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First Round of Character Creation Alpha Complete

Posted Oct 10, 2017 by Suzie Ford

First Round of Character Creation Alpha Complete - Ship of Heroes News

The Ship of Heroes team has sent word that the first Character Creation Alpha event is now complete. To show off some of what players made during the special alpha, a set of screenshots have been released on the game's official site. This is the first time that anyone other than developers have had an opportunity to lay hands on the game.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Review - Just Me and My Uruk, Oh and my Spirit Pal Too

The Sequel to Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor is out today. Does it hold up to the success of its predecessor? Read on from Rob's thoughts below.

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Participate in a Fireside Brawl at a Gathering, Receive Nemsy Necrofizzle - Hearthstone News

Nemsy Necrofizzle is a new alternate Hearthstone Warlock Hero that can be claimed for free by players taking part in a Fireside Brawl during a Gathering. The event to claim Nemsy begins on October 17th. Fireside Gatherings are public events during which players can "Brawl" in a Tag Team event (mini 3v3). Anyone can host a Hallow's End Fireside Gathering by visiting the Hearthstone site and setting one up on the specially dedicated page.

After Internal Playtest of EA Alpha Build, 'It Just Ain't Ready Yet' - Wild West Online News

The Wild West Online team has a new post on the game's Facebook page to let players know that the Early Access Alpha build of the game "just ain't ready yet". The news came after the development team ran an internal playthrough session. According to the post, developers want the next time that players enter the game to be a great experience and for that to happen, certain critical elements need to be addressed. "People want a game that's better & more complete, not just early".

Most Artifact Appearances to be Available for Transmog & Collection Post-Legion - World of Warcraft News

In a "blue post" on the World of Warcraft EU forum, Community Manager "Aerythlea" has reminded players that artifact appearances in Legion will still be available for transmog purposes and collection in subsequent expansions. However, the appearances earned through the Mage Tower Challenge and those found in Mythic +15 Keystone Dungeons will be available for transmog but must be collected prior to Legion's end. They will not be available in once the next expansion launches.

Regional Launch Servers & Kingdoms Named, Recruitment Channels Announced - Chronicles of Elyria News

The Chronicles of Elyria site has been updated with a new post that details Regional Kingdom launch servers. Kingdoms within a region have specific goals or certain tribes that will be prominently featured. As a result, recruitment for regional kingdoms is starting now, in a sense. Each Regional server has a number of Kingdoms identified that have recruitment threads on the official forums as well as dedicated Discord channels.

The Joy of Azeroth Shared, of Enduring Love and Gut-Wrenching Loss - One Man's Story - World of Warcraft News

Get a tissue. Don't say you weren't warned. The World of Warcraft US forum has a new post called "I may be done". Of course, most reading the title would assume it's another QQ post about someone rage-quitting WoW. However, it only takes reading the first paragraph to realize that this is something utterly different, heartbreakingly sad and that there are real human stories behind the avatars we run into every day in the MMOs we play. Perhaps it's the latter that's most important of all.

Is Guardians of Ember the Lovechild of WoW & Diablo?

Posted Oct 09, 2017 by Suzie Ford

Is Guardians of Ember the Lovechild of WoW & Diablo? - Guardians of Ember News

You may have heard of the developers at Runewaker. They've made such games as Runes of Magic and Dragon's Prophet. Well they've just recently released a new game, Guardians of Ember with several editions of varying prices on Steam. It's being described as a mix of a Hack and Slash type game like Diablo and traditional MMORPGs. Let's take a closer look at what all that intel's. This is our Guardians of Ember review.

Junkrat  aka Jamison Fawkes Spotlight & Hallow's End Event - Heroes of the Storm News

Overwatch's Junkrat is a demolitionist ranged assassin and will be heading to the Nexus very soon. This spotlight video gives a look at Junkrat's abilities including his ultimates, "Rip-Tire" and "Rocket Ride", the latter of which is something totally new to our favorite Aussie.

Patriot Viper V570 Blackout Edition: This MMO Mouse is a Winner

Patriot Memory released their latest gaming mouse today, the V570 Blackout Edition. It looks slick with its new black finish its RGB illumination is just the kind of trim that gets attention. But will this many-buttoned mouse stand up to the high demands of an MMO player? Read on to find out.

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