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World of Warcraft : Guide - Preparing to Raid

Posted Oct 08, 2008 by Jon Wood World of Warcraft Correspondent Jim Alderman writes this guide aiming to prepare players new to the raiding experience for the trials that they might face.

One of the most common questions asked by players who are new to end-game raiding in World of Warcraft is what is needed in order to be prepared to raid. While some of the things needed to begin raiding are obvious (such as proper gear and equipment), others are not so obvious, or commonly overlooked (consumables). So, if you’re new to raiding, or maybe you’ve been raiding for a while and are looking for some new tips, then keep reading. By the end of this article, you should have a pretty good idea of what you need in order to be prepared for raiding.

The first area of raid prep is perhaps the most obvious: gear. If you just hit level 70 a few days ago, you are most likely not ready to just dive into Karazhan or Gruul’s Lair. Players beginning to raid should have fewer than three green-quality items, and the rest should be blue-quality or above. These can be attained through dungeons. Players should start with normal-mode instances, and then working up to heroic mode. The final bosses in Heroic dungeons all drop at least one epic-quality item, and all bosses drop one Badge of Justice.

Read the article here.

World of Kung Fu : New East Coast Server

Posted Oct 08, 2008 by Keith Cross

VestGame Entertainment has announced that they will be opening a new east coast US server for World of Kung Fu.

The Free-to-Play Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) from VestGame Entertainment will open a new server on the East Coast of the United States. World of Kung Fu players on the East Coast and in Europe will benefit from enhanced performance and increased access speed. The new server will begin operation on October 14th.

[Shanghai, October 9, 2008] Due to the growing popularity of World of Kung Fu, Vestgame Entertainment has decided to open a new server to keep pace with the large number of new accounts. The new server will increase speed and access times for our East Coast and European players.

Code named “IronMonkey”, the new server will complement the “JadeDragon” and “GoldenSerpent” servers already in operation. The two existing servers are located in the American Midwest.

To celebrate the opening of the new server, World of Kung Fu will soon announce details of a special event featuring a very special prize. This event will be unlike anything done previously, and will include a major surprise to delight participating players.

In November, after the “IronMonkey” server is up and running smoothly, World of Kung Fu will release a new upgrade to the game. The new version will feature an invasion system which will involve several different event based scenarios such as country-to-country invasions, and invasions of the Middle Kingdom by hostile outside forces. The new version will also incorporate many other features, additions, and enhancements to gameplay.

Read more here.

Angels Online : Production Guide

Posted Oct 08, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at IGG have guide for production players in Angels Online.

Production players are very important in PVP in Angels Online ( The Angels Online team has already introduced the production professions for all players. Today, the AO team is very glad to introduce the guide to obtaining production equipment for all players.

For production players, the way of obtaining equipment is very different from that of fighting system players. Fighting system players can obtain equipment by killing monsters or defeating a BOSS with the help of a team. However, production players are not good at fighting and they are not necessary in a team.

More than that, enhancing their skill levels by collecting and manufacturing is not enough if players would like to be an eligible production player. The weight they can carry and their collection speed are very important in PVP. Only by enhancing the level of their equipment can players enhance those attributes. How can production players obtain superior equipment and what kinds of equipment are suitable for them?

Read more here.

EverQuest II : Game Update 49: Raising the Banner Notes

Posted Oct 08, 2008 by Keith Cross

SOE has published the patch notes for EverQuest II's Game Update 49: Raising the Banner, which introduces Guild Halls, multicore support, experience point changes, and more.


* Construction of the Guild Halls has been completed. Guilds of qualifying levels can now purchase halls in a variety of locations. Smaller halls can be found in North Qeynos, South Freeport, Kelethin, Neriak, and Gorowyn. Medium halls are found in South Qeynos and North Freeport, and large halls are found off the shores of Antonica and Commonlands. Click on the corresponding doors, or mariner bells on the docks, to access these new structures.
* With the work completed on the coastal fortresses in Antonica and Commonlands the involved parties have retired to their cities and the guards have been recalled to the barracks.


* You can now pay upkeep on your house or guild hall up to 12 weeks in advance.
* Wall-placed house items now use a different method to stick to the wall that should keep them from disappearing into the world geometry.
* The payments tab has been renamed to "History" and will now display payments and credits to the escrow account.
* The deposits tab will only display contributions to the escrow account from players.


* The experience requirements for levels have been significantly lowered primarily affecting the 20 thru 70 level range. Along with the experience changes, the drop rate for Adept I spells has been increased slightly.

Read more here.

Dreamlords: Resurrection : End of Era Events Announced

Posted Oct 08, 2008 by Keith Cross

Lockpick Entertainment has announced a series of events in Dreamlords as the latest era draws to a close.

The end starts here. The Nightmares have finally reached a point where they can start mass breeding one of their most powerful beings; the Nightmare Seeder. Armies of Nightmare Seeders and their minions are approaching through the Primordial Ocean and through portals leading to their unforgiving domain. They are here to make the final preparations, to devour what little left is needed for them to be able to call upon the bringer of ultimate destruction and fear - the Nedom Wolven, the Cynos of ultimate Destruction, the devourer of worlds.

During the last days of the Era, you will be able to take on eight quests on your Patria of varying difficulty, from a level of 35 up to 59. Upon completing one of these quests, you have the chance to obtain one of the items from the Corruptor (Dreamlord gear, level 4) set, or a wealth in dissolvable items. Those of you who manage to finish the final and most difficult of these quests will be awarded the Corruptor's Key of Souls, a weapon which is unique for that particular quest. The gear can be traded unless they are soulbound, and cannot be found anywhere else. The Era will end Wednesday Oct 15th at 10.00 am (CET) so there is no time to lose

Read more here.

EVE Online : Fanfest PvP Tournament Details

Posted Oct 08, 2008 by Keith Cross

CCP has posted the full details of the EVE Online PvP Tournament to be held at this years Fanfest in Reykjavik.

Attention Fanfest attendees with a keen interest in this year's PvP Tournament! The draw has been completed, the brackets (mostly) filled, and the schedule has been posted. You can even watch an awesome video of Mindstar and Claw as they draw the names.

If you're attending Fanfest and have yet to sign up for our tournament, fret not: we have eight slots available and you will be able to sign up for the tournament that Thursday.

You can check out our rules here, and if you have any questions be sure to check out the official thread here.

Read more here.

World of Warcraft : Sixth Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest

Posted Oct 08, 2008 by Keith Cross

Blizzard has announced details of the Sixth Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest and will be accepting submissions from now until the contest closes on October 28th.

The Royal Photographic Society of Azeroth is renewing its competition in celebration of Halloween. In a longstanding Blizzard Entertainment tradition, this year we’re proud to announce our sixth annual pumpkin-carving contest.

Between 12:00 a.m. PDT on October 8 and 11:59 p.m. PDT on October 28, the RPSA will be accepting submissions for the pumpkin contest. The shutterbugs who submit the most outstanding photos of their work will have their pictures proudly displayed on and on Halloween. In addition, the five most interesting, original, and well-carved pumpkin designs will be recognized for their merits with a Logitech G51 Surround Sound Speaker System designed specifically for gamers. Special thanks go out to Logitech for these prizes!

Read more here.

EverQuest II : 5 Tips to Guild Hall Design

Posted Oct 08, 2008 by Keith Cross

5 Tips to Guild Hall DesignThe folks at EverQuest II have released a video that gives tips on decorating guild halls and showcases some of the fashionable decorative items that are available for this task.

Watch the video here


Warhammer Online : Hickman Interview Part Two

Posted Oct 08, 2008 by Jon Wood Managing Editor Jon Wood sat down last week with Mythic Entertainment's Jeff Hickman to talk a little bit more about WAR. In this second part of the interview, Jeff and Jon talk about communication in-game, scenarios and more.

Jon's Question:

Have you thought about using a voice service in scenarios (and elsewhere) in the game?

Jeff's Answer:

“The answer to your question is yes,” he said, “there has been a lot of thought about it. We were walking down the road firmly about two years ago of putting voice into our game and we stepped back from that because as we started to analyze what it would mean for our game and the problems that could come from that, we actually backtracked.”

“That doesn’t mean we won’t do it,” he continued. “We do talk about it. It’s something that has a lot of interest to me, but I’m not sure if we’re ever going to do it, we’ll just have to see.” He went on to tell me not to worry, that it’s on his list of things to do.

Read the interview here.

Global Agenda : New Global Agenda Screens

Posted Oct 07, 2008 by Keith Cross

Today we present four new images which have been added to our Global Agenda screenshot gallery.

See all of the screens here.

City of Heroes : Ask a Dev

Posted Oct 07, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at City of Heroes have prepared another edition of Ask a Dev, where one of the developers behind City of Heroes/Villains answers questions from the community.

The latest installment of the "Ask a Dev" article series is now available! In September we introduced Senior Designer Bruce Harlick and collected questions from the game's community for him. In today's installment, Bruce serves up answers and insight as he responds to those questions.

Additionally in this installment, we introduce our next City of Heroes developer, Senior Animator/VFX Artist Chris "Back Alley Brawler" Bruce! Read Chris' introduction and then post your questions for him to answer on the Official City of Heroes Message Forums. Then on October 21st, we'll collect up the questions and Chris will respond in our next "Ask a Dev" article.

Read more here.

Champions Online : Ask Cryptic

Posted Oct 07, 2008 by Keith Cross

Cryptic Studios has posted another edition of Ask Cryptic, where they answer questions from the community about Champions Online.

How are you going to handle mission teams? Is it going to be like the City of Heroes/Villains system where one member's mission is shared with the team and everyone gets xp or will it be like other MMOs where you need the same mission in order to get completion xp?(TruthSeer)

Arkayne (Lead Designer): The Champions Online mission system allows you to share missions freely between teammates, allowing you to work together toward common goals.

How absorbing will the missions be? E.g when rescuing a kidnapped victim, will there be a police team waiting outside the building with flashing lights waiting for you to go in? (Symbea)

Arkayne: It's going to vary throughout the game, but we're trying to make our missions as absorbing as possible given a predominantly persistent world with custom instances. When you're helping the super-science Project Greenskin base under attack by radioactive mutants you'll see guards shouting orders and firing on the attacking creatures while you repair the auto-turrets outside the base. When you go into the Stronghold super-villain prison you'll have a team of SPARC guards waiting on you to show up so they can head in with your hero to take on the rioting prisoners and mind-controlled guards inside. In short, we're trying to make you feel like your character is part of a larger world.

Read more here.

EVE Online : Server Upgrades DevBlog

Posted Oct 07, 2008 by Keith Cross

CCP has posted a new Devblog which takes a look at recent upgrades to EVE's Tranquility cluster.

I thought I would add to the recent dev blogs we have had over the last couple of weeks and talk about what has been going on with the Tranquility cluster itself - in relation to the StacklessIO and 64-bit EVE enhancements and where we are heading into the future.

1 x EVE Server Cluster

The EVE Cluster is broken into 3 distinct layers, and a bit of the terminology that is thrown around from time to time (including later in this blog) can be explained quite simply here.

* Proxy Blades- These are the public facing segment of the EVE Cluster - they are responsible for taking player connections and establishing player communication within the rest of the cluster.
* SOL Blades - These are the workhorses of Tranquility and are the primary focus of our ongoing work. The cluster is divided across 90 - 100 SOL blades which run 2 nodes each.
o Node - a single EVE server process. This is the lowest level of granularity within the cluster.
o Dedicated SOL blade - These are SOL blades that we dedicate to one system only. Systems such as Jita, Motsu and Saila reside on these. They run two nodes like any other SOL blade, however the second node is idle and does not load any solar systems.

Read more here.

Pirates of the Burning Sea : Build 1.8 Notes

Posted Oct 07, 2008 by Keith Cross

Flying Lab has published the release notes for build 1.8: A Good Day to Die for Pirates of the Burning Sea.

We will be publishing build 1.8: A Good Day to Die to the Invincible server on Tuesday, October 7th at 9:00am AEDT (October 6th, 3pm Pacific).

Main new features:

* Cargo Manager: Ever want to move everything from the hold of one ship to the hold of another and get bored dragging/dropping each item/stack? Now you can multi-select everything and move it all at once! As we enabled that ability, we added some other nifty features as well. Check it out by clicking a new button in any UI where items can be to bring up the Cargo Manager UI.
* PvP Fleet Strength: We now calculate the strength of your group vs. the strength of the group you're attacking and we don't let you attack if the difference is too great. This is intended to decrease time-griefing. See below for more info.
* Port Battle Schedule Revision: Port Battles can now only be scheduled during certain hours on each server. Read more info here.
* New daily missions: In 1.7, we introduced repeatable missions for high level players. In this build, we've added some for mid-level players.
* Broadsheet Peddler: There is now a dude hanging out in Bridgetown and other highland towns who can direct you to missions you may have missed in your journeys.

Read more here.

DOFUS : 10 Million Players

Posted Oct 07, 2008 by Keith Cross

Ankama Games has announced that their manga style tactical MMO, DOFUS now has 10 million players.

Roubaix, France - 7 October 2008 - DOFUS, the leading massively multiplayer online game in France now counts 10 million players, including 1.5 million subscribers, throughout the world.

DOFUS, the 1st massively multiplayer role-playing game (MMORPG) in Flash, created by the ANKAMA Group, has gathered 10 million players, including 1.5 million subscribers since its release. Its principal appeal lies in its manga-inspired graphics and gripping tactical gameplay which have seduced players of all ages and backgrounds.

Ever since its release in September 2004, the number of players has steadily increased both in France and around the world: 30% of the players are non French-speakers. Today DOFUS is played in 150 countries and will soon be available in 10 different languages.

The English-language international version, launched in 2005, has attracted thousands of players from Spain, the UK, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, Brazil and the US. As DOFUS had such great success, German and Spanish versions of the game were released in 2007. Italian, Dutch and Portuguese versions of the game are now also available… and there are more to come!

ANKAMA is also developing a new online game Wakfu, which is the sequel to the DOFUS saga and takes place 1,000 years later. Wakfu is currently in Beta test and both the player communities and the gaming press are looking forward to its release!

Read more here.

EverQuest II : Cursed Zones Revealed

Posted Oct 07, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at EverQuest II have revealed details on several cursed zones that will be a part of the Shadow Odyssey, the next expansion for EverQuest II.

As you know, Befallen was meant to be a mighty bastion of light within the Commonlands. The Order of Marr's Fist intended for their fortress to combat the orcs and bandits that were overrunning the region.

Befallen, already struggling to maintain its hold and purpose in the Commonlands, was brought low by the very man they thought to be their savior. Gynok Moltor, the Qeynos guardsman, who was cursed by the gnoll shaman, Oppola, destroyed the fortress while in the grip of madness brought on by his curse.

Read more here.

Jumpgate Evolution : Wallpaper Contest

Posted Oct 07, 2008 by Keith Cross

Net Devil is holding a wallpaper contest where entrants can win access to the Jumpgate Evolution beta.

We’re proud to announce a new contest for Jumpgate Evolution. As you may have seen in screenshots and videos, Jumpgate Evolution is a beautiful looking game full of nebula clouds, asteroids and planets. What we want you to do is create a new wallpaper for Jumpgate Evolution for us all to use on our desktops.

You have complete free reign over how you produce this wallpaper, you can use images found in our screenshots gallery, create it in paint or use your artistic skills and draw us something!

The competition begins today and will end on 13th October; you can enter this contest by posting your entries to this forum thread (please only post thumbnails or link to them). The winner will be selected and announced on the forum and website so get those entries in.

Read more here.

EVE Online : What`s Coming in EVE

Posted Oct 07, 2008 by Jon Wood EVE Online Correspondent Anthony Thurston writes this article giving us an overview of what we can expect to see coming to CCP`s EVE Online in the near future.

EVE Online has recently seen its newest expansion, Empyrean Age, updated with the 1.1 patch. CCP, developers of EVE Online, have labeled it the "Power to the people" patch. This is due to the fact that almost all of the fixes and tweaks that were added in the 1.1 patch were based on player suggestions. The 1.1 patch notes are practically a novel, with hundreds of user interface tweaks, bug fixes and little things that players suggested CCP take a look at. Not surprisingly, there was little content added in the 1.1 patch, though the content that was added is way over due. Over seventy new rookie missions, as well as a hundred normal missions were added to the game. To anyone who plays EVE, this is a big deal; for example, while playing a few nights back I did the "Save the Damsel" mission eight times... in a three hour period. Needless to say, more missions for EVE is a welcome change in my book.

Speaking of new missions, the next update players in New Eden can expect is Empyrean Age 1.2. The 1.2 patch is all about content, according to Arend Stuhrmann, the associate producer of EVE. In 1.2 we can expect even more missions, even more than were added in 1.1, meaning mission runners might actually have something to do!

Read the article here.

Star Wars Galaxies : Trading Card Game Overview

Posted Oct 07, 2008 by Jon Wood Star Wars Galaxies Correspondent Jef Reahard writes this overview of the recently added Trading Card Game in Star Wars Galaxies.

While many a disgruntled Galaxies vet will no doubt see a conspiracy to further tea-bag the player base, the reality is actually much less sinister. Sony is doing what companies do, namely trying to maximize profit and squeeze every last drop of revenue from a product that has performed well below expectations. While the entire enterprise carries the distinct odor of Real Money Trade (RMT), particularly the redeeming of rare loot cards for in-game exclusives, you can't fault SOE for trying to make a fast buck, and the title has already garnered a sizable forum community that seems to be enjoying the experience.

Read the article here.

Age of Conan : Getting to Know the New Game Director

Posted Oct 07, 2008 by Jon Wood Managing Editor Jon Wood had the opportunity to ask new Age of Conan Game Director Craig Morrison a little bit about himself and his philosophies on gaming.

How does your vision for the game differ from your predecessor's?

Craig Morrison:

I’m not sure there are all that many core differences there in terms of the game-world and what Age of Conan represents. I think the game has a fantastically realized game-world and an experience that is genuinely different and sets us apart from other MMO titles. We really have already captured that brutal energy of the Conan universe and it is reflected in the very action orientated combat system and the lush vibrant game-world. I think it would be foolish to not be proud of that and to strive to extend it even further.

The areas that I will be focusing on in order to achieve the ambition of take the game to the next level are two fold really. Firstly, as I have discussed with the community in my first letters to them, there are some fundamentals to the progression systems (in particular in relation to itemization and statistics) that have to be addressed and we are doing that. Then beyond that I really want to focus on the community aspects of what makes an MMO community shine, improving the PVP systems, improving the guild functionality and support systems and introducing ways that players can feel even more involvement in the world we have build up already.

Read the interview here.

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