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Lineage 2 : Classic Subscription-Based Server Coming to the EU

Posted Nov 13, 2015 by Suzie Ford

European players will have an opportunity to check out the classic Lineage 2 server that will be opening this fall courtesy of 4Game. The EU version follows the classic versions previously launched in Russia and Korea. Lineage 2 Classic EU will be subscription-based at 10 Euro per month.

There are two types of preorder packages available at the preorder page providing one or three months of subscription, early access and a variety of other bonuses.

You can find out more about the classic server and preorder packages on the Lineage 2 EU site.

General : Nexon Profits Soar 41% Year-Over-Year

Posted Nov 13, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Nexon has released its third quarter financial report that exceeds projections and shows net profits rising 41% year-over-year. Mobile revenue is up 7%, PC revenue is up 10%.

“Our focus on quality content and world-class partnerships continues to pay off, as we delivered solid third quarter results, beating our guidance on all metrics, and announcing several strategic partnerships” said Owen Mahoney, president and chief executive officer of Nexon. “In Asia, we continued to see solid execution of our staple PC online titles in Korea and China, and our release of the mobile title DomiNations in the regions is already showing promising traction, particularly in Korea.  We also entered into a publishing agreement with Korean game developer Bluehole Studio for a new mobile game based on TERA.  In North America, we entered into a two exciting new partnership agreements – one with Respawn Entertainment and game developer Particle City for new mobile games based on the hit Titanfall IP, and one with QC Games, a new game development studio led by industry veteran Dallas Dickinson, for distribution rights of their first games.

Check out the Nexon Q3 2015 earnings report.

ARK: Survival Evolved : Of Penguins & Lantern Fish

Posted Nov 12, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Never one to let players rest easy in a world of survival of the fittest action, ARK: Survival Evolved developers are treating players to an interesting pair of new additions to the bestiary in the form of a prehistoric penguin and a deep sea angler fish, Melanocetus Anglerpescum.

Like typical Anglerfish, the Melanocetus primarily uses its bioluminescent light pods to attract smaller fish and trick them into coming close enough for it to consume the prey. This often makes wild Melanocetus itself relatively easy to spot among the briny depths. Whether its size is caused by adaptation to the island's other inhabitants, or by cross-breeding with another larger species, Melanocetus Anglerpescum is one of the largest form of Anglerfish. Additionally, a tamed Anglerfish can use the natural light at the end of its stalks to illuminate the depths for safe exploration, and the luminescent nodules can be harvested to create long-lasting fuel and organic light emplacements for surface homes, too.

Read more on the ARK: Survival Evolved site. Oh, and be sure to check out the many ways in which a prehistoric penguin can end your days of glory in the video below.

DC Universe Online : Episode 19 to Land Later this Fall

Posted Nov 12, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Daybreak Game Company has revealed that Episode 19: The Demon's Plan for DC Universe Online will be arriving later this fall. In Episode 19, the League of Assassins storyline will be brought to a conclusion and new solo and group content will be included as well. The new update will be free to Station members or players can purchase it on release.

New Four-Player Alert: The Demon’s Plan – Heroes must join forces with Black Canary to infiltrate Ra’s al Ghul’s infamous mountain fortress of Nanda Parbat and rescue Green Arrow, while Super-Villains work with Heat Wave to rescue Captain Cold.

New Solo: Deep Desires – An epilogue to Episode 17’s Unholy Matrimony, players must face off alone against Trigon’s demonic sons, Julius and Jesse - masters of the deadly sins of gluttony and envy, respectively - as they battle for power in Trigon’s absence.

Read more about Episode 19 on the DC Universe Online site.

Crowfall : Lore Behind the First Crow Revealed

Posted Nov 12, 2015 by Suzie Ford

The Crowfall team has revealed some of the lore behind the first crow aptly named "Hero". They say that Hero had a thousand lives, but with the anger of the gods always at his back, it was in his best interest to lay low. Over the course of time, Hero became the legend that is presented today on the official site.

Only fools dream of eternal life.  Denied the chance for peace in the afterlife, Hero became an undying soldier – cursed to fight and die in every war, across every world, in every age.  He wakes on the eve of each battle with no memory of his past lives.  He remembers only his sense of duty and how to carry a sword.

Each life ends the same. As his heart falters, the memories come flooding back: his wife, his children, the love and the longing, and the anguish and the pain. He remembers every life he has lived and the pain of every death.

Read more on the Crowfall site.

Warframe : Steam Workshop & Controller Support Added

Posted Nov 12, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Tenno will now be able to take part in Warframe battles from the comfort of their couch thanks to the addition of Steam controller support that goes together nicely with the launch of the first generation of Steam Machines. In addition, players can take part in Steam Workshop, with user-generated content also supported by the game.

On separate but related and equally exciting news, Warframe Steam players will enjoy the first round of user-made content aptly named, TennoGen to be released in the Steam Workshop later this month. Steam Workshop allows content creators to earn money from their in-game creations for their favorite games. Digital Extremes began taking submissions in late October from its incredibly talented player pool for a variety of in-game skins and cosmetics. The first round of submissions have been reviewed and Digital Extremes has decided on the first content to be released. Digital Extremes is excited to continue reviewing submissions for many more rounds of content to be considered. Revenue share for creators in Steam Workshop is typically 25% but Warframe is setting the bar higher for its creators at 30%. First round picks can be seen here.

Find out more on the Warframe Steam site.

Hearthstone : League of Explorers First 'Wing' Opens

Posted Nov 12, 2015 by Suzie Ford

As promised during last weekend's Blizzcon 2015, the Hearthstone expansion, League of Explorers has officially launched its first 'wing' or location. Players can check into the game to see the new characters and cards.

It'll be a challenge, but if you make it out to the other side in one piece, you'll reap some awesome rewards. League of Explorers has a total of 45 new cards up for grabs; including 9 class-specific cards awarded by Class Challenges, and features four all-new interactive game boards!    Archaeology-I can dig it!  The opening to the cavernous first location seems to have been spotted just over that sand dune! It would appear that these ancient ruins have lain undisturbed for centuries, but that doesn't mean they don't hold their fair share of danger. Light your torch, hero-the Temple of Orsis awaits!    To embark on your next Adventure with the League of Explorers, simply log in to Hearthstone and make your way to Solo Adventures. As a member of the press, you'll be granted access to each of the subsequent wings automatically as they open.

Find out more on the Hearthstone site.

Blade & Soul : Closed Beta Key Giveaway!

Posted Nov 12, 2015 by Craig McGregor has been given a batch of 10,000 closed beta keys for Blade & Soul, the new and highly anticipated martial arts MMORPG from NCsoft. The beta starts Nov 13 at 10AM PST so get your beta key now while supplies last!

NOTE: The closed beta does not begin until Nov 13 @ 10AM PST / 1PM EST



General : Nexon Announces New Mobile MMO - Durango

Posted Nov 12, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Nexon Korea has unveiled a new mobile MMO currently in development called Durango. The announcement was made at this week's G-Star 2015 in South Korea. Durango takes place in an environment packed with dinosaurs and features a tribal system with players banding together to survive. Also of note is the fact that award-winning composer Inon Zur.

Players can also tame dinosaurs to ride and make the scale of the battle between tribes even bigger. Buildings, clothing, and weapons will evolve throughout the game giving players a unique gameplay experience in survival, hunting and building their own tribes in a seamless world.

Check out the official Durango site and the brand new cinematic trailer for more information.

Fallout 4 : Want the Alien Blaster? Here's Where to Find It...

Posted Nov 12, 2015 by William Murphy

Thanks to the good folks at Gameranx, we now know where to find the game's most effective Deathclaw-killing weapon, The Alien Blaster. Read on for the details.

This weapon can be found through a random encounter at Forest Grove Marsh, a flooded neighborhood filled with Ghouls south-southeast of Sanctuary Hills, about midway through the map. However, if you fail to follow the clues from that encounter, you can instead fast travel to your settlement of Oberland Station and travel a short path east to find a crashed alien ship. Follow the trail of splattered green blood to a nearby cave (the entrance will show up on your local map). The Alien Blaster Pistol is located on the floor. Be sure to kill the alien and loot its body for all the ammo.

There you have it. Just remember to save that ammo for the Deathclaws and Alpha Deathclaws. You're going to need it.

Tales of Zestiria : A Good JRPG, If Uninspired

Posted Nov 12, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Tales of Zestiria is the newest JRPG from Bandai Namco to be brought to the West. Read on for Rob’s review of this fifteenth installment in the “Tales of” series.

Read more of Rob Lashley's Tales of Zestiria: A Good JRPG, If Uninspired.

Fallout 4 : Snag Unlimited Adhesive Quick!

Posted Nov 12, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Commodities are essential to survival in Fallout 4 and it's always important to have adhesive around for the creation of just about everything you (or your friends) may need in the wasteland. Polygon has dug up a Reddit post that is a terrific guide on how to grab hold of unlimited adhesive in the game that's a must have for everyone.

According to Reddit user jredwards, players can grab a recipe called 'vegetable starch' that when broken down yields adhesive, and not just one either, but five. Players will need to gather or grow the necessary components (mutfruit, corn and tato). Growing seems to be the best option as that gives a nearly endless supply. Players will also need purified water, something that can be obtained by building a water purifier in camp.

Be sure to check out the linked Reddit post to find out where to gather materials until your farm and purifier are up and running and enjoy endless adhesive!



Lineage 2 : Steam Release Day Arrives

Posted Nov 12, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Lineage II is now a Steam title thanks to today's launch. Players will now have access to Steam unique badges and achievements by using the Steam version of NCSoft West's title.

“After over a decade of success, we couldn’t be more excited to bring Lineage II to Steam, a natural next step as the title continues to gain fans in the West,” said Jeff Pabst, vice president of Commerce, NCSOFT West. “The introduction of Lineage II to Steam allows NCSOFT West to reach millions of active users on the platform and access its lively community of MMO fans.”

Check out Lineage II on Steam.

Skyforge : Journey of the Divine Update Released with New Trailer

Posted Nov 12, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Skyforge players at or near end game will be interested in today's update deployment called "Journey of the Divine". To celebrate the release, Obsidian, and the Allods Team have released a brand new trailer to show off the main features of Journey of the Divine. In addition, players can check out the developer diaries about each of the new features at the links below.

  • Invasion Avatars - The deadly Avatars of invading alien gods that attack during massive Invasion events and are some of the most dangerous foes in Skyforge yet.
  • Divine Specializations - Powerful specializations can be accessed only by those who successfully vanquish the deadly Avatars during Invasions
  • Pantheon Academies - Members of a Pantheon guild can now help train new players to Skyforge to earn gain great rewards as the player progresses, allowing mutual encouragement from both parties to unlock their godly powers
  • Symbols & Rewards - Symbol navigation in the Divine Atlas has been made easier and now players can manually choose their rewards from an Adventure. 

Let us know what you think of the trailer!

Life is Feudal : Reworked UI & DirectX 11 Visuals Showcased in New Video

Posted Nov 12, 2015 by Suzie Ford

The Life is Feudal team has sent out a video to show recent work in overhauling the game's UI and how visuals are improved through the use of DirectX 11, both of which will arrive with the November 17th update.

As seen in the video, the physics-based combat of Life is Feudal: Your Own brings authenticity to the battlefield. Every swing and thrust, including the force of the attack, is controlled by a player's movements, And, with no lock-on targeting, players must always be mindful of positioning; strategically maneuvering to out-flank opponents and maximize the momentum of attacks.

Read more on the Life is Feudal site.

EVE Online : $30M Raised to Support VR Development

Posted Nov 12, 2015 by Suzie Ford is reporting that CCP Games has raised $30M in support of continued development of its virtual reality enterprises placing further emphasis on the company's support of VR. CCP has been at work on EVE: Valkyrie over the last several years.

"We believe VR will revolutionize not just videogames, but the wider technology and media industry as a whole," said Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, CEO of CCP. "We were there at the beginning, and this investment will give us strength to maintain our leading development efforts."

Read more at the link above.

World of Warcraft : Blizzard Files Suit Against Alleged Bot Creator

Posted Nov 12, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Blizzard has filed a new lawsuit in California that alleges that James "Apoc" Enright, creator of HonorBuddy, StormBuddy and DemonBuddy, has cost the gaming giant millions of dollars in lost revenue as a result of bot sales and use in World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm and Diablo III. The suit seeks an order to stop all sales and distribution of the bot programs and financial compensation that could total tens of millions of dollars if successful.

According to the documents filed on November 9, 2015:

The Bots created by Enright and his team have caused, and are continuing to cause, massive harm to Bl izzard. Blizzard’s business depends upon its games being enjoyable and balanced for players of all skill levels, and Blizzard expends a massive amount of time and money to ensure that this is the case. The Bots that Enright has programmed and helps distribute destroy the integrity of the Blizzard Games, alienating and frustrati ng legitimate players, and diverting revenue from Blizzard to Defendants. As a result of Enright’s conduct, Blizzard has lost millions or tens of millions of dollars in revenue and in consumer goodwill. Meanwhile, Enright and his team have been massively and unjustly enriched at Blizzard’s expense, having received hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars in profits from the sale of the Bots.

In creating and distributing the Bots, Enright has engaged in numerous acts of copyright infringement. He also has knowingly and intentionally violated the limited license he entered into with Blizzard pursuant to which he obtained access to the Blizzard Games, and he has encouraged and induced others to do the same. Enright knows that his conduct is unlawful and is causing ongoing harm to Blizzard. For that reason, he ha s carefully sought to conceal his identity, operating only through his alias “Apoc.” He also has cautioned users of the Bots that Blizzard is “scanning” for his software and thus he will continually modify the Bots to avoid detection by Blizzard.

In reaction to the lawsuit, Zwetan Letschew, CEO of Bossland GmbH has rebutted Blizzard's claim that Enright owns the rights to any of the bot programs and that Bossland shareholders are the rightful owners and distributors.

Interestingly, the lawsuit is filed just days before the 100,000 bot users banned from World of Warcraft will be coming back online. Coincidence?


Lord of the Rings Online : The White City Under Siege

Posted Nov 12, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Everyone has her/his own favorite book or film in a series.  For the two big ones, Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings, it’s become fashionable to like The Empire Strikes Back and The Two Towers, respectively, and pooh-pooh the others.  Yet, Return of the Jedi and Return of the King have always been my favorite movies in those trilogies, as they represent the most epic and climactic moments in fantasy storytelling.

Read more of Som Pourfarzaneh's Lord of the Rings Online: The White City Under Siege.

Fallout 4 : How to Get the Cryolator before you should be able to...

Posted Nov 12, 2015 by William Murphy

One of the coolest (no pun intended) weapons in Fallout 4 is none other than the Cryolator, found early in the Overseer's office before you even leave the confines of Vault 111. You'd think you'd have to come back later when you can pick the lock, but thankfully... that's not the only way.

If you're level 20, have 4 points into Perception (or more), and have put 3 points into the Locksmith perk, you'd be able to get the Cryolator naturally. If you don't want to wait that long and want one of the game's most powerful weapons early, just head back to Vault 111 with your faithful companion Dogmeat.

That's right, true to Bethesda game form, some little bugs (or maybe more than that...) snuck through to launch and one of them lets you order Dogmeat to "fetch" the Cryolator. Since apparently he has crazy good lockpicking skills, he'll then get the gun and bring it right to you. 

It may take a few tries, but we can confirm it works, as posted over on Kotaku.  Just note, it's hard to find ammo, but if you use Dogmeat to fetch the gun, he should have the 200 that come with the gun at the start. So use it wisely!

The Secret World : Challenge Yourself with Two New Nightmare Raids

Posted Nov 12, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Funcom has announced that the next two Nightmare Raids are now live in The Secret World. Players can take on these new ultra-difficult modes to earn some epic rewards. Flappy has returned but has a new AEGIS mechanic to challenge even the most battle-hardened veteran of the game. In addition, players return to face the Eidolon, who spreads even more insanity and madness. 

The two Nightmare Raids not only take advantage of the AEGIS system, but also offer all new mechanics and challenges. The loot is also better than ever! You can now get your hands on Epic AEGIS items and unique QL 10.9 Talismans in addition to keep upgrading your gear to QL 11.

Read more about each of the two new encounters on The Secret World site.

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