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World of Warcraft : Armory Updated with Info Tools

Posted Mar 13, 2009 by Keith Cross

The WoW Armory has been updated with new features, giving you detailed information about the Arena Records of your team and your opponents.

Every Arena team profile on the Armory now includes Arena Records, new tools that track and measure the performance of every Arena team in World of Warcraft. These tools comprise the Match History tab, the Opponent History tab, and Match Reports.

  • The Match History tab displays every Arena match that a team has played during the season in an interactive graph showing the date, opposing team, and result of each match.
  • The Opponent History tab displays a team's Arena matches in relation to the opposing teams faced, which helps track performance against particular team compositions.
  • The Match Reports display the same end-of-match results and statistics that appeared in-game.

Read more about Match History, Opponent History, and Match Reports.

Warhammer Online : The Gods of Chaos

Posted Mar 13, 2009 by Keith Cross

For those who wish to risk the attentions of the dark gods of Chaos, Mythic has posted an in depth look at the deities which make up the mad pantheon of this faction.

"Only fools believe themselves able to understand Chaos, for it is neither human nor understandable. The mortal scholars and mystics that dare debate about its nature only succeed in drawing the attention of the vile creatures upon them; they call down terrors and doom upon themselves and those they love. Many wise men were carried, alive and screaming, into the morgues of the Inevitable City, where they could eternally “debate” with demons of torture. Some scholars claim that Chaos, in its multifariousness, has spawned an endless number of gods. Others say all those seemingly different deities are nothing but aspects and manifestations of a single supernatural being: the nameless horror, the abomination, the unspeakable beast, the Undivided Chaos. But its true nature exceeds each and every imagination. No mortal can ever hope to understand such madness and he who values his very soul should strive to remain ignorant about the gods of Chaos; their fights, their rivalries, their endless wars."

- Unknown author

Read more here.

EverQuest II : Brew Day

Posted Mar 13, 2009 by Keith Cross

The folks at EverQuest II have announced the return of Brew Day, an annual holiday of events which celebrate a Dwarf's favorite pastime.


Grab yer ale and yer favourite dwarf! It's time for Brewday!! This year, Brewday will run from March 12th through March 19th. It will be turned off on the morning of the 20th, so make sure you experience it all by the 19th!

There's a lot of fun in store for you, this Brewday. All the quests from previous years will be active for folks who would like to relive past drunken celebrations of Brell!

Read more here.

Black Prophecy : Exclusive In-Game Screenshot

Posted Mar 13, 2009 by Jon Wood

To go along with their first interview here at, the folks from Reakktor have sent along this new and exclusive in-game screenshot.


Check out the full size Exclusive In-Game Screenshot

Ether Saga : Pets Developer Journal

Posted Mar 13, 2009 by Jon Wood

Perfect World Entertainment has provided us with this developer journal focusing on pets in Ether Saga Online.

Ether Saga Online is based on the Chinese literary classic, Journey to the West. It is a Free-to-Play MMO and is very story driven. ESO has a rich, vibrant world to explore with an anime art style. It has a ton of content and deep gameplay layers for experienced MMO players, yet is accessible to people new to the genre. ESO has many unique aspects of gameplay, such as an auto-route system with smart path-finding, mounted combat and a transformation system to adopt a monster’s appearance and gain attributes & abilities.

Read the Pets Developer Journal

Black Prophecy : Introductory Q&A

Posted Mar 13, 2009 by Jon Wood

Kirk Lenke, the CEO of Reakktor Media, takes a few moments to answer Jon Wood's general questions about the upcoming sci-fi MMO.


What can you tell us about Black Prophecy?

Kirk Lenke:

Black Prophecy is a fast-paced 3D space MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) with state-of-the art graphics and thrilling real-time combat. In contrast to competing games, we are focussing on exciting PvE and PvP game content that players can experience without investing excessive amounts of time. Thus our target audience is definitely the casual gamer who wants to jump into the cockpit in his leisure time and take on the numerous challenges of the Black Prophecy universe, alone or together with his friends.

Like in our previous MMORPGs Neocron and Neocron 2 we are striving once more to offer a breathtaking atmosphere and have spared no expense or effort, even going so far as to engage a professional author to achieve this effect. Black Prophecy setting and story have been created by the award-winning sci-fi author Michael Marrak, who carries the player off into a complex and vibrant universe full of epic conflicts.

Read the Introductory Q&A

Warhammer Online : Call to Arms Re-Enlistment Program

Posted Mar 12, 2009 by Keith Cross

Mythic has announced a Call to Arms Re-Enlistment Program, calling back former players of Warhammer Online, offering 10 days of free game time when players reactivate their accounts along with rested experience for the time since they last played, a unique quest chain and an item.

The Call to Arms has sounded! The lords of Order and Destruction seek to bolster their ranks as the war rages on. While mighty armies clash in deadly combat across the Old World and on the distant shores of Ulthuan, the rulers of both realms are offering new incentives to those loyal warriors who will lead their forces into battle. There is no better time to enlist, for your strength is needed! Rise now, and bear the banners of war. To arms, and to glory!

Read more here.

Champions Online : Intoduction to Lemuria

Posted Mar 12, 2009 by Keith Cross

Cryptic Studios has released new information and screenshots for Champions Online's underwater realm of Lemuria, where an ancient race of sea dwellers plots the conquest of the world in search of the secret of immortality.


Learn more about Lemuria in Champions Online.

Star Wars Galaxies : Game Update 8 Release Notes

Posted Mar 12, 2009 by Keith Cross

The folks at SOE have posted the release notes for Game Update 8 for Star Wars Galaxies which went live today.

Player Cities:

Beginning 5/1/2009 12:01AM PDT, during every galaxy restart, if a citizen has not logged in within the past 90 days, he will be automatically removed as a citizen of the city and all his packable structures within the city limits will be eligible for packup. You can use the citizen roster window to see how long it has been since a citizen last logged in. This packup with not be the same as the existing abandoned packup, in that you will not get points for packing up these structures. They will not be marked as abandoned, but will be flagged in some other way. Packable structures within the city limit that do not belong to a citizen will also be eligible for packup if the structure’s owner (specifically, the character who owns the structure) has not logged in within the past 90 days. To be absolutely clear, we are talking about when this particular character/citizen last logged in. In-game mail will be sent to the mayor when a citizen is removed because of this 90 days inactivity. If the citizen logs back in after he has been removed as a citizen because of the 90 days inactivity, and his resident structure is still standing inside the city limits, he will be immediately added back to the citizen list, and the mayor will be sent in-game mail indicating that the citizen has been added.

For players who for any reason that cannot log in the character at least once during the 90 days, there will be a feature to allow the mayor of the city to flag that citizen as “safe”, meaning the citizen will not be removed from the citizen list, and none of the citizen’s structures within the city limits will be flagged for packup. Structures belonging to the citizen in a different city (where he is not a citizen) would be eligible for packup using the rules stated above. There will be a limitation on the number of citizens that can be "protected" as this is a feature for those cases which would normally not occur very often.

Read more here.

Warhammer Online : 10 Day Free Trial

Posted Mar 12, 2009 by Keith Cross

Mythic Entertainment has announced that they are now offering a 10 day free trial for Warhammer Online.


Mythic Entertainment™, an Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS) studio, today announced that a new ten-day free trial is now available for the critically-acclaimed fantasy MMORPG, Warhammer® Online: Age of Reckoning® (WAR). Potential recruits to the armies of WAR are invited to spend ten action-packed days hunting Squigs, stomping Stunties, exploring massive capital cities, and battling opposing players in thrilling Realm vs. Realm™ combat.

“A call to arms has been issued! With the new free trial we are making it possible for everyone to experience non-stop Realm vs. Realm combat wrapped up in a next generation MMO,” said Mark Jacobs, VP and General Manager of Mythic Entertainment. “What started out as a great game has only gotten better as the team has added an incredible amount of content with our first live expansion. For gamers that have yet to experience the glory of WAR, there is no better time to join the battle!”

Read more here.

Earthrise: First Impact : Exclusive Screenshots

Posted Mar 12, 2009 by Keith Cross

Today we present three exclusive screenshots from Earthrise, showing the tone of this upcoming post-apocalyptic MMORPG.


See more Earthrise Screenshots.

Spellborn : Lore Update: Brotherhood of the Glaive

Posted Mar 12, 2009 by Keith Cross

The folks at The Chronicles of Spellborn have expanded on the game's background lore with a look at the history of the organization known as the Brotherhood of the Glaive.


If you live for profit and do not shun the misery of others, you might well find yourself suited for a life in the Brotherhood of the Glaive. This secretive group of warriors and traders are extremely cunning and use every opportunity they get to make some money.

The Brotherhood of the Glaive finds its origin during the start of the tenth century in which the Enclave fully exploited the mines on the Shard Mount of Heroes. Unfortunately the Howlers had delved further underground as well and the miners inadvertently opened up a passage bringing the Enclave once again in direct contact with the horrendous creatures. The second Howler War started.

Read more here.

Hello Kitty : Hello Kitty Goes to Indonesia

Posted Mar 12, 2009 by Keith Cross

Sanrio Digital has announced that Hello Kitty Online will be expanding into Indonesia.

Hong Kong – March 11, 2009: Sanrio Digital ( and GOGAME (, an Indonesian online games publisher, today announced a partnership to launch Hello Kitty Online and SanrioTown in Indonesia. Hello Kitty Online is the eagerly anticipated official massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) of the Hello Kitty universe. SanrioTown is a Sanrio-themed portal and social networking site integrated with Hello Kitty Online. GOGAME will publish and operate Indonesian versions of Hello Kitty Online and SanrioTown.

“Sanrio Digital is privileged to be collaborating with GOGAME to publish Hello Kitty Online in Indonesia. With a young, growing, and dynamic Internet population, Indonesia is an exciting prospect and a relevant market for the convergence of online gaming and social networking being spearheaded by Hello Kitty Online. We are confident that our partnership will be a fruitful one,” said Yat Siu, CEO of Sanrio Digital.

GOGAME CEO Patrick Setiawan commented: “GOGAME’s partnership with Sanrio Digital to launch SanrioTown and Hello Kitty Online in Indonesia will bring a breath of fresh air to the online games industry in the territory. As the first MMOG based on Sanrio intellectual property and the first to offer portal-game integration, Hello Kitty Online will attract MMOG players and Hello Kitty fans throughout Indonesia, and help confirm GOGAME as a major player in the Indonesian gaming industry.”

Read more here.

Warhammer Online : Jeff Hickman Interview

Posted Mar 12, 2009 by Jon Wood Managing Editor Jon Wood sat down with Mythic's Jeff Hickman to talk about a number of issues including: Rally Call, Career Balance, the game's 10-Day trial and more.


Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with Mythic Entertainment’s Jeff Hickman to talk about a number of different issues that have come up recently about Warhammer Online.

In an article that we published last week, I talked a little bit about my impressions of Patch 1.2, a pretty hefty little update in which Mythic made changes galore. My mission: to find out exactly what the team’s “rally call” feature was all about. . We know that it’s a new system that will prompt players to port to the nearest Warcamp for some Open RvR goodness, but we wanted to know how it worked, and what we can expect from it in the future.

During our conversation, we also talked about issues like: Mythic’s current 10-day free trial, balancing careers, and other Warhammer issues:

Read the Jeff Hickman Interview

Wizard101 : New Voiceovers On The Way

Posted Mar 12, 2009 by Keith Cross

KingsIsle Entertainment has announced that they will soon be adding new voiceovers in all quests, cinematics, and boss encounters in Wizard101.

Plano, Texas--March 12, 2009-- Online entertainment company KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc. announced today that the first two worlds in Wizard101 (, which recently surpassed its one millionth player, will soon feature voiceovers in all quests, cinematics, and boss encounters. Wizard City and Krokotopia voiceovers will be implemented on March 16, with Marleybone, Moo Shu, and Dragonspyre to follow.

"The voiceovers add an amazing amount of personality and richness to the world" said J. Todd Coleman, director of Wizard101. "In particular, the seasoned voice of Merle Ambrose is very entertaining and in line with our vision for the Headmaster of Ravenwood."

Additionally, players will be able to share in-game items they collect between all the characters on their account. Items can be stored in the player's dorm room and used by any characters the player has created. Each account may create up to six characters. "When a boss drops a really cool item after a battle that is meant for a different School of Magic, players can now share it with another character that can use it," explained Coleman.

Read more here.

MegaTen : Dungeon Primer

Posted Mar 12, 2009 by Jon Wood Megaten Correspondent P. Roberts writes this primer for players looking to delve into the game's dungeons.

You've been playing Megaten Online for a while now and completed some of the introductory quests, but now you come to a quest where Snakeman himself has instructed you to go adventure in the Suginami Tunnel and gather some soul shards from the Kodama there. Or perhaps your friends suggest heading to the dungeon, to gain valuable experience and levels. Maybe they're after rare items there too. For whatever reason, you have many attractive incentives drawing you there. But before you go, you must know a few different things:

The layouts of dungeons in Megaten Online are randomly selected, so you really won't have the ability to anticipate layout. This adds a necessary element of challenge to dungeon-running, certainly, and it can make it into a prodigious task, especially for a beginner. Because of this, preparation is the key to any successful venture into the enclosed and dangerous areas of Megaten's dungeons.

Read the Dungeon Primer

Warhammer Online : State of the Game

Posted Mar 12, 2009 by Keith Cross

Mythic's Mark Jacobs looks into the past, present and future of Warhammer Online in his Winter’s End State of the Game letter.


It’s only March and it’s been a very hectic year already for us here at Mythic. The last six months have seen an awful lot of excitement and change here at the studio. We’ve launched another successful MMORPG but this time in the face of the worst economic conditions that most of us have ever seen. We’ve done some things that we are very proud of, some things we regret, and some things that we are very excited about going forward. As I’ve said about Mythic throughout the years, we are not perfect but we will always try our best to create great games. So, without further preamble (or simply ramble), here’s my Winter’s End State of the Game with a quick peek at the past, the present, and a much deeper gaze into the near future.

Right now we're in the middle of our first LIVE expansion for WAR. As part of that, we have just released our biggest patch yet for WAR. While I am a long-standing member of “There is no such thing as a miracle patch” club, this patch cycle (1.2) and the one that will follow it (1.3) represent a huge number of changes, bug fixes, and additions to our game. Given the proximity of these two releases, I think it is pretty safe to say that these represent one of the largest (if not the largest) amount of new content, tweaks, adjustments, etc. to any MMO over the course of several months.

Read more here.

Warhammer Online : Chaos Magus Tier 1 Combat Guide

Posted Mar 12, 2009 by Jon Wood Warhammer Online Correspondent Andrew Bobb writes this guide to combat for the first ten levels of the Magus career in Mythic's RvR game.

The Magus is the ranged damage dealer of the Chaos forces. However, this servant of the Raven God is gifted with a versatile skill set including single and multi target close combat spells as well as the standard long range magic expected of casters. Though still fragile, the Magus does have decent defenses for a caster, thus complementing the multi role skill set. While not a true pet class like the Goblin Squig Herder, the Magus can summon Daemonic servants that add to the disc riding caster's firepower.

The multi role ability of the Magus is shown right from the start with the skills Flickering Red Fire and Daemonic Maw. Flickering Red Fire is a long range elemental damage spell with a two second cast time and no cooldown. Daemonic Maw is a melee range ability that casts instantly and has no cooldown. In addition to dealing damage, Daemonic Maw will cause a hexed target to lose forty percent speed for ten seconds.

Read Chaos Magus Tier 1 Combat Guide

Darkfall : Paragus Rants: City Building

Posted Mar 12, 2009 by Jon Wood

Phil Guzzardo, better known as Paragus to folks here at, has filed another blog report on Darkfall, this time focusing in on the city building feature of the game.

Today I am going to delve a bit into city building and try to explain an aspect of the game that guilds who own land, or seek to own land, will no doubt be investing some time in. I'm not going to pretend that I know everything, but what I have seen so far I will share with you as the leader of a guild that currently owns real estate in Agon.

The first step to city building is claiming your piece of land. Darkfall supposedly has somewhere around 97 plots of claimable land that come in assorted varieties, such as hamlets and cities. In order to claim a piece of land, you will first need to farm up 10,000 gold for a clanstone. Once you have the shard, you need to take it to an unclaimed piece of land and you will be able to claim it for your guild.

Read Paragus Rants: City Building

Galaxy Online 2 : Win an ATI Radeon 512MB Video Card!

Posted Mar 12, 2009 by Craig McGregor has teamed up with IGG to bring an exciting contest to our community! From now until April 12, 2009 at 9PM EDT we will be taking entries into this random drawing sweepstakes where we will give away fifty three prizes which includes 3 ATI Sapphire Radeon video cards!!

Full Prize List:

  • (3) ATI Sapphire Radeon HD4850 512MB DDR3 Video Cards ($145 value)
  • (50) 100 Point Cards for Galaxy Online ($5.50 value)

As with all contests at - the more days you login to the better your odds of winning a prize! (see rules for details)


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