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World of Warcraft : Dungeon Run Live Stream Event on February 9th

Posted Feb 03, 2016 by Suzie Ford

One of the big features coming in the World of Warcraft: Legion expansion is the return to relevance of max-level dungeons. To show off Legion's max-level dungeons, Blizzard is hosting a number of YouTube and live stream "personalities" as they race against time to complete the dungeons. The event will take place on Tuesday, February 9th at 3:00 pm Pacific / 6:00 pm Eastern in the WoW channel.

Our two teams will be racing through two dungeons: The Maw of Souls, a brand-new dungeon not yet available in the Legion Alpha, and the Heroic difficulty version of Halls of Valor, home of the greatest warriors of the vrykul. While these teams have had some practice with Halls of Valor on lower difficulty, this will be the first time any adventurer has set foot in The Maw of Souls—all these two teams know is to expect the unexpected!

Read more of the details, including a list of the participants, on the World of Warcraft  community site.

World of Warcraft : With Legion's Launch Seven Months Out, Will Blizzard Make It?

Posted Feb 01, 2016 by Suzie Ford

With the World of Warcraft: Legion alpha back in service, we had the chance to hit the ground running in the newest build. Three areas are open and we took a trip through two of them: Highmountain and Stormheim with Val'Sharah yet to go. Taking into account Blizzard's projected release of "summer 2016" which can mean any day up to September 21st, and with the alpha in its current state, one has to wonder, "Will Blizzard make it?"

Read more of Suzie Ford's and Catherine Daro's World of Warcraft: With Legion's Launch Seven Months Out, Will Blizzard Make It?

World of Warcraft : First TV Commercial for Warcraft Movie Released

Posted Jan 25, 2016 by Suzie Ford

Legendary Pictures has released the first television teaser for this summer's Warcraft movie. The commercial shows off several locations and is a synthesis of the longer trailer shown in theaters worldwide. Check it out!

World of Warcraft : Duncan Jones' Challenge - Spot the Quests

Posted Jan 24, 2016 by Suzie Ford

Duncan Jones has posted a pair of images on his Twitter account that ask World of Warcraft fans to examine a pair of images from the Warcraft movie and challenges them to 'spot the quests'. We won't spoil it here and hope that you'll tell us what YOU see in the comments.

The location is immediately recognizable as the quest board outside the auction house / bank in the middle of the Alliance capital of Stormwind.

World of Warcraft : Fans Start Petition to See David Bowie Immortalized in Game

Posted Jan 14, 2016 by Suzie Ford

World of Warcraft fans have started an online petition to get Blizzard to immortalize music legend David Bowie in game. The connection between Bowie and WoW is strong through his son Duncan Jones, director of the Warcraft movie.

While there is a character in WoW named Iggy Darktusk, a nod to Bowie's 70s song about  Ziggy Stardust, petitioners feel a more suitable model for the iconic singer would be appropriate.

If you agree, you can head here to sign the World of Warcraft petition to see Bowie commemorated in game.

World of Warcraft : Legion Alpha Returns with New Build

Posted Jan 13, 2016 by Suzie Ford

World of Warcraft: Legion alpha testers can now check back into the expansion test server to see what the new build has to offer. Among other things, players will be able to try out the Darkheart Thicket dungeon and the new tank Demon Hunter Vengeance spec.

As a reminder, there’s no NDA (non-disclosure agreement) for the Legion alpha test, so participants are free to stream the game and share screenshots or movies. Please keep in mind that Legion is still in development—we’ll be making changes as we continue to prepare for the upcoming beta test, and what you’ll see during the alpha test is not necessarily representative of the final game.

If you're already in the alpha, you can log in now. If you've received an email indicating you're selected for participation, you can head to the World of Warcraft community site to find out how to get started.

World of Warcraft : Zug Zug - Warcraft Movie Trailer with WC Sound Sound Effects

Posted Jan 11, 2016 by Suzie Ford

If you're in the mood for a good laugh for a dreary Monday, look no further than YouTuber Randy Mermet's reimagining of the Warcraft movie trailer using Warcraft II sounds. Get your zug zug on and check it out!

Source: Kotaku

World of Warcraft : The Content Drought - What To Do Until Legion

Posted Jan 04, 2016 by Suzie Ford

Blizzard has given itself until the end of September to release World of Warcraft: Legion, the next expansion to the game and the one that is coming packed with new features, alterations in core game systems and much, much more. The problem is that that's still nine months away. Even the "bridging" content between Warlords of Draenor and Legion isn't likely until June or July, leaving a huge content drought looming in front of every player. There are things to do in the interim for those motivated to stay in the game until then.

Read more of Suzie Ford's World of Warcraft: The Content Drought - What To Do Until Legion.

World of Warcraft : Random Elf, Mage, Medivh and Khadgar Movie Images Surface

Posted Dec 28, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Promotional materials from the Chinese localization effort for the Warcraft movie have surfaced and give fans a first look at how Elves will appear as well as a Mage character. In addition, a pair of Warcraft's most prominent characters, Medivh and Khadgar, have also been shown.

It remains to be seen whether or not these are legitimate finalized stills featuring these characters as the images seem to be Photoshopped. According to this Reddit post:

There is an exhibition of the movie these days in Chengdu, I think the poorly photoshopped pictures along with the vague description might be simply used as the a brief introduction to audience who are not familiar with Warcraft.It's unnecessary to take them that serious.

Take these with a grain of salt and know that we'll keep our eyes peeled for "official" images as they become available.

You can view all of the images here.

World of Warcraft : What We've Learned About Legion So Far

Posted Dec 21, 2015 by Suzie Ford

With the World of Warcraft: Legion alpha on hiatus until sometime in early 2016, it gives us a breather in order to assess the things we learned during the first part of testing. While much is known thanks to data-miners, it’s often the experiential knowledge that is the most compelling and worthy of contemplation.

Read more of Suzie Ford's World of Warcraft: What We Know About Legion So Far.

World of Warcraft : The Force is Omnipresent -- Even in Azeroth

Posted Dec 18, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Blizzard has given a World of Warcraft nod to this week's biggest cultural news: The release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Guards in Stormwind and in Ogrimmar are wielding lightsabers, or the closest equivalent that can be divined in Azeroth. Check out the pics below!

World of Warcraft : The Ban Hammer Swings - Bans Range from 6-18 Months

Posted Dec 17, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Blizzard has posted on the World of Warcraft forum that the hammer has seen action recently with a 'large number' of accounts banned for use of bots, third party programs that automate game play. Penalties include removal of gold, PvP currency and gear. The last time the hammer slammed into bot users, accounts were banned for six months. In this latest action, Blizzard has said that repeat offenders will face a longer penalty.

A brief look at the HonorBuddy forums shows that users are indignant and posters reporting anywhere from a 6-month ban to an 18-month ban.

Read the full announcement on the World of Warcraft forum.

World of Warcraft : Legion PvP Previewed - Shake Up in the Status Quo Incoming

Posted Dec 16, 2015 by Suzie Ford

The World of Warcraft community site has been updated with a lengthy article giving an initial preview of the massive changes coming to PvP with the launch of the Legion expansion in late 2016.

To begin with, Honor and Conquest currencies will no longer be used to purchase gear from PvP vendors. Rather, players sitting at level 110 will earn Honor Points from arenas and battlegrounds in a way not dissimilar to how experience is earned while leveling up. Honor points yield honor levels up to a maximum of 50.

To go with the new attainment of Honor Points, players will also gain special PvP-only talents that unlock as Honor Levels are gained.,

For example, a Windwalker Monk who has reached Honor Level 10 can choose Rushing Tiger Palm, which lets them use Tiger Palm at range to dash toward and slow their target. Or, a Restoration Druid who has reached Honor Level 46 can take Deep Roots, which makes their Entangling Roots spell no longer break when the target is damaged.

Which Honor Talents you choose can have significant impact on how you play your character, and allow you to tailor your abilities to fit with the type of PvP content you're participating in, or even who you're playing with!

Another significant change is the removal of PvP-specific gear. The maximum iLevel difference between someone fresh from PvE entering a PvP zone and a grizzled PvP veteran will largely be nullified. As normal PvE gear increases in level, pre-determined PvP stats will only increase by 0.01%. Blizzard explained that "means a 25 item level difference between two players only results in a 2.5% difference in stats compared to the 25% difference it makes today thereby leveling the playing field. Since there is no PvP specific gear, the best players in PvP and PvEwill be able to earn the best gear.

Utilizing a system without PvP-centric gear allows Blizzard to more easily tweak balance.

Other big changes include:

  • The end-of-season PvP awards are given separately to the top percentages of players in each faction, instead of in relation to the overall player base.
  • There will be shorter and more frequent PvP seasons.
  • Resetting your Honor Level once you reach the cap gives you a Prestige Level.
  • Earning Prestige Levels gives you a badge on your nameplate, unit frames, and scoreboards, as well as a title, wearable faction pennant, Artifact skin, a mount, and pet.
  • Two new arena maps are being added.

Want to read more of the details? Head to the World of Warcraft community site.

Let us know what you think in the comments!

World of Warcraft : New Video Shows Off View Distance Changes in Legion

Posted Dec 16, 2015 by Suzie Ford

An intrepid World of Warcraft user has made a brand new video to compare the differences in view distance between Warlords of Draenor, currently the live version, and the upcoming Legion expansion. Check it out. For a decade plus old game, it's pretty impressive.

World of Warcraft : No More Legion Spoilers Until After the Holidays

Posted Dec 15, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Blizzard will hit the lights and power down the World of Warcraft: Legion alpha beginning Monday, December 21st until after the holidays. It seems that even Demon Hunters and busy data-miners need some time off with friends and family. According to the official site, the alpha will return in January.

Read more on the World of Warcraft site.

World of Warcraft : Ronda Rousey Latest Cultural Icon to Be Immortalized in Game

Posted Dec 14, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Blizzard is at it again with pop stars that are immortalized in World of Warcraft. We already have a pair from the Final Fantasy series, Harris Pilton (Paris Hilton) and now UFC fighter Ronda Rousey will join in the fun when Legion launches and is, in fact, already in the alpha test. Check out the Blizzplanet video below where Rousey is portrayed next to the equally famous Mila Kunis, who was a follower introduced in Warlords of Draenor and has picked up stakes to move to Legion as well.

Source: Kotaku

World of Warcraft : 'Every Man for Himself' Racial to be Altered

Posted Dec 09, 2015 by Suzie Ford

One of the most vociferous complaints in the last year or two in the World of Warcraft PvP community has been about how overpowered the human racial ability, Every Man for Himself, is and that as a result, human/Alliance imbalance in PvP has been strongly felt. The ability "removes all movement impairing effects and all effects which cause loss of control of your character" and essentially gives humans an extra "get out of jail free" ability when paired with PvP trinkets offering the same.

In acknowledgement that there is an issue with EMfH, Blizzard's community manager posted this to the PvP forum:

In the next version of the Legion Alpha, we’re adjusting the Human racial ‘Every Man for Himself’ to only remove stun effects. The racial will share a 30 second cooldown with other similar effects.

Due to the changes to PvP gear and the introduction of PvP talents in Legion, the Warlords of Draenor implementation of Every Man For Himself no longer makes sense. So instead, we’re trying out an implementation that functions similar to Will of the Forsaken. It will only break Stun effects, but won’t trigger the full 2-minute cooldown on your Gladiator’s Medallion ability (which is the Legion version of the current Medallion trinkets).

The reactions to the change are mixed at this point with many advocating for the complete removal of racial abilities in the game or more tuning to the human racial:

One poster put it this way:

The change sounds like a step in the right direction, although combined with the PVP trinket talent it may make humans particularly difficult opponents for stun-reliant classes. Personally I am still in favor of simply removing racials from all rated PVP.

You can read more of the reaction to the change by visiting the World of Warcraft PvP forum.

World of Warcraft : The Mage in Legion

Posted Dec 08, 2015 by Suzie Ford

How are Mages holding up in Legion? Gareth Harmer puts on his robe and hat to explore the firey side of Warcraft’s spellcasters.

Read more of Gareth Harmer's World of Warcraft: The Mage in Legion.

World of Warcraft : Legion Unholy Death Knight Change Guide - Dealer in Death & Disease

Posted Dec 07, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Like fellow Frost and Blood Death Knights, the Unholy DK has been searching for an identity that is somehow more separated from the other two. With far too many cross-over skills, the only truly unique ability that Unholy DKs seemed to possess over the others has been the permanent pet that accompanies the UDK into battle. With some more potent diseases, the UDK was a formidable force in PvP during much of Warlords of Draenor only to more recently have been replaced by Frost Death Knights as the representatives of the Ebon Blade in the arena.

Read more of Suzie Ford's World of Warcraft: Legion Unholy Death Knight Change Guide - Dealer in Death & Disease.

World of Warcraft : How the New Survival Hunter Convinced Me Azeroth Still Can Surprise

Posted Dec 07, 2015 by Suzie Ford

It’s now been eleven years since World of Warcraft first captured the hearts and minds of millions. It’s frankly astonishing, even with smaller numbers these days, that Blizzard still touts millions of active monthly subscriptions. But, like many, the excitement with which I once awaited expansions and content updates has dwindled in recent years. I thought WoW was passing me by… and then I played the new Survival Hunter.

Read more of Bill Murphy's World of Warcraft: How the New Survival Hunter Convinced Me that Azeroth Still Can Surprise.

The Survival Hunter made me feel like Rexxar… without the axes, obviously.

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