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Jumpgate Evolution : Dev Chat Today

Posted Apr 21, 2009 by Keith Cross

The folks at NetDevil will be on hand today at 2pm Pacific time to take part in a Jumpgate Evolution dev chat on IGN using Vivox's Voon voice chat.

Jumpgate Evolution Screenshot

Tune into IGN Vault for a Dev Chat on April 21, 2009!
Chat with the Jumpgate Evolution Developers at 2.00PM Pacific time

Jumpgate Evolution developers will be on hand for a voice chat hosted at IGN’s Vault Network on Tuesday, April 21, 2009 at 2:00 PM Pacific time.

The voice chat will use the Vivox Voon program. Fans will send their written questions to be chosen by the Vault team and, if selected, fans may ask the devs themselves or, if they do not have a microphone, a Vault team member will ask for them.

Read more here.

Jumpgate Evolution : Conflux Base and Boss Fight

Posted Mar 31, 2009 by Jon Wood

Conflux Base and Boss FightNet Devil CEO Scott Brown guides us through a Jumpgate Evolution gameplay session at GDC, going deep into the heart of a Conflux base and fighting the boss within.

Watch the Conflux Base and Boss Fight


Jumpgate Evolution : Battle Space Tour

Posted Mar 31, 2009 by Jon Wood

Battle Space TourNet Devil CEO Scott Brown takes us through Battle Space, an area in Jumpgate Evolution where players can train against other players outside of the regular game.

Watch the Battle Space Tour


Jumpgate Evolution : Gazillion Owns NetDevil

Posted Mar 17, 2009 by Keith Cross

NetDevil has revealed that they are a part of the Gazillion family of game development studios, and Jumpgate Evolution will be the first game title launched under Gazillion.


Hey everyone, I wanted to make a quick post before the official announcements show up everywhere. This past July NetDevil became a part of Gazillion Entertainment and it has been something that has already been working to help make Jumpgate the best game it can be.

We’re here to make great games and listen to our fans in the community and this is what we love to do. In the past few years, NetDevil has grown beyond our wildest dreams, but also beyond our ability to run things as well as we’d like. We needed help to manage all the things that come with running a larger company, and we looked at many options. We finally found a partner that shares our vision of making great games and way you go about that (lots of focus testing, vertical slice development, iterate until things are great, and only release games when they are ready). We just want to be able to focus on what we do really well. Gazillion is helping behind the scenes with game operations including customer service and community management, as well as QA and security. All the supporting functions that help make a great game shine, like, marketing support, network operations, IT, legal, and publishing, have been significantly enhanced as a result of the deal. This frees up NetDevil to spend more time and attention on developing great games.

It’s very exciting for us to finally publicly announce what has been making NetDevil better for a long time now behind the scenes!

Read Scott Brown's comments.

Read the press release.

Jumpgate Evolution : Solrain Space Info

Posted Mar 16, 2009 by Keith Cross

The folks at Jumpgate Evolution have updated their galactic database with new information about Solrain Space.


Galactic Database Entry: Solrain Sectors and Culture!

Today we’ve updated the available information on the different sectors pilots will be able to traverse, engage and explore within Solrain Space, the region of space under jurisdiction of the Solrain government. We’ve also updated the Solrain Nation biography to include new details about the diversity in Culture and Society amongst the population.

Read more here.

Jumpgate Evolution : Brand New Trailer

Posted Feb 23, 2009 by Keith Cross

New TrailerThe folks at NetDevil have put together a new Jumpgate Evolution trailer featuring clips of space combat and large scale battles.

Watch the new Jumpgate Evolution Trailer


Jumpgate Evolution : JGE Set for June Release

Posted Feb 20, 2009 by Keith Cross

Codemasters and NetDevil have announced that Jumpgate Evolution will have an official release some time in June of this year.

Earthrise Screenshot

On Thursday 19th February, Codemasters set up shop in San Francisco for a Gamers Day, where all of the major press were invited to attend and get a glimpse of what Codemasters and Codemasters Online have to offer for the exciting year ahead.

For Jumpgate Evolution, a brand new exhilarating video was presented which can now be found online in our videos section or downloaded from The game was also given an official June release.

Read more here.

Jumpgate Evolution : New Screenshots

Posted Feb 16, 2009 by Keith Cross

Today we present eleven new images which have been added to our Jumpgate Evolution screenshot gallery.


See more Jumpgate Evolution Screenshots.

Jumpgate Evolution : New Screenshots

Posted Feb 09, 2009 by Keith Cross

Our Jumpgate Evolution screenshot gallery has been updated with eight new images from the upcoming sci-fi MMO from NetDevil.


See more Jumpgate Evolution Screenshots

Jumpgate Evolution : Progress Report Interview

Posted Feb 04, 2009 by Jon Wood Managing Editor Jon Wood spoke recently with Jumpgate Evolution Lead Designer Hermann Peterscheck to talk about the progress of the game.

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down and have a conversation with Hermann Peterscheck, the Lead Designer on NetDevil’s Jumpgate Evolution to get a report on the game’s progress since the last time that we spoke.

The most obvious question to start with whenever we haven’t spoken with a company for some time is to ask where the game is in terms of development cycle?

“It’s a really great time right now,” Peterscheck responded, “we’re just now getting to the point where we’re going to start announcing more external people coming into the game. We’re ramping up the internal tech for that. A lot fo the features are now at the point where we can play through them. We’ve done a lot of work, especially on making the game have a much more epic combat kind of feel to it.”

Read the Progress Report Interview

Jumpgate Evolution : Playable Version at NY Comic Con

Posted Feb 03, 2009 by Keith Cross

NetDevil has announced that they'll be at New York Comic Con and they'll have a playable version of the game to show off to attendees.

If you’re living in New York City or the surrounding area then why not come and experience a playable version of Jumpgate Evolution at Comic-Con on February 6-8th, 2009. Attendees will have access to Jumpgate Evolution at the Codemasters booth #1256 throughout the entire event and you’re all invited (as long as you have a Comic-Con ticket), so why not come and experience the exhilarating space combat that sets Jumpgate Evolution apart from all the rest.

Jumpgate Evolution Screenshot

Read more here.

Jumpgate Evolution : New Screenshots

Posted Feb 02, 2009 by Keith Cross

Eight new images have been added to our Jumpgate Evolution screenshot gallery.


Read more here.

Jumpgate Evolution : New Teaser Page

Posted Jan 30, 2009 by Keith Cross

NetDevil has launched a new teaser page for Jumpgate Evolution, their upcoming Sci-fi space shooter MMO.

Earthrise Screenshot

This week marks the launch of a brand new teaser site for Jumpgate Evolution to sit in front of the community website. When you visit for the first time you’ll now be presented with a territory select page followed by a new teaser mini-site which features video, screenshots and basic game information.

The teaser website features a beautiful design which depicts the exhilarating space combat on a vast scale of Jumpgate Evolution. It will be used to spearhead the Jumpgate Evolution pre-order campaign, so stay tuned for the commencement of that.

If you would like to at any point skip this communications page then you can find the Jumpgate Evolution Community website at

Read more here.

Jumpgate Evolution : New Screenshots

Posted Jan 28, 2009 by Keith Cross

Today we present eight new screenshots which have been added to our Jumpgate Evolution Screenshot Gallery.

Jumpgate Evolution Screenshot

Follow the link to see the rest of the Jumpgate Evolution Screenshots.

Jumpgate Evolution : Octavius Space Screens

Posted Jan 22, 2009 by Keith Cross

The folks at NetDevil have released a series of Jumpgate Evolution screenshots which depict Octavius space and the foes within.

Earthrise Screenshot

See the rest of the Octavius Space screenshots

See more screenshots in our Jumpgate Evolution Screenshot Gallery

Jumpgate Evolution : 2008 from a Jumpgate Perspective

Posted Jan 19, 2009 by Keith Cross

NetDevil Runs Down the top Jumpgate Evolution related news events of 2008, a year which saw the team make significant steps forward towards the game's launch.

2008 was a great year for Jumpgate Evolution and its development, and now we’ve leapt into 2009 with a spring in our foot we thought we’d take a quick look back at some of the top stories that came out of 2008.

Jumpgate Evolution Playable at Connect – March 2008
In March Jumpgate Evolution was fully playable for the first time at Codemasters Online Connect, a two-day gaming event held in UK for the fans. The game went down a storm with those who played it, showing just a snippet of what’s due for the full game release.

Emissaries – March 2008
In early 2008 we launched the Emissary program with the first five Emissaries coming on board after a nomination and voting period, and we’re glad to say they’re all still with us today helping out on the forums and playing an important role within the community. To date the Emissaries have helped guide new players and participate in important discussion relating to the games direction. Towards the end of 2008 we signed up an additional four Emissaries, two for the French community and two for the German community.

Read more here.

Jumpgate Evolution : Guild Beta Sign-up Changes

Posted Dec 16, 2008 by Keith Cross

The folks at Jumpgate Evolution have announced that hey have made changes in their Guild Beta sign-up form to allow for grater flexibility in guild member rosters.

If you’ve signed your Guild up to the Jumpgate Evolution Guild Beta and you missed out an important member, or you’ve since received more e-mail addresses then don’t fret! You can now go in and add or remove members e-mail addresses.

To do this, simply visit the Guild Beta sign up page and login using your CodeM details. From here you can remove existing e-mail addresses (click the little rubbish bin icon next to the guild members e-mail address) and add new members by entering their e-mail addresses into the “Add e-mail addresses” field at the bottom of the form.

You can also see which guild members have filled in the form and confirmed their sign up, and those which haven’t.

Making alterations to your Guild sign up form will not affect your Guilds chances of getting into Beta (unless you go and delete all of your members of course!)

Read more here.

Jumpgate Evolution : Solrain Sector Overview

Posted Nov 17, 2008 by Keith Cross

NetDevli has posted an overview of the Solrain Sector, the home area of the Solrain Commonwealth in Jumpgate Evolution.

We’ve just put live some introduction overviews to the different sectors players will be able to traverse, explore and engage in that reside within Solrain Space, the home area of the Solrain Commonwealth nation.

You can visit the Solrain Sector overviews in the Galactic Database. This is only the tip of the iceberg-like asteroid; look out for more in-depth information about each of these sectors soon.

Read more here.

Jumpgate Evolution : 150k Beta Sign-Up

Posted Nov 11, 2008 by Keith Cross

NetDevil has announced that 150k people have signed up to take part in the Jumpgate Evolution beta test.

(Warwickshire, UK) – 10th November, 2008, 2pm GMT – Codemasters Online & NetDevil today announced that BETA signups for the highly anticipated elite space combat MMO, Jumpgate Evolution have now exceeded 150,000 with numbers climbing rapidly! Gamers can continue signing up for the chance to participate in the upcoming BETA at

"We are pleased to announce this exciting landmark for Jumpgate Evolution," commented Edward Relf, Director, Marketing, Codemasters Online. "Since the commencement of the BETA signup program three months ago, we have seen overwhelming support for the game and look forward to inviting players into the BETA in the coming months. We encourage everyone looking to get into BETA to sign up as soon as possible to avoid disappointment."

Read more here.

Jumpgate Evolution : Dev Chat Log

Posted Oct 29, 2008 by Jon Wood

Last night, the team from Net Devil was answering your questions in our IRC dev chat. Today, we present the transcript of that chat where the devs answer questions on everything from the possibility of exiting your ship to crafting in their upcoming game, Jumpgate Evolution.

Community Question: slix asks, "Will Jumpgate be as "do-anything-you-want" as some other space mmorpgs, like EVE?"

ND_Hermann: Well. That's a very broad statement :). For example, if you want to drive pink elephant cars, that might be tough to do :P. Seriously though, Jumpgate is an open game in the sense that you are not forced to follow a linear path by some fixed set of limitations. If you want to mine or fight or craft, PvP, PvE, follow mission or just kind of explore around. All of that is possible and there is no required order per se.

More from the Jumpgate Evolution Team.

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