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EverQuest : 16th Anniversary to Feature Player-Designed Missions

Posted Feb 01, 2015 by Suzie Ford

During the SOE Live celebrations of the past two years, EverQuest fans worked with developers to create Player-Designed Missions. This year marks EQ's sixteenth anniversary and these new missions will be the centerpiece of the celebration. The news was delivered in the first producer's letter of the year that lays out other details in store for the game.

Players can also look forward to regular content updates that should arrive every two weeks. The looting system is being given the once-over as well and should see improvements implemented sometime during 2015. Lastly, EverQuest's annual Valentines celebration, Erollisi Day, will begin this week on February 4th.

Read the full letter on the EverQuest forum.

Source: Massively

Neverwinter : Oathbound Paladins Subject of New Design Blog

Posted Feb 01, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Cryptic Studios has published a brand new developer design blog that centers around the Oathbound Paladin, the new class coming with the Elemental Evil module. The post goes into detail about the two distinctive Paragon paths the Oathbound Paladin can take, either as a healer or as a tank.

When the time comes to select a particular path, players will be able to take one of the following "oaths":

  • Oath of Protection: Increases healing by 100% and gives the recipient a 5% stats increase for eight seconds
  • Oath of Devotion: Generates 500% more threat and take 10% less damage. In addition, the oath allows players up to 10% of their maximum health as added power when taking damage
The class mechanic is called "Divine Call" that can be stacked up to three times. A passive skill, the mechanic is tailored to the oath taken.
  • Divine Call: 1 charge that heals allies slightly within a 30' radius or taunts enemies in a 30' radius
  • Divine Call of Devotion: 1 charge that heals all allies within 30' and if used within 10 seconds, heals for +50% more
  • Divine Call of Protection: Taunts all enemies within 30' and gives the player +10% damage resistance and +5% damage reflection as long as the mechanic is active.
The blog goes into more detail about some of the specific skills including the auras Paladins bring to a party that make them essential members:
  • Aura of Courage that gives all players within a 30' radius a damage bonus
  • Aura of Truth that reduces damage of allies within 30' by 5%
  • Aura of Wisdom that increases recharge speed by 10% within 30' of the Paladin
  • Aura of Haste gives a 20% movement increase and 20% faster AP recharge within 30' of the Paladin
Lastly, the Cryptic team participated in a Twitch broadcast last week to show off the Oathbound Paladin in action. You can check it out on the Neverwinter / PWE / Cryptic Studios Twitch page.
Read the full blog on the Neverwinter site.

World of Tanks : Xbox 360 - New Pacific Island Map and Chi-Nu Kai Tank

Posted Feb 01, 2015 by Neilie Johnson

This week, mega-publisher Wargaming announced the addition of a new Pacific Island map to World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition. Xbox Live Gold Members will gain free access to the new map, packed with tropical greenery that provides ample hiding places for tankers.

Along with the new arena, players will also be able to try out a new Tier 5 medium tank, the Japanese Chi-Nu Kai. Though primarily used for defense, the Chi-Nu Kai's large cannons also make it an effective offensive choice.

For more information about the new map and Chi-Nu Kai tank or to find out more about World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition, visit the game's official website.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn : Starts Valentine's Day Early

Posted Feb 01, 2015 by Neilie Johnson

Final Fantasy can arguably be called one of the most romantic franchises in existence, and to prove it, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is getting a head-start on the Valentine's Day festivities. Starting February 3, 2015 at 12:00 a.m. and lasting until Monday, February 16, 2015 at 6:59 a.m.(PST), the passionate Lisette de Valentione will be offering players special seasonal quests.

Rewards for completing the Valentione quests include special Valentine's lighting, a cake, a heart and even a set of special themed Chocobo armor.

For more information about Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, visit the game's official website.

Runescape : February Brings a Heist, a Wildywyrm and Demon Flash Mobs

Posted Feb 01, 2015 by Neilie Johnson

Runescape has plans galore for February, among them, a new  intermediate-level quest (requiring level 30 Thieving and Agility) that sees Zamorak and his most elite crew trying to steal the Stone of Jas from the clutches of the master of shadows, Sliske.

In addition to that, the infamous Wildywyrm is back, this time for good. Accompanied by a posse of lava strykewyrms, this large beastie will offer players new ashes (which mean the best Prayer XP) and upgrades for the Abyssal Whip, Staff of Light and Dark Bow. Players will enjoy new-and-improved Demon Flash Mobs with new drops that include summoning materials used in three level 82 pouches and tradeable titles: 'The Frostborn', 'The Glorious' and 'Executioner'.

Finally, players will be able to unlock new emotes, costumes and weapons with a "lovey-dovey feel or a dark, bitter tinge," and will enjoy a Double XP weekend and the GameBlast15 event. There's even more in store - to learn all that Runescape has to offer this February, visit the game's official website.

General : Player's Choice Award 2014 Winners!

Posted Jan 31, 2015 by Suzie Ford

It's official: The 2014 Player's Choice Awards are in the bag. Our readers have chosen the Best RPG and Best MMORPG of the year.

  • MMO of 2014 - Marvel Heroes 2015
  • RPG of 2014 - Dragon Age: Inquisition

Our congratulations to the winners!

Pirate101 : Today Only - Pillow Fight!

Posted Jan 31, 2015 by Neilie Johnson

KingsIsle's pirate-themed MMO, Pirate 101, just got crazier with the announcement of today's day-long pillow fight!

From 12:01am to 11:59pm US Central time today, players can farm the monsters on Skull Island in hopes that they drop one of four special pillows:

  • Embroidered Royal Pillow
  • Royal Throw Pillow
  • Embroidered Elegant Throw Pillow
  • Embroidered Regal Pillow
Players will collect as many of these as they can Come February 2nd, KingsIsle will crunch the numbers, and whoever's collected the most pillows wins 60,000 Crowns! If you're not the first though, don't despair - the next ten players with the highest totals will win a nice consolation prize of 10,000 Crowns.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn : The Game of Love

Posted Jan 31, 2015 by Suzie Ford

To my darling beloved,

I remember, back in the day, when we used to be together. You were the most beautiful game on the planet, and I couldn’t help but fall for your beauty.

Read more of Victor Barreiro Jr.'s Final Fantasy XIV: The Game of Love.

Erebus 2 : New Ogre Stomps Across Altravan Desert

Posted Jan 31, 2015 by Neilie Johnson

Action RPG Erebus 2 Online this week becomes even more action-y with the addition of zone boss, named "Ogre." This powerful monster appears in the upper part of the Atravan Desert map every four hours and sticks around for 30 minutes and won't go down without the cooperation of ten players.

Players who take on the beast will earn rare and special items, including items used in manufacturing.

To learn more about Erebus 2 Online, visit the game's official website.

Vainglory : New Hero Enters the Fray - Ardan

Posted Jan 31, 2015 by Neilie Johnson

Vainglory, the streamlined, made-for-mobile MOBA this week announced the addition of a new Protector Tank hero, Ardan. Ardan brings a new energy power to the game called "Vengeance" that's activated by filling a meter via basic attacks and protective maneuvers. Once filled, the Vengeance meter enables Ardan to execute powerful special attacks.

To see Ardan in action, check out the video below.


The RPG Files : Dying Light First Impressions

Posted Jan 30, 2015 by Suzie Ford

you’re forgiven if your response was, “wait, that zombie game?” Even though the marketing did an terrible job of explaining the RPG side of Dying Light, I’ve spent a few hours with the game and have no reservations: Dying Light has the reanimated heart of a roleplaying game. Purists may not be happy, but if can wrap your head around first-person, zombie smashing, breakneck parkour with a dash of survival, and deep character progression, you have a first-of-its-kind RPG. How often can we say that?

Read more of Christopher Coke's The RPG Files: Dying Light First Impressions.

Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade : Miguel Caron Leaving Behaviour Interactive

Posted Jan 30, 2015 by Suzie Ford

During today's Warhammer 40k: Eternal Crusade Twitch stream, it was announced that Miguel Caron will be leaving Behaviour Interactive. Nathan Richardsson will be taking over as the Studio Head. At this point, we do not know what is next for Miguel, but we wish him all the best.


Trove : Pirates Be Willin' to Trade

Posted Jan 30, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Pirates from the Treasure Isles are making their way to the shores of Trove and have lots of booty to trade with players. The news came as part of the latest patch notes along with a subtle, but important, name change where "pets" now become "allies".

PIRATEY GOODNESS: The pirates of the Treasure Isles have begun sailing back into the worlds of Trove, their cargo holds chock-full of mysterious goods from the lands beyond the Sea of Regret. Find them anchored in any adventure world, and check out the goods they have to trade!

Originally Posted by Developer Notes:  This is the first part of our post-sky update and is still pretty early. The seas are still shallow, but this is how you can get some goods like pets, mounts, pearls, and recipes. Currently the pirates are just crafting stations and this will be updated with the larger water update planned as the next big update after the sky one.

ONCE OUR PETS, NOW OUR ALLIES:   Allies-- formerly Pets-- are now more widely available and have some extra special powers. Catch 'em all!

Check out the full patch notes on the Trove site.

Blackguards 2 : Waging a Campaign to Rule the World

Posted Jan 30, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Blackguards 2 is the sequel to 2013’s strategy role playing game Blackguards by Daedalic Entertainment. At the beginning of Blackguards you will find yourself at the bottom of a dungeon and at the edge of your sanity with your only companions a jailer who hates you and spiders that want to eat you. From these humble beginnings you will wage a campaign to rule the world.

Read more of Rob Lashley's Blackguards 2: Waging a Campaign to Rule the World.

General : is Closing, Officially

Posted Jan 30, 2015 by William Murphy

This is not something we want to write, even though Massively is our closest competitor. The venerable MMO news and opinion site is being shutter down on Tuesday, February 3rd as a part of parent company AOL's restructuring.

Editor in Chief Bree Royce took to the site to announce the closure:

This week, we learned our AOL overlords have decided that they no longer wish to be in the enthusiast blog business and are shutting all of them down. This mass-sunset includes decade-old gaming journalism icon Joystiq, and therefore, it includes us. February 3rd, 2015, will be the final day of operation for Massively-that-was.

I would like to be able to tell you truthfully that this is an equitable and just decision that makes some sort of logical sense, but the reality is that our overlords' decisions have always been unfathomable. I know more of what I know about corporate from reading tech and finance news than through my own job. We all suspected this was coming eventually a year ago when a VP whose name I don't even know and who never read our site chose to reward our staggering, hard-won 40% year-over-year page view growth by... hacking our budget in half. There's nothing to do in the face of that kind of logic but throw your hands in the air. It's not about merit or lack thereof, and it's not about journalism or gaming being dead or anything grand like that, so there's no point in taking it personally.

Some will take this closure as a sign of the times, or a sign of the MMO decline... this isn't that. Those may be true in some sense, but Massively had/has been doing fine for years. This is a clear case of people at top cutting those below them to save their numbers when they go to a shareholder meeting.

If I have one wish, it would be for Massively and Joystiq and others affected to get bought up by someone with sense to rebuild the sites instead of wasting their brand and loyal communities. 

But that won't happen, because the world's not fair. Instead, we're losing a valuable resource for our favorite genre's fans. If there's anything to come of this, hopefully some of those fine people at Massively get jobs elsewhere in the industry. Their voices will be missed.

Here's to you all at Massively... we salute you. 

Gigantic : PAX South 2015: One Gigantic Interview

Posted Jan 30, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Of all the new games I tried at PAX South, my favorite had to be Gigantic, Motiga's arena battler, with its colorful and diverse cast of characters and smooth, accessible gameplay. After a couple of games, in which I performed surprisingly well (I'm as surprised as you are) I had the chance to sit down with Joe Pikop, Gigantic's Lead Character Artist and talk about how the game looks and plays.

Read more of Jason Winter's Gigantic: PAX South 2015 - One Gigantic Interview.

WildStar : The New Face of PvP

Posted Jan 30, 2015 by Suzie Ford

The WildStar site has been updated with a new blog post that details forthcoming changes to the game's PvP. Players can expect to see daily, weekly and random PvP events. The team also has plans to add same-faction battlegrounds, PvP contracts, new gear, and prestige purchase power. Lastly, before the end of the year, PvP Season 2 will kick off.

We sincerely appreciate all the feedback our players have already given us on PvP and we’re eager to hear more. So, let’s take a look at the year ahead.

In our next game update, The Protogames Initiative, we will be adding:

  • Daily PvP quests that provide players with a variety of PvP related goals to achieve.
  • New PvP weekly quests that are accomplished over the course of an entire week.
  • Random-queue bonuses that reward players every time they use the ‘random’ queue option.

While these additions will not directly affect the balance or playstyle within PvP, we feel they should provide players with more incentives to participate in PvP on a regular basis.

Read the full proposal on the WildStar site.

Guild Wars 2 : Unpacking the Heart of Thorns Announcement

Posted Jan 30, 2015 by Suzie Ford

We’ve been waiting a good long while for any peep about a full-fledged expansion for Guild Wars 2ArenaNet’s flagship has seen a host of Living World updates, gameplay and feature additions, and balance tweaks, but the promise of a canonical expansion has been elusive.  Just last month, I wrote about some alternatives to GW2’s Living World, with an expansion being the obvious choice to drive the post-launch game forward and create a new revenue stream.

Read more of Som Pourfarzaneh's Guild Wars 2: Unpacking the Heart of Thorns Announcement.

General : Credible Blizzard Rumors Flying Rampant

Posted Jan 30, 2015 by Suzie Ford

According to FirstAdopter, several fairly credible rumors are out there about Blizzard's various IPs. The column states that Hearthstone numbers are 'off the charts', the revenue model for Overwatch is still up in the air, the next Starcraft II expansion is ready for deployment and, most interestingly, projections for the success of Heroes of the Storm are being lowered.

Hearthstone’s success is beyond even the most optimistic expectations and should be a buffer against the continued year-over-year secular decline of the Call of Duty and Skylanders franchises.

Other key details from the insider:

  • Executives have “low expectations” for Heroes of the Storm. The insider thinks many of the senior staff on the Heroes of the Storm team will be laid off.
  • The next Starcraft 2 game is already done and ready to go. The release date is still not settled. The current time window ranges from April to June.
  • The World of Warcraft team has “quadrupled” its art outsourcing, which has been a bottleneck in the past. The next expansion is almost “feature complete.”
  • The insider says the members of the Diablo III team have been moved to a new project set in the Starcraft universe. The game will be similar to Warframe and contain gameplay aspects from Left4Dead, DayZ, Smite, and other MOBAs. It is in early pre-production, which means late 2016 or later.

Read the rest at the link above.

General : Dragon's Dogma Online Revealed in First Trailer

Posted Jan 30, 2015 by Suzie Ford

Fans were excited to hear about the development of Dragon's Dogma Online. Even without visuals, buzz was generated. The hype level can go up now with a new trailer made available by Capcom. Let us know what you think in the comments!


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