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Ragnarok Online: Port Malaya Content Expansion Launched

Ragnarok Online players will want to head back into the game to check out the latest content expansion that brings Port Malaya online. Port Malaya brings new adventures for players of level 100+ with new quests, dungeons and monsters.

“Port Malaya is the largest town expansion update, both in sheer size and in features, providing both high level activities and challenges and is deservedly the most talked about expansion town update Ragnarok has ever had!“ Said Jason “Heimdallr” Koerperich, Ragnarok Online Producer at Gravity Interactive. “ We are happy to provide this update so far ahead of our community‘s expectations as a wonderful surprise to our loyal players!”

Read more about Port Malaya on the Ragnarok Online site.

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Ironfungus writes:

I can't believe they're still putting out content for this. Will be good to once again re-visit the good ol' land of Rune-Midgard.

5/16/12 1:42:47 PM  | top
zevni78 writes:

Best mmo ever.

5/16/12 3:07:47 PM  | top
gilgamesh42 writes:

.__________________. make a new game already   

5/16/12 8:44:44 PM  | top
Twistingfate writes:

I loved this game and still do lol. Ragnarok online 2 has released in Korea. It was released on april 26th i believe it was. its supposed to release in the pilipines in december of this year. Im hoping they will release  it in a reasonable timespan for the international english speaking people.


Its based on the gamebryo engine and looks really good. similiar to Fiesta Luna online etc.

5/17/12 12:56:41 AM  | top
fallen5 writes:

still love this game. its like a nice get away when your bord of the normal mmo. and its just an awesome old mmo that i think will always be fun.

5/21/12 12:47:15 AM  | top
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