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Star Wars: The Old Republic : The New Discipline System Primer

Posted Dec 02, 2014 by Suzie Ford

The latest expansion pack for Star Wars: The Old Republic has arrived, and with it the game is graduating to version number 3.0. One of the banner features of the upgrade, although not specifically tied to the expansion pack, is the new method for dealing with skills: Disciplines. This post will serve as a quick primer to some of the changes, but will include links to blog posts on the official SWTOR site for folks who want to get a little more in depth with the new system or the changes for their individual classes.

Read more of Pete Schwab's Star Wars: The Old Republic - The New Discipline System Primer.

Guild Wars 2 : Seeds of Doubt to Launch Today

Posted Dec 02, 2014 by Suzie Ford

ArenaNet has announced that the next installment in the Living Story Season 2 for Guild Wars 2 will launch today. Seeds of Doubt keeps the story moving along as heroes chase down leads to find Caithe. The update features some new content in the Silverwastes during the journey.

Lastly, PvP fanatics will be interested to discover the new improvements to the system.

PvP Updates:  Player vs. Player infrastructure is seeing massive changes this month, including a new map voting system, match prompts and alerts, reworked matchmaking, service NPCs in the Heart of the Mists, and the introduction of the Ladder Test Season.

Find out more on the Guild Wars 2 site.

General : Age of Wulin Expansion Launches in EU

Posted Dec 02, 2014 by Suzie Ford

Webzen has announced the Age of Wulin expansion, Chapter 3: Wisdom is a Journey, has launched on its EU servers. The expansion brings new quests, adventures and locations to explore as well as character improvements such as a fourth Internal Skill and more. Players will also be able to challenge themselves with new, more difficult versions of some dungeons.

With Open-PvP being the main pillar of Age of Wulin, the lucky holders of the Jianghu Treasures won’t be safe anymore with the new feature: the Jianghu Treasure Assassin. Players will be selected based on their own strength to become an assassin with a simple mission: eliminate the holders of the precious Jianghu Treasures and reap the rewards! Romance is also a key theme of Wisdom is a Journey with the introduction of new activities for the happy couples of Age of Wulin, including extra rewards for completing Team Practice or a Forbidden Instance together. They’ll also have the option to flaunt new titles on their characters, should they decide to terminate their marriage.

Read more on the Age of Wulin site.

The Secret World : Issue 10 Nightmares in the Dream Palace Coming Soon

Posted Dec 01, 2014 by Suzie Ford

The latest Secret World Producer's Letter has been published. Of most notable interest is the announcement that Issue 10 - Nightmares in the Dream Palace is expected to go live in the first half of December. Nightmare will bring a new area to explore and will also feature some quality of life improvements. With Issue 10's arrival, players will be able to customize the UI. New players will also see a new monster difficulty panel to assist in battle.

With Issue #10 launching, there’s no way we could be doing anything for Christmas right? Wrong. I am happy to say that we are running our Christmas events again this year – including the End of Days, Krampus and Hel, and our brand new event – The Christmas Conspiracy.

The Christmas Conspiracy begins with an invitation to a showing of “The Magic Flute” at the Albion Theatre. From there you’ll find yourself drawn into a conspiracy that touches the lives of several famous historical figures and find yourself exploring catacombs untouched for hundreds of years as you race against time to stop the Phoenicians from stealing the very heart of Christmas itself.

Everything in this mission chain has a basis in fact and the entire foundation of the story rests firmly on events that played out over a thousand years ago.

Sometimes, reality truly is stranger than fiction.

Read the full letter on The Secret World site.

Guild Wars 2 : Matchmaking Redefined

Posted Dec 01, 2014 by Suzie Ford

This month, Guild Wars 2 will be updated with significant changes to the PvP system. We caught up with Justin O'Dell to find out more about matchmaking and how it will be altered with the next patch. Check it out!

Read more of Jason Winter's Guild Wars 2: Matchmaking Redefined.

Guild Wars 2 : Giving Thanks

Posted Dec 01, 2014 by Suzie Ford

I'm sure that when the Pilgrims first celebrated their bountiful autumn harvest, nearly four centuries ago, they didn't just give thanks for surviving in the New World. I'm pretty sure they were equally thankful for their high-speed Internet connections and for their Native American buddies with whom they could play the latest online video games, like Madden Lacrosse '22 and Grand Theft Carriage Online. That all totally happened, right?

Read more of Jason Winter's Guild Wars 2: Giving Thanks.

World of Warcraft : Welcome to Draenor

Posted Dec 01, 2014 by Suzie Ford

This week I share my thoughts on the Warlords expansion so far and then we check out some of the Tier 17 gear we’ll find in the upcoming Highmaul raid.

Read more of Reza Lackey's World of Warcraft: Welcome to Draenor.

Shards : Crafting Explored in New Video Diary

Posted Dec 01, 2014 by Suzie Ford

The Shards Online team has taken to the airwaves and released a new video developer diary. This time, Lead Systems Designer Logrus gives fans a first look at the crafting system and how it will work in the game. Check it out!

The List : 5 Non-Fantasy MMOG Concepts With Unfulfilled Potential

Posted Dec 01, 2014 by Suzie Ford

Starting when I was still a  child, I've greatly enjoyed numerous incarnations of high fantasy. However, it has never been my only thematic area of interest. So, when it comes to MMOGs, I've always wanted more variety. Perhaps the ongoing growth of the category's audience signals that such a time is upon us or at least close at hand. Considering how the market is growing and evolving, here are some concepts that seem to hold unrealized potential. 

Read more of Richard Aihoshi's The List: 5 Non-Fantasy MMOG Concepts With Unfulfilled Potential.

Dragon Age: Inquisition : Grab a Copy for $45 in Amazon Cyber Monday Deal

Posted Dec 01, 2014 by Suzie Ford

For the next eighteen hours, is featuring Bioware's Dragon Age: Inquisition for fifteen dollars off. Snap up a copy of one of the year's best games for $45 on any platform. The sale is today only!

Check out the Dragon Age: Inquisition page at Amazon to grab one.



Flyff : Webzen Launching EU Service

Posted Dec 01, 2014 by Suzie Ford

Webzen has announced that it will be launching European service for Flyff beginning December 2nd. Potential players can pre-download the new client and get ready for tomorrow's launch. The team has in-game events and prizes for players logging in during the opening of the server.

Currently published in American, German and French territories, Flyff is now opening the doors of Clockworks, the new server based in Frankfurt and targeted at English speakers across Europe. It will be the occasion for players to join the new server and enjoy a better gaming experience in the European timeframe. Clockworks is also special as it is the first European server to host the version Flyff Gold! Furthermore, the new habitants of Madrigal won’t be on their own, as they will share the website and forum of the Flyff American community and join the discussion.

Find out more on the new Flyff EU site.

Heroes of the Storm : Winter Veil Skins, Mount and Altered Fates Skins

Posted Nov 30, 2014 by Neilie Johnson

Thanksgiving's overwith, and now Blizzard's kicking off the real holiday hysteria by making us covet the new holiday-themed items for Heroes of the Storm.

The upcoming MOBA will be all the more festive once Winter Veil Jaina and Great-father Winter Rehgar hit it, and Blizzard's also upping the excitement by adding Altered-Fates skins Betrayer Malfurion and Warden Tyrande. Perhaps the most holiday-ish add-on though, is the beefy mount - a clone of Rudolph the Red-Nosed - called punnily enough, Reign-Deer.

For a peek at the new holiday content, check out the video below.

For more information about Heroes of the Storm, check out the game's official website.

World of Warcraft : Tier 17 Raid Armor Preview

Posted Nov 30, 2014 by Neilie Johnson

Now that the dust has settled from the push through the Dark Portal, it's time to gear up and head into Highmaul. To do it, you'll need something new to wear (wear last year's armor to a new raid? Perish the thought!) and this week, Blizzard got the ball rolling by releasing images of the new Tier 17 armor sets.

Anyway, to see what you think, check out the new sets for all the classes on the official WoW blog.

Sevencore : First Expansion to Hit Live Service on December 2nd

Posted Nov 29, 2014 by Suzie Ford

Webzen has announced that the first expansion for Sevencore will be released on December 7th. The expansion is focused on PvP game play and will feature a new game system called the Occupation War with guild versus gild battles being the centerpiece of the action.

Those who participate in battlefields such as Tillau and Crimson Plateau will earn players Victory Points (VP). Victory Points can be used to purchase powerful weapons, armor, random boxes, and even mounts from the PVP Vendors. While these items are usually tailored toward PvP combat, they’re suitable for PvE combat as well, making Battlefields an excellent source of powerful gear.

Read more on the Sevencore site.

General : Descendents: Open Universe Space-Themed RPG

Posted Nov 29, 2014 by Suzie Ford

A new KickStarter initiative has started for Descendents, described as an open universe space-themed RPG. The game is a multiplayer's dream with over twenty factions and a complete universe to explore. The project is seeking $900,000 in the next twenty-six days.

Descendents is an open universe multiplayer RPG game. You can play for one of 20 fractions, move freely in space and at the same time explore large planets. A player can have a large amount of property, including buildings on planets and large spaceships with fully customizable interior space. Players can unite for various joint activities and to organize large-scale battles for the capture of cities, planets and spaceships. The game has an advanced role-playing system and deep atmospheric universe. In short.

Find out more on the Descendents KickStarter page.

General : Vainglory - Fallon and Timberlake Team Up on New TV Spot

Posted Nov 29, 2014 by Neilie Johnson

The team at Superevil Megacorp must be celebrating after the enthusiastic reception of their streamlined tablet MOBA, Vainglory. Even more so after seeing Apple's latest iPhone 6 commercial which features Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake (or at least their voices) playing it and talking trash.

Check out the 30 second TV spot below.

Vainglory is free to play and can be downloaded from the iTunes store.

General : Journey to the West International - Open Beta Begins

Posted Nov 29, 2014 by Neilie Johnson

Chinese MMO Journey to the West goes into open beta this weekend (November 29) and in the interest of helping beta players level up more quickly, is offering them a special downloadable media pack.

Journey to the West is based on an ancient Chinese legend, and features unique gameplay like the skill-changing Transformation Systems and the elemental Psyche System.

To obtain the pack, follow the guidelines on Cubizone's website.

For a taste of what's in store, check out the video below.


Path of Exile : PvP Content To Shine in Next Massive Update

Posted Nov 29, 2014 by Suzie Ford

Grinding Gears has blown the lid off the next update to Path of Exile. With a heavy focus on PvP, 1.3.0 will bring new features and systems to the game including new Torment and Bloodlines Challenge Leagues, a PvP-focused Forsaken Master, competitive PvP tournaments, PvP-only characters, new gems and uniques, an overhauled passive skill tree and more.

New Challenge Leagues: Torment and Bloodlines

December's 1.3.0 Content Update marks the start of two new Challenge Leagues, providing players with an opportunity to demonstrate their mastery of Path of Exile. Torment and Bloodlines both have unique properties that set them apart from normal play:

  • Torment: In Torment, the standard Challenge League, players are haunted by the spirits of tormented criminals that yield their ill-gotten gains when slain. Eager to protect their trove, spirits flee when encountered, imbuing nearby monsters with dangerous powers and improving their item drops. It's possible for spirits to possess rare and unique enemies, greatly increasing their threat and potential value to treasure-seeking exiles. Grinding Gear Games will release a video showcasing Torment in the near future. 

  • Bloodlines: In Bloodlines, the hardcore Challenge League, each pack of magic monsters has a shared Bloodlines mod that greatly influences combat -- sometimes while the pack is still alive, and sometimes after it has been killed. Where Nemesis involved rare monsters gaining an additional power, Bloodlines revolves around groups of monsters with synergistic powers. Varied strategy is needed for approaching the different Bloodlines, as they have a wide array of effects, such as constructing an Animated Guardian piece-by-piece as each monster is killed or becoming immortal in the near proximity of their slain brethren.

Read all of the details on the Path of Exile site.

EverQuest II : Altar of Malice Collector's Edition Giveaway

Posted Nov 28, 2014 by Michael Bitton has partnered with Sony Online Entertainment to give away 50 copies of the digital collector's edition of the EverQuest II: Altar of Malice expansion (with bonus unlock of the new Aerakyn player race).

Entering to win is simple: all you need to do is post in the comments below and share with us your favorite EverQuest II experience or tell us about what has you most excited about the new expansion.

We'll accept entries through Wednesday, December 3. Winners will be selected and prizes distributed on Thursday, December 4.

Please only submit a single entry. Users found to have submitted multiple entries will be disqualified from the giveaway.

General : Black Friday Special - 50% off Wildstar & GW2

Posted Nov 28, 2014 by Craig McGregor

Our digital download partners DLGamer are offering a special black friday sale on Wildstar and Guild Wars 2 - both 50% until Dec 1, 2014.  This offer is only available to customers in the US region.  



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