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Overwatch : Another Cryptic Image

Posted Mar 04, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Blizzard has released a cryptic new teaser picture for what seems to be a forthcoming opinion piece about Overwatch. The article is titled "The New Peacekeepers: Vigilante justice—is it vital in a post-Overwatch world?" Check it out and let us know what you think!

Trials of Ascension : Kickstarter Canceled After Dismal Two Weeks

Posted Mar 04, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Forged Chaos has posted on the Trials of Ascension KickStarter page that the fund raising initiative has been canceled. The project began on February 19th and to date had only raised $25,616 out of a hoped-for $600,000 to complete the game.

The writing on the wall is clear. Our Kickstarter project has about the same odds of success as a snowball's chance in that really hot place nobody ever wants to visit.  As such, we've made the decision to cancel it.

According to the final post on the most recent Kickstarter, the Trials of Ascension site will be updated soon with information about how the project will move forward from this point.

Former ToA team member "Xanward" has posted his thoughts about why the campaign failed. You can read it on the ToA forum.

Revival : GDC 2015 - The Goal is Something Different

Posted Mar 04, 2015 by Suzie Ford

It’s sometimes easier to describe a video game by what it’s not, and if you’ve taken even a passing glance at IllFonic’s new sandbox MMORPG, Revival, you’ll know that it prides itself on being nothing akin to a traditional MMO.  Described by the developers as Ultima Online meets Skyrim, it’s a go anywhere, fight anyone type of game that prides itself on realism and player interaction.

Read more of Som Pourfarzaneh's Revival: GDC 2015 - The Goal is Something Different.

Wasteland 2 : Development Underway for Next Gen Consoles

Posted Mar 04, 2015 by Suzie Ford

nXile has announced that Wasteland 2 is on its way to both the XBox One and the PlayStation 4. There are no release dates yet, but the news should be good for fans of the series.

“Ever since Wasteland 2 debuted on PC, we’ve had RPG fans asking us to bring it to console. Thanks to Unity 5 and some extra time, we’re able to overhaul the game with really fantastic visual effects, upgraded environment art, physically based shading, add all new character models, a new Quirks and Perks systems, Precision Strikes (aimed shots) and new voice over work for some of the key characters,”said Brian Fargo of inXile Entertainment. “And if you are backer of Wasteland 2 or have already purchased it on PC, fear not. We will announce great news for you later.”

Find out more about Wasteland 2 on the Steam PC page.

Michael Bitton : PAX East 2015 Cometh!

Posted Mar 04, 2015 by Michael Bitton

Despite a few new additions to the schedule this year, PAX East still represents the official kickoff of the video games show season for me. Things have been relatively quiet after the holidays, but now it’s time for developers to show what they’ve been working on over the last few months. This week, we’ve rounded up a couple of games were most excited to see at the show.

Read more of Michael Bitton's PAX East 2015 Cometh!

Elite: Dangerous : Headed to XBox One This Year

Posted Mar 04, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Frontier Developments has announced that it will be bringing Elite: Dangerous to the XBox One console sometime during calendar year 2015. The XBox One version will include all PC content through next week's Wings update.

Check out the special Elite: Dangerous XBox One mini-site for more information and to sign up for newsletter updates.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn : Heavensward Panel at PAX East

Posted Mar 04, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Final Fantasy XIV fans and players will want to be sure to tune in to this week's live stream panel event with YoshiP as the team reveals new information about Heavensward.

FINAL FANTASY XIV Producer/Director Naoki Yoshida will take the stage on March 7th from 12pm to 1pm (Eastern) to talk about the first expansion to FINAL FANTASY XIV. For more details on the live stream go here or for details on how to watch live at PAX East, click here. Info on all of the FFXIV activities happening at PAX East can be found here

Links and times are all provided above so be sure to mark your calendar!

Elder Scrolls Online : Update 6 For the Once and Future Provisioner

Posted Mar 04, 2015 by Suzie Ford

We’ve arrived at the release of the packed update 6 to The Elder Scrolls Online before it becomes subscription-optional. This means the road of consistent updates and major content releases that isn’t DLC has reached its end. Aside from tweaks to existing systems and completion of the implementation of others that began with this update, we simply await the conversion and possibly the console versions before we know what else we might see first down the line.

Read more of Christina Gonzalez's Elder Scrolls Online: Update 6 For the Once and Future Provisioner.

Moonrise : Beta to Kick Off Soon on Steam

Posted Mar 04, 2015 by Suzie Ford

PAX East attendees will be handed beta keys for Moonrise and will be able to try out the "creature battler" on Steam, according to a new announcement on the Undead Labs site. The game is expected to be playable on PC and Mac with other platforms to come in the future.

Read the full announcement on the Moonrise / Undead Labs site.

The Free Zone : Two Lessons From February

Posted Mar 04, 2015 by Suzie Ford

The MMOG category is large and diverse enough to be a consistent source of interesting news and food for thought. Last month, as usual, there was no shortage of news about individual MMOGs. February was also rather interesting for those among us, myself included, who track what's going on in the industry and the market. During the past few weeks, we had the chance to learn at least a couple of notable lessons... if we didn't know them already.

Read more of Richard Aihoshi's The Free Zone: Two Lessons from February.

Guild Wars 2 : Beta Streaming Client Ready to Test

Posted Mar 04, 2015 by Suzie Ford

ArenaNet has a blog post on the Guild Wars 2 site that announces the beta version of the new streaming client. The idea is to get players into the game faster both on the initial game download and after significant patches. Players wanting to give the beta client a try simply need to add -StreamingClient to the end of the command line on the game's shortcut.

To find out more about the forthcoming streaming client, head to the Guild Wars 2 site.

ArcheAge : Obsidian Weapons & How to Make Them

Posted Mar 04, 2015 by Suzie Ford

The ArcheAge team has posted a developer diary to give players a look at obsidian weapons that will be arriving in game with the release of the Secrets of Ayanad update. Players will be able to craft their own obsidian weapons, the how-to of which will be revealed in a series of quests to get the first one made.

Players will need to find a salvage weapon of the sort they wish to create and combine it with materials gained from Aurorian creatures. Doing so will create a "binds when equipped" tier one obsidian weapon which can be upgraded five more times to the penultimate creation. To attain the need materials for the final upgrade, players will have to fight library bosses and other ultimate monsters.

Learn more about the creative process on the ArcheAge site.

General : Paradise Never Announced - Reliving the Same 3 Days

Posted Mar 04, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Kitty Lambda Games and Devolver Digital have announced a new action RPG called Paradise Never. The game begins in 2027 and centers around a French island colony. Players relive the same three days over and over in an attempt to free the island from oppressors and to keep a band of friendlies together (and alive) through it all.

Strike down your opposition with your battle-ready electric guitar or outfit your boat with new cannons to take the battle to the open seas - but keep the casualties down or the goddess will reset the time loop and you’ll restart your quest.

Paradise Never will have a playable demo at PAX East and is expected to launch digitally this summer.

Find out more about the game by watching the trailer below and then check out the Paradise Never site.

A Casual, Cornered : The Blame Game

Posted Mar 04, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Normally I just find a way to blame players for the problems in the market, wait for the accusations of being “a dev kiss-ass” or “biased” (if that word is ever used correctly, I wouldn’t know) or “a troll” and then move on to the next piece. The freelancer is just a handyman with words; we have to keep moving on to the next one and the next one so a little hate doesn’t hurt us. This process is nothing new.

Read more of Beau Hindman's A Casual, Cornered: The Blame Game.

General : The Daily Quest - What Kind of Preview Do You Trust?

Posted Mar 04, 2015 by William Murphy

It's show season. That means we here at MMORPG will spend the next 6 months traveling and seeing dozens of games and writing or speaking about them here on the site. Inevitably, we'll see some great games, and plenty of bad ones too. But what kind of preview do YOU want to see, and what makes you trust one over another?

The problem with previews we see at shows like PAX and E3 is that we're treated to what developers call a "Vertical Slice". These are polished singular experiences intended to give us a feel for whatever part of the game a studio feels is indicative of what the final game will be like. MMOs are really hard to preview though, with so much of the game depending on being experienced over many hours, not 15-30 minutes.

So we ask you, as we prepare for PAX this weekend, minus the simple inclusion of video footage from the demos we play, what do you want to see in a preview? Sometimes we can capture video, and sometimes we're not allowed. The latter should probably say more than any preview can: it often means the developer doesn't feel confident in their product to allow it to be shown.

But for our written articles, here's how I think we'll be approaching our convention/show previews this weekend at PAX East.  Written previews will come in three parts, of varying lengths depending on what we saw:

  • Part One - What We Were Shown
  • Part Two - What Was Missing
  • Part Three - The Good and Bad of it all.

In general, this should help us level our gaze and see past the prefabricated hype we're shown at conventions. If we still come away from a show happy by what we were shown of a certain game, after going through the above, it means there's probably good reason to be enthused.  

But what about you, what do you want to see from our preview content over the next several months? Not what games, because we can't control who shows up and who doesn't, but rather how would you like your content delivered?

Echo of Soul is just one of many games we'll see at PAX East.


General : The Pros & Cons of Free-to-Play

Posted Mar 04, 2015 by Suzie Ford

The traditional “pay wall” (pay a single price and play forever) or subscription (pay an up-front cost plus a monthly maintenance fee) models are every bit as valid and stable as free-to-play, but there are plusses and minuses to each of the models. To compare them, let’s outline the pros and cons for free-to-play and discuss the others as we go.

Read more of Dave Georgeson's The Pros & Cons of Free-to-Play.

Image source:

General : Windwalkers: A Transmedia Project Updates

Posted Mar 04, 2015 by Suzie Ford

The Windwalkers Kickstarter page has been updated with a pair of features designed to familiarize fans with the game based on the French post-apocalyptic novel "The Horde of the Counterwind" by Alain Damasio. The first is a video showing the team creating the game. In addition, the first chapter of "The Horde of the Counterwind" has been translated to English for the first time and is available for interested readers to check out.

Find out more on the Windwalkers KickStarter site.

General : Nvidia Announces "Shield" Console

Posted Mar 04, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Nvidia has announced the "Shield" console during this week's Game Developer's Conference. Shield will feature a "super computer" streaming cloud system called "Grid" that will constantly be updated with the latest games and PC quality gaming in the living room.

According to the new site, Shield will offer:

  • a new class of Android game that spotlights immersive play. Titles shown on the site include Crysis 3, Borderlands: The Prequel, Doom 3 and War Thunder
  • Over four thousand apps for streaming movies, televisions shows and more. Hulu, YouTube, Pluto are all featured
Shield with one controller will be priced at $199.00.
Check out the Nvidia Shield site to see more.

General : Virtual Reality Making a Splash at GDC

Posted Mar 03, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Virtual Reality is making itself felt at this week's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. During today's events, both Sony and Valve made major announcements about VR technology.

Project Morpheus, the VR headset for PlayStation 4, is now scheduled for an early 2016 release. Read more at Eurogamer.

Morpheus headset will boast a 5.7 inch OLED screen, with a resolution of 1920x1080. Impressively, it'll boast a 120Hz refresh rate - besting the 90Hz in the Vive headset that HTC is making in partnership with Valve, and also the 75Hz that Oculus Rift DK2 currently runs at.

Valve also made an announcement that its VR headset, Vive, will be released to developers this spring and available to consumers by the end of the year.

Valve also announced that its Steam machines will be allowed on home networks for streaming access from any PC in the house. Lastly, the Source 2 engine, successor to the Source engine, will be made available to content creators at no cost.


Elder Scrolls Online : v1.6 Goes Live, Paves Way for March 17th B2P Iteration

Posted Mar 03, 2015 by Suzie Ford

The massive 1.6.5 update has been applied to the Elder Scrolls Online servers and the game is back up and running. The patch brings several updated features and systems online as well as lays the groundwork for the March 17th update that will bring Tamriel Unlimited, the buy-to-play version of ESO, online. Tamriel Unlimited is slated for a March 17th deployment.

The patch weighs in at a hefty 20-25Gb download that will automatically begin on logging into the ESO game launcher.

This patch will be approximately 20-25GB, depending on your language selection. We hope you enjoy this latest update!

You can check out the major changes and grab a link to the full update changelog on the Elder Scrolls Online forum.

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