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Star Wars: The Old Republic : Hutt Homeworld Screenshots

Posted Feb 17, 2009 by Keith Cross

Today we present five new screenshots depicting the world of Hutta, the homeworld of the Hutts, in Star Wars: The old Republic.


See more of the Hutt Homeworld in Star Wars: the Old Republic.

Runescape : Questions and Answers

Posted Feb 17, 2009 by Keith Cross

Last week Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard opened a dialog with Runescape players about past choices and the future of the game and company. They called out for player input and the players responded. Today they've posted the first 130 questions and answers with the promise of more to come.

Many of you will have read my newspost last week, in which I outlined our vision for the future of RuneScape, and also invited your questions. Well, the response has been absolutely awesome; in fact we’ve actually been a little taken aback! There have been nearly ten thousand questions posted or emailed by you, our players, and it’s become pretty obvious that we’re going to need to answer a lot more than we originally planned.

A lot of the questions concern areas in which I’m not the best person to reply, to be quite honest. So what we’ve done is split them up, with me answering a selection of appropriate questions today, and my esteemed colleagues answering further questions over the next few weeks.

A big thank you to everyone that took the time to post a question on the forum or email it in - your feedback and interest in RuneScape are much appreciated, and we hope you will all continue to enjoy playing the game for a long time to come. So without further ado, here is the first batch of answers from yours truly :)

Read more here.

Star Wars Galaxies : Update 8 and Cities

Posted Feb 17, 2009 by Keith Cross

The folks at Star Wars Galaxies have posted a look at upcoming changes to the the way player run cities are handled in the game.

Mayors and citizens across the galaxy will be excited about the improvements made to player cities coming out in Update 8. With all new functionality and ease of use, there has never been a better time to be a Mayor or part of a player run city!

City Structure Report

A brand new user interface (UI) has been designed for City Structures. Before Game Update 8, cities that spanned across multiple game zones did not receive proper Structure Reports. Now, all City Structures will be shown in this brand new UI!

These Structure Reports also show their current location in the UI. If you select the Structure in the UI, a waypoint will then be created leading to that Structure.

Read more here.

EVE Online : Apocrypha and Hardware

Posted Feb 17, 2009 by Keith Cross

The folks at EVE Online have prepared a new dev blog in the run up to the launch of the game's Apocrypha expansion next month, this time around the focus is on the technical side of the game and CCP's efforts to keep the game running smoothly while preparing for growth.

With all of these fabulous new blogs about the fancy new things coming to EVE in the rapidly approaching Apocrypha expansion, I thought I would take some time to give you all an update from down here at the Tranquility command console of Virtual World Operations.

As EVE moves towards its 7th year of operation, we are continuing to improve and expand the hardware of the servers running the game, ensuring that everyone gets the most lag free experience possible. The preparations we are making for Apocrypha are no different - we have been working quietly behind the scenes with quite a large number of significant improvements that allow us to keep growing our user count. Of course, with the retail launch of EVE just around the corner, we are making sure that when thousands more players come into EVE, everyone still gets the best performance ever!

Read EVE Online: Apocrypha and Hardware.

Guild Wars : GW2 Team Growing, Still No Release Dates

Posted Feb 17, 2009 by Keith Cross

The folks at Guild Wars have posted a letter to the game's fans attempting to clear up rumors about delays and other troubles with Guild Wars 2, saying that there is still no set date for the game other than "when it's done" and that the team has been growing as a result of recent restructuring at NC West.

Guild Wars Screenshot

To our fans,

There have been some published rumors over the past few days about Guild Wars 2 delays, and I'm writing you today to set the record straight.

You've all seen announcements about restructuring at NCsoft West, and it's natural to wonder whether that restructuring impacts ArenaNet's Guild Wars 2 development. In fact, the reason NCsoft West is restructuring itself is so that the company can put all of its focus into its top-tier games like Guild Wars 2. Our team continues to grow, and has the strong support and financial backing we need to achieve our goal of making Guild Wars 2 the best online role-playing game ever created.

Read more here.

Warhammer Online : 1.2 on PTS, Official Forums in Beta

Posted Feb 17, 2009 by Keith Cross

Mythic Entertainment has announced that players can now test some of the content of the 1.2 patch on WAR's public test server, and that they'll also be launch the beta of the official Warhammer Online forums.

The time has come to once again take to the field of battle on the Public Test Server. Starting Tuesday, February 17th, players will be able to copy characters to the Public Test Server and check out all the exciting new changes coming your way in Game Update 1.2. To top that off, we will be launching the beta test phase of the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning official forums!

During this phase of the Public Test we will be focusing on the changes to Realm vs. Realm combat and Career balance changes. We will introduce the two new Careers, the Choppa and the Slayer during a later phase of the Public Test Process.

On Wednesday, February 18th at 8pm EST we will be conducting a large scale Tier 4 Open Field Realm vs. Realm test on the PTS and we need your assistance! Bring your friends to the PTS and be amongst the first to experience the new Zone Domination system in a focused player test. Be sure to log on early to join the premade guilds (points of contact for invites will be announced in game) for the night.

Read more here.

Ultima Online : Bowcraft Skill Guide

Posted Feb 17, 2009 by Jon Wood Ultima Online expert V D has provided us with this Bowcraft Skill Guide for the classic MMO.

Bowcraft and Fletching is the skill that is useful to know if you are going to be an Archer. They go hand in hand because this skill is what you need to know in order to make bolts, arrows, bows, crossbows, and heavy crossbows. Ideally you should put this skill on your crafter character.


It’s very easy to reach GM with this skill, it just takes a while. Make sure you have tons of boards (100k to GM) and have a lot of empty bags available and at least 20 fletching tools because they do break often.

Be sure to have an empty bag or container in your backpack that you can put as many boards as you can carry. When you double-click your fletching tool and select the item you want to make it will automatically be created inside that bag. This is useful for when you get too heavy and just want to empty out you backpack, because you can throw full bag away:

Read Bowcraft Skill Guide

2029 Online : PvE Dungeon Introduction

Posted Feb 17, 2009 by Keith Cross

IGG has posted an introduction to one of the PvE dungeons that is in development for 2029 Online.

For greater tactical depth, you can group with your friends and venture into our raid instanced dungeons in 2029 Online ( ). Battles here are fought with a lot of RTS elements. Bracing for danger and focusing your efforts on getting a breakthrough are constant requirements here. You put yourself in a tight squeeze and use your cunning, combat and shooting skills to get out alive. There are many variation and battles to choose from so you’ll always have something to keep you entertained for hours on end.

Virtual Testing Grounds

Qualifications: Players hitting Level 20 in party

Teleport points: Southeastern Tokai Avenue

Quest: Virtual Training

In the Virtual Testing Grounds, you are forced to confront mutant monsters. Some of them are pretty tough. These monster BOSSes want nothing more than to destroy you. If you can overpower them, you will get many classy drops to help you gear up.


Qualification: Players hitting Level 35 in party

Teleport points: Northeastern Naka Desert

Quest: Destroy Lab

This place is where experiments are conducted. Certain areas of the lab require top secret security clearance. In these areas, enemies try to work out the latest high-tech weapons. Believe us, everyone will have a hard time destroying them. But the gear they wear is some of the best. With the addition of this gear to your character, you will become a much stronger warrior.

Read more here.

Voyage Century Online : Profession Introduction: Armed Business

Posted Feb 17, 2009 by Keith Cross

IGG has prepared an introduction to the Armed Businessmen, one of the new classes that will be coming to Voyage Century with the game's next version.

Today we are going to talk to you about Armed Businessman. Aside from defeating enemies, healing profession characters have another holy mission to save their partners’ lives, offer positive buffs, and to dispel negative buffs.

In Voyage Century, an Armed businessman is a professional babysitter. Armed Businessmen are good at transporting supplies, repairing ships and healing sailors during sea battles. In the meantime, they are good at saving those partners who are on the verge of death.

Read more here.

Second Life : A Look at Land Prices

Posted Feb 17, 2009 by Jon Wood

New Second Life Correspondent David Greene writes this look at land prices in Linden Labs' Second Life

Second Life Screen

Second Life is a pinnacle of social gaming today. In October of 2008 Linden Labs announced that they would be raising the prices of their privately owned virtual areas know as sims, or more specifically the sims known as Open-Space.

An OpenSpace is a type of private island that Linden Labs made available for light use countryside or ocean. The design team at Linden Labs figured that if Governor Linden can have ocean and green spaces, they should also let private estate owners do the same.

Read A Look at Land Prices

Warhammer Online : Choppa and Slayer Impressions

Posted Feb 17, 2009 by Jon Wood’s Hasani Davis Sits down with Adam Gershowitz to talk about Mythic Entertainment's slayer, Choppa and the Call to Arms event bringing them into the game.

Warhammer Screenshot

The Dwarven Slayer and Greenskin’s Choppa bring a new twist to the melee damage game in Mythic Entertainment’s Warhammer Online. Where you have the Marauder and White Lion who can deal area of effect as a light melee, and you have Witch Elves and Witch Hunters who deal stealth strikes and high single target damage, the Slayer and Choppa each have a more random and more chaotic element.

In my recent hands on, I was shown the abilities of both classes and noticed that while the attacks always hit the intended target, they will sometimes hit an additional enemy or two.

Read Choppa and Slayer Impressions

Twelve Sky 2 : Get a Beta Test Key!

Posted Feb 17, 2009 by Craig McGregor has partnered up with MAYN Interactive to get our members into the beta test for TwelveSky 2! Get your key while supplies last!

NOTE: The beta test will not begin until Feb 23, 2009!


Galaxy Online 2 : Get An Alpha Key For Galaxy Online

Posted Feb 17, 2009 by Craig McGregor has teamed up with IGG to give a new alpha testing opportunity to our community! While supplies last, as long as you have a free account you can get a beta access key that will let you test Galaxy Online - the new sci-fi MMORPG from IGG!

NOTE: Alpha test does not start until Feb 24, 2009.

When you are ready to get your alpha test key, click the link below:


General : New Dark Theme

Posted Feb 16, 2009 by Keith Cross now comes in two different flavors. A few weeks ago we launched the new layout for the site, including the new color scheme which featured more shades of gray than a Dwarven rainbow. If you weren't a fan of the light color scheme, or you just want to see something new, we invite you to click on the dark box at the top right of any page on and take a look at the new dark theme.

Jumpgate Evolution : New Screenshots

Posted Feb 16, 2009 by Keith Cross

Today we present eleven new images which have been added to our Jumpgate Evolution screenshot gallery.


See more Jumpgate Evolution Screenshots.

EVE Online : UI Changes in Apocrypha

Posted Feb 16, 2009 by Keith Cross

The folks at CCP are working on a number of new goodies for Apocrypha, EVE Online's next expansion, including new Tech 3 ships with sub-systems. To keep up with a constantly expanding game, EVE's UI team is making changes to the fitting screen, and today we take a look at those changes.


CCP Sharq and I have been working on Apocrypha as part of the mythical UI team. Essentially we form a small team creating new UI designs and reviewing the UI as needed. Being a UI design team only, we coordinate with the various scrum teams to get the designs and improvements implemented. This structure has given us the needed flexibility to adapt to the UI requirements of the scrum teams so far.

One of the biggest changes, UI-wise is the redesign of the fitting screen. With the introduction of Tech 3 ships with sub-systems, we decided it was time for an overhaul. As sub-systems change the look of Tech 3 ships, it would be useful to be able to see how the ship changes as you fit different sub-systems. At the same time we wanted a unique interface rather than another Excel-in-space window. With this in mind, we came up with a new design. We arrange the modules, rigs and sub-systems in a ring around the ship (codename: Stargate, and later: Viewmaster 2000), with collapsible side panels for item selection and ship statistics.

Read UI Changes in EVE: Apocrypha

Warhammer Online : Night of Murder Ends

Posted Feb 16, 2009 by Keith Cross

The Dark Elf holiday of the Night of Murder has come to an end in Warhammer Online, ending the game's observance of the human holiday of Valentine's Day, though heralds will remain in the game until February 20th so that players have some extra time to collect rewards.

As a new day begins the Drucii witches fade back into the shadows. The Night of Murder is over and the terror has at last come to least until next year!

We hope everyone had a "love" filled weekend brimming with all of the chaos, death, passion and vengeance that warms the cockles of our hearts.

Until the darkness descends once more, the brides of Khaine bid you adieu!

Read more here.

Warhammer Online : Book of Grudges

Posted Feb 16, 2009 by Keith Cross

The folks at Warhammer Online are spotlighting a mod for WAR which brings the power and utility of the Book of Grudges to your Tome of Knowledge.

Looking to add even more spice to your Realm vs. Realm action?

The Book of Grudges transforms your fighting experience by adding a meta game and another objective to RvR. Just in case you needed another reason to perpetuate the extermination of your enemy Damaz Kron has your answer.

Like the Dwarfen book from which it takes its name the Book of Grudges records the history of your enemies trespasses against you and scores you against your Bitter Rivals. In its ever growing archives your trials and triumphs will be marked and your fervor tallied.

It has been a while since we've posted a mod recommendation, but we felt this one was too much fun to pass up. From its beautiful integration into the Tome of Knowledge to the additional excitement it brings to the chaos of smiting your foe. This addon makes each kill feel that much better and revenge all the sweeter.

Read more here.

Champions Online : Meet the Team: Brad Stokan

Posted Feb 16, 2009 by Keith Cross

Cryptic Studios has posted the latest in their series of Meet the Team internal interviews, this time talking with Brad Stokan, the Lead Character Artist for Champions Online.

Q: What do you do on Champions Online?
A: I have the second best job in the world! I’m the Lead Character Artist on Champions, which means I help to create our amazingly customizable and always visually stimulating characters. Being a character artist at Cryptic is fantastic; we have a lot of creative freedom and the best tools and support I have seen in the industry.

Q: How long have you worked in gaming, and what did you do before Champions Online?
A: I’ve worked in games now for almost five years. Before Champions and Cryptic, I worked at Sigil Games and then Sony Online on the fantasy MMO Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. Working on Vanguard was challenging but invaluable as a learning experience. I got a great education in game design and development and learned a lot from the talented artists with whom I was priveledged to work. Also, working at Sigil allowed me great lattitude to grow as an artist and as a person.

Read more here.

Champions Online : Caption Contest

Posted Feb 16, 2009 by Keith Cross

The folks at Champions Online are holding a screenshot caption contest where the winning entries will be rewarded with a beta key.

We want captions, and you want beta keys! Submit your captions to these screenshots, and we’ll choose the top caption for each screenshot! Winners will each receive a beta key, and when the screenshots are posted to the gallery, we’ll use your caption and credit you!


Read more here.

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