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D&D Online : Welcome Back Weekend II

Posted Jun 12, 2007 by Keith Cross

This weekend from the morning of Friday June 15th until Monday characters in Dungeons and Dragons Online will earn 50% more experience and enhanced loot levels.

As many of you have already noticed in the newsletter, we've announced plans for another weekend of looting and debauchery when all loot gains another level and you can earn 50% more XP! Our second Return to DDO Weekend invites all former players to return and experience the new challenges and adventures that they've missed! In addition, all players will receive:

  • +50% bonus to earned XP
  • +1 loot level on chests

And, as a special treat, live events will occur throughout the weekend!

The bonuses will be in effect from Friday morning June 15th through Monday morning, so plan for the adventure of your life!

Read more about Welcome Back Weekend II here.

Guild Wars : State of the Game

Posted Jun 12, 2007 by Keith Cross

This week's state of the game examines the midline role in GvG combat. They aren't the frontline tanks or the backline healers and buffers; they're the ambiguous midline whose role in combat is more complex and less clearly defined.

Working the Midline: Second Rate Positions or Critical Facilitators?

Ask GvGers what role they usually play and they'll normally respond with frontline, backline, or midline. The job of the frontline (Warriors, Dervishes, thumpers, etc.) is to disrupt, pressure, and, ultimately, kill the opposition. The role of the backline (primarily Monks, but perhaps including Ritualists) is equally clear--to keep the team alive. In contrast, the midline is less straightforward. Although a team might expect the midline to directly help kill targets or heal teammates, usually the midline's major role is to facilitate the frontline and backline in accomplishing their respective jobs. So how important is the midline?

Lines in the Sand

Players often debate which is more important: offense or defense, Warriors or Monks, frontline or backline. Rarely does someone espouse the importance of the midline over the frontline or the backline. In fact, when teams have new or less experienced players, it almost seems a forgone conclusion that they fill a midline role, while the most experienced players always end up in the frontline and backline roles. This sort of allocation could be a significant mistake. The midline's role is crucial to multiple players on the team because midliners provide both offensive and defensive support to the other lines. Thus weak play at the midline can hurt the team's ability to drop targets, while leaving Monks wide open to Warrior trains and other damage and disruption. So, while some may think the midline is a good place to hide inexperienced or mediocre players, these positions are such critical facilitators for a team's overall performance that it is possibly the worst place for these players. No matter how well your frontline and backline perform, it's hard to win if the midline doesn't do its job.

Read the full article here.

Age of Conan : Conan on CNN

Posted Jun 12, 2007 by Keith Cross

Funcom CEO Trond Arne Aas will be among several panelists featured on CNN Future Summit: Virtual Worlds, a program airing on June 13th which takes a look at the future of online worlds and visual media.

On June 13th CNN will broadcast a program that takes on the virtual worlds phenomenon. Funcom's CEO Trond Arne Aas is also featured.

Mr. Aas is one of several panelists that is featured in the program dedicated to virtual worlds and the future of this exciting medium. CNN's Kristie Lu Stout hosts the hour long program looking at the blurring lines between reality and imagination and how these technological developments are shaping our communities and the lives of our children.

CNN has the following to say about the program in their press release:

"And what will this future look like? The ability to always be in touch with friends and family will be greatly enhanced when we're able to see each other in absolute clarity, anywhere, anytime. We'll find ourselves living, shopping and working more and more inside online worlds. And in the future, you won't be sitting on your couch being passively entertained. Films will become more interactive and more immersive, while games will become more cinematic and realistic. Indeed the program itself also utilizes many cutting edge techniques used in modern film and television production in order to capture the fascinating future of virtual worlds."

Read more here.

Lord of the Rings Online : Legolas and Gimli

Posted Jun 12, 2007 by Keith Cross

Legolas and Gimli, the most famous Dwarf-Elf duo in Middle Earth, are profiled in this look at the histories of the characters of Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar.


A woodland Elf of great renown, Legolas Greenleaf draws his heritage back through the ancient Sindarin line. He is the son of Thranduil, the Elf-king of Mirkwood, though the actual date of his birth is not known. Some say that Legolas has lived for five hundred years or more, but no matter his age, none can dispute that he has earned his place amongst the greatest of elven warriors, having played a key role in many great battles and having felled countless foul Orcs with his dark bow of Mirkwood. Though he does not speak of it, it is commonly held that he fought alongside his father at the foot of Erebor in the Battle of Five Armies.


This brave Dwarf is son of the great Glóin, one of the companions who travelled with Thorin Oakenshield and Bilbo Baggins to defeat the dragon Smaug and reclaim the Lonely Mountain. Descended from the line of Durin, Gimli is a stout-hearted warrior of great skill and determination. Hailing originally from Ered Luin, the Blue Mountains west of Eriador, Gimli now calls the Lonely Mountain home, and lately has travelled to Rivendell to participate in the council called by Master Elrond. A Dwarf in the presence of Elves, even in these latter days of the Third Age, is cause for much speculation and even outright wonder, for it is no secret that the races of Elves and Dwarves each have long held bitter resentment against one another. However, Gimli's steadfast loyalty in the face of unimaginable perils has allowed him to overcome the ancient bitterness and return to Imladris at his father's side.

Read more about Legolas and Gimli here.

City of Heroes : City of Myspace

Posted Jun 12, 2007 by Keith Cross

City of Heroes/Villains is now on Myspace, where they plan to mirror announcements and promotions that normally are posted in their forums or their web sites.

Got Myspace?

We do! City of Heroes/City of Villains now has an official Myspace and our friends list keeps growing!

We are pleased to announce our latest community endeavor that brings people together who enjoy the game!

Our plan is to mirror the announcements and promotions that are commonly posted on the forums and web site to attract more attention on the great features of City of Heroes and City of Villains.

Visit the City of Heroes/Villains Myspace here.

EVE Online : Revelations II Trailer at DreamHack

Posted Jun 12, 2007 by Keith Cross

CCP has announced that attendees of Dreamhack will be treated to a look at a trailer for Revelations II, the upcoming expansion for EVE Online.

Executive Producer Nathan "Oveur" Richardsson will be on stage 16 June, 22.30 to 23.30 CEST, at DreamHack Jönköping, Sweden to talk a bit about EVE and show everyone a preview of the Revelations II trailer.

Read more about the trailer here.

Read more about Dreamhack here.

General : Outside the Box: WotC's Gleemax

Posted Jun 11, 2007 by Jon Wood

Jon Wood recently spoke to Randy Randy Buehler from the Dpeartment of Digital Games at Wizards of the Coast. The two talked about the upcoming "Gleemax" website that WotC is releasing.

Last week, I received an email from someone at Wizards of the Coast, asking me if I would like to attend a telephone presentation on a new product. Well, I'm never one to let a cryptic comment like that pass (also, it was an announcement from WotC), so I agreed. Today, I am going to talk a little bit about the results of that phone conversation:

Gleemax. It sounds like a nonsense word, but in reality, it's the name of a giant brain in a jar that has taken over the Development Team at Wizards of the Coast.

Maybe I should start at the beginning for those who read that last sentence and are wondering if I've lost my mind:

Read the whole column here.

Age of Conan : AoC at Dreamhack

Posted Jun 11, 2007 by Keith Cross

Funcom has announced that Age of Conan will be at Dreamhack next week. According to the Guiness Book of World Records, Dreamhack is the world's largest LAN event. And as part of the event's goody bag, they will be handing out 7000 DVDs filled with Age of Conan screenshots, videos, and more, with 500 of those DVDs also featuring a beta key.

Age of Conan is set to invade Dreamhack, the world's largest LAN event according to the Guinness Book of World Records, next week.

According to the people behind the world's largest LAN event, around 10.000 people are expected to make their way to Jönköping in Sweden this weekend. Starting on the16th of June, thousands upon thousands of gamers will finally be meeting their online friends in real life.

Funcom will be present at Dreamhack on Monday 18th of June. At 16:00 local time Age of Conan will be demoed live on-stage, and we expect all of you Hyborians who happen to be there to let out a big roar when we arrive.

Read more here.

General : SOE Podcast #18

Posted Jun 11, 2007 by Keith Cross

The 18th edition of the Official SOE Podcast has been released featuring interviews from EQOA Developers Leah Ruben and Sam Parra, and Michelle Butler Vanguard's new Community Manager.

Join us for the latest Official SOE Podcast! This is Podcast #18 hear interviews from EQOA Developers and the new Vanguard Community Manager. Let us know what you think at or you head over to the Station Forums and share your opinion with the Community!

You can listen to their podcast here.

General : SOE Announces The Agency

Posted Jun 11, 2007 by Jon Wood

Staff Writer Joe Iuliani recently attended SOE Gamer Day. Most of his articles have already run, but this one was embargoed until today. Today, SOE officially announces their most recent (and until now secret) project, "The Agency", a spy-based MMORPG.

SOE previewed The Agency back on May 9th At Gamer Day 2007 New York.

It's been hard to keep it quiet since it looks so exciting. Hal Milton, Lead Designer, Sony Online Entertainment was on hand to unveil the demonstration. As the bname suggests, SOE will be making a spy-based MMORPG.

The initial demonstration was an animated sequence showing two co-working agents meeting up for a job. Showing up in your civilian attire, changing into your "work clothes", then hoping into your suped up car and heading off into Eastern Block Europe to meet with your contact. Of course, that's when all hell breaks loose, and you get to battle the up and coming European gangs.

Read the whole article here.

Vanguard : Surf's Up?

Posted Jun 11, 2007 by Keith Cross

SOE has announced in the news section of the Vanguard website that Surf's Up, a new movie from Sony Pictures Animation, is now in theatres. What does this have to do with Vanguard? Your guess is as good as mine, but it was posted as Vanguard news nonetheless.

Now in Theaters, Sony Pictures Animation present Surf's Up! Surf's Up is an animated comedy that delves behind the scenes of the high-octane world of competitive surfing. Check it out!

Read the 'news' here.

Tales of Pirates : New Server Added

Posted Jun 11, 2007 by Keith Cross

More and more players have joined Tales of Pirates ( since its beta test. We are really much heartened by this. It also stimulates us to make further development of the game. However, as more players join TOP, the population stress becomes heavier. Thus, in order to relieve population stress and offer better service as well as invite more new players to join TOP, we have decided to release a new TOP server named Gem Isle on 4:00 a.m., Jun 13th!. Welcome to the upcoming new TOP server! Enjoy the game!

As celebration for the launching of Gem Isle, we now have confirmed two exciting activities here:

Lucky Swift Feet

According to the order the players enter the server, the No.1, No.100, No.200, No.300, No.400, No.500, No600, No.700, No.800 No.900 and No.1000 players will be luckily rewarded 5 million TOP coins by us.

Leveling Competition:

Players who reach the highest level by EST 05:00 a.m., June, 24th will be announced as Leveling Heroes--and this time, there will be 25 heroes in total!

Read more here.

General : Game/On: Rapid Reality Interview

Posted Jun 10, 2007 by Keith Cross

The latest edition of Game/On,'s weekly podcast, is now available for your listening pleasure. This week Jon Wood sits down with the guys from Rapid Reality to talk about their new MMORPG, Phylon Online.

This week on Game/On, Jon Wood sits down with the guys from Rapid Reality to talk about their new MMORPG, Phylon Online.

Listen to the podcast here.

Warhammer Online : 'Quests' Podcast!

Posted Jun 10, 2007 by Ben Krueger

EA/Mythic has released a brand new Warhammer Online podcast available for you that spotlights the unique, multifaceted quest system that will be available in the highly anticipated MMOG.

'Quests' Podcast!
EA Mythic gives a firsthand look at the way the quest structure is broken down into charges, adventures and epics. Individual quest types like kill collectors, tome, exploration, RvR and public quests are each illuminated in a way that is only possible with the help of creative director, Paul Barnett.

You can view more videos here

General : Win a Zboard Fang & Reaper!

Posted Jun 09, 2007 by Craig McGregor has teamed up with Ideazon to bring you our new contest for June! From now until July 5, 2007 @ 9PM you can enter for a chance to win a Zboard Fang&trade keyboard, Reaper™ gaming mouse with Fragmat mousepad!

As with all of our contests, the more days you login to, the better your odds of winning! (see official contest rules for details)

Are you ready to enter? CLICK HERE!

Star Wars Galaxies : Demolition Postponed Again

Posted Jun 08, 2007 by Keith Cross

The Star Wars Galaxies house pack-up event that had originally been postponed until June 12 has once again been pushed back to an unspecified date because of stability issues.


I am sorry to say that we will once again be postponing the House Pack-up event that was scheduled for next Tuesday, June 12th. We have addressed most of the issues that had been giving us problems in House and Vendor pack-up, but there was still a few cases and situations that were arising that made me uncomfortable with going live. This is unfortunate to say the least, but we refuse to release anything to live that could cause problems and detract from the positive trend we have in stability and quality.

We expect to have the issues resolved soon, but because of the complexity and importance of getting this right, we have decided that we will be doing a live test-run of the entire system on TestCenter (the old one with the frogs), which we will reopen for this test. The TestCenter database includes a large number of player structures that would qualify under the parameters of the event and this should allow us to feel confident that we had it all tight before releasing to live. There really in no way of accurately testing these systems without a large number of players hitting them at the same time.

The plan is to bring up TestCenter for a day first with all structures the qualify marked as abandoned. This should give players time to scout out their targets and also allow folks who want to give it a try to setup a new 'toon. Then the next day we will bounce the servers and enable the event itself and players will be able to pack houses and factories (and call in the air strikes of course). If that all goes well we will enable the event on the live servers.

The plan at this point is to have TestCenter brought up for this event towards the end of next week. I know that people are anxious to get this thing going and I apologize for the delay. Please be assured that we all want this to happen, we just want it to be right.

Lorin W. Jameson (DeadMeat)

Producer, Star Wars Galaxies, SOE

Read the announcement here.

Dark Age of Camelot : Grab Bag

Posted Jun 08, 2007 by Keith Cross

The Grab Bag returns this week to once again answer all of you burning questions about Dark Age of Camelot

Q) When I use a BP gem like Precious Crystal of Dianetch (healing gem) I get a 3 minutes wait before I can use a gem or a potion again. This is much higher then the re-use timer of a normal healing potion, just 1 minute. Is this how it's supposed to be?

A) Indeed. This way both items have their own pros and cons. Potions have shorter reuse timers, but have lower delves, fewer charges per object, and require coin and effort to produce. The bounty point items have higher delves, more charges per object, and can be bought directly from a bounty point merchant, but have longer reuse timers.

Q) Do Mythirian's like the Mythirian of deflection/evasion have any affect on classes that already have those skills?

A) Those Mythirians do indeed have an affect on classes that already have those skills.

Q) Is there any benefit to having a higher base stealth spec? For example 45 stealth spec capped to 50 with bonuses as opposed to 39 stealth spec capped to 50 with bonuses.

A) No, there is no benefit aside from abilities granted at a higher spec.

Read the Grab Bag here.

Fury : Beta Weekend 2

Posted Jun 08, 2007 by Keith Cross

Auran has announced that the second weekend of the Fury pre-beta will be taking place this weekend.

Brisbane, Australia - June 8, 2007 - Gamecock Media Group and Auran Games, developer of the fast-paced new PvP MMO FURY, announced today that Weekend 2 of their ongoing Pre-Beta Test will be held this weekend. Players who have already downloaded the game client from Fileplanet and received their log-in and password will be able to take part in an orgy of RPG combat for 54 hours commencing at 6pm Eastern USA time. Players wishing to apply to participate in upcoming Beta weekends can register their interest at

"Our first Pre-Beta Weekend went off much as we had planned," said Andrew Edelsten, Fury Operations Director. "We reached our concurrent user goal for the weekend, and we've invited a further 7,000 players for this weekend to help us stress the servers a little more."

"The feedback we received from our first Pre-Beta Weekend was fantastic," said newly appointed Fury Community Manager, Alex Weekes. "I spent a lot of time in game and on the Beta forums talking with players about their first Fury experience and gathering feedback. Even at this early stage, and with just two Realms operating, we've got some very strong PvP Clan rivalries emerging. Mostly Harmless (MH) are even moving servers to Gold Realm this weekend to pit their skills against Lords of the Dead (LotD). I can't wait to see who comes out on top."

For more information on Fury, visit

Eudemons : Weekend Event

Posted Jun 08, 2007 by Keith Cross

As part of their anniversary celebrations, Eudemons will be holding a Hunt Monsters for Flower Cards event. As the name implies, players can hunt monsters to get these cards and then exchange them for unique items and eudemons.

Duration: Jun 9-10, 2007 (2 days)

Monsters: All monsters

Rewards: Flower Cards

Another weekend is approaching. Any special plans for a nice weekend?

It is said that the vicious monsters have robbed many flower cards from the travelers and merchants. Go to hunt them down and loot their Flower cards.

What are Flower Cards used for? You can visit the exchangers to exchange them for unique items and eudemons. Details.

Read more about the weekend event here.

Spellborn : Part Four: Races and Classes

Posted Jun 08, 2007 by Jon Wood

Today, we publish the fourth in our series of features on The Chronicles of Spellborn. This time around, Jon Wood looks at the facts around the races and classes that will be available in the game.

In the last few articles that I've written about The Chronicles of Spellborn, I've talked a lot about things like sound and art style. Both of these subjects are important, and any first-class game needs to be on the ball in terms of these departments, but still, in terms of excitement, nothing compares to talking gameplay.

In this article, you can expect to hear a little something about what you can expect in making and progressing your character. We're talking about races and classes this time around, and, as is the case with most things in The Chronicles of Spellborn, it isn't all what you'd necessarily expect from a fantast MMO.


In many fantasy-based MMORPGs, players are faced with a broad selection of character races. At the very least, you usually get the basics: Human, Elf, Dwarf and some kind of Halfling-type race.

The Chronicles of Spellborn offers only two races. Both of these races were once servitors and slaves to the "Eight Demons" (the bad guys who ruled over the world before it broke into small shards). Now that they Eight Demons aren't such a direct threat, each race is coming to their own.

Read the whole article here.

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