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Jumpgate Evolution : JGE Dev Chat on October 28th

Posted Oct 24, 2008 by Keith Cross

Have a burning question about Jumpgate Evolution? Join and the developers from NetDevil this Tuesday October 28th at 7pm EST and get your answers directly from the source during the Jumpgate Evolution Dev Chat.

Join us on Tuesday for the Jumpgate Evolution Dev Chat.

Stargate Worlds : Exclusive Combat Video

Posted Oct 24, 2008 by Keith Cross

Exclusive Combat VideoThe folks from Firesky have once again provided us with a great 40 second video showing off some of the available weaponry in the game, and if you look closely at around the 21 second mark, you can see an Archaeologist making use of his disguise ability to appear as a Jaffa.

Follow the link to watch the Stargate Worlds Combat Video.


Spellborn : PvP and Combat Tutorial Video

Posted Oct 24, 2008 by Keith Cross

PvP and Combat Tutorial VideoThe folks at The Chronicles of spellborn have released a new video which teaches players about the game's unique combat system using in-game footage of PvP battles, and combat against AI opponents.

Follow the link to watch the Chronicles of Spellborn PvP Tutorial.


Final Fantasy XI : Beginner Guide Part 1: Races and Classes

Posted Oct 24, 2008 by Jon Wood Final Fantasy XI Correspondent has put togther this little overview guide for playes who might be new to SquareEnix's Final Fantasy XI. The first part of the guide puts heavy emphasis on the strengths and weaknesses of the different races available in the game.

Starting off in Final Fantasy XI can be quite overwhelming. Up until recently there was no tutorial whatsoever to introduce yourself to the game mechanics and because of this, you were forced to learn the game almost entirely on your own. Quite a lot of curious would-be Vana'dielians are sometimes intimidated by the size of the world and the intricacies of the game play and drop out of the game before things get interesting. Indeed, like certain things in life, Final Fantasy XI can almost feel as if you must engage on a long and frustrating, sometimes tedious, journey before you can bring yourself to begin to fully enjoy, even simply understand, the game. I hope to provide a general resource on character creation and the beginnings of the game, including the starting areas, classes, quests, among other things.

Beginning the process of character creation, you'll realize there are five races: Tarutaru, Mithra, Galka, Elvaan, and Humes.

Read the Beginner Guide here.

Runes of Magic : Exclusive Screenshots

Posted Oct 24, 2008 by Keith Cross

To Complement yesterday's feature which takes a look at the Sascilia-Steppes in Runes of Magic, we present three exclusive screenshots from that region.


See all of the Runes of Magic Screens.

Read more about the Sascilia-Steppes in Runes of Magic.

Pirates of the Burning Sea : New Avatar Combat Starts Testing

Posted Oct 24, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at Pirates of the Burning Sea have posted a dev log which details the work they have been doing on revamping avatar combat, and letting players know how they can get involved with testing the system.

While DesignCo and ConCo are working furiously to make the new avatar combat system super fun, I’m busy gathering players to help us test it. This isn’t new—playtests have been an important part of our development cycle since long before launch. Putting developers in the same room as someone playing their game is a humbling experience for us, but it’s also the best and most direct way we have to get feedback. We get so used to thinking of the game from the inside out that it’s invaluable to check that view against what you all see from the outside in.

Read more here.

EverQuest II : Shadow Odyssey Complete Zone Preview

Posted Oct 24, 2008 by Keith Cross

SOE has published a comprehensive list of the numerous new zones that will be added to EverQuest II with the game's fifth expansion, The Shadow Odyssey.

There are many new zones coming to Norrath with the release of EQII's fifth expansion, The Shadow Odyssey.


In Breaking Ground, GU #48, the preview version of Veksar went live. With the release of TSO, the full version of this dungeon will be available.

Upper Guk

Upper Guk bloodstained halls were once occupied by the frogloks of Innothule, devout followers of the god of valor, Mithaniel Marr. They were either eaten or have been turned into the mindless horde that walk the dark halls of Upper Guk. They protect the old secrets of the frogloks.

Read more here.

Godswar : Alpha in November

Posted Oct 24, 2008 by Keith Cross

IGG has announced that GodsWar will enter the alpha testing phase of development in early November.

IGG is very happy to announce that the GodsWar Alpha test will be released in the beginning of November and will last nearly a month. IGG would like to present some special players with activation codes so that they can experience the game in advance of others. After the test ends, all character information will be deleted, but the honor of being the first to step into this new 3D world will last a lifetime.

GodsWar Online is the first fully IGG designed and produced 3D MMORPG, based on ancient Greek mythology and culture. Shakespeare said “All the worlds a stage…” but in GodsWar Online, ancient Greek Gods and Heroes share the stage, and the results are anything but graceful and elegant. More often than not they are down right ugly and brutal, as each fight for domination of the Greek Empire. Amazing graphics, distinct classes, a powerful combination system, a unique faction PK system, and abundant quests make GodsWar Online a distinctly unique MMORPG.

Read more here.

Spellborn : New Site, New Content

Posted Oct 24, 2008 by Keith Cross

The Chronicles of Spellborn has a new site, and they've posted a new PvP video and new entries in the game's time line.

The new website is online, and to celebrate it, we added a brand new Spellborn Video showcasing some combat footage and explanations in a PvP setting.

You can find it by going to our "Video" section or by clicking the link below.

In addition, a new Spellborn Timeline entry has been brought online, dealing with "The War of Shadow's Hammer". You can read on this new period of the timeline by going to the "Timeline" part of the "History" section of the website.

Read more here.

Lord of the Rings Online : Changes to Traits in Moria

Posted Oct 24, 2008 by Keith Cross

With the launch of The Mines of Moria looming closer, the folks at Lord of the Rings Online Have written a new dev diary about changes to the trait system, specifically the addition of Class Trait Set pairings, allowing players the ability to customize their characters to be more effective at certain aspects of their class.

As The Lord of the Rings Online™ expands its systems with the Mines of Moria™, characters now have the ability to create Class Trait Set pairings that build upon class themes, allowing players to specialize and making them more effective at a chosen class role. As such, Trait Sets represent a way for players to shape their gameplay and enhance their character’s performance. If you want to focus on the Hunter’s secondary ability to crowd control their enemies, Trait Sets enable you to focus on that aspect of the Hunter gameplay and bring it to the fore-front.

Read more here.

Stargate Worlds : Beta Site Screenshots

Posted Oct 24, 2008 by Jon Wood

The folks at Firesky have provided us with these exclusive screenshots of the Beta Site in their upcoming MMORPG,Stargate Worlds. The Beta Site planet is where players on the Stargate Union side of the game will gather after their initial instanced starting experience.

Stargate Worlds Screenshots

Check out the Beta Site Screenshots.

Pirates of the Carribean Online : One Year of Plunder in the Caribbean

Posted Oct 24, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at Pirates of the Caribbean Online are celebrating the game's 1 year anniversary, and have released a few interesting statistics about the games first year.

Can you believe it? It's been a whole year since the Pirates Online crew set off for adventure, and since then millions of you have joined us online -- plundering, pillaging, and pirating!

It's been a great first year - a year that saw the introduction of awesome new features like Privateering, high-level ghost ships, powerful new weapons, creepy new enemies, informative Game Masters, Web site polls, blogs, and much, much more - and we can't wait to show you what's in store for year two!

In the months ahead, you'll see major changes to our Web site, plus new game features that will make the Pirates Online experience more exciting than ever before!

We're celebrating our one-year anniversary with a spectacular contest and Jolly Roger has his own plans for the anniversary! Either way, we know Year Two is going to be even more thrilling!

Thanks to all our players for such a great year, and for helping to make Pirates Online such a great game! Aye, here's to many, many more.

Check out these amazing stats from our first year:

- 104,086,410 enemy ships have been sunk - fine cannon work, mates.

- Players have logged over 5,445 cumulative years of gameplay since we first set sail.

- 1,296,495 Privateer ships sunk in Privateering - keep it up mates, Garcia and le Porc need you!

- 467,870,400 gold has been spent on & wait for it & CLOTHING! No wonder you're the best-dressed Pirates in the world!

- 216,631,461 of Jolly Roger's Skeleton Army defeated! Thanks for doing your part and helping rid the Caribbean of this dreadful scourge.

Read more here.

Lineage : Episode 6 and Episode U Released

Posted Oct 24, 2008 by Keith Cross

NCsoft has announced the release of Episode 6, The Lastavard – Inevitable Destiny, and Episode U for Lineage in North America.

SEATTLE, October 23, 2008—NCsoft®, the world’s premier publisher and developer of massively multiplayer online (MMO) games, today announced the long-awaited release of both Episode 6, The Lastavard™ – Inevitable Destiny™ and Episode U to its Lineage® service in North America. This massive new update represents a revitalization of NCsoft’s flagship MMO in North America.

The story behind Episode 6 centers on the unleashing of Girtas, the ruler of the otherworld, who is wreaking havoc throughout the lands of Aden. Players can fight their way through the multi-leveled Lastavard dungeon before facing off against the evil sorcerer Dantes, and then, Girtas himself, in an epic confrontation.

“I believe that Episode 6, combined with the additional Episode U content, shows NCsoft’s recommitment to Lineage in North America,” said Yong Taek Bae, the head of Lineage product development for NCsoft West.

The release of Episode 6 and Episode U adds many new encounters, such as battling Varlok in Desire Cavern, confronting hordes of pirates from the Ship Graveyard, and exploring the new Haunted House and the rebuilt town of Gludin. Players may also spend time learning to cook or fish, or may choose to enter their pets in organized fighting matches.

In addition to the new content, players can use a newly designed website and forums to learn about the game and participate in its community.

Read more here.

Atlantica Online : NDOORS Makes Satisfaction Guarantee

Posted Oct 24, 2008 by Keith Cross

NDOORS Interactive is offering an interesting incentive to get players to give Atlanica Online a try. If you've played Atlantica and leveled a character up to level 50, NDOORS will pay out $20 if you're not satisfied and would like to leave the game.

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. – Oct. 23, 2008 – NDOORS Interactive is confident you will like their game. They are so confident they are offering a satisfaction guarantee for Atlantica Online. Players who have a level 50 character can trade their character in for $20 if they don’t want to keep playing.

Players must have started their account after Oct. 11, be level 50 and have a PayPal account to be eligible. A player’s login ID will be void once they receive the refund. The offer ends Nov. 30, 2008.

NDOORS Interactive is also currently running a promotion that gives players multiple chances to win thousands in cash and prizes through participation in the game’s PvP area called the Free Leagues. Players now have until Nov. 30 to win any of the bonuses.

Atlantica Online is set on Earth, in a parallel reality that takes players through an arduous journey to unravel the hidden secrets of Atlantis. With its heavy emphasis on strategy, Atlantica was designed to stand out amongst the ‘cookie-cutter’ MMOs. The strategic gameplay incorporated into the turn-based combat, mercenary and country management systems will appeal to strategy and RPG players.

Read more here.

Warhammer Online : Early Gathering Guide

Posted Oct 24, 2008 by Jon Wood Warhammer Online Correspondent Patrick Buckley writes this guide to the early stages of the gathreing professions in Mythic's Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.

Warhammer Online: A new game, a new adventure, a new set of professions to explore and max out. And now, here’s the question that is on everybody’s mind… Where can I go to max out my profession the fastest? The answer to this question: Nowhere. That’s right, in WAR; there is no place to easily max out your profession compared to another one. There are, however, places you can go that seem to be slightly better for leveling. At least it seems so for two out of the six professions.

WAR has a total of six professions at this current time. Scavenging, butcher, and salvaging are the three “gathering” professions while apothecary, magical talisman making, and cultivating are your “production” professions. Yes, cultivating gives you items used in other skills, much like the gathering skills, but to cultivate, you need several items to produce something. I digress.

Warhammer Online Screenshot

Check ouit the gathering guide.

Star Wars Galaxies : Phantom Squadron

Posted Oct 23, 2008 by Jon Wood Star Wars Galaxies Correspondent Jef Reahard writes this interview with the commander of the Phantom Squadron in SOE's Star Wars Galaxies, a group dedicated to making the Y-Wing a viable and dangerous PvP craft.

Spend any time with the pilots of the Starsider server's space  community and you'll no doubt hear of a crazy group of Alliance  fighter jockeys known as Phantom Squadron.  Headed by Jamys  Farstrider, the Phantoms are famous for wreaking havoc on the server's  Imperial pilot population, and doing so while flying one of the game's  least popular ship models, the Y-Wing Longprobe.

Read the Phantom Squadron Interview

Runes of Magic : A Look at the Sascilia-Steppes

Posted Oct 23, 2008 by Keith Cross

Continuing their series on the various regions that make up Taborea, the folks at Runes of Magic have have prepared a look at the Sascilia-Steppes.

Khant, the shrine of the Capra

Khant once was a human settlement, which was abandoned by its inhabitants. After that, Pasper, the powerful chief of the Capra, enacted a ban on entering the region. For this reason, the abandoned place was shrouded in mystery.

After some time, rumors started to circulate and the people mystifyingly called Khant the “Shrine of the Capra”. The clan elders gladly picked up on that name and, together with the chief, came to a decision. Khant was appointed to be the eternal resting place for the fallen heroes and thus became one of their most sacred places.

One of the rumors existing about the "Shrine of the Capra" says that the escape of the humans from this place is connected to a treasure with immense powers. Although Pasper Silvermane was entrusted with the treasure, it should still be in Khant.

Read more about the Sascilia-Steppes in Runes of Magic.

Take a look at some images of the Sascilia-Steppes.

Warhammer Online : Open RvR Bonuses Increased

Posted Oct 23, 2008 by Keith Cross

Mythic Entertainment has announced that they have increased the amount of experience gained from defeating other players in open RvR from to a bonus of 100% over the experience gained from defeating players in scenarios, effectively making players killed in open RvR worth double the amount of experience as their scenario running counterparts.

With the addition of the new region-wide and RvR-wide chat channels we have seen a marked increase in Open RvR participation. In order to encourage this trend even further, we have made an additional adjustment to the experience awarded for killing enemy players in an Open RvR area. Previously we increased this amount by 50%. As of today, that bonus has been raised to 100%. With this change players killed in Open RvR will now be worth double the experience than those killed in scenarios!

As always, we will continue to monitor your feedback and work on ways to improve the RvR experience. More changes are coming, so be sure to stay tuned to the Warhammer Online Herald and monthly newsletter for the latest updates.

Read more here.

Pirates of the Burning Sea : 1.9: Your Just Rewards Notes Published

Posted Oct 23, 2008 by Keith Cross

Flying Lab has posted the release notes for the milestone build 1.9: Your Just Rewards for Pirates of the Burning Seas.

This is a milestone build and contains about a month's worth of fixes/changes. We devoted more time to bug fixing in this milestone than usual and that's especially visible in the missions and hopefully via some performance tweaks.

Ships / Outfitting:

* Achilles: 6x7lb guns -> 10x7lb guns
* Corsairs Guns: Couldn't be equipped. If you were in town, they wanted you on your ship. If you were on your ship, they told you to be in town. Fixed.
* Captured 'Monarch' Indiaman stats were different than non-captured. Fixed.
* Experimental Sights: It wasn't possible to equip this. Fixed.

Ship Combat / Skills:

* If you fire a Flare in a PvE battle, anyone from your nation should be able to come help you.
* We introduced a bug in 1.8 that gave 100% of a player's unsecured cargo to you for sinking them. It now correctly gives 80% for sinking, 100% for boarding.
* Unclaimed Group loot disappeared if the group disbanded. Now it's automatically given to the last group member.
* It was possible to activate Final Defense if you were already doomed. This caused confusion when players thought they were sunk when they shouldn't have been. Truth was, they were sunk but didn't realize it when they activated the skill. Now you can't activate the skill if it's too late.
* Resistance is now capped at 50%
* Defense is now capped at 75.
* Increased the damage of all types of cannons by 2

Read more here.

World of Warcraft : Custom Guild T-shirts Available

Posted Oct 23, 2008 by Keith Cross

Blizzard has announced that customized guild t-shirts are now available for players to purchase.

If you're looking for a way to stand out from the crowd and show your guild spirit in the real world, then take a look at the just-released World of Warcraft custom apparel program. Several varieties of shirt designs and colors are available, and each is custom-printed with character information and a guild tabard emblem. Head over to now to see some examples and get more information on the available options.

Read more here.

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