Plasma Creations we have four divisions within the corporation:


EVE Online Screenshot

Read Making a Successful Corporation, Part 3

General : Best Expansion in 2008

Posted Dec 03, 2008 by Jon Wood

Today, we present our nominees for the Best Expansion in 2008 category of our 2008 Reader's Choice Awards. In order to qualify for nomination, the product must have been an expansion (and not simply billed as an update. This year, we are including both paid for and free expansions in our list of nominees.

  • Empyrean Age (EVE Online)
  • Mines of Moria (Lord of the Rings Online)
  • Seeds of Destruction (EverQuest)
  • The Shadow Odyssey (EverQuest II)
  • The Shadow Odyssey (EverQuest II)
  • Wrath of the Lich King (World of Warcraft)

Vote for the Best Expansion in 2008

Lord of the Rings Online : Hero’s Guide to the Silvertine Lodes

Posted Dec 03, 2008 by Keith Cross

Teh folks at Turbine have posted a Hero’s Guide to the Silvertine Lodes, which introduces players to this new area which was added with The Mines of Moria.

Lord of the Rings Online Screenshot

Deep in the belly of the great Misty Mountain peak called Celebdil by the Elves, Zirak-zigil by the Dwarves, and Silvertine by Men, one of the great quarries of Khazad-dûm lays in shadow and dust, waiting for its restoration, waiting for the echoes of pick-axes and miners’ songs to fill its empty caverns and tunnels once more. This deep place, known as the Silvertine Lodes, once glittered with ore and shone with the light of crystal lamps glinting off raw mithril. Now it gapes like a hole not just in the earth but in the image of Khazad-dûm.

Once, many long centuries ago, this hole was begun beneath the mountain to supply stone for great palaces and castles in Khazad-dûm and in far-off kingdoms beyond. But the Dwarves of Moria kept digging, beyond caution or reason, mad in their pursuit of mithril, until the Silvertine Lodes were all but exhausted. They scratched away at the dignity of the mines until little was left but a pit in the earth.

Read more here.

Myth War 2 : 2-Reborn System Overview

Posted Dec 03, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at Myth War II Online have posted information about the games new 2-Reborn system, which allows high level characters a new lease on life.

Myth War II Online ( team are proud to release some new avatars from the highly anticipated 2-Reborn System which is still under development. All character avatars will probably be ready for launch in mid-February 2009.

The 2-Reborn system is for high level characters that have completed their first rebirth and are looking for the next step; a new challenge. Reborn players will get bonus stat points and additional resistance bonuses. They can build cool personalized avatars starting with the selection of gender and class and ending with hair, skin color, clothing and body type. The game designers have been working hard to make all the common avatar personalization options available.

The great news is that the people from the Myth War online team have completed their Borg avatar concepts. The following are concept images of the new 2-Reborn Borg avatars.

Read more here.

Wonderland Online : Version 3 Item Overview

Posted Dec 03, 2008 by Keith Cross

IGG has released new information on some of the new and useful items that will be available to players with version 3 of Wonderland Online.

The Wonderland Online Team ( has announced that 3 more new items from version 3 are now available for all players to enjoy. Is it annoying that traveling involves so much hassle? Do you want to talk with your Maid Robot as you wish? Do you want to avoid losing both you and your pets' EXP caused by death? The New Items in Version 3 are here to make all these dreams come true!

The following are details about the 3 new items:

Wisdom Crystal

1. Double click the Maid Robot you have purchase and a Wit Maid manufacturing window will pop up. One Maid Robot and one Wisdom Crystal are needed to make a Wit Maid.
2. Click the Wit Maid and you may be surprised to find that the Wit Maid can talk to you.
3. Function 1: Players can store or draw pets at any time.
4. Function 2: It can be used as a mobile tent which allows players to deposit and draw items freely without opening their tent.
5. Function 3: Players can order human pets to do the manufacturing instead of themselves.

Boarded Voucher

1. Go find the sailor NPCs at the beach or docks and talk with them. The quantity of the tickets will differ according to the distance.
2. For teams, the team leader can give the NPC all required tickets so that all members will travel together.

Protective EXP Pill

The EXP loss caused by death in a higher level character can be a big deal for all players. Players should be very careful in AFK mode, when completing quests or PK, because every death will lead to several days' EXP obtained through hard work being lost. However, this is not a problem if you use a Protective EXP Pill. This item does exactly what it says, namely, protect players' EXP from being deducted after death during the effective time. But it only protects players EXP, nothing else.

Both player and pet will not lose any experience for 3 hours after using a Protective EXP Pill. One Protective EXP Pill can only be used. Players can click the icon at the right bottom corner to find out how much time is left. Remember, Protective EXP Pills cannot be traded.

Read more here.

Warhammer Online : Cruel as Ice, Cold as Steel, Chapter 2

Posted Dec 03, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at Warhammer Online have posted the second chapter of Cruel as Ice, Cold as Steel, a piece of fiction set in the Age of Reckoning.

First came the layers of heavy, indigo-hued woolen robes and steel-toed leather boots, then a reinforced kheitan made of quilted fabric and tanned human hide. Over the kheitan went a hauberk of blackened steel mail, with long sleeves and a broad skirt that hung down to mid-calf. The weight of the steel rings rested heavily on Rathann’s strong shoulders, aggravating the pain of the many bruises and shallow cuts that marked his arms and torso. The druchii scarcely noticed. He’d suffered worse on a daily basis during his years of training.

The audience hall was silent once more as Rathann laced up the front of the chain hauberk and reached for the gleaming black breastplate hanging from the wooden arming stand. The long ranks of Black Guards lining the chamber were silent and still once more, watching the Dark Elf’s every move. Buckling on the complicated layers of armor was normally a task for one or more trained slaves, but the Black Guard were trained to do without such luxuries. Rathann’s bloodstained fingers worked swiftly and surely, cinching the straps and setting the hooks with deft, practiced movements.

Read more here.

Spellborn : Combat Guide

Posted Dec 02, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at the Chronicles of Spellborn have posted a guide to the game's unique combat system, giving tips and tricks on how to survive your first battles.

Manual Dodging
Keeping your health level high enough to stay in combat longer
Spellborn features fast-paced, action rich combat. The need to aim to hit a target is generally well understood. The fact you have to dodge is not. Most new players will stand their ground, exchanging blows with an opponent and whilst the opponent goes down, so does the players health. These players generally fight a single mob, retreat from combat and then sit down to regenerate their health. Although it certainly works, it is not what we had in mind with fast paced combat.

Spellborn offers a more fun solution: manual dodging! You can evade attacks of enemies if you maneuver your character out of the way fast enough.

To try it out, find low level boars. Generally they can be found near the City of Hawksmouth's Spawn Shrine and the Lumber Yard. A boar has a rather predictable attack pattern:

· It will notice you
· It will run towards you
· When close enough, it will stop moving
· Within about a second it will execute its attack
· If needed, it will start running again to catch up with you
· It will stop moving again to attack

The start of the attack is recognizable from the sound and the animation. To notice this easily, let a boar come close (use ranged attacks to “lure” it) and at a certain distance it stops moving. If you learn and anticipate this distance and move away from the boar (strafing works best), you can evade the attack. It requires some timing, and lots of practice but you can evade an attack this way.

Read more here.

Warhammer Online : Update 1.0.6 Release Notes

Posted Dec 02, 2008 by Keith Cross

Mythic Entertainment has posted the release notes for Game Update 1.0.6 for Warhammer Online.

This is our biggest update yet! It's chock-full of exciting career changes and heralds the debut of the highly anticipated Black Guard and Knight of the Blazing Sun careers. If you've finished the Heavy Metal event and have opened your Heavy Metal Chest, then you will be able to play a Black Guard and Knight of the Blazing Sun when this patch goes live (before anyone else!). For those of you who did not complete the Heavy Metal event, don't fret! You, too, will be able to play these two new careers starting next week.

This update is so massive that we needed to split the notes into two sections. So, without further ado, on with the notes! WAAAGH!!!

* New Careers Released! - With this version we are happy to announce the release of the Empire’s Knight of the Blazing Sun, and the Dark Elf’s Black Guard! These new careers are available early for players who have successfully completed the Heavy Metal Event!

* Mastery Point Refunds – Due to a number of significant changes to many of our careers, we are providing a full Mastery Point refund to certain careers. Players who belong to one of the careers below will need to speak with a Trainer to retrain their Career Mastery:
o Bright Wizard
o Chosen
o Engineer
o Ironbreaker
o Magus
o Shadow Warrior
o Sorcerer
o Squig Herder
o Swordmaster

Read more here.

Voyage Century Online : Christmas Events

Posted Dec 02, 2008 by Keith Cross

IGG has announced a series of events and bonuses to celebrate the holiday season.

When December rolls around, everyone here at IGG can’t help but think of Christmas. So the good people at Voyage Century are going to put some seasonings on the holidays to make this one HOT Christmas.

2.5x Drop Rate Event

Starting on December 1st, this event will offer players the chance to get 2.5x drop rates. Those players who have been looking for mysterious treasures shouldn’t miss this rare opportunity.

2.5x Profits from Business Trips

Players will enjoy 2.5x profits from business trips from December 1st to December 7th. Meanwhile players can buy Sea Mermaid in the Item Mall to prevent them from being hit by storms.

Ordinary Gear for Advanced Gear

Freezing gear is probably the best gear in Voyage Century right now. During the event, players will be able to exchange for freezing gear until December 31st.

Exciting and amazing things happen every day of December in Voyage Century!

Read more here.

Angels Online : Outpost Battlefield Overview

Posted Dec 02, 2008 by Keith Cross

IGG has prepared an overview of the Outpost Battlefield and the game's PvP system.

After the release of the Lost Atlantis, a new PVP system called Holy Battlefield is now available for all players to enjoy. It has evolved based on the Outpost Battlefield and the Totem Battle. Players must have been very familiar with the Totem Battle, so today the Angels Online team is giving a brief introduction concerning the Outpost Battlefield.

Outpost Battlefield

The Outpost Battlefield was the first PVP system released for Angels Online. Four appointed NPCs can be found in the four main cities. Different factions’ players can talk to corresponding NPCs and then enter the Outpost Battlefield and PK with players from other factions.

In order to protect lower level players, there will be two maps for level 21-40 players and level 41-60 players respectively. Players will be teleported to the corresponding map according to their level.


Fighting system players always charge forward under heavy fire like tanks, and are very important in the Outpost Battlefield. Magic players should deal as much damage as they can in time to soften up their enemies for the main tanks. If there are more than two factions’ on a map, players who take part in the Outpost Battlefield the first time may become flustered, and this can be disastrous during battle.

Boss Monsters & Production

Monsters which are as powerful as BOSSes will come to the Outpost Battlefield from 6:00pm to 12:00am everyday. Players can organize teams to defeat these monsters and obtain certain Riddle Pieces. 200 Riddle Pieces can be exchanged for a Certificate.

A guild with more Certificates has a chance to occupy a map in advance in the Totem Battle. On the battlefield, production players can obtain some Riddle Pieces as well by collecting high-level materials. However, their Riddle Pieces are much sought after, these players may be attacked by players from other factions. It is better for them to team up with other fighters and collect materials together.

Read more here.

Face of Mankind : Face of Mankind Re-Launch

Posted Dec 02, 2008 by Keith Cross

Duplex Systems and Nexeon Technologies have announced their plans to re-launch Face of Mankind and have detailed some of the changes they are in the process of making to the game.

Berlin, Germany - December 1, 2008 - Duplex Systems and Nexeon Technologies proudly announce that Duplex Systems' massively multiplayer action RPG "Face of Mankind" will be launched again in a joint cooperation.
After the server shutdown in late November 2007 and Duplex Systems' former publisher Ojom GmbH leaving the project, their developers were facing difficult times. Despite all the obstacles, work on the project forged ahead during the entire time. The networking and server technologies were rebuilt from scratch, featuring new networking technology and a completely rewritten server.

In an effort to bring back Face of Mankind to the public, Duplex Systems secured the complete rights to all assets needed to operate and distribute their MMO independently. To divide work force and concentrate on developing, improving and operating the game, Duplex Systems has partnered with Nexeon Technologies, a company with a wealth of professional expertise in game services and server hosting. Nexeon will provide billing services, server hosting and operating forums for Face of Mankind. Due to the newly developed server architecture, the Face of Mankind servers will be located both in North America and Western Europe, while still being one single persistent universe.

Some previously unannounced features and changes will debut in this Face of Mankind re-launch. The developers spent significant time on rethinking all game features in order to realize their original vision of a completely player-driven MMOG with real-time combat.

Some features had to be removed, while others had to be improved or expanded. Professions and squads were dropped and the concept of missions, campaigns and objectives has been simplified. Item handling, mining, production and the markets have received a complete revision as well. Plus, world takeover (previously known as colony takeover) has been improved to make it more exciting.

Read more here.

Guild Wars : Wintersday 2008 Art Contest

Posted Dec 02, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at Guild Wars are holding a Wintersday Art Contest in celebration of the end of the year holiday season.

The temperature is dropping and the calendar is down to its last few pages, which means the year-end holidays are upon us—and that means it's time for the annual Guild Wars® Wintersday Art Contest. If you've ever wanted to creatively combine your holiday spirit with your love of Guild Wars, this is your golden opportunity.

To participate, put your imagination and your artistic talents to work by crafting a piece of seasonal art with a holiday tone and a Guild Wars theme. Any and all ideas are welcome: draft an invitation to the Wintersday Festival, create a poster celebrating the event, or assemble a holiday collage with images of Guild Wars characters. Whatever you choose to create, in whatever medium, don't miss this chance to share your artistic gifts and spread some seasonal joy!

Read more here.

Champions Online : Ask Cryptic: Bill Roper Edition

Posted Dec 02, 2008 by Keith Cross

Cryptic Studios has posted another edition of ask Cryptic, where they answer questions from the Champions Online community. This time around the questions are directed at and answered by design director Bill Roper.

Today we have a special edition of the Ask Cryptic series, featuring design director Bill Roper answering community questions about crafting, what he's mostlooking forward to in the game, how he came to be involved with Champions Online, as well as his past, present and plans for the future! Thanks to Bill for his answers and this opportunity to get to know him a little bit better!

How big a role will crafting play in our hero's lives? (Neonox)

Crafting is something that anyone can do, but isn’t required for advancement in the game. We’re working on a crafting system that has some really unique twists. The system also allows players who don’t craft to still be an active part of the crafting community.

Bill, what is your favorite movie of all time? (xander2351)

I’m a movie fanatic (I own somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,000 DVDs), so that’s actually a really difficult question. The original Star Wars and Indiana Jones trilogies were incredibly influential, as were the first two Terminator and Alien movies. Silverado and Unforgiven are two of my favorite westerns. Seven Samurai, This is Spinal Tap, Pulp Fiction, Ghostbusters, The Usual Suspects, Army of Darkness... you get the idea.

Read more here.

Age of Conan : Server Merges Begin This Week

Posted Dec 02, 2008 by Keith Cross

Funcom has posted an update on the Age of Conan server mergers which were announced by Game Director Craig Morrison back in late September. The update also states that when the merges are complete, players will be given free character transfers and several new 'fresh start' servers will be introduced.

As announced a few weeks ago, we will merge the Age of Conan servers before the Christmas Holidays. Today we want to give you some detailed information about how these merges will happen and what this will mean for you, the players.

We will be spreading the server merges over the next few weeks so not all the servers will be merged at the exact same time. It is important to us to ensure that the merge process goes as smooth as possible. Therefore it is vital that we spread out the work rather than doing these complicated processes all at the same time in order to minimize possible risks.

The first servers that will be merged are the US servers ‘Bloodspire’ and ‘Hyperborea’. The list of servers for the next merges will be published shortly.

It is important to know that during the time servers will be merged, all servers of the same territory (US or EU) will not be available. This means that during this week's downtime - where the two above mentioned servers are merged - all US servers will be unavailable. The exact duration of such a downtime will be announced soon but we do expect them to be longer than the usual update downtime.

Age of Conan Screenshot

Read more here.

General : Favorite MMO Studio

Posted Dec 02, 2008 by Jon Wood

In the world of MMORPGs, a lot can be said about the studios developing the games that we play. Some have lost our trust or confidence entirely, while others have impressed us and gained our loyalty. This category has been created so that you can tell us which of the six editorial staff nominated studios you like best.

Have you ever bought a product simply because of the manufacturer’s name on the label? Ever bought a pair of Nike shoes, or maybe you’re a Toyota driver for life. Are you a Microsoft diehard, maybe you’re an Apple user. Whatever the product in question, people tend to become attached to particular companies and will tend to go back to those companies time and time again. This can be for any number of reasons, maybe you just like their product, maybe you like the way they handle customer support, maybe they always put the customer first or maybe you just like their logo.

In the world of MMORPGs, a lot can be said about the studios developing the games that we play. Some have lost our trust or confidence entirely, while others have impressed us and gained our loyalty.

Vote for your Favorite MMO Studio

Roma Victor : Character Systems Part Two

Posted Dec 02, 2008 by Jon Wood Roma Victor Correspondent Phil Zieg writes this overview of the character system in the roman-era based game.

Roma Victor Screenshot

Creating a Character

To create a character, a player must login to the RV forums and go to the Participant Menu>Account Page. Characters can be either Roma (Roman) or Barbaricum (barbarian).

Roman characters begin the game as “slaves” at Corstopitum, a Roman town south of Hadrian’s Wall. Being a slave does not mean the character must serve other players. It is a class designation for Roman characters who have not achieved citizen status. There is very little real difference between a Roman slave and a Roman citizen, although it may be a factor in roleplay. But citizenship, and its benefits and advantages, is another topic. Romans can also choose from a much greater number of ethnicities, as the Roman Empire ruled many areas, and included peoples of a wide array of cultural and ethnic origin. Character ethnicity is for roleplay purposes only. There are no inherent benefits or bonuses for any character ethnicity. Roman characters begin with white undergarments. The undergarments change to red when citizenship is attained.

Read Character Systems Part Two

City of Heroes : Getting Your Cape

Posted Dec 02, 2008 by Jon Wood City of Heroes Correspondent Marjorie Rhoadhouse writes this handy guide for players looking for get their capes at level 20 in NCsoft's City of Heroes.

The Facts:

Must be Level 20+ - Need Empty Mission Slot – See City Rep in City Hall Once the Talk-to’s Are Complete, Door Mission is Relatively Quick Soloing is Possible Depending on AT and Reputation (Difficulty)

Some History:

Capes were introduced in Issue 2, in September of 2004. The Cape Mission establishes in-game lore as to why heroes are barred from wearing capes until they are Level 20, and to give each a chance to prove himself worthy of wearing that most wondrous earmark of the proverbial superhero.


Nowhere in the game is the player informed of how and when to get a cape. Nor does the contact for the Cape Mission make herself available for the asking. Once a hero is Level 20, and if that hero has an empty mission slot and by chance happens to click on the City Rep, she’ll offer the mission.

City of Heroes Screenshot

Read Getting Your Cape

Runescape : RS Makes 2008 Top 10 Yahoo Search List

Posted Dec 01, 2008 by Keith Cross

Runescape has been named the 5th most popular search term used in Yahoo according to their annual rundown of search data.

The multi-player role-playing game's international popularity rests on its cheap access, ability to run on older computers, and compelling play. Its underground success has even led to a real black market, trading actual cash for RuneScape gold—and controversial restrictions to stop it. A new boss, graphics, and touted player-versus-player combat release signal the company's power play to step up in the RPG battle...and take hold at No. 5.

Read more here.

Find out how they come with list here.

Rappelz : Arabic Version Launches CBT

Posted Dec 01, 2008 by Keith Cross

Game Power 7 has announced that they have launched the closed beta test for the Arabic version of Rappelz.

Yes! The time has come for the first MMO online game in Arabic to be published in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region.

Game Power 7 ( , the first online game publisher in the region, has successfully launched the Arabic version of Rappelz ( Closed Beta Test (CBT) on November 25th.

Rappelz, a famous MMORPG that is published in more than 10 regions and countries), is the first MMO game to be localized and culturalized to Arabic language and culture, and the first that is serviced and operated within the region.

The launch was highly welcomed by Arab gamers who had been looking for an Arabic MMO game for a long time.

The commercial release of the game is expected to start by the end of January 2009.

Read more here.

Wonderland Online : Christmas Events

Posted Dec 01, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at Wonderland Online have posted details of their planned events for the Christmas Season.

Wonderland Online ( Team has announced that players will soon be able to get their hands on a Christmas Gift Box and enjoy Christmas a little bit early this year! Men and women will experience quite different effects when the wear a Christmas Cap and there is also another special Christmas item – the Christmas Suit! Players who wear it will become an adorable Santa Claus.

I. Christmas Gift Boxes I

Event Duration: December 1st—December 10th

Rewards: One Christmas Gift Box with one Christmas Cap and 3000 Gold in it

Event Rules: Players who purchase a card worth 1000 points or more can get it.

Read more here.

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