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Conquer Online : New Year's Sale

Posted Dec 31, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at Conquer Online have announced that they are holding a New Year's sale to celebrate the passing of the year.

Throughout 2008, players and designers alike have been contributing to Conquer Online's community, keeping it thriving and vibrant.

To celebrate the arrival of 2009 and express TQ's appreciation toward our loyal playership, Conquer Online will have a New Year Special Sale for all players from 17:00 on the 31st of December, to the 17:00 on the 2nd of January.

For these 48 hours, you will find a series of Conquer 2009 Value Packs at Pack Chief (Twin City 439,367) which presents our players with a significant discount for fabled gear and gems.

It is a great opportunity to power up your arsenal. Don't hesitate! Don't miss this limited 48-hour offer.

Read more here.

Zu Online : Flying Mount Overview

Posted Dec 31, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at Zu Online have posted descriptions of the game's five flying mounts.

In Zu Online, you can fly freely, gather legendary treasure, shapeshift into Buddha and much, much more. When you've hit a pretty high level, you will certainly want to enjoy more fun than the lower-level players, such as enjoying a flight through the lofty peaks of Zu on a mount. Now we would like to introduce the five powerful mounts that can take you soaring into the skies of Zu Online.

1. Ink Kylin
The Ink Kylin is a beast that absorbs the vapor of clouds and fog from the top of Kunlun Mountain. Ink Kylin's ride the clouds to fly.

Read more here.

Wonderland Online : New Year Events

Posted Dec 31, 2008 by Keith Cross

IGG has announced a series of events to celebrate the New Year in Wonderland Online.

With the New Year in sight, the Wonderland Online ( Team has planned several interesting events for players to enjoy right through to 2009.

1. Drive Your Turtle Car III

Players who have never purchased WLO Points Cards and exchanged them for WLO Points will, from January 1st until January 10th EST (GMT-5), be rewarded with a cute Turtle car.

2. Win Double EXP Together

Wonderland Online will hold the Double EXP event for one day if the maximum number of concurrent users is 25,000 or more from 6:00pm, January 2nd until 1:00 am, January 3rd.

3. New Year Fortune Bombing

Wonderland has released its New Year’s Fortune Bombing! From December 31st to January 5th, 2009, players can spin the wheel using their credits. The WLO team has many amazing gifts prepared for everyone.

4. New Year Pleasant Surprises

From January 1st to January 10th EST (GMT-5), players who have consumed at least 500 Wonderland Online points in total will receive 20,000 Gold as a New Year’s gift. In addition, the top three players who have consumed the most points will be awarded big rewards.

Read more about Drive Your Turtle Car III.

Read more about Win Double EXP Together.

Read more about New Year Fortune Bombing.

Read more about New Year Pleasant Surprises.

Voyage Century Online : Tree Instance Preview

Posted Dec 31, 2008 by Keith Cross

IGG has posted a preview of three new instances in Voyage Century Online, called Cretan Labyrinth, Mallorca Cave, Madagascar Cave.

As we all know, Instances are a very important part of MMORPGs. In the Voyage Century instances, players can not only challenge a variety of ferocious monsters, such as the ancient overlord dragon, lizard man, and huge ancient crocodile, but also they can obtain a variety of rare treasures. Today we are going to talk to you about 3 of the 6 newly added instances in New Era of Conquest, 2009 new version.

Cretan Labyrinth

In the past, there was a very powerful king called Minoan who controlled the Island of Crete. One day his son was accidentally killed in Athens, and Minoan lost his mind when he heard. He demanded the Athenians send 7 girls and 7 boys to the Island of Crete to avoid destruction. On the island, there is a very complicated labyrinth where a Minotaur is hidden who wants to eat the innocent children.

Mallorca Cave

Mallorca is a very beautiful island, but until recently many tourists have been bitten by wild animals, especially by the ferocious Giant Lizard that has powerful attacks and ample HP.

Madagascar Cave

Long, long ago, Madagascar was separated from the African continent. This isolated many ancient plants and animals from the world and led to many strange and beautiful evolutions by many very unique species.

Read more here.

EVE Online : Shield Tanking vs. Armor Tanking

Posted Dec 30, 2008 by Jon Wood EVE Online Correpondent Joanie Spalletta writes this informative guide comparing Armor and Shield tanking in CCP's EVE Online.

To keep your ship alive in EVE, you must have a tank. You can do this two different ways. You can shield tank, or you can armor tank. To decide which one is right for you, take a look at your character’s skills. The two categories you’re going to want to look at are Engineering and Mechanics. If you have more skill points in Engineering, shield tanking is probably best for you. If you have more skill points in Mechanics, go with armor tanking.

EVE Online Screenshot

Read Shield Tanking vs. Armor Tanking

Ultima Online : Blacksmithing and Tailoring Runic Bonuses

Posted Dec 30, 2008 by Jon Wood's own V D writes this helpful guide to Blacksmithing and Tailoring Runic Bonuses in Ultima Online.

Crafting an item using a Runic Crafting Tool results in a random magic item property (or properties) being added to that item. The number of properties that are added to the crafted object and the minimum and maximum % intensity of each property are determined by the type of material the Runic tool is constructed from.

Read Blacksmithing and Tailoring Runic Bonuses

The Agency : A Day in the Life of an Agency Intern, 4

Posted Dec 30, 2008 by Jon Wood

When she originally won an internship at SOE's The Agency through the Gamers in Real Life program, Julia Brasil had no idea that would be tracking her progress, but that's exactly what our own Carolyn Koh is doing, checking in with the new developer on a regular basis. Today is part four.

What did you think this internship would encompass before you started working for SOE Seattle?

Julia Brasil:

To be honest, I had heard plenty of stories from colleagues about their internships, a few of which were quite intimidating. Some joked that they did little more than babysit computers and refill staplers. So when I started as an intern I expected to be doing small errands around the studio or watching over the shoulders of the real professionals as they went about their work.

Read A Day in the Life of an Agency Intern, 4

Pirates of the Burning Sea : Swashbuckling Revamp Release Notes

Posted Dec 30, 2008 by Keith Cross

Flying Lab Software has posted the release notes for build for Pirates of the Burning Sea, which is scheduled to go live today.

This milestone update completes most of our work on the Swashbuckling revamp. Avatar Combat is now flashier and more exciting-looking as well as easier to learn and more fun to play. You can read more about the changes and the philosophy behind them here.

Other changes include:

  • When you log in for the first time, you'll get a dialog briefly explaining the changes to Swashbuckling Combat and a link to follow for more info.
  • Repeatable Bloodsport Missions can be found via missions from the Swashbuckling Trainers and are located in Belize, Spanish Town, Biloxi, Roseau, Golden Lake, Matthew Town, Maracaibo, Santo Domingo, and other towns.
  • New Swashbuckling Dailies: Can be found in Santiago, Tortuga, and in your nation's capital.
  • Boarding: Isildur increased number of boarding waves at the low end slightly, and flattened the difference between the low and high ends even more. And he reduced the number of boarding party members a bit.
  • UChat: We have activated SOE's cross-server/cross-game chat system. The syntax is /tell character@game.server, message. If you're chatting with someone on another PotBS server, you can leave off the game name.

Read more here.

Eudemons : Server Merge Details

Posted Dec 30, 2008 by Keith Cross

TQ Games has posted details of upcoming server merges in Eudemons Online.

We are pleased to inform you there will be two server merges on January the 5th. Sydney will be merged into Toronto and Las Vegas will be merged into Los Angeles. All players' data in the original servers will be completely transferred to the new server after the servers are merged. You can enter your account and password to login to the merged server as before.

Sydney + Toronto = Toronto

Las Vegas + Los Angeles = Los Angeles

The level of the characters, items, gold and Eudemons in the inventories and warehouses, the Eudemon Warehouses and Eudemon Hatchers in the original two servers will be completely retained.

If you have two characters in both servers with the same account, you need to delete either one before the servers are merged. Otherwise, the character in server B will be automatically deleted by the system (The character can be retrieved via the Mannequin System).

Read more here.

General : Aurora Blade New Player Guide

Posted Dec 30, 2008 by Keith Cross

IGG has published a guide for new players in their new browser MMO, Aurora Blade.

In order to help newbie players smoothly play the game, the Aurora Blade team ( is giving a brief newbie guide for all players.

1. After entering the game and creating a character, you can work hard to level up by accepting main quests. Pay attention! You can accept mission quests from the NPC Harbor Supervisor in the Center Square of Aurora Seaport. You also still have a chance to obtain a Mushroom, containing a Good Fellow Card or any blue stat equipment.

2. Even though you’ve joined a team, you may be unable to obtain any exp if you don’t join in any battles. Only by attacking monsters can you obtain the really great amounts of exp. Also, make sure you join teams that are near the same level as you. If the level gap between you and your teammates is too much then you may not even earn any exp.

3. Elite monsters are aggressive and powerful. Don’t even think about bothering an elite monster when your level is close to theirs, its much safer to wait until you have an overwhelming advantage. Organize a team with 5 teammates, including at least 1 priest who has learnt Healing and Revival skills. What’s more, all teammates must work together. Elite monsters haven’t earned their status as “Elite” because they’re pushovers.

4. Once you’ve taken down some Elite monsters and feel ready for the next challenge, you’ll find BOSSes waiting for you. These ultra powerful monsters have fought their way to the top of the food chain and won’t give up their spot without a fight. Fighting these cunning creatures requires close cooperation among teammates. Players must always watch their steps and understand their role in the group strategy. You groups Priest may be occupied with healing someone else, or the BOSS may have turned his full attention on squashing you. Tactics and strategy can be the deciding factors here, so make sure you’re ready before you dive right in.

5. Stat point distribution, equipment refining and enchanting all directly affect a character’s abilities. Obtaining top equipment can be difficult, but it is one of the easiest ways to increase stats exactly where you need them.

6. All Level 15+ players can PK in Aurora Blade. However, you can’t maliciously attack other players on purpose. If you kill 3+ players, you will be put into prison after death.

7. After you obtain certain blueprints from monsters, you can buy materials from the Forging Master in the Equipment Shop and then forge whatever you like!

8. If you don't like completing quests to level up, you can still choose to kill monsters. It is better for you to defeat Little Sea Horses, Conches, and Sea Urchins when you Level 10. You can then obtain some White Coral and make certain Stewed Seafood with the help of Boss Phoebe. When you are Level 12-13, go defeat Wild Rabbits and get some carrots and meat. When you are Level 14-15, it is better to defeat Hell Mages to obtain some money or cloth. If you want to obtain some apples and meat, go defeat the Leopard Cats when you are Level 17-18.

Read more here.

Myth War 2 : Money Making Guide

Posted Dec 30, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at Myth War II have posted a guide to making money in the game.

As players continue to play Myth War II, one of the most common questions is how to get fast money. Today the folks behind MW2 are going to teach everyone how to make some easy money.

Fast Money Wins 1: 100-ring Integral Quest

Players can receive this quest from Duan at Demon Square and will earn 100 Integrals worth about 1,500,000 to 1,800,000 game gold every time they save NPCs in trouble.

Players stand a high chance of getting Dragon Stones that can be sold to an NPC for 630,000 game gold or to other players without set prices. If they are lucky and meet someone who is rich and generous, they could make up to 2,000,000 game gold. This quest is easy to handle and suitable for players Level 30+. Here are some tips and tricks to remember when questing:

1.Keep track of the location entry on your teleport scrolls.

2. Find your own rhythm while questing.

Fast Money Wins 2: Combat Thieves and win Integrals

It will be a lot easier for players if they follow the rules set for this quest. Go to the bar in Woodlingor to receive the quest and fight the Thief, Thief Boss and Girl Thief to win Integrals. These guys are not high maintenance and players should be able to take them down without much effort. Complete the quest in solo or party and get some pet eggs. The quest is designed in a turn based system. More integrals will be scored in the first 10 rounds. That’s means players may win a lot of game gold during these 10 rounds.

Read more here.

Final Fantasy XI : Is Simpler Always Better?

Posted Dec 29, 2008 by Jon Wood Correspondent Hebie Grate writes this article discussing recent changes to Square Enix's Final Fantasy XI making it more accessible and less difficult.

Many reviews over the years have often described FFXI as “hardcore” or “time consuming.” Whether they are professional or amateur reviews, the consensus seems to be the same; Final Fantasy XI is demanding. Many players, even I on occasion, view this as a good thing. It is, after all, the FFXI tradition, and gives an individual a great sense of accomplishment upon achieving some sort of goal. Others would disagree, asserting that many in the gaming community are casual gamers, and often cite statistics that show players only sign on for a few hours a day. Regardless, things are changing in Vana’diel.

Read Is Simpler Always Better?

General : Sues NCsoft

Posted Dec 29, 2008 by Keith Cross

Virtual Worlds News has reported that is suing NCsoft for patent infringement pertaining to patents held by, specifically a patent tittled "System and Method for Enabling Users to Interact in a Virtual

On Christmas Eve, filed a complaint against NCsoft for infringing on its virtual world and MMO patent., which was one of the early virtual world developers from the '90s, made waves earlier this month when it announced that it had selected an intellectual property firm to defend its two patents related to scaling virtual spaces and enabling users to interact and chat in 3D environments.

Specifically, the suit claims that NCsoft has infringed on patent 7,181,690, "System and Method for Enabling Users to Interact in a Virtual Space" through its games, including City of Heroes, City of Villains, Dungeon Runners, Exteel, Guild Wars, Lineage, Lineage II, and Tablula Rasa.

The complaint seeks to recover damages for the infringement and asks that NCsoft be prevented from infringing on patent 690, which covers scaling. Based on NCsoft's headquarters in Austin as a source of the infringement, the complaint was filed in the Eastern District of Texas, Tyler Division.

Read more here.

Read the complaint here.

Star Trek Online : First Ship Specs Revealed

Posted Dec 29, 2008 by Keith Cross

Cryptic Studios has published the first specifications for a Starfleet Vessel in Star Trek Online.  The NX-91001 is an exploration vessel loaded with all the latest special features, including an advanced quantum sublimating theta-matrix compositor which gives excellent fuel mileage for the environmentally conscious space traveler.

A starship designed to carry Federation influence throughout the Alpha Quadrant and beyond, the NX-91001 is one of the first multi-role starship designs since the Sovereign class was commissioned in the early 2370s. Able to function as a deep-space explorer with extensive sensors and laboratory facilities for scientific research, the NX-91001 also is outfitted as a heavy cruiser armed with some of the latest in Starfleet weapons technology for deployment in hostile areas.

The NX-91001 contains the best of the new technologies developed in the past 40 years. Bioneural circuitry mimics organic neurons, speeding data functions and improving computer performance. An advanced sensor pod can be operated from the bridge or manned directly for intense sweeps, and includes telemetric observation VISOR technology to allow a science officer to interface directly with data transmitted by a robotic exo-probe.

A holoemitter array system allows Emergency Medical and Emergency Command Holograms to operate throughout the ship when needed, and the ship is equipped with a Class 10 warp drive for normal operation and an advanced hyper impulse drive for sublight operation. The Class 10 warp drive is equipped with an advanced quantum sublimating theta-matrix compositor which recrystalizes the ship’s dilithium into a much more stable form than earlier models. This allows the NX-91001 to go much longer distances at high warp velocities before needing to replace the crystals.

Read more here.

Warhammer Online : Dungeon Overview

Posted Dec 29, 2008 by Keith Cross

Mythic Entertainment has posted the second part of their overview of PvE Dungeons in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.

The Gunbad Tunnels consist of three wings, and are suitable for a group of 6 characters between 23rd and 27th level.

Entrance Location
The entrance to the Gunbad Tunnels is in the northwestern portion of the Badlands.

"I's gots betta fings ta do den go ta Gunbad 'n scrap wif a buncha Gobbos! Youse tell Grumlok dat he can come down 'ere and kill me 'imself if 'e wants to. I ain't budgin'!"
-- The final words of Warlord Heava Sixtoes, as overheard by Grumlok

Night Goblins, considered to be mad by most civilized peoples, infest the tunnels of Mount Gunbad like deranged parasites. In their delving, the Goblins have discovered many amazing funguses, yet they have also uncovered the remnants of the Mourkain Necromancers. In this sense, the Gunbad Tunnels have been made even more dangerous, and woe betide the adventurers who dare to enter the dark place.

Read more here.

EVE Online : Two New EVE Chronicles

Posted Dec 29, 2008 by Keith Cross

CCP has published two new EVE Chronicles which explore the back story and lore of life in the EVE Universe.

The holidays are always a special time in New Eden, filled with family, good food, slavery and the occasional state-sponsored execution. It's a wonderful time of the year, and our two newest Chronicles bring the warmth directly to the heart of any capsuleer.

In his newest Chronicle, "Chained to the Sky," CCP Gnauton liberates more information about life as a slave in the Amarr Empire. Something is afoot, and it may have far-reaching consequences for the certain members of the slave population in the Amarr Empire.

In CCP Abraxas' "Two Deaths," we witness the warm, passionate homecoming of New Eden's two most notorious traitors, Anvent Eturrer of the Gallente Federation and Chamberlain Karsoth of the Amarr Empire.

Read more here.

Rappelz : OBT for Arabic Version Starts Soon

Posted Dec 29, 2008 by Keith Cross

Game Power 7 has announced that the Arabic version of Rappelz will enter open beta in the second week of 2009.

The second Closed Beta Test of the first Arabic online MMO game Arabic Rappelz will be finished soon at 30 December 2008, and Open Beta Test is announced to start during the second week of 2009.

So finally the dream will be real for the Arab gamers who are yearning for playing with completely Arabic Online game.

Game Power 7, Arabic online games publisher, promised gamers in the Middle East and North Africa to bring them the most famous and beautiful Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG). Moreover the games would be completely translated, culturalized, serviced and operated within the region.

The commercial release of Arabic Rappelz is expected to be launched at the beginning of February 2009.

Read more here.

Wonderland Online : Transfer Mirrors and Class Changes

Posted Dec 29, 2008 by Keith Cross

IGG has announced the addition of the Transfer Mirror to Wonderland Online's item list, which allows players to change classes.

The new item in Wonderland Online ( this time is the Transfer Mirror!! If players want to change classes freely, they can have a try.

Transfer Mirror

Are you tired of your current class? Do you want to try another character? If you get a Transfer Mirror you can make a quick transfer from among the different classes. Players can be a strong warrior in the day while casting arcane sorcery by night. How cool is that!

The Transfer Mirror is an item which allows the transferred players to choose the class again. If their STR>INT, they can choose one of these classes - Warrior, Killer or Knight. However, if their STR<INT, they can choose one of these classes - Wit, Priest or Seer. But, if their STR = INT, then players can choose either one of these 6 classes. Transfer Mirrors can be used only once and can be expressed and traded.

Read more here.

Angels Online : The Holy Battlefield

Posted Dec 29, 2008 by Keith Cross

IGG has published an overview of the Holy Battlefield in Angels Online, one of the recently added PvP ares in the game.

As one of three PVP systems in Angels Online (, the Holy Battlefield, from the newest expansion, offers players even more PK fun. Players can PK freely here and capture materials just like in the Outpost Battlefield and the Totem Battle systems. Today, the Angels Online team is talking about Holy Battlefield in m ore detail.

When the new expansion “The Lost Atlantis” was released, Holy Battlefield became available to all players. Different from the Totem Battle, it is held on an appointed map and all participants are randomly divided into two groups. That means players from different factions can fight shoulder to shoulder. Not only guilds but also newbie players who haven’t joined any guild can take part in this event. The Angels Online team will be holding the Holy Battlefield four times each week.


During the 15 minutes before the event starts, players must go find the NPC Battle Angel in the four cities and then be teleported to the Sign-up Office. They can sign up to take part in the event from the Holy Battlefield Clerk. The Clerk will randomly divide all participants into the two armies and teleport them to their relative Rebirth Preparation Area.

About the Battle

The system announcement will announce the start of battle. Players from different armies can then freely PK. Remember, it is better for players to make a complete battle plan while they are enjoying the PK. Only the army who captures the most crystals can win the battle.

About Points

1. Kill an enemy: Each player can earn points by killing enemies.

2. Destroy a City Gate: City Gates are the main fortification on the battlefield. Players should work together to destroy the opponent army’s City Gates and earn the corresponding points.

3. Destroy a Statue: Each army possesses 25 Statues. If these statues can be destroyed, then there are a lot of points to be earned.

Also, in order to earn more points, production players can increase their army’s defense by building City Gates and Statues. Crystals will be captured if these defensive structures are destroyed. So each production player in the battlefield should try collecting materials and building defensive structures. The Holy Battlefield means fun for everyone!

In Holy Battlefield, players from the winning army can obtain abundant exp as reward. Don’t worry! Players can still obtain exp according to their point totals, even if they are not a winner.

Read more here.

City of Heroes : Respec Guide, Part One

Posted Dec 29, 2008 by Jon Wood City of Heroes Correspondent Marjorie Rhoadhouse writes this guide to respeccing in NCsoft's superhero game. In part one, she goes over some of the terminology involved.

Presuming one of the Respec Trials is merely being considered or has already been completed, and the player has a basic idea of the changes needed to improve his character's repertoire of Powers, this guide provides the semantics about performing the Respec itself. It reveals the Respec as a feature, defines the various forms of Respecs, how to start the process, how to proceed, the do's and don'ts, and what to expect. Part One of this Guide is devoted to terminology, clarification and details, while Part II (to be published at mid-month) shall then illustrate the process:

Read Respec Guide, Part One

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