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Archlord 2 : Challenging New Content Released

Posted Jul 28, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Archlord 2 developers have announced the release of a large new and very challenging update that includes a new dungeon, new gear, a new legendary boss and much, much more.

The dungeon, Dark Stronghold, features a new "hell" mode that will give even top end players pause for consideration before venturing forth.

In Stardust Land, a new world raid boss has appeared, the most challenging monster that ever walked the realm of Chantra: Stein. Stein won’t be overcome by displays of sheer power; players will have to employ team-work and strategy to slay him. However, should they manage this feat, they will be rewarded with all new level 60 legendary weapons. Heroes should be careful during their raids, as both factions may attack this mighty boss simultaneously.

Find out more on the Archlord 2 site.

Kyn : Viking-Themed Action-RPG Released

Posted Jul 28, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Developed by a 2-man independent team, Viking-themed Kyn is now available. Players can grab a copy of the action RPG on several different online retail sites including Steam and for $19.99.

KYN is a fast-paced role-playing game set in a world where Viking mythology collides with magic. Inside the world of KYN players will utilize classic strategic RPG elements to devise traps and traverse through a unique realm with plenty of puzzles to solve and enemies to defeat. Players will control a party of up-to six different characters, all customizable with different skills and traits as they unravel the mysteries of KYN and perfect their own fast-paced fighting styles.

Find out more about the game on the KYN site.

Shroud of the Avatar : Player Towns, Pet Taming, and Story Time

Posted Jul 28, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Custom placements in Player-Owned Towns and over a hundred new towns in the game gives Release 20 more new places to explore than any release to date for Shroud of the Avatar.  Though, that’s hardly all they’ve done over the last month of work on this game that’s rapidly approaching its more persistent state.

Read more of Red Thomas's Shroud of the Avatar: Release Player Towns, Pet Taming, and Story Time.

Town owners can now design their own layout through the new tool for player-owned towns.

General : Dragon Quest 11: In Search of the Departed Time Announced

Posted Jul 28, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Square Enix has announced Dragon Quest 11: In Search of the Departed Time. The title will launch for 3DS, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo's new NX and will be available sometime in 2016.

We'll keep you posted as more news about DQ11 is released.

ArcheAge : Power Unbound Special Event Announced

Posted Jul 27, 2015 by Suzie Ford

From today through Monday, August 10th, ArcheAge players will be able to take advantage of a new crafting station on Mirage Isle. Players will be able to create an Unidentified Grimoire with the best part being that it costs no labor to make. Several hour-long buffs can be attained once it is identified.

These are the possible buffs:

  • Experience Grimoire – Increases XP gain by +20%.
  • Ward Grimoire – Decrease received damage by 5%.
  • Promise Grimoire – Increases all stats by +70.
  • Healing Grimoire – Restores 30% of Max Health (120sec cooldown).
  • Haste Grimoire – Increases Move Speed +10%.
  • Greedy Grimoire – Increases loot drop rate +10%.
  • Zeal Grimoire – Increases skill damage and received healing by +4%.
  • Frenzy Grimoire – Decreases combat skill cooldown by 10%.
  • Meditation Grimoire – Restores 18% of Max Mana every 2.5sec for 10sec. Moving or taking action ends the mana restoration (120sec cooldown).


Read more on the ArcheAge site.

Guild Wars 2 : How Ready Is Ready?

Posted Jul 27, 2015 by Suzie Ford

“When it's ready” is the ArenaNet mantra when it comes to showing off new features of Guild Wars 2. But how ready does something have to be for it to be viewable by the public?

Read more of Jason Winter's Guild Wars 2: How Ready is Ready?

Skyforge : Party & Pantheon Features Coming in First Major Update

Posted Jul 27, 2015 by Suzie Ford

The Skyforge site has been updated with the news that the first major content patch since the commencement of open beta testing earlier this month will be deployed soon. Of most notable interest to players will be the arrival of group play among allies and Pantheon members.

Pantheons will be able to find special "distortions" from within the divine observatory that will allow up to ten players to jump right into the action in the enemies' location. Players will face off against four foes, each one stronger than the last.

All players will be able to take part in Invasions where the enemy goes on the offensive against all of the world's inhabitants. These will be large-scale events that can take place anywhere in the world with multiple stages that allow "significant progress through the Divine Atlas due to rewards and bonuses" that our outside the normal weekly limits.

Anomalies will also be featured for up to five players in a large area. Multiple groups can also access the same anomalies, each with their own opportunity to score an Ether Resonator that can be turned in for Sparks or for Epic rewards.

Raids will allow up to ten Gods to take on the strongest enemies in the game that are designed to be the most significant challenge in PvE.

Players will also be able to unlock their Divine Form, a feat that will require around 30,500 Prestige.

Lastly, the update will feature Aelinet improvements.

There is no ETA on when the patch will go live but the team will get it into player hands as soon as possible.

Read more on the Skyforge site.

Revival : The Importance of Religion

Posted Jul 27, 2015 by Suzie Ford

The Revival team has posted a brand new developer diary to introduce fans to the importance of religion in the game when it arrives. Each city will have a pre-defined religion attached to it, but that religion could be altered over time.

A city chooses a temple for a god based on that city’s karmic alignment, player karmic alignment (players using or constantly congregating in/around the temple), and idol/altar influence. Idols and Altars are things players can purchase for their homes to facilitate worship of the deity of their choosing. This means that players can collectively all worship a new type of god in their homes within a city and have significant impact on the city’s religion.

Read the full post on the Revival site.

ArcheAge : RNG Addressed in Community Post

Posted Jul 27, 2015 by Suzie Ford

The ArcheAge forum has a new post by community manager "Celestrata" that indicates that the team is actively working to reduce RNG and to increase the drop rates for Archeum. RNG will never leave the game as it is an integral part of what ArcheAge is, according to Celestrata.

Going forward, we want to continue to either remove or mitigate high failure mechanics by adding linear progression systems -- I.E.: There should always be another way to get something. An example of this is the Glider Upgrade system, where you can either buy the item to remove a wingclip or you can just craft it in game. That includes future improvements to regrading, gemming, and others. But, the team here at Trion most certainly agrees with the sentiment of reducing RNG.

In addition, the letter reveals that more effort is being made with regard to bots and hacking. In the past two weeks, bot banning has increased 300%.

Read more on the ArcheAge forum.


General : Razer Buys Ouya Software, Shinra Releases Cloud Dev Kit

Posted Jul 27, 2015 by Suzie Ford

A pair of interesting news items regarding software have crossed our desk today. In the first, Razer has bought out the software side of Ouya, the digital platform that will likely be used in Razer's Forge TV.

In the near future, Razer will be providing existing OUYA users with a clear path of migration to the more advanced Forge TV micro-console and Serval controller bundle. Razer’s intention is to allow OUYA users to bring their games, controllers, and accounts to the Cortex TV platform on the Forge micro-console, advancing the experience of Android gaming on TV that they have previously enjoyed. Additionally, Razer is planning deep product discounts for incoming OUYA users to purchase Razer hardware, and a spate of freebies, giveaways, and promotions to enjoy on their new Forge consoles. 

Find out more on the Razer site.

In other software news, Shinra Technologies has released the Community Cloud Development Kit in English. CCDK is a way for developers to utilize Shinra's forthcoming cloud technology for distribution of their games.

Shinra Technologies is excited to make its CCDK available today on GitHub, where it can be downloaded for free by anyone. As a ‘living’ development kit, its documents and programs will be adapted and improved by both Shinra Technologies and the wider community over time. Shinra Technologies is planning demonstrations and workshops of the CCDK for developers and academics in the Greater New York area, which will be announced over the course of the next month.

Find out more on the site.

The List : The Top 5 Most Disappointing MMOs of 2015…So Far

Posted Jul 27, 2015 by Suzie Ford

A couple weeks ago I wrote about some of the best MMOs we've had in 2015 so far. That list included stuff like new releases, games that saw big improvements, and some of the most promising ones to keep your eye on for the next half of 2015. This list, on the other hand, is going to focus on the exact opposite.

Read more of David Jagneaux's The List: The Top 5 Most Disappointing MMOs of 2015…So Far.

World of Warcraft : Speculating on the Next Expansion

Posted Jul 27, 2015 by Suzie Ford

World of Warcraft has reached the end of the Warlords of Draenor expansion with the deployment of the v6.2 update, and now that players have voiced their concerns (to put it kindly) with what has been felt to be a rather lackluster expansion to date, it seems a good time to begin thinking about what could possibly come next for World of Warcraft.

Read more of Suzie Ford's and Catherine Daro's World of Warcraft: Speculating on the Next Expansion.

General : Chronicles of Elyria Wants to Bring Meaning Back to MMO Life

Posted Jul 27, 2015 by Suzie Ford

A couple weeks ago we got a chance to sit down with Indy game studio Soulbound Studios to talk about their new MMORPG, Chronicles of Elyria. Never heard of Chronicles of Elyria or Soulbound Studios before? That’s OK, we hadn’t either. Although you haven’t heard of them before, with an impressive team of seasoned developers and a collection of features even we’ve never seen before in an MMO, we’re certain you’ll hear a lot more about them in the coming weeks and months. Read on to find out more about the team behind Chronicles of Elyria, and what makes it a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stale market.

Read more of Bill Murphy's Chronicles of Elyria Wants to Bring Meaning Back to MMO Life.

Tree of Savior : Global English Beta Announced

Posted Jul 27, 2015 by Suzie Ford

The Tree of Savior Facebook page has been updated with a short, but fantastic, announcement that the global English language beta version of the game is incoming. The announcement was made via the Tree of Savior forum, though the site times out when trying to access it.

The beta will kick off on Monday, August 4th and run through August 10th and servers will be open 24 hours a day throughout the event.

Those who participated in the prior events will automatically be registered as candidates for selection for the beta. Once random selections have been made, players will be sent new keys.

You can read more about it on the Tree of Savior Steam page.

Albion Online : Summer Alpha Ending, Roadmap to Closed Beta Revealed

Posted Jul 27, 2015 by Suzie Ford

In a new post on the Albion Online site, the team thanks the participating Alpha community for its feedback during the Summer Alpha Event that will end later today. With input from the community and after several meetings as a team, developers have identified several key areas that will be of primary concern as the closed beta phase of development is prepared.

Development over the next several months will focus on key areas of the game including:

  • Gear progression and the power curve
  • PvP gear acquisition and reducing the time needed to create sets
  • Skill based combat and balancing
  • Economy changes including the removal of the silver tax
  • Overhaul of learning points
  • Local GvG -- teams will have to have battle vaults in zones being attacked with characters having to be in proximity in order to participate
  • GvG warcamps and timers
  • Expanding the hellgate feature
  • Open world PvP events centered around treasure chests spawning for 30 minutes with a 3 minute interrupt when an attempt is made to open it
  • Food revamp
  • Player housing, hirelings and pets
  • Player islands to become upgrade-able and expandable
  • Bug fixes, polish, etc.
You can read the expanded list of improvements within each section on the Albion Online site.

Player Versus Player : Star Citizen and Revealing Games Too Early

Posted Jul 26, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Players Versus Player is MMORPG’s bi-weekly debate column, where two columnists sound off on each side of the issues you care about. This week, Chris and Ryan are hot on the heels of the controversy surrounding Star Citizen. It all comes down to one question: Are games being revealed too early?

Read more of Christopher Coke's and Ryan Getchell's Player vs Player: Star Citizen & Revealing Games Too Early.

Camelot Unchained : Beta 1 Backers To Have C.U.B.E. Access

Posted Jul 26, 2015 by Catherine Daro

The Camelot Unchained team has announced that opening of the full beta was delayed, but Beta 1 backers will gain access to C.U.B.E. 24x7.

So, while the opening of a full Beta has been delayed, we are giving you “always on” access to one of the major pillars of the game a bit ahead of time! C.U.B.E. is more than a simple (though honestly, it isn’t all that simple, now) block-building program. It will form the basis of our crafter’s constructions for the game. In it, you will be able to pre-build your structures, reduce them to blueprints and then build those blueprints in the game.

In essence, C.U.B.E. is a block-building tool that allows players to construct large structures and has been previously available only for Alpha Backers and IT folks. 

You can read more about it on the Camelot Unchained site

Shroud of the Avatar : Town Editor Video Released

Posted Jul 26, 2015 by Catherine Daro

With the Player Owned Towns being implemented at the end of this month in Shroud of the Avatar, Portalarium is ready to show the Town Editor in the latest video created by the team to demonstrate how it works. 

The rest of the newsletter can be read online here.

Check the video out and let us know what you think in the comments!

Elder Scrolls Online : The Imperial City And Beyond

Posted Jul 26, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Before the live (and livestreamed) presentation for The Elder Scrolls Online at QuakeCon 2015, I had a chance to sit with Game Director Matt Firor and ask him a few questions about the game and especially the upcoming Imperial City DLC. While most of what we talked about was covered in the later presentation – that's just the way the interview scheduling went – I think there's still some value in hearing these kind of things in a more private setting, away from the lights and crowds. Where appropriate, I've augmented Firor's replies with a little extra context from the presentation.

Read more of Jason Winter's Elder Scrolls Online: The Imperial City and Beyond.

Tales Runner : Large New Event Deployed

Posted Jul 26, 2015 by Catherine Daro

OGPlanet has released the latest update to Tales Runner. A new special event "War of Heroes" is now a part of the game, allowing players to team up or against their friends in the race. 

Find out more about the update on the Tales Runner site

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