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Lineage 2 : Altered Realities

Posted Jun 18, 2007 by Keith Cross

Lineage II is currently holding an event where players are tasked with finding all manner of potions and concoctions that were recently pilfered by brigands and local creatures. But be wary, for as with most magical oils your results may vary, and players are warned to use their prizes at their own risk.

Altered Realities

The wonderful wares of the traveling salesman, Maximilian Hoodwink, have been popping up in shops all throughout Aden. Maximilian's magical oils are all the rage with everyone from the High Priests to the local blacksmith--the effects are praised as being simply amazing!

Orders for these mystical concoctions have been pouring in from all corners of the world. Wagonloads of goods have been streaming in through all the major roadways to meet the demands. Such fame has its price . . . shipments are being attacked. Countless crates of these potions have been stolen! What wasn't pilfered by bandits was scavenged and hoarded by the local wildlife.

Adventurers, Maximilian Hoodwink wants you to reacquire as many oils as you can before they reach the black market. Feel free to use them as you please, but be careful, results may vary. . . .

Prizes & Info

Various oils that result in random player-changing effects when used.

BEWARE, some oils are temporary but most are permanent! Use at your own risk.

Read more here.

World of Warcraft : WoW Clone Syndrome

Posted Jun 18, 2007 by Jon Wood

AJ Glasser tackles the popular idea of "WoW clone" MMORPGs, and examines the impact and validity of that idea on a pair of high-profile games.

In a recent article from, EVE Online CEO Hilmar Petursson asked why so many Massively Multi-player Online Games copy World of Warcraft - as if developers do it on purpose.

"...World of Warcraft is the perfect implementation of this [genre]," says Petursson, referring specifically to fantasy MMORPGs. "It's been done. Do something else."

Petursson's game, EVE Online, has the luxury of being unique among MMOs; it's science fiction and it is entirely dependent on social interactions in gameplay, EVE Online has catered to a specific (and loyal) niche of MMO gamers that generally has no cause to compare it to WoW. Other games, particularly ones in the fantasy genre, don't fare so well. The stigma of WoW clone syndrome can cripple an MMO in the early release days, driving away players who either, 1) Don't want to see the same old thing or 2) are completely loyal to WoW on grounds that it's the best of the best.

Take, for example, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. Whatever you feel about the game, Vanguard brings originality to the fantasy MMO genre with gameplay features like Diplomacy and a robust crafting system that caters to the unique skill sets of the crafter. The game is also designed to be a follow-up to the original EverQuest (as opposed to EverQuest II) and therefore specifically, and by definition, not copying WoW. Even so, Vanguard was dubbed a WoW clone - and a lousy one, at that.

Read the whole article here.

Lord of the Rings Online : Book 9: Shores of Evendim Video

Posted Jun 18, 2007 by Ben Krueger

We've added the new video released by Turbine and Codemasters covering the Book 9: Shores of Evendim addon.

Kingdom Reborn Video Book 9: Shores of Evendim Video
Turbine and Codemasters have released this new video showcasing some of the Evendim addon for LotRO.

Check out more videos here.

General : New Game/On

Posted Jun 17, 2007 by Keith Cross

The latest edition of Game/On,'s weekly podcast is now available for your listening pleasure.

This week on Game/On co-hosts Jon Wood and Keith Cross discuss the saturation of the MMO market with fantasy titles, and the recent announcements of several MMOs based in a more contemporary setting. They also talk about their experiences playing Lord of the Rings Online.

You can listen to the podcast here.

Age of Conan : Quest Story Boards

Posted Jun 15, 2007 by Keith Cross

Funcom gives us a behind the scenes look at what goes into making a quest with a peek at some comic book style quest story boards.

This week we take you into the world of quest-making, as we show you one of the in-game storyboards for a relatively simple quest.

When playing Age of Conan, you'll come across hundreds upon hundreds of quests that are scattered across the world. These will range from epic adventures to simple tasks, but a common nominator for them all is that the development team put a tremendous amount of effort into making it balanced, rewarding and not to mention entertaining.

As a part of creating a quest, the designers often put together a storyboard comic using in-game screenshots to give a better overview of how the quest flows.

"The comic storyboard is a visual representation of what we have imagined the quest to be," says Age of Conan designer Joel Bylos. "Essentially the comic is a tool that follows the Conan tradition, and allows people to see what a quest is about, which characters it involves and how it ties into the overall storyline without having to load up the client an play through the entire thing themselves".

Read the full story here.

Star Wars Galaxies : Beast Feature

Posted Jun 15, 2007 by Keith Cross

Learn the in and outs of beast loyalty in this week's Friday Feature on Star Wars Galaxies.

The Beast Master Expertise System is an exciting feature new to Star Wars Galaxies in Chapter 6: Masters of the Wild. These are creature-centric abilities available to all players, regardless of profession or level, through a third expertise tree.

As beasts grow and join their master in hard-fought battles, they become increasingly fond of the Beast Master. But the relationship goes both ways -- the master must keep the creature happy so it can live up to its full potential. Learn the ins and outs of beast loyalty and happiness to get the most out of your trusty companion.

Read the full article here.

Dark Age of Camelot : Grab Bag

Posted Jun 15, 2007 by Keith Cross

intro paragraph

Q) I just recently respec'd my smite/rejuv cleric to enhance/smite to give "melee cleric" a go. I am CL10 so I am able to use slash weapons. I noticed however, even though I can not spec in any weapon line, my weapon skill drops by about 400 and my dmg is almost non-existant when I am using a weapon that does slash damage. The herald says strength "Affects the damage done by weapons for crushing and slashing damage types." So as far as I can tell my WS shouldn't drop when I go from using a slash weapon right? Is it just bugged because I can only use slash due to my CL's?

A) It also has to do with the inherent proficiency of a weapon type that is set up by each class. Clerics are set up to be slightly better at crush and staff than they are at the other weapon types.

Q) Does nearsight affect the radius of group heal/spreadheal spells or does it only affect spells that have a range listed for them rather than a radius?

A) It only affects the range, not radius.

Read more here.

Tales of Pirates : Patch Notes

Posted Jun 15, 2007 by Keith Cross

Tales of Pirate has a new patch and IGG has released information on the new server and the help system.

Notes for the latest patch of ToP ( have been released and now are available for viewing.

1. Help System

Clicking the Question button, it turns to the Help System, from which players can get their answers including game operation, characters and NPC introduction, as well as useful information, like anti-fraud, etc. Click here ( to have more details.

2. New Sever

The seventh TOP server--Gem Isle has been launched on Wednesday, June 13th, 2007. Click here ( to get more information about the activities.

Read more here.

Lord of the Rings Online : Summer Festival

Posted Jun 15, 2007 by Keith Cross

From June 20th to July 10th Lord of the Rings Online will be holding an in-game event titled the Summer Solstice Festival. The festivities will include a tavern crawl, scavenger hunts, dancing, and something called ...Hobnanigans?

Sunny days, backyard parties, picnics, fruity drinks with those little paper umbrellas: Summer's coming!

We're happy to announce that from June 20th to July 10th, Middle-earth will be celebrating with its Summer Solstice Festival! Each race knows it by a different name: Lithe Festival for the Hobbits, Summerdays for Men, Summerfest for Dwarves, or the Festival of Enedhin for the Elves. No matter who's enjoying it, the Summer Festival means dancing, drinking, games, and even fireworks!

This two-week-long festival features a variety of quests, vendors, and special events throughout the lands. Be sure to visit all four festival areas - Duillond, Bree-fields Festival Grounds, the Party Tree, and Thorin's Halls - To celebrate!

Special vendors will be on-hand to supply festival items like food & drink, pipe-weed, and fireworks. This is the chance you've been waiting for to finally get your hands on some special Elven Fireworks!

Read more about the festival here.

Age of Armor : Closed Beta

Posted Jun 15, 2007 by Keith Cross

Snail Game has announced that Age of Armor will be entering closed beta.

AOA will be coming soon

The English Client of Version for the First Close Beta is expected to be ready for you to download in 24 hours .By then, you can go to our official website ( to download it. After then, you will become the first batch of players to experience what the Ago of Armor has to offer for you. So let us together wait for the last 24 hours and we are hoping that you will have unique fun in AoA.

Read more here.

EVE Online : Revelations II, June 19th Release Date

Posted Jun 15, 2007 by Keith Cross

CCP has announced that the EVE Online expansion, Revelations II, will be launched on June 19th. Along with this announcement they have released details of some of Revelations II's features.

REYKJAVIK, ICELAND - June 14, 2007 - CCP, the world's largest independent game developer, today announced that their upcoming free expansion, EVE Online®: Revelations II, will be released on the massive Tranquility super-computer cluster on Tuesday, June 19th.

Revelations II is the seventh free expansion for EVE Online and includes important improvements and additions. New players will appreciate a completely revamped New Player Experience where rookie pilots begin their adventures in EVE within a protected area to learn the essentials of gameplay within a protected environment at their own pace. For the more seasoned pilots and alliances, the broader Sovereignty scope, improved Corporation and Alliance management and introduction of Heat will be most important.

The most notable features of Revelations II include:

  • Heat - Adding a new dimension to space combat in EVE. The ability to boost performance of ship modules can mean the difference between life and death, but not entirely without risk.
  • Broader Sovereignty Scope - Sovereignty concept broadened with intermediate goals and four different tiers: Territory, Protectorate, Province and Constellation Capital.
  • Revamped New Player Experience - Optimization and streamlining of the tutorial vastly improves how new players are introduced to EVE Online, making it more fun and easier to start their alter ego existence in space.
  • Need for Speed - Significant CPU and dogma optimizations that set the groundwork for full Vista support slated to be introduced in a future expansion.
  • Structure Warfare Enhancements - A number of new features expand the opportunity for strategic operations.
  • Improved Corporation and Alliance Management - The addition of vital tools and roles necessary to command and conquer.
  • Agent Mission Improvements - The introduction of Level 5 Agents add the most challenging Player-versus-Environment encounters yet.
  • Expanding the Frontiers of Exploration - Rare NPC spawns and other opportunities abound for greater solo exploration as well as increasing the chances of discovering in-space encounters and hidden deadspace pockets.
  • Anti-Fleet Warfare - Discover new tactics for dispersing large concentrations of ships.

With so many exciting additions and changes to the game, there's never been a better time to explore the challenging and expansive universe. A free, 14-day, no obligation trial is available at Stake your claim and set a course for fame and fortune in EVE Online today.

For more information click here.

General : The Microsoft Habu

Posted Jun 15, 2007 by Jon Wood

Today, Carolyn Koh takes a look at The Microsoft Habu, a mouse that came out of a collaboration between Microsoft and Razer.

The Microsoft Habu is a Razer / Microsoft collaboration. The technology of Razer melded into the Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer form factor. The resulting offspring, the Habu (a particularly venomous snake found in Japan & other Southeast Asian countries) - a lightning fast mouse with Razer's signature "fanged" head and the Microsoft IE 3.0 mouse's round back and plump butt.

Out of the Box

The Microsoft Habu arrived with a sheet of instructions and a software CD. The gold-plated jack was covered with a green sticker warning you that proprietary software was necessary run the mouse and to install the software on the CD before using the mouse. The Quick Start Guide then of course instructed the user to... Ha-ha... 1. Plug the mouse in, and 2. Install the software.

The fact is that you probably should install the software first. Although I was fool enough to ignore the warning and did not have any issues, some users warn that you're going to need to be a rocket scientist to discover how to install the Habu driver if you did not install the software first before installing the mouse. Perhaps it's because I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling the software.

Read the whole review here.

Savage Eden : Server Cluster Expansion Announced

Posted Jun 15, 2007 by Keith Cross

New Game World has announced that they will be launching an expanded server cluster for Savage Eden "Foretold Strife"

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA--JUNE 14, 2007-- NEW GAME WORLD, INC. New Game World has announced the launch of a newly expanded server cluster for its Savage Eden "Foretold Strife" game world. This new server cluster is being implemented to handle the recent surge in subscribers to Savage Eden's Foretold Strife cluster, which is designed to meet the needs of international subscribers interested in special events based on GMT.

"It is exciting to see that since the release of the Dmitron Expansion, activity in Savage Eden's Foretold Strife game world has grown some 400-percent", said Edward Andercheck, New Game World, Inc., Chairman, "The new server cluster we are adding is specifically designed to provide a great game play experience for our customers participating in the new event driven features of the "Foretold Strife" world." New Game World publishes and operates Savage Eden, a popular Massively Multiplayer Online role playing game developed by T Entertainment Corp. The Dmitron Expansion was the exciting culmination of two years of development work, demonstrating the team's commitment to our network of gamers. Players can take on new roles as venders, or merchants in this GMT based Foretold Strife world, or participate in our live GM operated game events, including special challenge quests and the game's enormously successful soccer tournaments.

New Game World, Inc. is a publisher of online interactive entertainment content. New Game World is committed to building a social network that is responsive to online game players who seek the opportunity to enjoy, and be a part of innovative content, evolving games and dynamic websites.

For more on Savage Eden, click here.

General : MMOWTF: Nerfronomicon

Posted Jun 15, 2007 by Jon Wood

Weekly columnist Dan Fortier uses this week's edition of MMOWTF to talk about Nerfing in MMORPGs.

"That which is not an exploit may eternal lie and with strange eons, even buffs may die!"

There are aspects of gaming life that are completely transparent until something goes wrong. Server outages and the like remind us that there are tons of processes going on behind the scenes that ensure that we are having fun. Things like game balance are usually hot topics, but the huge pile of clockwork code and databases that are behind all of the perceived and real imbalances we experience are often overlooked. The forces at work in keeping the cosmic balance are often as mysterious as the seemingly uncaring Gods who watch with unblinking morbidity. This work will hopefully illuminate you to the horrors called Nerfs that lurk at the edges of perception and steal our sanity!

Read the rest of MMOWTF here.

Warhammer Online : Beta Registration Reaches 200,000

Posted Jun 14, 2007 by Keith Cross

EA Mythic has announced that the beta sign-up for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning has reached 200,000. This doesn't come as a huge surprise as Warhammer Online is one of the most anticipated games on the horizon, and is consistently ranked as the most anticipated game by users on this site.


In Only Ten Days More than 200,000 Aspiring Troops Sign Up for the Beta Test of EA's Highly-Anticipated MMO

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - June 13, 2007 - Electronic Arts Inc (NASDAQ: ERTS), the world's leading interactive entertainment company, today announced that more than 200,000 players have signed up for the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning (WAR) closed beta test.

The Warhammer Online Beta Center opened simultaneously in North America and Europe on May 30th, and the 200,000 registration mark was surpassed over the weekend, less than ten days after launch. This makes the beta test of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning one of the most rapidly growing beta tests in the history of the MMORPG category. The Beta Center is currently open and accepting applications at

Mark Jacobs, VP and General Manager of EA Mythic said, "We would like to thank the community for their tremendous response to Warhammer Online. The overwhelming worldwide reaction to the beta test has been phenomenal. The team has been working incredibly hard to create a genre-defining experience, and the beta sign-ups certainly validate the direction we're taking the game. Player input and testing will be crucial in our efforts to complete the game, and we look forward to beta participants' help in shaping Warhammer Online."

Based on Games Workshop's epic tabletop fantasy war game, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning features revolutionary Realm vs. Realm™ (RvR) game play and is scheduled for release on the PC in the first quarter of calendar 2008.

For mor information about Warhammer Online, click here.

MU Online : New Screenshots

Posted Jun 14, 2007 by Keith Cross

Nine new images have been added to our MU Online screenshot gallery.

To view the full size images, and to see the rest of the new screens, visit our gallery here.

Star Wars Galaxies : Galactic Showcase

Posted Jun 14, 2007 by Keith Cross

The Star Wars Galaxies official site has kicked off a new feature today called the Galactic Showcase. The weekly feature will spotlight in-game events organized by some of the games more creative players.

The Galactic Showcase puts the most creative storyteller events and player structures from all galaxies on display. This new weekly feature kicks off with a look at a storyteller event created by Jarrel Reafis on the Infinity server.

See the Showcase here.

Lineage 2 : Billing Changes

Posted Jun 14, 2007 by Keith Cross

New Lineage 2 players in Australia and New Zealand will be charged in US Dollars according to recent changes in Lineage 2's billing system.

We have implemented a small change to how new Australian and New Zealand Lineage II subscribers pay for their accounts. This will not affect current subscribers.

  • Current active Lineage II customers from Australia and New Zealand will continue to pay in Euros or Pounds. Players who wish to pay in US Dollars instead may contact Billing Support.
  • Any new accounts activated in Australia or New Zealand will automatically be set up to pay in US Dollars.
  • Any current inactive accounts that are in Australia or New Zealand will have their billing set automatically to US dollars.

Read the announcement here.

Guild Wars : Collectible Skill Pins

Posted Jun 14, 2007 by Keith Cross

Guild Wars has released details of their Summer 2007 series of collectible pins depicting artwork from selected skills.

Limited in quantity, Guild Wars skill pins are 1" square enamel pins that depict the colorful art of some of the most popular in-game skills from Guild Wars.

Built from the "favorite skills" picks of Guild Wars Champions, our so-cool-they-are-hot collectible skill pins were first released in the summer of 2006. The second set of pins will be released at various tradeshows in North America and Europe in summer 2007.

Collect them, wear them, trade them--make your character build from them!

Read more here.

Pirates of the Burning Sea : Ship Overview

Posted Jun 14, 2007 by Keith Cross

An informative devlog has been posted on the Pirates of the Burning Sea official site explaining the combat mechanics and stats of the games ships in great detail.

In the first part of this two part devlog, I'm going to give you an overview of most of the ships in the game. I'll talk about ammo, outfitting, mastercraft ships, combat mechanics and I'll answer a bunch of forum questions. Sit tight - this is a long one!

We have a great user content community that continues to provide us with excellent ships. Those contributions brought us to where we are today. Everything in this devlog is subject to change, as this is the kind of stuff that gets tuned. With that, here's an incomplete list of the ships in the game:

Read part one.

Read part two.

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