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General : 5Street Gift Keys

Posted Oct 14, 2008 by Craig McGregor

We have been given 5,000 keys for 5Street - the online dancing based game from Snail Games. These special gift keys are a login which will give you exclusive in game clothing.

All you need to get your free key is your login.

Once logged in, key your key at this link!

EverQuest II : Shadow Odyssey Pre-Orders Oct 14

Posted Oct 14, 2008 by Keith Cross

SOE has announced that players will; be able to pre-order The Shadow Odyssey, EverQuest II's fifth expansion, starting on Tuesday, October 14th.

EverQuest II's fifth expansion, The Shadow Odyssey, will be available for pre-order starting Tuesday, October 14th, 2008! EverQuest II: The Shadow Odyssey is an all-in-one compilation pack featuring five expansion packs and three adventure packs. New players and veterans alike can journey through a massive amount of exquisite content unlike anything ever before seen in EverQuest II. The Shadow Odyssey stretches well beyond the fantasy realm and propels the EverQuest II world into a new era of excitement and adventure. The latest expansion provides content for players level 50-80, including more than 20 new zones and an achievement point increase to 200.

Read more here.

Global Agenda : New Global Agenda Screens, Week Two

Posted Oct 14, 2008 by Jon Wood

Today we present four new images which have been added to our Global Agenda screenshot gallery.

Global Agenda™, the Action MMO from Hi-Rez Studios, is currently in closed-Alpha testing; however, Hi-Rez has shared these screenshots with to provide readers with a glimpse of their spi-fi world of special operations and covert agencies. You can see more at their website:

Check it out here.

World of Warcraft : Blizz-Con Photo Gallery

Posted Oct 14, 2008 by Keith Cross

While attending Blizz-Con, Community Manager Richard Cox managed to snap a few pictures of the event. Today we share some of these pictures with you.

Read more here.

EVE Online : Pod Tactics

Posted Oct 14, 2008 by Jon Wood EVE Online Correspondent Andrew Wallace writes this new article giving players some tips on either destroying a pod or surviving a pod attack in CCP's EVE Online.

EVE Online Screenshot

Consider the humble pod. This unimposing egg may not look like much, but it contains your character, or their current clone at least, and its destruction can be terribly frustrating, even without a head full of expensive implants.

Losing your pod means a trip to the medical centre to buy a new one, but hopefully this little guide will make your visits a lot less frequent for you and a lot more common for your enemy. But first, one of the golden rules of EVE:


Read the whole article here.

World of Warcraft : Vanity Pets

Posted Oct 14, 2008 by Jon Wood World of Warcraft Correspondent Deborah Dietrich writes this article discussing Vanity Pets in Blizzard's World of Warcaraft adn what the upcoming expansion might mean for collectors.

World of Warcraft Vanity Pet

There are lots of fun changes coming to vanity pet ownership with the upcoming Wrath of the Lich King expansion for Blizzard‘s World of Warcraft. But what exactly are vanity or mini-pets, as I prefer to call them? Well, mini-pets are a variety of small creatures, which exist in World of Warcraft for no useful purpose beyond the fun of owning them. They live quietly in your pack or your bank, demanding nothing from their owners. They have no value in combat. They won’t get you a raid slot. They won’t help your Arena team. Many folks are indifferent to them, but for those who collect these winsome creatures, their appeal is extraordinary.

Most of these pets are cute and the cuteness factor is certainly part of their charm. Still, creatures like cockroaches and oozlings are definitely cuteness challenged, yet are still valued parts of most collectors’ menageries. Rareness of the pet is a large part of its appeal. But perhaps “pet” is the wrong term. Technically, our little friends are named “companions.” So a mini-pet will say Phoenix Hatchling <Debby’s Companion, > while a hunter’s pet can be named by the owner and is labeled “pet”: Fido <Debby’s Pet.>

Read the article here.

Tabula Rasa : Messages from Space

Posted Oct 14, 2008 by Keith Cross

When Richard Garriott launched into space over the weekend he had a special message for Tabula Rasa players. Unfortunately the message was hard to read, so the folks at TR have posted the message for deciphering at your leisure.

Richard Garriott's flight to the International Space Station began at 2:00 a.m. CST October 12, 2008 with the launch of the Russian Soyuz TMA-13 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

A couple of minutes after lift-off Richard could be seen on camera holding a message for the fans of Tabula Rasa. It is written in the fictional language of "logos," which figures prominently in the game's storyline. We will not spoil things by revealing the meaning of the message just yet, but we can tell you that it is a quote attributable to someone else.

See the message here.

EVE Online : Ghost Training to be Disabled

Posted Oct 14, 2008 by Keith Cross

CCP has announced that after Wednesday October 15th, Ghost Training, the skill gain on inactive or expired EVE accounts, will be disabled.

A long overdue and much needed change will be put in place with the Wednesday, 15 October 2008 patch. Ghost Training, the continuous skill gain on accounts in an inactive or expired state - will no longer function after Wednesday, 15 October 2008. This practice upsets the balance of the game, and capsuleers who actively put their time and energy into working on their characters will no longer be unfairly affected by those few who have not.

Read more here.

Tales of Pirates : Head Gear Forging Overview

Posted Oct 14, 2008 by Keith Cross

IGG has released details about the new Head Gear Forging system in Tales of Pirates.

Tales of Pirates ( will add Head Gear Forging content to recent updates! With the launch of the Head Gear Forging system, all classes of players now have the chance to own head gear that was exclusively available to the Ami class before. The system will also offer relevant services, like Gem Forging, Fusing, and gear enhancing and so on. It’s another great system for players who love to forge cool gear.

Players can buy hats from the Weird Hat Seller at Argent City (2240,2770) who has many different kinds of hats for Lance, Phyllis and Carsise characters. These hats can be improved into head gear and fused with other parts of apparel of the same type, and then have up to 110% enhancement effect.

Of course, specific gems will be supplied for players who want to forge higher head gear. Players can go to the ironsmith at Shaitan city to have their hat slotted, and then forge the gems they want. Gems are also available from the Item Mall.

Read more here.

Shadow of Legend : 2.5D Upgrade Coming Oct 17

Posted Oct 14, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at Shadow of Legend have announced that their 2.5D upgrade will go live on October 17th, and they have announced several in-game events to get the new version rolling.

Irvine, CA – Oct. 10, 2008 – SmartCell is pleased to announce the release of Shadow of Legend 2.5D, a major upgrade of Shadow of Legend 2D, on Oct. 17. To celebrate the occasion, a handful of events are scheduled to provide players with a fun and rewarding head start in the game.

Shadow of Legend(SOL) is an epic free to play fantasy MMORPG developed by SmartCell. The game features stunning 2D landscapes, 3D characters, plentiful in-depth quests, 16 unique classes coupled with unique skill progression, grinding free character development with the ability to unlimited class transfer, extensive equipment crafting, and various in-game events. For competitive players, the game provides unique and intense PVP gameplay include open PVP, arena, dungeons, instances, and guild castle siege. For a complete feature list, please visit

The new release is to kickoff with New Server Tritesse and with the following events:

1. In Game Contests
Four in-game contests based on rank of level, gold, honor, and merits are held on new server Tritesse between Oct.17 to Oct. 30.

2. Bug Report Contest
Bug Report Contest is held between Oct. 17 to Nov. 2.

3. Double XP Week
XP rewards are doubled on new server Tritesse between Oct. 17 to Oct. 23.

4. New Account Gift Pack
New account gift pack designed to give a strong boost to new players are available through participating gaming portals and our website, between Oct. 13 to Oct. 31.

5. Guild Support Program
Guild support program is revised for greater support of guild establishment and growth, with which a guild can be rewarded as much as 30,000 SOL diamonds, in addition to other benefits.

Read more here.

City of Heroes : Charity D&D Game at Hero-Con

Posted Oct 14, 2008 by Keith Cross

City of Heroes/Villains Lead Designer Matt 'Positron' Miller will be running a charity D&D game the day before Hero-Con. Interested parties can bid on one of the six seats available, with proceeds going to the 'SCARE for a Cure!' charity.

On Friday October 17th, 2008 Matt 'Positron' Miller will be running a Dungeons & Dragons game for six lucky winners. Seats are being auctioned and proceeds will benefit 'SCARE for a Cure!' A charity that was created by Jarrett "The Defuser" Crippen in 2007.

The game will be held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Santa Clara California at 8:00 PM. Winners of the auction must arrange travel to and from the hotel but they do not have to be 'City of Heroes' players or attendees of NCsoft's Hero-Con '08 event that will be held the following day at the Hyatt.

Read more here.

Champions Online : Closed Beta Sign-up Open

Posted Oct 14, 2008 by Keith Cross

Cryptic Studios has announced that fans of Champions Online can now sign up to take part in the game's closed beta.

Los Gatos, CA – October 10, 2008 – Cryptic Studios™ announced today that players can now sign up for a chance to participate in the first closed beta for Champions Online™, an action massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) slated for release in the spring of 2009. This PC specific beta begins in mid-November 2008 and players sign up by visiting

“This closed beta is an exciting step in the evolution of Champions Online,” said Jack Emmert, chief creative officer for Cryptic Studios. “All of us here in the Cryptic offices have been playing the game for a while now, and we’re excited to invite others in to have as much fun with Champions Online as we’ve been having internally.”

Read more here.

World of Warcraft : BlizzCon Overview

Posted Oct 14, 2008 by Jon Wood Community Manager Richard Cox attended BlizzCon over the weekend and today presents us with this overview of the event including announcements from all of your favorite Blizzard games.

As many of you who were following my blog over the weekend know, I was at BlizzCon again this year. For those of you who followed those daily reports, no fear, there will be stuff here I didn't talk about there. For those of you, who didn't, feel free to head over and check those entries out as well. Most of it will be covered here, but you never know.

First of all, I'll get all bias out of the way. I absolutely love BlizzCon. And no, it isn't because I'm a WoW fanboy, I don't even currently play WoW. Nor am I really a fanboy of any of their other games. I love the Diablo series, but come on; it's been years and years since I've played D2. Nope, none of that is the reason. I love BlizzCon because as a Community Manager, and one who has worked both IN the industry and in the press covering the industry, I recognize BlizzCon as THE standard when it comes to running a community appreciation event. I've been to most of them; DAoC's Roundtables, SOE's Fan Faires, etc, none of them even come remotely close to BlizzCon. In my opinion one of the most important things a company can do to show appreciation to their community is have a great live event with fun activities, tournaments, great swag and devs accessible to the community. Blizzard does all of this in spades with BlizzCon. So if you're in the industry and in a community relations role in said industry, and aren't attending BlizzCon to take notes when it rolls around, you're doing your community a great disservice.

Read the article here.

Lord of the Rings Online : Legendary Items Screens

Posted Oct 13, 2008 by Jon Wood

Turbine has released these new screenshots giving us a look at the new Legendary Weapons being introduced in the upcoming expansion to their popular MMORPG based on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Lord of the Rings Online Screenshot

Check out the screens here.

Warhammer Online : WAR Grab Bag

Posted Oct 13, 2008 by Keith Cross

The WAR Grab Bag returns once again to answer a myriad of miscellaneous questions from players of Warhammer Online.

Q. Will there be a page on the website which lists patch notes?

A. Yes! We’re proud to announce our latest addition to the herald, the patch Notes Archive! This page will include all changes and fixes made to the game, including Hot Fixes. You can view the page here:

Q. When will you implement a looking for group system?

A. In Warhammer Online, we have something that’s much better than a LFG system: Open Parties! Open Parties allow players to join up with groups immediately rather than having to advertise themselves and wait for an invitation. Just right-click your character’s icon at the top left of your screen and select “Open Parties”. This will open a window which lists all available parties in the area. Just select one and join up, and voila! No more running around aimlessly calling out to be accepted like some sad, lost orphan. Join an open party today!

Read more here.

Wonderland Online : Space Travel Options

Posted Oct 13, 2008 by Keith Cross

IGG has announced details of the space travel options that are coming to Wonderland Online in version 3.0 of the game.

Wonderland Online ( has announced that in the new version 3.0 players can develop their own technology and enhance their manufacturing abilities constantly. After that, various fitness equipment, airships, landing craft and many more space vehicles will come out. Players can exercise at home or begin a journey into outer space with a space vehicle.

Fitness equipment

Players can create their own fitness equipment in the new version, which will allow players to increase their stamina.

Aether Landing Craft

Players can go to outer space however they like. It’s not simply a dream or fantasy to land on the moon or the Mars. With this Aether Landing Craft, WLO helps you fulfill that dream. Imagine what could happen to you in Wonderland.

Read more here.

Atlantica Online : Exclusive Screenshots, Week One

Posted Oct 13, 2008 by Jon Wood

The folks over at Atlantica Online have sent along a new set of exclusive screenshots for the audience. Today, we begin our weekly series with our first four shots.

Check out all four screenshots here.

Angels Online : New Expansion and New Server

Posted Oct 13, 2008 by Keith Cross

The Lost Atlantis expansion for Angels Online launched last week and IGG has announced a series of events to promote the launch.

The Angels Online team is very happy to announce that ‘The Lost Atlantis’, the new expansion for Angels Online was released after the server maintenance on October 9th. A new server called Atlantis is available as well to welcome new players.

Players can visit to download the complete game client or the updated patches. In addition, the AO team will be holding a series of events to celebrate the release of the new expansion.

Event 1: 2X Exp on the Weekend

Event 2: New Expansion Leveling Up Contest

Event 3: Forbes List

Read more here.

Wurm Online : The Music of Wurm

Posted Oct 13, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at Wurm Online have announced that a sampling of the game's new music is available on to the public.

Wurm Online has taken a different approach to music than many other games. Rather than massive film tracks, to a certain extent we are trying to write music that actually feels like it has some relationship to the game and the people who play it. With this in mind, we have been composing songs as well as incidental music which will creep up from time to time (though very rarely) in the game itself. A handful of the songs are now available on Myspace.

Wurm Work Song - a bit of blues jamming
Song of the Horde - one of the three Anthems featured in our competition (Okay, we have some orchestral stuff!)
The Raven - a traditional sea shanty
Little Miss Jane - A warning to all those who thinks Wurm has no surprises!
The Winds Last Master - A passionate song about the sea
Blow Wind Blow - Lament of the lone sailor

Read more here.

Tabula Rasa : Deployment 14 Peek

Posted Oct 13, 2008 by Keith Cross

Three members of the Tabula Rasa team take a look at three changes that are on their way in Deployment 14 for TR.

Something is stirring in the ranks of the Bane. Your efforts in the war have not gone unnoticed. The Bane have been getting the tar knocked out of them by AFS forces, and as a result are more aggressive and responsive to the AFS presence in the field. Expect the unexpected as the Bane on Divide start gunning for receptives that wander into Bane territory attempting to skirt around or outflank base defenses and regular patrols of Thrax.

Be mindful as the Bane are calling in area specific mortar strikes with their reinforcements, and fighting harder than ever for their prime territories. The best way to stop the Bane bombardments is to neutralize any Bane forces in the vicinity.

Dynamic Spawners are the first steps of a system of modular kits that will add new and interesting combat scenarios to the already lush environments of TR. Dynamic spawners will introduce additional reactive elements to the worlds of TR and specifically focus on the presence of you and your fellow receptives.

Read more here.

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