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Champions Online : Gen Con Interview with Randy Mosiondz

Posted Aug 22, 2008 by Keith Cross

While attending Gen Con Indy in Indianapolis last week, the team had the opportunity to sit down and talk to with Randy Mosiondz, the Lead Designer for Champions Online at Cryptic Studios, where they discussed fan response to Champions, design philosophy, and the features that make Champions an upcoming MMO to watch.

We had the chance to sit down and video an interview with Randy Mosiondz, the Lead Designer for Champions Online at Cryptic Studios. This convention marks the first time players have had the chance to get their hands on a playable version of Champions Online and according to Randy the feedback has been amazing so far. Over 5,000 people have visited the booth and played the game so far during the convention.

We also talked briefly about their forums, which went live about three months ago. Feedback has been coming in fairly steadily and Cryptic seems to be really listening to what their potential players are saying even though they haven't even laid hands on the game yet. One great example is how initially the game was designed to use an Archetype system for the characters. People on the forums were pretty vocal about not wanting to be locked into defined roles as superheroes... Instead of being "an elements guy" or such, they wanted the freedom to mix and match powers and create more unique characters, so Cryptic made the change.

Read more here.

Warhammer Online : Gen Con Overview: WAR

Posted Aug 22, 2008 by Keith Cross

While attending Gen Con Indy, Community Manager Richard Cox had the opportunity to sit down with Robert Mull, Community Relations Director for Mythic Entertainment. Their topic of conversation related to the importance of community to Warhammer Online and all MMOs.

So here it is, I sat down and interviewed the Community Relations Director for Mythic Entertainment, Robert Mull, and the world didn’t end. It actually went very smoothly and the video of it should come out very nice, it’s definitely our longest interview of the show so far. Obviously we want you to watch the video so I’ll just touch on some highlights here to whet your appetite while you wait for the video to be posted.

First off we talked about the community, how and why it is important to the game and to Mythic as a company. In the process of that we touched on future plans for community/fan gatherings along the lines of the Dark Age of Camelot Roundtables and Road Trips. And we also touched on post launch plans for participation in more generic conventions such as GenCon and Comic Con.

Read the overview here.

Or watch the video interview here.

Pirates of the Burning Sea : Gen Con Interview with Rusty Williams

Posted Aug 22, 2008 by Keith Cross

While in attendance at Gen Con Indy, the crew had the chance to sit down and talk to FLS CEO Rusty Williams about upcoming improvements to Pirates of the Burning Sea and their rapid pace in publishing updates since the games launch.

It’s not often you get to sit down and chat with the CEO of a development studio, but we did just that with Rusty Williams, CEO of Flying Labs Studio about their game Pirates of the Burning Sea. In this industry you talk to a lot of different types of people. Some come across kinda stuffy and almost rehearsed when talking about their product, others like Rusty, you can absolutely tell he loves what he does and the product he’s working on.

It was very apparent from our talk that Flying Lab Studios is very dedicated to Pirates of the Burning Sea and turning it into the amazing game it has the potential to be. Since the game launched in January, FLS has released a major updated every month so far. Currently they’re working on update 1.7 which will introduce new tutorials and overall improve the new player experience. It also adds a new camera system, added repeatable missions and new ad hoc rules on how you get into fights in the open sea, to help fight ganking.

Read more here.

Citadel of Sorcery : Correspondent - Introduction

Posted Aug 22, 2008 by Keith Cross

Citadel of Sorcery Correspondent Mike Balent pens this article that introduces players who may not be familiar with the game to the differences between CoS and other MMOs.


Citadel of Sorcery is an MMORPG currently in development. The game offers many unique features, and is finally breaking the mould of the countless clones in the market today. CoS will be a game that can challenge your mind, where decisions you make will affect your future, for better or for worse. Time to explain how I believe MMO Magic (the developers behind CoS) plan on doing this:

Quests in Citadel of Sorcery:

The quests in CoS are the true glory of the game. Let me start off by saying that these quests are not boring, uninteresting, linear quests. None of the “retrieve 10 pieces of fur from the wolves 15 miles away” quests that seem to flood today’s MMORPG market. These are no mindless quests that you can do when you are half asleep…Instead these quests will make you actually use your mind. The quests will make players have to think before they make every action, and players will NEVER be doing a linear, boring, uninteresting quest again!

Interested? Thought so, it only gets better from here on out.

Read more here.

Warhammer Online : Mythic Hiring for Operations Team

Posted Aug 22, 2008 by Keith Cross

Mythic has posted word that they are looking to hire new staff for their operations team. 

Our Operations team is looking for enthusiastic and talented individuals to join our ranks. If you or someone you know is a WAR fan and the desire to get in the game then check out these two jobs we currently have available. Become part of the Mythic Entertainment team and help us bring WAR to the World!

Read more here.

Lord of the Rings Online : Mines of Moria Expansion Overview

Posted Aug 22, 2008 by Jon Wood is in Leipzig, Germany for Games Convention. There, he took part in a presentation from LotRO Producer Aaron Campbell who told us a little bit about the game's upcoming Mines of Moria expansion.

At Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany, got its first real look at Lord of the Rings Online's upcoming expansion, The Mines of Moria. Fans of the Tolkien series will recognize the name, as the Followship passed through the massive underground city on their way to Lothlorien. The abandoned Dwarven kingdom, as you may recall, had become home to all kinds of evil, including the famous Balrog that Gandalf the Grey was forced to battle.

Well, the story for Lord of the Rings Online is that after the fellowship passed through Moria, the Dwarves begin an effort to fully reclaim their lost land. Hence, the influx of players into the mines and the action that will bring them there.

Read the article here.

EverQuest : Game Update Highlights

Posted Aug 21, 2008 by Richard Cox

The most recent update for Everquest includes new Hot Zones among many other things.

Franklin Teek has arrived in the Plane of Knowledge and will be happy to point you to the current location of a Hot Zone appropriate for your level. Franklin also has a series of tasks that can be done in each of the current Hot Zones. Each task can only be completed one time each day and you can only complete one of Franklin's Tasks. The following zones are now Hot Zones with increased experience and rewards:

Read more here.

General : SOE Fan Faire Community Address

Posted Aug 21, 2008 by Ben Krueger

Check out the community address from the recent SOE Fan Faire and we've hosted a short interview with John Smedley from the same event.  You can view the community address here and we've hosted the short interview with John below.

Video Interview Fan Faire Interview with John Smedley
Check out this little interview with John Smedley from the recent SOE Fan Faire


D&D Online : Stormreach Chronicle Unleashed

Posted Aug 21, 2008 by Jon Wood

Turbine has published the latest edition of the Stormreach Chronicle, which aims to keep Dungeons&Dragons Online informed of community events, forum activities, and more.

We're very happy to bring you this regular weekly feature, filled with spotlights on the great player activities around the DDO forums and in game! You'll also be able to find summaries of recent Turbine discussions and news, and links to helpful resources. Be on the lookout for rotating features in the Chronicle, and more segments. If you're interested in sending a submission in for the Chronicle you're more than welcome to contact any member of our Community Team. Please keep in mind that due to the volume of requests, we might not always be able to feature all submissions we receive. We appreciate your readership, and hope you enjoy the Chronicle!

Read more here.

EverQuest II : Expansion - The Shadow Odyssey

Posted Aug 21, 2008 by Jon Wood

MMORPG writer Carolyn Koh was at the recent SOE Fan Faire where a new expansion was officially announced for the well known game. Today, Carolyn files this report, giving us a few details about The Shadow Odyssey.

Senior Producer of EverQuest 2, Bruce Ferguson had several things to announce at the opening Keynote speech. The first was the launch of Guildhalls in the fall, the second was the upcoming zone that would be released for free, Vexar, and the third was that the fifth EverQuest 2 expansion, The Shadow Odyssey would be released on November 18, 2008.

The announcement was followed up the next day by a preview panel in a ballroom. Every single seat was filled, and players lined the sides and the back, standing or leaning against the walls or sitting on the carpeted floor. A total of 15 developers were in attendance to answer questions and as each introduced themselves, the crowd showed their appreciation with the Tradeskills designer receiving the most applause including hoots and hollars.

Read the article here.

Eudemons : Paladin Interview

Posted Aug 21, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at Eudemons Online have posted an interview with the player of the highest level Paladin in the game.

Klepto, the strongest paladin in New York in Eudemons Online, is favored by many of his friends and certainly envied by his enemies in the game. How has he practised enough so that only in one month he has leveled up to 118(level 128 now)? What is his story; in and outside the game? As an old player, he must want to say a lot about this game and mayeb even something about his friends. What's more, Klepto also mentioned he found love in game, which even became more than just an in-game on to find out more!

Read more here.

Warhammer Online : Community Interview

Posted Aug 21, 2008 by Jon Wood's Richard Cox interviews Warhammer Online's Community Relations Director Robert Mull about all things community relating to Warhammer Online.

Community Interview's Richard Cox interviews Warhammer Online's Community Relations Director Robert Mull about all things community relating to Warhammer Online.

Community Interview


Warhammer Online : August Newsletter Out

Posted Aug 21, 2008 by Richard Cox

Check those inboxes, it's hitting the web and it's packed full of information as always!

Some of the info contained in this month's newsletter:

  • Delving into Dungeons with an overview of the Lost Vale
  • Beta Details
  • Preorder Details
  • New Cinematic Trailer
  • Details about the NDA being mostly lifted
  • Prepaid Game Time Cards
  • And much much more!

Read more here.

Ryzom : Step Three

Posted Aug 21, 2008 by Richard Cox

Among changes to the free trial to remove geographic and level restrictions, all accounts with the exception of those who were banned can now play.

Dear Atysians,

We promised in our last message that we would remove the level cap and the geographical restriction to Free Trial accounts, and today we have done exactly that! That's right, if you were using an Unlimited Free Trial account and were stuck on Silan at level 21, now you can go where you want and level to your heart's content with absolutely no limitations!

Read more here.

Fiesta : Free Level 89 Expansion

Posted Aug 21, 2008 by Richard Cox

Outspark has launched a new free expansion for Fiesta Online which includes a level cap raise to 89 among many other things.

Outspark Launches Free Level 89 Expansion for Hit MMORPG Fiesta

New Maps, Apprentice System, Quests, Monsters and More Available Now

SAN FRANCISCO - August 20, 2008
Outspark, a leading publisher of immersive online multiplayer games, today announced the launch of the newest free expansion for the hit free-to-play MMORPG, Fiesta. Featuring new content including two challenging zones, brand new quests, a new in-game wedding feature, a new Monarch system, an increase in the game's level cap and much more, the expansion is available now for all Fiesta players. Visit now to join the community and experience the new in-game features.

"Millions of Outspark gamers have been anticipating this expansion, and we are very happy to yet again deliver what our players want," said Outspark founder and CEO Susan Choe. "This exciting new content release offers great stuff for veteran and new players alike."

Within the Level 89 Expansion, Fiesta players can now explore the treacherous, scalding expanses of Burning Rock and Flaming Mine—each rife with dangerous denizens and challenging quests. Players will enjoy upgraded player skills to help them move from level 79 to 89 and a brand new Kingdom Quest for characters at level 80 to 89. The expansion also includes an innovative apprentice system called the Monarch System, which lets seasoned gamers form mutually beneficial partnerships with new players. Masters earn a percentage of the in-game currency spent by their apprentices, while apprentices receive special class-specific items every 10 levels.

Fiesta players looking to "engage" even more with the community should check out the in-game wedding feature. Love-struck gamers can now purchase premium wedding dresses or tuxedos, and can purchase the Wedding Application in order to virtually tie the knot in a special ceremony at the game's scenic, remote Chapel in the Sky.

New Fiesta players will also find it easier to level up, as monsters between levels 1 and 30 now award 20% more experience. The game's quest system has also been overhauled with updated text and descriptions.

Read more here and here.

Mabinogi : The Next Generation of Mabinogi

Posted Aug 21, 2008 by Richard Cox

Generation 3 updates mainstream story line, adds weddings, new quests and improved pet functionality to Mabinogi.

Los Angeles, CA – August 20 2008 – Nexon America Inc. welcomes users to experience the next level of Mabinogi with the newest chapter in the magnificent free-to-play MMORPG, Generation Three. Players will need to overcome a mighty dragon which has been summoned to destroy the world. This episode offers marriage, new quests and added pet utilities, which will compliment the current wealth of game play options already found in the lands of Mabinogi.
The mainstream story quest delivers answers to open-ended questions as players uncover a secret about Erinn. Players will save the human world by recovering dungeon seals, which prevent the fomor, or monsters of Mabinogi, from escaping another world.

Characters in Mabinogi can enjoy a deeper experience within the game’s massive world with the introduction of the marriage system. Players will have the opportunity to not only obtain a wedding license but also tuxedos, wedding dresses, shoes and even a veil for the bride!
Players also gain additional command over their pets, as Generation 3 gives players the option to create programs to manage how pets interact in different situations throughout the game. Users will also appreciate upgrades to the pet’s controls and battle system.

Other additions to Mabinogi include the removal of a cap on combat skills, increased user interface options and several more items, books and character styles. The upgrade to Generation 3 will serve to keep players enriched in the riveting storyline and distinctive art style found in Mabinogi, which has captured the attention of millions of players worldwide who embrace the fantasy life.

Mabinogi will always be free to play but players interested in augmenting their game experience can get a taste of the premium paid services, Nao Support Service and Extra Storage Service, with a free seven-day trial. Both services and other premium offerings are found in the Mabinogi Premium Shop.

Read more here.

Pirates of the Burning Sea : Sink the Devs Event

Posted Aug 21, 2008 by Richard Cox

The Devs over at FLS will be sailing around the high seas of the test server, here's your chance to blow them out of the water!

Since Sunday’s event on Testbed we’ve made some significant improvements to the new camera and adhoc rules based on your feedback. Fraxl posted a devlog yesterday to outline these changes.

In the mean time, we’ve decided to schedule another event for this Friday, so that you can tell us if these changes have hit the mark.

To make things more interesting, a group of FLS staff will be sailing the PVP zones on Testbed ready to be sunk by take on all challengers! We’ll be online this Friday, August 22nd from noon – 1:00pm Pacific / 8:00pm – 9:00pm British Summer Time. Staff in attendance will include Taelorn, Misha, fraxl, Aether and Rusty. Yardarm will also be on hand to level people up and hand out doubloons.

Read more here.

Pirates of the Burning Sea : New DevBlog

Posted Aug 21, 2008 by Richard Cox

Fraxl posted a new DevBlog outlining the changes they made to the game based on last week's player event held on the testbed.

Last weekend’s Testbed event was a ton of fun and we got lots of great feedback about the new 1.7 features. Thank you to everyone who played and gave us constructive criticism! With all the discussion these changes have sparked, we knew we’d have to tweak the new systems to incorporate your feedback. I have the pleasure of writing this devlog to let you know exactly what we’re doing.

There were two main areas of concern for players on Testbed – new rules for PvP battles on the Open Sea and the new camera behavior. I’ll talk about PvP rules first. We’ve made four adjustments to the system based on your input.

Read more here.

Magic World Online : New Ingame Trivia Contest

Posted Aug 21, 2008 by Richard Cox

Now you can use your knowledge of the Olympics to gain XP in game and level your character!

With the help of the considerate MWO BOT, players are able to sit back and appreciate the fantastic accomplishments of all the Olympic athletes. Moved by the spectacular show of grace and athleticism, do you ever wonder if it is possible to transform the tremendous drive of the Olympics into some actual practice?

Magic World Online, the hottest new concept in MMORPG’s has just completed a new integration of a unique Q & A system into its sophisticated game world. The Trivia Contest purpose is to improve the knowledge and wisdom of the MWO players while still having fun. Only by answering some questions will your hero level up easily and quickly!

By teleporting your hero to Uptown by Sun City or Sky City Teleporter you can challenge the great Genius Boy in his Trivia Contest. By partaking in his contest you are assured great rewards of leveling experience points. The amount of experience points rewarded will be tailored to the hero’s level.

Quiz can be done once a day (system resets at 00:00 PST every day). Quiz contains 10 random multiple-choice questions, with 30 seconds' time limit for answering every question. Next question will appear automatically when current question is answered. If you answer a question correctly within in the time limit, the remaining amount of seconds will add to your final quiz points. 29 seconds left = 29 quiz points earned; 0 sec left = 0 quiz point earned. When your quiz is finished, click [Exit] to have system count (calculation based on character level) your total quiz points into experience points prize. The amount of experience point’s prize will be displayed on the lower right of your screen.

The trivia questioned used for the Trivia Contest comes from players like you; so if you would like to share your knowledge with others please do so via

Both physical and mental competences come from accumulation. So which hero has the greatest knowledge and wisdom? Which hero learns things so fast? Answers up to your mastery! Let's truly make progress every day, at leisure in Magic World Online!

Read more here.

World of Warcraft : Battlegrounds: Warsong Gulch

Posted Aug 21, 2008 by Jon Wood

World of Warcraft Correspondent Robert Duckworth pens this article giving some details and tricks for the Warsong Gulch Battleground in WoW.

The new Sands of the Ancients battleground is fast approaching along with the rest of Wrath of the Lich King. Just because there is a new battleground does not mean that it is going to replace the old ones though. All four currently in The Burning Crusade, from Warsong Gulch to Eye of the Storm, are going to remain an integeral part of PvP life in World of Warcraft. At this point even the same tokens and the system of secondary PvP rewards through honor is planned. So while there have been no changes announced to the old battlegrounds, that does not mean they don't deserve a look. The next few articles will cover the battlegrounds in depth and discuss the important finer points of each one.

Read the whole thing here.

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