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World of Warcraft : PvP Q&A With Brian Holinka Wraps Up

Posted Jun 30, 2016 by Suzie Ford

Today's World of Warcraft live stream Q&A has just wrapped up. The event took place at the Blizzard Campus with Community Manager Josh Allen speaking with Brian Holinka, Senior PvP Designer on WoW. Here are some of the salient points.

On class balance: We're not in a place on beta with class balance that we're happy with. There have been things that affected balance that we're still working on. We've made a lot of changes but it's made things like, "what should we balance".  We've started a lot of tuning work. We wanted to tune it for max power level like they do on beta. People won't have full power artifacts for awhile so the priority isn't there yet since we'll have time. But it will be over time.

On PvP loot boxes and gear: PvP Loot (strongboxes without vendors) - It won't always be a piece of gear. Gear is rewarded on victory like the personal loot system. If you win a battleground or skirmish or arena, you get a reward, a piece of gear. The box contains other fun cool items. No gold, silver, bronze system, just a single type. We want a bit of unpredictability — maybe something amazing, maybe a bit of disappointment. But when you get a piece of gear, we really downgrade the chance you'll get a piece you don't need. You'll get gear about the same rate, but the order is a bit less predictable.  We get to create gear that is 'on par' with PvE gear.

On PvP seasons being tied to raid tiers: Yes and no. On one hand, they are tied to raid tiers due to our production schedule when we increase levels and armor sets. So in a way they are tied to that. However, the PvP seasons will be a bit shorter than raid schedules. We want the queues to stay full. We're doubling the number of seasons. Halfway through a raid tier, one season will end, the next will begin.

On PvP templates & talents activating in all PvP situations  (like duels): Honor talents DO activate in all PvP instances since you are in PvP combat but templates don't activate out in the world. We need a part of WoW where everyone can just hang out and be crazy. World PvP is that place.

On whether or not talents will change every seasonWe plan to look at talents on a regular basis and replace ones that aren't fun or not used. We won't say every season we'll change them all but we'll have an opportunity to change things up from time to time. PvP talents will NOT be reset each season but we will add more prestige levels.

On new battlegrounds since it's been 3 years: It's been too long, I agree. It's not the place to be in. Too much focus was on Ashran in Warlords. Lots liked it, though others didn't. For Legion our designer time was creating talents that will provide great content for PvPers. We do have 2 new arenas. We may or may not hint that an old favorite might be getting a facelift soon (arena). We haven't done as well with BGs.

On tanks in PvPWe want players who are tanks to feel like they can have fun in PvP but not at the detriment of everyone else. You have to declare role to queue so it won't be possible to bring 2 healers or tanks into arenas. You -can- be good if you go in with your friends as a tank but maybe not in high-end rated teams. Rated BGs should have a space for a tank (as opposed to arenas).

On 'old' PvP world zones (aka Wintergrasp) being renewed or made queue-able: They were meant to be a world PvP zone for that time or maybe a bit afterwards and then go away. Eventually we let it slip away but there is value in nostalgia. There are things we're talking about for the semi-near future to provide new freshness. Maybe one week it might be "we're all going to Wintergrasp". That'd be cool and it's something we're looking at.

On the Arena Master Achievement: 5v5 is removed in Legion since it's so unpopular. It was time to retire it. As for the Arena Master achievement -- Arena Master Achievement — it would be wrong to remove the 5v5 part so the achievement will be legacy. We'll come up with another achievement or title.

We'll keep you posted on what the topic of next week's World of Warcraft: Legion live stream will be.

General : White Wolf Announces World of Darkness Documentary Series

Posted Jun 30, 2016 by Suzie Ford

White Wolf has announced a partnership with LuckyDay to create and release a documentary based on The World of Darkness IP that rose to prominence in the 90s and "helped shape and define film, literature, fashion, club culture, and ultimately fans".

Exclusive interviews will include, among others, White Wolf founders Mark Rein-Hagen & Stewart Wieck, as well as Vampire: The Masquerade developers and artists such as Justin Achilli, Andrew Greenburg, and Tim Bradstreet. Also featured will be exclusive interviews from a multitude of talent, fans and fan clubs, all of whom helped evolve the franchise into a worldwide phenomenon that continues to this day.

The movie will be written and produced by Kevin Lee from Luckyday in Sweden and directed by English director Giles Alderson.

Read the full press release.

Black Desert Online : Authentication Servers Undergoing DDOS Attack

Posted Jun 30, 2016 by Suzie Ford

3:15 pm Eastern - Daum EU has published a brief notice on the Black Desert Online forums to let players know that authentication servers are currently experiencing a DDOS attack. 

Greetings Adventurers,

You may experience some difficulty while logging in to the NA Region at the moment, this is due to a DDOS Attack against our Authentication Server.  Our Tech Team is working to handle this issue, and the Authentication Server is still online, but we will need some time to rectify the matter.

Apologies in advance for any inconvenience.

We'll update this post when the situation clears.

The RPG Files : Hands-On with the System Shock Remake Demo

Posted Jun 30, 2016 by Suzie Ford

System Shock, one of the most legendary PC action RPGs is getting another shot at greatness with a modern reboot. This week, Night Dive Studios, launched their Kickstarter campaign to fund a complete remake of the game, complete with new assets, new voice over, a brand new score, and all of the polish modern gamers expect in their RPGs. Even better, it came with a free demo to see just what they have in mind. Read on to see what we think.

Read more of Christopher Coke's The RPG Files: Hands-On with the System Shock Remake Demo.

World of Warcraft : Magni Bronzebeard Stars in First Legion Comic

Posted Jun 30, 2016 by Suzie Ford

Blizzard has released the first in a series of comics that will lay out some of the lore behind various personages that will be appearing in the World of Warcraft: Legion expansion set to be released in September.

In this first issue, Magni Bronzebeard takes centerstage preceding his return in Legion. Magni was last seen after being turned to diamond during a ritual in the heart of Old Ironforge, sacrificing himself to save Khaz Modan from the Shattering. He was succeeded by the Council of Three Hammers. (source: WoWpedia)

Download the World of Warcraft comic called Magni: Fault Lines.

The Division : Going Deeper Underground

Posted Jun 30, 2016 by Suzie Ford

On Tuesday the Division released its first bit of paid DLC, Underground. Rob immediately dug in and reported back with his results.

Read more of Rob Lashley's The Division: Going Deeper Underground.

Star Wars: The Old Republic : Progress the Story: The Gemini Deception Released

Posted Jun 30, 2016 by Suzie Ford

Star Wars: The Old Republic players will be able to progress the ongoing story found in Knights of the Fallen Empire with today's release of The Gemini Deception. 

Players will be taking the fight to the Eternal Empire alongside the Droid Scorpio.

Subscribers can play through The Gemini Deception for no additional cost starting today and later for all players. 

Players can also check out additional gameplay experiences starting this week:

  • New GEMINI Cartel Pack: Inspired by the latest Chapter, the new ‘GEMINI’ Cartel Pack offers players the opportunity to get a stunning new GEMINI Pulse Weapon effect plus rare vehicles and armor sets.
  • Dark vs. Light Event: Battle for control in this new summer event! Earn galactic rewards as your side fights to dominate and change the fate of the galaxy. Are you up for the challenge? 

Find out more on the Star Wars: The Old Republic site.

Age of Conan : Raid Finder, Membership Updates, Loyalty Program & More

Posted Jun 30, 2016 by Suzie Ford

Funcom has unleashed a big new update to Age of Conan that brings a large number of changes to existing systems as well as a few new ones in the process.

For starters, Membership has been updated with the news that players will receive constant perks and the new Loyalty Program that unlocks a number items (pets, mounts, social armor, etc.) over time. 

For F2P members, the good news is that membership is no longer a requirement to access areas already owned. Raids, Unchained Dungeons or playfields available via purchased expansions will no longer require access passes or Membership in order to enjoy.

Also of note is the addition of:

  • Raid Finder
  • Challenges that send players off on a number of tasks in various aspects of the game. The more completed, the more daily and weekly rewards (and quality) will be earned.
  • Daily Rewards

Check out the full update notes on the Age of Conan forum and this forum thread.

Thanks, Po_gg!

Riders of Icarus : Day One of Head Start

Posted Jun 30, 2016 by Suzie Ford

I’ve said before that Riders of Icarus from Nexon and WeMade is a solid, if standard, MMORPG. I’ve spent some more time with the game since it hit Open Beta Head Start, and I can’t help feeling that I’m starting to really enjoy myself. Read on for our early impressions of the “release build” for Nexon’s latest imported MMO.

Read more of Bill Murphy's Riders of Icarus - Day One of Head Start.

General : David Reid's New Project Allows Anyone to Publish RPGs

Posted Jun 30, 2016 by Suzie Ford

David Reid has come out of his silence since leaving Motiga and announced his new studio that is currently working on a project called MetaArcade that will allow users to publish narrative-driven RPGs via the platform.

Empowering creators with the means to unleash their creative potential is fundamental to our mission, and we know we can’t achieve what we have in mind without your help.

Our goal is to make the Adventures Platform the catalyst by which a thriving, collaborative and creative community forms, and one whose feedback and shared passion for developing unique and powerful narratives becomes the driving force behind our future developments.

Every step of the way we’ll be seeking your feedback in order to iterate upon and refine our model. Once we build the tools for you to create content, we’ll provide the marketplace through which you can publish, monetize and even license your epic works.

The company's first published product is a well-known table-top RPG called Tunnels & Trolls.

Learn more about Tunnels & Trolls and the overarching project on the site.


Black Desert Online : The Life of the Game in a Single Video

Posted Jun 30, 2016 by Suzie Ford

Pearl Abyss has published a new video that uncovers the life of Black Desert Online KR from its first days through the most recent. All of the additions to the game are shown, from new classes to new locations and more. Check it out!

Thanks, MMOCulture!

Revelation : Get a Bird's Eye View of a Beautiful World

Posted Jun 30, 2016 by Suzie Ford has released a brand new trailer that will give fans a bird's eye view of the gorgeous game world that will be found in Revelation Online. It's truly a feast for the eyes! Check it out.

Revelation Online is an ambitious and breathtaking new MMO in which players will discover an amazing adventure and explore a vibrant world of ancient mystery using the power of flight without any boundaries. It is difficult to come across this much and diverse content for any type and level of player. The game includes several PVP modes, like a Last Man Standing arena, sieges for up to hundreds of players, as well as PVE raids, requiring teamwork and tactical gameplay.

Sign up for beta testing on the Revelation Online site.

Orcs Must Die: Unchained : Today's Live Stream to Reveal New Update Content

Posted Jun 30, 2016 by Suzie Ford

The Orcs Must Die! Unchained team will be on hand during a special live stream event at 4:30 pm Pacific / 7:30 pm Eastern. Fans and players can look forward to hearing about what will be included in the next update as well as information about a new hero, two new Survival Battlegrounds, a guild system, a 5-star rating system and much more.

Head to the Orcs Must Die! Unchained channel at the time listed above.

General : BioShock: The Collection for Consoles & PC Announced

Posted Jun 30, 2016 by Suzie Ford

Irrational Games and 2K have announced BioShock: The Collection will be released on Septembe 13, 2016 in the US (September 15th in Australia and September 16th internationally). The remastered versions of all three games in The Collection will be available for PC, XBox One and PlayStation 4 for $59.99.

If you’ve never experienced the series before, now is the time to play it and see for yourself why the award-winning BioShock franchise has topped countless “Best-Of” lists and garnered more than 125 awards including two BAFTA honors, as well as many Best of E3, Best of Gamescom, and Game of the Year accolades from respected outlets such as IGN, GameSpot, Game Informer, and many more. The weapons, plasmids, levels, and character models that shocked you years ago have been reskinned and retextured to look better than ever. On top of that, all single-player DLC created for all three games comes loaded in one package. 

Check out the full BioShock: The Collection announcement.

Rappelz : Epic 9.4 Headed to NA and EU Servers Later in 2016

Posted Jun 30, 2016 by Suzie Ford

Webzen has confirmed that Rappelz will be getting a new update later in 2016. Called Epic 9.4, players will be challenged to test their power and speed.

A mysterious boat will link the new area to the rest of the map, allowing players to take on new quests, face exotic monsters and experience memorable adventures. Epic 9.4 calls for exploration and competition, with the introduction of many new items to reward the bravest players. Webzen is excited to confirm that preparations for a Western release have begun. 

In addition, with the imminent closure of the hardcore server, players with characters there have one month to apply for migration to their server of choice.

Learn more on the Rappelz site.

Skyforge : Battle of Equals Arriving on July 20th + First Anniversary

Posted Jun 30, 2016 by Suzie Ford

Skyforge will get getting its next update of significance on July 20th when the Battle of Equals is released. In addition, the development team will be providing lots of fun activities to celebrate the game's first anniversary late in July.

Battle of Equals will be providing players a chance to expand "power and progression" and a better catch-up mechanic alongside a new desert region and a new PvP tournament.

The first anniversary celebration for Skyforge will begin on July 13th and will feature fireworks  and unique anniversary rewards. More details will be revealed at a later date.

Check out the Skyforge site for more.

SponsoredAlbion Online : August 1st Marks the Start of the Final Beta Phase!

Posted Jun 30, 2016 by Suzie Ford

On August 1 it’s time to reset the clocks: Albion Online from Sandbox Interactive goes into the Final Beta phase and includes exciting new features and improvements

Read more: Albion Online: August 1st Marks the Start of the Final Beta Phase!

Final Fantasy XIV : A Unique Twist on Dungeons Revealed in New Blog Post

Posted Jun 29, 2016 by Suzie Ford

The Final Fantasy XIV site has been updated with a deep dive into the Palace of the Dead, part of the Deep Dungeon content coming in Patch 3.35. The Palace of the Dead features a fascinating mechanic that sees all players starting at level one and moving up in levels while there. 

During play in the Palace of the Dead, players will level up, acquire gear, find special items for strategic use throughout the dungeon, revive stones to bring back players that may have died along the way, and much more. In addition, players will be able to save progress throughout the Palace, a feature unique to the Palace of the Dead.

Developers have written that the fight through the Palace is a great opportunity to try out new jobs.

Check out the full preview on the Final Fantasy XIV site.

General : Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Released for iOS & Android

Posted Jun 29, 2016 by Suzie Ford

For those who can't get enough Final Fantasy or who want to take a Final Fantasy game on the road, the wait is over. Square Enix has released Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius for both iOS and Android devices.

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius is free to play and allows players to build parties out of characters from other games in the series. 


  • Intuitive and strategic battles - Unleash devastating attacks with a tap of your finger, and combine magical abilities with tactical know-how to overpower your foes! 
  • Join forces with Cecil, Terra, Vivi, Vaan, and other legendary heroes from your favorite FINAL FANTASY games, and experience a tale of high adventure in the palm of your hand. 
  • And that’s not all—summon legendary FINAL FANTASY espers like Shiva, Ifrit, and more with awe-inspiring visuals! 
  • - A vast realm to explore - Roam freely through exotic locales, and delve into perilous dungeons to search for items, rare treasures, hidden passages, and routes to new destinations! 
  • Converse with the denizens of the realm and undertake challenging quests to reap items, gil, and even rare rewards.

Enjoy all the wonders of a grand RPG in the palm of your hand! 

You can get hold of your copy at the links provided above.

General : Battle Chasers: NightWar is a Gorgeous Return to JRPG Fundamentals

Posted Jun 29, 2016 by Suzie Ford

Battle Chasers: Nightwar looks like it leapt from the pages of a comic book, which is fitting because technically it did. But the reason I'm saying that is because, of the many games I saw this year at E3, Nightwar's visual aesthetic has stuck with me since then. Sometimes I just think about how amazing Calibretto, the sentient war golem, looks on screen. If nothing else, Nightwar is going to be a visual treat.

Read more of Steven Messner's Battle Chasers: NightWar is a Gorgeous Return to JRPG Fundamentals.

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