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CrimeCraft : SDCC '09: Six New Shots

Posted Aug 04, 2009 by Michael Bitton

Vogster Entertainment has sent us six new screenshots of CrimeCraft to celebrate the game's incredible reception at this year's San Diego Comic Con.


Check out all six shots here.

Also, be sure to check out our full CrimeCraft gallery for more screenshots.

Did you see CrimeCraft at SDCC? If so, what did you think? Let us know in the comments!

Galaxy Online 2 : Free Mall Points!

Posted Aug 04, 2009 by Craig McGregor

IGG is giving away a limited number of Galaxy Online CD keys through Players can use a CD key to register an account and create a character to play Galaxy Online. Each player will also receive 30 Galaxy Online Mall points.

Additionally, if you create a new character on the Scorpio server, you will receive items enabling you to enjoy seven-day "Celestial Industrial Base," "Planet Trusteeship" and "Watch Combat" services for free. To check the item details, visit the Warehouse in game.

Additionally, if you create a new character on the Scorpio server, you will receive items enabling you to enjoy seven-day "Celestial Industrial Base," "Planet Trusteeship" and "Watch Combat" services for free. To check the item details, visit the Warehouse in game.

It’s just that easy to get your Galaxy Online CD key and enjoy the perks granted new players during this limited-time offer.


Champions Online : Offers Lifetime Subscriptions, STO Beta

Posted Aug 03, 2009 by Michael Bitton

Cryptic Studios will be offering a six month and lifetime subscription for Champions Online. Users who pony up for a six month subscription in advance receive a 33% off discount vs. a monthly subscription, as well as an Art Deco costume set, and most notably, access to the Star Trek Online closed beta test which begins later this year.

The high rollers, on the other hand, who can really afford to take a leap-of-faith, can opt for a lifetime subscription, which will offer all the same goodies that the six month subscription nets you, and more:

Lifetime Subscriptions come with:

  • Access to the Star Trek Online Closed Beta, beginning later this year!
  • Exclusive Art Deco costume set
  • Exclusive Retro Future costume set, available only to lifetime subscribers
  • Unique Mirror Universe outfit for Star Trek Online, available at the game’s release
  • Exclusive in-game Foxbat action figure, available only to lifetime subscribers
  • Eight additional character slots!

As I don't have a pre-order key for Champions Online, I do not know the pricing for the lifetime subscription. If you've got the details, let us know in the comments below!

UPDATE: Lifetime subscriptions will run you $199. The exclusive specials website can be found here.

Got your pre-order key? Enter it at the Champions Online pre-order site!

D&D Online : Eberron Unlimited Delayed

Posted Aug 03, 2009 by Michael Bitton

The launch of Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited will be experiencing a minor delay. Instead of launching on August 6th, the game will now launch on September 9th, 2009.

From the press release:

“We’ve been holding a series of live events as part of the beta program and have seen an unprecedented level of participation from players. While we are very pleased with the performance of the game and are excited about the response from the players, we are committed to delivering a high-quality experience. We feel that more time is needed to deliver on this commitment. As a result, we are delaying our launch to ensure that we can support the massive increase in players that we are expecting and deliver them a free to play experience like none other.”

For more information on D&D Online: Eberron Unlimited, check out the official website here.

Star Wars: The Old Republic : Threat of Peace #12

Posted Aug 03, 2009 by Michael Bitton

Last week's Friday update brings the Threat of Issue series to #12. In this latest entry to the Threat of Peace web-comic, we witness Master Dar'Nala, realizing she will not survive Captain Sivill's interrogations, enlist the help of a bounty hunter to deliver a message for her.

Check out Issue #12 here.

Star Trek Online : Ask Cryptic: Ground Combat

Posted Aug 03, 2009 by Michael Bitton

This latest edition in the Ask Cryptic series brings us an overview of ground combat in Star Trek Online. Ground combat in STO will always consist of a five man Away Team, this team can be comprised of up to five players, with any gaps being filled in with Bridge Officers from your crew, or a selection from other group members' crews.

Bridge Officers are treated like pets, with a variety of basic functions such as aggressive, defensive, and assist commands. As for the players, they can also equip Kits which add an additional four abilities alongside whatever abilities your profession (Science, Tactical, Engineer) already provides. The kits are limited by profession and rank, with three kits per profession for a total of nine. Examples of some of the abilities kits will provide include: holographic soldiers, stasis and force fields, defensive and offense buffs, and more.

For more information check out the full Ask Cryptic here.

Fallen Earth : Blood, Beasts, and Babes Trailer

Posted Aug 03, 2009 by Michael Bitton

In this latest trailer, entitled "3 B's of the Apocalypse", we get a glimpse of the blood, beasts, and "babes" to be featured in Fallen Earth.

Check out the new trailer over at IGN.

Aion : Version 1.5 Trailer

Posted Aug 03, 2009 by Michael Bitton

A trailer for version 1.5 of Aion is now available. Version 1.5 is a large upcoming update to the Asian version of Aion, but will also be what US gamers experience right out of the gate when Aion comes out this September.

The trailer features footage of the various new battlegrounds and instances. One such instance, Dark Poeta, is a warped version of the Elyos starting area and requires level 50 players to enter. Another, an instance called "Streelrake Valley" is full of what appears to be cat-like pirates and will also be included in version 1.5.

See it all in the official trailer!

Also, be sure to check out these translated patch notes of Version 1.5 to whet your appetite for the launch of Aion.

Final Fantasy XIV : Famitsu Interview: No Experience, Levels

Posted Aug 03, 2009 by Michael Bitton

In this latest video interview from Japanese magazine Famitsu, we learn quite a bit about Square Enix's upcoming sophomore entry to the MMOG scene, Final Fantasy XIV.

In the interview, the developers insist that they want to focus on character growth, and for players to enjoy the process, which is often tedious in most games. To that end, there will not be experience or levels in Final Fantasy XIV. This is a huge departure from Final Fantasy XI, where leveling is very much a focus. Instead of levels, players will grow naturally through their experiences.

Final Fantasy XIV will also expand on the Job System. The developers say they wish to utilize the job system from FFXI, but in addition they are putting a focus on weapons. This clarifies the significance of all the weapons present in the Final Fantasy XIV logo.

The game will take place in the region of "Eorzea", but the world itself is referred to as "Haiderin". Races will be familiar to players of Final Fantasy XI, but will likely go under different names, as well as receive other touch ups to distinguish them from 11.

Also, unlike FFXI, this time around solo play will be completely viable for all players. Group content will be well supported, but they do not want players who cannot or do not wish to find groups to feel "bored" so solo play is definitely in.

Surely by now you've heard that Uematsu will be scoring Final Fantasy XIV, but to what extent? A few tracks? Half? How about all of them? Yep. Nobuo Uematsu will fully score the Final Fantasy XIV soundtrack!

The full video interview can be found here.

General : The Free Zone: Metrics with Matt Mihaly

Posted Aug 03, 2009 by Dana Massey

This week, Richard Aihoshi brings in some expert advice and talks to Matt Mihaly, CEO of Sparkplay Media, about metrics and MMOs.

One thing he pointed out is that measurements can be tricky, especially when used for comparisons, since numbers may not be "apples to apples" even when they appear so. They're more similar in the subscription realm, but even then, there's a huge anomaly in that more than half of the 11 million or so World of Warcraft "subscribers", the ones in the Far East, pay via methods other than monthly fees. Still, despite this and the need to estimate a factor for multiple accounts, we can gauge popularity and revenue within ranges of doubt that aren't as wide as those for F2Ps.

In the latter area, Matt seems to agree with me that registration figures alones aren't particularly meaningful. In fact, he goes so far as to say they're "useless" without proper context in which to evaluate them. "If they were achieved by large marketing spends, then so what? They don't measure anything but the effectiveness and size of those programs. One can buy registrations for $2-$3 apiece. That says nothing about a game or its players. Though I admire Free Realms, this is exactly how it has neared five million registrations so quickly."

Read it all here.

Runes of Magic : Chapter II Expansion Interview

Posted Aug 03, 2009 by Jon Wood Managing Editor Jon Wood had the opportunity recently to ask a few questions of Matthias Fellinger, the Product Manager for Runes of Magic about the upcoming Chapter 2 expansion to the F2P game.

How much land mass does this expansion add to the game compared to what was there before?

Matthias Fellinger:

Looking at the new world map we released a few days ago, you can see that the new areas we are adding with Chapter II are huge. For example, the Aotulia Volcano is almost the size of Sascilia Steppes and Dragonfang Ridge combined! And then there are the rainforest area of the Savage Lands and the new starting area, the Elven Island.

The release of Chapter II itself will be something new as well. We are already releasing content f the new chapter in August by opening the new zone Weeping Coast zone, packed with a massive amount of new quests, and we are raising the level cap to 52. So all of our players will get a taste of Chapter II before launch and can prepare for the big release with lots of new content in September.

Read the Chapter II Expansion Interview

Perfect World International : Flying Mounts

Posted Aug 03, 2009 by Jon Wood

PWI Product Manager Jon Belliss discusses the Flying Mounts feature in the company's flagship MMO.

Less than a year out from its initial launch, Perfect World has already seen two expansions and an exponential growth of players.

One of the systems that makes Perfect World International stand apart from most MMORPGs is its mounts system. Similar to other MMOs, there are both ground and flying mounts. However, Perfect World is unique in that flying mounts are combat enabled. This unlocks an entirely new style of combat and adds a new dimension to PvP.

Characters first gain access to flight at level 30, with the exception of the Winged Elf race. Winged Elves are able to fly at level 1, however, their wings will consume mana until they reach level 30.

To unlock flight, characters must undertake their race’s flying mount quest. After a character has obtained their flying mount, they can fly anywhere and everywhere, with no penalty to their mana pool.

Read Flying Mounts

Darkfall : One Guild's First 24 Hours on NA-1

Posted Aug 03, 2009 by Jon Wood's Jeffery Hargrove writes this account of his guild's first 24 hours on NA-1, the first server launched by Aventuring in North America for its controversial PvP MMO Darkfall Online.

Darkfall Online, an MMO developed by Aventurine, launched their North American server on July 12th 2009. The second time around, Aventurine has really pulled it together. Their launch of the shard named NA-1 went off perfectly and without any tedious downtimes, and no wait to buy or play like with the EU launch. Overall I have had an extremely good play experience on NA-1 this last week. As a member of an established gaming community, "The Exodus Syndicate" I have been part of several server firsts. Including the first guild created, first city claimed, first village captured, first keep created, to name a few. I am going to give a quick breakdown of the first 24hrs of the game, from my perspective and share a few of my experiences on this new NA server.

The first few minutes after launch where chaotic, everyone was logging and grouping from across the world. The Exodus Syndicate has developed a plan and practiced on EU-1 for weeks to establish a guild and create a city in under two hours from scratch. With weeks of practice we finally had our chance to take what we had learned and put it to work. But first we had to wait for the servers to go live.

Read One Guild's First 24 Hours on NA-1

Fiesta : Amazon Cash & SparkCash Sweeps!

Posted Aug 01, 2009 by Craig McGregor and Outspark have teamed up to give away 20 prize packages worth over $1,200 to celebrate their online game: Fiesta! Prizes are as follows:

  • (1) $200 Amazon gift card & 70,000 SparkCash (a $300 value)
  • (1) $100 Amazon gift card & 50,000 SparkCash (a $171 value)
  • (4) $50 Amazon gift card & 30,000 SparkCash (a $93 value each)
  • (4) 30,000 SparkCash (a $43 value each)
  • (10) 15,000 SparkCash (a $21 value each)

PLUS, all new players who reach Level 7 in Fiesta will receive a free HP Magic Potion, AND all new players who reach Level 17 will receive a free 30-day Tuxedo/Dress package. Use your Hit Potion to level up faster and the Tudexo/Dress package to look good while you do it!

Fiesta is a free to play, action-adventure MMORPG featuring a vibrant world, immersive environments, hundreds of quests, player vs. player combat, item crafting, and more. Players can socialize, make friends and battle ferocious monsters on a quest for fame and fortune. See if you can reach the all-powerful Level 105 and prepare for the fight between Angels & Demons. 


Aion : Comic Con Game Preview

Posted Jul 31, 2009 by Jon Wood's Carolyn Koh submits this overview of NCsoft's upcoming MMORPG Aion taken from time with the game and its Associate Producer Lani Blazier at Comic Con.

Aion Screens

As I mentioned to Editor Jon Wood, the difficult articles to write are always about either the games in Pre-Alpha where most everything is still under wraps, and the games so close to launch that NDA has been lifted and most everything has been revealed. Aion falls squarely in the latter. I’ve seen, written and read about Aion since it was revealed to the Western audience at E3 2006 as Aion: The Tower of Eternity, and had hands-on play when it was provided at Cons. So what is it about then?

Aion, the latest title from developer NCsoft is billed as a PvPvE MMO that is being developed simultaneously by both NCsoft in Korea and the US, with Korea being about nine months ahead, and the US version localized as it develops, for the Western market. The world Aion, Atreia, resembles a globe that has been torn in half. The lower half is a lush green world as it receives the benefit of sunlight where the Elyos live. The upper half is dark, cold and arid, the world of the Asmodians. In Eons past, the two halves were joined by vertically by the Tower of Eternity and the Elyos and Asmodians were one people, but when the tower was destroyed in the thousand year war, the factions turned on each other and blamed the other for its destruction.

Read the Comic Con Game Preview

General : Who Says Microtransactions are Popular?

Posted Jul 31, 2009 by Jon Wood

Are you one of the many of us who is wondering why the microtransactions model is becoming more and more appealing to MMO development companies here in the West? If so, TenTonHammer this morning highlighted an interesting survey from Playspan and Magid Associates that suggests that 46% of virtual world visitors (MMO players) bought virtual goods in the last year.

So, where are people buying from?

Where consumers are buying from:

  1. Marketplace of the virtual world or game that a user is playing in (29%)
  2. The official Web site of the virtual world or game (29%)
  3. A web site of an authorized reseller of the virtual items (25%)
  4. A web site of an unauthorized reseller of the virtual items (8%)
  5. Another player (7%)
  6. Other (5%)
  7. Not sure (27%)

Read the report, here.

Age of Conan : Blog: Developments on the Horizon

Posted Jul 31, 2009 by Jon Wood

The good people at Funcom have updated their Official blog, this time with an entry that goes over what's in store from AoC in the immediate future.

The past few weeks have been very interesting for us on the community and development teams. We’ve both launched one of our biggest updates to date along with our reevaluation campaign. I’ve personally been swamped with all of this including preparations for our annual Dragon*Con convention that will surely kick some major ass this year.

On to the good stuff!

Our Game Director Craig ‘Silirrion’ Morrison has just popped out his monthly production letter to the community. This month’s letter covers the next focus that will include guild system changes. I won’t go into too much detail here to summarize it introduces a new Guild Renown system. This will bring in some interesting game play aspects for guilds like Renown points based on guildy actions in-game, Renown levels that utilize those points as sort of a guild level for your character and Renown rankings that basically combines all the above into a guild rank for more competitive elements. Along with that, the letter also mentioned some significant additions like new zones in the form of House of Crom, Thoth-Amon’s Stronghold and the new Tower-Based PVP objectives in the Border Kingdoms.

Check out the new blog entry, here.

Alganon : July 2009 Development Update

Posted Jul 31, 2009 by Jon Wood

The Alganon Dev team have updated their official blog with their July 2009 update, briefly discussing the last month of development.

It's hard to believe August is right around the corner. So much has happened in July it's hard to cover it all. For those of you in private Beta you've seen the massive changes since the last major release nearly a month ago. We're now focusing on bug fixes and stability in parallel with features. Mounts and pets are now in, and other core features are quickly coming up. We are releasing another hotfix today that corrects the core combat issue; everyone in Beta will immediately see the numbers now making sense and challenge as part of the game; no more killing Level 7 mobs with a L2 character. Just wait until mob actions are integrated!

Check out the update, here.

World of Warcraft : Doctor Entering Game to Help Addicts

Posted Jul 31, 2009 by Jon Wood

Falling into the "not sure if this is going to work, but it's worth a shot" category, Daily Tech is reporting that a London Psychiatrist is planning to go into World of Warcraft in the hopes of helping to treat the disease.

Therapists around the world are still debating about whether gaming fixation can be an official addiction and thus a type of mental disorder. Incidents such as the occasional death of players in China or South Korea during gaming marathons certainly lend credence to such claims, but the American Medical Association still doesn't recognize the addiction. A recent Swedish study on the other hand, not only found gaming to be addictive, but found the psychological effects of gaming addiction to be more severe than those of crack cocaine addiction.

However, the debate over the legitimacy of the possible mental health affliction rages many are looking to actively treat it. Among these is Dr. Richard Graham, a prominent London psychiatrist. Dr. Graham is taking an innovative approach to treat the disease -- he's entering the world of the gamers, joining World of Warcraft this fall. He hopes other therapists and mental health experts follow his lead.

The article itself is unclear on Dr. Graham's actual method for trying to cure WoW addicts, but going into games in an attempt to help to solve the problem is a... unique approach

Read more here.

CrimeCraft : Open Beta Starts Today

Posted Jul 31, 2009 by Jon Wood

We're getting cloer and closer to the official start of CrimeCraft's open beta. Beginning at 5pm EDT, players who signed up via Fileplanet will be able to get in on the delicious gun-touting action.

Check out the CrimeCraft official website here.

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