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Star Trek Online: Season 6 & Player Starbases

The Star Trek Online blog has been updated with new information about Season 6 and the inclusion of player starbases in the game. The article starts with the standard "mushroom" look of starbases in existing lore and then extrapolates into different types that the team envisions.

The 2409 Design

Whenever we're doing something original in STO we always look at what has been done before and at the very least give a nod to the IP or intellectual property. There's a running joke on the STO art team about the IP-ness and how big any given art asset's IP-ness is. (I know, I know, we've got a lot of growing up to do).

I decided to run with the mushroom motif because it's immediately recognizable as Starfleet. Now I have to figure out what that style of station will look like today. In this case we're taking an existing design and thinking about how it would evolve over 120 years or so. The 2409 STO aesthetic for Starfleet is sleek and elegant with clean lines and long curves. The best example of this is in the final design of the Odyssey Class Enterprise F.

Read the full blog post on the Star Trek Online site.

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WolfClaws writes:

About Effing time.

5/23/12 3:09:27 PM  | top
JeroKane writes:

Well you can say a lot!

But it seems to be truth regarding how ATARI handled this game and squeezed their resources to an absolute minimum.

Now they are under PWE they are suddenly on full steam with lots of updates rolling out on regular basis!

So yeah.... About Effing time. lol.

5/23/12 3:54:54 PM  | top
Xstatic912 writes:
Epic, since these guys came under PWE ownership they have improve alot.

Here's hoping Neverwinter turns out good.. Doesn't have to be revolutionary, or innovative on all angles..
5/23/12 4:14:31 PM  | top
misterbeefy writes:

Hehe, they said "IP-ness"

5/23/12 4:29:35 PM  | top
staran writes:
Does the best star base drop from a lockbox?
5/23/12 5:09:23 PM  | top
AG-Vuk writes:
Originally posted by staran
Does the best star base drop from a lockbox?


Chortle ..... good one.

How many more bank slots are going to need to be purchased from the C-$tore to store the items needed to build this. The grind will probably be epic , but you can purchase it on the C-$tore for $X00 per module.

5/23/12 5:35:47 PM  | top
PyrateLV writes:

Dont know why they dont just do Player Home Planets.

The game is so instanced it should be no problem to give each player character a Homeworld.

5/23/12 5:58:00 PM  | top
WolfClaws writes:

What? I thought 3 words would just say it all :P


Heck there are games still out there that dont have a guid gathering area... Or even player housing.  6 years... that is a long time to be promised something.  I liked playing Star Trek a lot.. it was fun.


But even with the new Episodes, it was still hollow.  Maybe this will help flesh it out some.

5/24/12 7:10:19 AM  | top
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