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Skyforge : Obsidian's PVP Plans Revealed

Posted Sep 17, 2014 by William Murphy

Recently, we were privy to a developer Q&A with Eric Demilt, Director of Development at Obsidian on the upcoming MMORPG Skyforge. Obsidian is developing the game in cooperation with Allods Team, and though we’ve slowly been learning about some of the many classes in the game lately, Obsidian and Allods decided that the time was right to pull back the curtain on the title’s PVP modes. 

Read the rest of Bill Murphy and Suzie Ford's Skyforge: Obsidian's PVP Plans Revealed.

Astro Lords: Oort Cloud : New Update Improves Features

Posted Sep 17, 2014 by Suzie Ford

A new update has been deployed in Astro Lords: Oort Cloud that brings a long list of bug fixes to the game as well as several key feature improvements. Players can look forward to improved asteroid models and the ability to redistribute their captain's skill points, among other things.

Some of the key improvements are:

  • Penetrating Laser now only deals damage if it directly hits the ship’s hull
  • Players now have the option of resetting and redistributing their Captain’s skill points
  • Secondary asteroids can now be self-destructed in order to generate deuterium
  • A Global Astromarket has been added, allowing access to 10 random players markets
  • A new weapon has been added – the “Neutralizer” – which cancels out any negative effects imposed on the player’s ship
  • New and improved asteroid models have been added, taking greater advantage of Unity 3D graphics

Read the full change log on the Astro Lords: Oort Cloud forum.

ArcheAge : Head Start - Scourge of Patrons

Posted Sep 16, 2014 by Suzie Ford

ArcheAge has its fair share of die-hard fans. Heck, I’ve liked the game since I saw first the screenshots and short trailers back in 2010. It’s sometimes been difficult to stay excited about ArcheAge over the last four years, but we made it. It’s Tuesday, September 16th, 2014. The game servers should be live and free players should be flooding the authentication server queues. I emphasize “should” because the last few days haven’t been kind to Patrons trying to enjoy their Head Start. Despite having multiple MMO launches under its belt, Trion has managed to fall victim to sophomoric blunders.

Read more of Mark Wilhelm's ArcheAge Headstart - Scourge of Patrons.

Destiny : Raids Begin Today, More Activities Coming Soon

Posted Sep 16, 2014 by Suzie Ford

Bungie has announced that players can begin taking part in raids as of today, Tuesday, September 16th. In addition, players can expect to see more activities and events arriving in game in the near future. Later this week, competitive multiplayer will arrive and, a bit later, Destiny's first timed event will kick off.

The introduction of new content in Destiny will continue later this week when Destiny's competitive multiplayer includes the chance to play the Combined Arms playlist for the first time this weekend, which pits Guardians against one another in two game modes on vehicle maps.

Destiny will also debut its first timed event, called Queen's Wrath, from September 23 to October 6, offering all Destiny players additional Bounties to complete, challenging mission modes to unlock, and more Rare and Legendary rewards to earn.

Find out more on the Destiny page.

General : Chaos Heroes Online Closed Beta Key Giveaway!

Posted Sep 16, 2014 by Craig McGregor has been given a small batch of closed beta keys for Chaos Heroes Online.  Get your key while they last!



ArcheAge : Launch Day for All

Posted Sep 16, 2014 by Suzie Ford

Today marks the official free to play ArcheAge launch for all players. Founders enjoyed a somewhat frustrating head start experience over the past weekend but things seem to, at least prior to today's grand opening, have stabilized and all players are welcome to join in.

The time has come! ArcheAge, the long awaited, free-to-play fantasy sandbox MMORPG from Trion Worlds and Korean game developer XLGAMES, officially launches today. ArcheAge is an MMORPG adventure where players can choose their own paths and progressions and create a world where the possibilities are endless. From building elaborate homes and farms, and sailing ships to faraway lands to construct castles, ArcheAge’s PvP system allows players to fight for glory in huge battles on land or sea, or live the life of a pirate free from constraints!

Find out more on the ArcheAge site.

The Free Zone : Are eSports Sports?

Posted Sep 16, 2014 by Suzie Ford

Earlier this month, John Skipper, President of ESPN, the network that, just this summer, had streamed the finals of the $10 million DOTA 2 championship tournament, The International, opined about eSports that “It's not a sport; it's a competition. Chess is a competition. Checkers is a competition.” He followed up by saying “Mostly, I'm interested in doing real sports.” Was this frank, disingenuous, hypocritical or maybe just an unconsidered slip of the tongue?

Read more of Richard Aihoshi's The Free Zone: Are eSports Sports?

World of Warcraft : Wow Players Never Die. They Resurrect.

Posted Sep 16, 2014 by Suzie Ford

It is no secret that any article about Blizzard's World of Warcraft will garner a lot of attention and, often, a long list of forum pages of debate. It is obvious then, that World of Warcraft has become a polarizing game over its decade of existence. Millions of players have streamed through its virtual doors during those ten years. Some have stayed for the duration. Others have left and returned with each expansion. Still others have waved goodbye to WoW and never returned. No matter what, however, anyone who has had the chance to play the game, arguably the MMO of this young century, are never the same and in a very real sense, will always be a WoW player.

Read more of Suzie Ford's World of Warcraft: Wow Players Never Die. They Resurrect.

Minecraft : Markus "Notch" Persson Bids Mojang Adieu

Posted Sep 16, 2014 by Suzie Ford

A day after the announcement of Microsoft's buyout of Minecraft's development studio, Mojang, the studio's founder Markus "Notch" Persson has posted a farewell letter to fans of the wildly popular title.

I'm leaving Mojang
September 15th, 2014
I don't see myself as a real game developer. I make games because it's fun, and because I love games and I love to program, but I don't make games with the intention of them becoming huge hits, and I don't try to change the world. Minecraft certainly became a huge hit, and people are telling me it's changed games. I never meant for it to do either. It's certainly flattering, and to gradually get thrust into some kind of public spotlight is interesting.

A relatively long time ago, I decided to step down from Minecraft development. Jens was the perfect person to take over leading it, and I wanted to try to do new things. At first, I failed by trying to make something big again, but since I decided to just stick to small prototypes and interesting challenges, I've had so much fun with work. I wasn't exactly sure how I fit into Mojang where people did actual work, but since people said I was important for the culture, I stayed.

I was at home with a bad cold a couple of weeks ago when the internet exploded with hate against me over some kind of EULA situation that I had nothing to do with. I was confused. I didn't understand. I tweeted this in frustration. Later on, I watched the This is Phil Fish video on YouTube and started to realize I didn't have the connection to my fans I thought I had. I've become a symbol. I don't want to be a symbol, responsible for something huge that I don't understand, that I don't want to work on, that keeps coming back to me. I'm not an entrepreneur. I'm not a CEO. I'm a nerdy computer programmer who likes to have opinions on Twitter.

As soon as this deal is finalized, I will leave Mojang and go back to doing Ludum Dares and small web experiments. If I ever accidentally make something that seems to gain traction, I'll probably abandon it immediately.

Considering the public image of me already is a bit skewed, I don't expect to get away from negative comments by doing this, but at least now I won't feel a responsibility to read them.

I'm aware this goes against a lot of what I've said in public. I have no good response to that. I'm also aware a lot of you were using me as a symbol of some perceived struggle. I'm not. I'm a person, and I'm right there struggling with you.

I love you. All of you. Thank you for turning Minecraft into what it has become, but there are too many of you, and I can't be responsible for something this big. In one sense, it belongs to Microsoft now. In a much bigger sense, it's belonged to all of you for a long time, and that will never change.

It's not about the money. It's about my sanity.

Leave us your thoughts in the comments.

The Fan Soapbox : Does Destiny Live Up to the Hype?

Posted Sep 16, 2014 by Suzie Ford

One of the most common questions I’ve been asked by friends is whether or not Destiny lives up to its hype. While it may take weeks, months or even years to truly know the answer to this question, there is no denying that Destiny has had a big impact in the gaming world. When a title recoups its entire $500 million budget on day one, it’s hard not to notice. I personally know several PC Gamers that have picked up a console just to give Destiny a spin. It’s obvious that Destiny isn’t your ordinary IP launch. Does this mean that we’ll still be talking about Destiny a year from now? Good question.

Read more of Mike Joseph's The Soapbox: Does Destiny Live Up to the Hype?

Firefall : Update 1.1 - Elemental Destruction to Deploy Today

Posted Sep 16, 2014 by Suzie Ford

Firefall players can check into the game later today to see what's new with the v1.1: Elemental Destruction update. According to press information, Elemental Destruction features a new Titan battle hardcore mode, new weapons, new dynamic encounters and more.

In addition to the new artillery, this update also introduces six elemental weapon capabilities for both primary and secondary weapons designed to burn, poison, and shock the opposing forces in Firefall.  Energy based weapon modifiers including beam, laser beam, microplasma, and emissive microplasma, has also been added to shotguns, assault rifles, burst rifle, and sub-machine guns to make secondary armaments more lethal.  These destructive weaponry improvements more than double the number of weapon variations available in the game and will be useful in dealing with the challenges introduced in this update.

Read more on the Firefall site. (page not yet active as of this writing but stay tuned!)


Star Trek Online : Boldly Blazing a Trail in Space

Posted Sep 16, 2014 by Suzie Ford

Next February marks Star Trek Online's fifth anniversary. It's hard to believe it's been that long, especially given the fact that, on launch, STO was less than spectacularly received by the masses and, in fact, only managed to gather a 65 rating on Metacritic. Many games would have closed under the pressure but developer Cryptic Studios and publisher Perfect World Entertainment were determined to bring an authentic Star Trek experience to gamers around the world. With an amazing IP like Star Trek, the two were interested in capitalizing on the MMO market and with bringing in new MMO players from the gigantic worldwide fan base.

In other words, Cryptic and PWE did not give up.

Read more of Suzie Ford's Star Trek Online: Boldly Blazing a Trail in Space.

World of Warcraft : Chinese WoW-Themed Amusement Park is a Reality

Posted Sep 16, 2014 by Suzie Ford

A few years ago, rumors and some pixelated images of an amusement park based on Blizzard's World of Warcraft surfaced during its construction. Fast forward to 2014. Thanks in large part to a couple from England, we can now see that the WoW themed amusement park has indeed opened, illegally for the record (copyright infringement and all that), and can be viewed in a series of images the couple posted to


Source: IGN

Archlord 2 : Open Beta Ends with Major Content Update

Posted Sep 16, 2014 by Suzie Ford

Webzen has announced that the open beta for Archlord 2 has officially ended with the release of the first major content expansion. With the update, players can expect an increased level cap, new dungeons, quests, items, armor tiers and much more. In addition, new PvP mechanics have been implemented that start the epic battle between players to become the Archlord.

With the activation of the Archlord system, the PvP competition is bound to heat up. The contenders for the title of the Archlord will fight in battlegrounds every day in order to gather enough points to receive an invitation for the ultimate battleground, the Archlord Finals, a last man standing confrontation taking place every Sunday. The victor will receive the coveted title and rewards worthy of a supreme ruler: an epic dragon mount, a shiny legendary armour and special skills.

Read more about Update 2 on the Archlord 2 site.

Divinity: Original Sin : The Bear & the Burglar DLC Released

Posted Sep 16, 2014 by Suzie Ford

Fans of Divinity: Original Sin will be happy to hear that Larian Studios has released the first downloadable content for the game that has already sold a half million copies. Called The Bear and the Burglar, the DLC is free to all game owners and brings two new companions into the game.

Larian Studios is delivering some great new content to Divinity: Original Sin players today in the form of a juicy update. “The Bear and the Burglar” DLC pack, available for free via Steam, not only improves co-op dialogue by streamlining lengthy discussions, but adds two brand new companions with unique story arcs who can join your party as you set off to save Rivellon. 

Bairdotr, a curious and loyal ranger, has gotten herself into some trouble at the Legion barracks, while the silent rogue Wolgraff has found himself a nice hustle stealing coins from the wishing well in the Cyseal hinterlands (accessible through the graveyard tunnel).

Find out more about the Divinity: Original Sin DLC at the link above.

The Social Hub : The Community is Your DM in Upsilon Circuit

Posted Sep 15, 2014 by Suzie Ford

With most players opting to play solo at least some of the time, the rest of the player population becomes a series of props to some, PvP fodder to others, and to the rest, members of the guilds and groups they play with. At PAX, a game in development called Upsilon Circuit looks to do something different. Blending action RPG,a dash of MMO, and reality TV game show, along with a touch of audience participation, the greater community’s role is emphasized even more.

Reach more of Christina Gonzalez's The Social Hub: The Community is Your DM: The Time is Right for Upsilon Circuit.

World of Warcraft : Preserve Legacy Character Names Before It's Too Late

Posted Sep 15, 2014 by Suzie Ford

World of Warcraft accounts that have not been accessed since 2008 and before will see the names reclaimed by Blizzard to free them up for other players to use. Those wishing to hold on to legacy account names will want to log into each character in order to preserve the name.

Our goal with this great name liberation is to make sure new and returning players have a large and varied pool of names available to choose from—so log in now if you wish to preserve your unused characters’ names for your journey intro Draenor.

Source: World of Warcraft Community Site

Hearthstone : 20M Players Take Part

Posted Sep 15, 2014 by Suzie Ford

With Hearthstone available for PC and iPad, Blizzard has amassed some pretty impressive numbers. Over twenty million players have taken part in Hearthstone in just over six months since the free to play title launched.

In that short time, the game has achieved numerous milestones including:

  • Launching on iPad in April
  • The arrival of its first Adventure, The Curse of Naxxramas, which brought new cards and a host of spooky single-player challenges
  • The first qualifying matches leading to the Hearthstone World Championship at BlizzCon 2014, where players will compete for a $250,000 prize pool

Find out more about HearthStone.

D&D Online : Not Quite Two Dozen

Posted Sep 15, 2014 by Suzie Ford

This past week, Turbine invited us to preview Update 23 for Dungeons and Dragons Online, an MMO that launched in early 2006.  During the event, we were shown the return of a high-end villain from raids long past and new mechanics that would greatly enhance gameplay for a number of players.

Read more of Jean Prior's Dungeons & Dragons Online: Not Quite Two Dozen.

General : Chaos Heroes Online: Closed Beta Kicks Off

Posted Sep 15, 2014 by Suzie Ford

Aeria Games has announced that its forthcoming MOBA, Chaos Heroes Online, has commenced closed beta testing effective today. Interested parties can sign up on the official site for a chance to become a tester and to gain access to unique CBT skins. In addition, Founder's Packs are available that include up to six beta keys to share with friends.

In Chaos Heroes Online, every player has the chance to turn the game around until the end of the match. With a team of Korean developers that have been working on the Chaos franchise for more than 10 years, Chaos Heroes Online includes powerful consumables and sophisticated skins. Hardcore MOBA fans will appreciate the unique game mechanics such as a fifty minute time limit and the ability to re-equip during battle, opening up new tactics and emphasizing the importance of each player's individual skills.

Check out the Chaos Heroes Online site for more information.

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