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EverQuest II : Erollisi Day Events

Posted Feb 09, 2009 by Keith Cross

The folks at EverQuest II have posted details about this year's Valentine's Day events, called Erollisi Day after the game's goddess of love.

Now that the frosty days of Frostfell are well behind us, a young Norrathian turns to thoughts of love. Who better to steer and nurture those thoughts than the goddess of love herself? Thus, it is with great pleasure that we bring you this year's Erollisi Day celebrations!

The Swornlove twins have returned to Norrath! They need your help again to spread the love.

Many quests from previous years will be returning, including: Dalron's Pick-Up Lines (with a few updated prospects), Love Loot (candies and love notes that can be used for crafting and currency with merchants), Titles for being the most romantic!

Read more here.

Aion : New Community Manager at NC West

Posted Feb 09, 2009 by Keith Cross

NCsoft has posted a bio of the new community manager for Aion.

Lani comes to us from the far reaches of the United States, in a sparsely populated state called Canada (her joke, not ours). A gamer from an early age, she began her journey into games on the Oregon Trail. It was while trekking through heavy rain and snow, along with a few starvation scares, that Lani had to ask, "Computer, where have you been all my life?", and even though that first gaming journey ended with a broken axle, stolen oxen and an untimely death due to cholera, she came out of it knowing this was the life for her.


Read more here.

Lord of the Rings Online : Dev Chat Reveals Expansion Details

Posted Feb 09, 2009 by Keith Cross

Turbine has published the transcript of a recent dev chat they held withe the folks at Xfire, and during the chat they revealed a few details about Volume II, Book 7, the first free content expansion for Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria.

Ragter (ragters): Will we see a 24 man raid coming in the next book or two?

Turbine_Amlug: We are focused on 3-mans, 6-mans, and 12-mans right now but who knows what the mysterious future will hold. My magic 8-ball says "Wait and see..."

BaByBooM- Freak (babybodom): about PvMP you have done alot since moria came live, but it has never been more unrevording for peeps then before... ranking is only for fun and no real think to get from that (pardon me)... my question is... will you add new stuff in pvMP for peeps, maby new area, or better items, new quests and way of fights... pvmp instances maby? (btw. great job on adding destiny points for freeps)

Turbine_Jalessa: We're always looking to do new things to keep interest in PvMP, and we're definitely not stopping with this book. Book 7 will include updates to Glan Vraig chests (new loot, including chances for IA loot) and updates to boss loot in the Delving will hopefully entice Free Players to come back out. I also hope to continue to enhance the reward system in other ways (better rank items) through later books).

Read more here.

DC Universe Online : Marv Wolfman to Write for DCU

Posted Feb 09, 2009 by Keith Cross

SOE has announced that comic book writer Marv Wolfman has signed on to work on story arcs in the upcoming massively multiplayer incarnation of the DC Universe.

Earthrise Screenshot

In another sign of Sony Online Entertainment LLC’s (SOE) commitment to the upcoming DC Universe™ Online (DCUO) massively multiplayer online video game, the company today announced that award-winning writer Marv Wolfman has joined the creative team at WildStorm Productions that is working with SOE to bring the DC Universe to life on the PLAYSTATION® 3 computer entertainment system and the PC.

Wolfman will write compelling story arcs, exciting quests and in-game events for DCUO. Wolfman’s seminal run on The New Teen Titans is a favorite among comic book fans, and along with his work on series such as Crisis on Infinite Earths, Batman and Superman, he has become one of the most recognizable names in comics of the last three decades. His illustrious comic credits also include creating and writing Blade, The Vampire Hunter.

Read more here.

World of Warcraft : Love is in the Air Event

Posted Feb 09, 2009 by Jon Wood World of Warcraft Correspondent Deborah Deitrich writes this look at WoW's upcoing Valentine's Day Event.

WoW screenshot

Hello young lovers, wherever you are. Your holiday event is upon us. Beginning at 6 AM on Wednesday, February 11 and continuing until 6 AM on Monday, February 16 is World of Warcraft's "Love is in the Air" event. This is a short event; only 5 days in length, so those who want to complete the Fool for Love achievement associated with this event can't dawdle. Due to its abbreviated timeframe and the fact that this event occurs during a 3-day holiday weekend when some of those young lovers and not-so-young lovers may be leaving for a romantic getaway, this could be the event that is the spoiler for many who were hoping to attain the "What a Long Strange Trip It's Been" achievement within a one year time frame. Well, real life trumps the virtual. I know I'll be away with my sweetie for most of that time.

"Love is in the Air" is one of the events required to complete the "What a Long Strange Trip It's Been" and the payoff for that achievement is a Violet Proto-Drake, a super fast mount. If you haven't been paying attention to the event achievements, maybe this is the time to start. It will take an entire year to get them all done, if you're lucky. If you're not lucky, there's always next year.

Read the Love is in the Air Event

Global Agenda : Top Three Questions... Answered

Posted Feb 09, 2009 by Jon Wood

Todd Harris, the Executive Producer for Global Agenda, has provided us with this developer journal in which he answers three of the most commonly asked questions about their upcoming MMO.

Global Agenda Screenshot

Question #1: Is Global Agenda an MMOFPS, MMORPG, or MMORTS?

Well… yes. Global Agenda is an Action MMO that incorporates elements from each of these game-types, but also some important differences.

Global Agenda has elements of an FPS because our in-mission game play is very action-oriented and as fluid as a multiplayer online shooter.

Read Top Three Questions... Answered

Star Wars: The Old Republic : TOR Web Comic in the Works

Posted Feb 09, 2009 by Keith Cross

Boiware has announced that they will be producing a web comic with Dark Horse to introduce the back story of Star Wars: The Old Republic to the gaming audience.

Dark Horse has joined forces with LucasArts and BioWare™ to create a new comic series, published entirely online, to introduce both the gaming and comics worlds to the upcoming massively multiplayer online game Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. Debuting this month, Star Wars: The Old Republic - Threat of Peace will feature action-packed, character-driven episodes written by BioWare’s Rob Chestney and published by Dark Horse. The stories will span the three decades from the pivotal signing of the Treaty of Coruscant to critical events at the beginning of the game.

Read more here.

Read the press release here.

World of Warcraft : Blizzard Won't be at E3 This Year

Posted Feb 06, 2009 by Keith Cross

Blizzard has announced that they will not be attending this year's E3 event, despite the previous statements from parent company Activision that confirmed Activision's involvement in the show.

World of Warcraft developer Blizzard Entertainment has stated that it will not be attending the newly expanded E3 2009 event, just days after merger partner Activision confirmed their involvement.

Although Blizzard owner Vivendi Games became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Activision in July of last year, Blizzard has continued to operate largely autonomously. Even so, it was assumed that Activision's confirmed E3 attendance also included Blizzard, who regularly attended the event during its heyday.

Blizzard confirmed its plans to pass on E3 with a single sentence statement to consumer website Giant Bomb: "Blizzard Entertainment will not be attending or participating in E3 2009".

Read more here.

Aion : Verteron Zone Tour

Posted Feb 06, 2009 by Keith Cross

Verteron Zone TourThe developers behind Aion have prepared a new video tour of the game's Verteron Zone, a region full of abundant life and sinister plots.

Watch the Verteron Zone Tour


Wurm Online : New Screenshots

Posted Feb 06, 2009 by Keith Cross

Today we present six new images which have been added to our Wurm Online screenshot gallery.


Take a look at all of the Wurm Online Images

World of Warcraft : Patch 3.1.0 Class Change Details

Posted Feb 06, 2009 by Keith Cross

Blizzard has posted part two of their preview of upcoming class changes in patch 3.1.0 for World of Warcraft. This time the focus is on the Warrior, the Warlock, and the Druid.


  • Changing stances now has a much reduced cost: you lose a maximum of 20 rage (10 with Tactical Mastery). For example, if you have 100 rage and change stances, you will have 80 rage remaining. If you have 10 rage and change stances, all of your rage is lost. In addition, we may change the penalties associated with some stances.
  • You now gain rage when damage done to you is absorbed, such as through a Power Word: Shield.
  • Blood Frenzy now causes 2/4% physical damage done.
  • Sunder Armor (and similar debuffs) now reduces armor by 4% per application, and is now a single rank. Creature armor has been globally reduced so that debuffed targets should take about the same damage from physical attacks that they did before this change. The net effect should be that this debuff is slightly less mandatory in PvE and is not disproportionately more powerful against cloth targets in PvP.
  • We are also adding increased damage to Arms, possibly through Overpower or Slam.
  • We are also looking at granting rage when the warrior blocks, dodges or parries.

Read more here.

Warhammer Online : Night of Murder Begins

Posted Feb 06, 2009 by Keith Cross

Mythic has announced the start of the Night of Murder event which celebrates Valentine's Day, Dark Elf style.

The Night of Murder event is now live! There are no chocolates or roses in this heart-shaped box and the only arrows are stained with blood.

Will you be my valentine? Check out all the details here.

See you in game!

Read more here.

Ultima Online : Archery Skill Guide

Posted Feb 06, 2009 by Jon Wood's V D has provided us with this guide to the Archery Training Skill in Ultima Online.

Archery is for ranged fighting. This is good, because you can do damage to your opponent and stay safe unlike melee fighters. The difficulty is making sure you are far away enough to reload safely, but not so far away that your shooting range is limited.

As an archer you will need a ridiculous amount of arrows or bolts. If you train in fletching you will have a 99% chance of success to make these with only 30% skill level. You will need to gather wood from the forest and kill birdies or harpies for feathers. Also, centaurs, ratmen mages, and juka lords are usually good sources of free arrows after you kindly explain you would like them to die and give you all their belongings. Alternatively, you could buy arrows and save time. I personally recommend doing just that!

Read the Ultima Online Archery Skill Guide

Runescape : Behind the Scenes: February

Posted Feb 06, 2009 by Keith Cross

The folks at Runscape have posted their February Behind the Scenes update, detailing their plans to get rid of some of the old random events and add some new ones, a new mini-game, and more.

This month we welcome a few new faces to RuneScape’s “who’s who” list in the form of giant Slayer beasts. These avatars just happen to be the main focus of our new safe, conflict minigame...Soul Wars! We will also be waving goodbye to a few of our old random events, adding a new feature that will let you sort your quests, building price-checking inventory options for your items, and adding a new distraction and diversion (whose bark is far worse than his bite).

Soul Wars

On the deepest, darkest, most mysterious of our backwater islands, an eternal struggle rages, unknown to the residents of RuneScape until now. Structured much like Castle Wars, this will be a “quick to access, tough to master” conflict-based minigame. The avatars of Destruction and Creation vie for control of the Soul Obelisk, an ancient and powerful artefact used to harvest the souls of the weak and unready. Get ready to grab your blade, staff or bow and battle through Slayer creatures, collecting fragments of their souls to feed to the ever-hungry obelisk. Rewards include combat XP while playing the game, Pest Control-style XP rewards and a few new pets for you to lead.

Read more here.

EverQuest : Against the Void Preview

Posted Feb 06, 2009 by Keith Cross

SOE has posted a preview of some of the new Legends of Norrath cards that are coming with Against the Void, the game's next expansion set.

In my last article on Against the Void, I wrote about a number of returning and expanding concepts from Ethernauts, including the Lookout keyword. But the newest expansion for Legends of Norrath also brings some new, "freshman" keywords into the mix.

The first is Attuned, and it's all about faction (as some of you might expect from a set that continues playing around with faction). Attuned simply means, "this card's faction is the same as your avatar's." Note that because the text on cards doesn't take effect until you actually play them, an Attuned card "defaults" to neutral when it's in your hand, discard pile, or deck. But once you play it, if you're shadow, so is it. If you're light, so is it.

Read more here.

Warhammer Online : Teir Two RvR Guide: Witch Elf

Posted Feb 06, 2009 by Jon Wood Warhammer Online Correspondent Andrew Bobb writes this look at RvR in Tier Two for the popular Dark Elf Witch Elf career in Mythic's RVR-centric game.

After completing the first ten levels as a Witch Elf, you should be familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of the class. Tier One RvR has also given you a feel for how you want to play the class. As you begin leveling through Tier Two, you will begin to focus on a career mastery path. Each point you dedicate to a path increased the effectiveness of that path's core abilities and progresses you towards path exclusive skills.

Read the Teir Two RvR Guide: Witch Elf

Zu Online : New Version On The Way

Posted Feb 06, 2009 by Keith Cross

IGG has announced details on the next update for Zu Online which adds a new pet and minion, a new reward system, a promise to fix all known bugs, and more.

The new version of Zu Online is coming very soon. With the release of the new version, a cool new pet--Aurora Tiger, a new minion--Hades Fire Beast for level 240+ Summoners, the Pumpkin-Q Head, weekly cards, monthly cards, and the daily regular rewards system will all be added to the game. In addition, many game features will be adjusted, all the known bugs will be fixed and the max level requirements for receiving quests will be canceled.

Read more here.

Global Agenda : Exclusive Screenshots

Posted Feb 06, 2009 by Jon Wood

The folks at Global Agenda have provided us with these new, exclusive screenshots of their upcoming game.

Global Agenda Screenshot

Check out the Exclusive Global Agenda Screenshots

EVE Online : Qunatum Rise Review

Posted Feb 06, 2009 by Jon Wood

With talk of EVE Online's next expansion, Apocrypha, getting more and more frequest, we thought it might be a good idea to ask EVE Online expert Andrew Wallace to write a review of the game's last expansion, Quantum Rise.

EVE is no stranger to upheaval. It is a constantly evolving beast, and has been since its release back in 2003. Rather than consolidating all of their updates into a single release every year or so, CCP releases two major expansions for free each year, but it would be wrong to say that just because they appear more frequently and cost nothing that they are lacking somewhat. Each one is substantial enough to bring about a new age for the game, requiring players to adjust their strategies accordingly, and Quantum Rise was no different. It was also not short on controversy, with some players heralding that the speed changes it was bringing would ruin EVE; that this was it, the apocalypse was on its way, and it had a November release date. Well, shockingly enough, November has come and gone, and EVE is still here; stronger than ever, perhaps, having recently reached a new Peak Concurrent User (PCU) record of 45,186 at the beginning of 2009. Anyway, is the latest expansion for EVE Online any good? Yes. That's the simple answer; it's a good expansion, but not for the reasons you might expect. There isn't a swarm of fancy new ships to look at, no new weapons to blast each other with; not much new stuff at all, oh no. What makes Quantum Rise deserving of the score below and has caused such an impact to the game has much more to do with the balances and upgrades to what was already there. Let's pop the hood and take a look.

EVE Online Screen

Read the Quantum Rise Review

Myth War 2 : Valentine's Day Events

Posted Feb 06, 2009 by Keith Cross

IGG has announced a series of events to celebrate Valentine's day in Myth War II.

Since Valentine’s Day is coming around the corner, the air is thick with the sweet scent of roses and chocolates. Myth War team from IGG has prepared the wonderful event series for Myth War inhabitants to express their sentiments.

Event 1:

Love does not begin or end in one day. Since the day Cupid’s arrow penetrated the hearts of Kelina and Andrew, these two young men could never bear to part. But before we give them our blessing, their love must be tested. Team up with your beloved and complete our quest to find out the strength of love. Love Guru and take part in fights. Special prizes like Saint Pet are on offer.

Event 2:

A grand wedding ceremony will be held for 10 players with the most glorious deeds in PK battles. On Valentine’s Day, the GM will act as the Master of Ceremony to host the ceremony. Those heartfelt and touching wedding vows, beautiful flowers and the ringing of bells will be combined to give a most romantic feeling. Your wedding will be a splendid spectacle. February 14, for the whole day, let’s indulge ourselves in love.

Event 3:

We will hold a Valentine’s Day Screenshot Contest. You can take screenshots in the game or hand draw something game based, then submit them to us. Photoshop or other graphics programs can be use to process or edit images.

Read more here.

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