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EverQuest II : Elements of Corruption Screenshots

Posted Mar 05, 2009 by Keith Cross

Game update #51: Elements of Coruption for EverQuest II will see a number of changes to Lavastorm as the Void invades and today we present a fresh batch of screenshots from the update.



See more Elements of Coruption Screenshots.

Ultima Online : Cartography Skill Training

Posted Mar 05, 2009 by Jon Wood's V D has provided us with this new guide to Cartography Skill Training in Ultima Online.

Cartography is the skill you must know if you want to be a treasure hunter. The skill allows you to decode treasure maps found on monsters, and then use them to dig up the treasure. It isn’t a very fun skill to train in but the ends do justify the means. Like most skills, it gains up fast and steady in the beginning but it crawls down to near halt when you get high up there. Pretty much the way you raise this skill is just by drawing maps over and over again. Pure excitement!


The first step in Cartography training is buying a mapmaker’s pen from a NPC mapmaker (or another player with a high tinkering skill can make one for you). Next is buying a lot of blank scrolls in any mage shop or blank maps from the shipwright who is usually where a lot of the NPC mapmakers hang out. I recommend using blank scrolls because they are much cheaper, and since they will stack in your bag you can carry more of them at one time.

Read Cartography Skill Training

Global Agenda : Fansite Contest

Posted Mar 05, 2009 by Keith Cross

Hi-Rez Studios has announced that they have created a fansite kit for Global Agenda and will be holding a fansite contest where the top three sites can win Global Agenda related prizes, including beta keys, merchandise credit and more.

Global Agenda Screenshot

Do you think you can build the most interesting and compelling Global Agenda Fan Site out there? Now is the chance to strut your stuff.

Recently, Hi-Rez Studios released the Global Agenda Fan Site Kit. This kit includes a great collection of Global Agenda art and music assets.

To encourage our budding community, Hi-Rez is holding a special contest to reward the creators of the best Global Agenda fan websites.

Read more here.

Star Trek Online : Alien Identification Contest

Posted Mar 05, 2009 by Keith Cross

Cryptic Studios has posted a contest where players are asked to come up with the story behind a new alien race, where the author of the best entry will earn a spot in the Star Trek Online beta.

Travelling the Universe on a starship, you’ve met a lot of different people from a lot of different planets. It’s rare for you to come across a new entity, but that’s a part of the thrill. So, when you strolled into the cantina at your latest docking station and saw an empty seat next to someone from a species you’d never seen before, you smiled, sat yourself down, and said, “So, where are you from? And can I buy you a drink?”

Your new friend may smile and accept the drink, or they may stand up in disgust because you’ve violated one of their cultural taboos, or they may throw their arms around you in glee because where they come from “can I buy you a drink” is a marriage proposal.

You tell us their answer. What planet are they from? What kind of culture did they grow up in? How did they end up here, sitting next to you in a space station cantina?

Read more here.

Pirates of the Burning Sea : Battle of Gull Point Testbed Event

Posted Mar 05, 2009 by Keith Cross

Flying Lab will be holding a four sided ship skirmish event on their Testbed server to test the game's new Skirmish System.


This will be a ship Skirmish event on the Testbed server, which we have dubbed “the Battle of Gull Point”. Using the magic of the skirmish system, you will be transported into a great four-sided battle where you will need to use all of your ship combat skills to defeat your opponents.

There will be 48 places (12 ships per team), first come first served. If more than 48 people are there, the extras can create their own skirmish battle. The event is open to players of all levels.

Read more here.

Ether Saga : Open Beta Starts March 17th

Posted Mar 05, 2009 by Keith Cross

The folks at Ether Saga Online have announced that the game will enter Open Beta on March 17th.

We are pleased to announce the release date for Open Beta - 12:00 am (midnight) Pacific Time on March 17th. Players can expect the following to occur:

1. Closed beta servers will shut down at 10 am Pacific Time on March 16th.
2. All characters created in Closed Beta will be wiped. Clean slate for everyone. This will be our last character wipe.
3. The cash shop will be open for purchases with Zen when Open Beta launches.

I will discuss development plans for the next couple of weeks below, but first I wanted to announce something exciting: the closed beta contest!

Read more here.

Zu Online : Swordsman Leveling Guide

Posted Mar 05, 2009 by Keith Cross

IGG has posted a guide for leveling the Swordsman class in Zu Online.

Among the five clans of Zu Online ( ), the Swordsmen are the best damage dealers. Master Swordsmen wield the most powerful spells. Magic that can cause a lot of damage to a single target. Also, their spells cool down fast and can be cast instantly. Because of this, Swordsmen can level faster than of the other clans.

Now, let’s talk about how to spend their talent points to increase the number of monsters they can slay. To slay monsters quickly, Swordsmen need to spend almost all their talent points on the “Cohesion” branch.

First Row
Spend 10 talent points on “Lethality” until it increases the critical strike damage bonus by 14%. This may be one of most practical talents of Swordsmen.

Second Row
Spend 10 points on “Disabling Sword” to increase the Garrote chance of Flying Sword, God Sword and Multi Sword Strike spells by up to 11%.

“Subtle Strike” will not help slay monsters faster, so it can be left out for now.

Third Row
Spend 1 point on “Store Spirit”. Then you can use this talent when you have enough vigor, which will really help slay monsters.

The other talents on this row will not help accelerate monster slaying, so they can be ignored for now. However, we still need to spend more talent points on this talent branch in order to activate the talents on the fourth row. So spend 9 talent points on “Flying Sword Strike”.

Fourth Row
Spend 10 talent points on “Mortal Strikes” to increase the Critical Strike chance of Air Explosion, Fury of the Universe and Swirling Wing Spells by up to 16%.

“Soul Shaking” reduces the movement speed and attack speed of a single target, so it can be ignored for now.

Fifth Row
As for the talents in the fifth row, “Malice” is first on the list, so pump it up until it increases the chance of Critical Strike by 15%. This is another one of the most practical talents of the Swordsmen.

“Disabling Shot” is almost useless when fighting against a crowd of monsters, so it can be ignored for now as well.

Sixth Row
Spend 10 talent points on “Extended Blast” to increase the area of effect of Air Explosion, Fury of the Universe and Swirling Swords spells by 80. This talent is very helpful, especially for fighting against monsters while away from the keyboard.

When you have enough talent points to spend on the talents above, you should be around Level 207. At this level, you should be a veteran, and with the power you’ve gathered, it’s time to start mastering PvP, if you haven’t already. It’s all up to you. Remember that, to level fast, Swordsmen must use a Bolus of Rapidity to increase their experience gained. Also, before fighting AFK, Swordsmen should use Soul Power and make sure they have enough Soul Herbs left in their backpack.

Read more here.

World of Warcraft : Dual Spec Overview

Posted Mar 05, 2009 by Jon Wood World of Warcraft Correspondent Jonathan Ellis writes this overview of the Dual Spec feature for Blizzard's World of Warcraft

WoW screenshot

Last week, Blizzard finally released some solid information on the long-awaited dual spec feature in the form of this interview with infamous Senior Game Designer Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street.

The interview is a good read and pretty thorough, but the main points can be boiled down to the following:

Read the Dual Spec Overview

Conquer Online : Carnival Event

Posted Mar 05, 2009 by Keith Cross

TQ Games has announced details of their Fallas Carnival event in Conquer Online.

Fallas is a traditional celebration in Valencia, Spain, which was began back in the Middle Ages. All the artisans used to hang up planks of wood called "parots" during winter to support their candles while they were working. At the onset of Spring, these pieces of wood would be burned as a way of celebrating the end of the dark Winter working days. After a while, they began to put clothing on the "parot", and then started to try to make it more identifiable with a well-known local personality. These "parots" were the first "ninots" (puppets or dolls). With time, people of the neighborhood started organizing the process of the creation of the Fallas and various monuments of various figures were born.

Several years back, a group of foreign merchants arrived in the middle kingdom from across the sea, and brought this grand festival to the residents of Twin City. This March, the blaze of this celebration will light up the universe of Conquer Online!

Read more here.

CrimeCraft : NPC Introduction

Posted Mar 05, 2009 by Jon Wood

The folks from the upcoming crime-city MMORPG Crimecraft have provided us with images and descriptions of a number of the game's more infamous NPCs.

Crimecraft NPC

Jack Haffner patrols Sunrise City. He keeps the rabble in line and the violence off the main streets, but he's not above taking a bribe or two.

Read the NPC Introduction

General : Win PlaySpan Ultimate Point Cards!

Posted Mar 05, 2009 by Craig McGregor and PlaySpan are proud to announce our newest contest for the community! From now until April 5, 2009 we will be taking entries into a random sweepstakes where you can win one of 13 prizes! Prizes:

  • (3) $100 PlaySpan Ultimate Point Cards
  • (10) $30 PlaySpan Ultimate Point Cards

Each card will allow you to buy game time and in-game items for participating MMORPG titles such as Age of Conan, EVE Online, Gunz, Ultima Online, Lord of the Rings Online and many more titles supported!

As with all contests, the more days you login during the contest, the better your odds of winning!


Lord of the Rings Online : Book 7: Leaves of Lorien Screenshots

Posted Mar 04, 2009 by Keith Cross

The folks at Turbine have released six new screenshots for Volume II: Book 7: Leaves of Lorien, the next update for Lord of the Rings Online.


See more Lord of the Rings Online: Leaves of Lorien.

World of Warcraft : Arena Commentary Contest

Posted Mar 04, 2009 by Keith Cross

Blizzard has announced that they are holding a contest where players are asked to commentate World of Warcraft Arena matches.

If you consider yourself a pro World of Warcraft player, love watching eSports, or have always wanted your chance to provide play-by-play commentary for Arena matches, here's your chance. Blizzard Entertainment is proud to present our first Arena Shoutcasting Contest. Eligible participants can download an Arena match from the World of Warcraft website, record their best play-by-play account, and submit the completed work. One winner and three runners-up will be eligible to win some fantastic prizes. We look forward to hearing your announcements.

Read more here.

EverQuest II : Lavastorm Quest Changes

Posted Mar 04, 2009 by Keith Cross

The folks at EverQuest II are advising players of upcoming changes to Lavastorm which will make some writ quests obsolete.

Almost all of the mobs in the zone have undergone a change in level. As a result of this 40+ Writ quests that previously sent you into Lavastorm needed to be adjusted, too. It can be frustrating and misleading to be offered a quest that is level 41, and then find out that the target you must defeat is level 46! (I don't like it and I bet you don't either.) A few only required slight level changes to match the level of the beasts you must kill for that quest. Others needed to be completely reworked due to the lack of level 40-44 mobs in the zone. The majority of those writs will now send you into Everfrost.

I wanted to inform you of this upcoming change and encourage everyone to complete any Lavastorm writs that they may have before Elements of Corruption (GU51) hits Live servers."

Read more here.

EverQuest : San Diego Declares SOE Day

Posted Mar 04, 2009 by Keith Cross

The city of San Diego will be declaring March 16th as Sony Online Entertainment Day to mark the 10 year anniversary of EverQuest.

On Tuesday, March 10th at 10:00 a.m., San Diego City Councilmember Carl DeMaio will present John Smedley with an official proclamation that names March 16th as "Sony Online Entertainment Day" in the City of San Diego. This proclamation serves to commemorate the 10th anniversary and launch of EverQuest on this day as well as the continued support and dedication SOE shows to the city and community of San Diego!

You're invited to join us for this historical event! If you're in the San Diego area, we'd love to see you there.

Date: Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Time: The meeting starts at 10:00 a.m. and the proclamation will be shortly thereafter, but it is advised to arrive early to find parking and get through security.

Location: 202 C St., 12th Floor Council Chambers

Read more here.

Warhammer Online : Crafting Changes

Posted Mar 04, 2009 by Keith Cross

Mythic Entertainment has posted a brief notice about crafting skill changes that may have gone unnoticed because of other big additions included in the 1.2 update for Warhammer Online.

As many of you may have noticed in the Game Update 1.2 Patch notes, we have given players the ability to exchange their current level of Scavenging for an equal level of Butchering. This was implemented due to the changes to the Apothecary trade skill.

In order to perform this switch you will need to visit either Lorne Foulsteel in The Inevitable City (Destruction) or Elsbeth Reiss in Altdorf (Order) They will then give you a quest to complete, "Welcome to the Meat Market", which will correctly train you in the Butchering trade skill if you had the Scavenging trade skill.

Read more here.

Stargate Worlds : Stargate Worlds Sponsers Racing Team

Posted Mar 04, 2009 by Keith Cross

Last year at SD Comic Con Stargate Worlds had giant advertisements on the sides of buses. At Leipzig GC they had hybrid hummers decked out with the game's logo. Now they continue their trend of motorized promotions by sponsoring a racing team.

Former actor Frankie Muniz is returning to the race track in 2009 with teammate Simona De Silvestro under the Team Stargate Worlds banner. Both racers are entering their third season on the Cooper Tires Atlantic Championship Series and their first season as Team Stargate Worlds.

Stargate Worlds is the big beneficiary of the deal as they put up no money in the sponsorship but will have their logo seen by thousands of race fans!

Read more here.

Runes of Magic : New Dungeon: Kalin Shrine

Posted Mar 04, 2009 by Keith Cross

The folks at Runes of Magic have announced the addition of a new Kalin Shrine high level dungeon to the game.

SAN FRANCISCO - March 3, 2009 - Frogster America, Inc. today announced details of new content that is being added for the launch of Runes of Magic, the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) that is redefining the standard for free-to-play titles. In preparation for the game's March 19th release, the development team is adding an additional high-level dungeon, Kalin Shrine, a mysterious place where the dark mage Regin oversees minions that are sure to challenge any adventurer.

Located in the dusty wastes of the Dust Devil Canyon, the Kalin Shrine was built back in the mists of time, even before the blossoming of the of the old kingdoms. Ancient knowledge resides in the heart of the Shrine where Regin once kept this knowledge safe for his own followers, but now is using the power of the shrine for his own dark purposes. Well armed players are now being recruited to drive him out of the sanctuary. This is not a simple task; it can only be undertaken by Level 50 warriors, since the passages and levels of this lost shrine are populated by ghosts, rune guardians and grave robbers.

Boss level opponents also support the powerful magician in his sinister works. They all require unique strategies to defeat and a minimum six person group of adventurers. Just one of the obstacles for players to overcome in this struggle is a crystal tortoise which can freeze players in a block of solid ice for ten minutes. However, the most testing battles are at the heart of the shrine.

Using black magic, Regin is able to resurrect some of the slain bosses and summon them to his aid. Should adventurers master this quest and free the shrine from the evil influence, their troubles will be rewarded with booty in the form of rare armor.

Read more here.

D&D Online : Third Anniversary Video Nominations

Posted Mar 04, 2009 by Keith Cross

The folks at Dungeons and Dragons Online are looking for videos that celebrate three years of DDO.


Nominations are now open! We’re looking for videos that celebrate the DDO 3rd Anniversary!

To nominate a video, post the link to the video in our nominations thread , and we'll check it out (don't forget to include the credits)! This thread will be open until next Monday, when we'll select our favorite from this week. Remember that in a final vote, the Community will help us to select which video to spotlight on!

Read more here.

Runescape : Agility Overview

Posted Mar 04, 2009 by Jon Wood Runescape Correspondent Faisal Baig writes this article outlining the Agility skill in the popular old-school MMO.

Many people play RuneScape without actually realizing all that you can do in it. The first step is to learn about all of the different skills you can train and practice. Many of the skills will help you have a bigger range of ways to make money. Each time you practice a skill you will gain experience or p and when you reach a certain amount of experience, you'll gain a level in that skill. The total amount of experience required to obtain the next level is the same for each skill, for the most part. The problem many encounter is that there aren’t any fun skills in non-members worlds, but rather in members. You can get past this problem if you learn to utilize the skills in the right way. The best way to start is by finding out what each skill’s primary role is! For my next few articles, I will be going in depth on all or most of the skills.

Read the Agility Overview

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