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World of Warcraft : Hardware Upgrade

Posted Nov 02, 2006 by Jon Wood

Blizzard Entertainment the company behind the wildly successful MMORPG, World of Warcraft, has released a list of realms that will be coming down in a planned hardware upgrade on November 7th.


In our continued plans to upgrade hardware for all of our realms for the upcoming expansion, we are conducting another phase of database maintenance. We will be migrating data onto a new database storage solution which will comprise the majority of this extended maintenance. Please check the general forums for the list of realms which will be affected. Thanks for your patience as we work to improve the service and stability of the game.

Listing of affected realms can be found here.

For more on WoW click here.

Runescape : SMS / Text Messaging Payment

Posted Nov 02, 2006 by Jon Wood

Runescape has announced that they will now offer SMS. Text Message payment for their MMORPG. They are hoping that this gives non-credit card using players the opportunity to get into their "members game".


We are pleased to announce the launch of payment by SMS/Text Message in the United States!

This service is in addition to the existing Pay by Phone option and allows a quick and easy way to get our optional "members game" for those without a credit card.

Payment by SMS/Text Message in the United States costs $9.99 for one month of membership. The higher cost of this payment method covers the additional costs we incur running the convenience of this service. Please note: Our other existing payment methods are still the same price as before. e.g. subscription via credit-card in the US is still only USD$5.00 a month.

Also please note that boost, T-mobile and Verizon Mobile Phone Companies do not currently support the PaybySMS option in the United States.

All US customers who wish to subscribe using PayBySMS/Text can now do so by clicking the 'Start a new subscription' link from our front page. For more information about Payment by SMS/Text message, please click here.

We are constantly looking to make our PayByPhone and PayBySMS/Text Message payment option available for more countries. If these payment options are not yet available in your country, be sure to check the latest news and announcements regularly.

For more on Runescape click here.

Final Fantasy XI : New Player Websites

Posted Nov 02, 2006 by Jon Wood

The folks over at Final Fantasy XI have compiled a list of fansites that will be of help to players who want to step foor into the world of Vana'diel for the first time.


Are you a new adventurer setting foot in the world of Vana'diel for the first time? Looking to find a few websites to help you get started on your path to glory? Then you'll definitely want to check out these community sites to help you on your way! We hope that our current players welcome the influx of new adventurers in Vana'diel!

Click here for details.

For more on FFXI click here.

2Moons : Exclusive 200 Beta Giveaway!

Posted Nov 02, 2006 by Craig McGregor is proud to announce that from now until Dec 1, 2006 we will be taking entries into our new 2Moons Beta Contest!  Enter to win one of 200 beta testing accounts for Acclaim's new ultra-violent MMORPG 2Moons!

As with all of our contests, the more days you login to the greater your chances of winning a prize! (see official contest rules for details)

Are you ready to enter? CLICK HERE!

General : Editorial: Lore Almighty

Posted Nov 01, 2006 by Jon Wood

Aaron Roxby returns to with a new editorial. Today, Roxby explores the concepts of Lore and Storytelling in an article called "Lore Almighty".

We all know the story of Superman. Kal-L, son of Jor-L is rocketed away from an un-named planet, just before its tragic demise. On Earth, he is adopted by kindly motorists John and Mary Kent. As he matures, he learns that he has three special powers. He can deflect bullets, is very strong and can jump really high in the air. When his adopted parents are killed, he moves to Metropolis and gets a job at the Daily Star, under Chief Editor George Taylor. He takes on a secret identity, makes his own costume, and becomes Superman. He proceeds to fight real life injustices, such as munitions manufacturers and dangerous mining conditions.

The whole editorial is here.

Vanguard : First Look Preview

Posted Nov 01, 2006 by Jon Wood

Jon Wood traveled to San Diego to take part in an event hosted by Sigil Online and SOE. There, he got some hands on time with the game and files this First Look Preview.

The quests in this game seem well designed and well put together. My only real complaints are in some of the little housekeeping issues. The first is the game's use of "leading quests", which take a player from one area to another in order to continue the story. Some of the leading quests that were in place at that stage of the beta (you have to assume that there will be changes before launch) were transparent. "Lead this camel down this hill," might teach some of the skills needed to work in the game's caravan system, but it really doesn't make sense as a full-blown quest. These quests are not the majority, but rather just something I noticed in my travels.

After each quest that a player completes within the game, a screen will come up asking beta testers to rate the quest and give in their feedback. This approach is, in my opinion, head and shoulders above the "hope they come to the beta boards" approach that I've seen from companies in the past. This method, right there and in your face, prompts you to take a few seconds and make a comment and indicates to me that Sigil is actually interested in what players have to say about the game and ways to improve it.

You can read more here.

Lord of the Rings Online : Beta Journal

Posted Nov 01, 2006 by Jon Wood

There's a new Beta Journal posted over at the official website for Turbine's upcoming MMOG, The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar. You can read the entire journal by following the link below.


Today was my first time fighting with a fellowship in an instance. Up until this point I had been struggling with the usefulness of my captain. He "wasn't the best solo dps" or "his buffs and heals didn't feel that effective." Part of this was because I was still in my lower levels. Well today that all changed.

I was exploring the town of Bree when it dawned upon me to try and find the prancing pony. I found the building and entered (the interior lighting of this game is amazing). After exploring a few rooms, I was getting ready to leave and a thought popped in to my head, "I wonder if I can find Aragorn here?" I went upstairs looking for the guest rooms and walked into a room with a man standing in the corner. I clicked on him and as stupid as it may sound, seeing his name pop up was really exciting. What was more exciting is that he wanted to give me a quest. I was to go and help him and other rangers find a man that had been corrupted by the wraiths. I decided it would be fun to do with a group and so I invited a couple people to join me.

To read it all click here.

EVE Online : 24 Hour Downtime

Posted Nov 01, 2006 by Jon Wood

EVE Online has announced that there will be 24 hours of downtime today as the Tranquility server and other services are being upgraded.


Tranquility and other services are being upgraded today Wednesday November 1st during a 24 hours downtime. Upgrades include adding IBM LS-21 AMD Opteron blades, solid-state RAMSAN disks, adding network providers and general maintenance.

for more on EVE click here.

Dark Age of Camelot : Labyrinth NDA Lifted

Posted Nov 01, 2006 by Jon Wood

EA Mythic has announced that the Non Disclosure Agreement concerning testing of the upcoming expansion, "The Labyrinth of the Minotaur"  has been lifted. Labyrinth is the newest expansion to the long-running MMO Dark Age of Camelot.


As of November, 1, 2006, we are dropping the Dark Age of Camelot: Labyrinth of the Minotaur NDA. Beta Testers may now speak to the public about the expansion (and as per the earlier restriction lift, post screenshots of the expansion).

For more on Dark Age of Camelot click here.

Deicide Online : Halloween Event Cancelled

Posted Nov 01, 2006 by Jon Wood

Decide Online had to cancel their Halloween event this year due to a pre existing rollback problem which say some of their most recent updates erased.


Hello, everyone. This is Deicide Administration Team.

Due to our recent problem, unfortunately we were not able to prepare proper update and event for this Halloween period.

We are very sorry about this big disappointment, however there are several recently updated contents which have been erased after rolling back our game datas.

We are currently checking these contents in order to get Deicide back on the track. Please understand that it is necessary to set game back to normal before upgrading the game.

There will be more notice on this event matter, please wait for our process.

Thank you.

For more on Decide Online click here.

Phantasy Star Universe : Xbox Log On Error

Posted Nov 01, 2006 by Jon Wood

SEGA, the company behind the MMORPG Phantasy Star Universe, has announced that there is a known issue for players who log on through their XBox 360s. When players experience an Interrupt Request Error, they should not retry, but should rather disconnect and try again.


Phantasy Star Universe is available for both the PC and the XBox 360.


Players who attempt to connect to the Phantasy Star Universe game servers and receive an Interrupt Request error message must not use the RETRY function. When encountering this error, please select DISCONNECT and return to the Main Menu, before attempting to log in again. This process may need to be repeated more than once.

SEGA is aware of this issue and actively working to resolve it. Please continue to use this temporary solution while a fix for the issue is prepared. Thank you for your patience.

For more on Phantasy Star Universe click here.

The Legend of Ares : Patch Notes

Posted Nov 01, 2006 by Jon Wood

The Legend of Ares has released the notes from their most recent patch.


Greetings all LOA players!

For this week's maintenance, we are making the following changes:

Time & Date: 10/31/06 22:00 ~ 0:00 PST

A. Super Premium item of November!

B. New Invention event will be ended

  • All event related items(drop items, etc) will be removed.
  • NPCs will be removed.
  • Your Belt will NOT be removed
  • There may be some changes in the future about the belt, and if it happens please check out our announcement on LOA website.

C. Some changes for Plus Shop Item "Prayer of Pides"

  • After the update, only players who are over level 40 can only use Prayer of Pides.

D. There is DB server maintenance for Legend of Ares in order for consistency.

For more on Legend of Ares click here.

Silkroad Online : New Server

Posted Nov 01, 2006 by Jon Wood

The MMORPG Silkroad Online has announced that their newest server will go live on November 2nd. The new server has yet to be named, and more details are promised in the future.


Hello. This is Silkroad Online.

New server is to be opened on 11/2.

Name of the server, and the time of server opening will be announced later.

For more on Silkroad Online click here.

Shot Online : Club Fitting Process Fixed

Posted Nov 01, 2006 by Jon Wood

The folks over at Shot Online, the only golf-based MMORPG currently on the market, have corrected a bug that saw players receive a broken club when engaging in the club fitting process.


Dear SO Community,
We have removed the degradability aspect of the club fitting process. Now, when you use club fitting tickets, you will have no chance of receiving a broken club! With Club Fitting, please note that you have a chance to get an improved club; however you also have a chance to fail to improve your club. The chance to receive a degraded club is now gone.

Thank you.

For more on Shot Online click here.

Istaria : Client Vulnerability Report

Posted Oct 31, 2006 by Dana Massey

EI Interactive's troubles continue. A report was filed on August 24th, 2006 and sent to EI Interactive and previous owners Tulga Games that chronicled all the ways their client was vulnerable to outside intruders, a source within the original development team confirms. They also notified of this report.

After a 60 day moritorium without action, the report was released online today. EI Interactive then took their game servers offline and replaced the login screen with an new version as seen here. Since then, their servers have been up and down. It is unclear whether the vulnerabilities still exist based on today's action.

Horizons uses a SOAP API to interchange data/commands between the Application Server and several Clients. The API doesn't verify the source which does trigger functions, which opens up multiple abuse possibilities.

A vulnerability has been discovered in the Horizons SOAP API that allows an attacker to modify account and character information such as:

- change payment and subscription information
- create bogus/non-charged/unverified billings
- rename characters
- retrieve sensitive server/shard information
- activate/ban the account
- change account status like trial,
- add promotions (free, military, other promotions etc.)
- change/add keys

You can read the full report here.

Age of Conan : Interview with Craig Morrison

Posted Oct 31, 2006 by Dana Massey

Craig Morrison, a Community Manager for Funcom's upcoming mature MMOG Age of Conan drops by to answer a slew of questions from Staff Writer Garrett Fuller. Can you talk a little about Spellweaving and how casters will be able to take advantage of this style of play?

Craig Morrison: The spellweaving system allows for some truly awe-inspiring effects to be invoked. This allows the caster to tailor a specific incantation best suited to their current target. Whether it is combining debuffs or enhancing your damage, or even a combination of the two - the spellweaving system will allow casters to adapt their strategies to the situation at hand!

Throw in the fact that there are potentially dangerous side effects to performing the more complex weaves and we think we will have a system that the players will find fun and engaging when it comes to using this powerful magic.

The whole Q&A is here.

General : Column: Scary Things, Scary Day

Posted Oct 31, 2006 by Dana Massey

Dave Bonnewell's weekly "Behind the Online" returns with his special Halloween edition. He wonders what is scarier: his column, Jack Thompson or zombies? Zombie MMOs of course!

Again I put the mouse button smack down on that Google, this time searching for what the world needs now, zombie MMOGs, sweet zombie MMOGs. While a couple of interesting looking free zombie-themed MMOs (Urban Dead and Project Necrosis) topped the Google list, what really caught my eye was Exanimus. The term Exanimus means roughly "without life" in Latin, while Exanimus the game means playing as either a "living survivor" or as one of the roaming undead in a MMO world devastated by a post-apocalyptic future. Think Dead Rising meats Stubbs the Zombie.

The whole article is here.

Guild Wars : Dye Drop Weekend Coming

Posted Oct 31, 2006 by Dana Massey

The rate of dye drops will be doubled all weekend in a special event announced today by ArenaNet. If you're character is looking a bit bland, drop into Guild Wars this weekend.

This weekend, you will have double the chance of scoring a dye drop in Elona. Come to the land of Nightfall and stock up on dyes for all your new characters. The event starts at Noon PST on Friday, November 3rd, and runs through 11:59 p.m. PST on Sunday, November 5th. Truly, this is an event to dye for.

The official website also has news on their Halloween event and an article called Autumn Session Analysis.

World of Warcraft : Two Year Anniversary Prizes

Posted Oct 31, 2006 by Dana Massey

Blizzard has announced how they're celebrating their second birthday: prizes for players.

Do you remember the first time you set foot in Orgrimmar and saw the watch fires burning on the parapets? What about the first time you heard the echoes of death in the halls of the Undercity? Or even the first time you saw the hot molten iron flowing beneath the catwalks of the city of Ironforge or gazed at the towering statues of the heroes of the Alliance in Stormwind? It has been two years since players first entered the world of Azeroth to forge such memories. Friendships have been created, battles waged, and mighty dragons vanquished.

To celebrate the second anniversary of the launch of World of Warcraft and to show our appreciation to our community, we will be awarding prizes over the next five weeks! Your support, enthusiasm and dedication have made us the #1 MMORPG in the world and we couldn't have done it without you!

During the week of October 30th, we'll be awarding 2 lucky winners per day a $100.00 Jinx Gift Certificate.

Click here to read official rules and eligibility requirements

You can learn more on their community site.

RAN Online : Free Server Transfer

Posted Oct 31, 2006 by Dana Massey

RAN Online has announced that players can transfer servers for free during the month of November.

Server migration is now possible! We will be conducting a Free Server Transfer to a limited number of 600 Characters from Strife and Havoc whose levels are 80 and up. They can migrate to either Fury or Alab Server. You’ll then be able to switch schools, rename your character in your new world (depends on availability), retain your level, stats and skills (including the pts earned from quest), reset your bright points, redo all quests and acquire the bonuses from all of them.

Read more here.

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