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General : SOE Podcast 36

Posted May 26, 2008 by Keith Cross

The 36th edition of the SOE Podcast is now available, bringing information and comentary on SOE's family of games.

Official SOE Podcast #36 is live!!!  Craig “Grimwell” Dalrymple delivers the news while Pex takes a vacation. Take a listen and meet Brad Wilcox Executive Director of Customer Service, and we chat with Emily "Domino" Taylor Game Designer, EQII Tradeskills!  Timmy stops in to update us on what's going on with him. Brenlo and Ashlanne talk about their trip to Seattle and class is in session so listen in to learn how to pronounce the EQ Server Name.

Read more here.

D&D Online : Monk Sparring with the DDO Devs

Posted May 26, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at Tubine have announced an event on Dungeons and Dragons Online's Risia server, where players can learn the ways of the new monk class.

So, you come seeking knowledge of the Way of the Monk?
Many students have begun their journey on the Risia server, and now you too can join in the lessons...

To kick off Monk Week here on Dungeons & Dragons Online, there will be a dojo sparring for all Monk students on the Risia Preview server Tuesday, May 27th at 8:00 PM EST (-4 GMT). Join one of our four Monk masters in the PvP taverns of Stormreach, where you may use your Monk skill against other students to experiment with your new found abilities.

Read more here.

Zu Online : New Server

Posted May 26, 2008 by Keith Cross

IGG has announced that they will be adding a new server for Zu Online and they are offering players the opportunity to submit name suggestions for this new server, with the chance to win rewards.

The Zu Online team is pleased to announce that the population in the Zu world has increased significantly since the release of the new edition and current Patch.

In order to relieve population stress and offer better service as well as celebrate the upcoming 2nd Anniversary of IGG, a brand new server will be available starting June 6th.

Players can send an E-mail to with their ideas for the server name and have the chance to win abundant rewards!

E-mail Format:

  • Topic: No Name + Your favorite server name
  • IGG Account: Enter your IGG account (for the reward)
  • Character Name: Enter your Character name (for the reward)
  • E-mail: Enter your E-mail address
  • Server Name: Enter your favorite server name

Read more here.

Elf Online : Summer Vacation Sale

Posted May 26, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at Elf Online have announced a Summer Vacation Sale in the Elf Online Item Mall.

Wonderful summer vacation is coming. Elf Online is happy to introduce to you the summer vacation sale campaign with offers up to 80% discount for all mall items.

This sale is for a limited time only. Starting from Jun 1st to Jul 1st.

Use this time to stock up on the things you have been eyeing for! Stay tuned for more exciting items up for grabs on last lap of sale.

Read more here.

Age of Conan : Jorgen Tharaldsen on XBox360

Posted May 26, 2008 by Jon Wood

Recently, Managing Editor Jon Wood had the opportunity to sit down to talk with Funcom Product Manager Jorgen Tharaldsen and talk about the XBox360 implementation for AoC.

Recently, Managing Editor Jon Wood had the opportunity to sit down to talk with Funcom Product Manager Jorgen Tharaldsen and talk about the XBox360 implementation for AoC.

Jorgen Tharaldsen on XBox360 and AoC

Check out the whole video here.

Age of Conan : A Meeting with King Conan

Posted May 26, 2008 by Jon Wood

Here, Game Director Gaute Godager gives us a look at a player's first meeting with King Conan in Funcom's new MMO, Age of Conan. Remember, this is a spoiler, so if you don't want to know, don't watch it!

Here, Game Director Gaute Godager gives us a look at a player's first meeting with King Conan in Funcom's new MMO, Age of Conan. Remember, this is a spoiler, so if you don't want to know, don't watch it!


Check it out here.

Requiem : New Screenshots

Posted May 23, 2008 by Jon Wood

The developers of the horror-based MMORPG Requiem: Bloodymare have sent along these six new exclusive screenshots for our viewing pleasure.

Check out all six here.

Jumpgate Evolution : An ION Interview with NetDevil

Posted May 23, 2008 by Jon Wood

Recently,'s own Carolyn Koh had the opportunity to sit down and speak with the team from NetDevil about their work on the upcoming MMORPG Jumpgate Evolution.

Jumpgate Evolution is not a massive update to Jumpgate. It is a completely different game. “Basically, this is a response to focus testing and user feedback,” said Scott Brown, President of Netdevil. “We can’t have Netdevil just do another game. It has to be a great game.”

Once Jumpgate Evolution launches, it will run side by side with Jumpgate until which time, Jumpgate ceases to be viable, if ever. “We still have a lot of players that love the game and we’ll continue supporting it,” said Scott, “Jumpgate Evolution will essentially be like Asherons Call 2 and EverQuest 2. Set in a similar, yet different world. A world of the future.”

At the Connect event in the UK, Netdevil partnered with their UK publisher Codemasters to bring the game to players there. They were able to have the public play test a vertical slice of the game on 50 PCs. “They played the new user experience, and it was the first proof of concept that the new user experience in Jumpgate Evolution works.” Netdevil has treated Jumpgate Evolution as a “Live” project from the get go, with internal testing and developers playing the game. The story takes part in a later time and different part of space, but current players of Jumpgate will absolutely find it familiar.

Read it all here.

World of Warcraft : World of Warcraft Arena Tournament

Posted May 23, 2008 by Keith Cross

Blizzard and Championship Gaming Series (CGS) have announced details of the second annual World of Warcraft Arena Tournament, which has a top prize of $25,000.

The Championship Gaming Series (CGS) has announced its second annual World of Warcraft Arena Tournament. The top 1,000 3-vs.-3 Arena teams from North America and Europe will be invited to participate in an open-ladder competition running June 9 to June 22. The top two teams from each region will compete in a live final in Los Angeles, California for a top prize of $25,000. For more information, please check the FAQ. Good luck to all of the participating teams!

Read more here.

General : Top Speed: Get A Closed Beta Key!

Posted May 23, 2008 by Craig McGregor has partnered up with IAH Games to give out 2,000 closed beta keys for Top Speed - their upcoming kart racing style game!

About Top Speed:

  • A Racer's Paradise: Several unique tracks and a host of sabotage items give racing fans everything they would expect from a top flight racer with some added twists.
  • Interactive Social Atmosphere: Friend lists, a chat interface, a Club (Guild) system, as well as an advanced P2P mail-system featuring a Cash-On-Delivery function, Top Speed allows maximum interactivity for all.
  • Kart Customization: Pimp your ride with grills, body panels, bumpers, wheels and a sweet engine to send that speedometer into the red. You can also use overlay cards and paint to give your kart a stylish custom look.
  • Sabotage Items: Crowded races become increasingly frenzied as bombs, missiles, clouds and UFOs add to the excitement. Two sabotage items can be stored at once and stacked to increase effect.
  • Drifting: Where are the racers separated from the drivers? In the turns. Simple controls make Top Speed easy to learn, but it's sensitive drifting system keeps players training to master all the sharp corners.
  • Unique Avatars: Clothes, hairstyle, gender, and even horoscopes are customizable for every Top Speed player. Create your own racer profile, outfit him or her accordingly, and go win in style.

All that you need to get your Closed Beta key is a registered account!

To get your key just click this link!


Spellborn : New Screenshots

Posted May 23, 2008 by Keith Cross

New images have been added to our screenshot gallery for The Chronicles of Spellborn.

To view the full size images, and to see the rest of the new screens, visit our gallery here.

Warhammer Online : Battle of Altdorf

Posted May 23, 2008 by Keith Cross

EA Mythic has posted an account of a beta battle between the Empire and the forces of Chaos and the Dark Elves, to test the defenses of the Imperial capitol of Altdorf.

The ongoing war between the forces of the Empire and Chaos continues, and this time around their Elf allies have heeded the call for aid. The battle spills over from Ostland and Troll Country into the war-torn areas of Talabecland and High Pass as WAR approaches Altdorf. Victory is a fickle friend as the battles rage at the gates of the great city. Can the mortal army of Tzeentch push the forces of Empire all the way back to the gates of Altdorf? Will they manage to siege and then sack Altdorf itself?

During this round of Closed Beta, testers fought in bloody frays to determine whether Altdorf would stand or fall against the barrage of Chaos and the Dark Elves in Tier 3 areas. Twelve careers for four races were open to play. The conflict between Order and Destruction neared a crescendo in Tier 4 as players tested the overall Campaign, battling back and forth from fortress to fortress on the road to Altdorf.

Read more here.

City of Heroes : Reactivation Weekend

Posted May 23, 2008 by Keith Cross

NCsoft has anounced a reactivation weekend, where former players of City of Heroes / Villains will have their accounts reactivated until Sunday, just in time to play the new Issue 12: Midnight Hour content.

Just in time to try out all the new features included in Issue 12: Midnight Hour, it’s a free Reactivation Weekend! From Thursday, May 22nd starting at 11 AM Pacific (1 PM Eastern) and continuing through Sunday, May 25th at 8:59 PM Pacific (11:59 PM Eastern) all inactive accounts in good standing have free access to City of Heroes and/or City of Villains!

If you haven’t played in a while, be sure to read through the press release for the launch of Issue 12: Midnight Hour: “NCsoft Covers New Ground in City of Heroes” and visit the Official Message Forums for a wealth of information about Issue 12.

We’ll see you in game and have a great “City of” weekend!

Read more here.

Lord of the Rings Online : Lorebook Update: Gollum

Posted May 23, 2008 by Keith Cross

The Lord of the Rings Online Lorebook has been updated with a look at Gollum, everyone's favourite pitiful creature.

The creature Gollum earned his name because of the horrible noises he makes in his throat. Gandalf the Grey speculated that he belonged to a race of river-folk akin to the hobbits, which once dwelt east of the Misty Mountains in the Vale of Anduin. Gollum’s tale is a sad and perilous one.

Sméagol, as was his name of old, went fishing on his birthday with his friend Déagol, who was suddenly pulled into the river by a fish. There, Déagol found a shiny gold ring in the silt at the river-bottom. Sméagol demanded the ring as a birthday present, but Déagol refused to relinquish it Overcome by the power of the Ring – for this was the One Ring of the Dark Lord Sauron – Sméagol murdered his friend and claimed the Ring for himself. Banished by his people, he fled to a cave in the Misty Mountains, where the Ring’s power twisted his body and mind even as it prolonged his life for centuries.

Hundreds of years later, Gollum lost the Ring – or rather the Ring chose to be lost again – just in time for the hobbit Bilbo Baggins to stumble upon it. After a lengthy riddle-game in which Gollum tried to cheat his way to an easy meal – namely Bilbo – the hobbit escaped from the cave with the Ring’s aid, leaving the frustrated Gollum to stew in his own wrath until he at last gained the courage to leave the Misty Mountains in search of his birthday present. Since then he has endured many torments, including captivity at the hands of the Ranger Aragorn and the Elves of Mirkwood, and also torture in Mordor at the whim of Sauron. Still he endures, driven by a ceaseless yearning to regain the Ring… his “precious.”

Read more here.

Pirates of the Burning Sea : Patch 1.5

Posted May 23, 2008 by Keith Cross

Flying Lab Software has posted a preview of what's in store for Pirates of the Burning Sea in Patch 1.5.

Every month I write one of these “patch introduction” devlogs and every month it’s the same: Features! Features! Features! This one is different. After spending a few months packing a few big features into each patch, the 1.5 patch is about making dozens of small fixes that will each make an improvement to the experience people have in the game every day.

The one exception to this “many improvements” plan is our second Epic Mission. Fortaleza da Luz is a level 50 environment along the line of Bey’s Retreat. This series of missions has been in the works for a few months and we’re excited to finally be able to show it to you. Fortaleza will be the subject of a pair of devlogs in the coming week.

While Matt and Bryan are working on Fortaleza, the rest of the content team is spending their time in existing missions. Using data mined from the live game we have found a number of extraordinarily difficult missions. Some of these are being marked as group missions (a state that is much more visible in the UI after 1.4) and the rest are being adjusted so that they are of an appropriate difficulty. We are also examining the missions before level 15 to smooth out that experience for people.

Read more here.

Dream of Mirror Online : Update Preview

Posted May 23, 2008 by Keith Cross

GameTribe has released details of the next patch for Dream of Mirror Online, which adds a new dancer class, new quests and more.

We are very pleased to offer you a great update on May 28th.

It’s time to move your body! Dance with your friends, hypnotize monsters with glamorous moves, yes, the Dancer class is now available to you!! The dancer class is able to control your enemies, decrease its defense, speed and strength, steal health points and many more skills! Of course, the new Dancer class will be accompanied with its job quests and dedicated items to level up accordingly.

The second important news is the new quests available for high level heroes. Team up with your fellows and face the dangers of the new instanced quests:
  • Greedy Cat's Food Mission
  • Big Frankie's Lover Mission,
  • Find out lover's spirit Mission
Hey, it’s not over!! We have some surprises and new items in the shop:
  • New special edition pets: you may find the new third special edition pets in the vending machines. Wanna try your luck and get a very rare pet?
  • Football fiesta over Europe : Football will set Europe on fire in June. Support your favourite national team in DOMO with the national team flags during the competition!
  • New ornamental items to change your look: Cheerleader, Bounty Hunter and Samuraï costumes, Scottish Butterfly Ribbon and Cute Butterfly Ribbon
  • Dreamstone Shard Powder that restores maximum 200 HP of your weapon.

We hope that you will have fun in June with all these new contents. The update will be installed on DOMO during the weekly patch on May 28th

Read more here.

Dekaron : Item Shop Opens

Posted May 23, 2008 by Keith Cross

GameTribe has announced that the item shop in Dekaron is now open with the end of the game's open beta.

Hear the war drums: the open beta stage of the famous MMO DEKARON is now ending on May 19th and goes commercial.

The merciless gamers are now able to enter the Dekaron item shop to equip their character and face epic adventures in the world of Trieste.

In the shop you’ll be able to buy:

  • new costumes to customize your character,
  • pets and mounts to assist you during your journeys
  • items such as potions to increase your power, heal yourself, regenerate your mana, extra inventory slots to store your valuable loots and many more!

Enter in it and have a look to all the inventory!

Surprises are not finished! GameTribe will reserve a special gift to all players that have created a character during the closed beta phase and also a new one between the 1st of April up to May 25th! Dekaron is a fusion-fantasy 3D MMORPG set in a Middle Ages based scenery. Its realistic environment and explosive adventure make this extraordinary game much like watching a fast-paced action movie. You must journey into this magical world with hundreds of other adventurers and explore perilous dungeons and fantastical cities in the world of Trieste.

Are you ready to join the war lasting for millennia?

Run to register to GameTribe! The battle is waiting for you!

Read more here.

Angels Online : Beginner's Guide

Posted May 23, 2008 by Keith Cross

IGG has published a basic guide to getting started in Angels Online.

The new Eden expansion has successfully attracted a large number of new players to register, so the Angles Online team wants to teach newbie players all the basics about the Angel Lyceum and the new version.

Read more here.

Zu Online : New Patch

Posted May 23, 2008 by Keith Cross

IGG has announced the release of the latest patch update for Zu Online.

The Zu Online Team announced that the new 1.4.06 Patch had been released on May 21st with an adjustment to class balance and improvement of the PVP system.

Please visit the official site to download either the latest client 1.4.06 or the complete patch for updating any previous version to 1.4.06.

Read more here.

ArchLord : 500,000th Player

Posted May 23, 2008 by Keith Cross

Codemasters has announced that Archlord has reached the half million mark with its 500,000th player.

Codemasters Online is pleased to announce they have opened the doors to their 500,000th player of its popular subscription-free MMORPG, ArchLord.

Since moving to free-to-play, ArchLord has seen explosive new player growth over recent months with more players than ever taking on the challenge to compete to become the all-conquering ArchLord and with it rule the entire game world.

Ed Relf, Director of Marketing, Codemasters Online commented, “This is a key milestone in the growth of ArchLord. ArchLord is a premier free-to-play MMORPG offering significantly more depth and quality than most other free-to-play games and this recent achievement solidifies our commitment to the ongoing development and success of ArchLord.”

To cope with the increased popularity for the game, Codemasters Online will shortly be opening an all-new game world to cope with the game’s substantially increased demand as they gear up for the next free content update Episode 3 due in the coming months.

ArchLord is a premier free-to-play online role-playing game allowing players to download and play the game for free with no monthly subscriptions or commitments. The online game challenges thousands of players each month to raise an army, to compete to become the game’s all-ruling ArchLord and with it control of the entire game world impacting on the lives of thousands of ArchLord players.

Read more here.

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