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Warhammer Online : Art Book and Graphic Novel Samples

Posted Mar 26, 2008 by Jon Wood

EA Mythic has released these sample pages first from the art book and the other from the graphic novel. Both items were announced to be available with the Collector's Edition.

Check them all out here.

Lord of the Rings Online : Exploring Middle-earth: Tâl Bruinen

Posted Mar 26, 2008 by Keith Cross

The Lord of the Rings Online Lorebook has been updated with a look at Tâl Bruinen, a region near Rivendell and the Trollshaws where civilization has grown scarce.

South of Rivendell and the Trollshaws, following the course of the river Bruinen south toward Hollin, lies a relatively uninhabited region known as Tâl Bruinen, where many small villages once stood. Time and troll-raids diminished them greatly, leaving the land mostly devoid of civilization save for a few fishermen and adventurous hunters. There was a time when Elves travelled frequently through Tâl Bruinen, but since the fall of Fornost in the West even their presence in the wilderness has become scarce.

In recent days, evil has begun to creep into Tâl Bruinen. Bands of Orcs marching north out of Mordor and south from Mount Gundabad and Angmar harry travellers; foul worms inhabit the heights; and Gauredain in league with Angmar move against the Free Peoples.

Read more here.

Guild Wars : Guild of the Week

Posted Mar 26, 2008 by Keith Cross

ArenaNet has posted a profile of the guild [KISS], a guild which was created for play in Guild Wars two years ago, and this week's guild of the week.

The Passionate Kiss of Nosferatu is more than one guild. Rather, it's an assortment of various guilds, all sharing the [KISS] tag. And with over 800 members, it is hardly surprising that the KISS tag proliferates widely throughout Guild Wars.

What is the history of the guild?

[KISS] has been around almost two years and was built solely for Guild Wars.

Do you have a guild philosophy? What does the guild aim to achieve?

Teamwork, involvement from everyone, regular faction donations, hints and tips, and much more.

Read more here.

World of Warcraft : Arena Tournament Registration Open

Posted Mar 26, 2008 by Keith Cross

Blizzard has announced that registration for the 2008 World of Warcraft Arena Tournament is now open.  Registration cost $20, which buys a player access to the tournament realms, and grants eligibility to win a piece of a prize pool totaling $120,000.

We invite the most dedicated and skilled Arena combatants around the world to enter the new World of Warcraft Arena Tournament. Your glorious victories in the tournament will not only grant recognition and renown for your prowess, but they'll earn your team a chance to win cash prizes as well.

Within a structured format comprising two six-week-long qualifying rounds, players will battle on special tournament realms purely dedicated to the competitive format of 3v3 Arena matches. The characters used on these realms are new level 70s that you create, decked to the brim with PvP armor and weapons. The top teams from each qualifier will battle in regional live events, culminating in the global finals, which will feature a total prize pool of $120,000 -- $75,000 of which will go to the grand-prize-winning team!

Tournament registration is open to any active World of Warcraft account. Registration costs one payment of $20.00, which grants one World of Warcraft account access to the tournament realms for the duration of the six-week tourney. Players will be able to create up to three new characters on these realms, instantly level them to 70, and deck them out with a full set of PvP gear. Then form your new 3v3 team and enter the Arenas, where a whole new level of competitive play awaits you. Good luck!

Read more here.

Warhammer Online : Collector's Edition Info

Posted Mar 26, 2008 by Jon Wood

Today, the team at EA Mythic has released details on the collector's edition for their upcoming MMORPG, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. The collector's edition, with all of its bells and whistles will retail for $79.99 (suggest retail price).

Fairfax, Virginia, March 26, 2008 – EA Mythic, a division of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS), today unveiled the first details of the Warhammer® Online: Age of Reckoning™ (WAR) Collector’s Edition. This premium, limited edition of EA Mythic’s massively-multiplayer online role-playing game will be packed with bonus in-game content and unique collectibles unavailable elsewhere, including an exclusive Games Workshop miniature. Only 60,000 copies of the Collector’s Edition will be available in North America, and those who pre-order the product will receive additional exclusives. The WAR Collector’s Edition carries an MSRP of $79.99, and is available for pre-order in North America at Best Buy, GameStop, EB and GameCrazy retail stores, and online at,,,, and

“Collecting has been a part of the Warhammer hobby experience for 25 years, and this special Collector’s Edition continues the tradition with exclusive offerings, including an official Games Workshop miniature,” said Mark Jacobs, VP and General Manager, EA Mythic. “We are bringing the quintessential elements of Warhammer – tabletop miniatures, incredible fantasy art, and delightfully grim fiction – along with exciting in-game bonus content, together in what is sure to be one of the premier Collector’s Editions of all time.”

Find out what's inside here.

Warhammer Online : Release Date Change

Posted Mar 26, 2008 by Jon Wood

Eurogamer is reporting that the launch date for EA Mythic's Warhammer Online will be delayed untol the Fall of 2008.

The announcement, they report, was made at a recent event in Paris. will continue to follow this story as it develops and will speak with EA Mythic's Mark jacobs about the issue.

World of Warcraft : Fury of the Sunwell Released

Posted Mar 25, 2008 by Keith Cross

Blizzard has announced the launch of Fury of the Sunwell, the content update for World of Warcraft which adds a 5 player and a 25 player instance, UI improvements, a new quest hub, and more.

We're pleased to announce the release of "Fury of the Sunwell," the new content update for World of Warcraft!

Highlights of Fury of the Sunwell: Sunwell Isle:
The glorious fount of arcane energy known as the Sunwell empowered the high elves for millennia, until the death knight Arthas laid siege to the elven kingdom and corrupted its sacred energies. Seeing no other alternative, a band of survivors led by Prince Kael'thas destroyed the ancient fount, and over time the surviving elves fell prey to a crippling magical withdrawal. Now, promising salvation for his people, Kael'thas has returned. Soon the Sunwell will shine once again, but whether the sacred fount will usher in deliverance or destruction remains to be seen.
This area includes:

  • A new quest hub
  • Magisters' Terrace - a 5-player instance
  • Sunwell Plateau - a 25-player instance
  • New badge rewards
New Daily Quests:
The combined forces of Shattrath have launched an attack on the Isle of Quel'Danas to confront Kael'thas and the Legion at the Sunwell and surrounding areas. Players will now be able to gain reputation with the Shattered Sun Offensive and participate in a new set of daily quests.

UI Improvements:
The combat log has undergone improvements that allow more robust combat-text filtering, including the ability to define custom colors for enemies and friends, as well as combat text filtering for self and others.

Read more here.

Champions Online : A Day in the Life of Jack Emmert

Posted Mar 25, 2008 by Keith Cross

Jack Emmert of Cryptic Studios has written a dev blog where he describes a day in the life of the Chief Creative Officer of Champions Online.

I've been asked many times, "so what exactly do you do as chief creative officer?" I think most of my designers would simply say, "he doesn't do much" (little joke).

So I thought I'd go through a particular work day: Friday, March 21st.

9:30 a.m. – I get to work after going to the gym for a workout. Cryptic sponsors employees' memberships to a small, private gym. It's pretty intense. There has never been a Cryptic employee who has gone there, worked out for the first time, and didn't get sick! I lost about 30 lbs. through this and changing my diet. We've got showers at work so I don't stink up the joint.

9:30-11:00 a.m. – I'm answering e-mail, sending e-mail and reading the Champions boards. Most of my e-mails this morning are related to my business roles as chairman of the Cryptic board and as one of the founders. We've got a board meeting coming up so I'm a little busier with this than I normally am. I'm also discussing some Champions opportunities outside of gaming and planning some events. I've asked QA to set up some Champions characters for me to playtest later in the afternoon.

Read more here.

Requiem : Bloodymare Closed Beta Extended

Posted Mar 25, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks behind Requiem: Bloodymare have announced that they have extended their closed beta period until April 17th.

The closed beta period is extended until Thursday April 17th, 2008.

This is to provide us further opportunity to optimize and correct the game as much as possible before stress testing and eventual launch of Requiem.

Thank you for your continued support.

Read more here.

Pirates of the Burning Sea : Buddy Keys Available

Posted Mar 25, 2008 by Keith Cross

Flying Lab Software has revealed the new buddy key system for Pirates of the Burning Sea, which give subscribers the ability to bestow 14 day trials upon up to three worthy sailing companions.

As Aether promised on Friday, we are today unveiling our new Buddy Key system!

Every player with a paid SOE subscription to Pirates of the Burning Sea is entitled to three 14 day trial keys. These keys can be used right away, or you can save them for a rainy day; they won’t expire unless they have been activated, and they will remain on the website for you to access at any time. Each key can only be used once.

To generate your three keys, you need to be logged in to our website (click here to log in). You will then be able to use this URL to claim your keys:

Read more here.

World of Warcraft : Servants of the Betrayer Sneak Peek

Posted Mar 25, 2008 by Keith Cross

Blizzard has provided a sneak peek at the upcoming Servants of the Betrayer expansion for the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.

On Saturday, March 29, 2008, the latest World of Warcraft Trading Card Game expansion, Servants of the Betrayer, will be unveiled at sneak preview events around the globe. You'll finally get a look at the exciting new TCG content, which features Traitor heroes and allies, and you might even snag one of the new Loot cards, such as the first-ever super-common consumable Loot card or the X-51 Nether-Rocket flying mount. Head over to the official Servants of the Betrayer sneak preview website to find a tournament near you, and check out all the preview cards at

Read more here.

Star Wars Galaxies : SWG Team Profile: Ethan Nason

Posted Mar 25, 2008 by Keith Cross

SOE has posted a profile of Ethan Nason, a Subject Matter Expert on Star Wars Galaxies.

What is your real name? Ethan Nason.

What is your official title/position? I am the Subject Matter Expert (Technical Writer) for Star Wars Galaxies..

How long have you been working on Star Wars Galaxies? I have been working on Star Wars Galaxies since June 12, 2003.

What profession do you like to play in Star Wars Galaxies? I play a Jedi and an engineer (old school Droid Engineer).

What types of things do you do in a typical day at work? A typical day at the office could include auditing of current answers and creation of new articles for the Knowledge Base, documenting policies, procedures and workarounds for the CS team, maintaining the internal Wiki resource, attending status meetings with operations and/or development, maintaining 'top issues' lists for use in various reports, initial testing of problems reported by the community. (primarily from the ticket system), assisting CS management and teammates with issues and investigations as needed, answering tickets, and play-testing.

Read more here.

Stargate Worlds : Joe Ybarra on CME's Future

Posted Mar 25, 2008 by Keith Cross

Gamasutra has published an interview with Joe Ybarra, Cheyenne Mountain's Senior Vice President of Strategic Operations, where they discuss Stargate, the culture and philosophies of Cheyemme Mountain Entertainment, CME's other products in development, and more.

I'm slightly unclear on how the company got started. Were the internal studios all hired completely from scratch, or did you annex existing teams?

Joe Ybarra: Well, yeah, the short version is: Yes, we built everything from scratch. And I'm trying to think now if there's an exception to that statement. I guess not, because we did pursue the possibility of an acquisition at one point, but for whatever reason, that didn't come through. So, we pretty much built the studio from scratch.

We started the company in July of 2005, and the company was basically started by a group of people that had a relationship with MGM, three years prior to 2005, for the rights to get the online versions of Stargate. And it took them about three years to find Gary Whiting, who is the chairman of our company, and our primary fund raiser. And so he thought, "Well, gee, this sounds like a really interesting idea, trying to do an MMO based on the science fiction TV show."

So I was recruited and brought on as employee number one, the start of the start of the whole studio process. And over the course of the next year, year and a half, we built up the first studio, which is Stargate Worlds Studio, and then -- as I mentioned -- about a year and a half later, we started up studio number two, which was at the time headed -- and still is, actually -- by Rod Nakamoto, who's our VP of product development. So, now we're a year and a half in the process, so over the next year, we proceeded to build two more studios. So we have four now, one of which is located in Boston.

It's kind of... I don't know if "insane" is the right word, but uh, to start a whole bunch of studios before having released anything. Maybe ambitious is the word.

JY: Yeah, there are several different adjectives that you could use to describe that. Yeah. (laughter)

Read more here.

Angels Online : Pet System Overview

Posted Mar 25, 2008 by Keith Cross

IGG has prepared a deeper look into the workings of the pet system in Angels Online.

One of the highlights of Angels Online is the unique Pet System which has attracted many players since it was first announced.

Players can ride various cute animals such as turtles, pigs, horses, and big lizards to wander around the world. During battle, their pets will not only help them to fight against monsters, but also can level up and become more and more powerful.

Today the Angels Online team from IGG is going talk to you in more detail about the Pet System such as Abilities, Pets of different levels, Pet upgrades.

Read more here.

PlaneShift : PlaneShift Steel Blue Released

Posted Mar 25, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at PlanShift have announced the release of Steel Blue, the latest version in PlanShift's development which adds new quests, new dungeons, improved combat and more.

PlaneShift Steel Blue has been released for Windows, Linux and Mac! This
marks a major milestone (0.4) in the development of this game.
PlaneShift reached 500.000 total registered accounts!

PlaneShift is a freely available fantasy 3D MMORPG created by an
independent group of developers. No fee, no banners, no premium
accounts! It features a fantasy world with monsters, magic, combat and
exploration. It's main focus is role playing and the creation of a
realistic virtual world. Latest added features include:
- Many new quests for a total of about 200
- New dungeons
- One new city
- Improvement to combat and NPC AI
- New crafting possibilities
- Guildhouses
- Usage of new lighting system
- A tutorial map
- ... and more.

Read more here.

Eudemons : Item Lock and Item Unlock

Posted Mar 25, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at Eudemons Online have announced their final price for the new ItemLocker and ItemUnlocker as only 1 EP.

Recently, the item lock/unlock feature has become a hot topic issue in Eudemons Online. Players have been quick to reply when asked to guess the prospective price of each item.

Figures are varied according to respondents (click here for details), some skyrocketing to as high as 1348 EP! But the truth is that these new items will actually be sold for only 1 EP. This will allow all players to enjoy the added security and peace of mind that comes from having an item locked and subsequently unlocked.

Thank you all for your participation and we hope that you continue to enjoy the game.

Read more here.

Face of Mankind : Dev Diary #4

Posted Mar 25, 2008 by Jon Wood

Face of Mankind's Marko Dieckmann pens this new Dev Diary that outlines the general concept of their game in terms of both features and gameplay.

Programming & General (written by Marko Dieckmann)

A few more weeks than usual have passed since our last development update. But we’re still alive and the project is more than alive. It’s making progress and growing. Right on time for the Easter Holidays we took the time to release this new update. Happy Easter!

Let me announce an important thing first. As you have seen, we have basically taken down the Face of Mankind portal. There is just an image and a few links to fan sites. This is because we have to redo most of the site contents and it wouldn’t make much sense to keep it there half-baked and confuse new visitors by letting them register and then not getting anything from it.

For news releases we have chosen MMORPG.COM as our primary official channel. We have had many good specials running with the guys over there in the past. So, you can expect all major news related to FoM to be released on MMORPG.COM.

Read the whole thing here.

Florensia : Enter To Win 1 of 200 Beta Passes!

Posted Mar 24, 2008 by Craig McGregor is happy to announce our latest exclusive contest for members.  From now until April 15 you can enter to win 1 of 200 beta access passes for Florensia, a new MMORPG featuring naval gameplay and more!

As with all contests at, the more days you login to the better your odds of winning (see official contest rules for details).

Are you ready to enter the contest?  CLICK HERE!

Requiem : New Trailer

Posted Mar 24, 2008 by Jon Wood

The developers behind the upcoming horror-based MMO Requiem: Bloodymare have released this new trailer for the game.

Video Interview New Trailer
Here's a new trailer for the upcoming Requiem: Bloodymare MMO.


Mabinogi : Commercial Launch Announced

Posted Mar 24, 2008 by Keith Cross

Nexon America has announced the commercial launch of Mabinogi, their latest free to play MMORPG.

March 24, 2008 – LOS ANGELES – Nexon America Inc., the U.S. division of Asia’s leading online gaming company Nexon Group, presents the commercial launch for Mabinogi, its latest free-to-play, massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) on March 27. This follows its popular open beta and offers the first of many expansions to the Mabinogi world, including the first chapter of its epic storyline, known as Generation One: The Advent of Morrigan.

The commercial launch offers new items, fresh skills, and the chance for players to further enhance their gameplay experience. Players can initiate their own personal fantasy life by signing up for free at

“There is nothing out there quite like Mabinogi and the commercial launch is just the advent of what’s to come,” Nexon America President and CEO John H. Chi said. “Mabinogi dispels the negative connotations free-to-play games have had with North American players. From its unique combat system, to its rich gameplay variety and the way players can mature and develop an avatar in the game, there’s no question Mabinogi is the first game of its kind to pay such close attention to detail.”

With more than seven million players in Asia alone, gamers have been highly anticipating the North American launch. Finally, casual and core gamers alike have the opportunity to discover the world of Mabinogi. Without spending a dime, adventurers will find more dungeons with dangerous monsters. Players can equip avatars with innovative items, like kite shields and crossbows. Those who don’t want to fight will appreciate learning the latest skills – either through new skill books or practice. And if a player wants to take it easy but doesn’t have a nearby body of water, they can go fishing in Mabinogi.

With the commercial launch, users will have the option to purchase upgrades in the Nexon Cash Shop to enhance their world. Although these upgrades are by no means a necessity to improve or enjoy the game, they allow fans who choose, to customize their experience. One of the most popular features of the upgrade packages is the mainstream storyline, which advances through each generation of the game. Players must select one of three exclusive monthly services to participate in the storyline.

Other options at the Cash Shop include enhanced character creation features, and a Character card. This card allows players to rebirth a character and carry over skills. Avatars can even be reborn at a younger level, which will reset an avatar’s level and make it easier to gain ability points. The Character card also allows players to create a new character or change a character’s appearance. The premium character card gives players more customization features than the basic options.

These elements just augment the full experience Mabinogi offers gamers of all levels. The game’s well-respected combat system, incentive-driven time element and age component are paired with traditional MMO options to create a truly unique affair. In addition to these unique features, the social emphasis present in all Nexon Games position Mabinogi at a unique crossroads in the MMO landscape.

Read more about Mabinogi here.

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